• City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.68 ft.
  • Weight: 121 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 26" / 35"

Like a long, cool drink of water on a hot summer day - Elisa is ready to refresh you in every way! She appears on your desktop for some solo play to brighten your mood and bring out the inner joy that hides within the deepest parts of your mind. In many ways Elisa is more like a nurse than a model she loves soothing the soul of the loyal fans who love her!

Number of shows: 10

3.9 (395 votes)

Little surprise

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 79
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 454 MB

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User comments (10)

She is just full of Surprises!
Ever seen a girl removing bra while hanging on the pole? ... Elisa you have impressed me once again!!!!! you got to see her pole moves!! Getting all her cards never get disappointed she is always 10 so far!! plz make her in full HD and plz get here for more cards!
I like your ass so much, it is marvellous and your pussy lips are outstanding. My eyes are watering of joy. Your are so good.
bjr elisa , je te trouve tres seduisante et rayonnante de bonneur ! bonne continuation pam
Another great show for Elisa and hopefully not her last. I love everything about this girl outfits, facial expressions, body and the way she moves. I have every show on VG and DeskBabes, please get her back in the studio soon !!!
Elisa's 6th card and another great outfit for her. She looks wonderful here, but once again it's a real pity about the severe looking, pulled back hairstyle.This was another great task-bar performance from Elisa, with her very expressive, interactive style and rather slow, but very sexy moves. My only quibble is that her eye contact wandered off-camera occasionally. No level 5 clips here, but the level 4 ones were about as explicit as they can get.I've always thought Elisa had the perfect physiq...
I have Little surprise of this card just like the title and it's a nice card, thanks VG
lovely women, great show
This is another good performance from Elisa, a new favorite at VirtuaGirlHD and DeskBabes. It's not her best performance so far, but it's definitely still very good.Elisa has a lot of energy and charisma and she possesses a beautiful, natural body and lithe figure. Her attitude is her number one asset, however, and she really shines through on her desktop dancing.In this card, the outfit is OK, but nothing special. She fumbles a little of the pole dancing and some of her scenes are just your ave...
Sexy woman, I like.
3.7 (352 votes)

Heart of gold

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 421 MB

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User comments (13)

Well I kept looking at where her heart is...!
Lovely lady, great body. Show and outfit was wonderfull.
great girl - great show a must have
Elisa could wake the dead - I mean, she wakes me...up.
High heeled sandals, nice ass, long legs, cute outfit *****
Here is a girl that gives us everything, generous in the explicits, sexy and seductive in the strip, she teases us with her eyes when she thinks about it. Totally gorgeous, her naked pussy is a bonus, and I do like a girl that exposes her all. She moves well around the pole, uses it to good advantage, she dances around the pole with a seductive style that says she wants you to look at her, and why not, I agree her hair style is a bit severe, but who the hell is looking at her hair when she flash...
another lovely great performance of Elisa, sexy as "ususal" ****** Stars
Elisa was made for DeskBabes and, honestly, while her performances on VirtuaGirl are great, they pale to her cards from the more explicit website. Still, this card is one of her better so far on VGHD.The outfit is a good one for her shape and look, but the ultra-severe hair pulled back in a tight bun is a little much. Elisa is one of those rare girls that looks good with her hair pulled back, but not with it tightly tied as it is here.So while this hot desktop dancer does a good striptease, her...
Elisa With A Heart of Gold >> She looks far better with her hair undone and with a better hairdo like that one of the sensual girl in "Last Tango In Paris" will rock anyone looking at her. I like her pleasant attractive face with that full large mouth ready for oral stimulastion of any male genitals. She is a Gal that does not need to show her face whenever you look at her sexy rear body-view; her rounded ass & fleshy pussy will be the centre of your imagination. My rating is still at 9 out of 1...
Elisa really suits this outfit and looks great here, but it remains a mystery to me why she seems to prefer this severe hairstyle, when she looks so much better with her hair down.Elisa's performances are always expressive and interactive and this was no exception. Playful and full of personality, with a great range of erotic moves. In terms of both charm and sex appeal, her task bar and standing performance in this show was her most consistent across all the clips. She can sometimes have a prob...
Nettes Mädchen, gute Show. Ansonsten fällt sie nicht irgendwie besonders auf. Schade das ich ihr Bild in meiner Sammlung nicht sehen kann, da ist nur diese rosa karte mit dem B zu sehen.
hmmm ... first and last show that I download of her.
Very attractive, decent card.
3.9 (399 votes)


  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 63
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 435 MB

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User comments (11)

Elisa, My kind of Girl, Saucy, all the Right proportions, I would love to wake up next to Her and start all over again, she knows what she has got - Oh Boy,
I agree with Hemicuda!Its her attitude which is Elisas best feature! Also i like the hairstyle .. i think its better for her than long hair. Again her taskbar performance is topclass! She is showing enough asshole and try looking into her eyes when she is doing it .. she is acting like she is having orgasm and she is getting mad at the same time and i am believing her!! Also her facial play and eye contact can match Anna Tatu!! Another great show another 10 another horrible outfit:)
All Virtuagirl girls are wonderful. Each of them makes us feel and trigger different emotions and desires in our bodies and minds, more or less intense, depending on the emotional situation in which we find ourselves. Honestly, I congratulate the entire team of Virtuagirl, that makes this great software full of wonderful emotions.Congratulations! Great Striptease of Elisa. I love this girl, with a face and a body can only imagine in dreams. She is really wonderful.
Shall we go, you & I while we can/ Through sweet Elisa's nightfall of diamonds.
Super Sexy Girl!!!
This sexy black underwear with stockings and suspenders is my favourite outfit for Elisa so far, and combined with a perfect makeup job gives her a great look. I just wish she would let her hair flow free rather than having it pulled back in this severe looking style.On the task-bar she was expressive, interactive and highly seductive, with smooth and very sexy movement. My one minor quibble being that her eye contact was a little intermittent at times.This was easily Elisa's best pole-dance per...
Elisa est une jolie fille qui porte, ici, une un ensemble de lingerie sexy. Elle danse avec des mouvements agréables, ainsi que des caresses séduisantes. Elle a une coiffure très sympathique. J'apprécie ses clips où elle vêtu que de son porte-jarretelle et ses bas noires et soyeux.
There is just something about Elisa's cards that make me stop whatever I am doing & maximize her performance to full size & watch it from start to finish. I have to say, VG/DB has some of the hottest women online, this is a Top Shelf, kind of Virtual Strip Club. Elisa, isn't the most beautiful model on VG/DB, nor does she have the best body here either, but she does have is a raw sexual unpredictable nature, that makes me wonder what she is going to do next. For the record, I love her eyes, legs...
Acctully, she is sexy but my type is booty ass, however, S*********** rate her 10 and it did improved a lot, and thanks VG team
I hate to be like this, but giving her a 7 cuz she has a cute body...but that face? Damn, no way, not one bit for me~
She's a good-looking woman. Love the outfit.
4.4 (352 votes)

Duo with Ally Style

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 396 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (20)

When you mix two of the best you get the best. Thanks ladies.
I just love how Elisa fucks her ass with that pink dildo and how much she enjoys doing Anal as well. And then when Ally Style also does some smoking hot anal action. Two hot chicks who love Anal. What more could you ask for. When I die this is what my heaven will look like.
YES ... OH YES! Now this is a card! A true KEEPER! :-() Even the giggles are hot! Keep-em comming TOTEM
Quel pied ce show ! elles prennent vraiment leur pied toutes les deux et leur gaité fait plaisir à voir. L'épisode du double dildo est excellent surtout qu'il se continue aves un épisode anal elles prennent variment leur pied par tous les côtés. Continuez
Arousing show! Double dildo action takes this show to whole another level.
Ally Style, as always hot, stockings, platforms... Elisa in beautifull platform sandals... The only complaint is that instead of having sex... they just have fun together in some of the clips. Then again. In others the girls do anals, finger fucking... licking... all sort of good stuff. Well yes.
The perfect funny/naughty duo ! Elisa and Ally Style are both crazy, original and damn hot ! This is the kind of show that gets never annoying. Plus there's anal sex, double dildo, incredible orgasms,... very entertaining and sexy. With no hesitation, 10/10.
amazing card lots of action!! these girls got me excited
J'adore Elisa, elle est belle, très chaude et possède beaucoup d'humour et de fantaisie, elle forme ici un duo très à l'aise, très très hot, un excellent show et au final une grande envie d'avoir d'autres shows d'Elisa, beaucoup d'autres.
I love when the girls are having fun. Wasn't too attracted at first, but I grew into them.
Verry nice anal show
I love this Duo - they have Action, a lot of Sex (licking, Double Dildo, Dildo anal Action), dirty talking ... and they always smile and laugh ... got a favorite Status in my collection!
Two of my favorite Desk Babes come together in this card and give one of the best shows you'll see. Elisa is a little nutty while Ally Style is very adaptable and together they make a great sex team to bring together some fun attitude and great, explicit lesbian play.Although the girls are obviously performing for the camera rather than each other, the show still comes off very well. Neither is afraid to get down and dirty and both of them are not just sexy, but also very interactive.Some short...
Two beutiful sexy and naughty girl's sensational show with humour and orgasus. Unequivocally 10 points.
hot et sexy
Joli cunnilingusLovely eating pussy
Very sexy, love the anal!
hot and sexy, beautifull dream girls and a well made show full points
Mwoa. Not bad. But to be honest,i find both girls over-acting. Elisa a bit more then Ally Style. And i have no problem with broken english but it would be nice when they speak a little less. Hearig x times 'beebee"isn't sexy in my opinion.Positive note;both girls are pretty and hot.
too many side clips,i want to see everything when the girls are playing together
4.3 (419 votes)

Duo with Tarra White

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 386 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (20)

Alpha Female (Elisa) made a great match with a Dominant Alpha Female (Tarra)!
Girls: 8,5 Show: 10 Explicit: 10 Overall grade:9,5Note: One of the rare instance when two normal looking girls can make such a fantastic show. These girls are pure fun! Plenty of explicit and anal too...
Hands down my favorite. These two are not only into each other, they get "play-rough" at times, talk to each other all the way through, and are so much more playful and silly - while still being sexual - than any other card I have. The most entertaining Deskbabe card out of the hundreds I've browsed.
Deskbabes needs more of this. These girls are clearly enjoying what they do, and I enjoy them doing it. The amount of fun they have alone is worth the purchase.
This card is an absolute hoot, I love Tara and she has such a wicked sense of humour, the interaction is great and they obviousley enjoy giving each othert pleasure. Everyone should have this card it is brilliant.
I rarely leave comments. But these two, wow. Hope they get paired up again.
Two of the best personalities in DB, together at last. They genuinely appear to be having a lot of fun with each other. Even without the hardcore action, this would be a top rate show, just for the interaction between these two girls.
Excellent show entre deux grosses cochonnes, beaucoup de fessées, de complicité, d'humour, ambiance très agréable et néanmoins grosse excitation avec en prime un bel orgasme pour Tarra, vraiment très bien.
Sexy, funny and cool show with two sensational girls. They are very good each other. I would seen another show with this duo (or trio with Ally Style) My vote 10 points.
girls are great, show is great and fun but also the show and some of the clips are too short.
Love them both. Great, hard ANAL dildoing!
Very Good, Both of these girls are worth having in your collection.
Oh, Elisa..., are there any cards that you're not spectacular in? this is a perfect duo is. Funny and sexy, it does not disappoint. Well worth the tickets
while downloading, you should watch the bonus Video... This is sooo funny... They got a "bubble- problem" and Tarras Tittis expload^^ (not in real). I love those crazy girls.
great card, I love Tarra .... very hot girl
This is another hilarious, fun, sexy performance from Tarra White with another Desk Babes newcomer, Elisa. To be honest, just seeing Elisa on her own on a card cover, I would probably never download it as she isn't my type (in terms of looks) at all. She's pretty and has a hot body, but she doesn't have the look I prefer in women. That said, she was teamed with Tarra White and I learned something: even in desktop dancing, looks aren't everything.Elisa is very energetic, funny, obviously loves se...
I bought this card for Elisa (and let me say that her outfit is absolutely amazing), and once again I'm not disappointed. Funny, dirty and sexy as hell ! Tarra White is not very pretty but she plays Elisa's game and that's all I was asking for. I miss Elisa, she's one of the best entertainers on DB!
im a fan of tarra. i love the way they play around with each other. its a great card worth getting. just wish it wasnt so short.
schade... wäre eine gute show geworden... nur das fingern ist ein fake... aber das ist ja nichts neues hier... wird je nur alles gespielt vor allem die unechten orgasm...
Wow the playful banter between these two is fantastic! Elisa's body is super hot and she has such an amazing smile. Wonderful show!
4.0 (407 votes)

College romance

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 70
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 440 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (16)

I wouldn't get any studying done with her around!
At first i did not expect much from the card! I just wanted platimun status faster. You know the problem is that her face is not pretty at all. And her body in not standard. She has no waist and her legs actually very long and nice look short and skinny because her upper body is very big. So she is very unusual. Though she is very strong and have nice tits (very natural) and firm ass (which is very important). The outfit looks weirs on her as she doesnt really look like a schoolgirl or a student...
omg sweetie did sumthing big just happen? elevrything sloowweddown
Elisa - College Romance, oh what a love affair we have here! I have to admit looking at her other cards, this is the only one that makes her look more attractive, which I credit to her hair not being pulled up into a braid or some other kind of device that makes her face look larger and detracting away from her other assets. And that long, free-flowing hair -- oh! it makes her sexy!But enough about her hair. Her moves, her attitude, her energy... she knows how to get a man's heart a thumping. Up...
One of the best girls ever! She plays with you on the best way. She is so hot!
She has the same body type as Marie. I would love to see the two of them together in a duo card!
...finally she wears her Hair open! The Rest is like Plasonic wrote before. Great Show, that make me beg for more Cards of her
Here she is again, the Sex Goddess Elisa, seducing me to Jack A Whoopie Madness & Joy by the exquisite gorgeousness of her beauty & twangin',sexy body!Her lovely, expressive, eyes float within her soft,loose, hair, perfectly complementing the expressiveness of her pretty mouth.Her body is a treasure of erotic, fit, beauty & she moves with grace & confident sexiness.Her StripperDance is both seductive & energetic in parts, and she gives us a COMPLETE performance, balancing the abundant "tease" wi...
Ein sehr hübsches Maderl, allerdings hat sich nicht ganz das zeug zu meinem Fav, 9/10
College Romance by Elisa is a version on the "schoolgirl outfit". The simple top is a welcome change. Combined with the matching tartan bikini top and skirt which would never pass a uniform code, you've got a great costume.Elisa knows how to provocatively move around, and should be a good addition to anyone's collection. Her breasts are a nice average size, and a thin landing strip above her pussy. She is on the slender side, but still healthy looking. Elisa isn't afraid to get explicit, aiming...
Amazing what a difference a hairstyle makes. She's got a strong jaw that just really wasn't suited with her pulled back hair in all the other clips. By far her best clip here ... and nice body regardless of the hairstyle.
Cette carte est meilleure que les 2 autres :)
Well this is more like it. Despite a rather unflattering card pic, Elisa looks really beautiful with her hair free and flowing. Love the tartan outfit as well, and the white top gives her that little bit extra to strip out of.Her task bar performance was both very sexy and entertaining, but the thing that struck me most about Elisa in this card was her heart meltingly gorgeous smile. Her demeanour and attitude reminded me a lot of Shabba, which is no bad thing. Unlike Shabba though Elisa wasn't...
To be honest, this card was a little disappointing. I've come to expect a lot from Elisa and in this card, she fails to deliver. Of course, a bad card for Elisa is a good card for most other VirtuaGirls, so that doesn't mean this one isn't worth seeing.This card features this very hot Virtua Girl wearing a great schoolgirl-lish outfit. As usual, Elisa does a good job using it to show her body and accentuate her appeal while she does her desktop dancing.Although it's disappointing as an Elisa car...
Good solid card. Nice costume, nice panties, a decent amount of varied panty flashing and nice dancing. In general, the right idea.There are some interesting facial expressions there as Elisa tries them all out. But I think she is at her nicest and sexiest when she simply has a friendly expression on her face.Definately a card worth getting
Not as good as some other cards, but, there's something about her I like.
4.3 (352 votes)

Duo with Susan Snow

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 87
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 437 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (15)

I just love how fast Susan Snow & Elisa can get my dick hard by being such dirty and nasty anal whores. Seeing Susan Snow fucking Elisa in the ass with that pink dildo is bound to make anyone cum more than twice when watching them. Maybe DB can create another scene with them in the future where Susan Snow & Elisa can both anally fist each other and then after that get some anal bead action in. Overall, they work wonderfully together and I rate them at a 10/10, but in actuallity they deserve a 40...
Two gorgeous babes in heels... oh yes.
I really do love the way these women eat pussy...
If you like anal this is the show!!! I have to admitt im not a fan of anal but these girls make me enjoy it!!! They play so well toghether.. I really enjoyed this... Its more of an Elisa show than anything she gets it most of the time but there is some susan too... I like it when they play rough!!!
Magnifique show, très très hot, anal et hard, Elisa est une déesse, Susan et elle sont très complices et toujours à fond dans l'action, superbe.
This is a great card featuring the beautiful Susan Snow and the always hot Elisa. Susan is a good performer with a nice body and look, but this card is dominated by the hyper-sexuality of Elisa. She talks dirty through the scenes and, as usual, pushes things to a new level.There are both anal and straight dildo scenes, licking, and plenty of other action. The only thing this card doesn't have is an abundance of scenes involving clothing (a good thing). These two girls waste no time getting down...
These babes are gorgeous, especially Elisa! It's a particularly hot card for passionate sexy interaction. For clarity,anal licking & anal dildo are real! BUT WHY OH WHY TOTEM ARE THEY DOING MUCH FAKE ANAL FINGERING?? Both girls are true anal loving babes in other cards! Why? Answer please!!! Keep it real! Other than that, GREAT card!!
Possibile che non si possano trovare ragazze con un po' più di "classe" ! Dove sono finite le Melisa, le Morgane e le Eufrat o le Deny ???
I agree with jonnycmoore, not the most attractive women on deskbabes. But dont let these mediocre beauties fool you. What these ladies lack in appearance is more than made up for by their performance. This is the most hardcore show by deskbabes yet. If these girls don't enjoy anal, they sure as hell fooled me. Amazing show for sure. If you enjoy anal you wont be dissapointed.DeskBabes, please keep more shows this hardcore coming.
I love Elisa, she's sooo nice and dirty. She brings Susan Snow to orgasm with the highest dexterity in those hot clips. Her wild voice combined to Susan's sensuality make it the perfect mix. The show is a bit short, but definitely worth it.
The anal probing is faked; if you look closely during the scenes you can see that the girls bend their fingers so that it appears like they're inserting their fingers into each other's anus. But in fact they are not really penetrating. So I deducted points for the anal sex fakery. Everything else they did together, oral sex, various fondling was all real. Totem, in the future if the girls don't really want to insert their fingers into each other's anus, then do not let them fake it! Keep it as r...
They're far from being the prettiest twosome on Deskbabes, but it's safe to say they've produced the dirtiest, most frenzied lesbian fuck fest so far. They go to town on one another and it makes a rare change to see believable, less faked, interaction. Plenty of anal fingering from both, and Elisa gets an ass ramming with a toy. I guess the less pretty ones do try harder.....
Ces 2 femmes se donne à fond dans un style hard très jouissif
the anal is fake.
Vous êtes magnifiques quand vous baisez, vous êtes en harmonie !
3.8 (382 votes)

Strip bar

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 442 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (8)

Wow! She really brings it.
das girl gefällt mir ganz gut sie hat einen schönen busen ,der arsch ist auch nicht schlecht und siesetzt ihn gut in szene ,sie ist ständig in bewgung und lässt ihre kurven kreisen .einzige mangel könnte mehr von der pussy zeigen und sie hat manchmal eine etwas selsame mimik,overacting :) trotzdem sehenswert 10 punkte
Elisa is a vivaciously exciting, fit,enthusiastically sexy,StripperBabe,long of leg & juicy of breast.She strips energetically with a joy of being alive that suggests a highly creative, & energetic lover in bed! Her beautifully supple ass is a treat to watch wiggle & sway on top of those truly awesome long & twangy legs!After seeing her INCREDIBLY SEXY DB's card with her BearDaddy, I was hopin' for a little bit more erotic action here on VG.(her X clip does not include fingering) I suspect she g...
This is a much better outfit and general look for Elisa than in her first show, although the hairstyle is still a bit severe. I would love to see her with her hair free and flowing.Her performance on the task-bar was very expressive and erotic, with a great sense of viewer interaction and enough variation to maintain interest. Although very active in most clips, a couple where she didn't seem to do much were a bit static.In the pole clips her style was dynamic, entertaining and again very expres...
Elisa has a Certain Charm which I Like, She may not be Overly Explicit like some, she has All the proportions, That I Like,no way Would I Throw Her out of Bed, Thanks Elisa Stay as You are.
Only ONE no-panty upskirt clip. Booo. Short Skirt ... No Panties ... Whose with me on this ?!
La tenue est meilleure que la précédente mais y a rien à faire, je n'arrive à me faire à la tête de cette fille.
Nice outfit, cute girl.
4.4 (605 votes)


  • Shows: 2 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 70
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 348 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (53)

Awesome show, thanks Elisa.
She sucks and fucks a fucking teddy bear.....What else do you need? My cock was screaming jerk me off the entire show. 11/10. My Favorite DB card now.
I love her dirty talk and that sexy accent. And when she fucks the bear with a strap-on, I'm in LOVE! More strap-ons, especially with bears. :D
... Well done, well done Elisa and what would I not give to be the "Teddy Bear" in the X-Rated clips :-o Worth every penny.
Wow! I don't think I ever fanatasized about being a Teddy Bear before
Oh well, Elisa is naughty here, riding the teddy bear.... (yes it should be me.... oh yes. Even when she slaps him a bit). Great role play. The two of them do seem to enjoy themselves. And for that great role playing I can forgive naked feed (leg lovers perspective) - also Elisa does have beautifull legs, pretty feet... as well as the rest. Clips are properly length, and while she seems more like just playing, there is also a moment, where she at least pretends to get into it, and off...
I want to be a bear!!!
I first bought two duo cards from Elisa : one with Susan Snow, one with Ally style, which was very funny. I thought a solo card could be maybe a little bit more... boring. And then I saw members' ratings and comments, and I was like "woah, I've got to buy that card !". Elisa is an incredible comedian. She can get funny, nasty and sexy at the same time ! The originality of the show is beyond everything I exprected. The Fucker Bear scenes are hilarious, there's anal play, hot talking,... everythin...
This was funny. But watching her finger her ass was totally hot. I would to give it to her in the ass. This is my kind of woman, likes to take it in the pussy and ass. 100/10
OMFG! This card is amazing! That is what I call real deskBABE! ;) Elisa you did perfect job and I love when you talk dirty ;* That was so hot and intanse - lov ya ;)
Voilà un spectacle fantasmagorique peu banal qui mérite largement les 10/10.
I love this card. She's hilarious but incredibly sexy at the same time.
Great performance. A must have for sure. 10 points
Elisa is fantastic in this card. She gets a 10 of 10 for personality alone. As others have said, she's obviously enjoying herself and it really makes this card shine. Totally worth 2 tickets and is a steal for 1. Very highly recommended.P.S.- That's one lucky bear.
Elisa est très belle, très cochonne et aussi très drôle, son numéro avec l'ours est très réussi, à la fois excitant et plein de fantaisie, un show original et torride.
jajaja this is the best card !!!! jajajaja funny love
I´am laughing so much. She makes it so good. I like it very well. You should see it
OMG! This girl knows how to have a good time. Anal and comedy in her second language. I think I'm in love.
mmm was soll da nur geil sein ?? unter anal verstehe ich was anderes ...
Einfach nur GEIL!
!!!ANAL!!! I'm happy ;)
Elisa is a hot new DeskBabe performer who's really captured what many fans of the site love to see: a girl who is hot, enjoys herself when performing, and is as sexually-charged as you can get. Elisa has all of that and a comedic imagination, as showcased in this card.I was introduced to Elisa in a duo card with Tarra White. I would never have considered downloading her cards if I hadn't seen her there first. Her fun and hot performance with Tarra were enough to convince me that she needed more...
Elisa lächelt einmal und zack ist meine Hose verschwunden, Sie gehört zu den wenigen Frauen die einem mit ´nem Blick die Klamotten ausziehen können. Ansonsten endgeile Show die Nummer mit Fuckabear ist genial und man glaubt Ihr die Orgasmen im Gegensatz zu einigen anderen Shows die in der Tat Shows sind. Elisas Soloshow ist ein absolutes Must Have, 10 von 10, einziges Manko obwohl Sie den Finger die ganze Zeit nicht ausm Arsch ziehen kann, macht Sie es mit Fuckabear nicht Anal. Analer Nachschlag...
She opens with the words to do something spicy. And -YES! That show IS spicy, every clip I like. She acts very natural and horny at same time. HAve to say 3-4 clips are really short, but mostly especially the hottest ones are very long so that is ok. I highly recommend to buy this card - if one doesn´t get horny while watching it, maybe he is already dead or a stone :-) The scene with he bear is also some funny, and I like it when she is blowing and riding the bear (he is really to be envied). H...
when i was thinking about getting this card i read the comments & thought there is no way it will be as good as everyone say's it is. I was right , It's so much better. When Elisa starts using the bears voice i almost fell off my chair laughing.This card left me wishing i was the bear . Well done Elisa
More! More! More! More! More! More! More! (Pant,pant,pant,...)
C'est probablement une des performances les plus imaginative et les plus délicieusement pornographique avec cet ourson phallique dont elle se joue d'un bord et de l'autre.
Pure fun!! that's it :)
Pure genius . . . it might be years before someone here outdoes Elisa. The fight scene had me shake my head in utter disbelief as I fell onto the floor in pure hysterics whilst her and the "bang-bear" slapped and headbutted each other. Pure comical artistry in motion. But oh, my aching tailbone . . . anyhow,We need a thread to present these types of ideas to Totem and maybe see them implemented!
Can i rate this show 100? Best show ever. Hilarious,sexy,very explicit and did i mention f'n hilarious?
the best show ever 12/12...;))
10/10 Hilarant avec le nournours, ça change.10/10 Halarious with the bear, that changes
Crazy.Cool.I love this card!!! 10/10!
Petit message perso à l'attention de PATDECONFLANS : on essaie de faire notre maximum mais là, je dois dire qu'une personne qui ne pense que critiques et négations a tendance à me ruiner un peu le moral dès le matin ! Je te propose un truc : viens au studio, fais des propositions et on verra ce qu'on peut améliorer... ensemble !
Wow! This card is absolutely amazing! When I first saw Elisa on VGHD, I had no idea she was such a wonderfully nasty girl! She's so awesome! And funny! Elisa not only talks to us and to her furry companion, she also provides the voice for her furry companion! It is so much fun! I laughed and loved every minute of it!A standing ovation and a 10/10! :) A MUST BUY!
Ten points are not enough for rating this show, it deserves ten times more. ^^
And the Deskbabes-Oscar goes to Elisa for superior dual-voice sensual-acting and a special Award goes to the cuddle-allnaughty Fuckerbear for beeing equally nasty and gorgeous. Although be warned you probably will never be able to enjoy normal Life again without Fuckerbear...urm and Elisa of course. This Show is more believable than almost all other duos released so far. I demand that the Presence of Fuckerbear should be mandatory,the pettoy to rule them all...seriously Still can't stop giggle f...
What an arousing card. though some of it made me luagh
LoL, enjoying this card!
A fantastic card of Elisa, she plays with pussy and ass and she has wonderful orgasms; I would like to be the white bear :))
Muy caliente y divertido, jeje. Para cuando veremos a las chicas haciendolo con strap-on¿?
Holy Sheep!!! This card is excellent! Naughty...playful...erotic...dirty...satisfying...I could go on all day.I have to agree with @plasonic if you enjoyed Mandy, Jana, or Davon then this card falls right inline with their style. Great interaction with the viewer, great variety of sexual activities, not a moment of shyness or hesitation. A performance given with honesty, a sense of humor and sexuality WOW!Click Buy Now, with no buyers' remorse, and Congratulations! You just purchased another ins...
wahouuuuuuuuuuuuuu la au moins ca vaut les 2 tickets en espérant que les prochaines soit aussi bien ma note 20/10
Bahahaha. Best. Show. Ever.
OMFG!I knew from her VG debut card Elisa is a fit, gorgeous to the MAX,babe!This card is PHENOMENAL & shows her to be incredibly Erotic,intelligent,VERY creative,and TOTALLY EFFECTIVE in her Sexy Talk & Fucksome action!She's right up with Mandy,Jana,Davon,for Great Presentation & a total Erotic experience!Finally a DB's babe who uses the word "fuck" with honest, intense, adult sexuality!Two parts ,1 she's fucking her "FuckerBear" & 1 doing solo pussy/anal fucking!She speaks to YOU as your girlfr...
Holy cow, Batman!!! This girl is 'insane'!!! Kinda creepy when the bear is talking, lol. This is a very 'different' and very memorable card. One of the best cards I've seen in awhile.
All I can say is that is one lucky bear!!!
Lol, i didn't know there is comedy to be found on Vg/Deskbabes. A unique apparition among the cards, and great performance, that I only got because of the play with the bear. Therefore I was disappointed to see that only 3 clips are featuring it ): But at least they are long ones. (This is the only card where I want to watch the clips with "accessories included" most, all the others are the other way around completely (: )
A must have card, not only for the spicy attitude, but the comical relief that I've never seen in any other card. She's acts as natural as you'll see it. not only can you tell how she likes it in real life, but it's almost as if she is used to playing with her "fucker bear" often. 8^)
Intensity is a 11, realizm is a 9, for me body/age is a 8, show is a 11, so definatly a worthwhile card say a 9.5+ Yet as I have to give it a 9 or 10 I give this a interesting 9
Super hot show! The XXX parts were mind blowing.
3.6 (395 votes)

Jet set party

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 447 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (13)

Could do with more cards from her.
Great body, nice legs and sweet pussy! Love you Baby ;*
Nice addition for VG. Looking forward for more of this girl.
Very, VERY impressive debut from Elisa! For her first card, I was amazed at how self-assured, confident and enthusiastic she is here! What a show!She pushed all my hot buttons! She was expressive and smiled a lot, she got barefoot early and stayed that way for many, many clips, she did a full nude pole clip and she strips "no-nonsense" style: if she's gonna take it off, its coming off! Love it! She also does a lot of "spreading" from the rear, if you know what I mean, which is super hot! ;)If El...
Elisa is a long, lean,lovely girl, who moves with enough honest & creative StripperBabe ability to create a continuously erotic & entertaining show!She's got a highly erotic,fully functioning "fit babe being sexy/horny" persona going for her in this card.Her body is perfect for her style & I love seeing those trim, curvy, legs & hips Twang & wiggle her around the bar.Her hairstyle strikes me as more "sporty" than "severe", accenting her beautiful face, & serving as a nice "swish & flow' accessor...
Elisa At Jet Set Party >> Once again photographer Stanzeflasher has brought us a sensual & erotique collection of a newcomer to VGHD to embellish our desktop, thanks. However, Elisa could be more desirable & sexier with a better make-up and most of all a better hair-do; she has an oblong sort of face so she should not have her hair so tied-up; so back to the drawing-board with a better makeup artist & hair-dresser. Her current make-over had completely spoiled her look & hiden her revealling attr...
This girl has lots of potential. Very nice body. Nice face. Nice Smile. But WHY the severe ponytail and the bright blue/grey eyeshadow?? It took away tremendously from her natural beauty. It's like someone wanted to make her stark and garish on purpose. A more natural look next time with her hair down would be an extreme improvement. Otherwise, very nice :)
Nice hot body of this girl, looks ver very great, I like her long legs, she has a classic body, but not so great her moves, the way she dance is a bit strange and maybe not the best outfit.
Very enthusiastic dancing and Elisa projects lots of energy. I very much enjoyed her performance. I have to agree with the other posters about the eye shadow/make-up. I found it distracting at first. Once I changed my background colours however, it made a huge difference. I guess its like when a woman wears a dress and whether her eye make-up and dress colours complement or clash with her complexion. With the right colours for the background the eye-shadow enhanced Elisa?s natural beauty.
Elisa is a lovely girl with a great body shape. Slim but well muscled and athletic looking. The outfit here is fine, but unfortunately one of the poorest make-up jobs I've seen on VG for some time completely spoiled her look. The eye make-up in particular is truly awful, and the rather severe hairstyle didn't help.Fortunately Elisa is a very good performer, and this was a very impressive début show. On the task-bar she was confident, charming and seductive with a great sense of viewer interactio...
Was diappointed with this purchase. She looks great but lacks moves on the pole, on the floor etc. Would have liked to see more of the ta Ta's
J'ignore comment Totem recrute les nouvelles filles mais ils doivent être sur la dèche actuellement. La semaine passée nous avions eus droit à Pepito la (soi-disante) perle française et voilà que cette semaine on nous gratifie d'un... boudin tchèque. J'ose espérer que la prochaine fois, nous aurons (enfin) droit à une bombe !!!
Not the best outfit, but, nice show.

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