Davon Kim

  • City: Cebu City
  • Country: Philippines
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.38 ft.
  • Weight: 95 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 32" / 24" / 33"

Stunning Filipina Davon Kim puts her petite body on the line in this one of a kind striptease. The heat of the lighting and the excitement of getting naked in front of the whole world for the first time helped Davon break a sweat, and once she got into the action there was no stopping her!

Number of shows: 10

Davon Kim's shows

3.9 (1716 votes)

Asian therapy

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 377 MB

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User comments (71)

Davon's moves are so provocative, and yet, so natural!
I love this card! Davon Kim is very beautiful and very sexy. I give this card a 10/10!
Ahhhh...be still my hammering heart...I've discovered another Asian beauty to "round-out" my collection. Davon Kim is now right up there with Mia for my favorite Asian women on VGHD. Seeing as how I can appreciate beauty in women of all shapes, sizes, and colors, Davon is an excellent addition to my collection.
Hot Asian bae, looking forward to collecting the rest her sets and hopefully she'll do ever more.
Nice! Davon Kim really impressed me in this card! Super sexy outfit that fits her nicely and Davon is even more erotic with her moves. Hope to see more of this lovely filipina.
Where are the stockings? there is not a single clip with stockings. Why pretend to show in categorie and bonus photos like there are?
Lovely ;-)
wow very nice
I can not have her in my collection after I purchased her
Supersexy bitch! A real tease.
I love this girl!!! Beautiful!!!
jaw dropping beauty
Im a big asian fan & this girl knocks it outta the park! Very beautiful girl & she's def got some move's! Gonna check out her other outfits...........here starts another love affair.....lol!
Very nice a beautiful Asian girl : )
muh bohi means hello . shes one hot number
Sweet Body and I Love Davon's Long Hair.
Pure Beautée !
wow very sexy
wow heisses outfit super geil
Super sexy filipina
super show avec cette petite asiatique tres sensuelle
Love her 10 rate, no question.
Davon is most underrated lady on this site. I give her a full 10+ and rate all others to her beauty.
une vraie petite perle asiatique dans un tres bon show ,avec une tenue des plus excitante!!! un grand 10
wow .sexy perfection
Beautiful........just beautiful...... ;D
So sexy that a goddess hate's her a must have I wonted to have her as my lady when I first seen her strip she is lust.
love her dancing for me ! anyone should rate her 10 hes so cute and sexy amazing show love you!
I love her shows just Perfect 10/10 i want More!!!!
Davon Kim is a beautiful Asian woman! She really looks like she is enjoying herself as she dances into your heart! Come on, fake boobs or not, she is still gorgeous and her smile is something to remember! Regardless, of her slight imperfections with her boobs, she is still worth the time to sit and watch her dance her way across your screen and into your lustful hearts! Cheers!
Ah Davon, what a great distraction you are! Due to the outfit there are no "clean" clips. But like a great tasting piece of pie that will kill your diet, you would never touch the "light" version of it. Totem, bring her back for more. Maybe a duo?
Woulda been the perfect girl except for the fake boobs. Everything else on this girl is flawless. Girls, don't get huge fake boobs that don't fit your body type. Still gets a 10 from me. She's better than a 9 but I'd give her a 9.5 if I could.
I'm glad this show is soundless because Davon's voice is kind of creepy (don't watch the interview !). That sexy asian babe has a very nice outfit, letting us see her amazing boobs. She's very flexile and provides a good quality show, hot enough to drive you mad ! My only regret : not in HD !
Le troisième show que j'ai obtenu de cette charmante asiatique. Son haut et sa petite culotte en résille sont particulièrement sexy et mettent ses formes en valeur, par un chaud effet de transparence. Souriante, elle bouge de façon énergique. Elle caresse son corps avec une sensualité séduisante et très agréable. J'apprécie le mouvement de ses hanches accentuant les douces courbes de ses fesses. Une "thérapie" qui re-donne le moral :-)
Another very sexy outfit for Davon Kim in the final release from her set of 6 cards. It's another see-through costume, however, which tends to negate the impact of a striptease.On the task-bar she was sexy and seductive as ever, but also charming and interactive with it. These are right up there with the best of her task-bar clips.The pole clips were variable. In some she performed with great style and enthusiasm, using the pole well and including a few moves. In others she made very little use...
You are a beauty !
In my opinion, Davon is one of the top five VG girls in terms of raw sex appeal and sensuality.She may be a skinny mini, but her moves and energy are so captivating, she can easily draw you in. Her beautiful face and flawless skin are icing on the cake.The only demerit I have is this outfit. For some reason , this one is not my favorite. Other than that, no issues. 9 out of 10.
Asians are my favorite, and Davon doesn't disappoint. I wish we had more hot Asian girls on this site. Only 2 Asians worth looking at here. VG2 had some nice Asian girls, I wish we could have more like that.
lakas ng dating mo devy k.
KIM I you in this card.You seem more sexy here than the other cards. I like more thank you for this card. So I rate you a 9.5.
Hmm, where are her stockings in the show?
everyone has to have this one
What a beautiful girl from head to toe
If you like your Asian spices hot, Davon Kim is the tastiest dish on the menu. Order with confidence, and enjoy!
Of the way-to-few Asian chicks , Davon is the best . Not really into Oriental girls ,but this sweetie deserves a 9/10 .
If you want to get this card for any "stockings" then you will be sorely disappointed. There isn't a single clip with them on, so the "bonus photo's" are basically a lie.Screw you Totem. If you aren't gonna show any clips with stockings, don't pretend like there are.
Here is a true Pearl of the Orient! I now have 4 of her cards and it is very hard to pick a favorite. She is the most beautiful Asain woman that I have ever seen. She could share a foxhole with me anytime! 10/10.
Davon is by fare the best Asian here. 10s for all her shows
Very hot asian girl. I like this kind of show. Thanks Totem for that quality.
Gute Show.
Top Girl, verry sweet, sexy Body and good moves, but there no Stockings at all, shame ;-(
trés jolie fille aux seins merveilleusement dessinés et féline à souhait...elle bouge un peu vite pour moi et les scénes explicites manquent de conviction
Nice show
good show and hot body but the boobjob kinda ruins her look
I just love the shape of her pussy! god it makes me so hot!!
I have to admit with everyone, she is hot!But i noticed that she always has her lips in that way that she is constantly waiting for a kiss... (i dont know the word it in english)But it annoyed so much that it ruined the whole show for me. I dont know why i find it so annoying, and meaby its all just me, but.... it did.besides the lip touting (i hope that is the word) this clip is very good! so if you can see past the lip thing this is a great show!!
show very weak.
Cool outfit, but I don't like her face.
I love Asian women, but if fake boobs are that obvious with clear visible scars - sorry, that turns me off ...
Mai is hotter
Was admiring this girl that I found to be very hot. But then she stuck her tung out seductive. Eww a to9ngue ring. *huge turn off* Won't be buying this girl. -deleted-
Belle Femme qui fait rêver .... Moi , j'aime les ASIA même que j'ai une Femme Vietnamienne et moi du sans Chinois ALORS !!!!!
Alors là, je dis oui. Bien mieux que le show précédent, Davon est magnifique ici. Téléchargé sans regrets.
Davon ist eine sehr hübsche Asiatin, die sich sehr schön bewegen kann. Nur ihre OP-Narben an ihren künstlichen Boobs gefallen mir weniger. Sonst ist sie eine sehr erotische Langhaarbeauty. Top !
a very beautiful young woman i really i would like to have her in my bed by night
Very attractive, but she's never been one of my favourites.
Elle se dandine avec des miches grotesques. L'explicite ? Déplorable, pourtant j'aime bien les asiatiques. 5 bien payé.
4.3 (347 votes)

Duo with Maria Bellucci

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 398 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (13)

Maria Bellucci is the best MILF I've ever seen ! Her sensuality and her beauty are incredible, and she has in this card 2 great orgasms, thanks to Davon Kim, that sweet and hot asian girl. The chemistry is definitely obvious between those two sexy women. I can't give them anything else than a 10 !
... it seems that no matter who the Duo stars at least one "stars" has fake boobs. i guess I'll have to live with that fact. a damn pity really. i wish these women would realize that natural IS beautiful. round 'bumpers' {if you will}, are not. other than that, this is a hot card and i suggest it. a damn pity :-( plastic tits ... not to mention the scars!
Davon Kim & Maria Bellucci are awesome in this card. Maria licks and dildos Davon and then sits in Davon's face and spreads her gorgeous ass and big, pink pussy as she gets dildo fucked!! Great card!
Interestingly different girls put together - Davon Kim, slender asian, in black pumps, and Maria - with more flesh, but not too much by any means. In black sandals (leg lovers note - keep the shoes on in all clips - sweet). Great illustration that even so the girls are so different, both are really beautifull. And present really great show.
wow what a sexy card
Unfortunately not much card here offers anything more than some naked girls doing some monotone job with a piece of plastic. Now this is one of the few that DOES have something unique on top of that! They have a light "roleplay" going on through most - if not every - of the clips, where Davon is Maria's personal "sex toy". And the sweet little babe Davon Kim fits this role marvellously. Unfortunately the bulk of the clips feature simple and short boob licking or dildo play. I only noticed one li...
I agree and I have not even seen the card yet! I already know that this card is going to be great! 10/10...
The cards with Maria are always special: there are never ending orgasms; here Davon Kim is very hot, I rate 100/10 :))
I've seen better performances, but Davon is one of very few hot Asians available so I had to have it.
This card has a long clip where Davon is dildoing Maria and she gives her an enthusiastic rim job, pucker licking, TWICE in the same clip!Davon's really into it,she looks so good giving pucker love, she's gotta get out there on the web & do more HC vids soon!Maria is really appreciative of it, I would have liked it if she'd returned the favor to Davon, but not to be...alas.Davon is so good at bustin' outa her "cutsie-girlyness" into raw, hot sexy, explicit action!I wish she'd have done MUCH MORE...
Pendant le telechargement du show, j'ai vu quelques photos avec le set qui montre un des positions qu'on ne retrouve plus dans le show... Ou est donc passé le 69?? Bon show cependant.
Clip Notes™ for b0122 - Davon Kim & Maria Bellucci/Duo Black dress, black heels; white dress, black heels 5. 0:27- Standing, No nudity 6. 0:13- Table, No nudity 7. 0:18- Table, No nudity 8. 0:25- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 9. 0:33- Table, Topless 10. 0:34- Standing, Brief Nudity 11. 0:34- Standing, Nudity 12. 0:46- Table, Nudity 13. 0:38- Standing, Topless; Nipple sucking, kissing 14. 0:26- Table, Topless; Nipple sucking 15. 0:41- Standing, Nudity; Nipple sucking 16. 0:33- Table, Topless; Nipp...
Good Show! When DK gets it from maria! Maria is really trying to get off but Dk dosent stroke her like she wants... Would be a 10 if that happened...
4.3 (1068 votes)

Midnight kiss with Blue Angel

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 81
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 598 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (41)

Thanks again & God be Praised!...I enjoyed the photos,video and performance.I'll keep Blue Angel and Davon Kim close to my Heart in prayer as with ALL my other friends.I really like oriental girls(and I like Davon Kim especially the way she speaks).Of course I also like Blue Angel also but Davon Kim is my real sweetheart.This card is amongst my favorite duos.It is an Honor and a Pleasure to have Blue Angel and Davon Kim performing on my desktop.
5 star X 2
a very nice and enjoyable show from123love thank you arthur
Estas dos gatitas son de lo mejor para darles lechecita caliente por todo su body, mmmmm... que locura de miradas sensuales y bellas, uffff, no puedo aguantar más, me corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
I bought this card just because Blue Angel. She's just hot.
Can't get enough of these two togetherI always pick cute girls with nice ass and can move that body 10
Obwohl beide nicht mein Traumfrauen sind, macht mich ihre show total an, beide zeigen sich von ihren besten Seiten, vor allem im Zusammenspiel klasse!
Blue Angel & Davon Kim sont de superbes panthères mais qui ne doivent pas être classées dans les femmes ayant des grosses poitrines. le show n'est pas mal.
Ah, yes, two of my favorite Virtuagirls together...what more could I ask for??? Definitely pleased with this card!!!
Superbe duo ainsi que le show, 10 / 10 dans tous les domaines
simplement excelent tres coquine , un bon et jolie duo, bravo
smooth vivid seductive... they should be features in every way....if this was my site hmmmmm.... must increase purchase to at least a 5 credit charge...beautiful and mesmerizing in all ways..this is what makes V\G well worth it...
This is a great couple! I like this card. I would like to suck this blue angel nipples!!!
Side by side synchronized twat rubbing and hip gyrating. Yes please!!
2 Wahnsinns Frauen, einfach total sexy, hot, und vor allem die blonde ist ein Traum! :-) Machen eine gute Show, und daher absolut zu empfehlen!
These two babes are magnificent, a must have card for everyone !!!!
wow very hot
It would be bliss if Blue Angel would put on some shows alone or with one more girl.
Blue Angel has a perfect ass an pussy! Davon is Smokin Hott.. what more could you ask for in a duo?
sexy ladies, sexy outfits, sexy dancing, acually looks like your into each other at times, best duo!! 10/10
oh my days. get blue angel on some solo stuff. no offense to kim but i didnt look at her for a second.
This duo is the best on on VG. Absolutlely perfect! The girls, the clothes, the movement...wow!!! A perfect 10! :)
best of the pairs that i've seen
dude! this card is so sexy, one of the best in virtuagirl!
well the interesting part about this duo is that in many clips it is more like having 2 solos on one stage. There is not so much interaction between them as you might think. Of course there also is interaction especially in the explicit and x-rated parts. But many clips also have solo or mostly solo performances (one girl just comes in towards the end of the clip) And then there these clips were both girls are on the stage but mainly care about us then each other. They look at us (the cam) most...
All I can say is WOW! What a great pairing! They both have this raw sexual energy about them, and their eye contact with you is awesome. The outfits are great, too.I can't get over Blue Angels's breasts either. I could suck on those puffy nipples for hours! I'm getting so sick of these porno star types on here lately, with their silicone enhanced lips & breasts. How refreshing to finally see a natural looking girl again. I hope to see many more shows of this cutie!And Davon Kim has always been a...
A great pairing of these underrated models/performers when they go solo. Its a 10 and keeper
Clip Notes™ for a0818 - Blue Angel & Davon Kim/Midnight kiss No audio 4. 0:41- Standing, No nudity; Both 5. 0:38- Standing, No nudity; Blue Angel 6. 0:46- Standing, No nudity; Davon Kim 7. 0:44- Standing, No nudity; Blue Angel 8. 0:56- Pole, No nudity; Blue Angel 9. 0:57- Pole, No nudity; Blue Angel 10. 1:11- Pole, No nudity; Davon Kim 11. 1:24- Pole, No nudity; Both 12. 1:28- Table, No nudity; Both 13. 1:58- Standing, Topless; Both 14. 2:49- Table, Topless; Both 15. 0:45- Pole, Topless; Davon K...
Si ce n'est les faux seins vraiment moches de Davon, ce duo virtuagirl serait vraiment très réussi, Blue Angel est divine de charme et de sex-appeal.
I got this card because these two girls have nice asses. And they look good together. 9/10 for me.
One of the best duo cards! The lone X rated clip in this show is excellent. The photo set is top notch, easily in the top ten of all photo sets on VGHD. It must be noted that stockings are not removed in this show, and therefore the claim of FULL nudity is not true. Still recommended, especially if you can buy it on special offer.
Not bad but I was hoping for more touching each other
Blue Angel has NICE puffy nipples ! Great Show !
Fully agree with last post - very very sexy. Blue Angel especially. Great outfits too.
Maybe I'm just having a bad day...but this card didn't do as much for me as I'd hoped. I love the interaction between the two. I was blown away by Blue Angel...she absolutely MADE this card, in my opinion. I really like Davon Kim...but something about her bothered me through the whole performance...and that was a brittle-like smile. It was plastered there almost the whole time. Kinda freaked me out a bit. I'd rather see a genuine smile every now and again than a fake one all the way through. But...
I'm gonna be honest, the only girl I look at while playing this card is Blue Angel. The way she struts her hips while looking at me just has me goin' crazy! Great eye contact and enthusiasm, what can I say, I'm a sucker for blonds. Would love a solo card from Blue Angel, I see a lot of potential!
Davon Kim:6Blue Angel:10Davon Kim and Blue Angel Together:7
Davon Kim looks great in this card, having had her previously unflattering boob job reduced a bit. Blue Angel looks lovely, but not really my type.5 of the 8 task-bar clips here typify the reason I don't like duo cards. Lesbian interaction, which I find almost unwatchable, but is likely too tame for those who enjoy it. The other 3 had very little interaction between the girls, but I found it rather difficult to concentrate on what amounted to two simultaneous solo performances. Both girls perfor...
meiileur duo loin devant les autres
Two very sexy girls, especially blue. Great card.
4.4 (791 votes)


  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 56
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 336 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (40)

The eyes have it! Davon's eyes lead you streight to the bedroom!
We want to give it to you as bad as you want it honey!!! :)
I don't usually like fake tits either but on davon they look great. She puts on an amazing show, and if you think the orgasms are fake...pay close attention to how wet her pussy gets...At one point her pussy is actually dripping. I will watch this show over and over again. By far the best show here!!!!!
this is the best deskbabes card. Davon should teach other girls how to talk, how to make horny, hot and amazing show!!!! love her! 10/10
i love Davon Kim, this card is awesome, i love her girly giggles and her dirty talk, she is the best filipino girl on here and she just so happens to be the only onemore filipinos please!
Lovely girl. Period. Great performance. Period. And from a leg lover perspective... she keeps stockings on. Very nice
Kim is definitely perfect, so sexy. And his dirty speaking is so perfet. Must have.
Wow!! Davon Kim is definitely one of my favorite Desk Babes ever! Davon is explicitely sexy, her body is one of the best, and heck...her dirty talk alone is enough to get you excited! 10's for the lovely pinay representing!
I LOVE Asian chicks and Kim definately confirms that. I love her dirty talking. Yes, Kim I would like to jam my dick in your tight pussy. Lets have beautiful Asian babies. :D
This girl is fantastic ! must have !!!
Wunderschön rasierte Muschi die von Ihr ausgiebig mit dem Vibrator verwöhnt wird
The best dirty talk at this page
good card, only 23m still a pretty good asian show. deskbabes should make more of these sexy asian girls.
Davon Kim ist eine der schäfsten Mädels bei VG und DB. Bisher für mich die beste show, liegt aber auch daran, das ich eine Vorliebe für Asiatinnen hab. Dennoch, ihre Clips sind gut geschnitten. Es gibt genügend Hardcoreszenen und ihre Stimme ist der Hammer... Das Autfit ist mehr als ansprechend und sie ist voll bei der Sache und Spaß an dem was sie tut. Großartige Karte.10/10
This is an awesome card and one of the best DeskBabes cards I?ve seen yet. Davon Kim is one of the favored Asian women on VirtuaGirlHD and her move to DeskBabes is excellent. She has a great, high-pitched Asian girl voice and she talks and makes sexy sounds throughout most of the scenes in this card.
yeah....this is good..hehe
wow - noch schärfer noch heißer - mit eine der besten cards !!!!!
Absolutely Fantastic. She is an excellent performer.
She did an amazing job. Hot dirty talk, sexy stockings, wonderful toy suckings, nice moaning this is a great set. More more more like that. I love solos with girls in stockings!
I completely agree with @plasonic...only to add. WET!!! WOW!
Davon always did put on a hot show. And this card is the hottest one yet
very hot girl ^^
She takes my breath away...
In this card, Davon is a 10++!!! I can't believe how HOT she is!!! This is an on-fire card!!! WOW!!!
Oh yes, totally agreed, plasonic! This card is exactly what we need from DB, keep it up like this, Totem, record-breaking!
OMFG!THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TOTEM!(only longer, please!)Davon is so natural in her eroticism and now shows that she is also free, intelligent, confident, & oh so effective in her sex talk stimulation as well! Her speaking is a happy blend of cute girly tones and intensely erotic words merged with a joyous "your girlfriend" delivery.Cutely spreading her gorgeous legs she pumps dildo & fingers into her sweet pussy all the while saying how "fucking good it is" "fuck me more, I love your cock""feel my...
My favorite by far, her pussy is drypping really drypping, I whis thoug that the zoom level wash a bit higher, she´s a bit small im most clips,even the lage ones
Her show gets a 10 but I do not like false tatas. I gave it a nine. If you view her bonus clips you will notice the scars [see: davon_kim02], a real pity to deface such a pretty girl ...
Very nice show, sexy accent and a heavenly body. Only anal is missing, that makes it a 9/10
Sehr hübsches Mädchen, schöne An- und Einsichten, bestimmt der Traum vieler Männer. Nicht ganz mein Fav. 9/10
I really enjoy this asian beauty and it's my favorite asian of virtuagirl !She have perfect boobs and what a ass !!! I really want more of Davon Kim...Great show ! 9/10
Short and sweet. Perhaps too short? Although the early fade-outs in some of the clips are annoying, Davon Kim really delivers with an intensely slutty performance. I recommend playing "Me So Horny" by 2 Live Crew while you watch ;)
Clip Notes™ for b0123 - Davon Kim/Solo White and black bra, skirt, and thong, black stockings, heels 3. 0:34- Standing, No nudity 4. 0:30- Standing, No nudity 5. 0:32- Standing, No nudity 6. 0:41- Table, No nudity 7. 0:42- Table, No nudity 8. 0:34- Standing, Topless 9. 0:35- Standing, Topless 10. 0:59- Table, Topless 11. 1:14- Table, Topless 12. 0:37- Standing, Full nudity 13. 0:29- Standing, Full nudity 14. 1:05- Table, Full nudity 15. 1:07- Table, XXX; Rubbing 16. 1:00- Table, XXX; Rubbing wit...
Not really a fan of this show.. She giggles alot and it got annoying for me.. Some foot play which im not into but she is very explicit and raw..
Well, I like asian girls and especially the shows of Davon Kim on Virtual Girl. But THIS card was a bit disappointing me! IMHO here she is not acting same sexy, like I saw her on Virtual Girl! Her outfit is not so nice, she doesn´t strip it off, and her talking is often repeating very same things like "hello sweety, I wanna show you...". I like Davon Kim, and finally I hope she will be in another show here: more sexy outfit and more full nude.
a childlike model with average Show, fake titts tongue piercing and too slim. Low interesting
Reizend, besonders ihre Worte, 5,0
I find her very sexy with a lovely body and she moves beautifly. A 5 star
4.3 (501 votes)

Duo with Dorothy Black

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 19 min.
  • Bonus photos: 70
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 315 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (18)

A very strong performance from 2 very beautiful girls.
More Davon!!!!!!!
i like Davon Kim, i think i'll go as far as saying i love her, she has an amazing body, i love her fake tits and her voice is so cute and makes me so hard when i hear her talk.Dorothy Black is hot too, i like her big boobs and her ass is awesome but i prefer Davon Kim to her
From leg lovers perspective - the heels stay on in all clips, Davon Kim wering animal print platform pumps, and Dorothy in white pumps. As for the girls, they are - purrfect. As for the action, maybe too few clips, where they play with each other, and too many, where they play separately for the camera (well, each one pumping her own dildo, like competing or something... also the clips are a bit short)
Super show
super sexy
Took me a while to rate this card for various reasons. The biggest, are the biggest, BREASTS. Natural is better but in the case of Devon Kim, better, is better. Then there is the lack of rhythm, these girls do not dance around the stage, I kinda wish they had the same enthusiastic fluttery as Melisa, they are just built for sexiness. Lastly is the lenth, only 19 minutes, I mean are things that busy so that you do not have time to extend an awesome set like this for some golf, or yoga? Then after...
Wow. No wonder these are top rated models on DeskBabes. Dorothy Black's DOB is 2OCT77.
Great to see Davon Kim, Thanks, Just a small thing, is Dorothy Black 33 or 23?
In this card there are few words and more hot clips; I have taken this card for Dorothy Black but I have discovered a very hot Davon Kim; very thanks :))
Davon Kim a une présence marquante dans ces strips et c'est une joie que dans la revoir en duo en pleine haute définition d'image. Je l'ai déjà vu dans des photos érotiques sur des sites comme Mc NUdes où son charme vole la vedette. Je suis content de la voir dans des scènes encore plus ouvertement sexuelles.
Thanks so much for bringing great Davon Kim back to our desktops!!! Davon Kim is always an phantastic addition for every DeskBabes collection and an 'must have' for every DeskBabes lover!!! :-) This lovely duo animation is an 10/10 :-)
Surprizing couple. The mature beauty of Dorothy and the exotic looks of Davon. Iit works. These beautifull lady's going for it. Hot show. Espacially Davon knows how to play with a toy.
This card is a study in opposites. Davon Kim is a tiny, thin Asian woman with small (fake, but small) breasts. Dorothy Black is a muscular, European woman with big fake breasts. Davon has a high, reedy Asian voice and Dorothy has a lower, more rolling voice. The two are different in almost every way.The card itself is a good one, though I?d expected the contrasts between the two women to be more played up with one maybe a little more domineering over the other. As it is, it is good, but not real...
Not a bad card, but I was a little bit disappointed. Both girls are very sexy. I mostly got it for Davon Kim due to my inclination for Asians, and I was a fan of Davon in VG. There are some great clips here, but I just felt that Davon was hesitating during many of the scenes where she was thinking about licking Dorothy, but just couldn't do it. The scenes where it looked like she was licking her, the camera was blocked by Dorothy's leg or the back of Davon's head, so there was probably no contac...
Clip Notes™ for b0118 - Davon Kim & Dorothy Black/Duo Tiger bikini, white heels; black leopard dress, black thong, leopard heels 3. 0:19- Standing, No nudity 4. 0:23- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 5. 0:28- Standing, Topless 6. 0:25- Standing, Topless 7. 0:28- Table, No nudity; Kissing 8. 0:30- Standing, Topless 9. 0:29- Standing, Topless 10. 0:23- Standing, Topless 11. 0:40- Standing, Topless 12. 0:38- Table, Topless; Nipple licking 13. 0:38- Table, Topless; Nipple licking 14. 0:39- Standing, XXX...
This was a different card. Not bad. Good looks.
Not getting another dorothy Black card. She looks at the screen way too much and has an insultingly obvious fake orgasm. Would have deleted this card if not for Davon kim
3.8 (1014 votes)

Bengal tigress

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 425 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (29)

the first cad i have choosen. she knows how dance in a sexy way.. absolutly divine
Definitely five stars; Davin is magnficent
Miss Kim, you are so sexy.
Cute face... perfect body... bad boob job.
i've said this before and i'll say it again, i love Davon Kim! she's beautiful, she's sexy, she's dirty as hell and she know's how to get a guy hard, i especially love her big fake tits, keep the sexy asians coming VGHD especially Davon Kim and other filipina models
Davon Kim is one of the most sexiest girls and love to have it. sexuality, nice body and magnificent move.
Davon Kim is SlimTastic, always in her StripperBabe persona, & never quits in her endeavor to get you off! Beyond her outstandingly sexy body & pretty face that's what I love about all her shows here on VG! In this one there is a bar-girl dancer aspect to her "Foxy Prancer" moves. Her slim tangin' ass is a lucious gift as she wiggles it across my gaze.She does nice full on cookie/pucker exposure on all cards to make her performances all come into the "Complete" catagory, that is, balance between...
Kim is a sexy woman who knows how turn you on. Perfect boyd from head to toe her shows are wonderful and full of spunk I own all her shows and Jump for joy when a new card comes out 10/10
Mmmm...this Bengal Tigress has me fantasizing about Davon Kim! I bet Davon can get pretty wild in bed! Especially when I see her squatting down and moving those hips round and round while teasingly playing with her tongue ring...you can only imagine what naughty things this beauty can perform. Great performance. Keep those sexy asians coming VGHD!
Truly amazing show. I love her straight hair. 10/10
I have to agree with GermanMusician's sentiment. I think she's beautiful but the visible scars are an unavoidable detraction. I don't mind fake, but when it's blatantly apparent it makes it less appealing imo.
I've been looking forward to this show more than any of the others, and it does not disappoint. I'd love to run my tongue up and down this sexy lady and between those beautiful breasts.
I think she knows how to bring the heat.
Davon Kim looks absolutely fantastic and incredibly sexy in this tiger stripe bikini. My favourite outfit for her to date I think.On the task-bar she was slow and sensual in style, with great eye contact and an effective sense of viewer interaction.In the pole clips she was up-tempo, stylish and fun. She made good use of the pole for a non-pole dancer, including a sprint entrance and swing on the pole in one clip. Although entertaining, she didn't do anything else particularly impressive.In the...
I love this outfit on Davon. The print and color matches her skin tone, gorgeous face and ever-flowing raven hair perfectly.Davon delivers sexy action as always. I think she is the best looking skinny-mini on VG. She just has to add some variety, or you might wind up getting used to her, which should not happen for a girl this hot. 9 out of 10.
Pour commencer Davon Kim a un magnifique visage encadré par des cheveux soyeux tombant en cascade. Par la suite, en descendant le regard, on peut voir une belle poitrine avec des seins ronds se terminant par une auréole brune parfaite. Elle sait se prodiguer de chaudes caresses qu'on aurait plaisirs à lui prodiguer. En de chauds mouvements, elle nous donne à admirer mont de venus qui est parfait, tout comme la courbe de ses magnifiques fesses. Les mouvements séduisants et fluides de sa danse met...
Davon serait parfaite sans cette poitrine mal refaite, il n'en reste pas moins qu'elle dégage de l'énergie et que la prestation se suit avec plaisir et puis les longs cheveux bruns et le coté exotique, c'est quand même bien.
seductive. like other said, though, not her best show
Sandra H. and Davon Kim are beyond doubt the 2 hottest women on this site. This card is a must have for any man who appreciates Asian beauty at its finest. 10/10!!!
Very hot asian girl, but it isn't her best show.
Who cares about fake boobs as long as your getting some. She is still a hot little Asian Goddess.
i don't think this a bad show... but its not her best... i definately liked the straight hair...
as i love em asian i find her very pretty,however the show itself is rather bland.
Fake boobs with clear visible scars - how sad ...
She's grown on me. I like her a lot.
una de las mujeres mas exsoticas y sexi de mi coleccion.un dies para esta reyna morena
un super show chaud et explicite !!! very exciting !!!
Davon est plus jolie que maï,mais j'ai un problème avec son regard. Ses longs cheveux qui caresses sa poitrine magnifique sont un vrai régal pour les yeux! Elle a beaucoup de grâce et elle ondule pour nous exciter comme les grandes pro savent le faire! Et son corps est un enchantement! Son petit cul pommelé est bien ouvert et elle aime visiblement que l'on s'occupe de son beau petit anus coquin:) Mais le clou du spectacle,c'est la scène ou elle écarte ses cuisses superbement fuselées sur une cha...
3.8 (984 votes)

Chinese checkers

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 46 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 513 MB

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She can king me anytime!
красивая девушка !!!
Davon Kim is my favourite asian VirtuaGirl!! I love everything about her, she's beautiful, sexy, has a great body and a killer dancer. i wonder what she's like in bed?
If there is another asian girl cute like her, please let me know.....HOTI always pick cute girls with nice ass and can move that body 10
fantastica !!!!!!
encore un tres bon show de Davon tout comme ses autres shows!!! toujours aussi belle et ,sensuelle et explicite!!! a quand Davon dur Deskbabe ??? un grand 10
Il n'existe pas de carte de Davon Kim qui soit mauvaise. Elle attaque chacune de ses prestations avec le même niveau d'énergie. Son visage est expressif et elle ne craint pas de faire des gestes lubriques.
Wow! you are amazing! I read your interview. If you are bi-sexual, Why not have a "duo" shoot for all to see? Hook up with a hot girl and add that to the site! I would pay 25 credits to see that! (well, maybe not 25-hehe!) Would be worth it though!
Je vote 10 pour remonter la note de Davon Kim car ce show ne mérite pas moins de 9.5 :) Bon c'est vrai que je suis aussi un fan :)
she is beautiful yummy
What a dream she is! i got a soft spot for asian girls and this girl is just wow;) 10/10 from me for sure!
This is by far my favorite card. Absolutely no regrets. In her interview she has the cutest voice.
Davon Kim does it for me. 10/10 for her latest card: Chinese Checkers.
This show is all Win in my book... i haven't liked her other ones that much... but this one seems to do all things right... great outfit ... spend tickets now...
This girl is purely amazing I want to lick her from her head to her toes and all places in between!
She is the best Asian girl 10/10
This is my least favourite outfit for Davon Kim yet. There's nothing wrong with it really, but it's just not as striking as her previous costumes. The slightly curlier hairstyle is rather fetching though.She seemed a little more subdued on the task-bar in this one, but no less sexy. Once again she used her looks and her body in great style to seduce the viewer. Her eye contact was a little intermittent in places though and the scene with the spray-on lotion was a bit static and failed to hold my...
As always, Davon delivers the sex appeal. Alluring outfit and lots of smiles. 9 out of 10.
Asian girls are great...Trust me you last too long ...if you what I mean
Finally a beautiful asian girl that should displace Mai as the #1 asian girl on the site. Definitely a keeper in my collection and I will be looking for more from her.
Very hot asian girl. I like this kind of show. Thanks Totem for that quality.
Down right hot card. Love they full, no shoes, nudity. Explicit pussy rubbing. Sexy hair and eyes. Hate the tongue stud though.
O wow this is a good card! She has great moves. She shows her feet. She gets full nude. Only negative is that she does this pucker-face and won't stop!So I would say 9 out of 10 for me :)
exile you should have waited now its for 1ticket lol. The show is good 9/10
Nice outfit of Davon here in this card, with some good explicity shows. Maybe she is not my tipe of girl, but she has a pretty face and smile. In overall , for me, this is a good card. 8/10.
She has grown on me. I like this show.
Devon is, by far, the most provocative stripper I've seen. Her every move makes you think of what lies "beneath"!
Le charme à l'orientale c'est vraiment bien, surtout si c'est Davon Kim qui nous le fait découvrir. Splendide !
Je suis d'accord avec mes camarades , Davon est une jolie asiatique... Au début , je voulais lui mettre 7 ou 8 car je n'aime pas son regard globuleux et sa bouche en coeur agaçante !!! Mais son corps est très beau avec de bons gros seins , un cul que l'on désire utiliser et sa petite chatte très mignonne!!! Elle aime sa chatte car elle la caresse avec frénésie , mais sans y introduire quelques doigts furtifs (hélas)!!! Mais il faut être honnête , on rêve de la prendre debout et de la clouer au m...
3.8 (1497 votes)

Dragon's breath

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  • Duration: 37 min.
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  • Level: Full nudity
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Always one of my favorie Goddesses!
Having a very sexy body certainly makes Davon worth watching, but, those bedroom eyes make her impossible not to watch!
) love you
Love her !!
Ihre Kleidung ist Cool die will ich auch tragen
This girl is really fantastic.
Great performance and looks, very sexy, but too bad about the scars which are a little bit too visible at times. I would appreciate it if they took the time to put some make-up on those.
I have 2 of her cards now, that is one smokin' hot babe and the outfit is amazing on (and off) her. She knows how to dance and be sexy. Love this card!
This is the kind of outfit that looks incredibly sexy, but tends to reveal too much too soon for an effective striptease. The fetish theme suits Davon Kim though, and it fitted with her style nicely.The task-bar clips were her best yet. Sexy and seductive as usual, with a good interactive feel and great eye contact. Her performance not only held the attention, but was just fascinating here. Close to perfect.The pole clips were also an improvement over her previous efforts. Considerably more dyna...
She's real hot!!! and i have her all to myself. 10/10
Who cares if the boobs are fake? The body is naturally tight and you won't care once you got them against you or in your hands and they also have naturally tight access points as well and isn't that what matters the most if you're a real man?
Si une dessinateur devait croquer le portrait parfait de la beauté asiatique, cela donnerait une femme ressemblant trait pour trait à Davon Kim.
I find her very attractive,nice body, long black hair and sensual show. a 10 from me!
Wonderful show i love how at the end she slinks away and waves goodbye :-) kim is so cute and does a great show everytime...This Outfit is one of the best for her no outher girl can do what she dose in it. 10/10
A rare exception to my policy of ignoring girls who don't make a good first impression with their dancing. A different card of Davon's failed to win me over, but when I saw this outfit I had to give her another chance, and I havne't regretted it. She definitely plays the old dragon-lady cliche to perfection and makes a pervert like me feel proud of my kinky lust.
Very nice performance and a very hot performer. I really look forward to see more of her. Thats a 10! Salamat Davon for this great show!
I gave her a 10, lots of energy
This card is the real deal! Great outfit, great moves, great girl!!
finally a girl that can move.
Angeles City, plenty of drinks, pack of smokes, couple stacks of one's etc...
you take my breath away, ILU
1st: At Virtual Girl I miss more Asian beauties (esp. Korean, Japanese, Chinese)! 2nd: Finally - THIS is until now the best card I have. She strips fine and sexy and she is also explicit. She looks natural and same time she is a very professional dancer. Perfect outfit for her (I wanna see her in a "dungeon" outfit. Her interview is interesting, her cute voice seems to be from a "typical" shy asian women, but this is a big contrast to her behaviour in front of the camera. That is also a special...
think if the right people do see her the top-models of the world will have company with D.K. :-)Dank je wel Davon voor de 'most cute and sexy show' xoxox succes !
I just love how Davon Kim has such a positive affect upon my life from half the world away. I have seen in her in a half dozen other venues, but her VGHD uninhibited pelvic gyrations, spread leg pussy rubbing and sweet submissive persona are once again the most recommendable eroticism she and they have to offer. Her ‘Dragon’s Breath’ card confirms her eminence as my favorite VGHD model ever: she once again so thoroughly earns 10/10. VGHD deserves kudos. If you can ‘dis’ or just ignore her previo...
By far the hottest Asian girl they have. She knows how to tease with her dancing.
I love as she strip she is Perfect!!10/10
Love her nipples and wanna wear her thongs
Very cute and a tight little bod. Loved the boots.
D'habitude je ne suis suis pas porté sur les asiatiques mais Davon m'a fait changé d'avis. Un corps de liane, une belle nana sympa et d'assez bons shows je vous la recommande évidemment.
if she wouldnt put the dragon into anyone watching i dont know what would
Davon seem's to get better and better with each new card Dragon's breath is one of her best. She is super sexy in this one. Hair and make-up are good Outfit is very sexy as well. Big hard nipple and a good boob job. Very sexy body and nice clean pussy to enjoy looking at. She looks like she is enjoying the making of the card. A big 9 for this one..
Pros - Long, luscious hair, beautiful face, tight, fit little physique, abundant sex appealCons - Fake boobies, soft porn level contentDavon is always nice to look at. This outfit is eye-catching as well. She's not as explicitly raw as some of the other models, yet you can still get into her energy. 9 out of 10.
i love this software cuz i like girls stripping w/ this top there's nothing left to the imagination still gorgeous asian vghd needs more asians!!!
She is hot and you do get to see all of her
hot hot hot,my she has a nice body and private parts.
Her costume leaves little to the imagination, but when it comes off and she does her pole dance, the earth moves! What a neat little bum!
well Kim you got a 10 from me and i dont hand out 10's easy. one thing you got is a 10 on your boobs. they dont get any better then this. not to big or to small. no hang at all. vary nice! what weird is you looked your best in your interview. in your interview you looked just like my exwife. that was long ago...lol but she did not have your boobs tho. :)
Well I gotta say that this is one of my favorite cards from Davon Kim. I really dig the different and unique costumes that some of these girls sport here on VGHD. This kinky/dominatric type of ensemble is something that I really get into. Not because I am into hot girls dressing me up like some kind of leather claded freak and whipping me until I cry momma...oh no, no, no, no, no. But because some of these really sex-freaky outfits really show a different side of the girl and they also have a wa...
Davon Kim is one super-hot asian chick. Reminds me of a stripper I saw over in Nam in '68. I think her name was Dragon Lady. Anyway,enough of that. She gets 10/10!!
what to say about Davon hmmmm?? she made me laugh, she is so clumsy it made me laugh and she she looks a little lost at times but on the other side of the coin she is sooooooo cute, bubbly and sexy that it doesnt matter. i love Asian babes (my weak spot) and i think with time and lots of practice she could be a polished performer like Felina but at the moment she seems like an enthusiastic amateur, that said, she has stunng sexy body that could melt a snowman in winter.
Davon Kim is an amazing Asian girl, her show is nice and you can see her nipples the whole time. She is truly a fantasy girl.
Very hot asian girl. I like this kind of show. Thanks Totem for that quality
girl and show are good but fake boobs
I love her exotic look and she is a great dancerI wish her boobs looked more real but otherwise fantastic
>YAWN< 8/10
Heavily virtual is this virtua girl. Dady O'gami will aggree on 8.
Davon bumps, grinds and exposes everything thats expected in an explicit card and as any good dancer in Alongapo or Cavetese City (OH! The Memories). She tries to look sexy but sexy also smiles which she does very little. Mia and Chem are 10's and soon as Davon hides her enhencement scars with makeup (or they heal)and watches them for a few pointers, so will she. For now Davon, you're a 8.5
great outfit. great ass moves. she does well at hiding the scars here. great eyes and face. hottest asian here.
Very hot Asian girl, quite thin not very curvy. Performance a bit week though. Quite explicit, boob job. Not bad though
I expected more!
I don't like the shape of her breast, and she is not curvy... at all. But she is cute. Well didn't like the show => 6.
Nice girl, but for me this is her worst card, 5/10.
Gorgeous woman, very nice outfit, lovely show
Sensuelle et talentueuse cette princesse asiatique de rêve. 10/10 pour la carte.
Jusque là Maï était ma petite asiatique préférée. Davon vient de lui ravir la première place. Elle est tout simplement fabuleuse dans ce show, une véritable poupée avec laquelle on aimerait jouer des heures durant. J'adore !!!
Nice outfit, very attractive woman.
trés excitant ! mon type de femme, elle me fait rever. on devine une grande tendresse dans un corps de feu. laissez moi phantasmer ! parle t elle français ? waoh! 10
Cette petite Davon kim est un petit bijou d'érotisme sauvage !!!! Elle nous fait un show torride , même si la culotte de sa tenue est moyenne... J'ai un problème avec ses yeux étranges et dénués de sexualité et d'envie... Mais elle compense largement avec un corps magnifique!!! Son cul est bien bombé mais très très accueillant :))) Et sa chatte est une pure merveille que l'on doit déguster avec avidité dès qu'elle la montre :))) En plus elle la caresse très bien!!! On peux deviner qu'elle aime s...
Man merkt in der Animation daß die Titten nicht echt sind. Sie wirken wirklich sehr künstlich. Bei den Bildern wurde die Operationsnarben anscheinend wegretuschiert. Der Chirog ist sein Geld nicht wert.
Oh Mann, was für eine Verschwendung! Ein relativ hübsches Asia-Girl so zu verschandeln! Seit Sendy Silver und Felina (die es trotz ihrer gigantischen Silikon-Titten in meine Top-10 geschafft haben) bin ich nicht mehr ganz sooo abgeneigt gegenüber "faked titts". Obwohl natürliche (ob groß oder klein, immer noch viel schöner sind!) Gut, die Dinger von dem Mädel hier sehen auf den ersten Blick und von weiten ganz ordentlich aus, was aber überhaupt nicht geht und mich total abtörnt sind die ganz deu...
3.8 (1195 votes)

Lovely Lychee

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 451 MB

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User comments (33)

I LOVE Davon Kim. I bet she tastes better than any exotic fruit you can think of
Davon is a gorgeous woman, her body is great, her tits are prefect (I don't care if they're Fake!) her ass is awesome, she always puts on a great show, I'm definitely a big fan of hers and I wish I could meet her some day.
Davon is smoking hot in this card.. The hair and make-up are great and the outfit is very sexy Nice big tits and hard nipples. Good boob job they look very sexy and nice. This is one of her best cards so far. She gets a Big 10 for this one. The name Lovely Lychee fits her to a tee.. outstanding job.
Davon is especially sexy in this card. This satin red cling outfit fits her way of being sexy superbly!She is a practitioner of VERY EROTIC mouth, tongue, & lips temptation..she does it most lusciously! (Something I wish more babes would do here..see Vicky S. I'd like to see more up close focus on oral seduction!)Look at Davon dancing fully clothed (such as the costume is) and being sexier than many babes here that are nude! She is AMAZING! She never quits being the true StripperBabe and being h...
Okay, I got Chinese Checkers as a "free" download and I liked it, so I bought this one. Davon is beautiful and has a great body. Her tits are fake, and probably her lips too. But so what? Good energy, nice moves and seductive expressions. 10/10 because I am entertained. Nice bonus photos too. Unless you DON'T like asian women (all the same to me) this is a great card, I also recommend "Asian Therapy". Good stuff.
Although this is only my second card of Davon Kim's, I already consider it one of her best. Very sexy and very sensual. Davon came with all guns blazing in this performance. I also love her facial expressions and the fact that I can see her sporting a tongue piercing...mmmm. If you like asian girls, then I definitely recommend this card! What an exotic beauty! Thank you VGHD! 10/10
Excelent!!!!!!! L
Davon is the only asian worth buying on this site. She just screams sex appeal. Though not very tall, she gives the illusion of long sexy legs. Except for the fake boobs she is as close to perfection as you can get. VG I dare you to find one sexier than Davon. 10's for me.
She is the Best Asian Virtual Girl!!! 10/10
This exotic erotic has now acquainted me with a juicy cherry-like fruit with a rind: lychee. Once again Davon Kim shines as she presents her most exquisite feminine form while moving in some of the most suggestive ways possible. She is a libido engine in ‘Lovely Lychee’ with her moderate masturbation scenes. I give no higher praise to any model: Davon Kim is an uninhibited vixen. She uses pink lingerie, props & the pole all to great effect. 10/10 says it all, but is not nearly as fun as enumerat...
Pour commencer Davon Kim a un magnifique visage encadré par des cheveux soyeux tombant en cascade, et agréablement bouclés. Par la suite, en descendant le regard, on peut voir une belle poitrine avec des seins ronds se terminant par une auréole brune parfaite. De ce fait, je n'ai pas de regret d'avoir acquis cette deuxième carte de Davon Kim. Elle porte une tenue sexy qui met subliment en valeur ses formes généreuses. Le fauteuil qu'elle utilise dans certains clip est particulièrement amusant. S...
This is another very suitable outfit for Davon Kim, and even sexier than that in her début card.On the task-bar, her interactively seductive style was again a great turn-on. A very sexy performance, which held my attention throughout, with the added entertainment value of some unusual entrances and exits. Her eye contact was also much improved in this show.She was stylish and sexy in the pole clips, but she did nothing much to impress with the pole itself.The standing clips featured the last app...
My god, how sexy can one woman be?!? I passed on her many times before because she is so petite....definitely my mistake. Just goes to show, you can't always tell a book by it's cover, especially on VG. Her beauty, sex appeal, and movements are in perfect tandem. If she'd put on maybe 15 pounds...flawless. 9 out of 10.
Full of Eastern Promise and I'm hooked like Edmund was on Turkish Delight! I've Stopped Makin Sense must be somethin in that pipe.....
I've been keeping a watch on Virtuagirl for awhile. The thing that made me finally pay money for VGHD was entirely due to the increasing selection of Asian women. I'm a big fan of Asians, I hope Totem continues adding more in the future. I will buy them. Mai and Davon Kim are my favorites. Davon Kim is very sexy in this show. She has very nice moves and the costume looks great. I am very happy with this one. I disagree with the comments that her facial expressions were bad, I think she has very...
If you like slender Asian girls with artificial tits sitting on top of you, this is the card to get. Very sexy performance.
Very hot asian girl. I like this kind of show. Thanks Totem for that quality
Ive got the butterflies again! Yummy girl.
my favorite Asian on this site is and will stay Mai. But Davon Kim comes after her. Again a hot show with a good level of explicitness and a surely beautiful woman. I give this show a 9.
Des seins refaits super moches qui gachent une très jolie modèle sensuelle et qui bouge bien
davon kim is great, and i will continue to download and enjoy her shows; however, i am totally taken aback by all of the bad talk i am reading of mai on these message boards! mai is one of the most attractive girls (asian or no) on this site, so much so that i can't believe how explicit she is. i would love to see a duo with mai and davon (hint hint totem ;)
If you like a slower, sensual show, like I do, this is not for you. Davon is cute, has a great ass, but a terrible boob job. The scarring is a distraction, they look way to fake and aren't even the same size.
She bounces way too much. Gyrations. Bumping. Wobbling. It's like watching an ADD 8 year old after too many sugary snacks.
Pretty lame. I can't believe I got this card. Why do I do that?
Seems to have a problem with her tongue and mouth, how else can I understand all this unerotic grimacing?
Nice outfit on her. Good show.
Davon est encore une fois de plus sublime!!! Elle n hesite pas a bien caresser sa belle chatte et a ecarter ses belles levres charnues !!! une vraie perle asiatique 10
Un petit litchi que je dégusterais volontiers de la tête aux pieds. Parmi les modèles asiatiques, Mai avait ma préférence, mais je crois bien qu'elle va céder sa place à Davon. Irrésistible !!
Si ce n'est sa poitrine refaite et plutôt pas trop bien, elle serait parfaite, bien fichue, sensuelle et très chaude dans ce show.
beautiful girl , joli seins , belle asiatique , jl'ai adore mais mm si c une rude concurente de MAI , ma préférence reste a MAI , MAI i love you ,see you soon kim 9/10 , good show :)
Magnifique asiatique comme on les aime.
Davon hat sehr schöne lange Beine, tolle Hüfte. Sie benutzt ein hohes Tempo und hat vereinzelt wirklich sehr gute Szenen. Die nicht echte Oberweite und den Blick auf die entstandene Nabe gibt Punktabzug. Dennoch bin ich von der Show nicht abgeneigt.
Hätte sie doch einfach ihren Busen so gelassen, wie er war, aber bei solch hässlichen OP-Narben vergeht mir echt alles ...
3.8 (1338 votes)

Massage room

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 461 MB

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User comments (60)

Son charme n'a pas pris une ride et elle pourrait revenir pour de nouvelles cartes. Elle est si fantastique.
This has got to be one of the sexiest women on earth! Her moves ware truly provocative!
Una chica sexy filipina!!! que diera por entrar en ese culito apretado!!! 9.5 para mí. Nota: ojalá la pongan en HD
Davon Kim is a beautiful woman, i don't care about the scars, those boobs are amazing fake or not, i love her voice too
Davon does an amazing job in this show. She is super sexy and very seductive.
Davon Kim is hot :) 10/10
Lovely ;-)
Horny Asia Girl, knows how to tease, like filipinas do.
Davon Kim...Totally hot HoneyBabe wiggle & pump on yer desktop!95 pounds of SlimTang beauty workin' sweet & SEXY to get you off! This dress compliments her amazing body, serving to caress & expose her lovely legs, hips, spankin' tangy ass, & sweet cunny! Davon is a prime example of a stripper who is happy to give us total access to her SexpotBoogieZones with a series of straight to us pussy/pucker pumps, bend overs and nice coochie stroking!Her StripperBabe dance is among the best here on Vg. Se...
The Filipina who is slender so as to be too thin. Judging from a name, I seem to be South Korean. The leg such as a long antelope is attractive, and qipao becomes her well nimbly. The high-heeled shoes which are red in full nudity are stimulating! She showed pussy by the M character split by a great split of 180 degrees again. It was too vulgar, and this was stimulating. I must raise it by a perfect score. 10/10
Avil give her 10
She is one of the sexiest girls on here. Very nice tits. Love the outfit.
Davon is very pretty, and great in this theme card. She really plays up the massage thing, and when she's wearing her dress without panties, it definitely leaves you wanting a happy ending.
what can i say hes amazing with her moves! 10_10
I love Asian women, they taste like kung-pow chicken!
Miss Davon's Massage Room is a great card. She's flirtatious, has great eyes and a body to die for. Her nice round tits and the outfit she's wearing compliment her nice sexy dancing. I wouldn't mind spend a long relaxing time in her massage room. It would be a real pleasure!
Some viewers enjoy dilettantes—amateurs such as coeds who are merely working their way through college & thankfully never seen in the erotic arts again. The rest of us appreciate Davon Kim: Primarily, she takes her craft seriously. Being a Met Art alumnus gives Davon credibility even beyond her superb performance presented in her 1st VGHD card, 'Massage Room'. Secondarily, the tongue piercing, the breast implants & the oh-so obvious lack of inhibition tell us that this neophyte is all about plea...
it wont go down... just love this card.
She is Hot Hot Hot Asian Virual Girl!!! 10/10
too hot!!!!!!!!!, too sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Davon Kim is a dream come true for all fans of Asian ladies! As far as I can see and in my opinion, she is the most beautiful and erotic Asian lady who performed with VirtuaGirl. She's so beautiful looking that I can't think of any other Asian lady looking better than her. This show contains 7 or 8 explicit scenes, each and every one of them great and above average. If you adore Asian ladies, you have to get this card - if you don't you'll finally become a fan when you watch Davon Kim's performa...
As told in the Forum before; she's a dreamgirl !!! Dank je wel Davon Kim xoxox :)
I didn't expect to like her as much as I did. She has the cutest ass and some hot moves. (Yes I love me some skinny girls.) Davon, please show Mia Hilton how to dance. YES, you can be skinny and move sexy. Mia, you're still one of my favs but work on that spastic gyrating you do. Davon you're perfect. Can hardly wait for her other shows. 10!
Davon + Massage theme = My happy ending...hehe
Davon Kim is certainly very beautiful and makes her VG debut in a suitably oriental outfit. She's a bit too thin for my tastes, however, and the boob job doesn't suit her body shape at all.That said, she is a very good performer and certainly doesn't lack sex appeal. On the task-bar here she was very sexy and had a good sense of seductive interaction. Although she doesn't have the body type I like, she certainly knows how to use it. Her eye contact wasn't particularly good though, which detracte...
I find her extremely sexy. I would have given her a ten but yes, very visible scars under her tits. Unfortunate, that. In my opinion, a very sexual woman that turns me on...fake boobs and all.
For the most part I agree with ZombiePanda's assessment of this preformance. Davon Kim isone of the most authentic looking asians women on this sight but she has had the misfortune of having a second rate boob job. (Please have them redone.)Other then her boobs I think the outfit is far to lose for her petite frame. Too bad because Davon Kim is a beautiful woman otherwise.
This skinny-mini has sex appeal to spare. Her moves and demeanor ooze sensuality. Her outfit is also quite eye catching. 9 out of 10.
Good mover, and love the outfit
Love the hair. And nice to see some lovely girl from across the world.
The perfect geisha girl, Davon Kim hits another winner with this show. All I can say is SWEET ASIAN PIE!
need more girls that can move like Kim. 9/10
Davon is a welcome addition to VGHD. Hottest woman of Asian descent other than Chems, who doesn't really look that Asian. Gives a great show except for those that beleive all the girls should doing full masturbation here on the site. Looking forward to more from her a solid 9 only because I prefer a woman with bit more meatier legs.
Very hot asian girl. I like this kind of show. Thanks Totem for that quality
More Asians please, this girl is fantastic!!!!
Much better than the other Asian females on Virtuagirl in my opinion. I hope to see more material from Davon.
Great show. She is surely hot.
Red hot Chinese costume. ^_X
Those are the longest legs I have ever seen !
Davon Kim is a nice welcome addition to the asian side of VGHD. Nice body, sexy moves, and I love the massage theme. It's great VGHD has girls all over the orient giving us a nice show. China, Cambodia, and now Philippines. I would love to see a sexy Thailand beauty or maybe add a little Japanese spice to the asian mixture here. Thanks for the variety VGHD!
Please Davon Kim, can I come into your Massage Room for a "Happy Ending"? Please?:)
finally, a truly beautiful asian performer! I give her an 8, because I had to deduct for the bruised knees. not uncommon for the smaller asian strippers, but stockings to cover them would have been more tasteful. other than that, she does take her craft seriously, and puts care into her moves. she really should be more explicit, but shyness in that area goes with the territory for asian strippers. knows how to wear her makeup to accentuate her asian features without looking fierce or going in to...
Hot girl...good dancer.....if u like asian chicks she should do... dont know about some other comments.....shes worth seeing though......
I downloaded this card when it first came out but the more I have seen of it the lower my rating has gone from an initial 9 now to 7. Her boobs were overstuffed to make them larger but with obviously little or nothing to work with from the start they do not have a natural look. She also has a flat ass and thin thighs which is not that appealing although she does have a nice pussy. The card is fair, not a delete, but one card for Davon Kim is sufficient for my collection as I am not too impressed...
I don't like how hyper and wiggly Davon is with her dancing; on "Dragon's Breath" I was too busy drooling over her fetish costume to care, but with this one I almost regret the purchase. Fortunately, I got the downloadable player for customizing your clip selection, so I can stick to the clips that I enjoy and make the most of this card.
ZombiePanda + 1 Breast terrible (((
Below-average boob job with obvious scars. Very sad. She's very beautiful otherwise. Her dancing ability is average for VG models.Her fake boobs seriously detract from any clip where she shows them. 5/10 (would be 8/10 without the frankenboobs)
Surprised her score is so high, must be yellow fever. She kinda creeps me out. Deleted it.
one of the worst cards iv downloaded. i gave her a 2
A waste of my time and tickets.
mal au yeux !!!!! des jambe a tombé par terre hummmmmm devon une déese
Probably her best outfit for me.
une vraie beautée!!! magnifique!!! amazing!!! une pure beautée super excitante qui n ose pas de se montrer!!! bien explicite !!! 100/10
Belle Femme qui fait rêver .... Moi , j'aime les ASIA même que j'ai une Femme Vietnamienne et moi du sang Chinois ALORS !!!!!
Geiles Thai Mädchen, super Votze und scharfe Nippel, Ständer garaniert!! Wer wollte solch einen Arsch nicht ficken wollen,ich sicherlich...von mir voller 10Pkte.
Je suis d'accord avec mes camarades , Davon est une jolie asiatique... Au début , je voulais lui mettre 7 ou 8 car je n'aime pas son regard globuleux et sa bouche en coeur agaçante !!! Mais son corps est très beau avec de bons gros seins , un cul que l'on désire utiliser et sa petite chatte très mignonne!!! Elle aime sa chatte car elle la caresse avec frénésie , mais sans y introduire quelques doigts furtifs (hélas)!!! Sa tenue est très sympa et elle prends un malin plaisir d'utiliser la soie po...
Je suis partagé, à la fois le charme de l'orient, une réelle grâce, des cheveux somptueux, en même temps, poitrine retravaillée et un petit quelque chose qui me manque, néanmoins, j'ai déjà vu bien pire et si elle venait me voir, je serais aux anges.
Davon est une jolie poupée qui m'a mis le sang en ébullition. Un visage d'ange, une belle chevelure de jais, un corps de rêve (quels seins et quelles fesses !!) et un regard malicieux et envoûtant. Je la trouve un peu timide dans ce premier show, j'espère que les prochains seront plus torrides. Bienvenue à toi Davon et à très bientôt.

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