Cindy Dollar

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 28 y.o.
  • Height: 5.25 ft.
  • Weight: 123 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 24" / 35"

Cindy Dollar is a laid back kind of woman with a very sassy side. She loves sporting a short denim skirt and full coverage pink bra, with adorable shoes that add an extra few inches to her statuesque figure. When she's in the mood to be laid back she's like your best buddy, but when she goes into her seductive side she's all woman.

Number of shows: 10

Cindy Dollar's shows

4.6 (1709 votes)

Pink attitude

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 585 MB
  • 1080p: 866 MB

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User comments (56)

Cindy looks a million Dollar! What a hot babe!
she is too hot n sexy
Total nudity! Nothing covering anything! The way it should be!!! Beautiful. GREAT body! hmmmm feeeeet!!!
Cindy is another big discovery. Till today I didn't know that gorgeous girl, and she's been a very enjoyable surprise. Her nude body is very exciting. I just watched her strip, and the scene where she simulates a masturbation stimulates a sexual burning desire.
This is the best VG card ever!!!
Cindy Dollar est très chaude dans ce show, un très beau corps avec de belles formes, un magnifique fessier, la tenue lui va bien, donc très bien
Cindy du bist eine super sexy Traumfrau
Cindy looks even "finer" in 1080. ;-)
Cindy du biet ne supergeile Biene
You see all of her from the top of her sexy head down to her sexy feet. She is proud of her body and she shows it and I enjoy her show.
Can't get enough of this girl. GORGEOUS!!!!!!
She gets very nasty with this short pink outfit.
Cindy is amazing. She maintains eye contact and the entire time and moves so gracefully. There may be prettier girls, but I don't know when I have seen one who was this in tune with the camera. I could watch Cindy all day long! More please!
Shs's charming girl. Her erotic body so amazing.I give her 10.
Obwohl mir Cindys Brüste eigentlich viel zu groß sind (es gibt siche r
Tis girl is a real Beauty.
J'adore cette femme !
Hermosa ciny espectacular! XD
I like a lot of variety, and Cindy is an awesome addition to my collection. Gorgeous lady, beautifully built, and very sensual and sexy. Glad I got this card!!! It most certainly wasn't a let-down. As a matter of fact, it definitely gets me up!!!
Cindy Dollar sexy
I love the way Cindy moves and the way that she smiles......She should smile more.She is very beautiful when she does
This Girl Reminds Me Of My Ex. OMG Is She Hot. I Give Her A perfect 10,000 lol luv her show. I will Def Get her as a deskbabe and watch her go off wit that dildo. Dam she's HOT, as we say in PR Bien Caliente...
If this isn't the hottest card from Cindy Dollar, it's certainly close to it. It features a great mixture of strip club-style pole dancing, standing striptease done right, and excellent and explicit taskbar scenes. Since it also features Cindy, there's everything to like about this card.Cindy is her beautiful self and is wearing a figure-hugging and very sexy pink outfit that really does well on her frame and fits her style nicely. She uses its various features to showcase her body with a tease...
This babe knows how to move an smile. More of this, please.
She's just the perfect WOMAN in my dreams !
If you looked up the word voluptuous in the dictionary there should be a picture her next to it. She has more curves than the Snake river. But the thing that gets me is her eyes. Those big beautiful BLUE eyes. She has the bluest eyes i think I've ever seen. Love you Cindy. Very sexy show!
Pros - Bombastic hourglass figure; sexy, feminine moves; mouth-watering outfit and panties; lots of explicit content; fat, tasty looking peach; loads of great eye contactCons - Clips are hot but repetitiveThis show is at the top of VG for good reason. If you like a girl with fantastic curves who plays the angelic-but-nasty babe role to a "t", get this card. 10 out of 10.
This woman is just BEYOND of very few 10/10s I have given.
She can be SO HOT and begs your attention to the point of stopping work....I have to turn her off to get anything done...
What a body and outfit !!!
I think Melisa might begin to feel Cindy Dollar's hot breath on her sweet ass . Will Cindy Dollar depose Melisa as Queen of VGHD like Melisa deposed Morgana? Time will tell. IMHO Monica Sweet is the Queen!!! 10/10
Love Cindy Dollar. Hope she does come back soon but in the meantime she will be missed.
One of the best shows ever was made in Totem Studio. Thanks to them and special thanks to Cindy!
9.5 Una tarjeta totalmente recomendada!!!
Respect for taking the pictures.. I would been died by getting a hardattack by such a lovely woman....
Cindy is so cute in pink :))). She gets a 10 for me. I hope Cindy will be back soon.
BonjourC'est une fille magnifiqueMais,dommage qu'elle soit raséeEnfin chacun ses goûts
Cindy est toujours parfaite comme d'hab... :)
Cindy is 10 for me to. 10/10 Go Cindy !!!!!
cindy dollar one of my top 10 girls
Another great card of $Cindy$ :))
One of VG's best! Great motion and eye contact. Very smooth and very pleasing to view. Agree, Cindy will be missed.
Cindy is pretty in pink for the final card from her set of 6. Considering her popularity, I doubt it will be last we'll see of her though.This was another fantastically sexy performance from Cindy on the task-bar. Utterly charming, exceptionally seductive and her sense of interaction was spot-on. Not so much explicit material here though, with only two genuinely explicit clips (including one at L5). Once again Cindy displayed her superb body to great effect and moved delightfully for the most pa...
She has a nice ass, the video is pretty old, and the colors are a bit off (not so that it looks unnatural). Honestly, I'd want to see more girls with her build than the skinny girls, but I'm definitely missing the modern 3k resolution and color correction.
La plus sexy des filles aux seins refaits, très bandante, au naturel elle serait parfaite.
Beauty Cindy,I Love her !!
She needs to cut back on the fries a litle. Otherwise, Cindy is the most sexy performer on VG. 9/10 simply because I like a thinner bottom.
Clip Notes™ for a0893 - Cindy Dollar/Pink attitude No audio 4. 0:51- Table, No nudity; Pink outfit, thong 5. 1:03- Pole, No nudity; Pink outfit, thong, heels 6. 1:11- Pole, No nudity; Pink outfit, thong, heels 7. 1:10- Pole, No nudity; Pink outfit, thong, heels 8. 0:47- Standing, Topless; Pink outfit, thong, heels 9. 0:52- Standing, Topless; Pink outfit, thong, heels 10. 1:13- Table, Topless; Pink outfit, thong, heels 11. 0:59- Standing, Topless; Pink outfit, thong, heels 12. 0:49- Standing, Top...
Cindy was all 5 stars put this car jammed at midle show whit pilov, blease fix this broplem...
she wipes back to front
THE sexiest one.
mmmmm! dreamy! she seems to be the kind of sassy lover i crave RAWRRRR!
Hot lingerie and sexy model!!
She always does it for me. So much nostalgia for me watching this clip too. Love her.
does'nt do it for me, sorry Cindy
4.5 (1848 votes)

Black tiger

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 41 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 608 MB
  • 1080p: 900 MB

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User comments (79)

She is beautiful * nicely * **** Czech girls are the best **** Je to prost? a jednoduše .... ?eská krása ... tím je ?e?eno vše ... THE BEST !!!
Naked vamp in elegant court shoes, Cindy looks as dangerously alluring as it gets. And her tits! I don't usually approve of pumped-up, but rules have their exceptions and in this case her luscious curves are worthy of a bit of enhancement up top.
Cindy is so hot and what a beautiful pussy my my!
3K please
Best ass on VirtuaGirl !
Très jolie robe, magnifique corps rien à dire de plus
WOW best Tiger I ever saw one
u should see cindy in porn where she gets done by guys like you and me
this sexy ass girl face is so pretty beautiful legs and ass nice show just get better and better one of the top vg on thhe net
To be honest? You can not "not touch youself" watching her clips, woowww, she is Amazing, so much hot. Her ass is someting spectacular and unique. I like everyting of this card, very very nice. Im going to get all of her, lol.
Love her show ! Great ass ! I'd SPANK her ! LOL
Concur..... its the wicked, wicked eye contact.... only way it could be hotter is if you can make Cindy say My name when she's lookin at you. even the barely nudes are hot in this one..... Yabba Dabba Delicious
Cindy is only for V.I.P.s and she prove it in 100%! Smoking hot babe ;*
Cindy Dollar - girl you can talk about forever! It is diverse in every show, but it has its own style, which remains in each of her shows. It makes you look again and again for its graceful movements, her positive attitude and you passed. Every esthetician female form will be satisfied - Cindy they are just amazing! If you want to make yourself a nice gift - download it for show, and your ego will tell you - "Thank you!"). Do not miss the past, buy, and have fun!
Es supercaliente y bella, toda una estrella porno que te la pone en cuanto te mira.
Cindy has the best ass I have ever seen. As good as she looks from the front, she kooks even better from the back! She is build for DOGGIE/STYLE! Love you Cindy
Im in WWUUFF!!
Super wohlgeformte Frau mit einer sehr verführerischen Show. Echt zu empfehlen! 10/10
Outfit: Perfect. Moves: Perfect. Girl: Heavenly. I remember when I only was watching the demo version of VirtuaGirl and I saw that someone had gotten higher ratings than Melisa. I couldn't believe it, but after watching Cindy for a while, she brainwashed me with that body... she is better than Melisa. So, so, sexy...
Cindy Dollar es fascinante! Culo redondo y rico, buenas tetas, cara de perversa. Este outfit le da un toque elegante que le queda perfecto. Además explícita. 10
My favorite virtual girl my best card ever..... _*-*_
Three words; 'Baby got back!'. Cindy may possibly have the most perfect ass in the world, and I just love how her dress just doesn't want to cover it up, riding up over her hips with every single movement.
Very good!
Magnífico Show. Gracias.Salu2.
this girl is gorgeous!
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
I'll buy that for a DOLLAR!She is absolutely stunning, beautiful curves in all the right places. Seeing her strut her magic on stage, in that a gift my friends!10/10**********
I like Cindy Dollar "period."
Cindy is a hot Habanero Pepper ready to be eaten! I like my peppers hot. Burn Me Please
Cindy ia an absolutely Dreambabe and worth every Dollar to see her posing! 10 out of 10 - would be an 11 if possible ;-)
Cindy and Aleska great runner-ups to Melisa. This card might be my #one of Cindy love the skin tight outfit.
Whow, was für ne' Frau. Mit ihren Hüften kann sie umgehen. Süsse teilrasierte Muschi. es macht Spaß ihr zu zu sehen. 10 Punkte
Wow! What else can I say? So sexy, so sultry... I can't keep my eyes off her!
exeptionelle,tout d'abord cette tenue courte et moulante qui aiguise notre curiosité et nos sens,cette poitrine généreuse et souple,ces cuisses pleines ,ces fesses rondes....tout celà combiné à une attitude et un regard provocants,des carresses profondes.....cindy devient une de mes cartes favorites!
wow sexy and her dress uhh
wow...einfach wow...hier stimmt einfach alles...willst du mich heiraten,smile
Cindy has a body full of tasty meat, and voluptuous forms. Tits generous and very attractive. Very interesting for the visual delight. To masturbate frantically...
Pros - Body, body, and more body wrapped in a painted-on LBDCons - NilI can't find any new superlatives to praise Cindy with. Few chicks on VG can truly mesmerize me with just their physiques, and Cindy is at the front of the pack. Her dimensions are superb, and the fact that she is willing to serve up sexy action to go with those nice peach and ass shots earns her 10 out of 10.
Cindy Dollar has a body built for one thing SEX!
Wow, Cindy is truly becoming one of my all time favorite Vgirls. She's so seductive, and those amazing eyes could melt stone. Not to mention the rest of the bod, those amazing curves & wonderful butt. Unbelievable! I just can't get enough of her. You couldn't go wrong with any one of her lovely cards.
Cindy - when will we see you in leather?
I love this look for Cindy too bad she has one more card left.
One of the best asses on VG.
This card is amazing. Cindy is gorgeous and the tight dress is hot, I give that a 10. I love this woman's hips and legs, Body is easily a 10. Plus her dance moves in all the categories are on point. Cindy Dollar is definitely one of my Top Five VirtuaGirls now. This card and her performance is a 10 all around. You are cheating yourself if you don't add this to your collection
Hot and sexy more of cindy dollar on virtuagirl 10/10.
Even if her tits are pimped. shes a very nice one. it fits absolutely to her body. always a perfect choice this hot girl.
Comme d'habitude, Cindy ne déçoit pas. Cette fille est divine et on ne s'en lasse pas. C'est cool d'être VIP ;)
Wow, a must have. Unbelievably perfect.
one more on my list love it
Cette carte est vraiment excellente et cela va être frustrant pour certains de ne pas l'avoir... provisoirement.
Bon, faut-il vraiment ajouter quelque chose à ce qui a été dit...? Celui qui reste indifférent à ses charmes s'est perdu, ici...Cindy, on t'aime et on en redemande! Merci pour cette malice...
Cindy is so cute and beautiful in that dress:). If she has one more to come :( I would like to see 12 cards total of Cindy but it is up to her. I would like to kiss Cindy.
Another great card of Cindy :))
Another superb eye catching performance!
Pure sexuality. Wonderful performance.
Cindy looks absolutely amazing in this black tiger-striped dress, and it's my favourite look from all her cards so far.On the task-bar all of Cindy's charm and sex appeal was set at maximum and her sense of interaction and seduction also seemed to be turned up a few notches compared to her previous shows. Add to that a range of fluid and wonderfully sexy movement and some of her most explicit clips yet (L5) and it adds up to one of the sexiest task-bar performances on VG. Simply superb!Pole danc...
Un regard coquin, une tenue sexy et provocante ainsi qu'un déhanché plein de sensualité ... Ma carte préféré de Cindy !
I'm not much for fake boobs even though hers is not bad but I love her hips and thighs they would fit very nicely around my neck.
Cindy est vraiment la femme parfaite, Elle a un fessier d'enfer, des seins magnifique et un visage d'ange sans parler de sa fente (qui est bien épilé sans dit-en passant), c'est pour ça qu'elle est ma préferé. Dommage qu'il n'y a pas plus de filles comme elle, on en aurais de la chance
Cindy Dollar est une séduisante brune. Dans ce show, elle porte une robe moulante qui met ses courbes en valeur. Le show porte bien son nom de par sa robe, ainsi que par sa souplesse. Elle danse avec d'agréables mouvements. Elle a une poitrine généreuse qui est un plaisir à regarder, avec ses mamelons qui pointent légèrement. Elle masse ses seins d'une manière aguichante. Elle a de joli jambe qu'on doit avoir plaisir à caresser. Quand elle couvre son corps d'huile de massage, elle use de délicie...
her face is beautiful, her ass is good, her belly is perfect....but the boobs are fake, damnit..
Wow...these tits are just amazing. She is really hot! ;)
Il y a un je ne sais quoi qui manque, un sentiment d'inachevé, peut être les clips soft et topless trop peu convaincant.
My first thought that when I saw this card was typical " Oooo Shiny.." though CIndy doesn't capture me as a few others do, She does have Corvette like sweeping curves that are appreciated and her performance here is very good. Great audience connection with the eyes. Love the dress (though, and call me crazy but, if it were a few inches longer it might have made her fear of "wardrobe malfunction". The constant tugging on the hem kind of distracted my attention, and not always in a good way, from...
Great body, very curvy, pretty face, works at a good pace.
Fake titties. She would be awesome if she had real ones. Well at least she wont sink in a shipwreck
Very attractive girl. Im just not a fan of fake breasts...
c est ma préférer je l adore trop belle
Smooth and delicious with plenty of cream all over her body, especially her breasts and in between her pussy.
5 star
Cindy Dollar is the 1st known cure for E.D. erectial disfunction
4.3 (727 votes)


  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 589 MB
  • 1080p: 872 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (32)

Another awesome show!
i will go on record as saying that i very much dislike pigtails in general as a horrible hairstyle for adult women. also this cowgirl out fit was not one of my favorites, that having been said I must say that I absolutely love cindy dollar. While i won't bore you with inadequate descriptions of her beauty and sex appeal this time around i will say that her charms are such that i purchased this card on the strength of cindy as a performer in her other cards thinking that ultimately even if you do...
No way 'Average Ass' does not do this card any justice, but to each his own I suppose. I consider myself an ass man and give her 5/5 so take my opinion for what it is, just another opinion from some random guy on the internet lol
This card doesn't need comments, she is one of the best girl on this site, hot, horny and simply perfect !!!
Love the outfit
salut a cindy femme magique pour cette prestation nudiste excelente et envoutante je suis a deux doit de rentrer dans mon pc et faire des chause hardeuse a cette demoisel dans tous les sence et par tous les trous et nourire sa soife de jus de corp d homme.hmmmmm
She is worthy of a "round-up."
Cindy, you just made my day, great show and outfit, thank you.
Cindy Dollar, une adorable petite brune, porte, ici, un costume stylisé cowgirls. Cette tenue souligne délicatement les douces courbes de ses fesses. Lors de ses pas de danse, elle incorpore des mimiques de cowboys qui font rêver... C'est agréable de la voir avec simplement ses jambières. Elles mettents en valeur son entre-jambe et son mont de Vénus.
Jeehaa sexy show, mit ihr würd ich gern mal cowboy und indianer spielen, zwinker zwinker.
Pros - Too fine for words, eye-catching outfit, sufficient nudity, pretty face, and abundant smilesCons - Can't think of anyWhen I think of a thick, fine chick, a babe who's built like Cindy is what I mean. Her body has so many curves that she looks new every time she hits a different pose. She's not the most in-your-face performer in terms of tricks and gimmicks; she's just a fine-ass heffa who sells it very nicely. 10 out of 10.
Cindy Dollar es una de mis actices porno favoritas, os recomiendo este strip tease así como cualquiera de sus películas. Me pone muy cachondo. Es un buen polvo!!!
I almost overlooked Cindy Dollar,her outfit in this card convinced me to take a chance on her.What i found is an exceptional lady, the way she looks at the camera i worth the credits alone imho
I love the outfit...moo..moo..10 moos and a cowpie 10/10
Cindy Dollar so Cute and that is one sexy outfit. 100/10
Can I be the bucking bronco? She can rope me any time.
wow She is the best. Thanks.. Love to see her as dominatrix
Lovely figure ;-)
Talking about Outfit a black leather outfit with thigh high boots would be interesting. Fantastic performance.
Love the outfit :) all that was missing was the cowboy hat then she'd look like a true cowgirl. Cindy looks good in anything she wears.
A fantastic outfit for a great card of Cindy Dollar, very thanks :))
more of cindy dollar plz
not usually a fan of fake tits but on her it works, she has a perfect thick portioned body and an adorably round face. As soon as I saw her demo I was sold, she simply drips sexiness in this show and the panty-less chaps is a thing dreams are made of. IMO its her best outfit
this is my wife, dont touch her i gonna kill ya...
Cindy Dollar is a great performer and this card shows it. While not quite as sexually alluring as her previous cards I've reviewed, the outfit is very hot and her show is still great stuff.Her big fake breasts are a good match for her solid, strong body and beautiful face. No one in their right mind would not like looking at Cindy Dollar. She has a great hind end, beautiful hourglass figure, and a great smile with a little lip-biting thing that pulls you right in.In this card, she wears the cowg...
Although not a fan of Cindy I must admit the performance is truly outstanding.
Cindy wears an unusual and eye-catching Wild West style outfit here, which looks good on her. I'm not so keen on the hairstyle, although it does suit the outfit.On the task-bar she was as charming and sexy as ever. Highly seductive in both movement and attitude, with a nice, if not overt, line in viewer interaction. As you would expect from Cindy she did get very explicit in one clip (level 5), although there were only 3 task-bar clips where she got fully nude.Cindy's pole dancing was a bit dull...
sorry Cindy, but this outfit sucks. the other cards are much better than this one.
Very powty pussy, so hot and sexy.
Vachement belle, Cindy avec ses beaux gros seins et son joli visage !
Worst outfit ever, but, she's still one of the sexiest women on here.
4.5 (1328 votes)

Summer day

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 669 MB
  • 1080p: 987 MB

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User comments (42)

I love it when she smiles, she knows you're going to fap, and she's okay with that.Lovely.
Beautiful card, beutiful Cindy. I wouldn't mind if she came back and did some new 3K shows
Très bien, superbe corps, très belle tenue.
Summer just got Beautiful
La meilleur carte de Cindy Dollar... juste génial.
My third VGHD Cindy Dollar card. Got it in a Big Boobs Booster Pack, along with an Ashley Robbins card. Not a big fan of Ashley Robbins; her clips are too short, and she doesn't really get naked.Cindy Dollar, on the other hand... SHE gets naked and MORE!!!!! She's built extremely well; nice boobs, in perfect proportion to her exquisite body; legs meant to spread wide for her man, or woman (I also have one DeskBabes duo with Cindy Dollar); a beautiful face with lips meant to kiss and be kissed; a...
Elle n'est pas 100% naturelle mais en la matière on a déjà vu bien pire, pour le reste elle est diablement sexy et son show est très hot, un régal pour les yeux.
I adore Cindy Dollar on every card that she has done. That, of course, is my predilection.
He cindy bist einfach ein super Girl - Hut ab -
Le sosie de Jayden James un cul d'enfer et une nana très sympa. Ses shows sont très explicite et cette fille est un réel bonheur.
I don't exactly know what it is about this set, but Cindy is absolutely the hottest girl I have seen on Virtual Girl. She maintains exceptional eye contact and has a way of looking through the camera and making you feel as though she is in the room with you. Very sexy!
i Love Cindy Dollar, Slightly busty, but Very Sexy and Seductive, id love for her to put me all in her and make me feel goood! I'd recommend this for anyone who wants a great show!
A very sexy lady who for me is wearing (and not) very sexy clothing and a gorgeous thong. She's got a great body and I love her boobs (even if apparently she has had a boob job they are still in proportion to her body and look great). Eye contact is also good.This was one of the first cards I bought, if the rest are like this I'll be shopping time and again!Recommended!!
Cindy gives the impression that she is dancing just for me.Always a 10 performance.
This Lady is awesome and the outfit and the moves has to be my favorite show.WOW
i love her boobs... would like to see her hotter!
Cindy Dollar est une star. On ne sait rien ajouter. elle fait partie des meilleurs.
Espectacular. Una chica genial. Gracias.Salu2. (:-{)))
big ass,big tits sexy face 10!
i like her vagina
Cindy ist genau der Typ Frau der mich anspricht.....dunkle Haare,nicht zu dünn,große Oberweite,praller Hintern. Ihr Outfit finde ich total sexy und scharf.Besonderst gut gefällt sie mir,wenn sie unter ihrer durchsichtigen Hose keinen Slip trägt. Als sie nackt und doggy auf meiner Taskleiste gekniet hat war mir klar.....10 Punkte für Cindy.
how do u get the clips for when u pay for 1
This is another stellar performance from Cindy Dollar, who is fast becoming a favorite VirtuaGirl desktop dancer. This card features the curvaceous Cindy in an outfit that would ruin the card for most other strippers. For her, however, it's merely a sideshow to her excellent striptease and explicit self-play.Cindy puts on another great show, showcasing her beautiful, big fake breasts and strong, hot form as she puts in clip after clip of awesome show. Her clothed scenes are relatively short with...
What can I say? 10 points. If you're looking for a good show, that worth it's money - you've found it! Barefoot performance, fingering and all things which won't leave you unsatisfied. Some girls here are just play sexy, but Cindy is sexy herself. She've got natural, feminine body and her moves are natural also. P.S. When her lacy pants are on, but without underwear - it's just "good-bye, work" picture for me.
i love the smile. secondly i am addicted to mysterious facial expressions yet still have the personality to have fun with it and tease a little. she seems really natural in all she does. every movement is smooth and she enjoys it. nothing but 10s baby. im almost considering just getting all of her cards.
i think this is my favourite card, breaks my heart this woman , and what a magic bum!!
The BEST red head you have. LOVE everything about about her can`t go wrong with any of her cards.
Hot & sexy! Cindy has the best ass in VG! She may not work the pole as good as other girls but, I love watching her try!!
Cindy's smile is the eighth wonder of the world! She is magical... and more and more and more...
Probably the best one I have seen so far!
Cindy is rapidly becoming my all time favorite...each performance with the great eye contact and movement...Wow!
well i can only say Wow. This show has a Cindy who is soo seductive in every movement. She practically keeps eye contact the whole time. Also this show offers 3 x-rated clips again who might be the best x-rated clips on VG. Finally we get a glimpse of the good old times again. Long fingering and spreading in this show. If you like explicit like it once was on VG with girls like Marie, Maii, Monica Scot then this show will probably please you.
With this outfit I have a superlative card of Cindy, I give her a 1000/10 :))
This white see-through outfit is somewhat of a departure compared to Cindy's previous outfits, but she looks no less stunningly beautiful in it.Cindy was back on top-form on the task-bar. Completely charming and unbelievably seductive, with a relatively subtle, but effective sense of viewer interaction and all the sex appeal she could muster from gradually revealing her superb body.Her pole dance routine was much improved as well. She wasn't very dynamic and spent too much time on the floor a co...
Nice... Cindy is quickly becoming one of my favorites ;-)
Great body, but maybe the most beautiful face of all the girls on the site. Top five for sure.
Vraiment très jolie.
Pros - The body rocks foreverCons - The outfitWas not sure about this one, but it's Cindy, so I took a chance.Even though it's sheer, this outfit really does nothing for her in my opinion, and she doesn't do enough extra to compensate for all the hotness-inhibiting clothing. 8 out of 10.
D'horribles faux nichons... mais comme elle fait la chienne on lui pardonne ;)
i don't like she is ugly
La tenue est nulle. Heureusement, elle l'enlève assez vite. Superbe.
Sexy woman, great outfit, good performer=great card for me.
4.5 (985 votes)

Delightful time

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 559 MB
  • 1080p: 825 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (28)

Delightful indeed!
I highly recommend Cindy in your sexy MAIDS collection.
Très belle dans cette tenue, un corps sublime, on voit bien qu'elle sait si faire d'ou sa carrière.
Elle hante mes nuits trop sexy, un corps magnifique.
Cette fille est la maîtrese absolue de mes masturbations...
It is very delightful, indeed! ;-)
Lovely girl!!!
She's now in my "favorite" list! She's damn hot!!
Una carta que sencillamente no te puedes perder!!! La señorita Cindy se ve extraordinariamente sexy en este atuendo...con unas nalgas que te encantaría rebotar en ellas toooodo el día. Manoseo y dedeo extra por si fuera poco. Eso sí, esta chica se contonea de lado a lado, pero no le exijamos un pole dance extraordinario. Una de las mejores chicas del programa!!!
Cindy is stunning and hypnotic to watch. Seductive smile and fantastic body. Shes spicy! Love this card.
la mejor que tengo en mi pequeña pero ambisiosa coleccion que buen culo tiene
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
Cindy IS VERY HOT GIRL 10/10 for me want more from her. Can`t say any more.
Now I have another good card of sexy Cindy Dollar :))
Cindy est la nouvelle icône de VGHD !
Cindy is the hottest and never lets anyone down!
Je lui reconnais beaucoup d'atouts mais j'ai toujours du mal à être totalement convaincu.
Dat ass!!!
Pros -1. Ridiculously bombastic curvy body - check 2. Rinky dink sexy outfit - check 3. Nudity/peach shots/shows pink - check, check, check 4. Smiles - check-o 5. Sexy attitude - a checkerooCons - No real performing, just a lot of posing with some hip wiggling here and thereI can't say anything positive about Cindy that I have not said in her other cards. I don't know about you, but a babe like this could make me close up shop and leave the market. If only she'd work her money maker like a true...
Very hot and sexy lovely lady
Fake boobs
I thought it would be difficult to top Cindy's incredibly sexy look in her first card, but this one at least equals it. Another great outfit for her.Although her amazing smile combined with the look in her eyes and that fantastic body are almost enough by themselves to keep you enthralled, she wasn't very active on the task-bar here and I found my attention wandering. The explicit clips in particular were rather tedious, with Cindy appearing more interested in pleasuring herself than performing...
THE one and only
5 star
Cindy, cette jolie brune avec sa belle poitrine qui vaut des "Dollar"
Not the best outfit, but she looks lovely dancing, at least.
Wish there were MORE of Cindy..Cant get enough
4.5 (1238 votes)

Office at night

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 41 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 617 MB
  • 1080p: 915 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (55)

She is gorgeous with a flawless junky booty.For some reason she is orange in this card. Watch on Halloween and enjoy...
No words, just the max rating
She looks very nice in this outfit. I love it.
Her Body is perfection . Cindy is a knock - out !!!
Has the very best ass on this site !
Très belle dans cette tenue, un corps superbe, un show plutôt bien
C'est magnifique!
Cindy is so lovely and hot, great body and hot moves. VG please give us more of her.
Loving Cindy's shape.. She owns those fishnets and heels too. She looks so intimidating and Dominating that it builds lust in the watcher.. She shines in her desktop performances and the others are not lacking either. I am not a fan of implants but hers work for her. I also love women with a thicker build, she is so gorgeous.. This card is a must for any collector.
Love the titties, wide hips, beautiful ass, great face and smile - would crawl through any dessert for an opportunity to lick her thick pussy lips and asshole. Just looking at her makes my dick drool!
Cindy is Hot Hot Hot! Just enough meat on her bones nice boobs, nicely proportioned...Hot!
Absolute absolute best there is. Oh my. She is the sexiest woman on here! And that means something!12 out of 10!
OMG, I would absolutely love to be with her -- This is a woman that doesn't 'act' -- It's so obvious she loves her 'work' --- Beautiful in every way
My favorite Virtualgirl best ever Cindy ahhhh
Cindy has the eye of the tiger.Like she would throw you down and ride you to hell and back.All V girls should either be smiling or having that look in their eyes
now that is a magnificent ass and she knows how to show it. Fake boobs? Maybe, but it's not overdone.
Increible cuerpazo XXX.Salu2. (:-{)))
Cindy has that intangible factor, a perfectly proportioned body,an awesome cheeky smile on an extremely pretty face,all put together, it makes me crave for more. Cindy's physical presence oozes sexuality definetly one of my favourite sets from Miss Dollar. Thank you Cindy
Wow ! Tolle Figur mit super T...en und einer scharfen M.....i, also alles dran was ein Mann gerne sehen möchte. Die Stripshow ist super und sehr professionell, wirkt nicht wie bei Anderen so künstlich. Sollte man in seiner Sammlung haben.
voila une carte a acheter la perfection aux féminin ! elle bouge comme une deess! elle a tous !!!!!!!!!!!!! elle es démenciement magnifique tu es bombe ! a consomer sans modérattion bravo
oh yes baby oh yes!
Super Mega Sexy Girl !!!
This woman's body is nothing short of absolutely SPECTACULAR!
Absolut geile show... volle 10 Punkte baby!!!!! Mach weiter so
Cindy is a fantastic Stripperlicious Babe!As lovely as the slender babes of VG are THIS is the kind of buxom babe that personifies what the ultimate StripperBabe should look and perform like for me! She performs a slow-grind, strut-pump style that is perfect for her voluptuously gorgeous beauty.Nailing us with those gorgeous eyes & her foxy smile, she proceeds to lay on a HypnoSeductiveSwayWiggle that serves to rub her body all over my lusting eyes.She flows into excellent pussy spread, play, &...
Super heiß!
HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy made my top 10 seductive list. Seduction is important but not the only reason for choosing (or ranking) a card. Read S*********** for a package opinion.What makes a card seductive? Mainly 3 things: 1) seductive eyes and riveting eye contact, 2) smooth and fairly slow, sexy presentation (unless you're a rabbit), 3) seductive facial expressions (not cute or flirtatious). One of the best examples - Stacy Silver. A good figure and pure beauty only help. If you have pet peeves like big fake boo...
1000 Points for this girl. Please more.....I do not have enough money
one of my best hesitation for her
A superb card. Very attractive with very good eye contact. Looking forward to her next cards!
I feel Cindy brings a lot of charm to her show. She has a great deal of eye contact and smiling and it comes across as a fun and sexy performance. The lighting does not seem as harsh as in some other recent cards. I am very pleased with this one and highly recommend it. Can you believe her rear end and hips... Incredible.
a lovely card! so hot cindy $$dollar$$
A good card for very sexy and hot Cindy Dollar. :))
Oppss... My girl,my type
I pick a very nice card here. Everything I like BIG BOOBS legs eyes. Would like to see more cards.I rate her 10/10.
Welcome to VG, Cindy Dollar. After seeing your Deskbabes performance I was looking forward to seeing more of you and you haven't disappointed. Great show and I hope for lots more!
YEEEEEEES!Cindy Dollar
shes so sexy
Honestly, she is fantastic as always but the show a little less .... I was expecting something more, however, she is wonderful ....
If that is a boob job then congrats to her surgeon. She sometimes overdoes it with face expressions but other than that she's very good.
beautiful body, real wife but fake breasts pffffff....
This is a great card from one of the hottest porn stars to come to VirtuaGirlHD. Cindy Dollar is beautiful and knows what to do to entertain with striptease that is about as explicit as VirtuaGirl will allow. Her only down side is that she has a distance from the viewer that keeps you from connecting with her. Otherwise, the show is exemplary.Dollar has skills that have been honed on the stage and screen and is one of the few professionals to come to VGHD. This card features a decent outfit for...
I was gonna give her an 8 before I found out this her first time out. She is easily one of the sexiest girls i've seen and is probably gonna have some great shows later. I'm really stunned by the 9.7 average rating - are people watching these cards or just voting on who they believe to be most attractive.
Cindy must be a strong contender for VG's most gorgeous red-head. A beautiful face with striking blue-green eyes and as perfect an hour-glass figure as your likely to see anywhere. A great outfit for her as well.Cindy has one of the most heart melting, yet seductively alluring smiles on VG. That combined with great eye contact and a range of sexy moves showing off every aspect of her magnificent body, and reaching the boundaries of explicitness on VG, make this a top-notch task-bar performance.H...
A nice Strip on Desk.
I you like your girls curvy, you HAVE to get this card. Cindy takes the Coke bottle shape to the max. Her curves are simply magnificent.With more creativity, this show would have been as hot as she is. It basically becomes repetitive, with some explicitness sprinkled in here and there. However, as awesome as her body is, you don't notice the lack of variety immediately. 8 out of 10.
Cindy Dollar In Office at Night >> On the widescreen when you look at her first photoshoot, she looks like an attractive & nice body to lookat & drool about; full of flesh at the right places, well-shaped bum and inviting pussy galore (don't believe at pre-conditioned photos as like those on Facebook & in magazines you see these days) ; but then when you do watch her videos you see of an old battered & over-worked pro (dildo karma) with gpitsy hairdo; and sassy skin tone, her dimpled appearance...
Un joli bout de fille, bien ronde, mais malheureusement équipée d'affreux implants tous rigides... je sais pais... j'arrive pas a m'habituer... quel dommage...
Fake boobs, wide hips, man face. I don't get the ratings on this site at all. 6/10
Et un massacre mammaire de plus, un !
Une de ses meilleures. Trop belle. La plus sexy.
That lingerie really shows off her best assets
She looks amazing in this card. Love it.
4.4 (767 votes)

Duo with Abigaile Johnson

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 83
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 681 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (19)

two beautiful ladies
Two lovely ladies having fun. 10+ Great show.
Bought this card for Abi and it was worth it. The show is very sexy, girls keep showing their pretty asses for most of the time. This is my first card with Cindy and must admit, that is is great as well, but my number one is still young and natural Abi. Good job girls!
I love Abigaile. This is my first card with Cindy Dollar, and I wonder what I was waiting for. She's great too ! The chemistry between those girls is great, they couldn't find a better partner for Abigaile. Plus, the show is pretty long, and really good.
Vaya culo de la Cindy. Aunque más me gusta la belleza y delicadeza de Abigail. Las dos están pa' comer y pa' llevar.
2 very beautifull girls. Sweet and dexy duo!
Beautiful Girls and I appreciate the show...I tend not like Explict and X-rated and turn it off. The Human body is beautiful and I like to keep it innocent eg. Brotherly/Sisterly love.I love them and would like to say Thanks to the Girls (All of them) for bearing their bodies and souls for us.Thanks to Totem again. God be Praised! and may Almighty God Bless.
I highly recommend this card. Awesome scenes included. Abigail is super hot!
Fan-freakin-tasctic. Both girls are beautiful and now how to use it to best effect. This has to be one of the hottest cards on DB.
one of the best duos on DB PERIOD!!!!! 12 X-RATED CLIPS!!!!!!!!! easy fix erase and download again for the idiots newbies out there!!!! download this card period!!!!
Love Cindy Dollar, Amazing Duo!
Abigaile & cindy wow if i only can figure out how to get in to my monitor ha ha great show a 10
I just wish that they were getting each other off.
A viewer commented that Abigaile and Cindy have no chemistry. I might dispute that, but they certainly have great physics!
two ladies with nice round booties :D.... but no chemistry. :(
cindy looks real hot in that outfit, the split of the frill at the back definitely highlights her curvy ass!
Both of these girls are super hot. Abigaile was one of the best girls in VGHD, but in DBHD, not so much. Her moaning in her duo cards is over-the-top and sounds fake. It kills the mood for me.
usualy for me the duos hav only one really good looking woman and the other is so so. these are two very hot women in their own right and the show does not disappoint. there was a problem with the download so i deleted and am trying again in hopes of correcting the problem.
Totally agree with Dasyerv. The trailer you see doesn't give you the real story.
4.5 (827 votes)

Duo with Ashley Bulgari

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 74
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 564 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (26)

i luv em both such beautys i wish all nite long 20++++++
One of my favorite cards! These girls are beautiful and amazingly sexy!
These two lovely ladies were made for each other. A must show to have. 10+
This is the second performance of Ashley's I've bought today - again in uber sexy lingerie. The close shots over the taskbar of her and Cindy making out are sublime - Deskbabes at it's finest.
2 of my favorite girls getting off together. Nothing but good can happen with these two hotties!
So damn hot, sweet performers.
Cindy es extraordinariamente bella y está que se cae de buena...por otro lado Ashley es una de las mejores chicas del sitio, sólo le resta puntos sus pezones bizcos! maldito cirujano jajajaa. Es un show que se debe tener. 10
2 of the hottest, must have card!
Ashley - goddess of sex - in fishnet stockings and pink platforms, and Cindy, sweet love, in shiny stockigs and platform sandals... what a duo. They could just sit there, and that would be quite enough. But no. They play with each other pussies. Heaven...
Great close ups, greats breasts, great sensuality. Two of the hottest babes on one card with toys! Can't get better.
I have both of their VG solo cards and have to say that they are both very sexy & beautiful ladies. They are a great team performing together. Some clips have audio problems (breaks up & annoying). Maybe sometimes too much moaning which starts to sound a bit fake. I still enjoyed their show very much and give them a 10 for their sexy & hot performance!
one of the hottest cards ever! more cindy and ashley!
da muss ich dir zustimmen mich dürften die zwei geilen schnecken alles machen
Zwei "Vollblutweiber" in realistischer Aktion!!! Was Andere nur andeuten, Sie tun es, und zwar in einer überzeugenden, glaubwürdigen Manie! Es ist mehr, als nur eine Wonne, bei Ihrem "Treiben" dabei zu sein!!!
j'adore ces deux modéles donc je ne sais pas si je serais trés objectif mais ce show est des plus exitant a mes yeux !
La beauté et la féminité dans son état pur ! Elles sont tout bonnement magnifique dans ce show. Ashley est vraiment à croquer et Cindy la vaut largement. Ce show est une réussite !!!
Un show fantástico, sensual, tórrido, atrevido...Sorprendente. Me encanta
wow, heiße show mit schön langem clip *gg gibt die volle 10
I truly enjoy both hearing and seeing a woman moan with genuine ecstatic pleasure.
This card is delicious, both girls looks great, great legs great boobs, great ass, I think this is one of my best cards now. 10/10!!
Finally Ashley Bulgari with sound ( I have dreamed Ashley Bulgari on DeskBabes from the first card on VirtuaGirl ).I have no words for this Duo, Ashley and Cindy in lingerie; this is not a hot Duo, this is a EXPLOSIVE Duo :))
More of both women, best card to own.
Beautiful Girls that love to bare all and taste each other. They are a good team with a great show but it just dosent have that Wow factor to make it a 10..
Lovely girls, and a great team. I feel like they are genuinely engaging me with their performance. Sweet.
Very beautiful girls but I didn't find the show very exciting. Best shows in my view does Jana Cova. I give it 7/10.
4.6 (1639 votes)


  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 426 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (65)

What a beauty. I watch her and feel myself wonderful
Not a lot of great clips on this card, but there are a few that are amazing of her bodacious ass.
If this woman were to be paid by the cc she generates, she could already retire. Cindy Dollar has the body and attitude to accomplish her mission. Definitely 10/10.
Cindy is Beautiful ,everything about her is a 10, all her cards are a must have .
HemiCudda says it partly for me. I was on the Cindy Dollar train from the beginning, even though I vastly prefer natural boobs to manfactured ones. However, there is a lot more to Cindy Dollar than a fake rack, and we get to see all of it in this card.She is a very beautiful woman with natural curves that entrance me. Her fantastic boob job just accentuates the rest of her curves. If I had the option, I would accept her invitation for a naked week with her, even though I can't really afford a we...
Stunning !!! Simply fantastic !!! her body rooocks a lot, woww, she is sooo much hard, great show, nice pussy playing. Perfect card, for a perfect girl, Thank you Totem and thank you Cindy :)))))))
Cindy dollar est un rayon de soleil.
Cindy, you are so hot and sexy but wish you would grow a full bush, that little patch does not look that good.
Evidemment belle fille, gros tempérament si ce n'est le silicone elle serait parfaite.
I'd give her a 10 just because of her beautiful eyes. Throw in an awesome body and a sexy attitude and Cindy is over the top.
Great body, I love her ass and her long legs. She also have a pretty face, with incredible blue eyes staring at the camera with a captivating intensity. The performance is excellent, the outfit is perfect. Yeah, I think it couldn't be better!
Desde la primera carta de VGHD supe que Cindy Dollar era una imperdible en DB. Esta impresionantemente buena! Dentro de las 5 mejores sin duda. 10
Certainly the hottest girl on Deskbabes in my opinion. Would be nice if there'd be some new ones too! 10/10 for this one.Thanks Cindy :)
Ultra bonne, difficile de ne pas bander devant cette poupée hors du commun. J'ai flashé sur sa tenue blanche et ses faux seins ultra réussis. On peut dire qu'elle a tout ce qu'il faut là où il faut!!!
I love the titts. Her body is amazing. I look forward to seeing more of Cindy Dollar.
I love the outfit!!! I love Cindy Dollar!!! I love her fuzzy lightning bolt!!!
cindy a une telle plastique,elle respire une telle volupté qu'on ne peut lui resister,d'autres proposeront des shows plus chauds,mais avec cindy,on y croit,elle est bien là,avec nous en train de partager ces moments....indispensable
cindy was my first purchase on db and is the hottest girl i've seen on this site.
WOW, this girl is hot, caliente and just right....
WOW! enought said.
Cindy is a hot sultry woman with all the curves and swerves to make a man very happy just slap her on hot buttered toast and serve her to me please
It would most definitely be appreciated to see more of Cindy Dollar. Her performances are very sexy.
???? ?????, ?????? ?????,????? ????
Wow, it's hot!
You can see her wet right from the first clip! OH LAWD.
i love his face... she is very sexy
Incredible!! In my head I know Cindy is performing for the camera, but in my heart and elsewhere, I feel like she is doing everything in her power to please me and make me happy. Trust me, she has made me very happy many, many, many times. Thank you totem for this fantastic card, and thank you CINDY for all the happiness you give.
elle est tres belle
Perfect body, beautiful face. The way she looks at you says "I want nothing more than for you to get off."
My first. It will always be my favorite card aswell. I love watching Cindy get off.
She's extremely hot! Really keen wait for her new shows!
She has a phat ass, love her.
Ver su pase acompañado de la musica de Peter gun, absolutamente espectacular
Super Sexy!! Smokin' show. Love that booty, and uses the dildo and fingers to bring her to hot orgasms. Best part is her eyes... you won't be able to turn away from the. Perfect 10!
I agree she needs to be in VG also. I would certainly buy all of her cards.
Pourquoi tous les shows n'ont-ils pas cette belle qualité visuelle,celui-ci est parfait, bravo Cindy 10/10
The girl give a great show, with some good realizm, enough so the I am going to complain about audio lag, she get wet and makes thouse sex non vocal sounds, but their not in-sink with the show she would get my award winning 11, but ... the sound. She has 2 long xxx rated that are super like toy working and quick pull-out, and then back in great shows (there are also some good smaller x-xxx) best card in a months
Absolutely sexy. I love her curves, she's so damn hot. A must have in every collection.
It simply super
Cindy is quite a girl.She does not bother with dancing to much, but goes right into action. She has a exquisite body and her pussy is on of the best looking one on the site. Her facial expressions makes me ready for action way before her performance is over. If you are looking for an explicit card this is your card. I showed Cindy to my wife , and she too got right into it. Certainly a card too keep.
I haven't commented on here before, but I really enjoyed this card. I really think that this card is one of the best cards I have ever seen. Cindy's soft moans that then grow as she gets more excited, is very arousing.
Wow - I have no words for what I´ve just seen :-) Unbelievable Girl - Perfect 10!
Please add MANY MANY MORE cards of Cindy Dollar.Perfection at its finest.
It's an eleven, baby :-). Cindy is breathtakingly beautiful and this is one of the best acting jobs on the site. Despite her near-perfect body (unless you have a thing about boob jobs), the thing I found most remarkable were here eyes - piercing, and she keeps rolling them back - lovely! More, please
unable to expand pictures...
This Solo is great, I dream a duo with Cindy Dollar and new girl Monika in future, if it's possible it'll be a wondeful duo, thank for this card. :))
Very pretty face and a really spectacular curvy figure.
Definitely a a very sexy girl. Her lightning pubic trim is a bit odd, and her nipple scars are a bummer, but her body, her face, her smile and maybe most of all the way she rolls her eyes in ecstasy make it totally worth while. Even the lingerie she strips off too vigorously make this one worth watching.
Cindy Dollar great butt great tits petty young lady. I give a ten for show and a 10 for Cindy. Thank you for three cards on deskbabes and friday 4 cards on vghd. and than classic vg 2 at the end of month.
She is phenomenal, her tits, pussy and ass, in fact the whole package is perfection in my book. The best solo by some distance. If I had 3 wishes, it would be to fuck her, then fuck her once more, and my final wish would be to fuck her.
I'm not normally a fan of artificial enhancment but in Cindy's case, I'll make a exception. She's a stunning lady, and this is a very hot show. The sounds aren't too over the top and she interacts with the viewer beautifully. She makes it clear "this is for you".
A really good show from a flawless woman. VISUALS: Cindy is simply a 10. She's on my Top 4 VGirl. Amazing face, eyes and smile. Gorgeous and spectacular body. The outfit brings the show down a bit. The undies were ok, nothing great, but good enough. Those shorts, though, yikes! Straight from the 80s? Good thing they're out of the picture pretty quickly. Still, Cindy is SO hot, you won't care that much. PERFORMANCE: She's doing good in this one. She works those eyes and that smile like a pro, rea...
Un eclair plein de promesses!
Cindy on desktop looks great and her performance is great too. After downloaded her video, her skin is okay with moles.
Cindy Dollar is a very hot porn star with a compact, tight body featuring a great ass and big fake breasts. She is beautiful and her signature zig-zag landing strip finishes it all off. In this outfit, she has the Daisy Duke country girl going on and to be honest, the photos that accompany the card don?t do her justice.The taskbar scenes are what make this card the excellent show that it is. Her up close, explicit play is very convincing and great to watch. There isn't much not to like about thi...
Great show. I also have her duos, they are excellent too. I'm not the biggest fan of artificial breasts either, but she has so much else going for her, it doesn't really matter much.
Good card but the hot scenes are too short.
3k would be awesome. she is freaking hot.
sin, fake boobs
I need to see her in 3K
One of the hottest shows ever!
Zorro ? Ridiculous. Superd Cindy, but not the best.
There is an issue, this card only plays 3 clips, with no nudity in them whatsoever. This must be a mistake. I've had this card before, where there were a lot of other clips, but for some reason, it only has a fraction of what I had before.
Aufgepumpte Titten brauch ich nicht!
4.5 (1090 votes)

Duo with Kari

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 76
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 673 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (40)

I am in love with Cindy's ass. I would love to dive into this Big Butt sandwich.
Great Duo card, very nice, Cindy is so much fantastic here, nice playing of both of them. Raccomended card !!!
Awesome show. 100+
This is as close as I've ever come to watching twin sisters fuck. They aren't, but damn they could be. Delicious!
I like this show.Very good performance Kari a Cindy.
One of the best duo's ! 11/10
2 belle porcelline ;)
very hot!
simplement magnifique , duo tres hot, j'adore....
Sind Zwillinge nicht der Traum eines jeden Mannes?
Cindy and Kari are so hot together I wanted to jump into the middle and join in
OMG! Was für ne Show! Die zwei sind nicht zu toppen!
excuse me but I bought this card but I dont know how to watch their show ?
Christmas Time is finally here, It only comes but once a year. And it's a time to spread good cheer, To those we love and hold so dear.Christmas Time is a time of glee, A time when peace and love run free. A time for those like you and me, To sit beneath the Christmas Tree.Christmas Time is a time of joy, A time to sit back and enjoy. The smile on each girl and boy, As they play with a Christmas Toy.Christmas Time is a time to share, The passing of another year. Birth of Jesus, a joyful prayer,...
i would love to fuck them
Great pairing with great swimsuits. Perfect ! Please more.
Nice babes with a sexy body.
These two are such a perfect match up. worth the cost of the ticket, thanks. always like to see more from these two
Perfect Show~
I want to see Kari & Monika duo
Another sexy duo.
Both of these girls are lovely, although they spend too much time on the ground. I'd love to see them standing a little. Cindy Dollar's solo is totally worth your time, and I eagerly await Kari's too!
Fantastic duo, my favourite to date. Both have got gorgeous pussies, and they can't keep their hands off one another. Love Cindy Dollar, she's pure porn perfection.
This is my first duo off this site. Cant wait for their solos to be released.
GREAT SHOW A 10. To the ceo of deskbabes great job thank you.
This is the best Duo that I have seen untill today, Cindy Dollar and Kari are superlative, thanks for all, good work :))
This is a good show. Maybe its just me but these two look like they could be sisters.
Kari est vraiment très belle, Cindy a la poitrine refaite, le show est correct, très silencieux, de bons moments toutefois.
If your on the edge jump. Hell of a show. Girls keep it up.
Kari, i love you so much. You have a very beautiful face and i really like your nice body. Please more cards from Kari.
Babes: 10 nothing to say :) Explicity: 9 very good, although could be a bit better. Interaction: 7 They don't interact much with each other and it's a shame! Show length: 9.5 very good Outfit: 9 suits both babes very well but I would have liked to see them undress one another.All this makes for me a very good 9.
Kari and Cindy are a prefect match, both girls are sexy have long hair, great legs, nice breast and great asses. They play well together and I have Kari's duo with Ashly, so naturally I wouldn't miss her Duo with Cindy. Its obvious they like girls and each other, if not they act very well. They give a great mix of kissing, rubbing, fingering and licking.Cindy seem dominate in this Duo as in her others I have. Kari seems just fine following Cindy's lead and it works very well. The lenght of the s...
These 2 are alright. Nice body on both of them, quite sexy. The clip where they start off with a 69 was hot. Don't really care for the scenes where they are just masturbating next to each other. I buy duos for the girls to interact with each other. There's plenty of masturbation in the solo cards.
Great match up! Great card!
Kari is soooo hot!
Must have duo. nice addition.
It's a good show,I think Kari is a 10 and Cindy Dollar is a 6 because of her fale looking tits = 8 for the show

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  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 21 y.o.
  • Height: 5.68 ft.
  • Weight: 143 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 39" / 28.1" / 39"
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Sandra Shine

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 29 y.o.
  • Height: 5.71 ft.
  • Weight: 119 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 27.1" / 36"
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  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.68 ft.
  • Weight: 121 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 26" / 35"
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Davon Kim

  • City: Cebu City
  • Country: Philippines
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.38 ft.
  • Weight: 95 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 32" / 24" / 33"
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  • City: London
  • Country: United kingdom
  • Age: 20 y.o.
  • Height: 5.28 ft.
  • Weight: 115 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 24" / 35"
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