Jana Cova

  • City: Brno
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 28 y.o.
  • Height: 5.25 ft.
  • Weight: 106 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 24" / 31"

Every fan who has ever seen a Jana Cova hardcore xxx porn film has had the same response… we all want MORE of this adorable blonde Czech goddess. Now on iStripperHD you can see her in a whole new way, showing off her playful personality as she romantically dances her way into your heart!

Number of shows: 10

Jana Cova's shows

4.5 (1225 votes)

Castle life

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 59
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 481 MB

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User comments (51)

Once again, another extra hot performance by the most beautiful woman in the world. Jana is the best of the best when putting on a performance. She gives a wonderful exhibition of herself massaging her pussy. Really sensational. Every girl could learn lessons from Jana. This performance is pefect. She is blessed with perfection. Jana yet agian shows why she is the top class performer.
One of the all time greats! Bring her back!!!
No doubt, Queen of the Castle!
Mon Dieu, quelle belle femme et elle est tellement sexy, ce corps parfait et ce regard qui en dit long et qui ferait se relever un mort, sublime.
OMG ..yalk about grizzzz
OMG! I haven't commented for a while but once this show played I had to!!! She is so amazing as a seductress... Give everything you want and More for a a virtuaGirl card... A MUST HAVE!!! For anyone!!
Jana is the best with Marta and Morgane!! SEX AND LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jana10+ Marta10+ Morgane10
This gal is SMOKIN !!!!!
As "TommyNitro" so aptly put it: "HELL YES!!!" Jana is an unbelievably sexy woman who performs extremely well in all of her "cards" but, in my humble opinion, this is her best. She is a glorious sight in stockings...which seems to just beg me to slowly peel them off...preferably with my teeth. Her maturity is also a huge turn on...especially since she is the perfect age for me. Her figure is absolutely perfect, with no enhancements, which is another bonus. Enhancements don't totally turn me off,...
She is so hot in just the stockings and heels.
Jana is baballisous Hot HOT If u dont have a jana card u dont know what the f... your missing! Probably only thing she doesnt have is hug tits but they are perfect anyways :P 10/10 all day and night 365 lolz
Jana is DYNOMITE!!!!!!!!!!!
I would have put 11/10 if I could, from erotic/performance level this is the best card Ive ever got!
Unlike Space, I'm not a big fan of BoPeep outfits.....that said Jana can make any outfit hot. I love this girl....
This was my first viewing of any of Jana's dances and it took me a while to cool off and recover. I have to honestly say this is my favorite card of all the Virtuagirl shows. Thank you dearest lady.
Outstanding and very professional. She always turns me on. Top favorite!
She is only of my favorites! She has got great dance moves and has a great body.
I like this card alot. Jana put on a truly excellent show and looks fantastic, even with brown shoulders, being slim, trim, and pleasing on the eye.Jana's strips gradually, except for the stockings and shoes (Boo!). She keeps moving the whole time, but not the frequent, lazy, tedious surfeit of mere wriggling and body stroking seen in many cards. Jana is expressing her sexuality and pleasure in doing the show, it's all very smooth, balanced, natural, and unclunky: Artistic, in fact. Some interes...
This is another new card from Jana Cova that showcases this hot MILF?s extreme sexiness. Fans of Jana know that she is probably the hottest, most consistent top-ranked performer that VirtuaGirl HD has ever had. The outfit in this card is Victorian lingerie, but Jana doesn?t waste a lot of time wearing it unless it suits her tease or enhances her striptease. In this card, she brings a great mix of scenes with stripping, sensuous dancing, and hot explicit play. You won?t find a better mix of scene...
The quintessential hot blond Jana never dissappoints well not me anyway I could eat her up morning, noon and night
super belle je la recomande a tous le monde 10/10
Si señor, esto es una mujer ¡U-NA MU-JER!
Don't get me wrong, I love Melissa- But with Jana this hot, why is anyone rated higher????
like always and like the others cards - she is hot and sexy - must have!
Jana is very,very sexy and has a yummy-looking body. A great card!!!
There isn't a more beautiful white girl on the face of the earth than Jana . She is only 29 which would indicate an even more gorgeous Jana in the years to come.
very good card
Très bonne présence Elle ne passe pas par 4 chemins...
Quelle BELLE blonde super sexy et sensuelle. Elle maîtrise le sujet et cela se voit. Encore une valeur sûr pour fantasmer...
what can I say...... 11/10.... it's enough?!?!
Go here for my full unedited review of this card :- http://www.v-girls.co.uk/janac-reviews.html#a0752Here is a summaryJana Cova just oozes class and this is her best outfit from the three latest I think. Jana is simply stunning here.In terms of sex-appeal and seduction, Jana's performance on the task-bar is about as close to perfection as you will see on VG. Entertainment value is maybe lacking a little, but that doesn't matter much in a performance this good.Jana's pole dancing wasn't very dyna...
If you watch the last video you will notice one outfit we haven't seen so far. She wears a black Alice band in a few scenes and she wore that one in none of the new outfits released so far. So at least one more show with her though it's not clear if here or on deskbabes. I would almost prefer deskbabes as she really nailed it in her deskbabes solo so i would love to see one more.
Utterly delightful, once again!
If this is indeed her last set then Jana is going out in style!! Absolutely outstanding!!!
My 300th show on VG and DB and its a cracker the lovely Jana once again shows why she is just the sexiest girl in the world imo lol :)
Wow. Jana - thank you for the fact that you are.
Very much hot Jana Cova is, and we all know this. She is very much professional in stripping and spreading her pussy, she is very much sexy. Just to have her cards. Thanks Totem and thanks at Jana for her nice shows !!!
She has a nice body, but I did not like her face in these last shows.
Consummate professional. Great job from the old stager...
she is so sexy. this is a great show. HOT outfit. 9.5 if I could.
what is there to say bout her that hasnt been said? i absolutely love this outfit. there have been better on her, but this still does a hellova job! perfect for her frame. amazing that she remains natural through all these years!
Preformance haute en sensations, émotions et sensualité!!!
I really miss the 2-3 kilos that she has lost since her first appearance. her body was perfection back then.
Already deleted.
thats nice outfit, her moves so great, but she is very slim, maybe 2-3 kilos make her some mucher? her ribs is... eh, but nice pussy and that small tities making her great, but i dont like very much girls with small boobs. but that one is nice with them :) from me 8.3/10 ;)
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
Dictionary definition of milf. One of my favourites.
4.5 (1233 votes)

Red sun

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 503 MB
  • 1080p: 738 MB

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User comments (46)

One of the all time best. Jana Cova is great!
Oh my God. The essence of beauty is most definitely Jana Cova. The outfit is red hot. The performance is sheer heaven. She's perfection. What more can be said!!!!!!!!!
Dommage qu'elle n'ait qu'une carte, car je les aurais toutes prises !
I love you Jana. You're a princess!!!
I love her and the way she moves and also wearing my favorite color all over.
Jana Cova is a pro. Give her 10 for a body honed in the gym. 10 for the way she brings viewers up close, and 10 'cuz she enjoys the charde.
Just got the 1080 update. WOW
I luv this womans shows ..Jana is perfect
simply the best
One of jana's best shows, her outfit is, pardon the pun, RED HOT...Her show took my breath away...this is one of the best cards in my collection...10/10
Considering that this Site has all very pretty women and of course, some are exceptionally beautiful - I would have to say that Jana Cova is the absolutely Most Beautiful Woman I have ever seen in my life - She has not a single flaw and I would marry this woman although admittedly she might consider being my friend, she wouldn't even consider marrying me---but that's OK, I understand - She is "World Famous" and men (and women) from all over the entire world probably share my thoughts and feeling...
Que dire devant tant de beauté, en plus elle est cochonne, bonheur.
It should be quite obvious to any Virtua Girl Review reader by now that Jana Cova is almost certainly a ringer for Perfect 10 performance and score every single time. This hot MILF desktop dancer has everything going for her and always puts on the best striptease possible.This card is no different. The sensual, form-hugging dress she's wearing is perfect for her body and style and this beautiful woman uses it to every advantage. Her ultra-sexy demeanor and excellent seductive power are all on di...
Jana Cova makes me believe that there is a god :D
Jana Cova is a great looking VirtuaGirl. Very sexy, moves beautifully would love to get more cards of her.
WOW -what a babe-truly hot in red
Veramente bella e sexy, un 10 più che meritato.
Jana Cova ist eine Super Geile Nylon Maus
Perfect in every way
She's simply the best !
Is she married? Does she want a husband?
Hot as Hell !
Sensuelle ... Elle toujours la plus belle !
Jana is by acclamation the creme de la creme of VGHD....an automatic 10/10 ...no one dare argue otherwise!!
Jana just gets more gorgeous with every card. Stunnah!!
Another bravura Jana card. Sexy sideless outfit, and her body is so tight. She wears the stockings for most (all?) of the clips. I'm devoid of fetishes (aside from fit naked women with a little bit of trim ... which she is in spades), but when she rocks the explicit fingering with her red tights, even I can see the appeal of stockings. Once again this card demonstrates the uselessness of the shaved tag. She's got a tasty little landing strip.
Jana Cova looks truly spectacular in this very sexy red outfit. I'm also more used to her shorter hair now, and I like the addition of the hair band.On the task-bar, Jana's performance was seductive, yet expressive and interesting both in her facial expressions and body movement.I don't think Jana used the pole as well as usual in some clips, although she did throw in a couple of well executed moves which rescued them a bit. In her full striptease on the pole though, she used it superbly to enha...
Another Great performance from Jana (or is it Yana), this girl never fails to pleasure. A solid 10/10
Holy FU**ING SH** !!!! SUPER SEXY BLISTERING HOT !!!! I say it again; Jana is one 'FINE WOMAN' !!!!!! Thank you TOTEM !!! Looking forward to downloading more shows from her.
Who doesn't love Jana and her performances!
Incredible!!!!!! Jana is so hot it hurts lol what a great show this girl is just the best and looks stunning all in red :)
J'ai pris ce show car je trouve Jana Cova très belle dans cette tenue qu'elle porte, sexy a souhait, un peu dommage quel ce déhanche pas assez a mon goût, moi j'aime voir les nanas qui remue leurs fessiers. Sinon très bien
wow her Show is on HD ( 10+ ), nice and clear, Face & Body, the expl.show are near, Cards like this i loving it. she s good i just say 9 ;-)))
Pros - Beautiful face, awesome body, extra hot outfit, oh-so-sexy movements, explicit performanceCons - Stays on the task bar a lot, clips begin to look the sameMore variety would have made it perfect for me. 9 out of 10.
Jana Cova Under Red sun >> I am a bit disappointed with this photoshoot; only portraits no landscapes sizes. Some shots defined layers of fatty ondulations whenever Jana was twisting her body to left or right; these types of photos do not give her too much credit, in fact it does show that her body might be getting too old and/or not getting enough exercises. While she was at my top 10 HDVIRTUAGRILs and in view of the abovementioned fair criticisms I do give her 9 out of 10.
She is NOT another blond hotty! Elle a un petit plus qui la rend différente des autres modèles!
Jana Cova is a beautiful woman, but her newer cards are missing something. I have downloaded all of her newer cards and I just don't enjoy them as much as her earlier cards. Maybe I just miss her longer hair.
Jana has been one of my Favorite girls on VG and I think she looked close to perfect on her first 6 cards, but on this card her upper body looks frighteningly skinny. Every bone is visible in her upper body. To me she is visually unpleasant in this state. I just can't believe, one of the sexiest woman on earth lost her ways this badly! Her hair style is none existent as well. Neither long like before, and neither short, or sexy. I'm sorry, but only a 7 from me this time around. I gave her 7 inst...
Jana Cova was a disappointment. After reading the comments, I expected more. She is skinny (the olny model whose ribs are obvious), she is clumsy (her movements are artificial and random), and her pole action is a joke. I guess after seeing Susie Q I am spoiled.
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
white hot, not just red hot! this card is one of her best and the outift really suits Jana
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
Very, very sexy woman.
4.5 (1269 votes)

After work

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 40
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 460 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (53)

Triple Diamond, and this is still my favorite card.
Why was Jana Cova born so beautiful? Jana was born to be a porn star. She was born to please. And this performance is a real pleasure to enjoy. Honestly, she is the benchmark by which all other girls must be measured.
Incredibly classy hot lady!
OMG eat it and lick it and fuck the hell out of her
Elle est splendide et tellement érotique, on adore.
Jana is soooo aggressively sexy, LOVE her! She'll show you guys what women want and need to most sexually.
does Jana get it or what ..yummmm
Damn Jana is sexy, she might not be the bustiest, wide-hipped woman in VG, but sheesh - can she work with what she's got! Personally this isn't the best of her cards, and it's one that probably rates less than a perfect 10, but more than a nine. So I'm going to be generous and give her a 10 anyway. ;) Jana Cova ... seldom equalled, never bettered.
So beautiful and seductive... I could watch her all day... She Is a must buy model...
Jana, how hot are you
Jana is so hot every show she does is great super sexy and she has got a special look about her
Jana Cova just makes me keep cumming and cumming and cumming!!!!!!
Just bought it and love it damn so good and beautiful. ty a lot vg :D
danm she moves good for my dick
soooo sexy, great tits and ass such a sexy woman
Perfekter Körper.Hübsches Gesicht.Unbedingt ein Muss für jede Sammlung.
Très jolie show de sa part. J'adore.
Well well > This girl should be kept on the hottest list at VGHD she has the desktop Art Work to perfection and I can watch her on my HD Screen any time and also wish the day will come when she will be on a 3D format right there before my eyes. Common VGHD and the Video Cameranmen get off your laurel and start creating the 3D sofwtware, use some of all the moneys you are making to speed up video creations for your customers. The 3D camcoders are out there; if I had been able to use a Fujifilm 3D...
Jana is more sexy every day, this woman is crafted by God or Devil, you must see.
Love the new dew! Great performance and we'll all miss you.
I love her. If you like real women, she is one of the best!!!!
This woman is in my opinion, the hottest babe on the site!! Way to go , Jana Cova!!
she is hot hot hot I Would eat her pussy Anytime yeah MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.......
Utterly gorgeous!
love the jana here! , BUT the downloads on this NEW ? software are taking forever!!!!! Pleeeease get this fixed !!!!!!!!
Fantasztikus show!!
Great to see Jana back on VG again, looks fantastic in those stockings. dos'nt lose any of her appeal despite her 29 years 10/10
Toujours au top et toujours aussi magnifique
Very PLEASED that Jana Cova is back. She is just one of the best. I hope to see more of her.
Damn Right, 'OMFG' !!!!!!!!!! 'OH MY GOD' just doesn't seem to be enough to say about this lady. Jana is one 'FINE WOMAN'!!!! She definately knows what she is doing with the slow and sensual teasing. Amazing performance that I hope she continues in the rest of her new cards. I would give her a '20' rating if I could !! Looking forward to more of Jana !!! THANKS for bringing her back TOTEM !!! FYI; If you guys like this card as much as I do, you 'REALLY' should get her 'SUPER SEXY talk' DESKBABES...
great show Jana gives an incredible performance this lady has matured beautifully and is hotter now than she has ever been 10/10 would give this card more if i could, OMFG!! cant wait to see her next show
She's 30 years old now, but she's kept her body even tighter than last time she was on here, if that's possible. Dancing, attitude, everything is A+ for me.What I will observe though is that for those of you who are grossed out by visible ribs, this isn't the card for you. She's got a great ass, tight tummy, perfect perky breasts that must be either fake or god's gift. All that said, fat doesn't hold up as well after 3 decades, so the only way to look that tight is not to have much of it. Conseq...
Glad to see Jana return. But damn does she look different with that hair. I didn't even recognize her. Finally saw the name and was like holly shit. Love her shows, love her body.
Always a +10 performance!
Thanks for bring Jana back! She's hot!
C'est toujours super agréable de la voir et je ne m'en lasse jamais :)
Well, hwo doesn't know this girl? She is just simply fantastic, she has all and knows all how to be ecxitating (exuse my bad english).I just tink thath all of us gonna have an her card in our collection, and this card is one of her best card, for my opinion !!!!
You make me wanna fuck you hard... hot jana
Pros - Tight performance as alwaysCons - Clips get repetitiveWhen wearing a basic outfit like this, the performance has to truly shine. Jana delivers a good, sexy, alluring show, and good for Jana is normally great for any other VG model. Still, I want great from Jana, not just good. 9 out of 10.
This woman knows to to please a man
Que dire sur JANA... Elle est sublime./
Ah ! ça fait du bien ! autre chose que ces poupées siliconées gonflées rapiécées, recrutées à la maternelle... enfin de la vrai bonne femme ! J'adores !
A welcome return to VG by Jana Cova. Jana always looks fantastic in stockings and the little pink bra and pant set make for a great overall look. I have to say that I'm not so keen on Jana's hair style though. She looks fantastic with it, but just not quite as stunningly beautiful as she was with longer hair in her previous cards.Jana is always entertaining and sexy and this performance is no exception. The standing clips were the highlight for me. More posing style than dancing, but Jana has th...
C'est sure qu'elle fait plaisir à regarder après le boulot!!!
I'm not sure if it's the spikey hair, the severe make-up or what looks like a few dropped pounds, but Jana seems much edgier than she was in her earlier cards. She doesn't move with the same bounce nor does she have that same flirty grin she had. For the gynecologically minded however, she has added several X-rated clips- if that's what you're into. This is much more like a DB than her earlier ones were. Not what I look for in a dancer/stripper, but if it's what you like then buy and enjoy...
Jana has been one of my Favorite girls on VG and I think she looked close to perfect on her first 6 cards, but on this card her upper body looks frighteningly skinny. Every bone is visible in her upper body. To me she is visually unpleasant in this state. I just can't believe, one of the sexiest woman on earth lost her ways this badly! I'm sorry, but only a 6 from me this time around.
Jana is a very popular girl here, and for good reason. I have always believed her to be a way better porn star than a stripper. I know I am in the minority in that opinion, but I guess each of us have our own tastes. In the long run, Jana would probably fuck you better than any girl here, but for dancing and stripping, she is in the middle of the pack....
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
I agree about the hairstyle, but she's one of the best.
WoW What sexy bedroom eyes ! Pretty Baby in those Baby Blue Eyes ! Jana is Drop Dead Gorgeous ! That is why she will always be one of my favorites !!!! Has to be one of the Top Ten All Time Best !!!!
4.6 (1848 votes)


  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 625 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (120)

Jana truly is the benchmark against which all the other girls must be measured. Just look at her. Watch her performances. You then understand why. One of the most gorgeous looking performers here, I can watch her every minute, every hour ... 24/7.
A truly sexy woman who knows how to turn guys on!
Soooooo..... fine, love this card, love pleasing and pleasuring her..... yummmmmmm!
Fantastic! The outfit alone on Jana makes it worth the view. She's truly a sigtht to see!
I could just imagine what sex would be like with an enthusiastic porn star...jana cova gives a small experience of that through this performance. Thank you for that jana...you are one of a kind girl and every guy's fantasy!!
HOT! Simply the best performance on VG/DB There is no way you wont cum watching Jana Cova on this card. I'd pay double for another DB performance from her.
Although I don't really like the outfit and the no-nudity part is too long, the x-rated clips reward you everything! Jana is deffinitely one of the best virtuababes, not just becouse she is beautiful and sexy (well, she is) but also she is a perfect seducer. Newer knew better. Keep up a good work Jana, I'm your fan for good and bad.
OMG... that body... that voice... Jana is incredible
I love this card, Jana is amazing. She draws you into her performance as if you were there. (I wish I was there)
The best show ever.
Ohh my Goodness... Jana Cova is so sexy in this one I love how she talks to you all intimate and and slowly... MUST HAVE!!!
Elle est tout simplement superbe.
this rating is personel:positiv:-outfitsound hole body (very skinny) show looks very professionel toy using very explicit show sexy mature (33)negativ:---
Simply magnificent unadulterated, nasty sensuousness....
this woman is awesome! best show here and we need more from this fox
My only card where the clips with "accessories" are enjoyable.
It was late Summer 1981 when Mick Jagger with the Stones first screamed at us via radio START IT UP! The lyrics were an obvious analogy between a car's engine and human sex drive. So, where am I going with this? Hell, that is a 'no-brainer' if you look at the lyrics of that song and this video by Jana Cova;'I been running hot, You got me ticking gonna blow my top, If you start me up, If you start me up I am never gonna stop... If you rough it up, If you like you can slide it up... My eyes dialat...
A beautiful, sexy, woman, and I am very grateful to her.
Putainnnnn son show est trop nickel,
i could make her cum just as the pleasure that she bought to me
One word summation of this card ... WOW! Seriously, this has got to be the best DB card in my collection. Now while I'll admit that I prefer brunettes to blonds, and Jana isn't the most gifted in the breast department, the way she "works" with what she's got is just first class. And switch on the voice track and you've got an experience that'd raise a corpse. Just wished DB would do a remake of VG cards Young Beginner or Wild Safari with Jana. Very sexy, and I've got to say that if this doesn't...
One word sums up Jana CLASS all the way.
The one and only Jana in her own class... Just stunning. Perfect... lovely. And for heel lovers - yes she keeps on the fishnets and sandals !
Simply the best. Her sexy talk and fabulous body make for an outstanding card.
With more than 560 of these cards, this one remains my favorite. There are many wonderful cards, with amazing women of different teasing styles and body types, some amzing duos even - but none quite fully compare. Jana not only is sexy, steamy, and keeps my complete attention, she smiles and begs me to join in. So inviting. So inticing, and this is just a friggin' program. That is my only complaint. She's not actually in the room with me.
to be honest is the best card i´ve ever seen thank you Jana Cova
this has got to be one of the best cards out there, thank you Jana!! I wish i could give it higher than 10!
Jana is so sexy, she makes my panties get sopping wet!!!
Oh My... She is the best dirty talker I have seen thus far! she has the right words to back up her smooth and seductive actions.. I think this is a must have show! Plus the bonus film puts this one way over the top!
Great card, I definitely want to see more of Jana Cova!
Love her
vraiment superbe ...une carte a conseiller
what can I say... true professional :) she knows how to dress, she knows how to tease, and she certainly knows where to put the toy.
This is simply amazing card. My favorite so far. She gives great performance, her voice is very nice and the was she talks directly to viewer is just fantastic. I wish more girls did it.
Sexiest freggin voice, EVA!!!! Jana Cova FTW
Perfect performance. 10 points
When she is naughty it is very cute...it turns me on! Thanks.
For such a pretty girl she has such dirty talk, how can any man resist that combination? I just love her and want to fuck her so hard, well worth the money :-)
My only complaint-could only rate her a 10, she deserves so much more!!!!!!!
Wow sums it up perfectly indeed. I am so glad this was my first DB card. Jana talks with the viewer like you are taking part in the onscreen action and is simply stunning as always. I'm fairly sure there won't be many hotter solo cards than this one in a long time. If you watch the video it says it is her last performance other than her own fan site. I hope she comes to the Totem studios again though in the future.
You are so hot. You have so sexy pusy. I want with you..
I'm hard as $%#^ 10/10 had no idea about this site only vghd -.-
This is yet another awesome performance by Jana, and the outfit she picked out is a winner! Exposed breasts and quim, flat stomach, awe-inspiring ass....All there for the world to see! I could not take my eyes off her, and when she spoke, her voice was all I heard! The voice of God could not hold my attention like Jana does! If there is a perfect woman on VGHD, she is it! I have gotten all her cards, and crave more! Please, Jana......Keep Em Coming!!
She is super hot! What a girl!! :)
Jana est très belle, bien sur, elle parle beaucoup pour nous exciter, c'est bien aussi, elle garde presque tout le temps son petit costume et c'est beaucoup moins bien, reste qu'il y a un ou deux clips x de très haut de gamme qui emporte finalement l'adhésion.
Jana, this was excellent as always. Much thanks for this. And please continue!
Besides a fine, long show, she gives a goodbye gift of an awesome, explicit 12+ minute video in her excellent English. This is the stuff of stars. Go with love, Jana.
ah the the goddess, love her soo much. I wish to meet her... Also this is a MUST BUY SHOW!
She rates an 11. This is the best card I have seen.
My all time favorite!!!!!
I have been a member of VG for about a year... and only joined DESK BABES yesterday....thinking the duo cards would be my first choice. However, on the advice of my friend on here, I just purchased Jana solo... all by her sexy self..... and I have to say.... without a doubt.... this is the sexiest, most erotic, most personal, real-life orgasmic performance I have ever seen!!!! WOW!!! Jana is absolutely the BEST of the BESTEST!!! hot HOT H-O-T !!!
Just to clarify, THERE IS DILDO PENETRATION HERE. It sometimes takes awhile in rotation to get those clips to come up. Check only "X rated" to get them quicker. Keep clicking "show me hot stuff" She does a GREAT talking you off BlowJob AND a nice hot dildo pussy fuck! I don't know why it takes so long to come up but I often don't get to them due to the effectiveness of her beauty & her GREAT SEXY TALK!(splooooooosge!)
There is not a better card in this entire collection - Do yourself a favor and buy it at any price
Jana Cova was my first DB card and 23 cards later it's still my favorite! She's so sexy in everything she does that it's almost unfair to the other girls. The only way you wouldn't like this show is if you have something against hot blondes with high sex drives who talk dirty to you ;)
Very few woman can compete with Jana Cova not only in terms of her incredible beauty but also in terms of her raw sexuality she always leaves me wanting more of her. A totally addictave woman and performer
Wow. She is incredibly sexy. Great body. Love the way she talks to the camera. It's great.
This one really turns me on. She has a perfect body, and she moves so viciously. Thanks for those moments of happiness.
I have been a fan of Jana's for years, she is the living embodiment of "sexy" =D. I was a member of Virtuagirls/babes about a year ago. I only came back because I saw Jana had made some more cards Good Job Jana xoxo ;) I rate this as a 10
A step up for adult computer entertainment? I found it mesmerising. The character Jana Cova acts like Sex Incarnate - so hot, she's sizzlin'.Her voyeur-engaging act is played out with very high production values in sound (slightly soft) and video. Jana plays/is a character with carnal desire for her viewers, enticing them with superb eye contact and body-tracing hand gestures. Her face is both easy on the eye and very animated. She is a highly engaging sexpert.Perhaps too engaging... Jana is exp...
The best card ever !!! produced by Totem. I don´t like her outfit only.
Jana Cova`s best card, Jana + skimpy outfit + that voice and yes some double digit finger banging, omfg what more do you want
Folks, can anyone be hotter than Jana? If this is not a "10", I don't know what is. If I could, I would like to meet this woman and take her out for the night of her life!
Let me start by saying Jana is my alltime favorite. This is my first Desk Babe so I wasn't sure what to expect. She TALKS to ME! The outfit and most of the clips are average until I got to the one with Jana stroking and sucking the dildo. HOT HOTTER HOTTEST evan better than the tennis racquet in Young Beginner.
Perfect! Nothing to add... :)
WOW! I usually don't post any comment but that, that one was just incredible! I would say that she's a kind of genius to be able to make such interactivity with the viewer. I hope to see her again in new cards Mr Totem ;)
just imagine how crazy you will go if there would be an duo talking like this^^Realy realy good card. You should buy it! This girl talks to YOU and not to everyone ;-) Don't know what to say... Just buy it!
Seriously 10/10 without a doubt. MORE JANA COVA PLEASE! Or at least more cards where the girls talk like that! So hot.
Sound and talking in all 27 clips. 14 standing, 13 taskbar; 5 topless (which includes wearing pasties for some reason), 6 full nudity, 8 explicit, 8 X-rated; 5 toy, 22 no toy (6 X) Be aware; one clip is 145,392 KB (average is around 20,000, which is about a min long). This is around 7 min long. It is truly great, but takes a min or so to load. Another is 77,515 KB (about 4 min). Both can have off-sync sound if they don't load right, are explicit, and are awesome. [I have the program set at 90% s...
Wow, superbe 9.9/10
just got done watching her show. by far the best one in my collection. if i could i just 100/10. I would like to see more of this girl in the future
Jana is incomparable. All others eat her dust!! 20/10
Jana is amazing, the dirty talk bringing the performance almost to the point of interaction. This card bought me to attention (lol) in seconds, this card is worth more than the 2 credits, great value more like this please totum 1000/10
Awesome Awesome Awesome.... give us more of her. We want this one...
Not only does the way Jana Cova talk dirty take DeskBabes cards to a whole new level, but one of the bonus videos takes them to a new level
OMFG !!!!__ Jana is absolutely amazing !!! The 'SUPER SEXY DIRTY TALK' takes this show over the top to 'EXTRAORDINARY'!!!! Please, more cards with the 'dirty talk' instead of the girls just moaning.
Holy Sheep! This is what all deskbabe shows should be!!!Jana Cova is smokin hot, talks naughty to the viewer, uses props, great eye contact, and great costume for the model.If you only buy one deskbabes show. This should be it.
Thee best show everrrrr!!!!!
Jana Cova with sound! I AM IN HEAVEN!!!Not only do we get to see the lovely Jana Cova naked in HD, but now she seduces us with her voice...this is a "MUST HAVE" card...I know I've said it before, but never before did we have Jana Cova with SOUND seducing us with her sexy voice...I absolutely LOVE Jana Cova. Gorgeous face, real tits, fantastic ass, a sexual Goddess of pleasure, and she loves to talk dirty!THANK YOU DESKBABES FOR THE HOTTEST, SEXIEST, CARD TO DATE!NO COLLECTION IS COMPLETE WITHOUT...
Diese Frau ist einfach ein Traum, bin schon seit Jahren ein Fan von Ihr. Der geile Arsch und diese geilen Titten einfach traumhaft.
Ho appena visto il suo show completo: Fantastica 10/10 ma sarebbe piu giusto molto di piu'. Incredibile quando simula 'cum on my face'
Hi EveryOne,Totem DID IT! DID IT! DID IT! Of course with the HELP and COOPERATION of "Jana Cova's (Solo) Card Number 0069", especially with her performance in her "CLIP c0069_1506.vghd" which happens to be a CLOSE-UP.All of Jana Cova's DeskBabe's "0069's CLIPS" are FANTASTIC!I agree with "PascalsWager"'s COMMENTS about "this should be the model for all future DB solo shows".Jana's SOUNDS, VOICES, TALKING and PERFORMANCES are "indeed" OUTSTANDING! The CLARITY of "both" the SOUNDS and VIDEOS had t...
She's the best ever
i cannot download the pictures asn the videosanyone know why?
Jana Cova ist heiß. Diese show ist bisher das beste von ihr. Gute Idee nicht stöhnen, sondern auch verbale Anmache hören zu lassen.
Holy crap, I can't download this fast enough. By far the best VirtuaGirl and now she's finally here on DeskBabes!
perfect 10/10
Hay, langsam ist es nicht mehr Lustig - die Links funktionieren nicht mehr !!! und zwar nun schon seit längerer Zeit - sobald man gekauft hat kommt man nicht meht an die Bildeer !!
Simply put, Jana has redefined the rating of 10. She has shown all the other girls how to tease with mouth on dildo while detailing what she wants. Hope others will follow her lead.
salut... j'ai 586 cartes,et c'est la premiere fois que je veu laisser un commentaire,grace a jana cova... jana cova est superbe et vraiment interactive,c'est la meilleure des meilleure,vous pouvez vraiment l'acheter les yeux fermes!!! pas comme certaines filles qui sont payee juste pour ce mettre a peine un pettit bout d'ongle et qui pense nous faire croire qu elle jouisse comme ca, honte a elles.... par contre, pour une fois qu une femme nous parle vraiment (enfin) je ne comprend rien a se qu e...
Beautiful, sweet and dirty. More please!
OMG! This card is fantastic. If you could only afford one card, this would be the one to get. Love the way she talks to the camera. Way to go, Jana!
To answer her question, Yes.... I WOULD like to smack your ass, grab you by the hair and take you from behind. (Okay, I added the "grab you by the hair" part. Sue me.) :-)Excellent show!!!
Attention girls of DeskBabes: THIS is how it's done!
woww!!!!!!!!!!!! great show Jana your the best
If all the girls can start talking dirty to us Thats going to be great love the show & the dirty talking. A 10. Thank you Jana Cova
Consensus reached, this should be the model for all future DB solo shows. The bod is amazing, the show is awesome, and the way she talks to the camera is sexy. In terms of performance, this is the best show on DB yet. New haircut is really cute too.
OMGDon't hesitate.
this show should be shown to every new deskbabes model before the filming from now on. I love the talking and this really is like it should be. I'm sure the other models could learn some tricks to make there own shows better. Jana really is amazing
She is the best !!! She is perfect !!! She is great !!! We love you, Jana :)
I will be able to watch the show after few more days, but for now I can say that the photo session is just amazing! Great performance Jana!
One of the best show ever on deskbabes...if not the ONLY ONE...wish all those eastern european girls could talk like that !
Sehr schöne Frau, gute show, spricht aber nicht so sehr an, gehört daher nicht zu meinen Favs. 9/10
Jana was number 1 on the charts when I got her, so she had much hype She is great, but indeed could do with more dildo penetration, but I really love the way she sucks that dildo, so erotic. And the one long clip is fantastic!
That thong looks very strange and it turns me down. Except the outfit, nice card.
Jana is awesome but I have to say that this is one of the ugliest costumes I have ever seen
for hydargos69: u better just get used to the outfits swaying this way. its the new thing. niky's solos has a similar one and im seeing them more and more in the stripclubs. we can all agree on jana's card, but the bonus video is ALSO how the bonus vids should be. it took forever to download asnd i thought my comp was to blame until i saw how long it is and its content!!! FANTASTIC
I won't say more than Wow, just, Wow.
she is hot language alone turns me on
This is a decent card giving decent solo action.However, there were two things I wasn't keen on. Firstly I do not like the costume much. Something a little more conventional would have been nice.Secondly, the sex talk doesn't work for me. It just always seems so contrived. This is not a criticism of Jana Cova though, as I feel this for all cards where there is sexy talk.
It's good, but she's no Cindy Dollar.
Jana is on of the most value adult star Her show is a good performance (But a tasteless outfit, totem can do better) Show 45 mn, 27 clips, 625 MBBonus: 60 photo 3 video (one of 240 MB, 12mn) are a good addition
I've been a Jana fan for a long time but when I saw her, she's turned into a stick, she is far too thin in my opinion and I don't find it very attractive. I will go back later and watch all of her clips, hopefully that will let me change my mind.
way over rated I feel I wasted a credit on her. Not a fan
Ein extrem alberne Reizwäsche. Furchtbar diese "Fliegen".
Believe it or not,but this card kinda sucks. There is a bow that covers most of her twat for most of the show. Stick with her cards on VG. You'll see more of her sweet spot.
I agree with FLUCAS,this show is way over rated,if you like dirty talk,some action,only one clip x rated,bum spanking,you will love this show.2/10
I bought this card because every VG Jana Cova card that I have is excellent.This card, while OK, is a major disappointment by comparison to her VG cards. She is rarely out of the ugly outfit and when she is it is little more than a dildo show. I expect much more from Jana Cove performances.
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
4.5 (3010 votes)

Midnight show

  • Shows: 31 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 363 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (120)

She is the best!
The classic little black dress becomes realy stunning when she has njo panties on!
She makes my dick so hard.... Lovely girl... So cute and so stunning! Its my most fevorite card...!
Like Marilyn Monroe in black dress
IF anyone knows of any other cards where the wind machine is used like this, with the marilyn monroe-esque upskirt, please message me because that is so damn hot. And so is Jana, of course 10/10
She is perfect,she knows what to do and how to tease!Woow yehh....
Esta loba con su perfecto culo y sexy movimiento, me ha hecho vaciarme en todo su sexappeal body, mmmmmm...
I love my ladies; Jana has SUCH a beautiful, knows how to share it.
Ich bin glücklich, dass Göttin Jana auf die Erde gesandt wurde und ich sie anbeten darf.
she is so pretty and sexy.
I totaly love this girl. Sure wish she would come to Alabama. LOL!
soo sexy
She's perfect.
Absolutely wonderful. It has everything. Beautiful face and a body of dream. Any man she longs for.
dont you love the way she says things you can understand in the vr you cum for her
My second card and did I ever hit pay dirt! Take Michelle Pffeifer's eyes, Goldie Hawn's cuteness, and add a little Olivia Newton John- mix well and you have Jana. She's an absolute natural to dance to Abba.
Right now I am watching Jana on my right in that pink garb she uses - Wow!! Thanks Jana ... Sexy it is!! - and gorgeous - I am turned on!! - she's feeling her pussy and licking her fingers - yummy!! .... And then comes Cindy Dollar another hot one - Wow!!
You are a star, Jana. The Marilyn Munro dress blown up to see what was underneath got my attention. You are one classy dame.
Jana COVA: I wish I could buy her for real.
Jana Cova is so sexy and seductive she has it all goin for her
Jana hat eine geiles Face einen geilen Body und eine geile Show!
Absolutely perfect. I
spacephantom pretty much summed it up Jana comes off as a true pro in this one. I fell in love with her professionalism,beauty and grace. she has become one of the perm fixtures on my desk top.
My preferences usually tend towards petite brunettes, but what can I say, this blonde (with dark roots, eyebrows and treasure trail) really does something for me. The smile, the expressions, the classy moves, the sexy playfulness.I think I have a new favorite VirtuaGirl.In Fact, I know I have a new favorite!Keep being playful!
What can I say .... Jana is always one of the best, with his face so sexy and with that divine body is always a pleasure to see you again ... Yeah!
She would make me a very happy man! :D
she is really amazing and this one can be the best of all her performances
Out of this World - I thoroughly Adore Her
Awesome flirty dancer, this young lady reminds me of some of the great European actresses that graced Hollywood. Her eye contact with the camera and her sweet grins have me watching her eyes more than her body. Truly a lovely performance.
Absolutely stunning !!!!! Nice ass, nice face, nice body.....I would rate this card a 20 !!!!!
beatuiful body and eyes that just grab you and pull u in very sexy!!
She looks absolutely stunning in that dress and her movements were extremely fluid. There wasn't a bad clip on this card.
just love her
WOW !! I love her show. The outfit the way she use it in the show. when the wind came in blew it open,and you seen her ass. JANA has a nice body to watch the way she moves. I don`t do this but I love this card. 10/10 for me.
....beautiful smile, great body.
I love her desperately...
Her dress makes her my favorite I would give anything to play dress up with her in her clothes.I bet she has a wardrobe full of very cute clothes. This is the kind of woman that could rule a man for life!JANA COVA is my woman my favorite and in my dreams
Very great show of Yana, she is all the times so much incredible. Fantastic, Im without words. reccomended 10/10.
I have over 60 cards now. To me there is no and I mean NO other girls that can turn me on like Jana Cova. The way she dances, the way she looks at you, her playful nature is unique. There is a lot of good performances on this site but Jana Cova, to me and it's a personal choice. beats all of them..... You be the judge guys... You will not regret it...
out of almost 200 cards this is my favorite of all you knoww what jana cova can do. any thing she wants! i bow before the queen of this web site. love your stuff jana keep up the good work
jana cova est une valeur sure , une des bests de vgh et ce n'est pas pour rien , si il y a 1 carte a avoir c'est jana , moi je prefere les brunes a forte poitrine mais là respect , son show est parfait , elle a fait ça toute sa vie ou quoi ? elle occupe l'ecran de maniere si presente que l'on ne peut s'arreter pour la regarder .
Very nice girl, total package! Cute as a button, gorgeous breats, sweet ass, moves well, and has an inticing smile/eyes. Definitely worth the credit to get this card!
Ah, yes, Jana... now here's a babe that stands above the crowd in that exclusive uber hot league with the likes of Diana Doll. Gorgeous from head to toe, sensual moves, excellent 'eye contact', confident and convincing.If there was a rating highter than 10, Jana would be one of the select few that would nail top marks... she's a master of Man Bliss that all the other babes can learn from.Don't even hesitate to buy her cards!
Jana Cova hat eine Menge Erfahrung.Sie wiegt sich im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes im Wind. Herrliche Szenen.Ihre Moese zeigt sie ganz offenherzig und "bearbeitet" siew auch nach allen regeln der Kunst. Nicht unerwaehnt bleiben soll ihre rattenscharfen Videos. 10 Punkte
Jana you are the best,please come back!
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.Jan Cova looks absolutely stunning in this card. You could easily imagine her as one of the world's top fashion models here, and in reality if she was a bit taller I can believe she would have been.Her performance is another great one, with all the trademarks of a Jana show. The mesmerising beauty, the great eye contact and sense of interaction with the viewer, the seductive sex appeal, t...
Jana, la perfection au féminin ...
Me sorprendio. Es casi perfecto.
Jana Cova Wow!!!!!! What can you say more than that! Sigh me up for her fan club! This Woman in this Dress would turn heads any were she go's! If you don't have this card yet get it. Perfect woman perfect body! Any man Would be so lucky to have a woman like Jana Cova just once in his life time!
Jana Cova has to be one of the hottest girls on here. I keep downloading other cards, but no one compares. I love all of her cards. I love the black dress, the wind, and every aspect of this show.
Moilecoq , trés avisé avec ses 119 poulettes constituant ma collection personnelle ; VOUS CONFIRME ENCORE POUR VOUS REDIRE QUE CELLE-CI EST LA TOP DES TOP !!!!!!!!!!!!! Carte absolument à posséder : NOTEE : 100/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my beauty queen, best appearance of all that means VGHD phenomenon.I would buy without thinking at least 100 cards of her, but for now I'm waiting for the new cards shooted last month.Thanks again and again Totem for this wonder of nature! But please, put her new cards on list.
this is the most gorgeous girl i´ve ever seen!i want to see more of her!!
I refuse to call this girl, a card.. She is moonlight on a dark night.. check it out: her topless shows are divine on Crash King's mountain man. Regardless of what she does... You are doomed to mentally slavery if you watch while listening to Crown on the Ground: Sleigh BellsBut... OMG...Black Keys...It don't matter what this angel does... If your eyes stray...Then beauty in your mind has been eaten alive by lies...Because this is the only girl... not card... that defines ---> WHY YOU ARE HERE!
what alovely looking girl,some nice curves to
una delle donne più belle che io abbia mai visto un viso splendido che si fonde in perfetta armonia con il suo splendido corpo meriterbbe 1000
I have always loved this woman she is hot in more ways than one this clip is no exception.
of course she is sexy - she's a porn star for 18 years - no she is much older than the stats (28)
All the comments are to be believed. She's gorgeous and captivating and it's arguably nicer to watch her playing with her dress than with her pussy ... and that's high praise since it's really amazing to watch her play with every aspect of that body.
une pure merveille, tout simplement une pure merveille.
Un superbe brin de femme, magnifiquement proportionné, se déplaçant avec grâce et confiance. Elle utilise a merveille le vent dans sa robe légère et ne se sépare jamais de son sourire éclatant rehaussé d'un regard malicieux. Loin d'être timide elle nous fait profiter des ses caresses "énergique". Un show complet où tous les ingrédients sont réunis pour un strip d'anthologie : Glamour, Charmant et excitant... 10/10
Perfect 10 ..what a great girl x
My absolute favourite. She is gorgeous, sexy and one hell of a stripper. Great show, straight 10!
Outstanding show. She had an excellent delivery of an enticing strip and continued momentum all through the show to fulfill all the demand any veiwer could expect. I certainly enjoyed this one.
Da gibt es nicht viel zu überlegen, volle Punktzahl! Der doch so unscheinbare Effekt mit dem Wind rundet das Ganze noch ab, Wahnsinn.
Fascinating natural woman... she has style, glamour and is a delight to watch as she enjoys herself and her seduction of the viewer... yet another great natural beauty here for our delight... ;-P
This is the most classically beautiful model face I've seen on VirtuaGirl, and her body, moves, and attitude are all as perfect as you could want. Her full show is so worth it but so distracting ;-)
I like the performance, she's beautiful
My favourite lady by far, beautiful face and body but more importantly she shows more confidence and an enjoyment for performing than many of the others, so she also moves/dances so well. She's very sexy in this card, and the clips where her skirt is getting blown up are hot!
Outstanding !
Black dresses with the wind under it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe famous scene...Jana is gorgeous in black...even completely dressed she is very beautiful,she is a natural.Beautiful body,great clit and pine pussylips...wanna fuck her !
Crazy sexy!! Jana is absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful face and a banging body!! She definitely has one of the most phenominal asses on the site, and has moves that will hypnotize. 9 is too low so a 9.5 outta' 10.
Confidence, beauty, sexiness, knows how to move & great eye contact. Jana Cova has it all!
one of my favorite girlsanother very good show of her10/10
Let the little boys keep their Lola card. This is definitely the winning card of this week and one of the best cards I have seen come out in a while. Very playfull and seductive performance. What more can you ask for no need to pretend to be a lolita here she carries herself as all woman.
What an amazing show! The outfit is so perfect -- the classic little black dress for the Jana's classic beauty! If I could I'd rate it 20 out of 10, but, alas, I must be content with a mere 10 out of 10 -- Sorry Jana!
Jana Cova is one of the most beautiful girls on this site. I simply just can't get enough of her. Words just can't describe her beauty.
A true goddess! 10
Jana C. gives a hot, seductive and tastefully explicit performance. She is a must for any collection. Jana C. is an easy 10 X 10 X 10.
Damn! She is hot. I have not been disappointed in any of her shows. A 10.
I'm generally not interested in the hard-core porn stars but Jana Cova is an exception. Perfect body, gorgeous face and very seductive moves! 10/10
Incredible body !! Stunning !! Fantastic show !!
A must have! Incredible!
WOW Jana can dance for me at mid-nite or any time she wants definatley a 10. love the m. munroe type dress skit
She's so pretty, nice ass, nice tits, nice evrything...I love her body
Vraiment très jolie.
simply WOW
Jana Cova...She is a woman who has a nice body with an elegant atmosphere of Europe. I love her body.
Great card, only thing that lets her down is her rather small breasts.
I got this card because of the way the dress flowed over Jana's body. I had no other expectations past that. Its so much better then that.Pros Its Jana before she cut her beautiful hair. Some of her clips are reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. There is a sexual elegance that is above all other cards of the same kind. Every time the dress blew in the wind or she would twirl I found myself leaning foward saying "Just a little more." and then the pay off. Yes! Janna's viewer interaction is up with the...
Jana is all class in this card. That ass of hers is fantastic! She is a true beauty...
luv that pussy definitely worth it for a midnite temptation :)
Explicit nice show... 9/10
Black dresses with the fan to it. She is sexy in black...even completely dressed she is very beautiful, she is a natural. Beautiful body, good facial expression.
Flawless and beautiful- so comfortable with her sexuality. A truly wonderful show!
This woman is both elegant and sexy. I can't get enough of her. She really knows how to tease a man.
the first girl I purchased three cards of! after this card, I'm getting all of her cards. Loved the wind machine. wished it was longer. however the shortness of it kept me from hurting myself. devil or angel, she's a perfect blend of both. another 10/10 for jana.
What a woman. GREAT!!! Thanks Totem
Imaginative use of the wind machine, but another case of the early fade-outs.
Dans cette performance Jana fait dans l'élégance!Amateurs de séduction et d'éstétique : c'est pour vous!!!
Beauty: Beautiful and sexy. 2/2Outfit: This outfit is too black, it doesnt make enough contrast with her, and skirt length is a little long to make this card attractive for the first glance. But she use it amazingly perfect. 1/2Content: Variety isnt enough, it seems repetitive. But nudity and explicity is sufficient. 1/2Performance: She moves smoothly like a dream. 2/2Emotion: Her eye contact, her beautiful smiles, and her outgoing personality makes this card enjoyable to watch. 2/2With total of...
Too much make-up. Bigger ass than I like
HOTT but couldve been better-8/10
je ne suis toujours pas convaincu. elle peut mieux faire. déçu je suis.
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
One really sexy lady!!!!
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
Lovely sophisticated look in this card.
questa porno star ceca è troppo eccitante...mi piacciono le sue tettine e la sua fica stretta...ho sborrato già diverse volte!consigliatissima...
La plus classe et excitante naturellement!!!...
Jana Cova wie man sie kennt!! 10 Punkte!
Cette robe noire lui va à la perfection. Je ne suis jamais déçu avec Jana. Superbe !
Wieder eine super Show von Jana, Sehr sexy und toll rüber gebracht. Da mußte man einfach gleich zuschlagen und sich ihr Ticket holen.
Quelle classe !!! On sent le professionnalisme.
4.4 (2141 votes)

Black angel

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 87
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 393 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (75)

Too Hot
It is a sheer privilege to see Jana put on a performance like this. Her outfit is cute. Her performance is beautiful. But it really goes to another level when she exposes her pussy and gives it great workovers like an expert. There is no denying that Jana clearly has the best looking pussy in the business. It really is. This is a really fantastic performance by a babe who clealry enoys performing in such an intimate way.
I'm pretty sure Jana is no angel, but she can surly make guys feel like they're in heaven!
What a Gorgeous and exciting show. My fav.
Must have card. Every clip listed as topless because of the see thru top. Every clip is basically different you will not get bored watching this one nor will you be disappointed with the view. 10
This card gets my 10,5 and the other card of Jana got 11 :P Anyway, even Kami is my fav girl, Jana just rocks VirtuaGirl you want it or not :D
Jana Cova may be the greatest performer to come to VirtuaGirlHD. This is another excellent show on a card featuring her in a good outfit and doing what Jana does best: desktop dancing, striptease, and pushing the envelope for what VirtuaGirl will allow.This card marks yet another beautiful show by this natural, hot MILF. It's hard to come up with enough great things to say about this woman. She's about as perfect as it gets for desktop strippers. Her style, attitude, beauty, and sensual exuberan...
I love the way she moves, the way she act, and most of all the way she smiles. Gorgeous woman.
Yum yum just put her on hot buttered toast and gimme.
Even did not expect the such. There are no words... A charm!
She looks more beautiful than normally in this card, but the show is not her best (not a bad show).
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.I'm not keen on this swept back hair style for Jana. It hardens her beauty and gives her a kind of severe look that really doesn't suit her. Everything else about this card is great though.In the task-bar clips, Jana was at her mesmerising best. She just draws you in so much with her sheer eroticism that you just can't take your eyes of her. The standing clips were equally good. In terms...
Wow her body is better than most 18 year olds. I think Jana might be a goddess...
Un 10 es poco para esta beldad
If possible I'd give her 12!!!!!
Toujours beaucoup de féminité! Onen redemande!!!
If you see this body you can't resist,nice tits,nice piercing,and than look at that pussy,and than the beautifull legs,I would not sleep if she was near to me I rate her a 10/10
Ten, Diez, zehn, dix, dieci, dez, ??????, deset, ti, ????, tien, tio. No matter where you are from, there is only one word to describe her. Best card!!
best card so far and i have some great cards of some beautiful women, the best word to describe Jana Cova is perfection if i was her i would constantly be touching myself she is so hot. Gotta buy the rest of her cards
I agree with Grant539, Jana is the best! This completes my collection of her and they all are 10's except Lust which is a 9 because of the boots, not her, the boots.
She's tooo Hot to Handle
This is her second best skirt show (after Midnight), which is amazing because by any other girl's standards, it would be the best. Shorter skirt this time, so no Marilyn moments. Then again, Marilyn never pole danced or rubbed herself either.
When I got this show, I didn't know what I was in for. I just expected a blonde girl with a nice body to strip. Judging by the preview, it seemed that she also wasn't afraid to spread her legs, an attitude which I like very much in a girl. But what I got, it ... she's so hot, her body is pure perfection. I always thought that I'm secretly preferring dark haired women, but this belief has been shattered by her. She knows how to move and to seduce, she ... she's the devil Or proof of the existence...
Unbelievable show. Loves to play with herself. When she is in the chair, she looks amazing. All her shows are great.
perfect body. She do put on a great show.
"JANA COVA" the "BEST STRIPPER" on Virtuagirl.If you aren't "hip" to Jana, you sure are missin' somethin'...All her cards are "MUST HAVE" cards.I am collecting all of Miss Cova's cards.Jana's body is perfect. She is a very, very beautiful woman and is happy to show you what her body is for.There is nothing more beautiful in the Universe than a pretty naked lady, and Jana Cova is a very pretty naked lady. How the Universe knew to produce such beauty is beyond my imagination.Jana does all my favor...
I don't know how any of her shows arn't over 9/10!!!! get this card.. allways love how she gets on that pussy!!!!! Want more. 10/10 all day...
she is very hot girl, and im happy to have her in my collecion - please more JANA
Jana as a black angel...loosen up your hair and a bit more horny looks and more smiles and other funny stuff...keep on doing your best to turn people on with your great striptease.
Jena is a sex Goddess! She has the moves, the sexuality, and the eye contact, she loves showing off her WHOLE body! She loves what she is doing and it shows, VERTUA girls watch and LERN!!! She is by FAR my favorate card, Id suck a fart out of her ass and hold it like a bong hit!!!!
she should never take the back seat to any of the girls . she has it all tits, ass,sweet jucy pus ,smile ,and enjoys herslf, and can realy turn you on. she is a 10 all day and night. good job do moore.
Jana is absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful face and a banging body!! She definitely has one of the most phenominal asses on the site, and has moves that will hypnotize. 9 is too low so a 9.5 outta' 10. Great outfit here also!!
nice show
I was just sitting her minding my own buisiness when BAM! Jana Cova! What a sexy girl! Mind blowing! I now have all her cards and she just keeps getting better. I'll have to be carefull not to stack up all my female friends to this expectation! 10/10 and more!
Jana C is absolutely great. Everything said before says it all. She definitely shows the young girls with age comes perfection. Jana easily gets a 10X10.
Great show, this girl oozes sexuality, no disappointments with this one, she ranks up there with Vicky S, funny after watchin her I was hungry,I had to go eat half a chicken to settle down.LOL Nice!
Thanks to vghd,for this amazing show..... It's, in some ways, better than the one xxx movie, I've seen her in. Great work!!! Jana is in a cIass of her own.. Haven't' seen it? You don't know what you're missin'! Awesome.
without doubt best of all 123 I've got to date
I haven't seen other Jana's card, but this one is stunning ! She has the best body i've ever seen... and, apparently, she knows how beautiful she is because she's very self-confident during the show.By the way, someone who gave her shirt without buttons or zip should be beheaded... But Jana can handle even with that problem...+ Smile almost all the time, + Nice moves and great, natural body, + A lot of explicit scenes.- Shirt... She might have loosened hair.Anyway in the end Jana gets 10/10 from...
I must agre this Jana best show/card on VirtualGirl-avery sexy slender body and seductive dance. Makes this a 10 for me and a keeper/ant for all colletors of sexy slender londes.
her best show yet ... she looks delicious in this show...
I think this is her hottest, most explicit card to date (4th card). Better than her "Lust" because these boots are smaller.
Jana Cova is all around a 10. Love the outfit and those boots.
Oh goody see thru tops:) a beautiful outfit for a very beautiful girl, the show was amazing, captivated me all the way through, a solid 10.
AMAZING! I have been in lust with Jana for many, many years and she never fails to get my juices flowing. She has such a beautiful face and body, playful attitude and graceful, sexy moves that she can get me hard without removing a stitch of clothing, so when she removes it all and starts playing, a sticky mess is guaranteed. Thanks Totem and THANK YOU JANA. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!
Superbly Sexy 10!
This beautiful girl blows my mind- Absolute stunner- THe best show yet! 10/10
Lovely Blondy mmmmmmmh :-) hugsss'n *kiss* ...
simply WOW
What can you say about JANA nice outfit. This is a very pretty blonde. I just like everything about her.9.5/10 for me.
Pros - Superb physique, tons of sex appeal, enough explicit action for anybody.Cons - Clips seem repetitive. They are good, they just start looking the same.Jana has the sex appeal of a 40 year old and the body of a 19 year old. How she keeps herself so fit, tight, smooth, and healthy looking is a mystery to me.Additionally, this girl LOVES to be sexual. I have no doubt that she is enlightened in that respect. The only thing that keeps me from giving this card a 10 is lack of variety. I know it...
Great card worth grabbing just wish could have more time with her..... love that pussy and the way she plays with it.
You can enjoy completely her nudity body, she is perfect, great her meet on her pussy and ass. Nice explicity clips, she knows how to make horny the guys. Super raccomended.
perfect physique
In strictly absolute terms, Jana is not quite as hot as others in my collection, but her sense of erotic movement puts her in a class by herself. Thumbs up!
Not much to say here except Buy this card NOW! 9/10
ProsOutfit(9/10). Its black, its see-thru, enough said. Moves(9/10). Nothing too crazy, but what she does, she does very well & transitions from 1 to the next with precision & ease. Body(9.5/10). Not much to complain about. Sexy blonde w/ perky natural tits & one of the nicest, firmest, round asses youll see on VG. Variety(10/10). Every clip is different. Lots of closeups & a TON of explicits. Sexiness(10/10). Unvelievably naughty lil girl. Everything under the sun short of penetration. And its...
What a woman. GREAT!!! Thanks Totem
Today had an unbelievable set of cards all worth 2 tickets, but available for 1 ticket if you could be around when they came out, thank you VGHD. Like all the other 4 shows of Jana a must have and of course a 10/10 for another great show.
I would guess that this is Jana's first ever card.She rates an 8 because she can't keep her mouth closed,which is is irritating.It's the only time that she displays some awkwardness when stripping,thanks to those awful boots.The pole clips are boring, and not even she can do much with that silly director's chair.Incidentally,she does not have 'perky' breasts,fine as they are.The close shots make it worth purchasing - she's the most beautiful woman on the site, after all! None of these criticisms...
Epoustouflante, meme si la coiffure (à mon avis) n'est pas terrible terrible!!!
Much sex, she really turns you on, showing everything. There are more beautifull girls but they show you not much more than you cab see on the beach. Jana, shows what she has.
PLEASE upgrade to Highest resolution :(
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
Belle blonde sexy et désirable !
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
Very sexy look for her. Always a great performer.
MMMMMM une super de belle fille qui aime montrer sa chatte, c'est très excitant de la voir se masturber lol
Ja die Frau ist einfach der Hammer 10/10 Punkte. Ich liebe Sie.
Jana heizt hier einen ganz schön ein!!! Besonders , was sie auf dem Stuhl zeigt!!
jana tu es simplement magnifique
Je fais un commentaire pour vous encourager à acheter cette carte ... En effet , il n'y a rien à dire sauf à déclarer que c'est du grand art!!! Ma copine Jana est certes une super professionnelle , mais elle est très inventive , gracieuse , joyeuse , drôle et c'est la "milf" de rêve pour tous les hommes dignes de ce nom!!! Son physique est toujours au top et beaucoup de jeunettes doivent être très jalouses d'elle!!! Regardez comme elle caresse ses magnifiques seins et sa sublime chatte... Elle p...
Tout simplement magnifique en noir.
Eine sehr sexy Show mit tollen Bewegungen. Auch gefällt mir Jana in dem Outfit total gut. Ihre beste Darbietung bisher.
4.3 (1695 votes)

Young beginner

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 66
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 364 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (72)

Bonus Videos don't display properly in Windows 10. Totwm needs to fix this problem or provide a legacy app that will present the bonus videos.
Wow She is hot girl!!!!
love, love, ms jana cova . . . i am a beginner too and would love, love some lessons from you . . . you are a most attractive tennis coach, and your lessons would certainly keep my attention . . . dj
i want to her 1080p and i love jana cova :-*
Just wonderfull Jana, keep them coming.
Im in luv with this woman ..when she looks into the camera ,its like shes looking at you ..inter acts very well .. arnt many that has that talent
super sexy game
Pros - Anatomically perfect. So fit and curvy....she has a body like a 17 year old; super sexy energy and moves, and always smiling; ass so tight you have to see it to believe it. How she keeps her body so fine, I do not know....Cons - by Jana's standards (which outpace 98% of the girls on VG), the explicit clips are a little tame, but you still get to see plenty, which is fine by meBecause of the outfit, I always thought this card would be lame. I was oh-so wrong. To me, this is the most fun I...
This card will always leave you wanting more from Jana
This card is likely the best of Jana Cova's early (first set) of Virtua Girl cards. It is a great mix of a good outfit, Jana's awesome attitude (and sexiness), and a well-rounded performance with something for everyone.The scenes range from nicely done desktop dancing to some explicit scenes and even some comical scenes with a half-naked Jana Cova playing tennis. Her striptease is very high caliber here.
Oh.My.Goodness. First Jana Card. Will not be the last. So sexy. Reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer somehow... The way she uses that racket is obscene. Me likey!! :)
Jana Cova est tout simplement magnifique, j'adore !
Always sexy in any outfit
Un regard d'ange, un corps superbe et en plus une dose d'évocation sexuelle dans sa manière de manier la raquette, un régal.
süsse maus würde gerne mal tennis mit ihr spielen
I love your moves Jana and those lips and tungue teasing, you are one of the sexiest blondes on this site.
I`ve been a fan of Jana`s for years...She could wear a burlap sack and I`d still give her a 10 lol
Jana Cova is top notch, always a 10 and one of my favorite VG's. Although I only have 2 cards by her, I plan on getting them all. I LOVE her interaction with the camera crew=us audience. Fantastic.. just splendid!
Does anyone else think she looks like a hotter younger Eddi from desperate housewives?
Jana Can "Handle" My Fuzzy Balls and Racket Any Time!!!! She is HOTT....mmmmmm
Another top card with Jana. When I read the comments, I couldn't believe some people complained about her shoes (lol). First, they are adorable and fit the card's theme very well. Second: people, come on, her shoes? If a girl's shoes can distract you from her other, uhm, "goods", you're setting the wrong priorities! :D I won't comment on her use of the racket, others already did that and it left me speechless. ;) To describe this card in one word: awesome!
Can you imagine she is 30 years old?
After viewing this card i realised that i have rated a lot of other girls too highly.this card is very niiiceI love how she makes use of that racket handle ;P
MY GOD, GOD, GOD, GOD! I love her! She is .... and .... and .... I miss words looking at her!
Well, I know Jana is hot and all - and she is a bit of a celebrity on porn sites - but man, I never expected her show to be soooo good. I was so surprised to see some personality in the flick - I love it.
luciferwings jana cova is sexy as hell. her show is wild, keep it up.............
Holy Crap this is good! Her tennis strokes aren't pretty but she knows how to stoke the racquet!
One of my absolute favorite shows. God she is so sexy and one of the best butts in the line-up. I just love her and her tennis racket
Very hot lady,I love blondes...they are the engels of sex !
Doesn't look like a beginner to me, okay now finished where you started. That's all I got to say
All I will say is I would rather play Tennis with Jana than Maria Sharapova any day! 10/10
Sweet. Real hot!
great girl - beautiful - enjoying herself and a good performer - thanks baby for making me horny
Jana is the hottest performer I've ever seen strip. Absolutely beautiful, enjoys what she is doing, and is so playful that I can't get enough!!! More, more, more...please
Jana serves an ace with this one! (groan)I generally prefer brunettes but as noted by others, once the first layer of clothes is off this is a hot show, her ass just looks delicious in those tight pink panties!There's no doubt Jana is a true pro, she works the camera switching from playful teasing to sexual powerhouse almost instantly and she can move. She is every inch a gorgeous woman.Nicely explicit too, and I can honestly say I've never wanted to be a tennis racquet so much in my life.Aptly...
this is my first card of her and DANG that women knows how to work a tennis racket ;)
What a racket Jana has going here! Well played. Best use of prop on VG I've seen. But then the woman is the best.
Once Jana loses the first layer of clothes this card is fantastic!
nice Girl. pretty and sexy - a perfect 10.PS: thanks to Totem for the ugliest shoes again and again. Please hire someone with a better taste
I just hope those who didn't give it a 10 haven't seen that certain clip where the racket gets a special role yet.
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
Very, very nice show and one of Jana's best to date. Helped me to work on my stroke so I have to rate it a ten.
WOW ! Wish I was a tennis racket. The way she sucks, strokes, and grind on it while simultaneously pleasuring herself is really something to see. You can tell this girl is actually enjoying herself which makes for a great show. A definite 10 in my book. Didn't think the racket would be a good prop, but BOY was I wrong . Don't think ...buy it.
Magnificent Jana always very sexy
i'm suprised that rackett didn't blow its load.. great show!!
So Jana doesn't have the greatest tennis form, her body form more than makes up for it. She also seems to be having fun with the tennis theme and that is a big plus when the model actually enjoys doing the show. I love this show by Jana.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.I'm not usually a great fan of sport themed cards, but this one is an exception. Jana's style here varies from all out sexuality and seduction, to just being herself and having a lot of fun.The task-bar clips here are amongst the sexiest that Jana has performed for VG. Her suggestive use of the tennis racquet as a phallic symbol was more of a turn-on for me than if she had used a more exp...
Jana is on of the most value adult star Her show is a good performance outfit sufficent, nothing special
Einfach wirklich süß die Kleine
Explicit nice card 9/10
love everything except the big ass
Jana is beautiful, my only criticism and this is minor is about the raquet, it's an antique, perhaps from when Jana was a baby; it would have been more accurate and fun to see Jana holding a raquet like the ones pro players from nowadays like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal use.
Jana is absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful face and a banging body!! She definitely has one of the most phenominal asses on the site, and has moves that will hypnotize. 9 is too low so a 9.5 outta' 10.
hello leggs!!!!
What can i say about Jana? Super !!
Pros:Awesome little body. She's petite yet has perfect curve where it counts. Really good variety to her clips. Pole, solo, props, closeup, & hot explicits. No clip ever looks like the one before. Sexiness through the roof! Shes a pornstar w/ a tennis racket prop....need I say more? I thought not, hehe.Cons:Outfit "kind of" goes w/ the tennis theme. Something tight & skimpy would have been better IMO. Moves could use a little work. She gets down & dirty for sure, but everything leading up to tha...
Oh my god, Jana is so good at playing tennis... :) I hope she will teach me how to do it, because I'm being distracted during the whole match! I'd like to be her tennis racket!10/10!!!
What a woman. GREAT!!! Thanks Totem
By the time i`ve finished watchin` this! I`m gonna need "NEW BALLS PLEASE".........
well she seemed to have fun. And thats always a plus. I find her shoes a bit distracting though. She should have removed them in the on taskbar clips at least and seeing her jumping around acting as if she could play Tennis is just funny but als a bit too much fooling around in my view. Though its sure something to see her do that naked. So this show is a good 9 for me. Without the shoes it probably would be a 10. Yes they are really distracting me.
You can't go wrong with Jana Cova. She hot, sexy, and she get's a lil' naughty. Everyone should atleast own 2 of her shows.
Jana Cova is so hot, but this show doesn't make feel hot, I tink that she can make better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We like JANA in this one. Think the racket is a little tacky, but must admit - we kinda like those pink little tennis shoes. The sporty look goes well on Jana because she is so curvy and knows how to shake those hips. Sexy and flirtateous, no collection is complete without her.
Far too much overrated. She looks old and smiles artificially. She doesn't look like loving the people she dances for. People who call her hot should revisit their definition for heat !! She's COLD, sexy but cold.
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
Fun show, nice look for her.
ca donne envie de monter au filet et de poursuivre quelques échanges,un tel toucher de raquette,ca ne s'oublie pas!!!10 bien sur!
Je ferais volontier une petite partie avec Jana. Superbe fille, un vrai bijou, encore !
En voilà une qui s'amuse ! Mignone, bien faite, rigolote, sans réels complexes... bref excitante.
4.4 (2400 votes)

Country walk

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 311 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (96)

I would love to go on a country walk with Jana and then do what's natural!
Jana has the hottest body, period. Her performance here is sensual and sexual. Her beauty is hypnotising. The way she performs is very feminine, and her pussy massaging is utterly delightful. Jana never fails to deliver. Just for the pleasure of perving over her perfect body, she deserves the highest rating. But watching her enjoy herself the way she does, well, she deserves to be crowned Number One.
J'aime cette carte car je trouve que Jana Cova a une très jolie tenue, avec jolie culotte, et j'adore son corps (fesses, seins et le reste)
Jana is a beautiful woman, the way she swings her body and clothing is so sexy.I am slowly getting all her cards
Along with Melisa, Jessica Joy, and Andi, Jana Cova is one Beautiful Lady with a perfect package. What a cutie and sooooo fine.
Jana is one of my favorites. if she doesn't give you that seductive look of hers she's gives you a smile. I don't know what it is about her but she's got something any man would be more than happy to be with. I like her the way she doesn't take long to take it all off and especally love to see her on all fours and throwing her blonde hair. YOU GO GIRL..............!
Never a Bad show with her... One of my favorites Ladies so I have all her shows and Love them all!!!!
jana is beautiful from her top to bottom gee i would love to take her to bed
Iwant those panties ...used of course
Absolutely beautiful, fit, graceful woman. I can't imagine a more perfect body on a woman, and that dress is really flattering. Jana is VG at its very best.
Jana's extremely hot! A pity it's a short show...
I just love this card.
I've had this card for a long time. but yesterday i decided to watch her again. She is a goddess.. wow incredible body, so much sexuality, a girl i would wanna be with.. she really knows how to touch the right body parts, at the right time with so much lust, takes my pleasure to the climax. love her sexy thighs, ass breasts, face, every bit of her is diamond.. beautiful... just wanna please her if i can.
She knows how to entertain male hormones! Gorgeos all over. Great expression. Easy 10.
I have watched every card of Jana I have(5) over and over, and I have come to the conclusion she is absolutely flawless! There is no bad angle to see her vagina by, her ass is sublime, and her smile is infectious! This is a woman who enjoys showing off for her man, and I can only say, he is one lucky S.O.B!! 10 out of 10 for Jana, Only because it won't let me give her an 11! :)
quelle belle femme, un vrai régal à regarder encore et encore.
Very sexy, playful, flirtacious..They don't make them any better than Jana Cova. She enjoys performing in front of a audience. I don't watch her, I enjoy her
she is really the best. 3 cards of her, all 10s
good home country cooking
Sexy, sexy, sexy
Femme fatale ...
Jana Cova Simply a Fantasy Woman By Any One's Standards! If You Don't Have This Card Buy It You Won't Be Disapointed. Legs For Days And A body out of this world!
I just can't get enough of Jana Cova. Every show that I watch of hers is simply the best. She knows how to move her body in ways that simply makes me want more. From head to toe she is a perfect 10.
Chers amis, Jana est tout simplement la plus hot de vghd. Avec un visage aussi splendide et un des fessier les plus remarquable, elle ne passe pas inaperçue; ses shows sont a couper le souffle, je reste fixé sur l'écran lorsqu'elle apparait. j'adore cette blonde...20/20 pour lensemble de ses shows.
Geiles Girl Traumkörper und gute Show 10 punkteAm besten ist ihre Fotze.
I looked now for some of the rates that I have given to many girls here in the past, but still I'm sorry because for Jana Cova I can not agree more than 10.But, if Java performance will be my standard for 10, then for too many girls I can give a rate of maximum 2 or 3, and would not be right for them. :)Anyway, I am convinced that in her hearts, many of us gave rate 100 for this beautiful and amazing girl, so all is well. :D
She is simply so much hot !!! I know thath she is going for retired, but I hope thath she can come back for a few hot new shows. In addition, great outfit of this card. 10/10.
U are a Hottie I'd like to meet!! Get in touch so we can at least Chat!!
Jana Cova has a very smokin’ hot body, one of the best attitudes on VirtuaGirlHD, and features a lineup of great desktop dancer performances, this one being possibly the best.
Just a "footnote" She gets totally nude and bare feet! :)Hol...EE...CRAP! How have I missed this card for so long?!?!Jana is absolutley 10!!! Gorgeous! She has got moves and looks to kill! I think this card gets passed over because of the unnatractive dress in the previews. Don't worry, folks! She gets rid of that dress quickly! Get this card!
"JANA COVA" the "BEST STRIPPER" on Virtuagirl.If you aren't "hip" to Jana, you sure are missin' somethin'...All her cards are "MUST HAVE" cards.I am collecting all of Miss Cova's cards.Jana's body is perfect. She is a very, very beautiful woman and is happy to show you what her body is for.There is nothing more beautiful in the Universe than a pretty naked lady, and Jana Cova is a very pretty naked lady. How the Universe knew to produce such beauty is beyond my imagination.Jana does all my favor...
Jana is not only a sexy girl, she is a real temptress, a gorgeous blonde siren. Or a sexy Goddess who knows how to passionately pleasure you. She is the embodiment of beauty. Her eyes are filled with sensuality. Her body is like a secret that you have to know. Jana will steal your heart. If at any time you watch her erformance again, you will always find something new in it. She gives a feeling you never felt.Just watch her! No chance of disappointing if you choose her...
wow...its simply wonderful!!!
Beautiful 10 worth the tickets for this 1
sorely underrated. One of the hottest dancers on VGHD. Great body, beautiful face, enjoys what she does. Hope to see more of her.
Jana has the best ass of the class...
Superb striptease,this is what I want to meet when I'm in the countryside and see with her all straws in the haystack...natural beauty who deserves more sexy outfits,love her touching her pussy !
Get this. He moves and stripping are even better than her photos. I like women like Jana who have clear intentions when they dance. Jana is looking for results!
Super! Hot luscious baby! 10+
Jana is by far the best performer on this site. We need more from her. Just awsome Jana keep it up!
Completely agree with bkilla38. Jana is absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful face and a banging body!! She definitely has one of the most phenominal asses on the site, and has moves that will hypnotize. 9 is too low so a 9.5 outta' 10.
Wow, sexiest woman on this site, absolutely stunning
Absolutely "perfect" tits!!!
My second card I've ordered from her collection - and this card just made me...order another. And write my first comment at VG. What a fun girl, what a hot tiger, what a bright flame. She can turn it ON. The best. Inspiring...
Jana Cova is a very sexy woman
We're going to need a new rating scale now that Jana is here ... she's about a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10!
Jana is so sultry and seductive even just looking at her is enough to melt the pants off a Guy and leave you with an embarrasing bulge.
WOW, Jana your perfect, 10+
nice nice nice, sharka, er, i mean jana does it again, that body will keep me glued to my seat.
an all around beauty!!! sexy body,sexy eyes!! one of my absolute faves!!!! need more of her!!!
Oh man what a hot sexy card. Love Jana in the dress and out even better. She puts on a great show.
Jana Cova is simply one of the most beautiful women, if not THE most, I have ever seen in my lifetime. She has a perfect face, killer bod, and moves very well. She has a great smile and oozes sensuality. 10!!!!
Jana Cova is perhaps the only porn star appearing on VGHD that actually is not getting by on her film rep. she actually cares enough to have a good dance routine and work at the performance, so I was more than surprised by this dynamite little blonde. jana actually uses her porn sensuality as an integral part of her performance, rather than a crutch to prop it up. what she lacks in the bust line (just in my opinion) she makes up for with real PERFORMANCE! the first solid 10 to a porn star dancer...
Now this is more like it! Sexy Girl, Sexy outfit, and forget the panties.
simply WOW
Here a card that you must have JANA is very good in all of her card. nice body she love to show her butt. witch is very nice. one of the best I think, 9.5/10 for me.
Pros - Anatomically flawless; eye-popping beauty; honey-smooth moves; plenty of smilesCons - Seems slightly subdued (for Jana)Truly a treat for the eyes. Viewing this card is just satisfying, yet kinda short. 9 out of 10.
Jana ne nous livre pas ici son meilleur show et ce malgré cette jolie petite robe d'été... ceci dit elle reste SUPER BANDANTE !
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.In this card Jana Cova performs a bit differently in style than usual. Although her irrepressible sex appeal does come through, she goes for cute more than sexy here. The look in this card does suit her though, and the summery dress and lighter, more smiley, attitude make it very pleasant to have her on your desktop.Jana's performance was another very good one. In the task-bar clips she w...
This card is in my Top 3 favorites. I love rounded hips and nice legs
Another sexy girl for the blonde lovers out there. I normally only buy the blondes with very high ratings when they are on 1 ticket specials. And this was a ticket well-spent. Very nice body and personality too!
here is one of the most sexy blondes on here ,fantastic face,body and legs a real stunner
I have two sets of Jana's clips, but my favorite set is "Country walk." Ilike country walks myself and she can walk with me anytime or place.keep up the good work.
Jana Cova's Country Walk is the best walk in the park. Her moves and natural beauty exemplifies sexy at its best. Her hynotic eyes and drop dead gorgeous looks are only surpassed by her alluring professionalism and spectacular appeal. Keep it going JC!!
perfect proportion, good skin, great legs, nice breasts, pretty face moves well good attitued gorgeous but avoids being unreal what isn't there to like
Beauty plus smile plus contact with audience plus sex ( she's touching herself )= 10 again.
Amazing body!!! Great dancer!!!
an ass just doesn't get much better than that
Jana Cova really redeemed her standing in my lineup with this performance. Very good show from a very hot blonde. 10/10.
I tried very hard to maintain my composure. must hire a medium to break the spell. Oh love, the things you do to me are illegal, but please keep doing them.
What's not to like? Pretty face, great hair, natural breasts with good nipples, cute ass and pussy... nice legs... and best of all - personality! She smiles and makes eye contact too. Wiggles her ass in your face and shows all her charm - not to mention assets. She's ENJOYING teasing and pleasing us. The outfit and the girl are well matched. You can't go wrong with this card. Buy it and enjoy. Near perfection, a 9+ for sure.
Surprising how effective a cheap summer dress can be. Easy 9, and would have been 10 with a slightly higher raunch factor,
Wow...What Can You Say About This Babe That Hasn`t Been Said, She Seems To Enjoy What She`s Doin` (Unlike Some Of The Cards On Here) See Keeps Good Eye Contact Through Out,Very Sexy Moves And She Reminds Me Of The Lovely Michelle Phifer..Bonus!
I love the dress, and the way she looks when she plays with herself.
What a woman. GREAT!!! Thanks Totem
Very sexy. Great moves. Makes my heart skip a beat.
This one is as good as it gets. Jana is even better here than in her other cards. Perfect looks, perfect movement, perfect attitude, and explicit as well. She is simply a knockout in every way.
Au final, l'entete qui présente Jana est bien explicite! Il résume bien les pérformences de cette sublime vgirl!!!
Not bad...not spectacular either. Although Jana Cova seems to be a bit of a favorite, I have seen better from girls that were sorely underrated...in my opinion. Not taking away from her beauty..just not one of my favorites.
Solid 8 points.
A pleasure to watch. Starts a with a sweet little tease then ramps up for a very provacative finish.
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
Stunning outfit, stunning woman.
semplicemente incredibile! 10 e lode con standing ovation!
Was mir bei Jana Cova gefällt , ist ihr hübsches Gesicht mit einem verführerischen Blick!! Eine gute Show !! 10 Punkte!
Super! Une fille trop sexy, c'est fou comme elle est belle et possède un charme incomparable, son corps est beau, de jolis seins, un beau petit cul, bref elle est en plus douée d'une sensualité...
Ah heute Morgen besuchte mich wieder die Jana. Sehr süßes Kleid wie ich finde. Steht ihr supi. Jana ist wie immer ein Profi und zeigt gekonnt ihre hübschen Vorzüge. Heiße Frau in heißen Klamotten.
Avec Sandra, Jana figur parmi les vrais danseuses au corps de rève de VGHD. une hamonie se dégage de ce clip, ses sourires mutin ou coquin riment avec les mouvements sensuels se son corps. Elle aime visiblement d'exhiber sur nos écrans et montrer ce qu'elle est. Encore un peu plus de moments de sensibilité dans les clips explictes et, Jana, tu sera au toptop! 10/10 sans hésitation.
Une des plus belle virtuagirl. Je ne m'en lasse pas..... 20/10
10/10 pas d autres commentaires
assurément l'une des plus jolies filles de vghd, donc la note maxi, Jana Cova est rayonnante et a un physique irréprochable, dommage qu'il n'y ait que 3 cartes, vivement les suivantes, comme dirait Reno (phonétiquement), pas l'acteur ni le chanteur mais la marque automobile "elle a tout d'une grande"
Ma femme de reve elle et superbe un corps magnifique bouge divinement bien se caresse comme j'adorerai etre son boyfriend...hum
Sexy, langoureuse, mutine, coquine, belle à croquer, Jana est superbe dans ce show. A télécharger les yeux fermés (ah, non, gardez-les grands ouverts ou vous rateriez l'essentiel : Jana).
super . aller 8,5/10
show pas mal mais trop court !!!
4.4 (2421 votes)

Wild safari

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 367 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (123)

You watch this performance and you just want to watch beautiful Jana all the time. She has the most perfect body and puts on a performance that is truly captivating. Her pubic region and pussy are so so beautiful. Her pretty pussy must be the envy of every girl. It is just an absolute pleasure watching her massage her pussy in such a delightful way. Jana is simply the best of the best.
What I like:- I love this type of heels and this type of dress. This is hands down my favorite outfit from the entire VG collection so far and that's saying something because I usually have trouble picking "favorite" things.- Jana Cova is an angelic kind of woman and she can drive me crazy with this outfit. I prefer larger breasted women but Jana is still a perfect 10 for me.- I like Jana's performance a lot, her viewer interaction and sexy demeanor, her sensual moves. One of the highlights is a...
Super sch?n.
Jana gehoert mit zu den beliebtesten Babes von Virtua Girl! Ein muss in jeder Sammlung!! Ein echt klasse Hot Babe!!!
Well, its Jana Cova, doesnt require much explanation on 10
Hotest VG Wooooooow1111111
Jana Covsa remains one of the most beautiful models in the VG. Aside from the unique style of performance, it shows some features simplicity and smooth, I have not seen in other models. I put 10 out of 10 for the inimitability))).
Most sweet and beautiful girl in the world!)) BEAUTY QUEEN!)
Make us work hard to please you honey, you are sooo beautiful!
would luv to taste Jana
Yummi fat pussyI always pick cute girls with nice ass and can move that body 10
Soooooo nice !! One delightful and beautiful young lady. Perfection at it's finest !!
Ahh Jana est une bombe comme vicky s ou pepito elle fait des shows extra.Une incontournable que je vous recommande.
beautiful 10/10
This is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! Perfect body, perfect facial structure!
Stunning Jana always follow its services is a huge 10/10 I have many pictures of Jana is always sexy and powerful. Super Model
The Sexiest Woman on Earth - I Absolutely Adore Her
Definitely a very beautiful woman...Thanks for performing for us.
I agree with the others; the most beautiful woman in my collection so far.
Jana is the most beautiful and gorgeous girls on the site! I like her moves and her body. Very sexy
a beautiful woman all woman
Nice card. You gotta love real boobs and and a great body!
top notch
Jana Cova > You did it again; perfect Desktop performer in all respect and she does look great on Blu-ray HD Widescreen. You have to be a "DILL" not to give her a 10 out of 10 rating. Once again > Thank YOU Yana !!!!.
amazing, just the sight of her makes my blood boil! she's simply the most gorgeous girl around!!!
Jana la sauvage ...
Her picture doesn't do her justice. I think of a girl as either cute or beautiful. Jana is both and she is a world class flirt.She is not the sex bomb of a Stacy Silver but is a "come have fun with me" girl. She like the 16 year old girl next door, testing her new found sexuality. She has the slim build of a "totally girl" teenager but not a skinny model. Yes, there are explicit clips too.She is au naturel, with a great face, figure and legs. Who doesn't like a leggy blonde? Her hips are listed...
a very nice show!!
the nicer girl i have see on virtual girl . she is so pretty
A sexy babe is awesome
A sexy girl.
I have been a fan of this woman for years. In my humble opinion she`s one of the most beautiful women in the world. It`s because of her that I joined Virtuagirl. Note: this vote is completely biased lol. TEN OUTTA TEN!!!!
Arma de destrucción total. Invintandote a entrarle por el sitio que deses. Lo que no sepas ella te lo enseña.
Wo trifft man solche Frauen ? Einfach umwerfend !
This is probably the most photogenic face on VG, with confident, just-shy-of-wicked expressions, as she gives us the privilege of seeing her ample, shapely charms.I like the outfit and shoes better in Midnight Show, but then I really don't like boots (or fantasy outfits).
This babe has a hot bod,knows how to turn me on.hope she gets on deskbabes.
This is my favorite show of her, nice dress and hot moves. Sexy legs and gorgeous feet
Jenna Cova's Wild safari is very hot,she smiles/laughs all the time and seduces the viewer and rubbing her lips of her pussy makes me sweat...she is a natural horny lady with great humour,love her a lot!
I've gotta say Jana Cova is rapidly becoming one of my favourites on here. The way she moves, she really looks like she is enjoying teasing us and her pussy play is among the more explicit without penetration. She has a smouldering look to her... more femme fatale than girl next door... a kind of "I'm the type of girl your mother warned you about" look! This is my 2nd Jana Cova card and if you like your cards with a nice variety of explicit and close up shots (like me) then you can't go wrong wi...
Class Pure Class Great Mover & Sexy As Hell. Watch And Learn Virtua Girls! Slick Smooth Movements,Explicit Enough To Excite, Heels For Those Who Like Heels. Bare Feet For You Guys, Knickers Off In A Flash In Some Seens,Seductive In Others, Graceful & Pretty. If This Girl Does Not Do It For You. YOU ARE ALLREADY DEAD! Easy 10/10
Normally don't go for blondes but man Jana is f'n hot. What a body! worth th ticket!
I'd go safari on Jana anytime!! Jana is absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful face and a banging body!! She definitely has one of the most phenominal asses on the site, and has moves that will hypnotize. 9 is too low so a 9.5 outta' 10.
Jana Cova sexy sexy she rilly gave a good wild show cat like sweet body rilly nice curves overall a 12/10 hotty rilly nice dancer.
Her body is a wonderland! Sexy eyes, perfectly rounded tits, wonderful ass. And her slick pussy is like a flower: fresh and blossoming. Her pussy play is very lascivious. Wow, I would like to get lost between her thighs! Jana smiles like an angel... like a naughty angel. Her safari-outfit is great and erotic. I recommend this show, satisfaction guaranteed!
This is my far the best of the best. She keeps eye contact, makes you feel like you are right in the same room with her. I give her a 10 in all catagories. She has a body other woman would die for. There is no contest, everyone should have this card. Once again she is the best. I will order her other cards.......thats a no brainer.
If there is such a thing as perfection of the female form Jana is it!I must say, however, that whoever thought it would be sexy for a woman to put her shoe in her mouth was wrong ... hope she didn't visit a public bathroom before the shoot!
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
Jana, you are too hot! give me more!
I watched you interview. Yes, you are a normal girl, but with a GREAT ASS! 10 is not enough!
Very Sexy, perfect body, face, attitude.. everything. 10+
wow she can come to my house anytime, i love blondes and she's grade A love for me
Champagne glass tits, gorgeous body, and a fine ass makes this stripper a "Must Have" in every "Desktop Stripper" collection.Jana Cova is a beatiful Goddess. Great smile, hair, and perfect skin. This babe looks fantastic naked...Thank you Jana Cova for a wonferful striptease.PS: I am going to collect all your cards.
WOW!!!!! What can I say. Fine as wine & just my kind.
The most sexy blond girl till now ~ give her a bottle or candle soon, please :-)
She has a perfectly sleek body with a cute behind. The blonde hair really brings out her facial features for those guys into blondes. She gives herself a pretty long rub down then licks her hand and goes for one more pussie-massage. 10!
Jana is a classic beauty, I'm waiting like everyone else to see more of her. 10/10
This is 1 hot show. Jana is super hot. I really like her body, nice breast, beautiful face, sexxxy legs. She's a total package. Keep her cumming back need more shows of her.
RAAAWWRR! What a beautiful, sexy woman! Please, Jana ... more explicit.. please, please, please ;) Thanks for a great show!Regards,Gordy
wasn't so entirely sure, unfamilar with her adult-film career, finally took a chance, (am a sucker for a leopard print) and BOY-O-BOY. Her face just exudes sexual charisma, not to mention her solid all over tan. Awesome Show and clips. Wish were longer/ more (only 28 minutes?) Enjoyed what was there, tho. Top Shelf!!!
Smokin' hot. The trailer teased me...the show pleased me. I look forward to seeing more of this lovely beauty. Those golden panties...so seductive.
Jana Cova is a very welcome addition to the faltering VGHD enterprise. Here she lives up to her reputation she created on other venues. 10/10 for this uninhibited vixen. My guess is that Nella convinced JC to expose her wonderful charms for VGHD. Jana Cova is the authentic woman Jana H should have aspired to be. Contrast Cova's satisfaction evident-in-every-clip with H's dour demeanor despite her enhancements.
Jana a very beautiful sexy dirl. A like, she's joined the VirtuaGirlHD.
What a Beauty. I didn't buy her first show, because it was so short and also i didn't like her makeup on the bonus fotos. But this show i bought out of curiousity and i'm glad i did that. She belongs to the 'Hot as Hell' category for me. Now i'm really thinking about buying her first show also. This card really convinced me of her qualities. Has to be a 10 in my book.
More of her. a full 10. she is as wonderful as Eufrat and Natalie Blond. So more of her and them please
holy shit, shes barefoot! shes a ten any day of the week, but id make her a fifteen because of the bare feet if i could
Jana is a very beautiful lady indeed. I don't normally go for the very slim types but she has that certain sex appeal when she moves, that make her a winner for me. Very few models here can move sensually and erotically but Jana is one of them.I have Jana's other card on my other account and I bought this one on the strength of her first one and I'm very glad I did.
Sehr schöne Frau, prima show! Schafft es nicht ganz zu meinen Favs. 9/10
This is a card must have. JANA looks great in this outfit. she love to show her butt, and legs. I love her show 9.5/10 for me.
Good work !
Que dire, si ce n'est qu'elle est parfaite, belle, sensuelle, un régal.
Jana Cova est belle blonde avec une belle robe... d'inspiration bien féline. Elle danse avec grâce et élégance. Elle adopte des poses séduisantes et sexy, en se prodiguant des caresses suggestives et chaudes. Elle fait partie des rares blondes dont j'apprécie la beauté.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.Although just as gorgeous as always, I don't think the leopard print look does very much for Jana, and the dress also proved to be a little awkward during the striptease.Jana's performance in the task-bar clips was excellent though. As sexy and beautifully seductive as you would expect, with that very naughty mischievous look in her eye.In the pole clips, her striptease performance was al...
Jana is on of the most value adult star Her show is a good performance outfit sufficent, nothing special
Jana has a wonderful body, everything that I love in a woman, perhaps tits are not particularly large, but overall she is very well proportioned. She is also attractive, much better than on the card. Very sexy, looks at the camera, much art, warm striptease... And about the pussy, what to say! This is to lick it, with tenderness and devotion.
Beautiful girls are usually not explicit on VG, that girls think they get a lot off points for their pritty fase only. In this card is Jana Cova beautiful AND explicit, lots off fingering. 10/10 and that today for only 1 Credit.
molto sexi..bellissimo culo!!
Wow !!! Great !!! Here she is !!! I think that these is her best card, man, she's to hot with that Safari dress, and her body makes me much horney all the time that I see her. Reccomended card, you can't lose this one...
I agree, very good show :) she's cute ! good job :)
Nothing to see her folks, just one of the most beautiful women alive dancing and masturbating for you. Hot low rise panties that hug her ass with a tiny little string and a perfectly trimmed (not shaved pussy that she isn't afraid to touch. She knows just how sexy she is. While not as explicit, this show is hotter than most of her other porn.
I Love Jana I mean whats not to love about this girl, nice ass nice legs, gorgeous blonde hair, nice body all the way around, and this show definately will get a rise out of you.
Mmmmm very nice, i hadn`t really looked at this fine girl in the past, my loss! she`s a Fox...
Only One vghd girl has ever got a 10 from me. But this lady is a diff 9. She has the moves. Sorry my favorite is still Katerina
WOW! Jana Cova is a true professional adult entertainer. Super Hot, Erotic, Sexy, Cute, Sensual, Playful, EXPLICIT! Out of 172 cards in my collection this one instantly became a favorite. Obviously I rated this card a 10. I plan to get all of her cards ASAP.
Absolutely stunning. I would like more open and playing shots though. I gave her a nine.
Beautiful girl. Great Show. But Totem, leave the animal print in the 80's please. There are plenty other possible outfits you can dress these girls in. Please I'm begging you. She gets a 9 from me.
the card doesnt work for me either! i want a refund!
Apart from being beautiful Jana oozes sexuality and has got a incredible body and ass to die for.....top show...10/10.
What a woman. GREAT!!! Thanks Totem
Je reverais d'etre la proie de son safari erotique!!!
Ahh, Jana... Great body, beautiful face and hair, fully nude and barefoot, but that dress... ouch! Not nice...8/10
A solid 9. We love the sexy little outfit, her smile and curves. Neither one of us likes the skinny girls with hip bones sticking out. Gorgeous, superb, sexy and fun. Definitely a nice addition to our collection.
Jana Cova's wild safari is the ultimate vision of sexiness and lovliness rolled into one wild and untamed voluptuous chunk of femininity. She just breaks my concentration and distracts me of whatever endeavor is attempted while being in eyeshot of her on my computer screen and I have no problem reflecting my attention in her direction as long as her set is profiled.
Pretty girl but nothing to write home about. She is not an erotic dancer imho
She isn't hot at all, and looks way old.
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
Beautiful, always a great show.
pour moi une des plus jolies femmes du monde , je n'ai jamais rencontrer une dame avec autant de charme dans le regard , je suis vraiment amoureux , jana je t'aime
Sublime et affolante, un corps de rêve; j'adooooooooooooooorrrrreeeeeeee !
Bei Jana muß man nicht lange überlegen!! 10 Punkte für diese Karte!
Jana ist eine wahre Traumfrau. Alles passt. Ausstrahlung, Körper, Outfit, Show, einfach alles. 10/10
Moilecoq , vous dit ceçi : IL EST INUTILE DE NE PAS CONNAITRE cette superbe créature ( ELLE A TOUT POUR FAIRE EN SORTE D'ETRE DANS NOTRE COLLECTION ..........Carte indispensable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Fais monter notre LIBIDO CRESCENDO !
Jana Cova est superbe, gracieuse, élégante et beaucoup de classe. Je trouve que c'est la plus nelle fille de Virtual. Elle est naturelle, des jambes magnifiques et ses shows sont très exitants. Pour moi c'est 10/10 dans toutes ses collections.
Tolle Frau! Perfekter Körper! Super Tänzerin
c'est devenue ma préférée elle est belle sensul regard coquin enfin j'aime tout chez elle...!!
Si "Dieu créa la femme", le "Diable créa Jana Cova". 10 / 10 Depuis l'installation de "Wild Safari", je dois prendre des somnifères ...
ravissante, délicieuse, divine, Jana Cova est merveilleuse et naturelle, nettement mieux sans cuissardes car c'est vraiment dommage ce cacher ses superbes gambettes et quelle chute de rein, cette fille a un charme fou vivement les clips suivants, pour ce genre de nana je suis demandeur
Una Nena muy linda, muy sexy
Pochi giorni fa mi sono trovato 7 Animazioni spostate dai Trailer, le potevo scaricare come Full; non capivo perchè visto che non ero più abbonato, vedevo poi che ero passato vip, forse erano dei regali perchè ero arrivato ad un ottimo livello, oppure dei regai perchè ne avevo scaricate oltre 400 oltre acquistate anche a parte. Cinque Full su 7 sono funzionati ma questo di Jana Cova con Wild Safari pur con tutte le animazioni scaricate proprio non funziona, va solamente il trailer; poi ho riprov...
cette carte ne marche pas pourquoi?
muy esplicito y uan mas elegante, todo una diosa
Excusez ces mots qui sont un compliment : c'est une superbe sal... J'adore ! 10/10
Pas de doute, la reine de la jungle c'est elle. Superbe !
skinny and knows how to put on a show
tres belle femme . si elle pouvait prendre du plaisir !!!!!! 8/10
pas mal ... c'est pour quand la HD en 3 D !?
Elle n'est pas la plus belle fille mais son show en vaut la peine. Elle n'a pas peur de se masturber pour notre bon plaisir. elle est très sensuelle...je l'aime bien!
Je la veux seul,rien que pour moi lol
tojmoi gijoij ggjpok gk[pok
4.4 (2536 votes)


  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 41
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 235 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (109)

I love that the boots stay on! That is very sexy on a beautiful long legged woman like Jana!
Nobody can say NO to this show, amazing
LOVE you virtual girl, you give all the girls I like!!!!! Jana is GREAT! :)
Wowwww, you simply gonna love this girl. Sensual in her moves, expert playgirl, great playing pussy, in one word... Fantastic !!! Hot lower body nice ass and the outfit is fine. Reccomended of course !!!
Damn, Jana is one sexy lady. MORE=MORE=MORE.
Far too sexy. You have to own this card!
Toooooo HOT !!! Very inviting !!
Fantastic. Love those legs.
Jana is the lust herself. She looks and act like real pro, not as some shy debutants. She knows for sure how to seduce a man. Wish I'd see more of her like this one.
100% GORGEOUS!!!!!
any card with long hair is perfect with jana her moves and suductive eyes catch me evey time she smiles the more i see her the more in love i fall absolutly the best girl on HD
Encore plus sexy que d'habitude, si cela est possible, le cuir lui va à merveille.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.Jana Cova has a combination of radiant beauty, a near perfect body and a very naughty look in her eye making her almost mesmerising to watch. The outfit is perfect for her, and oh how she uses those boots!On the task-bar she gives a close to perfect performance, with excellent eye contact, expressiveness, a very sexy attitude and a great sense viewer interaction.Her movement and stripteas...
Jana tellement belle et si parfaite, tu devrais être interdite de concourt car pour moi aucune autre ne t'arrive à la hauteur !Je suis anéantis par tant de beauté ...
jana cova has it all,not 1 of her cards are disappointing.she sexy ,playful,as if she in the room and its just you and her.and she also gifted with balance of shape looks and over level of her sexulty.i have 130 or so cards.every woman have pluses some are a little shy,ect.the women i get involed with are the ones.that you know your lucky to be them.they try any thing 1s and they may even be dating other man.when she with you ,she gives you her all of her self to making you feel,,?????you fill i...
***super gril***
This is a real hot babe. It a pity she doesn't leave the leather jacket on for longer and do without the bra. I've got her as my screensaver now - I find that that's the best way of viewing these gorgeous girls
Lust is the appropriate title for this card. I love girls in boots, and Jana works them well on this card. She has a nice body and knows how to move it. Some of the younger girls can learn a thing or two from her.
I have to say this is one of the hottest cards. I have downloaded cards on deskbabes, but this is so much better. I would love to have sound like deskbabes does, but the visuals on this is outstanding.
great!! i want more of her!
Jana Cova is één van de meest sexy meiden,en zoals ze zichzelf streelt,en wat een mooi kutje,en dan die prachtige rondingen,je zou er uren naar kijken,ik geef ze een 10/10
Wow! Wow! Wow! Lol I really do love this girl. She always puts on the best show, no matter what mood I'm in, I'm always in the mood to watch her shows. Always a 10 Jana Cova!
Jana is a walking wet dream!!
tellement belle
The most sexiest woman I've seen... Great show! I love You Jana! :) 10/10
Great show
LUST? That's an understatement
I never wanted to get more than one show of the same girl, but now I did it, it's my second Jana Cova card. I simply couldn't resist that outfit (and that gorgeous body), even though I saw it's a short show. But since I prefer quality over quantity ... and boy, does she deliver quality! Apart from that heavenly body and that beautiful face, there is a sexiness about her, not only in her moves but in her looks, kind of knowing, as if she were to say: "I know what you want, I know what you need, a...
got to be 1 of my best cards 10
Jana Cova est une superbe fille et son show est très aguichant. Elle a un corps magnifique, de jolis seins et des fesses incroyablement bien proportionnées, je l'adore, je la note dix parce que l'on ne peut mettre plus. Cette fille est un ange ou un démon je ne sais pas exactement car elle a le don de m'embraser les sens. Merci Jana tu es merveilleuse.
Have to meet U sexy because U so HOT!!
Soooooooooo sexy it's ridiculous. Excellent body, explicit moves, and a classy look.
The most beautiful and sexy lady on this site, absolute knockout!
piekna Jana dence my kiss you pusiiikiniuz@interia.pl
Jana Cova's Lust is actually lust for a horny cock...or just a lick of another lady.Pure Lust is a much better discription of this horny and joyful lady of 28...she is mature enough for me to do this great striptease.Very fuckable women to me !
The hotest Girl on VGHD....that's all 10/10
Into: Jana Cova Makes me happy: Jana Cova Makes me sad: Jana Cova Gets me hot: Jana Cova Most favorite VirtuaGirl ever: Jana Cova
An excellent show as always... Jana Cova is rapidly becoming one of my all time favourites on this site. Her shows are always sensual and her explicit scenes are as raunchy as you can get without penetration. 10/10 nuff sed!!!
Very Hot Blond Gal. Gorgeous!
Jana is absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful face and a banging body!! She definitely has one of the most phenominal asses on the site, and has moves that will hypnotize. 9 is too low so a 9.5 outta' 10.
She is very beautiful. Her pussy is mmmm :)
She has to be the most beautiful woman on the planet.
Wow!That is all.
Desirous woman, I LOVE her. Can we get more of her?
Deserves her 10, but I agree, the shows are a bit short, and a bit rushed.
All these Czechs are incredible!!Jana is more than this!
oohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy gooooooooodnesssssssssss
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
Jana as always beautiful and sexy to nth degree very few woman compare with and none surpass her, man how I wish I was her significant other
simply the hottest girl in your collection
Simply Numbero Uno!!!!!
more jana pl
Perfect outfit, colors, and the Biker Babe that fits it so well! 10
OMG! She is soooo fine! Please be more explicit, hun. That would drive us ALL crazy! Thanks for another great show!Regards,Gordy
This girl is absolutely gorgeous and amazing to watch
uuuuhuhuu what a performance! 10 points (I'd give 15 if possible)
I am a recovering regular at exotic dance clubs. I have dated 1/2 (And been engaged) to the best 1/2 dancers in the state of Michigan. It was Mrs. Cova's natural beauty and dancing style that caused me to join this site while I prepair to move to Spain. THIS Time I will go ALL The Way and marry. She has a car, a job and a house. My roommate says she is better looking than Sophia Loren. Silver Tong
lets see.. She looks good. She moves well. She is explicit. SHE ROCKS
When I'm watching Jana Cova performing her "Lust" show, the lyrics of an old song from The Doors come to my mind: "She was a princess ... black dressed in leather" (from "Queen of the Highway") On the other side Jana Cova reminds me of a cute kitten which is longing to be stroked by its owners. Now, the interesting thing with Jana Cova is that she actually is both: a femme fatale dressed in black leather and a cute blonde catwoman. I especially loved the scene where she is tenderly stroking with...
Jana, Jana, Jana. I'm so happy to see here. You sure deserve to be in the first place. She knows what to do in front of a camera. I can't wait for your other cards, even if I think -Lust- is gonna be the best one.
Smoking Hot !! Beautiful woman with a great body and nice moves. Can't wait for more. Thanks again VGHD.
Wow!! what a smahing debut!! Jana is playful and a class act all the way, Great show, but i have a complaint when totem FADES the clips just when it started to get really good, totem, just let the girls be themselves, no one would object to bringing explicit back in i am sure.
I am a little disappointed in this card, hence the 9/10. It is true that Jana Cova is a gorgeous woman and excellent performer, but the several of the performances in this card are no more than a few seconds, and to me, it just seems like she's a little too full of herself on this card. She gives solid performances when she is on the screen, but she may duck off screen in seconds and not as just a teaser, but not to return until the VG software picks her card in the rotation again.Her outfit is...
simply WOW
YES another great card. She is good in what she does. and more she can move WOW !!. 9.5/10 for me.
Encore une superbe show pour la plus professionnelle des girls... ses jambières lui vont a ravir même si ça n'est pas son meilleur show et brule tout sur son passage
Very seductive, fantastic arse.
Da sieht Mann den Profi an der Stange. Tolle Figur und süßes Möschen.
Jana Cova is hot. cute blonde, with a tight body. and i seen her fuck a girl before. and that shit is hot.
I have several scenes in my DVD and online collection of Jana Cova demonstrating what it takes to be a porn star. I am familiar with her body and flexibility as a result. I like the way she shows herself off here, but after knowing her porn work, dancing and being solo just feels like something is missing. Maybe that is a guy for her to share some mutual molestation with.What she does here is great in the context of what she can do here, but it is like taking a swimsuit model and having her do a...
This is my first of hers. I like it a lot. She's HOT. Those thigh highs suite her very well. Hell the whole outfit suites her. She is definitely experienced at this kind of thing. It seams to be natural to her. Smooth and Sensual. She knows how to get the dick hard. 9/10
Just cos its short dont mean it aint worth it.This is a 9/10 seriously hot stuff.
This girl has the look, great hair, tits aren't that big but their ok, beautifuk ass, bad ass boddy. The outfit and boots are friggin killer. her best pose is when she has her legs wide open rubbing her pussy.
What a terrific card 9/10
Jana certainly creates a lot of "lust" in my opinion... I'd like to "get to know her better" :)10/10
What a woman. GREAT!!! Thanks Totem
Jana....you are a true Goddess....incredibly sexy.....10/10.
good show even if first time
C'est court 21 mins d'une telle vgirl!!! toujours cette meme capacité de m'éxiter!!!
sexyyy, nice move,, but no kissing :(
Jana Cova IS IT!she is without a doubt the best model on this site. I would like to see her back again to do some new shows.
The show is rushed and average at best. Style points given for effort but overall an 7.
Hate boots... hate 'em. To cover Jana's exquisite legs with these hideous boots is a crime. She's as sexy as always, but nope...5/10
As far as blonds go, she is OK. But this leatherneck still prefers his brunettes; one in particular,Sandra H. However this was a good showing on her part; but I don't think I will be buying any more of her cards. So based upon this I give her a 7 for the show and a 5 overall.
She just doesn't do it for me. Pretty, but an untalented dancer,no erotic quality whatsoever.
I want all Jana Cova sets and I wish I could have a chance to view her new UHD video.
So beautiful and so sexy, so very sexy.
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
One of the best shows I have seen. Truly a stunning woman. Ultra sexy.
Sublimement sexy et élégante: Jana,tu fais réver
sensazionale, fantastica, da vedere e rivedere all'infinito!
Einfach nur anschauen und geniesen!!
un corps irréprochable et appétissant, Jana Cova nous promet de bons moments, un visage charmant, souriant et coquin à la fois, et un show parmi les meilleurs, un seul regret : des cuissardes qui nous cachent la moitié de ses jolies cuisses
Un regal pour les yeux ... Je voie rien de plus beau que cette Blonde en Cuissardes ...
Ne fonctionne pas
Une vrai petite bombe cette fille, superbe de plus elle se caresse divinement.
Tschechisches Erotikmodell www.clubjanacova.com
Cette fille est aussi belle que Adriana Sklenarikova qui pourrait même être jalouse de Jana; tout en elle est beau et son show est mené de main de maitre
super belle , super show mais bemol... trop court ... 9/10 pour cela mais bon elle vaux bien un seul ticket ^^
Bienvenue à la belle Jana, dans un premier show prometteur. Pourvu que la suite soit au moins de cette qualité !
super jolie a mon gout ,kiss
belle femme . beau chaud mais il manque quelque chose . 8/10
Jana Cova ist wieder ein Profi. Das Interview gefiel mir da am besten. Ihre Show in Lack und Leder ist nicht so mein Ding.
Elle est jolie et c'est là la moindre des choses car si vous voulez prendre votre pied règler votre machine sur nu intégral et explicite sinon vous risquez de vous ennuyer à mourir! J'ai vu quelqu'un noter 0/10!
show pas mal mais je n aime pas les blondes et surtout les longues bottes qui cachent les jambes!!! 5
nulle, 0/10

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