Dorothy Black

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 33 y.o.
  • Height: 5.18 ft.
  • Weight: 115 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 25.5" / 35"

Foot fans will definitely want to make Dorothy Black one of their all time favorites. In this solo scene she shows off her perfect feet and sexy toes by slipping them inside a set of high heel shoes with clear tops and hit pink heels. As her legs open wide, her feet become the gateway to getting between her thighs for up close access to her soaking wet pussy!

Number of shows: 4

Dorothy Black's shows

4.3 (773 votes)


  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 363 MB

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User comments (30)

Dorothy is one of the sexiest girls on VG. She provides potent boner fuel.
Wish my d was that dildo 10+++
When you look up the definition of MILF--it should say "see Dorothy Black". Very nice card with a stunningly beautiful woman giving a strong performance.
i GIVE 15 +++++ WOW SHE IS HOT
She is very sensual, indeed!
Une femme incroyablement sensuelle, tous bonnement incontournable.
Dorothy is sensational, great performer and a beautiful body !!!
Beautiful girl. Great tits and awesome legs. More. more, more please
Dorothy goes to virtuagirl. More Dorothy Black Cards.
Delicious - thats all.
I think you mean "HOT pink heels" in the description.I don't rate less than 10 often because I don't subscribe. If I buy them, they're 10's to me. This one is no exception. This woman is built and knows how to please.
I want to eat her up!!!
This woman is a complete goddess!! she is so gorgeous and sexy, she has a perfect body, nice tits, great skin color! a must have in your collection.
she has the perfect body and loves to play with that meaty pussy almost as much as I do
???? ???? ???? ?????,???????, ??????, ???? ???? ???????? ????????????
Dorothy Black is a raunchy sweetheart. She is Queen of sexual dynamic range. She earns 10/10 for her solo performance in which she plays her fine feminine form to erotic perfection. FLAWLESS!
By far one of my favorite girls. Her duo shows had me waiting in anticipation for a solo card and it was well worth the wait. The eye contact just sets it off and gets me off!!
This is a INCREDIBLE card; Dorothy Black seduce me in every clips, now for me the girl N°1 in the world is Angelica Kitten but the N°2 is Dorothy Black. :))
Dorothy is very slow and sensual. Great eye contact. Also she seem to have an orgasm very easily. I have seen 6 orgasms in that show now and i haven't seen all yet. And the spasms and panting after the orgasms look and sound very real so it is easy to believe they are real. Also something really remarkable: In one x-rated on taskbar clip we get a full striptease(she appears fully clothed and removes everything but the shoes then starts to finger herself until she has an orgasm). I can't remember...
Une poitrine superbe de longs cheveux et un tempérament très chaud, un ensemble agréable à regarder.
moar gorgeous milfs don't stop totem don't stop
First off she has the most beautiful blond mane that I have seen yet on any woman here, and it looks like this is her natural hair color which, for me, the more natural the body the better off I like the show. The main reason why Dorothy does not receive a 10/10 vs a 9/10 is NOT because of her chiseled body by ANY MEANS. She IS one of THE MOST HOTTEST sweeties that I have seen doing a show for Totem. (SHAME on you TOTEM if you DO NOT request her back to do another show...possibly with Sara Silve...
this is a damn hot card and i been afan of hers for a year now, but the premature quick cutaways are fuking annoying as hell! Totem, i read so many complaints about the same set of things that bother us all for years now. im really very surprised you guys dont fix those problems by now!
Dorothy is a luscious, statuesque,sultry,beautiful babe!Wisely choosing not to speak much but rather letting her body do the talking, she moves through her performance as one experience a slow burn, turn on. Her sounds are those of a languid lover,indulging in the deep erotic ecstasy of continual arousal.I find her little "Uh" sound very seductive. Her act would be spoiled if she did any more talking.She CataBangs herself quickly into orgasms and her body jerk-twangs that accompany each one comm...
Dorothy is beautifull. Lovely to watch but the clips should be longer. And as for leg lover perspective... yes, she keeps her pink platforms on. lovely
She is FINE, but the clips are way too short. This makes me glad the new way is in place less clips but the length is longer per clip.
Dorothy Black is a stunning beauty that could easly be mistaken for a Spanish or South American woman because of her facial atributes, olive colored skin, amazing ass and non stick like figure.This show, however is a major let down. The action is mind nummingly slow (what action there is).For a time I tried to figure out if her breasts were real or fake but after doing some research on the internet I still couldn't tell.I could tell that her orgasms were fake though which was a real turn off for...
Good looking and one realy nice long scene. That said scene though makes the other clips so short if you blink you will miss it.
Beautiful dark eyes, sweet lips, sensual body, slow moves (and a very cute nose, might I add): Dorothy Black gives us her best here and I love every moment of it.
4.5 (628 votes)

Duo with Blue Angel

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Bonus photos: 88
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 347 MB

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User comments (24)

Dorothy Black provides potent high-octane boner fuel.
not sure if this video slowed down in post production but it was a great decision, the action is slow and sensual.
OMG, omg, omg...this was THE HOTTEST show I have bought so far, and I have cards from Melissa and Lucy heart yatta yatta..BEST CARD EVER
Two fantastic girls with very good performance! Best card!
Both girls aren't on my fav-list. They're pretty but...well...just pretty. Till you watch the show. OMG. This is high-class erotica. Slow and sensual. Supersexy.Often you'll see that preformers have more eye for the camera then for their partner. So not here!!! Blue Angel and Dorothy Black only seem to have eyes for eachother,kissing and stroking. Great!!! I really had a feeling that i wasn't watching a show,I was watchting 2 lovers playing their lovegames.This card should be in everyone's fav-l...
This is, by FAR, the greatest DB card available. The girls are dressed wonderfully. For once, the girls spend a great deal of time kissing. DB could use a lot more of that! Everything they do is slow and drawn out so you can really enjoy it. These girls look like they belong together, they enjoyed the shoot, and each other. Do not miss this card!
Blue Angel and Dorothy Black are very beautiful and sexy!! Dorothy's big titties and pierced pussy are hot, but my dick exploded looking at Blue Angel slobbering in Dorothy's scrumptious asshole while dildo fucking Dorothy's pussy! WOW - these two could wake up a dead man!! MORE PLEASE!!
Blue Angel and Dorothy Black put on a great show wearing opaque stockings and platform heels. nice interaction and acrion just the clips... could be longer
Slow and sexy! 2 very hot girls, very nice!
Extremely sensual. The girls are not exactly my taste but what they do together is amazing. Must have card.
A couple things on this comment 1.Why the hell did it take me so long to get this card, it's f'n awesome it makes me feel like they are a real couple very intimate. 2.I love the VIP extra controls, the action got intense i had to grab a beer but didn't want to miss anything so i hit the pause button. Another Favorite!
These two are Awesome together! If you like slow and sensual buy now.. Orgasms are great, they are quick to go at each other and are so into each other... I really enforce buying this show if you like shows that seem like it is not a show... Like your just watching two girls make love...
buy this card people!!!!
I Love then they sit together and use the dildos ...
I saw better looking duos, but I never liked one more then these two
and i came :D
Hands down my overall favourite duo, sublime.
there are some very nice kissing scenes in this card.
Dorthy I hadn't seen before, she has long hair beautiful eyes, great legs, nice ass and fake breast but there done well. To many women have them done with scares you can see or they look like two balls just sitting on there chest. The girls compliment each other well, there slow sensual sexy play drives me crazy. Their outfits are fantastics. The way Angel slowly pulls down Dorthy's panties and licks and kisses her bottom is awesome. The xxx clips are some of the best on DB for Duo's, not too mu...
Very thanks for this wonderful Duo of Dorothy Black, here with Blue Angel :))
Blue Angel & Dorothy Black are a celebration of sensual, lusty, sexy, lesbian, loving that is a joy to voyeuristicly take part in! They express the true passion of lovers, intimate & erotic in an amazing ongoing flow of tasty, wet, lickety-split,action that highlights the care of partners in giving & receiving sexual pleasure. Delicious are the many clips that feature deep fingering & licking of each other, back & forth, then segue into some nice, real,explicitly tender kisses.This is the "real"...
This show is really a positive surprise. Not much dirty talk but that isn't needed. You can almost see the sparks between them when they look at each other. A slow and sensual show with some very amazing poses(Blue Angel is very flexible) and 2 girls so much into it that you can really feel it coming through your screen. Only 20 minutes but then 20 minutes that are so much worth it. Really a case of quality over quantity here. They have some nice orgasms that look real and are really the topping...
simple awesome, wow, this card is so sensual
I bought this one to see Blue Angel again Wow, Great Body. Same typo for Dorothy Black as when she's with Davon Kim. Great interaction between the two. Thanks Totem
4.3 (501 votes)

Duo with Davon Kim

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 19 min.
  • Bonus photos: 70
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 315 MB

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User comments (18)

A very strong performance from 2 very beautiful girls.
More Davon!!!!!!!
i like Davon Kim, i think i'll go as far as saying i love her, she has an amazing body, i love her fake tits and her voice is so cute and makes me so hard when i hear her talk.Dorothy Black is hot too, i like her big boobs and her ass is awesome but i prefer Davon Kim to her
From leg lovers perspective - the heels stay on in all clips, Davon Kim wering animal print platform pumps, and Dorothy in white pumps. As for the girls, they are - purrfect. As for the action, maybe too few clips, where they play with each other, and too many, where they play separately for the camera (well, each one pumping her own dildo, like competing or something... also the clips are a bit short)
Super show
super sexy
Took me a while to rate this card for various reasons. The biggest, are the biggest, BREASTS. Natural is better but in the case of Devon Kim, better, is better. Then there is the lack of rhythm, these girls do not dance around the stage, I kinda wish they had the same enthusiastic fluttery as Melisa, they are just built for sexiness. Lastly is the lenth, only 19 minutes, I mean are things that busy so that you do not have time to extend an awesome set like this for some golf, or yoga? Then after...
Wow. No wonder these are top rated models on DeskBabes. Dorothy Black's DOB is 2OCT77.
Great to see Davon Kim, Thanks, Just a small thing, is Dorothy Black 33 or 23?
In this card there are few words and more hot clips; I have taken this card for Dorothy Black but I have discovered a very hot Davon Kim; very thanks :))
Davon Kim a une présence marquante dans ces strips et c'est une joie que dans la revoir en duo en pleine haute définition d'image. Je l'ai déjà vu dans des photos érotiques sur des sites comme Mc NUdes où son charme vole la vedette. Je suis content de la voir dans des scènes encore plus ouvertement sexuelles.
Thanks so much for bringing great Davon Kim back to our desktops!!! Davon Kim is always an phantastic addition for every DeskBabes collection and an 'must have' for every DeskBabes lover!!! :-) This lovely duo animation is an 10/10 :-)
Surprizing couple. The mature beauty of Dorothy and the exotic looks of Davon. Iit works. These beautifull lady's going for it. Hot show. Espacially Davon knows how to play with a toy.
This card is a study in opposites. Davon Kim is a tiny, thin Asian woman with small (fake, but small) breasts. Dorothy Black is a muscular, European woman with big fake breasts. Davon has a high, reedy Asian voice and Dorothy has a lower, more rolling voice. The two are different in almost every way.The card itself is a good one, though I?d expected the contrasts between the two women to be more played up with one maybe a little more domineering over the other. As it is, it is good, but not real...
Not a bad card, but I was a little bit disappointed. Both girls are very sexy. I mostly got it for Davon Kim due to my inclination for Asians, and I was a fan of Davon in VG. There are some great clips here, but I just felt that Davon was hesitating during many of the scenes where she was thinking about licking Dorothy, but just couldn't do it. The scenes where it looked like she was licking her, the camera was blocked by Dorothy's leg or the back of Davon's head, so there was probably no contac...
Clip Notes™ for b0118 - Davon Kim & Dorothy Black/Duo Tiger bikini, white heels; black leopard dress, black thong, leopard heels 3. 0:19- Standing, No nudity 4. 0:23- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 5. 0:28- Standing, Topless 6. 0:25- Standing, Topless 7. 0:28- Table, No nudity; Kissing 8. 0:30- Standing, Topless 9. 0:29- Standing, Topless 10. 0:23- Standing, Topless 11. 0:40- Standing, Topless 12. 0:38- Table, Topless; Nipple licking 13. 0:38- Table, Topless; Nipple licking 14. 0:39- Standing, XXX...
This was a different card. Not bad. Good looks.
Not getting another dorothy Black card. She looks at the screen way too much and has an insultingly obvious fake orgasm. Would have deleted this card if not for Davon kim
4.3 (353 votes)

Duo with Maria Bellucci

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 56
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 370 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (14)

Dorothy has beautiful hair all the way down to her fine ass and tits that you want to sink your teeth into.
Two lovely ladies having fun, very sexy show. 10+
Maria Belluci in pretty black sandals with Dorothy Black in pink platforms, perform in wet and hot action - lots of touching, licking, kissing, and dildoeing. Sweet.
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
Although i've only seen a few clips, Maria & Dorothy remind me of two horny soccer moms who when their husbanda go to work & their kids are in school get together for some lesbian bonding.grrrr
Tribbing! Tribbing! Tribbing! Tribbing!
Holy Tribadism & Holy Headlights Batman Indeed! Foo Fighters 'Best Of You' works well while viewing. I also like it when background CPU processing slows the video clips down to quick sequential freeze frames: it makes requesting a playback speed control option desirable. I am compelled to comment on Maria's lack of taint: her vagina and rectum must share the same wall. As for Dorothy, I have yet to see a hotter MILF who is such a consummate uninhibited vixen. Together they are both saphic dynamo...
Absolument fantastique ! Elles ont pour elles des formes exquises et l'expérience des années. Un vrai régal pour les yeux. Merci les filles et merci Totem pour ce duo magique.
This card is incredible: these are the best tribbing and 69 that I have see untill today; I think that this Duo is the hottest of the site. I want more card with Maria Bellucci and Dorothy Black in future : I dream Solo with sound of these girls on Deskbabes, many other Duo on DeskBabes and many card of them on VG. :))
one of the hottest cards to date. Hot sex, hot talk, and large breasts. Would be nice if the show lasted longer, looking forward to more cards.
I'm surprised by the quality of this duo. I didn't know these girls, and I've found an excellent show here. They're both beautiful, hot and classy. I especially like Maria, for unknown reasons... maybe for her natural beauty and her incredible gaze. She's smily and very charming. There's great chemistry here, enough talking and hot playing. Nevertheless, I'm a bit disappointing by the fact that every clip stops before Maria's orgasm. The show is too short and looks incomplete because of this. Th...
Very Hot duo. lots of action
Holy Tribbing! For me, this was the best part. Neither of these women did much for me...but when I saw them doing this I nearly fell out of my seat. I remember doing this with a girlfriend of mine. Nothing ever felt so good than two shaved pussies rubbing together. I wish there was more of this!! Please bring MORE TRIBBING!!! ;)
Ok, with me this card would have gotten a 10 just due to both women being in the thirty's love older women, but Dorothy just seemed to be holding back to much. Maria on the other hand was fantastic her moves were the best of the whole show.

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