• City: Brno
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 19 y.o.
  • Height: 5.7 ft.
  • Weight: 124 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 32" / 23" / 32"

All of the iStripperHD models are beautiful and talented so what sets each of them apart from the others is usually a personality trait that you don’t notice until they start dancing. Demi is a wild party-girl with a fearless attitude and a daredevil desire to take life on without wavering or being pushed off to the side. Her confidence on stage is spectacular to watch.

Number of shows: 6

Demi's shows

3.2 (229 votes)

Sexy hiker

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 325 MB

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User comments (15)

I'm glad I could finish my Demi collection. that leaves 1 last card th get reliesed
I just love Demi.
I've passed on Demi many times, but I jump on theme/novelty cards so... Was not disappointed. Demi does a great job with the theme and the outfit and props all work. She's flirty (which is as important as the thumb in 'hiking) and for the most part keeps it light and fun. Will have to check out more of her cards.
for those of you are not familiar with what the out stretched thumb means... she is trying to catch a ride from a passing motorist. As we call it on this side of the pond "hitch Hiking". I agree a lot of the full nudity clips are missed labeled and should be labeled topless or just bottomless but not full nudity. I think overall this is one of her better cards.
This is the most heated dime on this website! I have to change my panties everytime she cums on my desktop. I don't undertand any hating. Chucks & a t-shirt, with no panties on, baby you make me leave a soaking stain right where it counts. Holla' Demi, please be my wifey.
Merci d'avoir ajouté cette nouvelle carte de Demi, c'est trop super :) J'espère que vous continuerez avec les autres modèles :)
I for one have missed this lady. I like the natural look and fun nature of this card. The girl next door lovers should really like this card. If she is still in the business I would love to see her again.
Demi is a favorite of mine (I have three of her cards now and add another every now and again) Indeed I paid two credits for this one rather than wait for it to come round on the demo. I have to totally disagree with the suggestion the man behind it should be fired Indeed I suspect that the Gentleman who wrote that Comment and I have totally opposite taste in Women.
I've always had nothing but love for this gal. I haven't made a purchase in over a year, and when I saw her in my demo list I had to complete my set. I love the natrual look. Great ass, and I honestly don't care if her dance moves look less than streamline. To me it adds to a more authentic sexiness. I've never been a fan of highheels, or over lacy victoria secret style underwear. The more everyday look is far more appealing to me. It's a great contrast to her high class body. I totally love the...
Note: This is a gap-filling release of an older "missing" card, so it isn't in the latest crystal clear format.Demi is one of those girl's I'm not a big fan of, but find pleasantly appealing as a refreshing change. The "Sexy Hiker" theme of this card suits her, both in terms of look and performance.Although mostly short, there are a lot of task-bar clips here (15). Her performance was in much the same style as all her previous efforts, with rather forced attempts at seduction and very little mov...
Oh its so nice to see Demi again. This is definitely Demis weakest card, BUT, after saying that I would still give her an 8 because it is just so nice to see her again. I don't particularly like the baggy pants and she does seem to ware it in a lot of the clips.I would love to see some fresh new cards done with her.
I did a double take when I first saw this and thought she was dancing next to a giant dead rat...that backpack or whatever it's supposed to be doesn't look like a backpack at all. Anyway, I digress...not the greatest of shows and the red Chucks do look absolutely ridiculous on her.
The title of this card is "sexy hiker"...but there is nothing sexy about this outfit. Trying to be authentic? No serious hiker would wear these clothes or shoes. OK, maybe some great clips? Sorry, no explicit or X rated clips, and only 22 minutes total. A card only for those who want complete collections or (like me) got stuck with this card through subscription.
This card deserves nothing more than a 0. The outfit is ridiculous, whoever came up with it should be fired. She looks like a little kid in adult clothing. There is nothing sexual about this card. This was the first time I purchased a card without being able to see the overview and it'll be the last one. I've never felt so ripped off. There is no explicit clips and the full nudity ones aren't even fully nude. She just looks ridiculous and I can't stop laughing. I've deleted her and would ask for...
Not her best, but not bad.
3.2 (573 votes)

Black label

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 41
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 242 MB

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User comments (18)

Demigoddess of crazy goodness.
Ein wunderbares Mädchen, Super Traumfigur, schöne Bewegungen, absolut der Hammer! Gehört zu meinen Favs! 10/10
Such a sweet girl .
just one word (sorry) 6
Anyone else think she sort of looks like kristen stewart in this card? The slightly awkward dance moves just make her more believable - my favourite card so far
The Way She Works That Ass, I Think She Needs A Good Spanking! She Is Amazing! I Got Turned On ( wink ) mmmmmm
Over All: 9.87Model Appearance: 9.6 Outfit: 9. Very complementing to her hairstyle and make-up. Body type: 10. Tiny tits, and a great ass. She?s not shy about showing it off either. Attitude: 10. Very unique, and fun. Energetic, slightly silly, and erotic all in one.Body Language: 10 Choreograph: 10. Because of her outstanding body, she accents it by clumsy means. Virtually no rhythm or continuity, just silly stuff. It makes her far more authentic, and she shows her best ?asspects? by happy mist...
For the perfect girl and is Demi! Beautiful body, smile, and a very flirtatious attitude. 10
Demi is always nice to see. Demi you are one of my favorites. You should visit the US western half. There are beautiful areas there too.
In the interview she say she likes men ^^ but she makes porn video with women only, Please, don't make the girls say bullshit
Another welcome release of an older "missing" card.I've never been a big fan of Demi, but she really impressed me in this card. Contrary to what you might believe from the rather poor card image, Demi looks really beautiful in this show and the outfit suits her better than anything else she has worn in her previous cards.In addition she performs with considerable enthusiasm and a great deal of charm, and the occasional ungainly movements apparent in her previous cards are nowhere to be seen here...
Pros - she's thicker by far than a Snicker's bar; in terms of big, round, tight, thick asses, she is in the top 5 on VG, and you get winning butt-cheek shots; she has perfect pearly skin and the prettiest little punanny you could wish forCons - unusual panties; boring task bar clips, she mostly just lays around;Ya gotta love a donked-out babe with big legs. Plus, I am a sucker for tight LBDs, so I had to check this show out. Her performance is still awkward, but she works hard to shake it in her...
A lány nem az én esetem de a show nem rossz
Demi is a beautiful woman. She has a hot slender body, nice round tits and a little sweet ass. Her outfit is nice and the show is good.
Better than average show. I do like this show more than the last one I saw of her though.
Elle est mignonne, mais je ne suis pas fou de son style, cette manière de glisser en marchant m'agacerait plutôt, non je ne suis pas emballé.
Totem what's happen? a terrible show !!
Nice outfit on her, but still not a favourite.
3.0 (770 votes)

Happy time

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 43
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 275 MB

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User comments (36)

Cemi doesn't go halfway. Awesome girl, great show.
I would love to see you bring back Demi and some of the other Asian ladies too,to do some more up dated photo shoots.they all are so sexy and very beautiful ladies to see more of them in the near future.
Very Special young lady. I highly recomend her.
To all them there haters posten and what not. FUCK YOU BUDDY! This chick is why I even considered this site! She is fuckin hot and not to flashy! I like that, keep it simple. Geterdone Demi!
Demi est une belle brune avec un corps souple aux courbes agréables. Elle a un beau visage avec un sourire suggestif et un peu ironique.
I dont care what others say about her but she is a beautiful young lady. Very sexy and a great little body.
I don't know why others are rating her so low. The whole awkward dance moves thing are what make this girl great.
This is another one who is very authentic. She has an awesome ass. One of the main contributing factors that makes her stand out to me is that her moves are clumsy. This is a great contrast to her beautiful body that doesn't make her the typical boring stripper. She seems like she's fun loving, and great party with. This makes her perfect to me.
I wet my panties EVERY time she cums on my desktop. Demi, I don't know why everyone's hatin? U r my favorite! A 10 out of 10 on all 4 of this hottie's cards.
So glad you're back honey...
Not her best but a great show to have. A lovely lady with a great body and sweet eyes.
jeune fraiche et belle,ca manque un peu d'explicite mais c'est tellement agréable de regarder demi!
You are right Deka Silver, Demi made lesbian movies and she is actually romantically involved with another VGirl.
Don't care for her small tits with that awesome body of hers. Her abs and ass is very nice.
fantastic! Demi has such a nice figure. looking forward to getting the rest of her cards. I think she is rated too low.
A more natural and rather sporty look here for Demi. The pulled back hairstyle and simplicity of the outfit suits her.Once again, although there was some variation of position between clips, Demi didn't move around much on the task-bar. She did treat us to lots of her lovely smile though, and performed with a gentle charm that I found quite heart-warming. She was also rather more seductive than previously, giving some real lascivious looks into the camera at times. Her movement in the standing c...
I can't really rate her. She looks special in this card, but I like it. She has a great body, sweet tits and a beautiful face. Unfortunately her clips are very short.
Watching Demi I feel confused. I don't know why. Is this dancing or just movement? Do all strippers need to be dancers first? I guess I think of a strip as a dance.
Demi is a beautiful woman. She has a hot slender body, nice round tits and a little sweet ass. Her outfit is nice and the show is good.
Demi is cute and sexy is sly way ---great pussy area and she has a fine toned body. Do not be so hard on her-shes not flashy but she very sexy/erotic in her own unique way. She is a 8-9 and a keeper for any collection for she has a natural look to her.
Ooops my bad. Not bad to look at not great
Nice legs and ass.
On the plus side, everything below the waistband is nice.But there's so much that I dislike about this card. Her face isn't nearly as attractive as I thought it was at first. She looks awkward in her movements, and there are clips where she's jerking around. All in all, I'm glad I got this one as a Special Offer card.
Demi offers different a different type of card series. She is kinda boyish in a since. Wouldn't surprise me if she was a lesbian. But her body is really nice and not to mention that ass of hers. I could look at it all day. Not my favorite card at all. But for one ticket I say what the heck. She can't dance, but the body is what makes this card worth it 6/10 and that's me being nice
She is a nice baby with an great round ass, but I tink that this is her worst card, ugly hair style and ugly dancing. She suppost make better. 5/10 here !!!
She's very masculine in the way she bounces around doing pelvic thrusts around a pole, with a muscular build. The tomboy hair cut and relatively flat chest just accentuates her masculine dance performance. Her moves aren't bad in the way you might say they're amateur, they're actually quite good if you write her off as a masculine role lesbian.Sorry, not my style.
Horror a third class girl a terrible show
para una discoteca puede pasar pero no es una virtuagirl
Unless you like boys, this is not for you. I deleted this after 1 minute of show. Not atractive at all and can't dance. Save your money on this one.
This is the worst card I've ever seen. She moves so awkwardly, clearly has no idea what she is doing. If I ever see her coming up on my subscription again I will certainly be dreading the midnight hour when she comes to visit. I've never commented on a girl before but the incredibly unsexy awkward ways this woman moves, moved me to actually write something. I hope that says something, something like "AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE".
rockstar2577 one is bad...really bad.Demi in herself is a beautiful girl, but this card is horrible! Clumsy dancing (looks like a drunk redneck trying to two-step. She has this expression on her face that ranges from goofy to "I have to squeeze out a fart".Not a great outfit either, IMHO.I am sorry i spent money on her. Virtuagirl used the only decent clips in the card, as the preview.This is the first card that I have given a "0".
She is cute and has a nice show, knows how to play with her mimic - she seems having fun during her performance - Stay as you are, and yes you are beautifull.
Venant d'acquérir ce show, je reconnais que ce n'est pas le meilleur de Demi mais de là à dire qu'elle fait des singeries, c'est un peu exagéré.
Not bad. I do like seeing her wiggling her bum.
Ce qui m'embête, c'est sa gestuelle trop approximative, une façon de marcher peu élégante, ni érotique, dommage car elle est très mignonne et sourit adorablement, ce show est malgré tout plutôt correct.
Beaucoup de grincheux ici, j'aime en prorité les femmes au corps et aux seins naturels, merci pour ce show sans silicone Demi !
3.4 (1389 votes)

Pink villa

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 44
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 182 MB

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User comments (66)

Awesome girl!
Great body, lovely lady and very sexy.
nice legs, and great ass.
Yeah her tits are small, but this chick is hott. Her ass is feaking awesome.
Over All: 9.6Model Appearance: 10 Outfit: 10. Lovely lace top, barely covering her tiny tits, and nothing else. Perfect! The heart is cute too. Body type: 10 Tiny tits, and a great ass. I?ll never complain. Attitude: 10. She has such unique characteristics. Slightly silly, great smile, and really erotic all in one.Body Language: 9.3 Choreograph: 9. Not much dancing however, shes not very graceful in what she does. This makes her far more authentic, and more attractive than some boring streamline...
Great body and a pretty face. Perfect! 10
this card has gone right up to one of my top cards.Model: 10 outfit: 10 shaking nice panty clad ass: 10 laying on the task bar doing nothing(4) but looking cute: 8
I thought that her Podium was good but she improves which each card. Would be nice if she got very explicit but still 10/10.
i dont know why her rating i so low, she has great body, moves slow and very sensual and she is pretty - i really like her
Demi provocatively dances and masterfully strips. She uses every inch of her slender well-proportioned body to entice. She has the face of a sweetheart, which is accentuated by her jeweled choker necklace and a simple apropos bouncy hairstyle. The VGHD blurb about her is accurate. Demi puts all of her energy into making a lasting connection to her audience, which makes her a very classy and endearing woman. This card presents Demi giving a 10/10 striptease performance. Happy Valentines Day.
I gotta go with the comments of the two guys below me. Demi puts on a hell of a show! She's got this awesome, playful smile, a firm tight bod, and has plenty of curves in all the right places. This is one of my all-time favorite cards.
This show is damn good, I can stop touching myself when I see it.
Beautiful lady! I would like to see her do more shows.
Demi is a real treat and she really enjoys what she is doing as she dances and her body is hot! She is a 10 in my book and she has such perky tits and nipples you just want to ... well you know... anyway she is a dream girl and you won't be disappointed if you choose her cause she will give you a decent show! Cheers!
When I read in her bio it says she has tiny tits i didn't bother buying this card but after seeing her bonus photos i change my mind. Her smile could charm and man. Now I am happy i did buy her cause her nipple are so... wow!
you take my heart away, Ily
Ginger or Mary Ann -- Demi of course! A must have for your collection. Can't take my eyes off her!
I'm fairly muscular so the idea of getting our thighs intertwined is crazy good. So you see the fact that she doesn't have the grace of a ballerina is fine by me. We'd be thunder and lightning thing.
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
She is a perfect 10 in my book. Such a natural beauty. Perfect face and body. Of all the models on VirtuaGirl, she is the ONE. She would even make the perfect little housewife.
she's hot
OK, she's Czech, like so many; but she looks like an absolute classic English Rose - and as an Englishman, how could I resist that smile? Moreover, the legs are majestic, the tiny titties just the right size, and the cozzie perfect for her colouring. An easy 10.
Love the legs! More please!!
just perfect, only to bad that the show only have a duration of 23 minutes, and that for al her 3 shows, come on DEMI give us a great time with your perfect body and looks, damn I like your styleyou are hot, a +10 for me
I love her...I have several of her Met Art photos and was surprised and glad to see her here.... I will buy all her cards as they appear It is her eves and smile that do it although I think she has a beautiful body and her shows are the best.
Another great show by Demi. Great card and a must for your collections. Thanks Demi X
Very sexy eyes, and a nice body, love the long legs
A good card, all-in-all. A cute model in a good performance. Although she looks a little bite unfamiliar with the pole.
Very sexy lady. I love the small natural titties
excellent, extremely pretty
this one surprised me. when I saw it coming I figured immediate delete. this girl is fun to watch though! if you are into big tits, its not for you, but I love her nipples. she is a joy to watch: cute/innocent/naughty/sexy all in one. nice lean body and she seems to enjoy herself which is a plus
definately the best of her 3 shows, the outfit works, and she plays to the camera very well...
Now, there is a face and expression that makes an old sailor stand up. 9/10 for me.
Good show. Great Smile. I gave her a 9.
I am so proud of Demi! She found her groove and found some rhythm. This show is good. The rest is up to her. All the best, girl....
She has nice ass and legs..
Demi's look is a bit more glamorous in her third show, with an outfit that is skimpier and more overtly sexy.She was again very charming and lovely to watch in terms of her demeanour. The performance mostly seemed rather static though. The only real changes in position came between clips rather than within them, and there were too many where she just lay across the screen with little or no movement. Her performance again lacked much real eroticism, although her performance seemed less forced her...
Pros - big juicy legs and a basketball ass; lots of smiles and interaction; she has an exceptionally fit physique (her na-na looks so neat, you can imagine it in your mouth)Cons - ungraceful dance style, the name Brunhilda comes to mindI may joke about Demi's awkward moves, but make no mistake, I'd bend her over in a heartbeat. Put her in some Applebottoms jeans and see how much attention she gets. 8 out of 10.
She´s not a good dancer, but her body is nice, specially her ass, hips and legs 8.5
Damn, this girl simply oozes cuteness. Overall, her body is too petite, too little-girlish for me, although she does have a nice ass as others have stated, and her legs are attractive. She doesn't flash her goodies as aggressively as some other VGs. And the card is a little bit too short for dropping two credits like I did.On the plus side of the ledger, she seems confident and pretty shy at the same time, and the result is pretty appealing. Demi's luscious, expressive eyes will pull you in and...
definitely a good show one of her best
Good card of Demi, very nice "Climb up" shows and great explicity. Nice smile and face, and I think thath she can make more better. 8/10
I get so hard whenever Demi comes on my desktop. Demi has a cute face with a wicked sexy smile and her body is smoking hot. I like her cute-petite breasts. She has a rare quality of being cute and sexy at the same time.
I was looking to expand my blonds, but I want explicitness. I am happy I downloaded this card. Sexy, Hot show looks better than the preview.
Mmmm, I like Demi. Her best asset is definitely her eyes and her smile. Her youthful age gives her a cuteness that is irresistable. The show itself takes a while to take off, but once it does get going, it is fun to watch. I think it is quite puzzling why suspenders are attached to the little skirt she is wearing here, when she's not wearing stockings in any of the scenes. It would have been nice to see Demi wearing stockings because she has nice legs. There is one reasonably explicit scene here...
Demi is a beautiful woman. She has a hot slender body, nice round tits and a little sweet ass. Her outfit is nice and the show is good.
Not my of a stripper, althought she does look great.
Better than average show
I like her smile, but it seems a little forced. And the pillow too. Nice touch, but seems like she's going out of her way to use the prop. That said, she's got a nice body, and a cute getup. 7-8/10
I think this is her best show till nowGood show (but there are a lot better girls and shows here)Defently not 1 of my first choises but worth the tickets
Nice performance, Hasn't got the shape I like. But, ye it's fine, but not one of my top ten.
Demi est ravissante et pleine de charme. C'est une vraie joile brune. Dommage qu'elle se soit épillé le sexe comme la quasi totalité des modèles. Personnellement je préfère qu'une fine toison vienne rendre encore plus mystérieux le sexe des femmes. Jambes fermées, place à l'imagination: il faut deviner (et c'est bon) ; et jambes ouvertes on voit apparaître une jolie fente bordée de lèvres donnant l'envie de s'y plonger, (avec les doigts, le sexe ou la langue - ce que font formidablement bien les...
Demi is a beauty. There is no denying that. However, She needs dance lessons Quick!!!!!! When I watch her I can't help but see a high class house wife trying to be a stripper. Two different worlds. What frustrates me themost about Demi's preformance is that she has potential to fog up my computer and over work my hard drive with that body and face of hers. She just has to let loose her inhibitions and grab hold of her wild side.As she is now I can only give her a 5/10. with potential for 10/10.t...
Demi hat ein süßes Gesicht, was aber schon alle Vorzüge in dieser Show sind. Das Outfit ist langweilig und strippen kann sie schon gar nicht. Dazu das alberne Herz, und die Show ist Kandidat für die Flop 10. (Wertung: 3 von 10 Punkten)
She look good while she does not move. But she is the horror as soon as she begins to move
Demi est une superbe fille au corps parfait et au visage d'une grande beautée. Elle gagnerait à être connue !
J'aime le show de ce superbe modèle !
Trés jolie femme et des cuisses à vous mettre l'eau à la bouche.
Wahnsinnig süßes Mädchen, perfekte Brüste (nach meinem Geschmack), super süßer Po, frisches freches Gesicht, der Typ mit dem Mann alt werden möchte und das Gefühl hat, etwas bleibt immer steif, 20/10
Thin and gangly, but still quite a pretty girl. I like her.
je la trouve tres jolie je lui met 9/10 si on la trouve un peu gauche elle est tres jeune elle ne peut que s ameliorer
Demi est charmante, elle a un mignon petit minou, un joli sourire, dommage simplement qu'elle ne soit pas plus à l'aise dans ses mouvements et sa gestuelle, un peu trop limite dans ce domaine, mais elle fera surement mieux une autre fois.
Demi hat einen sehr schlanken durchtrainierten Oberkörper mit kleinen festen Brüsten. Ihre Scham hat sie, bis auf einen kleinen ganz kurz gestutzten Bereich, rasiert. Sie ist hübsch und ihre Blicke sowie ihr Lächeln sind extrem sexy und verführerisch. Die Show ist auch sehr erotisch. Demi's "Untergestell" passt jedoch irgenwie nicht zum Oberkörper. Der weiblich runde Po ist noch OK, aber die im Verhältnis sehr kräftigen Oberschenkel und kurzen Beine führen zum Punktabzug. (7,5 also gerade noch 8...
Elle est jeune et ça se voit, trop rapide. Elle ne sait pas marcher de façon sensuelle. Sinon de tres jolie petit seins une foufoune aussi ravissante, peux mieux faire...a suivre.
Cette fille est mal classée injustement, c'est un Top, une perle rare 15/10 !!!
Boarrh-nej!...Weiß nich' was die alle an diesem Mädel finden. Sie ist nich' häßlich, hat einen schönen Knackarsch, süße Nippel und schöne Rehäuglein, aber das war's auch schon. Ihre Bewegungen, denn "Tanzen" kann man das wirklich nicht nennen, sind langweilig, eine kurze, ungefähr in Richtung "explizit" gehende Berührung ihrer Pussy, das war's. Sie hat sicher Potential, doch wie man auch in den Bonusvideos sehen kann, ist sie meiner Meinung nach nur halbherzig bei der Sache (hoffte wahrscheinlic...
3.1 (1152 votes)

Nibble me

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 49
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 184 MB

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User comments (37)

Just wonderfull.
Demi you are such a dork but what a hot body.. nice ass!
Very Nice. I really enjoy seeing her shows. Great Smile! Great Body! Natural looking beauty! Would love for her to have more shows. She looks like a fun lady, I would like to see more of her.
Demi is beautiful she reminds me of a old friend of mine from the army out of uniform if I could get my hands her I'd do more than just nibble on her Nice. SgtWoods
Ich liebe diese Frau. Absolut toll, super Show (kann mir allerdings vorstellen, dass sie nicht jedermanns Typ ist), mein Typ ist sie schon, also eher 37/10
I agree-Great ass..Award winning smile..although the lack of a landing strip really threw it off..for me,,but all in all i recomend this show...its not perfect,,but i'm not looking for that,,i'm looking for reality,,and this is close enough
Very pretty and sexy all the way around. The only thing that throws the show off a bit, not that it's that important, is the fact that I keep expecting a full growth of hair on her stuff. She just doen't look right shaved and Demi needs to consider growing pubs back down there. Other than that small inconsistancy, this is a great show and I love watching it.
Demi has hit a grand slam with this program. Her biggest assett is her smile. I hope she never loses it. I loved her hand work, she is one of the best at caressing herself. She also has a youthful look about her. Those piercing eyes, that say more than just "Hi, how are you?" If this were live I would definatly buy her a drink and tell her how I love her shows. I gave her a 10.
I love this one. I'm not a double D guy, and I am a fan of energetic, exciting women, so this hits my spot.
I have got to say the same thing as ghd020293. She just has something about her that does get to you. I would really love to see more of her! ;)
Hi Demi! You're so beautiful! You are very special, because you can break a man's heart with just your eyes alone.... xoxo's
Very sexy eyes, and a nice body, love the long legs
Delightful 9/10
OOOOH WOW! Demi is such a beautiful young woman. Her smile is really cute and her gorgeous soft brown eyes make me go weak at the knees. You will get a truer impression of her beauty if you watch her second video. There's a lovely freshness to Demi that you don't see very often and she has a fine lythe figure. Her bottom is truly wonderful; her cheeks are beautifully curved and accentuated by her slender waist. They just scream out to be fondled. Some of the criticism levelled at her dancing her...
Don't miss her video Demi02, it's really one of the hottest and most explicit I have seen so far on the site !Her cards are nice even if not the best ones around, but her videos are much better ! She is lovely and not shy, I hope we'll get her unreleased cards and she will be back for more... I was not one of her fans before but she just became one of my favorites right after I have seen her videos, lol !
Demi is my type of girl. An absolutely beautiful smile and something in the way she moves that really gets to me. More please!!!
Although not really a fan of Demi, I found myself quite enjoying this show. She is a solid, rather than great performer, but has a kind of 1950s pinup vibe about her in this one that I found appealing.Always charming with a gorgeous smile and some nice moments of viewer interaction, but she didn't move around or change position much on the task-bar and her dancing was rather repetitive in the standing clips and perhaps a little on the ungainly side. Pleasant to watch, but although she did try to...
Sexy woman. Nice ass. Not explicit, just some pussy rubbing. Deserves a higher rating.
Lovely, not a good dancer but she got one of the best asses in his place, 8/10
Demi is a nice woman. She has a beautiful slender body, nice round tits and a little sweet ass. Only the outfit isn't that hot, although she does a great show.
Very pretty face, she moves good, nice body too, of course she can make better, in this card is just 1 topless show. Avarage the outfit.
i don't really want to b mean but i totally dislike the jungle theme and the hair is too permed? for me otherwise the funny dancing is acceptable and is otherwise another good show
Nice, healthy thighs, hips, and a round juicy ass you'd just like to bite into. Makes you want to take her from behind. When she polishes her awkward, mechanical moves and becomes more natural with her transitions, she will move to the upper echelons.
Pros:I dig her body(8.5/10). Nice face & smile. One of the nicer asses u will see. Cute little tits.Cons:Moves(8/10). Not bad, but not good either. Too much repeating & dancing in the same spot. Also a few awkward moments. Clip variety(6/10) is terrible. It all looks the same & only 2 explicit clips--1 of which is about 10 secs long. Card length(6.5/10) is also horrid @only 23 mins long. A lot of short clips too. Sexiness(7.5/10). Demi has a nice body, but u never see her do much of anything wit...
Demi's dance "style" is rather clumsy and unerotic, but she has some redeeming features such as nice shapely legs, a great ass and a cute face. She's really trying and she gets credit for that. Rating 7.
Demi is a beautiful girl, but she moves awkwardly and her strip is not really all that sexy. Very nice ass and pretty eyes, a lovely girl I'd like to see up close. Just not a dancer.
I don't understand her high rating. There's not much to look at. I give her a 6 because she moves nice.
Demi fait très "petite fille", presqu'adolescente. C'est très mignon mais on en attend plus d'une modèle qui fait des striptease. Je suis un peu déçu. Elle est jolie et a un corp canon mais elle n'en profite pas. A peine quelques vues sur son joli minou... Rien sur la partie postérieure de son anatomie cachée. Elle serre les fesses... Dommage! Je lui mets 6. C'est un maximum pour ce show, mais reviens nous vite, en plus hard. Tu as ce qu'il faut pour nous enflamer. Bisous partout!
No way. Too skinny, terrible hair. She's got pretty eyes and a cute smile. Other then that she's not attractive. Skip this one.
Demi hat ein süßes Gesicht und einen schlanken Körper, was aber schon alle Vorzüge in dieser Show sind. Das Outfit ist langweilig und strippen kann sie schon gar nicht. Eine Show, welche bei mir nicht lange auf der Festplatte blieb. (Wertung: 3 von 10 Punkten)
Woah, where did you learn to move like that. Sorry to say but it's just horrible. It's like she's attached by strings. Shes gotta add more energy into it. There's not much to look at either. Disappointing, rated 3.
Ah, Demi! L'occasion de la découvrir faisant un strip me fait hyper plaisir surtout si l'on connait Demi en photos sur le web. Cette fille est super mignonne et trés souriante. Elle aime ce qu'elle fait. De plus elle a un cul adorable... Miam, miam !!
tres belle elle va s ameliorer
Elle est très mignonne, mais la prestation est vraiment faible, pas grand chose à en retirer.
Demi doit etre tres gentille j'en doute pas mais elle sort un peu de sa campagne, son show est un peu brut de fonderie. desolé ça manque de grace de sensualité, c'est un peu sacadé... mais elle a un tres jolie minou.
Very pretty girl, nice bum, but a bit gangly.
2.8 (1411 votes)


  • Shows: 18 clips
  • Duration: 19 min.
  • Bonus photos: 40
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 147 MB

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User comments (63)

A perfect 10 !! She has the looks and the moves to go along with a superbly smoking body !! Best model in my books !!!
tres belle fille et son show est pas mal excitant surtout qu elle est en pieds nus,moi qui adore les pieds des filles et ce qui est tres rare ici!!! un 10 pour ca!!!
I don't know what it is about Demi but I think she is great, for me she is 10/10. I think I am in love.
For my 3rd card of her -- Still seductive as hell! 10
Wow, I can't even imagine what gaqigycaHD could mean by, "She moves her hair in a beautiful way FOR A BRUNETTE" ...?? That's just weird.Anyway, Demi is one of my favorites! Love her smile, her body, and sense of humor! 10 stars!
Demi is a nice gal and I have to agree with what was said about the costume and that the colour is not great! She has a slender body and nice round boobs and she does her best to dance for you which is nice! I gave her a 8/10.
A solid 10. Good looks, dancer and nice breast! She also looks like a porn star called Vicca.
I would imagine the reason her average score is so low is because she shows her pussy very little. That just makes it all that much sweeter when she does.Demi reminds me of a girl friend I had with the way she presents herself. I found her show to be pleasing. It brought back plesant days of old when I was getting laid at a moments notice. I gave her a 10.
I rate high if she has the looks and the moves and her personality shows through nicely. Demi is always a top woman. Now if you are looking for a pretty outfit, I admit this one is not what I would choose. Upon reflection though, if a pretty outfit is all that's important, grab your Sears catalog instead and leave the rating to us. Demi is an absolute favorite!
Exceptional!!!! I had doubts about this card with the lowish ratings; however, I was sooo impressed. She has a gorgeous face, alluring eyes, perfect ass, perky tits, tight body... Wow. All the quality I am looking for! More quantity.... lots more!! GRRRR
Demi has a little bit more „stable“ hips and legs than most of the girls here. And with that she is a very nice welcome here. Combined with here really lovely face it is very pleasing to look at her show. If you like here appearance, then it is worth buying.
Very beautiful! Her body is a piece of art! Such beauty!!! WOW!!!
yeah a suprise! Once she got out of that spandex, I was blown away. Really like this one.
Love enters the heart through the eyes. One look at Demi's eyes and your heart will be broken forever! You are so beautiful Demi!
Demi is wonderful!!! I've always found her adorable! I'm a BIG fan of her's. I'd like to see her in more shows for VirtuaGirlHD! Bring her back!!!
Hooray for boobies!
Nice one, nice smile, very nice breasts and pussy.One of the hottest girls and a spicy addition to every desktop.
Didn't think I'd like this girl. She is thin,but she makes up for it in height. This woman has an fantastic body that won't quit! The other guy is right she has a great ass on her long thin frame. Hope she does more cards with more explicted content. Just for the shape of her body I give her a 9.
I think she is very sexy and this card a little under rated. I gave her a 9/10
This card really surprised me. She has probably the best abs of any girl on this site, and I think the low rating is very undeserved. I would say she is worth one ticket, although perhaps not two.
Very pretty girl, but boring card.
Demi: Podium- is petite & yet performs very well.I like when her hair moves during her performances.She smile very nicely & She she is a good looking brunette.
This chick is hot. I'm mostly an Eufrat fan, but this girl got it. Ya'll sleep on this, I love it. Azz showin everywhere.
un joli sourire avec un joli corps,un show moyen
At first sight, I didn't think I would like Demi much, but she does have a demeanour in her shows that is pleasant to watch. A motor racing theme for her début, with figure hugging style that suits her body shape. On the downside this is a very short show, which I didn't feel gave very good value.So only three clips on the task-bar, which honestly didn't give a great first impression of this girl. Static with very little movement or variation. She wasn't very expressive, lacking in both charm an...
I normally like shorter girls, just because they seem to have nicer proportion to their bodies. However, Demis proportions are just so attractive. nice large hips, nice thighs, wicked but and a decent sized boobies.she scores highly for me, even if this outfit doesn't really fit her that well.
Great ass and figure..the outfit really helps her show.
Demi is really cute. Nice body, but she doesn't really DO anything! Just wiggles.
I was unsure about this card because of the outfit,but i was shocked she is cute but not explicit but a good show after all.8/10
Demi is a nice woman. She has a beautiful slender body, nice round tits and a little sweet ass. Only the color of the outfit isn't the same like in the pictures, although she does a great show.
The costume ain't that bad compared to the other "racing car" outfits I've seen so far. Demi does know how to use it to her advantage. Very playful.
The model herself very attractive- the outfit I agrree could been much better. Maybe tighter and her sexy tight racing shorts instead. The outfit was very much a dud for me as well.
I do not find this outfit at all appealing. Demi is a beautiful lady but her beauty gets kind os swallowed up by this hideous jumpsuit. Yeuch, electric salmon pink kind of makes me want to throw up and it's a blessed relief when she peels it off. I think I can only rate this as an 8; the wardrobe department should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror before they inflict anything as dreadful as this on us again. Better still, why not just burn this garment and give it the funeral it...
Cute girl, but not one of the best!
This young lady looks, as if she was talked into this at the local bookstore/coffeehouse. She has the looks and tenacity for it. Maybe, she should hang out at some blues clubs and get the rhythm. Maybe some Albert Collins music would help. She should. She'll be a keeper. Love and Peace.
pretty face, sexy body - this girl would make one hell of a lapdancer.the outfit's pretty good if your as ass man :)more of her please!
Very sweet little show Demi 11/10 Thankyou X & all the best to you for 2008
Beautiful girl, would like to see more of her. The outfit was horrible and she still looked good. I'd like to see her in something a little more sexy.
I got surprised by this card. It doesn't look like it, but "Footnote" She gets barefoot in this card :) Just one clip though.
Why does she remind me of a platypus!? Funky shape - odd character. A 7 cause I'm nice.
ok this girl dances very well,didn't care for the outfit to much thought she could have shown more crotch. All in out a little hottie, I think her new show if any are to be done will be great shows this one is a keeper
Of course this card is not her best one, and to much simply on outfit, but seeing this girl nude, I can say tath she is a lot pretty, nice face and a nice pretty ass !!! She has a lovely body !!! But in pverall for this card Im sorry to give a 6, but I know thath she can make a lot better if she returns, and I hope so a lot, and I would invite Totem if he contact her again !!!
Pretty girl but the outfit leaves something to be desired...
Demi est jolie, mais peut douée pour l'exercice et puis cette manière qu'elle a de marcher en ayant l'air de glisser m'agace vraiment beaucoup, à ne pas recommander.
one gorgeous lady with a gorgeous body but a damn horrible costume! still, cant give her less then 6/10
Oh... she just dont know how to make a sexy show! Her show can be anything else but not sexy or hot. What strange moves and outfit. She must take some lessons from other girls. 5 from me.
This is one of the ladies that surprised me. Her still pics gave me a negative feeling and some of the comments reinforced that attitude but she turns out to be much more pleasing in her show than expected. If this was a real strip club I would probably be inclined to ask her to sit down and share a drink.
Have to agree with an earlier comment that the outfit is terrible and does not do justice to her figure!
who selected that outfit, seriously man come on! She looks like those Elvis imitators, nice body though but still 3/10
What's with this outfit? It's horrendous and makes her legs look really short. Not a good card at all. Three because she's not hidious.
Demi hat ein süßes Gesicht, was aber schon alle Vorzüge in dieser Show sind. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ihre anderen beiden Shows (Pink Villa & Nibble Me) noch überboten werden können, aber mit diesem Outfit hat sie es geschafft. Hässlicher wird schon echt schwierig... (Wertung: 2 von 10 Punkten)
I agree with 3886. The suit looks like a shaved teletubby costume, that for some reason is missing the top section.It actually makes her body look bad (fat ass and no tits).
Sexaniac kann das Elend ja kaum ertragen!
Nothing special.
not worth the money. she cannot dance. deleted card
très mignone quoique un peu frèle. Enfin un video qui ne soiot pas qu'un scéance de prise de photo. 9/10
Demi's Blicke und ihr Gesichtsausdruck sind, wie kaum bei einem anderen Girl hier, extrem sexy und verführerisch. Sie scheint viel Spaß bei ihrer Show zu haben und es macht auch Spaß zuzuschauen. Unter ihrem Overoll trägt Demi (natürlich) nichts. Ihr Oberköper ist sehr schlank, muskulös (etwas "knochig") und sie hat kleine feste Brüste. Ihr Arsch ist, im Gegensatz dazu, weiblich rund und auch ihre Beine sind etwas kräftiger. Ihre Scham hat sie bis auf einen ganz kurz gestutzten Bereich von ca. 1...
Pas très convaincante cette grande Duduche!
Un show plutôt bon. Je trouve Demi très belle et sexy, dommage que la tenue semble trop grande pour elle... Ma note : 07/10
Quite a sexy show, pretty woman.
Och nöööö, sie ist schon hübsch, aber bewegen kann sie sich nicht. Zum Fotos schießen ist sie bestimmt spitze, aber Video... Nö Danke, Ticket verschenkt. Die Klamotten sind auch recht komisch...
Elle est pas terrible et en plus elle ne sait pas danser ! Show à éviter de toute urgence !

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