Kathy Moore

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 28 y.o.
  • Height: 5.57 ft.
  • Weight: 120 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 25" / 37"

During her half-dozen performances on Virtua Girl HD we have learned a lot about Kathy Moore. She lives in Budapest these days but she is a real world traveler. Having danced at clubs on three different continents, she has established herself as a premier exotic performer.

Number of shows: 10

Kathy Moore's shows

3.7 (1388 votes)

Sweet kiss

  • Shows: 31 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 221 MB

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User comments (32)

very nice.
Kathy est une femme magnifique et hyper sexy, ses notes méritent mieux, elle est ici malheureusement desservie par une qualité technique devenue obsolète.
Belle jeune femme sexy qui a du "chien" Belle prestation.
Kathy Moore sure is on my VGHD Hot List; beautiful physical attributes in all angles & in no matter what dress she wears. However she needs to come out a bit more in her sexual appealing endeavours as she does have what it takes to make a very good performer. She is one of few of the VGHD models that will adorn my 3 Wideescreens desktop setup.
I Love Kathy Moore's Cards. She Is One Hot And Beautiful Woman! Her Movements Are Fluid And Very Pleasing. She Has A Beautiful Body And Lovely Tits. Nice Little Landing Strip Leading To To A Sweet Honey Pot. Cards Are Well Worth Acquiring.
Kathy is very, very nice... and she has a classy look ... she is sophisticated, stylish, glamorous, and has a patience and purpose in how she strips... her looks are very pretty, her body is proportionate and highly attractive... her breasts and that little landing strip (which kinds makes me salivate... :-p ) are beautiful yet din by comparison when compared to her overall beauty and her pleasing personality... she is a wonderful performer. As a life partner, she would make any man she chooses...
A perfect 10! She 100% natural and she's so beautiful.
perfect 10
It's ony her nick in erotic industry. Her real name is different. But she's nice ani a kike her.:)
all i have to say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you babe i give you 10++++++++++ girl id love to meet come to usa for show sometime like to see you in person kisses lovely lady!!!
So hot!!!!! Classy.
Kathy Moore - damn'd, you're hot as paprika! I did look over and over again but did find any argument to rate this card not with a full 10 :-)
Classy, mature & sassy she's got the lot. I could watch her all day, she's peachy.
the only noise i can sound is "wow!" WOW WOW WOW!
This has to be my favorite. Kathy is one of the most elegant and down right sexyest woman I have downloaded. This is the stuff dreams are made of. One night of her and a man could die a happy man.
This is a very lovely young lady. Natural beauty with beautiful eyes. The only drawback is, she needs to have a tan with no lines of course.
Wouah une autre carte gentille et quelle fille renversante. Je dis obtiens cette carte et apprécie comme je fais. Merci Kathy Moore votre un ange X
This is my favourite of Kathy's six outfits. The dress is perfect for her and she looks classy, but very sexy in it.The task-bar clips followed Kathy's usual formula with her sultry, seductive attitude and very sexy sense of viewer interaction. She could perhaps have added a little extra fun, but these clips were entertaining enough in addition to being a great turn-on and some were very explicit for Kathy.Her pole performance was once again very sexy and stylish, with pretty good pole use for t...
a beauty girl perfect body, nice fece good show
Pros:Awesome clip variety(10/10). Good pole, solo, closeup, & explicits(4 are closeups). All the routines are varied very nicely. I liked her moves(9.5/10). She does excellent work keeping things lively w/ no dead spaces. Her routines are never repetitive & feature some very skilled technique(especially on pole). Really sexy girl(9.5/10). A great body & face & she knows how to use them. Not a ton of in depth playing, but her teasing & posing are absolutely superb & are surprisingly hot.Cons:The...
ive got to love her,my first girl friend was named kathy moore
Kathy is one of the older models here. But she has the look and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much. The make-up is so nice.
One of the Prettiest women in the entire collection.
I love this girl, she has a great ass, so much horny, one of the best on here, lovely body, sinously moves, but for my tastes this is not her best card, she made better, even the outfit. In overall is an avarage card, a card to have !!!
May God bless Ireleand for this woman! All natural and pure sexy! It could be a little more explicit, but I'm not complaining, she moves great.
Stunning woman, she looks amazing.
Trés bien foutue. Sourire aguicheur. Mouvements explicites. Rien à dire, c'est parfait.
j'aime sa maturité,son élégance et son implication,elle sourit et semble prendre du plaisir à nous monter son corps de reve,j'aime ses jambes et ses fesses et la délicieuse manière qu'elle a d'enlever sa culotte en jouant avec les talons de ses chaussures
Kathy c'est la classe à l'état pur et elle a un charme fou. Dans cette robe noire, elle est à tomber. Ca y est, je suis encore amoureux ! Merci et bravo à toi Kathy.
Un bon show. Kathy est très mignonne et sexy. Sa robe de soirée très sexy lui va à ravir. Dommage que les couleurs soient différentes des photos, en particulier les fleurs et je ne suis pas vraiment fan de son maquillage dans ce show. Ma note : 08/10
Kathy Moore hat ein verführerisches Gesicht, kleine natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi mit einem kleinen Busch darüber, einen kleines Tattoo am linken Schulterblatt und eins über dem Po. Das Outfit ist sexy, aber leider trägt sie immer einen Slip darunter. Ihre anderen Shows sind besser. (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
belle femme mais le show est banal et ennuyeux!!! de plus il n y a rien d explicite !!! 5
4.4 (385 votes)

Duo with Sandra Shine

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 471 MB

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User comments (11)

These two sure no how to have fun. Great duo. 10+
Sandra shine is awesome, Kathy is lovely... so when put together they make for a show ... Also of note for fans of heels - yes - they both kee them on - Sandra in thong sandals, and Sandra in platforms.
i would love to kiss and lick both pussies
totally agree with TEBT but she will be mine! :D
Elles sont vraiment magnifiques, très belles toutes les deux et très bonnes dans le léchage et les embrassades, beaucoup de plaisir avec ces deux merveilles.
Nice girls. Sandra has a marvelous smile. Hey can I have her, gimmy gimmy.
Wow, we should all pray to, and thank God for these two ladies, for he knows that it would be a prayer meant from the bottom of our hearts. This card is flawless, there could have been more, but don't expect much lenth from DBHD, just be thankful they didn't run out of film, 19 minutes into it, that would have sucked. Sandra Shine is by far the hottest model in the Bizz, with Kathy Moore fast on her tail, these two really let loose their inner perverted inhibitions to make this smokin hot card....
In this card there are the best orgasms of the world, now with Kathy Moore and Sandra Shine together I have the Duo of my dreams :))
Kathy et Sandra nous donnent à voir l'un des plus beaux shows de Deskbabes. Elles se gouinent avec délectation . On ressend à travers les images, le goùt de leur sexe dégoulinant de cyprine et le goût de leur bouche. Dommage que leur langue ne se soient pas subreptissement égarées sur leur anus (qu'elles ont fort joli et qu'elles savent mettre en valeur). Les caressages de fesses à travers l'entre-jambes sont un vrai délice. Merci les filles, merci pour les hommes qui vousregardent en prenant du...
I really wanted this card to be awesome. It's very good and features two of the hottest MILFs on DeskBabes, Kathy Moore and Sandra Shine, but it suffers from a lot of short scenes and a lot of pointless scenes with no interplay or nudity.That said, there are some awesome scenes too. Either scene with one or the other porn goddess going down on her partner is awesome. The interactive talking by Kathy is killer and the overall ambiance is also good. So the card rates well, but is nowhere near perf...
4.4 (536 votes)


  • Shows: 19 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 44
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 387 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (23)

so hot it feels like i stole this
Most sweet and beautiful girl in the world!)) BEAUTY QUEEN!)
Very hot show - Kathy's beauty is on full display here as she makes some very alluring movements and poses. I particularly want to mention how I usually don`t care for standing shots as the image is so much smaller than the close ups on the taskbar. However, she looks great here as she expertly teases her 'divine fulcrum' with fingers and toys.
Great card. Kathy Moore has the girl next door look and plays it up with a little bit of coy shyness, but definitely delivers on the performance 10/10
As always, Kathy is hot, sexy, and delicious. Her purring whimpers are almost hypnotic.
It is those eyes, she is amazing. My favourite card
Nothing but love for this card. Kathy is hot and works this uniique bikini all day long.
Very, very very hot.
Hottest woman on the site, in my opinion anyways. 10.
This is a somewhat early Desk Babes offering, but it features one of the hottest MILFs ever, Kathy Moore. In this card, she is both sexually dynamic and alluring. Her natural beauty and striking eyes make her one of the hottest of the redheads to come to DB.Her performance here is mostly straight self-play with not a lot of imagination, but her excellent delivery and great attitude make up for the otherwise "normal" striptease show. She has a fun accent and talks just enough to stay interesting...
Kathy est très sensuelle et extrêmement excitante dans ses clips x.
You would not know that Kathy Moore is one of the most beautiful women in the world by her card pic!She is exquisitely lovely in both her facial & natural, big babe, bodily beauty!Her sex talk is deeply erotic,intelligent, seductive, confident, & very erotic!She combines this seductive aspect with some of the best, most intense,fingering, dildoing,and siren like wonderful cum-song ever!I love it when, while dildoing her cunt, she breathes huskily & says,"I really like fucking myself!" She acts e...
I absolutely love her. She's a hot sexy redhead....looking very enticing. Nice show girl. Thank you and Totem crew.
Oh finally I have the card of my dreams : Kathy Moore Solo with perfect sound on DeskBabes. Kathy's orgasms are fantastic: for me this is the best card that I have at today near Sandra Shine Solo. Very thanks :))
There are so few Red-heads on these two sites I just had to get this FIrecrackers card
so amazing
Good show with a very seducive girl. Watc her eyes;you'll love them.
First I loved how she talked to "us".There were 2 good long clips that had insertion (one fingering one dildo)A plus is she put her fingers and dildo in her mouth almost as much after insertion tha before.9-12 seconds more insertion durring the standing, doggy style, "tease" 3-4 clips and this would be a ten. I will give it a 9 as she does have a sexy voice.
Ok... not sure what everyone is seeing in her eyes other than A ton of makeup... Those eyes are nothing special. Not saying she is ugly... just saying.... 9/10
Beautifull, natural looking girl with lots of charm and short on shyness factor.. lovely fingering routine, coming to a nice finale. Just sweet. Still - when you say "accesories included" one expects a toy rather than fingers. But that's not really a problem. And from the usual leg lover perspective... yes, she keeps those black plarform sandals on. neat
Kathy est belle et jeune, et sait déjà s'occuper de sa chatte toute seule !
Kathy Phwoar! very sexy lady and a great performance, deskbabes cards don't get much better than this
4.4 (350 votes)

Duo with Lauryn May

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 81
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 583 MB

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User comments (14)

everytime they come on my screen i get distracted from what i am doing.
Stockings... including unusual suspender style stockings with lovely pink ribbon tie detailing... platform heels, and lots of fingering. Yes...
Lauryn May, once again, is a great star ! Shining a bit too much for Kathy Moore, desperately trying to follow the lead. But we don't care, their roles are appropriate and Lauryn proves one more time that she's the best DeskBabe of all times ! This card is just a-ma-zing ! All we want is more Lauryn May solos ! And pink is definitely the perfect color on her !
They are hot! Sweet duo!
A hot and sexy duo, would love to be in on this action!!!!!
Amazing duo !!! Love how they talk dirty to themselves. Lauryn May is incredible and a nice find. Kathy Moore is also hot and a nice comeback for her. The chemistry between them is perfect and its so cute with laughs in between, makes it fun to watch ;) Thanks Totem for this wonderful card.
Ohh yes. Lauryn May is sooo hot. I love to see her in stockings. I hope to see more of her. Give me please a soloset with her in stockings. This set is for me a 10!!!
Being honest, I am not a Kathy fan from her VG shows, but in her 2nd DB duo she is great. Lauryn however is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! What a hot find, excellent work Totem, please say there's lots more of her to come....
An amazing duo. These two talk a lot. If you like girls smiling and talking to you and to each other in a dirty way than this show is highly recommended. They really have a lot of fun are playful and sexy. Best DeskBabes duo I saw so far!!!!!!
Another holy card: here Kathy Moore with Lauryn May do a amazing Duo like Lauryn May say in 2 clips. Lauryn May is sweet and very hot; I want many cards with these 2 girls in future. I rate 1000/10. :))
Nice show to have.
absolutely, instantaneously in love with lauryn may! i wanna see her with tea! i wanna see her with sandra shine! i wanna see her with kari! i wanna see her with herself! more bonus videos, more bonus pics! just plain more!!!!
Ganz hübsche Mädels und nett anzusehen, reißen mich ab ernicht sooo sher vom Hocker. 8/10
Personnellement, je trouve les deux filles pas à mon goût, mais c'est mon avis Voilà le pourquoi de cette note
4.5 (327 votes)

Duo with Bambi

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 75
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 487 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (10)

Great girls, great show. They are really hot.
Super hot and sexy duo.100+
The girls are really enjoying themselves in this one. Their kisses seem to be especially deep and passionate and the love-making is intense. I'm a little jealous of Kathy as I've always had a crush on Bambi since first seeing her here a year or so ago.
Kathy Moore & Monika would be more than explosive!
i did not care for Kathy Moore on VG, but on DB she is great. She can really eat pussy too.
I love Kathy Moore but after this card I'm crazy for Kathy Moore; this is the perfect Duo for DeskBabes; the feeling with Bambi is total. I want 100 of these cards; this is the best work on DeskBabes, very thanks :))
A great show. I didn` t like Kathy Moore in Virtua girl but here she is great and with Bambi one damn hot women, grrr. They` re playing a lot with each other. But in one clip I miss the sound.
Two hot girls with a good show. Kathy and Bambi are a good duo and both look extremely well in stockings.
Kathy Moore, cette fille est superbe et vraiment sexy, une bombe.
Nice contrast in skin tone. Bambi is a classic and is still incredible, and Kathy does a nice job as well.
3.7 (1370 votes)

Simple life

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 199 MB

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User comments (42)

Sweet and sexy.
Simple, yet very, very sexy !!!!
I must say Kathy Moore is looking better and better and sexier the more I see her . This card is simple but all so sexy and s exnaul. It is a keeper I give her a 10.
Niedliches Unverbrauchtes Girl sie ist so zart.Geiler Körper schöne rundliche Titten, geiler fester Arsch und schöne enge feuchte Fotze.Ein perfekter Körper aber ein Kritikpunkt gibt es die Show ist ein bisschen zu lasch sie könnte ruhig mehr zeigen was sie hat.Trotzdem 10 Punkte
Cien por cien natural. Una preciosidad de mujer de verdad. Suficientemente explicita.
My first purchase! I love this card and I love Kathy!What's Hot: ~ Kathy's curves! Her hips and ass are full and womanly! ~ Kathy's breasts! Just the size with perfect nipples! ~ Kathy's charm! Her wife-next-door look here is insanely sexy! ~ Did I mention Kathy's ass? It's worth the tickets on it's own!What's Not: ~ Kathy's shoes... they look great, but they don't come off! :(Fair skinned, curvalicious beauty that pleased me to no end! A solid 9!
Kathy Moore is quickly becoming one of my favorite girls to watch. Usually I have seen Kathy in some sort of roleplaying outfit, but in this card she is wearing just regular attire and I gotta say, I love the natural sex-appeal this girl is giving out. She looks like someone I would see taking a walk in the park or even just shopping at walmart. But thats what I like about this show, she seems down to earth and approachable but sexy at the same time. Beautiful body, nice natural breasts, good op...
She's awesome.... looks older than 28 but what a MILF look to her...
Katy so sexy in that tight jeans. MMMM and than here ass. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Kathy Moore - first sweet kiss and now simple life while i bet that you have the most exciting tattoo i've ever see! I would love you inside out sweet magyar lady ;-) -everybody a happy new year-
Kathy is like the girl next door. The more you see her great smile and body, the more you want her to stay. Great moves, she can shake her nice ass. Love them natural tits. Would love a taste of that pussy. Definitely worth checking out. Thanks honey! XOXOX
Never been one to like to be teased, but i'd pay all day to have Kathy do it. The only thing that make this show better would be seeing her sweat. More Kathy VG!
I only wis she was in MY BED! She looks so nice and approachable. What a tailbone! It is awesome!
Wouah c'est une carte renversante, et une fille renversante aussi. C'est une autre grande carte par le moore de Kathy, ainsi obtenez-le et appréciez. Merci Kathy Moore X
bon show et belle fille assez chaude qui nous montre bien ses attributs!! 9
Look up tease in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Kathy. Once I finally got her performance she is a star but she'll tease you alot to get there. Kathys got a beautiful body in great proportions, wonderful smile, and smooth moves but give us more time on the screen. Kathy earns a 9.0 till I see more of her.
Bigfootryan said it all
She looks great in this card. The young single mother next door you want to bang ... and then date for a long while in spite of the kid.
Every girl can't be a 10 but Kathy is very close. He moves are smooth and seductive. I like the shows that begin where others end. Thanks for the fine entertainment.
Kathy is one of the older (28) models here. But she has the look and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much and I think, this is her best one. The make-up is so nice and the clothes are sexy next door style. Thankx Kathy, hope to see more of you soon.
She is what every soccer mom should look like! I will not look at capris the same again.
A more natural, every day look for Kathy in this card. I prefer her a bit more glammed up, but she does look very sexy on these tight cut-off jeans.The task-bar clips were in her usual sultry, sexy and seductive style, with a subtle sense of interaction and not much activity in most clips. I think a more fun performance would have suited this one better though. The nude/explicit clips were better than the others, and a couple were more explicit than usual for Kathy.There are only 4 pole clips in...
Call me old fashiopnned but I just love it when a girl strips from fully clothed and not just underwear or a bikini. Kathy is so beautiful and strips so well, one of my favourite cards
Nice this show, of course this is one of her best shows, I have ather 2 cards of her, but I was disappoined on thath 2 cards, but thiscard I find it very nice. I like the outfit and I just can love her ass, hmhmhmmhmmhmh, sooo horney !!!!! A good 8/10 here.
Always a decent proformer, except in the bodyguard card and that because of the outfit. In any outfit but the bodyguard she is a decent dancer and worth the expense of her cards. Steady stable performer.
Dans ce show, Kathy Moore porte une tenue seyante. Son short moulant met en valeur ses longues jambes fines et son petit haut, sa poitrine agréable. Elle danse en faisant glisser le long de sons corps, ses mains en des caresses sensuelles. Elle joue avec nous, en nous laissant percevoir les douces courbes de ses seins ou en glissant sa main dans sa petite culotte. Cette dernière souligne la rondeur agréable de ses fesses. Un fin et délicat raie de poils pubiens met bien en valeur son mont de ven...
Beautiful woman, horrible outfit. Jean Knickers(?) should NEVER again be allowed on VirtuaGirl. Fully dressed, I lose interest almost immediately in this show. Once she undresses, she is very sexy and dances well. Unfortunately, there are too many clips with her dressed in those silly jeans.
A lovely girl.Nice legs.A 7 all day.
I couldn't decide if she was pretty or pretty ugly... Then I watched her show a bit. She's pretty and her show isn't half bad, quite explicit too. Not the best card, but not at all bad either.
Kathy Moore, a very attractive woman, is too shy in her show Simple Life (sexually explicit behaviour - where is it??). As she is really not an experienced, good dancer and not moving sexy enough, she should lure the spectator much more by acting. She is rather beautiful, has wonderful eyes, a good slim body - such a waste! So direct her very much better for us members!
@TwoAndAHalfnaja, grad die sieht irgendwie verbraucht aus. eine der wenigen karten deren kauf ich bereue. jeder wie er mag. von mir, eine 5-6.
I gave her just a 6... nice face, nice body, but her way to tease is not as good as I was hoping. I think I'll delete this card.
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10; Tattoos Not Identified and or Large -5;
Not her best outfit, but, she's stunning.
Kathy Moore hat ein verführerisches Gesicht, kleine natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi mit einem kleinen Busch darüber, einen kleines Tattoo am linken Schulterblatt und eins über dem Po. Das Outfit macht mich total an, weil es so natürlich ist. Ihre Strips sind super sexy, und sie ist wenigstens eine der Frauen, die nicht immer einen Slip tragen müssen. Weiter so... SEHR GEILE SHOW !!! (Wertung: 10 von 10 Punkten)
Stimmt, Kathy wirkt tatsächlich schon etwas "reifer". Ein Teenie ist sie jedenfalls nicht (auch nicht zu erwarten ... aber was für eine Rassefrau!!! Da steigt das Blut nicht nur in den Kopf, auch und gerade in den traditionell denkfreudigsten Teil eines Mannes. Eine tolle Rassefrau, die auch einiges sehen lässt! 15/10
Y a pas dire ! Elle est géniale !
de tres jolies seins pour une tres jolie femme,des shows sensuels,une carte à posseder.
Kathy a la peau blanche, sans tace de bronzage un beau corps et des seins de rêve. Très naturelle. La Femme , quoi.
Encore une très belle fille, simple, naturelle, comme l'indique son intitulé de show, et finalement c'est très bien comme çà.
De ses beaux yeux bleus se dégage un charme fou qui me fait fondre. Ses hanches larges lui dessinent des fesses absolument superbes. Ses jolies jambes à la peau satinée sont un régal pour la vue. Kathy est vraiment une très belle femme et ce show lui rend hommage. A posséder sans hésiter.
Ein nettes Mädel - aber das Outfit ist nicht besonders einfallsreich. Ich finde diese Show überwiegend langweilig.
3.5 (1207 votes)

All in

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 44
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 183 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (36)

She's all in and all that!
Lovely lady and a great show.
Kathy, am ready for the ride of my life. You one sizzling cowgirl. xxxooo
Skinny and naughty girl. Nice tattoos. But hat, used in this card, looks like strange and unsightly.
The only complaints I have for this card are I wish it lasted longer and those hideous shoes. Kathy's body is exquisite and the hat looks so great on her!
she's one hot,sexy babe.
Kathy Moore is simply amazing. I love how she adapts to each different theme of the card. Kathy always gives her best and I believe that it shows through her performance. Personally I think she is gorgeous and has a top-notch, killer body to boot. Definitely someone that I would like to get to know better personality wise as well as sexually. Hot performance Kathy!
She is soooo fucking hot
Yipee-yeah cowboy, I think I like promiscuous cowgirls a hell uv a lot! ;-) 10/10
She is so hot!!!!!!!......She made my D... so hard and I love her performance so I gave her a 10 Lovely smile, good eye contact Go……. Kathy Moore
Hey I think is her best card so far-- really explicit and exotic-- Simple outfit with a great body makes this a must see.
this is a very sexy girl / nice stripper
Mmm, I really love Kathy Moore! At the age of 28, she is one of the maturer models on the site, and that extra life experience gives her an allure that is incredibly exciting. She has a wonderful natural beauty, very pretty face, a perfectly proportioned body with pert natural breasts, a lovely slim waist swelling pleasingly out to generously curved hips and bottom and shapely legs any man would love to be in between. Kathy works her audience in the true traditions of striptease and manages to c...
This show was very good, close ups are always a great thing to have Kathy is one hell of a fine girl. I had to give her a 10 just for being herself and her teasing
Oh I want MOORE of her. LOL.
What is up with you guys, why would anyone want Kathy to wear more clothes. Just forget the outfit and come on naked! I agree that some of the shoes are awful, and whoever buys the clothes needs to get some fashion sense but Kathy's body is sensational.
The talent is in her. She has looks and very nice curves. Totem needs to do a better job of selecting the shoes or have NO shoes. Most of these girls would dance a lot better in bare feet. It would also keep the clothes from getting hung up as they are removing them. For gods sake. Tell these girls to get some sun. Kathy would look so much better with a tan. I still enjoyed the show.
Reminds me of an episode of Dukes of Hazzard. I love the Dukes of Hazzard; 9/10 from me.
There is something about Kathy I like. I have 4 or 5 of her cards and only one of those is slightly bad. And that because of the outfit. I highly recommend her esp if you can buy at 1 ticket. Cant praise her highly enough!
What an arse .............great girl.
Ooh! Super seXy
Nice lady from Budapest. In hungary are pretty women too.:)
The hat really adds to her superb performance.
Just downright gorgeous. Great card.
With regards to the "explicit" comments, compared to the newer girls that have been coming on here, and Sharka, this is hardly an explicit show. She passes her hand over her crotch a few times, a quick rub with a flattened hand, but I would not consider that explicit. However, I'm still very much impressed by this card. Like others have said, she puts on a good show, very engaging. Her beauty is obvious and I just can't get enough of that smile.One last thing, I don't know why people are comment...
trop classique
I'm not too keen on this outfit for Kathy. The sexy little bikini is fine, but I find the cowboy hat rather unflattering.Her performance on the task-bar here was sexy, seductive and considerably more active than in some of her other shows, but the hat really drew my eye and detracted from my enjoyment. The best were the 2 clips where she took the hat off and used it for some teasing. In the others though, it was more or less a very distracting fixture even when she was otherwise nude.In the pole...
Kathy can cum out to my Ranch any time! Yeeehaa!!! Ride em cow girl!! 8/10
Kathy is one of the older models here. But she has the look and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much, only one thing isn't as good as in other shows. The shoes are a turn off.
Not by any means my favorite give her 7/10.
hy honey wie gehts denn so?ich hoffe doch das es dir sehr gut geht,oder nicht??hast du luswt es mir zu sagen,oder wenn du willst aucg zeigen??ich warte auf antwort?bis dann ich freu mich schon sweety
Kathy Moore hat ein verführerisches Gesicht, kleine natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi mit einem kleinen Busch darüber, einen kleines Tattoo am linken Schulterblatt und eins über dem Po. Das Outfit ist einfach nur geil, könnte glatt von Jägermeister gesponsort sein. Ihre Stripshows am Stuhl und an der Pole sind der Hammer! SEHR GEILE SHOW !!! (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Kathy a une classe et un charme fous. J'adore tout simplement.
Great call girl !!!
Stunning woman, decent outfit. Good show.
j'aime pas, 3/10, pas excitante, elle ne marque pas les esprits, totalement banale et manque de sex-appeal, et puis qu'est ce qu'elle a l'air nunuche !!
2.9 (1079 votes)


  • Shows: 34 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 241 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (26)

Great show Kathy, you can be my bodyguard anytime. The outfit was wonderfull.
Oh Shit....Kathy Can Be MY Back Up Any Time! mmmmmmmm I Do Security Work For A Living, I Wish Ms. Moore Was My Side-Kick ( Hee Hee )
Highly enjoyable! Good moves and sexy strip-tease, I love the part where she just rips her uniform open in a "come and get me" sort of way. I don't mind the dark eye shadow, I think it adds to the uniform and role play sex appeal. Again, I do go for the pale skinned beauties...just what I like. Love the nipples on this girl and not to mention the nicely trimmed puss on this girl. The thong is also a plus, she has sexy expressions and I think she plays this card good. I look forward to getting mo...
Voici une belle garde du corps. Cela doit être un plaisir d'être entre ces mains. Elle a un tatouage fort sympathique et fort agréablement bien placé au-dessus de ses belles petites fesses. Cela doit être un grand plaisir à les caresser. Son maquillages donne à son regard une aura de belle ténébreuse Ses seins sont d'un galbe agréable et invitent à la caresse.
Some guys as just way to hard and picky. I don't think the card was that bad. She has a great body and lovely tatoo,I gave it a 8 - that card with a litle more dancing and action coul bee better,But take it easy on Kathy.
Gorgeous! I could watch her all day!!!
Kathy is one of the older models here. But she has the look and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much - only one thing is bad. I can't see her lovely eyes, because of the tons of eye make-up.
Smok'n hot!!!
I've never understood the attraction of the whole "girls with guns" thing. Although this black outfit suits Kathy, the theme and general look do nothing for me.Most of the task-bar clips were a bit mundane. She was sexy enough, but not very active in most and the gun was only a distraction in a couple. The 3 nude clips, however, not really explicit, were much better, very sexy and easily the best of the bunch.In some pole clips Kathy didn't do much of interest, but in others she used the pole wi...
nice outfit, great body and face, poor usage of props and repetetive routine. All in all, a decent show, her body makes up for the shortcomings
This is the 3rd card of Kathy's that I have purchased, and wow, as one of the older models on VirtuaGirl, she has an extremely erotic charismatic sizzle in the way she looks at the camera that the younger girls do not possess. She has a fantastic natural body and she knows exactly how to move it to get your pulse racing. Her stripping style is very sensual and the tease increases the sexual charge without mercy. If she doesn't give you stirrings down below then you definitely must be gay. The si...
Good show, but waaaaay too much eye make-up! When will the make-up artists learn? One would hope they read these posts....
I dig the outfit. but to much eye make-up.
Kathy es, como decimos por aquí, como el Tordo: la cara fina y el culo ...
Well, I gived to her a good 7/10, she moves good, shes a nice baby, her ass makes me soo horney, wow !!! Nice carbut I think she could make better on explicity shows !!!
She is sexy, the outfit could be better. Nice lower curves of her ass,the card could be more explict.
Maybe soften the facial features a bit then it would get a higher rating. Nice body, nice concept, just not a very good card. It Will keep you intrigued for a bit, but nothing too to write home about.
What did she had done with her eyes? 6.
Yuck! I don't like her. The make-up just doesn't do a thing for me. No expression. Nice body, tho. I give her a 7. Have liked other cards, just not this one.
Far too heavy make-up, combined with eyes looking too unpersonal and unnatural. For people that also fuck sex dolls only.
Sehr sexy , diese Show!! Hätte ich so nicht erwartet!! Kathy sieht einfach scharf aus in dem schwarzen Outfit!! Auch die Figur kann sich sehen lassen! 10 Punkte!!!
Kathy Moore hat ein verführerisches Gesicht, kleine natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi mit einem kleinen Busch darüber, einen kleines Tattoo am linken Schulterblatt und eins über dem Po. Das Outfit ist total geil, besonders durch die Druckknöpfe vorne, mit denen es sich so schön provokativ aufreissen kann. Ihre Strips sind einfach super, und sie ist wenigstens eine der Frauen, die nicht immer einen Slip tragen müssen. Weiter so... SEHR GEILE SHOW !!! (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
I got her over subscription. As I saw her preview foto 1.st opinion "oh no". Now I have her and her show is great and her body is sexy. The only negative about her is the bad preview foto, rest get 10 of 10 points.
Stunning woman...guns...uh...
Tenue sexy mais en effet je n'aime pas trop le maquillage, dommage pour ses beaux yeux
Elle n'est sans doute pas ici à son avantage, néanmoins le show reste correct et j'avoue que j'ai un petit faible pour ses seins.
3.3 (1119 votes)

Drink party

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 66
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 160 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (35)

If all Playboy Bunnies had posed as invitingly and nakedly as Kathy Moore does here, Playboy wouldn't have run into the financial problems that they did. You can never go wrong with a formula like that.
Yeah...I don't know what some of these people are talking about. I watched this card today because I received it for free last night, and so far I have seen Kathy Moore fully nude and rubbing vigorously with her legs spread wide open. There are a lot of good shots and poses in this show and I think maybe if some people would watch the whole show they would possibly like what they see. This is a good card, Kathy looks very sexy, and she does show the goods even though there are some moments when...
I really like her and her show very much 10/10
Smokin hot! We need to see moore of Kathy!
She looks so great in that bunny outfit. Great dancing.
L'amour de défaut de la reproduction sonore cette exposition, et moi l'observent à plusieurs reprises. Je dis obtiens cette carte et apprécie. Une vraie fille renversante et merci Kathy Moore X je t'aime et dans l'attente à plus de vos expositions.
Kathy have the great talents to make your heart skips beating. This card is one of my favorites, and if you don't say this show is hot, you don't know what means hot!:-)
More shoots featuring Kathy thx guys :)
I think Kathy is great, very lovely lady with a sexy body but don't care much for the outfit.
An appropriate outfit for former Playboy Playmate Kathy Moore in this one. Both sexy and fun.On the task-bar Kathy was as sexy as ever, but also great fun with an excellent sense of viewer interaction. She made good use of the bottle and wine glass props in a charming, vivacious and very sexy performance. She could perhaps have varied her position a little more to better hold viewers attention though.She made reasonably good use of the pole for a non-pole dancer, but nothing special. Her perform...
a beauty girl perfect body, nice fece good show and costume
No pussy? Are you kidding me? I thought she was about to slide her finger right in it. Nice natural tits and a cute little landing strip on the goodies. Some one didn't watch the whole show. I give her a 9 easily.
I think its Kathy's best card. I think this light-hearted nd playfull hteme is best for her. Body and smile look better an sexier in this card.A keeper.
I really like her but she is such a tease when showing off her vagina.
I like... She's so sexy
This is a very beautiful girl. Kathy Moore is definitely one of the hottest red heads on VirtuaGirlHD. The card is pretty good, though her moves aren’t great. She has a great body and good attitude, though, which helps to make up for the lack of desktop dancer skills. The outfit is cute and the concept is good, though Kathy Moore does little to use it to her advantage.
if u like flrity then this cards for you if u dont like flrty then her body worth seeing
Kathy is one of the older models here. But she has the look and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much. Thankx
I was not attracted to Kathy at first cuz she has a bit of a pig nose, but when she started stripping off the bunnys suit to reveal her spectacular sweater muffins, and fair and flawless skin that most redheads seem to have. I especially like it when she lays back and writhes around while her pink nippled and areolaed (word?) breasts heave to and fro while she gives you that come f**k the S**t out of me look. Rating 8.
Horrendous outfit and the ears are an eysore. She get 7/10 because she's ok looking.
Again Kathy continues to seduce us with her class.
Kathy is Quite a delight to watch. Sexy smile with smoldering good looks and an exhibitionist for sure. Shec was well worth the wait. And Kathy, if you ever need someone just to chat with I would gladly volunteer my time.
After seeing Kathy's somewhat slinky, seductive dance moves in PRIVATE BANQUET I was expecting something akin to that here. I should have looked closer at the overview pics, that first one gives it away that there is a fair amount of "giggle wiggle" in this card."Ohhh look at my panties"!She's an exquisitely lovely woman I love her statuesque body lines.Her presentation here is maybe OK for those who watch just to see a pretty woman move, not as a serious, seductive, stripper, tho. She does one...
This girl has a very nice body, but I don't like this card, she shows her pussy only 2 times in all the show and that is no good for me, because everytime I say : No pussy? No party !!!She can make very very much better, because she has all good in her body. Im very sorry, but for now, and on this card I have to give her a 5/10.
Not a good show. Needs to lose the Champagne bottle. Outfit is not to appealing either. Her dance is lacking, she would not make it as a feature dancer in a good American club. Not worth ticket, got her for free.
hot but boring im sorry
The other reviewers and I come from different places.
Stunning woman, I can see her as a playboy bunny.
Il y a des choses très excitantes dans ce show, elle joue très bien du culotte, pas culotte, malheureusement les clips supposés nus ou explicites sont trop légers, et puis les oreilles de lapin, à la longue, çà lasse.
Un très bon show. Kathy est toujours aussi belle et sexy. Contrairement à d'autres commentaires je suis particulièrement fan de sa tenue de bunny girl qui est loin d'être raté... Avec de meilleurs mouvements le show sera parfait. Ma note : 09/10
Même si le costume n'est pas terrible, Kathy a une telle classe qu'on peut tout lui pardonner. Elle ferait une sublime playmate dans un magazine bien connu et je la trouve particulièrement belle dans ce show. C'est sans regret que je l'ai téléchargé. Merci Kathy.
Wen stören schon Hasenohren, wenn man ein nettes Kätzchen ;-) sehen kann. Kathy ist wie immer ein Treffer und pink steht ihr ausgezeichnet... 9/10...vielleicht fehlt einfach noch eine Mohrrübe :-)
Jolie fille mais bon....
Kathy Moore ist ansich sehr hübsch, und die Show ist auch geil...wäre da nicht das Bunny-Kostüm, und dann auch noch in rosa!? Bei dieser Bewertung tue ich mich wirklich schwer... Die Show ist gut (8), Kathy sieht gut aus (8) aber das Kostüm ist eine Zumutung (0). (Wertung: 4 von 10 Punkten)
3.7 (1596 votes)

Private banquet

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 40
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 214 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (73)

Kathy is sheer pleasure for me to watch THIS outit arouses me slowly Her face and eyes . then her sexy full curvy ass Would love to Maker cum slowly damn
Beautiful lady with a great ass
Kathy Moore is fabulous in (and potentially out) an evening dress... A bunch of her cards are astounding but this very one's definitely the best. 100+/10.
Great show and outfit Very lovely and sexy lady..
no pants, natural body you da best...
Beautiful and elegant looking woman in one of the sexiest dresses I have ever seen.
update card please
La insinuación y la elegancia de una mujer perfecta. No hay nada como una bella mujer y un elegante traje, y nada más debajo.
What a stunner! Okay, a little but skinny for my tastes, but my god the girl knows how to move! I want Moore
Amazing sexy lady. Love the sexy dress and no undies. This lady knows how to get my motor running in high speed. More please!!!!
I love Kathy, and I love this outfit. Everything about this card is perfect... Red dinner dress, no underwear, absolutely sexy without being raunchy. Exactly what I like. Honestly, this is probably my favorite card on all of VG. Perfect show, Kathy.
VERY SEXY SHOW! For some reason she reminds me of the sweet little wife who has had a couple too many drinks at the company dinner party and starts feeling too horny for her own good. Makes you want to grab her and take her home so she can really let go. Thanks Cathy.
One of the better cards of one of the sexiest dancers. A great one, a keeper.
She looks so misterious, calm and sexy. Perfect.
At first I had doubts, but the more you see her performance it just gets better and better.
10 for sure
Kathy is an absolutely beautiful lady!! She really knows how to dance, slow, smooth, and graceful, and keeps you wanting more. I especially like the classy dress and heels...VERY NICE!! This is one of my favorite cards from one of my top 5 dancers! For those who do not have her yet in their collection...start with this card as well as her "All In" card. Soon you will have all six of hers. A must have for anyone who enjoys a lady of sophistication. Easily a 10!!
she´s my very favorite , don´t miss her
Still one of my favorites.. her body is amazing.. her looks could kill.It may not be too explicit but that hasn't changed the fact is one of my all-time favorite cards.
Mmmm! What can I say about my second helping of the gorgeous Kathy Moore? Well, it is every bit as good as her All In show! Her outfit is incredibly sophisticated and sexy and it emphasises Kathy's seductive allure to perfection. I love the fact that she wears no bra or panties underneath - what a masterstroke from a true professional of her art! I'm glad to see that she has got rid of those awful platforms she wore in All In and replaced them with a much more attractive pair of strappy high hee...
She is the bestttttttttttttttttttttttt.Fucking hot woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kathy Moore is SUPER HOT. Everything is PERFECT, Her looks, outfit, performance everything. This is her very BEST.
She has the look of "Welcome honey, dinner is ready. Where do you want me?" Makes me stop working and watch her.
Mmm, Kathy is a queen of elegant, sexy tease!I get a strong Michelle Pfiffer vibe from her in this card.She is like the elegant babe you've gone to a cocktail party with suddenly & happily striping for you when you get home. A mesmerizing & sensual delight, she moves, sleek & smooth, with an abundance of erotic tease!Her look is inviting & totally focused on you in an enticing way.One of VGHD's effortlessly beautiful women, she is the epitome of "easy on the eyes".Her body is classically gorgeou...
This is my first of Kathy's performances and it won't be the last! She's not as explicit as some, but is very seductive throughout. It's nice to see a woman who isn't rail thin on the site - her natural boobs are fantastic. She's a knockout!
Very hot! Great show!
Great show, A welcome addition to Virtuagirl, great breasts and a fabulous mover, more please!
Now here's a girl i'd love to see a lot more of. Stunning
Very nice. Cant wait for more
I am going to leave this comment as I am a paying member like everyone else. If people don't like my comments well thats there problem.A great card and a pleasure to watch. She is a stunning girl and I say get this card and enjoy. Thankyou Kathy Moore X
Bingo, Jackpot! Whatever u wanna call it.She got the class and allure to be there on top.How can a man love one type of woman when there so many variety out there.This one will change what your original idea of beauty is like.Congrats to VGHD.
Very alluring lady, with perfect breasts and a mesmerizing gaze... Kinky with class, I'm charmed and can't wait to see more shows from her ! 10/10 without hesitation !
In one word : Yahuza!Further explication : She have an amazingly shaped body but to that i must add one thing that i have scarcely seen on this site... I think it might be because she is a little older than the average VirtuaHD girl but she have a charm, a devilish charm : her eyes and particularly her smile are bewitching... literary!Lookin' forward for her others show...
Lovely girl, I love her ass and her lower body, fantastic !!! She dance and strips good to. Nice outfit here, very classic, maybe her best one ;)
When the music played matches the girl so that she seems to be dancing to the music wow ,this gets so immersive. This girl dances well in that regard.Try silky smooth funky jazz with nice brass sounds like saxophone.Too bad she doesnt have anything explicit.For that she can only get 9 from me,but what a tease!
Pros - Super sexy moves and energy; no panties whatsoever = never ending extra-tasty up-skirt tease; long, lovely, statuesque babeCons - Somewhat p***y shy; little explicit content; clips get repetitiveKathy mesmerizes in this card. She's a man-eater in this hip-wrapping cocktail dress. Not since Lorena and Sandra H have I seen a VG model display this much sexiness. If you like eye-candy, grab this one pronto. 9 out of 10.
Kathy Moore is a sultry and elegant looking strawberry blond beauty with a great body, who looks very sexy in this little red dress.On the task-bar her performance was very sexy and seductive with a subtle, but enticing sense of viewer interaction. She wasn't particularly active though, and lacked a little in entertainment value. As you would expect from a girl whose experience is in glamour modelling, there was nothing explicit.In the pole clips she performed with considerable style and sex-app...
Kathy is an extremely attractive woman. Creamy skin tone, beautiful eyes, knockout body. My favorite clips are the ones that have her ass peeking out the bottom of her dress. That's an ass I would love to spank!
very hot!!
awesome show she really turned me on. what a great body
Nice girl like too see more.
Kathy is one of the older models here. But she has the look and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much. The make-up is top.
Definetley one of my favorite looking girls. If she had a few more close up clips and was a lil naughtier she would get a perfect score from me. But too bad she doesnt so shes gonna get a nine.
Killer bod!! Like the tatoo. She is a great dancer.
Wow! What adress! How revealing! Great!
Very sexy girl, I love her show.
Kathy is a welcome addition to my collection and I await for more from her. Only one problem --- can't decide if I like the front view with her impish smile and lovely eyes or the back view for the obvious reason. One way or the other she is a very attractive lady with style and grace to compliment a well formed figure.
Kathy Moore is the epitomy of class, grace and age. She's explored her options, likes, wants and herself and knows what she wants. You could take her on a nice quiet time in the city and bring her home for a raucous time around the house or vice versa. Her performance is understated and sexy. teasing and hot. I like that she has not enhanced her body in any way. She gives great eye contact and a wicked smile that tells you she's ready for more than what she's doing. I would like to see her bring...
Slow and sexy dance that is well performed. Perhaps a little too slow, really kept waiting for some hot peeks or bold ass shots, but anything I saw was long distance. Her best assets are a pair of perfect natural breats with nice nipples, and her skill at performing. Perhaps it was just a bad choice of cards. Not sure how long it will stay in rotation.
Alright card, there are worsts cards you could choose. She has a nice ass,is a decent dancer. And sexually exciting.
Sadly not an explicit show, but very classy. Kathy is elegant and alluring in this set.
She looks like she knows how to dance. And she reminds me of a sexy older woman out of a movie, the kind you wish you could see naked. But now we can ^_^ The outfits nice, I like her hair and small tits. She has a sense of class outlining her dirty movements, which is really nice. I say she's an 8/10 thats still growing on me.
Slow and steady wins the race,but not in this case.She has a hot body but she shows NOTHING come on vghd all i'm getting is rubbish.7/10 for the body and the neat shaven pussy.
This is a very classy card which I do enjoy. Her dancing and looks are seductive, one of her better cards.
Great Dancer. Adorable Face. Dislike the tatoo. Big Ass.
she strips with CLASS !!
Pretty good, except for the tattoo and lack of explicitness. Overall, decent
Really beautiful woman.
Hot ´n´ Sexy. As big bonus she is pantieless. One of her best cards and should get 15 / 10 points
une peau d'ange,un regard ,le corps et la grace parfaite; elle aime ce qu'elle fait
un corps superbe (peut-être un peu trop blanc tout de même), un regard qui vous invite à la mater. Pour moi, une des filles les plus érotiques de ce site!
Kathy Moore hat ein verführerisches Gesicht, kleine natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi mit einem kleinen Busch darüber, einen kleines Tattoo am linken Schulterblatt und eins über dem Po. Das Outfit sehr sexy, besonders weil sie keinen Slip darunter trägt. Eine extrem erotische Show, leider ohne 'very explicit shows'. (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Je ne connaissais pas cette belle plante laiteuse comme Ariel et pulpeuse comme Carmen! Et je suis sous le charme de cette jeune femme de 28ans qui dégage une grande sensualité et sous un air réservé et souriant , a envie de sexe et d'assauts virils! J'adore son corps naturel dont la croupe aurais bien plu à Fellini.. Et il faut regarder quand elle s'assoie au bord de l'écran et quelle nous observe avec un regard incroyable et rempli de désir! Kathy Moore est une rareté,croyez moi! C'est une fem...
très sensuelle très femme les jambes wow...
Une superbe belle femme; De très jolies jambes !
Show après show, on retrouve toute la classe et le charme de Kathy. Elle est vraiment très sexy, j'adore !
superbe femme mai trop sage
Une fort jolie femme, peau claire, harmonie des formes. Ceci dit, son strip est pudique. On ne ne voit que son pubis, et par éclipses. Elle n'est pas prompte au déshabillage. Heureusement qu'elle a beaucoup de charme.
Très sensuelle, si sexy, si chaude...

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