• City: Ostrava
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.74 ft.
  • Weight: 123 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 24" / 35"

Few 21 year old girls are as adept at roleplay as the charming Eliska from the Czech Republic. She can go from being a sweet and innocent tart to a serious and strong-handed dominatrix in the blink of an eye. We look forward to showing you the many faces of this exciting new talent. She has the body and the brain to become your all time favorite if you let her have a chance to earn your affection!

Number of shows: 6

Eliska's shows

4.3 (1261 votes)

Summer ball

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 488 MB
  • 1080p: 721 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (34)

Hmmm HOTY iwant morefrom you if they get update to 1080 HD or K3 wanted !!!!
What magnificant Boobs!!! I would love to try and catch those bouncing "balls" of fun!
Soundtrack : Lenny Kravitz 'Are you gonna go my way?'
Eliska is definitely a fave of mine, good god I just love her phenomenal sexy long legs and of course her fantastic big natural tits. bring her back Totem !!!
love the way she says says fuck me at the begging ,i will
Très jolie fille, souriante, amusante, vivante et très sexy, un show très sympathique.
She might have the best body of all VGND models! Her shows are the most entertaining af all VG girls! I am not sure why she is not topping ratings! Her 9+ is not enough ... but where did she get that horrible hip bruise? This is the biggest and ugliest of all i have seen so far .. Its good its only visible in some clips .. apart from that she is 1 of the best firls here .. top 5! 10+ .... Eliska i LOVE you! and stop hitting your legs! btw probably best tits (only Zuzana can rival her) and legs (...
Ich liebe Eliskas fette Naturtitten, genauso, wie sie sein müssen, wenn sie schwer und weich schwingen und baumeln. Schon dafür würden sich alle ihre Karten lohnen. Aber auch WIE sie sich lustvoll und geil in den Videos präsentiert, macht mir Lust auf VIEL mehr :-)
OMG, les roploplos qu'elle a, je veut jouer avec tout en lui metant sa creme ca y a que de la bonne miche rien d'artificiel
As the comment before me said, Eliska is hot inside and out. She knows how to entertain, and makes you smile while not being hardcore.
Admittedly, I had some minor trepidations about adding this card to my collection when I first viewed it...but it wasn't long before those trepidations turned into a solid "very pleased I grabbed this one". That was when I first got the card...since then Eliska has worked her way into my heart with her incredible beauty and her playful attitude...and of course her hot body. Personally I would highly recommend this card...it seems to get better every time she shows up on my desktop.
another one I would like to see more of. I would give her a 12 if I could!
Eliska in Summer Ball is another highlight to her energy and playfulness. The more she moves, the more that dress rides up. There are some goofy dance moves that come across as just adorable. This card helps to show off her legs, and Eliska doesn't mind highlighting them. The style of her dirty-blonde hair is also good in this card. She does remove those heels after a while, and sexily removes the stockings too; enjoy bare feet fans! Also enjoy the last clip with the body lotion... WOW!While not...
love the cream on tits routine!
you are so smokin hot i wish i could make love with you real hard stick my big cock in you
Great body and a very very pretty face. Nice moves that she uses to really show off her best features. A lot of shaking and jiggling. Plus 10/10 for the bare feet.
Eliska is Amazing..... Wow...
love this girl how she dance!! such a cutie gurl!!!
A very nice Girl from Czech
Eliska gave a good performance in this card. She has big natural boobs that she shook and touched in her routine. If you are a fan of blondes with big tits as I am or just big boobs in general, this girl is highly recommended.
As always, a great performance from Eliska. The dance moves are sexy, the outfit is great, and she always knows how to be cute one moment and sultry the next. If you're a fan of this outfit, big natural boobs, or Eliska, you need this card in your collection!
Eliska has done some great cards and will be missed.
A classic little black dress for the final card in Eliska's set of 6. She looks absolutely fantastic in it.Eliska again performed with all her usual charm, entertainment value and eroticism. She did wink at the camera a lot again, but more often appropriately in terms of viewer interaction this time and the way she seemed to talk to the viewer at times was a great turn-on. Also a great set of clips for lovers of bare feet, sexy stocking removal and use of skin lotion.Her pole routine was dynamic...
What I like in Eliska is her natural beauty and her curves. She's funny, sexy and not looking like all those skinny girls who have nothing to grab ;-)The show is not explicit at all, but how could I resist to that lovely smile ?
9/10. I was originally gonna rate this card lower but... after watching her movie clips I really started to enjoy her personality and began to like her more and more when she decided to pop out on the desktop. Eliska is a very sexy natural model.Great legs, sexy feet and great breasts. She can get a little goofy sometimes in her clips and a little too conservative for my taste but overall still a nice add to the collection.
Just realized I had never rated or commented on this one.She's full of confidence. My only concern would be whether she could love me anywhere near as much as she seems to love herself.
Very sexy natural girl, with very energetic performance. Only problems: it's old (low resolution), and she divests herself of her dress way too fast, and almost always in the same order. There's one, sorta, pantyless upskirt. Although I wouldn't call it that since the dress is up to her stomach and it lasts all 10 seconds. That said, very energetic, and very natural body that's very sexy.
Zum Glück zeigt Eliska nun doch endlich etwas mehr, als nur Ihr schönes Gesicht und Ihren wohlgeformten Busen :-) Wenn Sie sich demnächst bei den "Desk Babes" präsentieren würde, welche ein Genuß!
Stunning Show Natural Boobs Tks Eliska
Ein nettes Mädchen ... schön verspielt und eine böhmische Naturschönheit.
Eh...not really my type. A bit average compared to a lot of girls on here.
Pretty Girl, nice smile. But performance too lively, a lot of winking and waving of arms. Just not sexy. 6/10
Cette blonde aux gros seins est une vraie bombe !
Stunning, love her.
4.3 (1224 votes)

Pink bar

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 74
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 391 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (46)

hot sexyy
Awesome!! She is incredible.
just came back to this to say how much i like it
Very nice girl!
If I have not noted before, someone screwed up on her vitals. Come on, a "30" bust? Now she is a "30" on all her cards! She is a 10+ out of 10 on my books and hardly a "30".
Eliska est très belle dans cette tenue, j'aimes ses seins tombant, j'adore ses fesses, un corps jolie donc parfait
Un regard de vrai petite cochonne et un corps à damner un saint, j'adore.
beutiful girl , fabulous natural body a reallly enjoyable set to watch as she looks like she is having so much fun doing it
extraordinaire!!!! j'adore cette fille -elle a une paire de seins ...waoooo encore et encore s il vous plait -elle est trop bonne
Ever been in a bar where a group of girls have a little too much to drink and begin daring each other before the clothes start coming off? I have; and this is exactly how it looks. Lots of winking, hair flipping, boob grabbing and come hither gestures. 10% nervousness and 90% alcohol. This makes this a very realistic card and extremely fun to watch. Eliska has that down home look and a wildly sexy body- which is why this works for her. Makes me smile every time I see her.
La belle Eliska porte une robe rose sexy qui lui octroie un généreux décolleté. Elle danse avec des mouvements amples et souples. C'est agréable de la voir se caresser ses belles jambes, les douces courbes de ses hanches et se masser ses lourds seins plein de promesses. Apparemment, c'est de tout ses atouts, celui qu'elle à plaisir à nous dévoiler, à juste titre. J'aime beaucoup son tatouage "be strong", ainsi que la voir glisser sa main dans sa petite culotte. C'est un plaisir de la voir complè...
Eliska in "Pink bar" is nothing short of an awesome performance by one of my favourite "buxom beauties". Although I prefer women more petite, I do appreciate every woman's beauty in all shapes, sizes, and colours. After all, variety is the spice of life. Eliska's "playful" attitude is a huge turn on!!! I love a lady who can be playful while performing...or even while having sex. Eliska strikes me as though she would be "heaven in bed"!!!
A very playful babe, always smiling and dancing, making funny moves such as Natalia. Eliska is very attractive and the way she looks at the viewer is irresistible ! I think her show could be hotter, and she blinks too much, but she's still very nice, with a great body, amazing boobs and perfect nipples ! Also, the show is a bit short for what's in there, but the performance is rather complete. A bit soft, but satisfying.
Eliska in a Pink Bar is simply great fun to watch. Here is a curvy girl with VERY LARGE natural breasts. Enjoy. Also of note: she has a small patch of blonde hair down below. Her expressive smiling face and energetic performance by this fun-loving blonde make this card well worth it.Eliska does a quirky striptease, while not as explicit as some other girls, I love watching her twist, bounce, and writhe around on my screen. Her pole work is not bad for a non-pro, she does some clever moves and is...
Superó mis expectativas!!! Muy buen show!!!
I really enjoy her shows, just wished I could hear her talk or even moan, She loves to squat and reveal herself which I really admire. She has a perfect body and that hair is out of this world.
she is sooooooooo hott :-)-
You better call 911 because she's on FIRE!! I would do! lol :D
Eliska is FANTASTIC!!!!
I thought i'd seen Eliska's best performance, than i got this card & without a doubt her best card yet. Eliska's playfullness & high energy performance is a treat. Her green eyes will have you losing track of time. IMO
A very lively and energetic show.Fantastic body and great natural boobs.
I love how her boobs jiggle.
She is an absolute DOLL BABY. She's got a beautiful face and gorgeous body. Her breasts are healthy and full and BOUNCE very well!!! not like fake boobs. She's got a smile that won't quit, and it's genuine. She's got a look about her that just screams "I'm a real handful and nothing but trouble from beginning to end, and yet, I'm still soooooo innocent." She just looks like nothing but fun :-)THIS is my GIRL. I wish there was just a little more to it, like more pole dancing :-) I'm an up and com...
catch myself stopping what im doing on my computer when she pops up. she got the most amazing body, a cute face and a very nice smile
Love her smile, love her tits!
She's in the race to be my new favorite. I love her face and smile! She is attractive and naughty. Although also a bit innocent..
ELiska is the best VirtuaGirl so far because she is so versatile in her attitude, she can be both a sweet, innocent teenager and a mature dominatrix and make both look hot, she it by far my favorite model. In this card her outfit perfectly accentuates her large natural breasts, and like always she uses the outfit to make herself look even sexier. She also has a variety of facial expressions that keep you interested the entire performance. I hope to see many more cards from Eliska in the future,...
Want to put her on her knees in front of me and hump the shit out of her natural tits
Folks, I have all of Eliska,s cards, and yes, this one is different.Maybe I'm just different too, but I find myself watching this card more than her others. In this one, she is not only fresh, but naturally girlish as women her age usually are. To me, it seems she was probably allowed to be herself instead of scripted. If this is true, I like it.I hope my obversations are correct.
Another great card from Eliska, She is by far my favorite. And another 10. I really wish she would go over to DeskBabes.
Eliska i love you :D Nice card again.@Manasseh333: No, not breastreduction, she looks fine with them.
You can't say about a woman that she needs breast reduction. That's rude, to say the least of it. An incredibly beautiful human being and a wonderful show.
amazing lovely and good-looking women good show, and a body, which need a weapon licence full points
Eliska occupies the desired niche among the other participants, which we need as a rolling moment - her show is so diverse and individual, with it during their view seems to be that the show, which is now a continuation of the show you just watched, and the next performance will be a continuation this. Breath-taking beauty and diversity. Must watch)))
Eliska is a very sexy girl. I like the outfit, the color look great on her. 9.5/10 for me.
Eliska is one of those blonds that I don't mind making an acception for. She is bubbly and fun to watch.Pros: Her energy seems endless and I never feel that she wants to be anywhere else other then here entertaining me.A major plus for me was that those amazing breasts are real and very symetrical to her proportions. A nother plus is she is fully shaved. She also does not mind showing her Honey Pot or jigglin her boobs.Cons: There are not X-rated clips and the majority of her touching herself is...
Délicieuse et gourmande...
She is my next download. Love the natural looking breasts and blond hair. I also like her dressing. Pink and black. Just that noughty teen spirit.
I'm not sure this shade of shocking pink is the best colour for Eliska, but the style of the dress does show off her wonderful body shape to perfection.There's no doubt that Eliska is among VG's best task-bar performers. Delightfully vivacious, interactive and seductively erotic with a great range of movement. She does have a rather annoying habit of repeatedly winking at the camera though. Once per clip would be fine, but she went a bit over the top again here. Not enough to detract too much fr...
I like the large natural breasts and her playful nature, but so far I haven't seen much dancing or explicit content. So where her rating is coming from is beyond me. Giving that, I would say 7.5 to 8 out of 10 and I don't give 10's even with my favorites. Eliska will have to do alot better to impress me. Were this a real strip club, I would be holding onto my bills.
disappointed...especially after seeing all you guys raving about her
personnellement, trés déçu, même pour 1 credit ... aucune classe, pas d'allure, les cheuveux gras, bouge beaucoup mais sans reel feeling, j'kiffe pas du tout, sans parler de ses rondeurs pas toutes bien placées ...
Oh nein, Ich finde Eliska's Titten nicht so schön wie die Titten von Carmen Croft, auch sonst liegt Carmen weit forn im gegen satz zu Eliska.
I don't like her dance and her smile. I don't think she really feels when she is dancing. She just touches her flesh but doesn't look like really feel sexy.
4.0 (767 votes)

Sweet torture

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 481 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (34)

My choice of torture would be to be smothered by those enormous Boobs and swallowed by that beautifuls pussy!
Absolutely my favorite show. Please make it 1080p.
I hope she makes more shows
I been a ba-a-ad boy ...!I would love to be disciplined by Eliska - provided she wears the same outfit she wears in this show. Hot stuff!
Wonderfull 10+
A very adorable lady. Very very beautiful.
she is fantastic
The boobs are to die for! great body, sexy must be her middle name. But i wish she would take of that bit of leather hanging over her pussy, i just want to rip it off;) Thank's for her/more bigger girls please
The best show ever, the best tits ever, she is so wonderful....
Eufrat's performance with this outfit was one of the first I got, a year and some ago. Some have said that anyone else trying to do this outfit cannot be as good, that Eufrat was definitive, but I have to admit that I really like how Eliska does this. Maybe it is because I am dating a woman starting a couple weeks back that is into being on the receiving end of that strap she is holding. But I like Eliska's body, the hips a bit fuller, the breasts naturally full and flowing over the scoop out on...
Native mistress! :)
eliska et tous simplement sublime avec un regard sensuel et des seins magnifique elle a tous pour comblé le yeux
Old otfit, but first time with such a big breast! Absolutly must-have for the goth-fetish fans as me:)
I was waiting for an ELiska sale and it really is worth it. Great performing and audience contact, not a mindless striptease. Roleplaying too.
i like her and her boobs
I knew if I was patient and bided my time this card would show up as a single credit. Wow was it ever worth the wait, what can I say I'm a bargain hunter lol. Holy Hell this performance is extremely sexy feels so personal her moves are so erotic and wow do her legs look absolutely amazing during this performance damn she looks good. My only regret is theres not one to spank her hot ass with her accressories while shes handcuffed. Great card, shes one hell of a bombshell simply amazing. I hope ev...
She's a bombshell regardless of what she puts on. There is so much sex in this one too, I love it! I think she'd perfect on deskbabes too if she's ok with that.
Elle est parfaite comme toutes ses autres cartes :)
this show has all the right elements,I was instantly captivated! love this outfit (Eufrat, Chems both very hot in this same one) love this model. Eliska has not had a bad card yet(imho) I felt a genuine sense of anticipation and also real joy on seeing this for the first time. Very good, Bravo!
Eliska does torture us sweetly, and I'll sign up for more. This isn't a traditional dominatrix show. More like if a busty and outgoing girl went all-in and bought this leather and buckle outfit on a whim. She tries to be severe and mean, but it doesn't last; Eliska's bouncy and fun-loving personality quickly overpower the attempt of a wicked dominiatrix eager to punish you. This is only a problem if you are looking for a REAL domination act, if you don't mind her playfulness then you'll be good...
3 girls - same outfit; Eliska / Sweet Torture, Eufrat / Dark Dungeon, Chems / Demonia maybe a 6 or 7 seperated - but assembled as one a 9 out of 10!!
A lot of people talk about Eufrat's performance in this outfit. I have never seen it, so I won't compare it to that.I have almost every Eliska card, except one, and the VIP one which I cannot get at this time, but I can certainly say with 22 cards(at the moment) Eliska continues to be my favorite. I feel like in this outfit she's more aggressive in her movements and facial expressions than normal, which is good, because this outfit requires it. I love Eliska's performances and I like this outfit...
Same outfit as Eufrat except the shoes - but very difficult women! Also difficult to say which I like more - depends on my mood I think. Eufrats outfit with the boots look very good - nearly perfect - but the face of Eliska fits mostly better to her role as a "Domina". Very recommendable card, nice breasts, long legs and feets - and always very spicy.Just a remark for the girls at VG: all of you have beautiful bodies - why do many of you "decorate" it with tatoos which are more spoiling it? Same...
I like Eliska a lot. Tho i noticed some mistakes like it says topless, but she still has the black x's on her boobies.Can't wait for her next outfits.
Eliska's outfit here is the old classic VG dominatrix costume as worn previously by Eufrat, Chems and Miss Roxxx. Eliska looks incredibly sexy in it with her great beauty and dangerous curves, but the severe hairstyle doesn't suit her much.She has a great personality, an excellent sense of viewer interaction and is generally a very sexy performer, but I really don't think Eliska plays the bad girl very well, and this theme isn't a particularly good one for her performance style. She didn't do ba...
Eliska in this outfit should have been a dream come true. Visually, she is, as this hot woman with the big natural breasts overflows from this leather outfit in all the right ways. Sadly, she fails to deliver anything more than a standard strip, not even using some of the nuances the outfit might provide for some bonus fun.Eliska is one of the hottest new VirtuaGirls to come to VirtuaGirl HD. This outfit accentuates that point. She doesn't do much with the "torture" or dominatrix theme inherent...
I love big natural boobs, but hers are a bit saggy. I also can't help but compare this card to Eufrat's in the same outfit, and Eufrat makes it look SO much better, in my own humble opinion. The makeup is a bit garish also. I didn't find this one as good as I thought it would be.
interesting show but... 7/10its just that she wasnt made to be a dominatrix xD a dom is supposed to be theasing most of the time making us want to watch her yet she was topples most of the time >>, letting us see almost everything from the begining was a bad idead >>also i think this kind of theme is to be played with at least 2 girls >>
Désolé mais je ne trouve aucun intérêt dans toute cette carte carte: Sa coiffure ne la met vraiment pas en valeur. Ses nichons pendant genre gant de toilette usagé m?excite nullement. Elle fait la gueule tout le temps. Pourtant vos commentaires avaient l'air encourageant mais je suis absolument déçu donc ce sera un 1 pour pas dire 0.
My best onapet Marie Lambo(AKA.ELISKA)
Really, really good card. She has great attitude, too.
Un peu molle. Tenue sympa. Pas convaincu
4.3 (1021 votes)

Body heat

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 480 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (41)

Wow! It's increadable how hard those Boobs try to gain their freedom when she bends over!
with her hose slightly torn at the bottom of her feet it's incredibly sexy!
Here is another example of a bad vital measurement. A "30"? So this young woman ( a10 plus) the rest her life on Virtual Girl as a "30",
Toujours très belle Eliska est cette tenue lui va très bien, magnifique seins et jolie fesses, le corps qui va avec, bon striptease, mais ce que j'aime pas ces que dès fois ça se répète, sinon parfait.
It don't get better than Eliska.
I love the way her dress flows in this one, it's just a nothing fabric and it clings to her every ample curve. This is one of the cards that I thoroughly enjoy seeing the model come up dressed or not, 10/10.
Marry me!
Es tan cachonda, que cogería esos hermosos pechos con las dos manos, mientras la beso con ardor en su bello rostro de niña mala. Te pone a mil sólo mirarte.
Love this show! Eliska has a terrific natural body and looks like she'd be a lot of fun in or out of bed.
A fearless performer. Eliska is not afraid to take risks or let herself go. In my opinion she is one of the most entertaining girls on the site. Even when I'm thinking "What the hell is she doing?" I'm mesmerized. Thanks for keeping it interesting Eliska. You're an original. Never change.
Very hot card. All natural woman.
Perfect TEN fo sho!! Haven't really seen this card since I got it. As soon as I watcher her moves and saw her I was hooked. This one is definately worth joining for! Can't wait to see her other cards.
Very beautiful Blonde, love the way those big tits move. You just know they are natural and not implants,, a must have show
she is perfect - must have!
very very elegant woman, with a sexy streak, 10 for me
Would like to see some more new shows with this VG model.
Eliska is hot, I just love the outfit, gets my panties sopping wet !!!
Marry to her would be nice! haha :D need fun girl like Eliska! I love her dress which it sure looks great!! :D socre 1... I mean 10! :D
Ok guys, I just know I'm going to marry Eliska someday. So, please, when she comes out to dance on your desktop, just close your eyes. OK? thank-you. Needless to say, Eliska is my very most favorite girl. Keep it real. :-)
Nice babe with huge boobs. I like!!!!
This card is f***ing amazing! I dislike fake boobs, so these large naturals are great, she has a great ass, and she can go from a cute smile to a tempting state very quickly and very well. This was the first full show I ever downloaded, and I love it! 10/10
Eliska is the best virtuagirl so far, she just oozes sex appeal with her fantastic body and big natural breasts. This is also Eliska's best card so far, she uses the outfit well and her seductive facial expressions keep you glued to the screen. This card is a 10/10 easy!
One of the best cards I've seen in a while. Eliska has an incredible body and she knows it. The dress was a nice change and she looks so classy and sexy that it's just unbelievable. For me, Eliska joins Melisa, Angel Kiss, and Vicky S as my absolute favorites. I'd love to see her show a naughtier side on Deskbabes. :)
I will admit it right up front: Eliska is the hottest new VirtuaGirl to hit the card deck in a long time. In a field of very hot desktop dancers, she's the top of the pyramid. This girl has everything.The first thing you'll notice is her beautiful face and near-perfect, natural body with beautiful, big natural breasts. Her great smile, fun and very sexy attitude, and strong sense of style round everything off perfectly.In this card, she wears a great dress that is a little teasing and does an ex...
This babe is PURE SEX. A perfect 10!
Nice babe, worth the credits!! 10+
What a woman! 10 all the way!
I have all 3 cards of her, and she is so natural and hot.... Pfff
WOW.....hope this knockout will be on deskbabes.
Love the big natural tits! Playful and sexy. Could do with sound and getting messy with the drink!
This is my favourite outfit from Eliska's 3 cards so far. She looks very sexy and rather elegant, in this figure hugging leopard print dress. And what a figure to hug! Lucky dress!On the task-bar she was wonderfully entertaining and incredibly sexy, with a marvellously vivacious personality and arguably the best sense of viewer interaction of any girl on VG, apart from Shabba. Her magnificent body was displayed to perfection as she peeled off the dress. A couple of clips featured a drink with a...
simple Wow!, Eliska is now one of the sexiest chicks in VG, sexy, beautiful and with those stocking looks so delicious!
Wow :-)
she has such a voluptious body yumie
Super Super woman
De toutes ces belles filles, Eliska est celle qui me fait le plus d'effets.........ses beaux gros seins....son magnifique visage...son corps sublîme...ses yeux mutins et elle bouge comme une reine !
Beautiful girl and very, very sexy dress. Love it.
Please add Deskbabe cards of her !
3.9 (1032 votes)

Sexy convict

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 478 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (40)

I would help her escape....her clothes!
Such an awesomw performer .... love the way she interacts with the audience. She is very sexy, love her performances.
Eliska has a fine natural body far from perfect but still lovely. She's a great performer and her Poledancing clips are very seductive. I like the outfit it suits her very well and man I just LOVE that handcuff playing! This card is not a must have but way better than some of the new shows coming out these days and that's a fact.
another card that robs peoples money strippers should not be shy to show all there parts or play peek a boo key word (Strippers)
Reeeeeeal hot one)
Don't believe the hate. If you don't fall for her smile and smokey eyes, then you can please leave planet earth.
She is HOT!!!
I love her soft, jiggly, all natural boobs and body. A threesome with Eliska and Dominno would be heaven on Earth.
*saw cop having seizure* d*mn... can't cop handle this hot Eliska out of the Jail?? lol :P additional autograph would be nice from her :D or say CHEEEESE with her in pix hah!
This is a gorgeous show. Eliska a very beauty big boobs sexy girl with big sexually mojo. She's very good dancer, good performer and flexible model. My vote: 10 points.
Absolut sexy!! Das Outfit passt,die Show ist nie langweilig , darum 10 Punkte!!
I was a bit unsure of this card because of the outfit, it really isn't my usual style, but I was captivated by Eliska's performance. This card very much deserves the title of VIP. Eliska really knows how to work her amazing body and natural breasts, and she always leaves me wanting more. She is one of the few VirtuaGirls that I really feel really loves her performances and because of this it makes them stunning. She is my favorite VirtuaGirl and is the object of my fantasies :)
Eliska is a sexy , curvy gal,She has the most captavating green eyes . Her all natural boobs will have you wanting more & when she winks at you , you will be in heaven. All in all an excellent performance from a truly beautiful lady
Who wouldnt want to be handcuffed to her? Would love to do the frisking and hope I find some lethal weapons in the process. ;)
Very sexy girl! Now I'm waiting normal version of software! =) Current version ( with bug - freezing models with high number (~750 and higher) on desktop!:(
what a nice little wild one!10+
Absolutely gorgeous, and loving the frilly knickers!!!!!
Eliska m'avait fait bonne impression et cela continue avec celle-ci parce qu'elle arbore une tenue originale :)
Totally worth getting this card and show----a 10 and keeper- a sexy blonde great all around-body -dancing and costume--- a 10 10 10
Eliska has lovelybBig natural boobs and is a great fun performer. The prison get-up is nicely sexy too. I like this girl a lot - she is hot - and I'd like to see her more. How about a busty girl on girl duo with Mandy Dee? Hmm, I can imagine it now......
I love the way she squeeze her natural boobs, she has a fantastic stunning body, maybe not her best outfit. Unfortunatley I have just one card of her for the moment, but I hope soon to have all her cards, becouse I hope she does a bit mire explicity clips, becouse in this card is not so much showing pussy!!! She can be a 10, without doubt, but on this card is a 9, for my opinion !!!
The only girl that I think looks hot in this outfit and the only girl that plays the character in a believable, sexy, and fun way. She's not everyone's type but I enjoy her. XOXO
Oh my God, she is so pretty, don´t trust on the card picture. She´s a pretty face that will fall in love with her inmediately. But there´s more, she knows how to move her body, she offers you her breasts hanging and dancing...you´ll have to quit your hands from the mouse!
Me gusta esta chica, tiene una linda cara, tetas grandes y naturales...además es agradable a la vista....pero como dicen: taparte el chocho no es la opción jajaja. Esperemos la lleven a DB. 9
Jolie, un rien de perversité dans le regard et de bonnes grosses loches de salope.
Eliska stands out as an extremely feisty and sexy performer on this card with a lot of energy, alluring foot action which is a turn on, because of how sexy she wears her white mule heels. She could be a little more tone around the mid-section, but all-in-all great legs, hypnotic stare and overall sexiness is a tremendous attribute in her show.
Now this is what I like, BIG BOOBS. That are natural. I also was`t sure on the card. Because of the outfit. But it is a good show. Only because of her natural BOOBS. I do like her body too. So 9/10 for me.
Geile Frau. Sie wirkt allerdings etwas lustlos in ihren Bewegungen. Hat aber Super Titten und nen' geilen Hintern. 9 Punkte
This is another excellent performance from fan favorite Eliska. In this VIP card, she showcases her hot, voluptuous, big natural breasts and beautiful body in a sexy prison outfit. If she's Jailbait, then arrest me.Two things detract from this otherwise hot outfit and great performance: a giant bruise on the outside of one of her thighs and her general failure to do anything special with this great outfit's possibilities ? handcuffs, for instance, appear in only one or two scenes and don't last...
She is not the typical model type when it comes to her body... She looks like most "real" good looking women we are use to seeing... Which is why she gets bad reviews... Most don't want to pay for what they got at home... Still she is very entertaining when you take the time to watch her... the marks on her legs distract at times but I still think its a solid show... Not a must have though...
I must say, that Eliska is one hunk of gorgeous female flesh! Piercing eyes, beautiful and bountiful breasts, small waist and wide birthing hips. Everything you'd want out of a woman. And then she turned around. I know it's just genetics and you can't have everything. I was slightly disappointed at her squarish almost flat behind. It's not until she pokes out her butt that she even has one. She's alluring to a fault with good movement. Sexy but not in an over-powering way. Her dancing skills are...
Pros - Super-duper curves (love that T&A), extra-hot outfit, lots of wiggling the goodsCons - Too much mean mugging (doesn't get into character effectively), and at times she seems to try to hard to shake her thang and winds up overdoing itThis girl is fine, no doubt about it. She's got the body for sure, and when she refines her moves and techniques, she'll easily move into the upper echelons. 8 out of 10.
Eliska se présente dans une tenu amusante. Elle adopte des mimiques de prisonnières, associées avec des gestes suggestifs. Elle utilise avec aisance la paire de menottes en l'associant dans ses show stripe pole, avec la barre. Son chemisier met bien en valeur sa poitrine généreuse. Elle arbore, le long de cotée gauche, un tatouage sympa. Ses bas blancs en résil, mettent bien en valeur ses jambes et plus particulièrement ses douces cuisses.
girl 7 perfloramce 7 outfit +1
A rather silly looking stripy outfit for Eliska in this card. More ice cream seller than convict in my opinion ;-)Eliska is not only a fantastic looking girl, but also a great performer, with an excellent sense of viewer interaction. She seemed to be trying to put on a kind of "bad girl" act here though, which didn't really work for me. Also she kept winking at the camera. The occasional knowing wink would have been fine, but in a few clips she did it so frequently that she appeared to have a ti...
my god cant stand it the breasts are like jelly , cannot understand it
I purchased this show because of shoeless and barefoot performance. And yes there it is. Nothing more although. No pussy, no fingering, not even a shadow of an explicit performance. She has decided that she?ll tease us by two things: constant winking and a lot of peek-a-boo acting like ?I?m gonna show you my thingy ? no, I don?t, stupid?. I don?t know, what turns you on, but that?s not for me. Another con of this card is high contrast picture, which is bad Totem?s work of course, not the model?s...
un così bel pezzo di figliola che si copre con la mano... stia a casa !!!
seriously? i can't believe the rating on this card OR some of the comments i've read. she was downright gross! you they could've at least waited for that giant rasberry bruise to heal? or the 20 others she had on her legs. and how is it that she had all these clips labeled "explicit" when she tried her absolute hardest NOT to show us her pussy?!? she seriousyly looks like an Atlantic City streetwalker...GROSS!!!
Really, really sexy show. She's gorgeous.
4.2 (801 votes)

Extra time

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 539 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (24)

that's my type of lady, her body is just amazing. god I love her boobs !!!
Beautiful girl !!!!!!!
Ein sehr bewegliches, süßes Girl mit einem verspielten Lächeln und sexy Augenaufschlag, die einen mit ihrer guten Laune ansteckt, ob man will oder nicht. Toller Körper mit fantastischen, natürlichen Kurven und geballten Bergkuppen,von denen einem schwindelig werden kann. Eliskas Extra Time lässt mein Blut pulsieren; und zwar überall, wenn ihr wisst, was ich meine ;-) High heels, stockings, rasiert...was will Mann mehr???
I've been watching this card for about 60 seconds and it's already one of my favorites. Eliska never disappoints. I love the way she moves; not too fast, not too slow. This is one of the better "teases" I've seen on VG. Her spectacular tits are just a bonus. Recommended.
Eliska's Extra Time is a treat! If extra-large and natural breasts are your thing, dont' miss Eliska. Her large chest and hourglass figure are only outdone by the expressiveness and energy she gives to her performances. It shines through that she's having a good time and that she loves her tits. There is much fondling and jiggling to be had here. Others may not like her winking, I think it is quite endearing. Imagine a busty girlfriend putting on a striptease for you.... and maybe your friends t...
If you're reading the comments to see if it's worth the credits to get this card...just get it it. This was my second Eliska card that I bought using credits and I love it!
Another killer card from this very hot, very blond Virtua Girl with the big natural breasts. Eliska is one of the hottest new desktop dancers to come to VirtuaGirlHD and is definitely at the top of the list of newcomers for fun attitude, sexy looks, and a beautiful body. This card in particular has a lot to offer.The outfit is OK and fits her nicely. Her use of it is nothing special, but her scenes are almost all totally great. She does a good striptease in some of them and the taskbar shot with...
Hihi, fun to see that her clothes are a bit to small, as her big boobs fall out most of the time :D Great girl!!!
She is so sweet!! If you don't have this card then your missing out. The more you see of here the more you will fall in love with that fun personality. You feel like she enjoys putting on shows for you and has fun doing it.
Sexy.. perfect 10!
Eliska is Incredibly HOT!!!
Wow, Eliska is AWESOME !!!!!
All i can say is WOW Eliska is extremely hot great card
un grosse paire de seins apparemment naturels , un bon debut !!! elle peut revenir sans probleme
Eliska is a voluptuous blond bombshell with striking green eyes, who reminds me a lot of a 1980s page 3 girl called Sandra Moore. The outfit is nothing special, but I think this girl would look good in almost anything.On the task-bar Eliska was playful and fun, with a gorgeous personality and a great sense of viewer interaction, using her superb body to tease with great erotic effect. Only a couple of clips seemed a bit static and in one a couple of glances off-screen spoiled the illusion of int...
A marvelous first appearance. I can't wait to see more of this lovely and fun lady.
Full marks for this début. Eliska is really a great addition to VG. In her on taskbar clips she is totally charming and cute with a great sense of timing and an absolutely superb eye contact. you always get the feeling she is there just for you. She is playful with some slight acting skills which guarantees for an entertaining shows. She is also seductive though not as much as our superstars in that field. As my friend zebrazuk said she is too cute for that. Her standing clips are also very inte...
Wow! Now that I can speak again after watching this spectacular debut from the lovely Eliska, I must say that she's absolutely amazing! She has a beautiful smile and playful personality that just lights up the screen. I was captivated and could've watched her for hours!The first thing you're going to notice about Eliska are her big, beautiful, bouncy breasts. And boy do they bounce a lot! The next thing will probably be her sexy and sensual legs that she thankfully poses in all kinds of position...
She is good ! In this show, she looks like to Kirsten Dunst. ^^
Generally not my type of girl, but her personality is so great it doesnt matter. She knows her best assets and uses them, and manages to turn on even a small tit man like myself.I bet she'd be fantastic in a harder card.
very curvy, takes her time in stripping, so quite enticing. Once panties are off, naked under dress. Enjoyable, quite sexy. However effect ruined by a very nasty bruise or skin blemish on the back of her right thigh.
Very sexy. Love it.

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