• City: Brno
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 21 y.o.
  • Height: 5.34 ft.
  • Weight: 110 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 36" / 24" / 35"

Now living in London, Chikita has become quite a sensation at the pubs of the UK and in Gentlemans clubs all around the city. She has always wanted to branch out to a wider audience and going online is her best chance at making that happen. Does she have what it takes to become a global sensation? Only you can decide that for her!

Number of shows: 6

Chikita's shows

4.0 (2535 votes)

Sexy neighbour

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 45
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 171 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (102)

When can I move in next door to her!
I love this girl she is so sexy +very beautiful
Cikita est une très jolie blonde pulpeuse et chaude qui sait faire bouger son corps d'une façon très sensuelle. Ce show est mon préféré avec également celui où elle est en mini short style militaire. Please Cikita, come back ! =)
Another great show by Chikita, the out fit matched her completely and the show was wonderful--this is a must have caed if you enjoy sexy young blonds....10/10
?????? ????? ! ??????? ?????? ?? ????!
une fille vraiment sublime et un excellent show , j'adore sa petite robe , ça change des portes jaretelles et autres guepiere .
Hallo du geile maus
Un corps de rêve,de la sensualité, du désir.
Best. Tits. Ever.
One of the best babes on VG.
"oh Chiquita, laisse moi dormir dans tes bras", Capdevielle devait penser à elle pour sa chanson, (non biens sur, elle n'était pas née, mais sinon), en tout cas magnifique.
10.............. What do you want more?
Eine heiße Frau !
Chikita, Chikita, Chikita, where do I began. I dont have any stricture about her physically & im sure enough not about 2 rant any magniloquent epithets about her copious tits only because a plethora of u already have l.o.l. BUT as far as rythym is concerned IDK because she never actually dances 4 us in this show. She only pose's majority of the time & 4 ME thats not what I pay 4 I want 2 c refulgent amazons shake what their mama's gave them. If it doesnt matter 2 u what she's doing aslong as she...
she's hot and beautiful sexy babe
Chikita is a very beautiful woman.Her body is a work of art. Delicious in every aspect.Real tits, fine hips, an astounding ass, lovely Legs, sexy skin, pretty face. Super foxy.This woman is gorgeous to look at. Museum quality physique.A living Goddess.Highly Recommended.I will be collecting all her cards.
Sexy indeed.
Wow, she drives me crazy. Her body is so beautiful and her boobs are perfect. I already gave her a '10'. I would love to see her in nice lingerie with garter and stockings...(maybe in the next show...)
wow this girl never dissapoints me she is very good looking and moves sexy
hot ticket for me. and of course few things in this life will please every person male or female. I really think that variety make things better for all. love the sweet smileless face. It opens the imaginations of those who have one. more of her please!!
My God she's so beautiful!!! The most amazing tits i've ever see!!
really a hot show from a hot woman. And also no panty upskirt scene in this one. Would be a 9 without that scene with it its a 10.
Holly mother, 10!
She has the most amazing breasts I've ever seen!!!!!
Chikita - Sexy Neighbour; yes! For this Lucky one you are a Global Sensation! It's not only reduced to the phantastic boobs but the whole body of Chikita is extremely sexy; i do enjoy especially the close-ups :-)
She's so hot. I would really like to have a neighbour like her.
Perfection, perfection as in all her cards. 10+++++/10 or whatever the best possible rating could be is what she deserves and I give.
Chikita just might have the best overall body on this site!! Great tits, gorgeous hour-glass figure and tight, perfect skin. She gets a 10+ from me and I have bought all her cards. I think she is under-rated and should be on the first page! Check her out if you haven't already, you will be pleasantly surprised!
she has apeal!
Am I the only one that likes the dress? Gives it a 'next door neighbour' feel to it.
Very beautiful woman with a naturally feminine body. Her big boobs are wonderful and her unshaved pussy too. Great show. 10/10
Very very sexy girl ! I love her, really !!
Chikiiiiiiiiiiiiitaaaaaaaaaaa! The girl Simply super. I adore girls with such beautiful and juicy попкой! When you look its dances you forget about all and you want only it!
my girl says their real, but hell I don't care she is by far the BEST! one I have 3 of her shows.
Oh, yes... This woman had a very talented sculptor. AWEsome!
Marry me please
Chikita again demonstrates that she is at least twelve different kinds of f**kable.
What a babe, beautiful breasts, great legs and very pretty face where do Totem find all these gorgeous girls!
This is really a very great girl. Wonderful movements, very nice eye contact and fantastic big and well formed boobs. Overwhelming appearance when comes up from the depth in the close-up scenes. How she teases with her skirt just to show in a very short glimpse that she is noit wearing panties is very excitingThis is my first and only card of hers but I am looking forward to more of her!!!
She's a gorgeous woman and I love her hair up in this card.
Défaut de la reproduction sonore ce qui une belle exposition. Une vraie carte gentille. J'aime celui-ci. A doit avoir la carte. Merci Chikita X picoseconde je vous aimerais comme lol voisin sexy
This girl is just too hot. Very nice rack and great eye contact. This is my 4th card, gotta get them all!
My first complete set. & what a set it is! Chikita is *SMOKIN'* hot!! 12 tickets very well spent!!!But now I am sad :-( No more Chikita...but maybe TOTEM does have more shows of her :-) If a card ever appeared with Chikita & Sandra H or Chikita & Nikki Case I would EXPLODE!!Bye for now, lovely Chikita. Hope to see more of you soon. & next time you should be wet or bare foot or both!!
She's one of the best... Great show... 12/10... I love
She has a great body, just simply fantastic, I shoyld see more more and more of her. I gived 9 just because I don't like to much the outfit of this card, but in overall she is one of the best hotties girl of VG !!!
As a panties/knickers lover, I am doing a quick survey concentrating on underwear ONLY - nice pink panties 9/10
To me, this girl is like the hot older lady next door. She looks young, but with the outfit...idk that's what it I get out of it. I really enjoy how she uses the dress in this performance. It doesn't just come off, she actually strips with it sensually, which I like. I also really like her hair and her body is incredibly sexy. I got this card from subscription, but would definitely be willing to spend credits on it, no doubt about it.
This is one of Chikita's best cards. Although it's an early one, so there is little in the way of explicit behavior, this desktop dancer manages to push the envelope a little.This card features Chikita in a great outfit ? a beautiful, form-hugging summer dress ? that accentuates her blond hair and excellent figure. During her performance, she manages to do a good striptease and showcases her great body and big fake breasts very well.Her combination of sensuality, extremely hot looks, and classy...
If those tits are real they are the best ever. If they are fake..... give the surgeon the Nobel prize for boobs.
Chikita is nearly perfect. Great body, awesome face, great blonde hair with contrasting dark eyebrows. Big butt, wide hips, fair skin, and big breats. She seems to be missing a nipple, but its all good. She has great teeth and an awesome jawline.This outfit is a great outfit for fans of Chikita's ass (which should be everyone). Her pole dances make use of a great excuse to slowly drag the end of her skirt so sexily over her hips, revealing that perfect butt!
I love everything in her. her move, her face, her body, her costume. What a women. Please more show like that
unbleivable body, i dout her body is made by mold, its perfect, very very sexy
Those of us who appreciate large breasted woman will love Chiquita, best natural large breasts here or close to it. For such large tits they are quite firm. Ass men will probably find fault, not her best feature. As Chiquita's backround is soft porn and nude photos she is not a great dancer, however has some nice sexy sensual moves, but could smile more, a must have in my collection.
Incredibly sexy - the moves , the face, but most of all the breasts. The earlier comment, that Chikita has the most amazing breasts ever, is absolutely correct. She does! Definite 10 for me.
Absolutely love the girl, her moves, her body, her connection with her audience. Hate the dress.
Great full figured body. Everything is in the right proportion. Love those breasts! I wish she'd let her hair down.
What a babe!!! Great tits...awesome skin and a nice tease...could have been more explicit...deserves 9/10
All I have to say is "Perfect Breasts". She is now one of my favorites.
Yep, this girl is HOT!! def my fave babe so far. Ugly dress though, but hey itcomes off
Wow this girl is beautiful. The only complaint that I have about this card is the ugly dress. Fortunatly for us she takes it off!
Juggy lickin good. 9/10
Surprised at how sexy I found her. Didn't really think she was all that pretty. But wow what a body. That single inverted nipple reall turned me on.
Mmmmmmm Chikiiiiiiiiiiiiitaaaaaaaaaaa! What a hot lady she is! Her breasts are absolutely magnificent. Ooooooooh wow,I could have hours of fun playing with those lovely soft jugs. Are they real? Well, I think they're probably beautifully firm real ones. If they're silicone fakes then the surgeon has done an excellent job because I'll be damned if I can see the scars. The rest of her is extremely alluring as well. Her waist is pleasingly slim and swell gloriously outwards into beautifully rounded...
She has a wonderful body, beautiful eyes, boobs, ass and legs, very lovely face. I love you Chikita, see you soon !
In one word: Perfect! She's awesome, I like her dancing and the way she moves her sexy body - beautiful natural forms - I loose my breath, everytime!
Very nice ... One of my favorites.
Nice face and body but show did not do much for me (maybe the dress)?
elle n'a pas un visage d'ange mais elle a un corps d'enfer ,je ne parle pas de ses seins qui sont surement une grande fierté pour elle
a heavy DD doll
Awful dress, Spectacular titties...8
Not bad...the "private tutor" card is better though. 8/10 from me.
Why don't my neighbours look like her?
tone down the dress and this might b a good card
alright card, nothing fantastic. Nice pubic hair though.
Cette fille m'excite au plus au point. En la regardant, je me caresse et pense aux femmes qui la regardent en même temps
She reminds me of my neighbor?
Pretty girl and my vote is that they are not real, as if that really matters. Also my opinion, but between the floral sundress and the really mediocre moves, she comes off like some guy's date who got up on amateur night at the strip club. She's beautiful for sure and has a great ass, but I'm gonna have to say 8 for the whole package.
Flabby, wrinkled butt, too big droopy boobs, no smiles or enthusiasm. A total delete from my hard drive. Not worth viewing for free - let alone wasting tickets on. Save your money - look at another model.
nur ne schöne Figurder rest ist zum einschlafen , puhh wie langweilig
Wanna see her in 3K
Pure milfr. Great card.
!!! ça c'est de la bonne-femme !!! Waouh !!!
Vraiment magnifique, ses seins sont superbes, et son corps magnifique.
Ein sehr süßes Kleid trägt Chikita da. Steht ihr sehr gut und ist sehr erotisch. Leider dauert die Show nur 22 Min. Schade, hätte noch gerne mehr gesehen. Süßes Girl mit traumhafter Figur.
cette fille est tres tres bien faite une tres belle poitrine un beau cul franchement tres excitante a ne pas manque......
Obwohl ich auf so große Brüste eigentlich nicht stehe, ihre sind echt geil! Ansonsten schöner Po, schöne Muschi, könnte davon ruhig mehr zeigen. Super Gesicht, so richtig verrucht!!
Essa mina e demais, ela e muito gostosa nota 10
magnifique streapise des seins sublimes merite largement d'etre dans ma collection
Was für megageile Titten, groß,fest und schön geformt. Der Arsch mega geil da würde ich gerne mal.....von mir 10 Pkte.
Très trés belle un super corps et un regard à tomber à genoux
Che dire di lei... Super! E in ogni caso è dire poco, i capelli raccolti qui le danno un'ulteriore marcia in più! 10/10
gran corpo, ottimo show, seno stupendo
Sehr sexy!!Schade , das die Show kurz ist!!
J'aime beaucoup Chikita car elle est très élégante et distinguée... Mon rêve serait de lui faire l'amour comme une chienne car elle aime beaucoup le sexe!!! Cela se voit dans ses yeux ingénus mais remplis de désir de se faire prendre !!!!!! Bon , excusez moi , je me calme!!! Mais vous allez voir ses seins extraordinaires et son corps parfait!!! Son cul est divin et il attends l'assaut final :) Et sa petite chatte est très accueillante , mais elle la caresse bien , mais sans profondeur... C'est d...
Toujours canon Chikita !
j'adore sont style genre mere de famille tres sensuelle.
tres jolie physique! quel regard! adorable
Trés jolie fille avec des formes sensuelles et généreuses...en particulers ses seins et ses fesses...9/10
Im dieser Show sieht Chikita wie das "Mädchen von nebenan" aus. Ich würde auf jeden Fall nicht mehr umziehen, wenn ich solch eine geile Nachbarin hätte...fantastische Brüste (natur), eine anrasierte Muschi und einen verdorbenen Blick. Diese Show ist sehr erotisch, und Chikita ist sehr häufig nackt zu sehen (und nackt ist sie eine absolute Granate!). Sie spielt sich zwar sehr viel an den Brüsten rum, aber leider gar nicht an der Muschi. Schade...(Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Dans la très grande majorité des séquences, Chikita ne se défait pas de sa robe. On a beau dire qu'il ya de l'explicite, cet effeuillage dans sa quasi totalité m'apparaît très pudique. Dommage car avec des atouts pareils, pas nécessaire d'avoir autant de pudeur.
4.0 (2153 votes)

Jungle Jane

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 240 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (82)

If she Jane, I Tarzan!
She is smokin hot i love that body she is gorgeous
Une des plus belles filles.Sublime tout simplement.Et tout est "naturel" ce qui est rare.
Just wonderfull.
Chikita simple ?????????? .I'd like to see her in new maps
A perfect body from the long shapely legs to the expressive shoulders and everthing in between. Not so much of a dancer as a squirmer. (Maybe its a snake dance?). The outfit worked well for her, but a plastic headband? She does maintain good eye contact, but more with 'the model stare' than a flirtatous engagement. No deduction for style- that's subjective. She did a great set and and deserves a 10, and you're not going to find a better classic figure...
So Captivating, one of my favorites 10+ :)
Tout simplement magnifique.
just for the break in the morning
Chikita's card is called jungle jane, if she is jane me tarzan, This card brings to mind the idea you are on expedition in the jungle looking 4 the lost temple of the inca's. You come to a clearing & there is your goal,however you see it is guarded as you draw closer the guard is chikita & in an instance you forget about everything but how you can make her yours.She moves & she is as graceful as a jungle cat.
This girl is fine ass hell, and her dancing is better than most as well.
Chikita est ma Déesse, mon idéale de femme. Elle est l'ultime raffinement de la femme, le produit final et parfait. Je donnerais mon âme au démon pour sortir avec cette perfection hors de ce monde. Elle a les seins les plus parfaits, sublimse, merveilleux et incroyable qu'il m'aie été donné de voir sur une femme et Dieu sait que j'en ai vu des tonnes et des tonnes. Ses beaux yeux me font fondre, une taille sublime et un cul a devenir fou. Et oui mesieurs, Dieu a fait la perfection et il l'a mise...
Wow, she drives me crazy. Her body is so beautiful and her boobs are perfect. I already gave her a '10'. I would love to see her in nice lingerie with garter and stockings...(maybe in the next show...)
CHIKITA is a beautiful girl with a lovely body. The only thing is that she needs a bit of a tan.
a smile will get any thing
A Goddes 100% Natural
amazing girl really 10!
Being the the proud owner of all 6 of Chikita's shows I have found a problem with them. You get mesmerized by those amazing tits and miss how amazing the whole package is. I beleive she is underrated and should be one of the top women here. If you prefer Brunettes then you love Morgane, I have Chikita rated right up there with Vicki and Natali as the nicest Blondes on VGHD. Wish they could get her back for more shows.
When I first viewed her topless my eyes were immediately drawn to her boobs as I thought WOW what boobs. Always have her show on full size on my desktop whenever she is topless.
Another 9 for her in this show. once again i say that she is one of the most beautiful all natural girls on here. minimalist makeup and good moves make for a pleasing package that doesn't disappoint. a bit more energetic style here than in Sweet meeting, but still one of the nicest asses on this site and knows what to do with it. not afraid to touch herself in all the right places and doesn't take long to get down to business. also one nice looking cookie between her thighs, and a classic beauty...
I normally prefer brunettes, but WOW - I would happily move to any jungle to be together with this lovely "Jungle Jane"!
Ah, Chikita, I love ur boobs and could care less if they r real or fake lol. A good boob job can enhance, feel like real and if it makes ur honey happy and better self esteme n she's willing to put up with a year of sore boobs u will also be made happy. Ur the best Chikita and a solid 10/10
This girl is absolutely lovely. Curvacious and sexy ;) Far too many scrawny bags of bones on here with ridiculously high scores i.e. Eufrat
What a pleasure! You know, I prefer blondes and I also like cats, especially if these cats turn out to be blonde wildcats... Chikita is like a stunning female leopard which was bewitched just to turn into a beautiful blonde woman. She arouses my fleshly instincts. Her performance is so lively and vital - it's a dream come true for me. In my opinion, this natural beauty deserves the highest rating possible, a 10/10. Chikita: Did you already know that there is a famous ABBA song which was named af...
I've always love a full figured lady and chikita is a perfect specimen for this. the show is one of her great show. this card is well worth the money and is going to be there in my harddisk for a long long time.. ^_^
She's really great. Perfect body, perfect tits and very nice pussy, which she isn't afraid to show off. I've got another show of hers and both are very, very good. Definitely my favourite girl on this site. 10/10
Chikita is fantastic - not only has she got a great body she is happy to show it off, unafraid of getting up close, spreading her legs and giving her glorious pussy a nice fondle. Viva Chikita!!!
she is simply the most perfect woman ive seen in my entire life!!!!!!
Chikita. If I was your tear, I would roll down to your lips to kiss them! If you would be my tear, I never would cry to not lose you! I want you! I love you!
miss bimbo card good, but this one is way better. better moves, better explicit and i must agree that no man made stuff EVER compares to the real thing. i love that she does the ass stuff as much as she does considering her boobs have no equal in quality (except maybe for lucynova)! bonus photos are way better this card as well! amazing package in just five feet, three inches!!!!
OHHHHHHHHHH WOW! Chikita just gets sexier and more alluring every time I see her. Her body is absolutely flawless. Seeing her beautiful round bottom peeping out from underneath that sexy skirt as she sways her hips is sooo charged with eroticism. Then there's those fantastic natural breasts. One must assume that this was what Felina was dreaming about when she had her hideous implants installed, but you can't emulate the natural gifts with man-made fakes. Chikita's stripping is just so sexy and...
Pure sex!! Have a hard time trying to think if this is equal to her Miss Bimbo card. Beautiful combination of great body, pretty face (with smile), and hair. Her movements are among the best I've seen from any of your girls. What are they putting in the water in the Czech Republic -we need some of it here!!
Very Hot !!
Défaut de la reproduction sonore ce qui une grande exposition. Je l'ai juste aimée. Merci Chikita X et ceci est une grande carte au propre.
she only has one nipple but the size and shape of her rack more than make up for it!
chikita you are just the perfection ! thank you a kiss lb
She makes me wish I was Tarzan.
I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with her!Something about the big boobs shows..they lay back mostly and show off their tits.I wish these girls would take a lesson from Carmen Gemini and do a Breast "pendulum" or a bootie bounce like Axelle Parker!!! Having said that this is her best show!And she does have a gorgeous rack!!!And that's why I keep getting her shows!
Me Tarzan, you Jane! Jane should be bare foot, not in heels.HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!!!!! This girl has the most MAGNIFICENT breasts that I have EVER seen!!20/10!
Nungut,naja,vieleicht,malsehen,geht auch noch besser.
Not a fan of a big set of jugs, but just those baby's alone up my rating by a point. If you like beautiful, ripe, natural (by waht I can tell) melons, sit down a take a bite of these juicers. You might just end up squeezing some out.
même si ses habits ne sont pas terribles... une fois enlevés vous découvrirez son corps parfait, qu'elle bouge avec une certaine délicatesse sans pour autant être trop timide. elle ne nous envoie pas sa chatte à la figure a tout bout de champ et nous fait profiter de sa poitrine généreuse, de ses fesses accueillantes et de son regard bleu crystal qui dégage une certaine froideur mais qui paradoxalement me réchauffe le ... coeur. Cette fille est une bombe ! Je la note à 9 seulement a cause des fr...
C'est un bon show. Chikita est une très belle fille avec une belle poitrine. Elle bouge son corps comme il faut.
Chikita is a beautiful girl, she is very very hot!!! Lovely tits, and nice ass, nice card with a great hair style, she knows how to make horney a men. 9/10.
Chikita is nearly perfect. Great body, awesome face, great blonde hair with contrasting dark eyebrows. Big butt, wide hips, fair skin, and big breats. She seems to be missing a nipple, but its all good. She has great teeth and an awesome jawline. The outfit is great, especially for us lovers of cavegirls. She dances around and plays with her loin cloth a bit. Wish she's go bottomless more. Overall 9 out of 10!
The outfit looks pretty dumb, but she moves nicely and has great boobs.
Had just finished re-reading Hunters of Gor, so the panther girl meme was still fresh in my mind.Chikita is seriously fit, cracking pair of jugs and her moves are up there with the best. I just wish she's sort that face out and crack a smile or two every now and then.
Great chest!
Any of you that think her boobs are not REAL you Mofo,s are very very STUPID. I give her a 9/10.
This one is so much better than 'Sexy Neighbor', in my opinion. Chikita looks better with long hair, as in this segment. The sexy Jungle outfit looks hot on her, and I love her smooth looking creamy skin! She gives a very seductive show, very satisfying.
I´m watching her nice beautiful body right now. That 36 bustline Has to bee ONE of the Best in the World. Both of her lips look so great, but how she likes to play whit her body. Although i love her junglebikini during show, but to able to see her nicely tanned curvaceous figure, that is so great. Ou how to bee her Tarzan in the junge.
Chikita is here and the jungle becomes Heaven. So gorgeous, sexy and wonderful girl.
Perfect! She's awesome, I like her dancing and her when she moves her sexy body - beautiful natural forms - I loose my breath, everytime I see her! Thankx Chikita, wish you all the best
almost like her "sweet meeting" card. but i think her performance is better on this card. 9*
This is another good card from this hot-bodied Virtua Girl, Chikita. The outfit for this card is awesome, but the show is relatively tame in comparison. Chikita does well for a card with a fairly early number like this, but her Miss Bimbo performance was better.The upside is that this hot girl with her big fake breasts is topless for much of this card, showing off her beautiful chest. I don't often like breast enhancements, but on her, they look great.
Jungle Jane , is my ms. Tarzan.She is pretty, maybe a 8.
She's got it and knows how to flaunt it. What more could a guy ask for?
After watching this second card of hers, now I am convinced! She is one (at least) step back from Eufrat, Nella, Zafira & half step back from Lucky & keana Moire (no pussy lips openers), due to her unwillingness to keep her legs wide open for long time straight to the camera (& not sideways)!!! Again, just one real explicit clip...! I should have been totally out of options, to spend 2 tickets for this card!!!
Marked her down for never smiling, she looks bored. great tits though
Does she ever show her vagina? I've watched and have not seen it yet.
Chikita has a very sexy body and the outfit looked pretty good on her too. Maybe more of an explicite show would boost this card rating.
Ah, Chikita, so sexy and voluptuous. I don't like the fake boobs, but I do like the non anorexic appeal. She's good, but no the best. 7/10
girls my age, looked a lot younger when I was 21
great card even though i dislike all the jungle themed cards
Love the body nice and thick. Not too fond of her face. Good show not too explicit at the end. She has some really nice hot pix though.
wanna see her in 3K
Qween of LoveGoldDragoon2009
Great outfit.
Manche können nur meckern!! Eine klare 10 !! Wer will ernsthaft Chikita von der Bettkante stoßen??
Au risque de me répéter: belle gueule,belle descente de gorge, belles fesses, belle fente...un max!
Chikita ist einen "geilen Fick" wert,mehr wie nur einen. Ständer bei diesem Anblick 100-%-ig !!!
je la trouve super dans son show, elle a des yeux superbes, un visage très doux et un super corps ... Bisous à Chikita.
Chikita, une de plus belles poitrine du site, j'aime tous tes showx et j'en redemande. la note maximale : 10
she has really a lot to offer !!!
Une poitrine fantastique, magnifique!!
Je ne dirais qu'une chose : ses seins, ses seins, ses seins ! Magnifiques ! Le reste est banal, bien qu'elle soit aussi très jolie, mais son corps ne rivalise pas avec les musts en comparaison ! Manque de séduction dans son regard aussi ! Mais bon, rien que pour sa poitrine parfaite, un 9/10
Chikita est une très grande cochonne , vraiment magnifique!!! Elle possède un visage très étrange , une beauté unique... Et son regard transforme mon oiseau en Poutre de Bamako :))) Son corps est superbe , avec des formes là où il faut!!! Elle arbore une paire de seins incroyables , bien grosse et naturelle!!! Et son cul réclame des bravos!!! Sa croupe est sublime et l'on a envie de la prendre avec force et volupté , rien que pour entendre crier cette belle bourgeoise!!! Et , elle caresse bien s...
Tarzan, n'a qu'à bien se tenir car avec une Jane pareille, à coup sur les gorilles de la jungle vont la lui piquer, cette fille est définitivement magnifique.
jolie fille avec de belles forme a voir
C'est une superbe femme, son show est pas mal aussi, mais il y a quelque-chose qui ne passe pas, c'est juste le fait qu'elle ne sourit pas assez. Elle a déjà un visage froid avec un regard de louve, alors le sourire ca changerai tout. Sinon c'était pas mal, elle a un corps superbe, une magnifique poitrine et elle bouge bien.
Quel corps superbe ! Une poitrine à rendre fou, un cul extra ! Mais Chikita pourrait jouer un peu plus avec son minou...
Chikita als "Jane"...auf den ersten Blick gefällt mir das Kostüm leider gar nicht. Aber auf den zweiten Blick muss ich zugeben, dass der String (den sie immer unter dem Rockfetzen trägt) ihren geilen Arsch noch mehr betont. Nur manchmal hätte ich mir auch Szenen mit Rock ohne Slip darunter gewünscht. Ihr Körper hat einfach alles, was "Mann" braucht... geile Titten (und die lassen wirklich keinen Wunsch offen), kackiger Arsch, anrasierte Muschi und einen verdorbenen Blick. Nur an der Stripshow an...
3.9 (2454 votes)

Sweet meeting

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 48
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 239 MB

Sample pictures

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Rarely have I found a model on here where I love all of the cards. Morgane? She's nice but I don't like all of them. Chikita!? Mah gawd. Just give me all of them O_O!!!
Chikita simple ?????????? .I'd like to see her in new maps
Sexy girl with sexu body.
P.S. Chikita is a MUST have for ANY and ALL boob lovers! There has been much debate on whether her deliciously perfect breasts are real or fake, but if they are fake, that doctor is made for LIFE. They look VERY real to me, I just cannot see how they could be even 1% fake. They have curve to them, and bounce, something fake boobies have neither of. And they don't look like 2 big water balloons plastered onto her chest like all the other fake women of this site (not that there's anything wrong wi...
beaualin sublime Déesse...mon amour...tu es si belle avec ces seins parfaits, ce visage d'ange et ce corps merveilleux. Dieu a enfin laissé aller son ultime chef d'oeuvre...Chikita!!!
I find her so sexy.
Very sexy love the eyes.
I masturbate when she is on all the time. Those huge tits and slim body are the best. Thanks Babe for helping me release my load!
CHIKITA....waw...Always she will be the best ever 100/10
the best set of tits on the site, combined with a great body, a pretty face, and nice moves. get her now
Great show. Her body is just perfect, she has the best breasts on VG for me, and her ass is so hot. Killer eyes too. She easily deserves a 10 !
This chick knows how to present herself. minimal makeup, just enough to show off her natural good looks. can move what shes got, and lots of eye contact. one of the most naturally beautiful looking girls on here. has a more slow and seductive dance style that works well for her. I give her a 9, but she needs to be more explicit. but well worth the ticket.
This girl gets a 20 from me. I've seen many but this one gets a comment from me. So hot!!!! Slick
Very HOT! Never a disappointment!
One word: hot, Chikita dose a fair amount of pole dancing and just teasing you up close, shes got a sexy body and perfect breast ratio.If you don't have this in your collection, your missing "good stuff"10 from me
WOW...Wow wee wow woah...This is the girl...This girl has it all...If you dont have this girl in your collection you are missing out. Im not kidding you....Boiiinnnnngggggg!!! I give her a 12...
It's a good thing you can't buy lap dances online. I'd be saying "just one more" until my paycheck was used up!!
Chikita mesmerises me. I could watch this beautiful girl 24/7
Wow, what big mounds you have, all the better to rub them up against me with, this girl puts the S in sexual, WHAT A TURN ON!! her gyrations are hypnotising and her tits keep you begging for more, and the beautiful piercing eys feel as if they are looking right into your soul, i got this card to be daring and adventurous and it paid off, definetly a 15 out of 10
Chikita is full figured woman with sexy moves. She lets her fingers do their walking All over her body. She definitely earned her 10.
with Marta , one of my prefereds. A sexy body and she show her lust on....
this was a sexy surprise in my pack
A very beautifull Girl with wonderfull breasts.
I love you! I love you! I love you!!!!!!!! hottest, sexiest woman ever!!
This is my third Chikita card and I'm pleased to see that it is of the same high standard as the other two. Chikita is a wonderfully sensuous unhurried stripper. She has one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen - I just love the way she sexes her breasts up. Watching Chikita is never boring, there's little or no explicit clips in her shows, but I can't hold that against her. She's gorgeous and I will buy her cards as long as she wants to churn them out and worship her fantastic curves. 10...
I just love Chikita......perfect in every way
Chikita is the best of any model that you have provided. Great body and pretty face provides a great combo. oldoug
Semplicemente Stupenda.. non ho parole.. perfetta.. soprannaturale.. una creatura unica!
Magnificent! Chikita is drop dead gorgeous and has the best natural breasts I've ever seen with the exception of Zuzana.
Very good indeed!
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Very nice show Chikita X A great card again to add to our collections. Thankyou Chikita X
I agree all her cards are very hot and so is she outfits dances every thing is great I want more of her
GRAND SLAM!!!! 4 cards, 4 AWESOME shows!!!!Chikita knows how to move, she's sexy as hell and she delivers the goods! Worth 10 tickets. You will NOT be disappointed. One VERY SEXY show!!11/10!
Reminds me of Lucynova in both looks and style; and just like her, she teeters on being 'great'. Both are a little stiff and both are apparently willing and trying to appear relaxed but just can't quite make it. In spite of this, she does a very good job and certainly is well, well worth having in any collection.
WOW I do like BIG BOOBS and she have them. rate her 9.5/10 all so she very pretty girl. with legs man that`s good.
Uummm sei propriomelonita..... bonita!
That orange 2XL or DDD top looks awful on her. It's sloppy and makes her look grotesquely enhanced. Having said that, once it's off she looks like a natural beauty.
Chikita is nearly perfect. Great body, awesome face, great blond hair with contrasting dark eyebrows. Big butt, wide hips, fair skin, and big breasts. She seems to be missing a nipple, but its all good. She has great teeth and an awesome jawline. This particular collection is a good one, its hard not to be excited about Chikita. It's a next door casual girl outfit yet sexy and revealing enough to get a good look at her enormous tits at any given moment. As with all strippers, she's fond of disca...
Chikita has an awesome body...great pair of tits and a luscious smile...the outfit could have been better though
i gave har a 9 very sexy girl most likley worth your $$
First off, let me say that I am an uber-snob when it comes to tossing around the term perfection. It is of, course, impossible to achieve and understandably rather subjective as well. So, it’s extremely doubtful that you will be seeing a 10 from me. That said, you won’t see me giving undeservedly bad grades either. For what it’s worth, I have no true type and I am quite capable of both admiring and assessing even the subtlest nuances of beauty and sexuality. For my grading system, I will be brea...
Very nice. I feel neither hot or disappointed with Chikita. I gave her a 9. Good show.
123Koos = "Just above average"? Where the heck do you live and how can I move there if this woman is just average?
Perfect! She's awesome, I like her dancing and her when she moves her sexy body - beautiful natural forms - I loose my breath, everytime I see her! Thankx Chikita, wish you all the best
Oh my God, these boobs ! I'm totaly mad of her body, her ass and her lovely face. I'll do sweet dreams tonight.
OMG - those breasts....
The best alrounder I have seen so far, perfect body in all areas
Chikita looks good in every outfit I've seen her in thus far! I'm sure this won't be the last time someone comments on her lovely breasts, but I can't help it...they keep me mesmerized. Her performance feels natural. Every time she comes up on my desktop I can't keep my eyes away.More women like Chikita please!
WOW!! Chikita,has anyone told you that you look like a voluptuous Uma Thurman?!I'll give your show a 9.7
There might be a God after all......
Not usually into Big girls,but Chikita is definitely winning me over. She has that certain "Je ne sais quoi", Plus a gorgeous Bod!!!
Good shot, I like the t-shirts that let you see the breasts from one side. And this girl has something great to show. Bravo!
totally agree w/ gardner diff top but other than that a really good card
I don't like her face very much, but I love her Tits, wow they are fantastic !!!!!!
sexy body and good eye contact. it never takes her very long to show you something to get you going. pick her up now
Dress like woman schould be on a nice hot summer day. Walking for a drink in the sun. (Sommtimes i dream of better world)
CHIKTA has a geat show and great body
Could have been a beeter outfit but my god those tits. I could suck on them all night long. I love the landing strip that she has on her pussy.
nice girl, good show. her outfit could be better. 8pts.
Perfect tits, body & ass, village girl face & an uninterested pussy! Quite explosive combination in theory, but in this card, reality shows different...! I can't say Chikita is shy, but the impression remains after watching all her clips, is that she rather hide than freely show her pussy!!! Real explicit is only one clip (on which filming is most of the time sideways, not straight to the camera)...! The card definately deserves 1, but hardly 2 tickets!
bought this card to complete her collection. Perfect face, and nice outfit, although not her best performence
The nicest "Factory" installed breats I've seen here.. very nice figure..BUT.. I'm still an Implant Lover..LOL.. Her dancing could use a little more fluid motion.. I'd like to see her thrust her hips like Vicky S and Falina.. Just my opinion thow..
great body, nice card! indeed worth 1 ticket not more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hot face, the rest not so much, maybe its the costume. 7*
a DD doll outfit can by better
She's pretty, and I like that she's not a twig, but she lacks something. She doesn't move about that much, like she's not really into it. Very unconvincing. I'd say the best thing is that alot of her shots are close up shots. I wouldn't buy this card specifically, but I got her in the blond booster pack, which was nice. all in all, I gave her a 6/10
JUST above average... 6/10
What a shame to have breasts so beautiful and yet be completely borrrrring...
May the body that she possesses be used to benefit mankind. May she continually provide use with the cards that we need. May she invite other female beauties to VirtuaGirlHD that we may partake in them as well. And Now I bestow my blessing on this creature of beauty. Domino, Patria, Sprite, Santos.
Sublime tout simplement.
Just amazing !!! T wish you would update her cards to a higher resolution.
C'est vraiment mont type de femme idéale, un corps parfais, un visage de rêve, la vénus de de mais fantasme les plus fou .
Mann, Mann was für eine heiße Frau. Chikita hat so sexy Kurven. Outfit passt absolut. Erotik pur 10/10
Sie hat eine erotische Figur ( nicht zu viel , nicht zu wenig)!! Das Outfit passt auch dazu! Ich habe nicht`s zu meckern!
Avec Elle c'est du 100% extra-bonus garantie!
avec Chikita, on entre dans la catégorie, blonde à forte poitrine et très franchement, il n'y a qu'à s'installer confortablement devant l'écran et admirer, ce que l'on voit est tout simplement beau, incroyablement beau, et souvenez vous "gentlemen prefer blondes, pou pou pi dou"
Chikita est superbe,très féminine de la tête aux pieds.des nichons de première catégorie, un cul sublime...,une poitrine généreuse.. et son petit minou qui est gentiment entrouvert ,sons show est parfait
Was für megageile Titten, groß,fest und schön geformt. Der Arsch mega geil da würde ich gerne mal.....von mir 10 Pkte.
Chikita est geniale, plus d'elle, s'il vous plait
Des jambes et une poitrine d'enfer, elle est super-cute, et vraiment trop sexy! Elle bouge d'une facon incroyable, quelle belle femme. Bravo Chikita
j aime les femmes aux corps naturel chikita en fait partie tres belles a completer 9/10
Bei Chikita könnte ich mich verlieren,bei der Oberweite so oder so.
CHIKITA ç'est une bombe ! encore !!!
Cette carte atteint des sommets. Chikita est superbe, nichons de première catégorie, un cul sublime... et son petit minou est gentiment entrouvert par cette femme pulpeuse.
Nice looking woman, okay outfit.
Seins disproportionnés, sourire effacé, pas mal pour le reste mais n'est pas convaincante 7.5
Chikita hat fantastische Brüste (natur), eine anrasierte Muschi und einen verdorbenen Blick. Die Kette passt gut zu ihren geilen Titten, das Oberteil sieht mit ihren Dingern einfach nur umwerfend aus (vor allem wenn "aus versehen" mal ein Träger von der Schulter rutscht, und eine Brust frei legt). Allerdings gefallen mir Rock, Slip und Schuhe so gar nicht. Nackt ist sie eine absolute Granate! Die Show ist sehr erotisch, wenn ich mir auf einfach nur mal einen Blick unter den Rock auf die Muschi g...
Parfaite avec ses petits yeux verts , sa poitrine généreuse.. et son petit air timide le show démarre doucement mais la fin est vraiment sympa :)
3.9 (1872 votes)

Commando attack

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 73
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 205 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (82)

Permission to undress granted!
Call Chikita and make 3K card
WOW wish she would make more cards thought a Lady like her would have fun with the outfits on here
Ahhh!! Chikita-chwaaan! :D
So hot and sexy.
Chikita simple ?????????? .I'd like to see her in new maps
Chikita is beautiful
Jolie blonde chaude et jolie. Tu es super orgasmique et fantasmique Chikita. =)
le show est un peu sage, mais elle a un tel physique que cela n'a guère d'importance, vive l'armée.
She is so HOT
Best girl there is.Body - 10/10 Outfit - 10/10 Performance - 8/10Overall - 9.5/10
Awesome body with delicious boob structure, my first card is chikita
Spectaculaire!!! Splendide!! un aussi beau visage avec un corps presque parfait, Chikita fait partie de mes favorites(Angel Kiss;Morgane;Tess;Chems;Melissa mais aussi Saraliz et Viki que j'adore)Rien à redire sur ses formes gènèreuses...elle mérit bien 10+
Amazing body... yeah they're real!
Damn I love this woman. She is SO beautiful. Why isn't she rated higher?!
Awesome Tits, really awesome tits.
My god....these posts were not lying...this girl has an AMAZING physique...she gets a 10 just for her body alone...
Halleluja, was für ein geiles Luder! Chikita hat traumhaft geile Titten (natur), einen kanckigen Arsch, eine anrasierte Muschi und einen versauten Blick, als könne sie es nicht erwarten von der ganzen Armee genommen zu werden. Wenn diese Granate ihre Titten raus lässt, dann kann kein Mann mehr still auf dem Stuhl sitzen bleiben. Der Minirock ohne Slip drunter ist einfach nur Heiss, und man bekommt sehr gute 'very explicit shows' geboten. (Wertung: 10 von 10 Punkten)
Please Chikita come back and make some more I would really like to see you in either a nurse or a police outfit or both. :) This woman is so hot that she could melt a bucket of ice in five minutes or less.
This girl has the most beautiful pair of breasts I have ever seen, and her tight ass is absolutely georgeous. Very sexy lady.
Wow, she drives me crazy. Her body is so beautiful and her boobs are perfect. I already gave her a '10'. I would love to see her in nice lingerie with garter and stockings...(maybe in the next show...)
Everything would be perfect, but more smile, please!!! I give her a 10 in advance...
Army Navy Airforce,I don't care, just be with her!
Definitly a 10, full body hot what else, explicit, buy her card...
I would go commando with her anytime nd if he wanted t attack me I let her do anything she wanted. Yes she has a very fine shapely body highlighted by her great chest.She should team up with Diana Doll's Sexy Army outfit--that be a great duo I love to see --how about you guys.She is a 10 and a keeper.
why are Czech girls so damn hot? it is really ridiculous...10
Without doubt a 10 out of 10. Chikita definitely one of the best, if not THE best, girls on here. She has a perfectly proportioned body and she knows how to use it! Great performance from one very sexy girl.
her body is perfect, its so delicus when she walks on your screen end you can dee thos delicus brests bunching as she walks, mmh chikita is a real treat 10!
I don't know what they feed those Czech honeys but they sure turn out some of the worlds most gorgeous women there is no doubt. However, Chikita has gotta b the most lovely of them all and I'm sure that I dont havta explain the reasons why. I find the expressions of her moves and every aspect of her body and most seductive immaginable and I think her facial expression is very seductive as well. Gotta b or at least b very close to perfection
im in heaven
Wow! She's got a body that makes me believe Sailor Moon could be real! And she's a pro throughout, making every move flow and seduce. A little too serious for me, but that's a matter of preference. I wasn't really looking at her face too often anyhow!
One of the hawtest chicks ever.
Nicest tits i've ever seen, she can lead my marching army any day
Her beauty is breath takeing. Fake real who cares her breasts are perfect. A pair of the best breast ive seen on here. A highly recommended show. Chikita is all around splended. Love her body and the way she moves. a perfect 10/10 from me sweet heart.
she is hot. i want her in my bed all night.
Damn, this girl is hot! I love her huge breasts and they don't seem fake at all. It's totally awesome. (Fake boobs are such a turn off... -_-;;) Everyone should get this card! ^_^
Can comments explain it all ? Simply speachless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have constantly stated my preference is for girls with curves, and Chikita is the perfect example of what a sexy woman should look like; from top to bottom, she catches the eye. Her breasts are totally mouth-watering natural melons (Felina addicts, take a look and weep). They accentuate the tightness of her waist, and the flow is continued as her waist swells out into her wonderful rounded hips. Her bottom just begs to be caressed and squeezed. Chikita's sensuous wiggle mesmerises and if there...
I would have to say Chikita has the BEST body, hands down, of all the other girls on the site! Her rating should be much, much higher! Who can't help but be completely mesmerized by such a perfect set of breasts, legs, ass, not to mention the most perfect looking "Heaven"...shall I go on??? I'd give her an 11 if I could!!
This is WAY better than you would think looking at the card and bonus pictures. What a set of breasts on her! She has a beautiful body and great eyes as well. What is in the water over in the Czech Republic that so many VirtuaGirls are from there?
she is a ten! Those eyes, that tousch, her breasts, and lets not forget those wonderful legs. This girl is beautiful!
just about perfect,may be the hottest woman alive
finally we see some tits here, she has the best tits ever on this site
she has very nice natural tits and very nice pussy, and well worth the to buy her watch her is amazing.
Chikita gets a 10 from be just because of her OUTSTANDING huge natural Tits and very womanly shaped body with wide hips and nice big pussy.
This girl is sexy, definetly one of the best girls to have.
she is a perfect hunk of human flesh her beauty is next to none every mans dream of pure sex and beauty and ill bet very of luck .maddog201
She has the most awesome pair of titties on this site!!!If you're real nice she'll show some kitty(wait for it!!)
Very hot. Allways worth to have a look for. I like her.
Great card and great show. Thanks Chikita X Get this card and see
3 cards...3 SMOKIN' shows!!! This girl is SO FUCKING HOT!!! & wait until you see her make love to the pole!!! You know a girl is a winner when you watch all of her "no nudity shows", and Chikita is a WINNER! Keep her cumming, TOTEM. MOREMOREMORE!!!17/10
wow a real 10 + thanks and more please lets send her on another shopping spree and another, ect ect ect
i need more of her. maybe something like farm girl!
Chikita's preformance in this card is adverage at best.Her dancing needs work. Though there are brief periods where she shows that she is capable of moving suductively.Her explicit clips, all three of them, are tame by any standard.The reason Chikita gets a 9 from me is because she has an amazing body.For you ass men out there Chikita's ass looks like you could bounce a quarter off it (nice and firm.)Her body is long and slender. Not skinny like most of the women on this sight but healthy and ve...
the best there is - super tasty - what a body - beautiful
Chikita is a beautiful, buxom woman that is really sexy! She needs to look like she is enjoying her time though and I would agree that she needs to smile more! Other than that she rates a 9 as far as I am concerned and would recommend her!
Great body. Great Handwork. Not enough smiling.
Not an especially attractive outfit for Chikita but I think she would even look good in a burlap bag. She has a sizzling hot body, long muscular legs, luscious titties and bright beautiful blue eyes. One close-up photo shows her bent over reavealing her cooter with a nice clitoral hood and long moist glistening labia lips.
Nice big boobs that I don't think are fake. A nice ass, and a neat outfit. She moves pretty well, but every now and then she seems too deliberate, and not natural. I'm liking it the more I watch it. She's got a good amount of good scenes, and she seems to draw you in. I really think the camo panties are a nice touch too. Not one of my favorite, but a very good card. 9/10: top card
Chikita is really hot! You've got to see her boobs, you really need to big hands to hold 1 boob! They're HUGE! Everyting else of her body is just great, nice figure, nice ass, nice 'n shaved, and a cute "the-girl-next-door" kinda look. 10 out of 10!
omg if you like boobs a must have in your collection.just can imagine a titty fuck.
Lovely breasts, great dancer should be worth 10 tickets
Finnaly a girl with some tits!!! Wonderful lady. Thank you.
What an amazingly hard body. Would love to be under her command any time (LOL). Can dance too.
Very nice show, she needs to be a little more excited, she is very shy of her moves, more energy in here show would be nice.
In one word: Perfect! She's awesome, I like her dancing and her when she moves her sexy body - beautiful natural forms - I loose my breath, everytime!Thankx Chikita - 10 points from Germany
Chikita is nearly perfect. Great body, awesome face, great blonde hair with contrasting dark eyebrows. Big butt, wide hips, fair skin, and big breats. She seems to be missing a nipple, but its all good. She has great teeth and an awesome jawline. While Chikita is nearly perfect, some looks just dont look great on some girls. I dont really dig Chikitas pony tail here, and the outfit is ok, but it sill makes one sexy card!
This show of Chikita makes me very very hot !!!bOf course this is one of her best shows. Reccomended !!!
Great tits, yes, but the hat is a disaster. Can the girls please try to look like girls, not US Marines?
a DD doll show and outfit in the average
Synthetic looking breasts, explicit scenes are hard to find. Not bad at all, but not worth to pay for.
Òàêàÿ áàëüøàÿ è óñÿ ìàÿ!") Íå òî ÷òî áû î÷åíü ïëîõî, íî åñëè íåò ëèøíèõ áèëåòîâ- íå ðåêîìåíäóþ.
Pretty good army-themed card. She's got a stunning body.
Not her best outfit, but what an amzing hot body she has. Outfit 9 points, body y10 + and show itself 10 +Totally 10
Muito boa ,exelente ,adoro ve-la seu show e demais vale a pena. essa mina e fantastica ,linda e maravilhosa.parabens
tres jolie fille avec un visage d ange et bien dessiner
Cette fille est vraiment adorable. J'adore sa belle paire de seins et elle a regard coquin.
la tenue est nulle ,la casquette encore pire ,mais la demoiselle est pulpeuse à souhait,elle merite de meilleurs tenues
Sans doute la plus belle paire de seins du site (bien que la concurrence soit rude avec Zuzana et Jenny McClain) et un des plus beaux cul (après Lucky qui reste pour moi le summum). J'ai tous ses shows et je ne m'en lasse pas. Chikita est vraiment formidable !
Chikita müßte mehr zeigen! Und das Outfit paßt auch nicht so richtig.8 Punkte!
4.2 (2735 votes)

Miss Bimbo

  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 234 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (132)

Chikita is #1 for bananas!
A very good show by Chikita!
10 star
She has on of the best bodies I've seen. I wish there were more cards of her.
Chikita, Oh Chikita, my banana throbs for you...
She is beautiful i want more Chikita
Everything about Chikita is perfect. Flawless body, gorgeous face and a slow sensual style that never gets boring. She's one of the best!
Su cuerpo perfecto es de lo más estimulante a la hora de hacer el sexo sólo o en pareja. La vas mirando, y el miembro no para de estar duro; viene una mano y AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, qué gustazo querida.
Chikita simple ?????????? .I'd like to see her in new maps
I resisted getting this card when it kept coming up on the carousel. I wanted newer cards. But I am week. Chikita is so damn hot. This card is smokin'
I don't know why some people want to hate on girls with big breasts, but just because Chikita's boobs are large and full, does not mean they are fake. I have drawn, painted, and sculpted women for over thirty years and there are no implants in that girl's breasts. They are real, and they are spectacular.
Definitely one of the hotter blondes on this site, so so hot !!!!!!
100/10 extrem scharfe Ausstrahlung. 100 Points !
Chikita gives a great show and is very beautiful, she really knows what she is doing and that is entertaining us....10/10
11 out of 10. The most beautiful i´ve ever seen
perfect face, ass, boobs EVERYTHING! 10/10
One of the best babes on VG.
more big boobika :D
Natural Hottie with perfect breasts and lovely pair of legs. She's gorgeous beyond words and this outfit gives her the typical girl next door look. My only regret is that this show is a mere 30 minutes. I would love to see more of her. One of my best cards for sure.
more Chikita
Out of 300+ cards, this has got to be one of my fav's. She has it all, perfect face, body, sexy pout...omg...
What a hot woman! Are her breasts real? They don't look like fake boobs, but they are very unique, and super nice so it would not matter if they were. She definitely stands out among the rest of womankind.
Un physique exceptionnel et sous-estimé par VGHD au vu des accoutrements et coiffures de ses shows. juste pour chikita 10/10
Wow she's got lovely big tits and the rests not bad either,worth a good 10 just for those boobies,good onya girl.
Hot blond.
Chikita has it all! She's a beautiful,hot,and sexy woman. Chikita has an absolutely perfect body. Her boobs are perfect,her ass is perfect,her legs are perfect,and even her pussy lips are perfect.Wish there were more than just 6 cards of her!
Chikita has to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen with an incredible body she is the kind of woman most men only dream about I could sit in front of my computer and watch her all day she is explicit and moves with a slow and fluid movement and really turns me on I cant imagine any man not liking her a definate 10 out of 10 from me
What a pair of tits, stunning.
Best Boobs Ever......
she's beautiful like X-mas morning....
Beautiful body, beautiful BOOBS, what more could you ask for. 10/10
Beautiful....just beautiful..... ;D
wow, this is truely a beautiful woman, i think im in love...
She has the Perfect figure! Not one damn flaw!!!
How this girl isn't number one unbelievable. Great looking, great legs and body. She gets my vote 10/10 everytime
I like small tits, i like big tits, too, but Miss Bimbo's boobs completely take me off my feet.Her dance is very seductive, and the outfit is perfect. Chikita is an amazing girl, but I would like to see more smiling and flirting in her shows.The title of this card is very interesting for me, because 'bimbo' means 'nipple' in my language /hungarian/, so I especially enjoy this performance. Well, ten points for Miss Nipple.
Chikita has the best pair among the well-endowed honeys on VGHD . Her movements are sensuous , slow but not sluggish and I like the fact that she doesn't always wear panties under her little skirt . A BRAVO and a 9 .
Chiquita has the best natural tits on VGHD. I have an awful lot of her shows and all are keepers. She has a sensual sexy quality that is very appealing. Like a lot of the girls here that aren't dancers poses and sways her hips more than dances. Who cares once the clothes are off, what a body!!
She is so much cuter than she used to be and judging by how creamy her puss is in the bonus photos, she really gets off on this. I'm liking her more lately.
Chikita has seriously grown on me - she has a fabulous body, is pretty and has become a favourite.
Ah, yes... woman...whew, what a gorgeous babe. Very wholesome attractiveness, and almost goddess-like incredible body well formed, graceful and melodious in movement, everyday & nice outfit, love her "regular" type shoes (no the frequently seen platform type shoes)... doesn't get distracted by her long hair as some girls are constantly flipping it out of the way. She just rolls on tantalizng and hypnotic.
Fantastically beautiful girl. Perfect, love her! Georgeous.
Chikita is one of the finest most beautiful women on Viruagirl. I would be very happy just to be in her presents to soak up Chakitas beauty. If she would let me touch her, I would, but very gently.
Chikita has become my "new" favourite girl and I am in process of downloading all her shows. Gotta b definitely a 10 and the nicest shape n boobs of all u girls here on Virtual,,, sorry girls
Chikia is the most beautiful girl, with an absolutelt fantastic body. She moves so smooth, you could call her fluid.I would have given her 20/10 if I could
This girl truly has a perfect body. Even though I'm sure her stationary tits are fake, they are beautiful. I was hoping for more pussy play, but maybe I haven't seen all the clips yet. She's gorgeous! 9.5/10, because of the plastic.
Christ, I don't usually comment but this girl is GORGEOUS! She really gives me the horn! Think I will invest in her other cards
I would have to say Chikita has the BEST body, hands down, of all the other girls on the site! Her rating should be much, much higher! Who can't help but be completely mesmerized by such a perfect set of breasts, legs, ass, not to mention a great looking "Heaven"... shall I go on???
Very nice body, ALL AROUND! Total package. Now if only I can get lucky enuff to get a woman like her for real.
Mmmmm! A bimbo is a young girl without a single brain cell to rub together. Chikita is no bimbo. She's got a body made in heaven and she knows exactly how to show it off to its greatest effect. She has the classic hour-glass figure of magnificent full firm natural breasts, gorgeously slim waist, flat belly, perfectly rounded hips and bottom and long sexy legs. She has everything a man wants all wrapped up in one package. This is a wonderful sexy performance from start to finish. She looks at you...
Fantastic girl! Almost unbearably sexy and a good dancer too.
I just love when a woman squeezes and plays with her tits, she is sexy as hell, love her tits, they are fabulous, love to see when she pops up on my PC!!!
She is just soooooooo perfect. Stunning body, magnificent breasts, seductive eyes. I just love everything about her.
>>> Miss YXOR Yes Miss YXOR YXOF great body good colors marry me one bad ASS up in here its just the DOG in me BIG DADDY DOG/DOG GONE!!!!!
It's like this one is from some other planet with her eyeball scorching sizzling hot body, physics defying natural tits and soul peircing laser blue eyes. I especially love when shes sitting on the toolbar, breasts heaving with legs open wide displaying a her luscious cameltoe.The pink top with tight skirt and white heels really works. For the person asking if her tits are the way they jiggle when they are moved or bumped suddenly, also when she pushes against them her hands them th...
what a body. Nice ass and boobs (are they real ?) Sexy dancing : a little anbarassed that mahes it even more hot!
That girl is sexy as Hell and looks at you in a way that could melt an iceberg ! She is quickly becoming show after show one of my favorite virtual girls, she is not afraid of being explicit and she has that little something that makes the difference ! 10/10 !
Wow, einfach so geil die Frau, hat eine volle 10 verdient.
This is my first post. I had to say how wonderful she is. I love it when they are Erotic & explicit!. She is the best that I've seen so far.
What great tits, a great card, definitely worth the ticket this one
Wow this is a good card. I would say get this in your collection and enjoy. Anyway great show Chikita, and thanks X
this girl is very sexy ,nice packages tight you know what i mean a 20 on 10 scale
thank you !!!
HOT!HOTTER!!HOTTEST!!! Erotic & explicit!Great ass. Great tits. Great moves. I *LOVE* the way she touches herself...slow & sexy! & she just tosses her clothes aside & never loses eye contact.GORGEOUS girl! 11/10!!
She is one of the best. Fantastic curves. 3k please!?. 9.5/10
I'm not sure how I ever missed this awesome VirtuaGirl. She is beautiful, extremely well-built, and does some great desktop dancing in many scenes. This card has an unfortunate name, but features this hot desktop stripper doing her thing.She is missing a little of the attitude I like to see, but that is her only fault as she is very sexy, very seductive, and extremely nice to look at. This is an earlier card from the VirtuaGirl HD "classic" period (as I refer to it) when hot girls like Bijou, Za...
Excellent physical appearance........... a pleasurable experience to watch!
nicw tits great legs pert ass and good looking too what more do you want ed
She`s really beautiful ! Her boobs, ass & legs ... a perfect body. But where is your soul Chikita ?
Inmenso cuerpo. La naturaleza ha sido muy generosa. Es una pena que no te abras más, para permitir las mismas cosa que hace tu amiga carmen. Eres un poco sosita.
Chikita is nearly perfect. Great body, awesome face, great blonde hair with contrasting dark eyebrows. Big butt, wide hips, fair skin, and big breats. She seems to be missing a nipple, but its all good. She has great teeth and an awesome jawline. This outfit is a great outfit, something you could expect to run into her with on the street! She really knows how to flaunt her massive jugs and great ass, taking her sweet time doing so. Be on the lookout for a great scene where she sits on the bottom...
Absolutely wonderful tits...arguably the best here...rate her 9/10...would have loved it if it were more explicit
Chikita does have a great body, big breasts , natural? She is very suductive in her expressions shows her body from all angels. A great buy for everybody, I am just missing that one magic thing to give her a 10, so final verdict a 9/10
Seriously, if there is another girl with better breasts, I have not seen her. Chikita is as sexy as any girl can be, and her breasts are simply mesmerizing. I have seen girls with mesmerizing eyes, but never such mesmerizing breasts. This card is a must buy!!!
Great body. Love the real breasts. I'd like to rub my hands all over her body like she does. Very sensual and sexy.
OMG!!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This girl is incredible! Talk about her breast! Yesssssssss!!! but her legs are incredible too!!!!!!! What a body! This girls eyes are incredible also! She is so sensual! Mmmmmmmmmm! I nearly had a heart attack when she popped on the screen. Where has VG been keeping her. Another one that should be on the front page.
want to see a girl beauty, get this card. i give her 9
Could spend a full day playing with those jugs. If I was her, I'd never leave the house.
Chikita is one of the best looking all natural sets here.
Not as good as her millitary show, but still very good.
Beautiful gal, good moves. That slight tan line really adds something. 9 / 10 for me.
Great Body love her nipples but could use some lessons on being playful while dancing
They onlt gave her an 8.64 BUT her sexiness alone deserves more than that. Chikita has natural breasts and long legs that compliment her already nice booty. I give her a 9.2 for her dancing but overall a 10 for her beauty
She's the girl next door so gorgeous ! I love her perfect body and she moves very sensually. Give us more Chikita, please.
Totally HOT!! First purchase I've made after enjoying the free portions of VG for several years.
they just don't get any better than this...OMG!
Perfect! She's awesome, I like her dancing and her when she moves her sexy body - beautiful natural forms - I loose my breath, everytime I see her! Thankx Chikita, wish you all the best
I am impressed by Chikita too, foremost by her big round tits and find myself asking all the time: Could it be possible, that those fat mounds are REAL??? Does somebody has an answer for me (and some others of course")?
She has to be about the most perfect big breasted woman I have ever seen. She has a perfect amount of body fat and a real feminin aura. She pulls of beeing sexy and very desirable without comming across as sluty. (not that there is any thing wrong with that - I love Vicky S - spy Girl) I wonder how old she is.
Fantastic show. I heard good things about Chikita and this is the first show of hers I got. She didnt disappoint me! Amazing pussy, and she really knows how to rub it and please herself. Beautiful tits and great ass. I love the up skirt with no panties thing she does. the only reason Im giving this a 9 is due to dancing skills
Normally I prefer the small skinny girls, but Chikita is HOT! And when she crawls up on my task bar, Look Out. Will have to get more of her.
One lovely lokking woman...
...well,I figured with a title of "Miss Bimbo",how could I go wrong? First-she definately fits the "Big Boobs" catagory!She has a nice ass too!But...she's been to the Zuzanna/Ashley Robbins school of dancing.T and A(mostly).Some kitty at the end(which looked P.H.A.T.) but not much.I hope she does another more explicit show soon.
One of the best bodies on the site, just a shame she doesnt know how to flaunt it.
Chikita As Miss Bimbo >> This title fits her to the T; what a waste, she has a perfectfigure with a skin like fine bone china, good sexy legs and an attractive & pleasant face; but, she had to spoil it with her silicone boobs. In addition she seldom smiles as she seems to be scared of eye contact with the camera. Reggun has a message for this stunning bimbo blonde who followed the stupid steps of millions of silicone women >>"When she had her boobs done, I can imagine her doctor brushing off lif...
If like me you like upskirt panty shots and short skirts, this is a very good card to get. A very sexy girl who uses her costume well.
Mädchen von Nebenan mit guter Figur und schönen Busen.
Quel accoutrement cucul-la-praline...enfin, heureusement qu'elle s'en défait au plus vite!
Chikita est une blonde séduisante. Elle possède une poitrine fort prometteuse. Elle a un corps particulièrement agréable à admirer qu'elle caresse avec talent.
Chikita has a body 10. The best boobs here, chunkier body and warrior. She puts me to 1000. She never smiles. Maybe it's her youth, some shyness. But I just want to cheer her, we have present and future. What a woman
Good but better out their, 8/10
I liked Commando Attack better, but this card is still pretty good. Chikita is so beautiful! There was one scene where she was wearing the skirt and no panties and it was really hot... 8/10, for sure! ^_^
like to body. show is explicit as per description. I am a small tit man but thes look pretty nice. worth keeping
I love chikita because, she is just herself,and she has meat on her bones, not like most of these so called women.She is all natural and very next door, girl pretty. Thank you Chikita. A 9.50.
Hot lady, great body
Beautiful girl. Very erotic breast. She is definite for a boob man that like blondes. Seductive style of dance.
Absolutely amazing body. Great boobs, legs and ass. However I don't think she dances as well as some other girls and I wish she would smile a bit more. Maybe she's going for the sultry sensual look but to me it's coming across as being half asleep.
superbe sensuel trés frais ! je recommande
She is good-looking, and sexy. She just doesn't do it for me. Okay, card but not one of my favorites.
On second review, too boring, no sex, no glory 6/10
In the past I have never been impressed by Chikita's trailers; she's extremely pretty, but her lack of enthusiasm in dancing has always tended to turn me off. On VGHD, just looking nice isn't enough, and Chikita just doesn't move a lot. It is a measure of extravagance on my part that I have finally picked up one of her cards; it remains to be seen whether my first impression will be proven right or wrong.
Oh Chiquita
wanna see her in 3K
She is simply awsome!
She is 'Miss Bimbo' and she is SUPER ! Nuff said..
I see her as a perfect milf.
Chikita...mon numéro 10. Mon rêve sur deux sublimes jambes et que dire de ses merveilleux seins qui sont si parfait. Cette fille vaut les deux tickets que j'ai dépenser pour elle et plus encore. Je me promet d'acquérir toute sa collection. A mon avis elle a le plus beau corps de la collection totale de virtuaGirls, et il y a de très belle filles dans cette collection.Deux mots: Viva Chikita!!!!
Ne véritable bombe atomique, le cyclone de mais désire, je suis fou d'elle, jamais une femme ma fais ôtent rêvées. C'est la reine de toute les femme du monde, une déesse de beauté absolue la perfection a l'état pur
super show c'est une fille d'une beauté fabuleuse J'ai adoré son strip. En un mot magnifique !!!
Chikita gehört inzwischen mit zu meinen Favoritinnen. Mit diesem Körper kann sie machen was sie will, und man(n) muß hinschauen. Ein hübsches Gesicht, ein so schöner Busen und so schöne Beine + sexy Outfit. 10/10
Il y a plus de 25 ans, JP Capdevielle chantait "oh chiquita laisse moi dormir dans tes bras", on appliquerait bien l'intention à chikita, cette fille est sublime, absolument sublime.
Charnue ! C'est le premier mot qui me vient ! Il-y-a de quoi s'agripper ... partout ! LA femme faite femme. Même ces vêtement hideux n'enlèvent rien à son sexe-appeal. La légère froideur de son regard rajoute la distance nécessaire pour nous empêcher de sauter sur cette sirène, qui n'a pas besoin de chanter pour que ses lèvres réprobatrices ne fassent leur effet ! Yarglaoueg ! "edika-fluide glacial". 10
Je vous conjure,achetez ce show! Il y a tous les ingrédients d'un spectacle unique! Certes , il n'est pas le seul VGHD , mais Chikita fait preuve d'une sensualité rarement atteinte! Son visage toujours énigmatique est sublimé par une coiffure très jolie. Et son corps est absolument sublime avec ses seins bien gros et magnifique , sa croupe divine qui nous accueille avec discrétion et ses fesses que l'on doit caresser sans retenue!!! Et que dire de sa petite chatte qu'elle caresse tendrement , en...
Kikou, je la trouve très jolie, sensuelle, et vraiment à mon goût lol, son show est très agréable à regarder et on s'en passerait pas, car elle est très exitante.Bisous Chikita
Une superbe carte avec une jeune fille pétillante et superbe !!!!
Elle est super belle. Elle a un corps de rêve, avec des seins magnifiques. Elle est très excitante. Elle a des tenues qui mettent son beau corps en valeur.
Im dieser Show sieht Chikita wie das "Mädchen von nebenan" aus. Ich würde auf jeden Fall nicht mehr umziehen, wenn ich solch eine geile Nachbarin hätte...fantastische Brüste (natur), eine anrasierte Muschi und einen verdorbenen Blick. Nackt ist sie eine absolute Granate! Die Show ist sehr erotisch, und in dieser Show lässt sie einen wenigstens auch mal unter den Rock schauen, ohne das sie etwas drunter trägt...lecker... (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
tres belle fille beau corps belle poitrines 9/10
Un bon show. Chikita est mignonne et sexy mais ses seins sont trop gros à mon goût. Sa tenue est sympa mais les couleurs passent mal dans le show, elle semble délavée. Ma note : 08/10
pour moi elle est belle mais peut faire mieux pour le show
4.0 (2342 votes)

Private tutor

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 235 MB

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User comments (99)

She can teach me anytime!
simply the best
can she Tutor me I am a real slow learner
simple hot ... hot ... hot!
Chikita finally loosens up in this card and she does great. Maybe the props helped. Anyway, she just keeps getting better and that's a good sign for things to come. Her legs are astounding which I suppose means she'll never appear in stockings.Note to Totem: Stockings are not camoflage, their accents. Try putting them on more shapely legs and fewer 'sticks'.
Chikita simple ?????????? .I'd like to see her in new maps
I cant see enough of her
For me this is Chikita´s BAST CARD. She is simply a PERFECT GIRL.
Nice looking girl,she has a lovely body, her breasts are big and beautiful, I like her sexy outfit. She deserves a 10 just for those tits.
Ein Echtes Traumweib Pracht Titten und das ist alles Natur einfach geil die würde jeder gern mal massieren. Der Arsch ist auch Hammer schön rund und prall. Die Fotze find ich auch gut schön anrasiert sie ist schön feucht.Die show ist auch gelungen sie weiss ihre Reize einzusetzen bitte eine show auf Desk Babers bitte.10 Punkte Pflicht10 Punkte Pflicht
Da kann ich mich nur anschließen! Da bleiben doch keine Wünsche offen, auch wenn Mann unterschiedliche Geschmäcker haben kann. In ihrer Art ist Chikita einfach perfekt. Daher meine 10, obwohl ich kleinere Brüste vorziehe.
Halleluja, was für ein geiles Luder! Ihr Outfit sieht zwar nicht wirklich wie eine Schuluniform aus, aber dennoch verboten sexy! Chikita hat fantastische Brüste (natur), einen geilen Arsch, eine anrasierte Muschi und einen versauten und verdorbenen Blick. Diese Show ist sehr erotisch, und Chikita ist sehr häufig nackt zu sehen (und nackt ist sie eine absolute Granate!). Geile Performance mit sehr guten 'very explicit shows'. (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Cacho de mujer. Nada de niñatas, un cacho de tía. Una mujer de verdad. Total. Vayas curvas. Un chasis de los que no pasan de moda. Más tarjetas de ella, por favor.
j'adore cette fille, toujours hyper sexy avec ce corps de bombe atomique, que dire de plus.
She just looks so soft and yummy.
All of Chikitas cards are incredible, I have them all. very beautiful girl !!!! 10+ on all of her cards
Very beautiful girl, with a fine body and a figure! An estimation 10 it is unequivocal! Forces to look not coming off from its mad beauty!
Wow, she drives me crazy. Her body is so beautiful and her boobs are perfect. I already gave her a '10'. I would love to see her in nice lingerie with garter and stockings...(maybe in the next show...)
i hope chikita returns, she is so sexy ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
She´s beautiful girl and have a big tits wonderful!
If you have her other shows this not her best due to the outfit. I personally could care less about her having the polished dance moves, because once you see her amazing tits they are about all you look at. A bargain when available for 1 ticket.
Her boobs are real, I woul say.
This girl seriously has one of the best bods on VGHD. Great sensual moves and I'm digging the outfit. Definitely my fantasy tutor. 10/10
She may ride my banan! 9+
Definitely, one of the best girls in Virtua Girl. 10/10
one of the best performers on here
If Chikita was my tutor in college I would have changed my degree to Sex Ed instead of BS. This girl puts out another great card and is always under rated.
I have all 6 of her cards and if she had 60 I would get all of them cuz she's my favourite and definitely the best body, breast, show and moneys-worth a thousand times over of the site. 10+ and more
Very sexy, and curvy! beautiful tits! I have both of her tickets but why only 2!! want to seee mooorree!
Chikita is a favourite of mine. She never fails to arouse and entertain with a heavenly body to die for
10 for the tits :)
Not the best, but maybe the best of her class . A 9.00.
Chikita. The finest girl on light. I even am ready to take it in the wife! At a kind of its fine body, heart starts to knock more strongly. Its ass, it is simple супер sexual. I it would kiss all, where only it is possible. I love you Chikita!
OOOOOOH WOW!! Another great show Chikita. She would definitely have made school entertaining if she'd turned up in this outfit when I was a schoolboy! The Rector would have had kittens, but... WOW!!! I love those sexy lacy panties! Then she peels them down over those perfect cheeks and puts lead in my pencil. I do however agree that maybe the eye make-up is bit too heavy, but it doesn't detract from what it is another sexy show. For the first time, I think, we get a some nice pussy rubbing in cl...
Now my vista desktop is complete. I just whish there was more of her on this sight, I might have to fly to london. "lol"
If u like natural big boobz.... hot legs.... beautiful face.... tight ass.... nice dance movez.... she haz them all.... wtf remains ????
Now this is one of her steamy hot shows. Her hair and makeup just scream sexy. And that costume is a MAJOR turn on. Huge tits, nice pussy, beautiful long legs, AND THOSE EYES. 10*
Just 2 words. PERFECT GIRL. I cant say anything else, perfect ass, perfect breasts (they are amazing damit..), perfect body... Chikita u are my number 1 forever.
Great show, i loved every minute of it. She has a stunning body and Chikita gets a 10 from me.
perfect 10 in my book, has the face & body to match. like to see more!
So ein Traumkörper und der geile Blick von Ihr. Wer da nicht geil wird. Wieder eine volle 10.
What a fuckin' cutie! This girl is just such a cute fuckin' thing. I just love this girl and her pigtails. The outfit is hot too. Chikita is so cute, and I just love her hott body. Please give us lots more of her in the near future. Perfect 10
Too much eye makeup for my tastes, but one helluva body...damn! awesome tits, great body shape, would love to see more!
please get her back asap ! shes a 100 ++ wo0ow
Wow. Ok I have been waiting to get this card & now, just stunning. I reaaly hope we see more of Chikita Also the outfit works great too. Anyway I say get this card in your collection. Thanks Chikita X
This girl is definitely hot. She has that certain something that makes her stand out. Her body is outstanding. She has that look about her too that makes her look really dirty yet so innocent. Her outfit too is amazing. Love her. Highly recommended.
WoW!!! She's hot. I love her huge boobs and her moves. I hope to see her in lingerie.
WOW! What a *SMASHING* debut!! I couldn't stop watching this girl!!!Erotic. Explicit. No tattoos. Sexy. Gorgeous. Seductive outfit. *SMOKIN* hot body! Eye contact is great. A little more smiling & interaction would have been icing on the cake.This girl will be climbing the charts REALLY FAST!! Worth 10 tickets!! Chikita & my banana!! Please CUM back for more!!20/10! My New #1!
All I can say about this one is wow!
thanks guys want more chikita please
Sehr hübsches, sehr aktives Girl. mit für meinen Geschmack zuviel Vorbau, sonst klasse!
Good strip, big boobs, very attractive and sexy like stripping ... but the shoes should be removed without shoes ... full strippppppp :)
This is a complete girl, lovely ass and tits, I like this type of body. I just don't like her make up in this card.
Very pretty girl, not afraid to show the goods. I wish she'd smile just once, I have 2 of her cards and watched her videos, still no smile.
HAL says 86/100 for this model, positioned equal 7th of 50 assessed models (not based solely on this card). The supercomputer from ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ calculates this rating using 10 factors that include facets of natural attractiveness, sexual/sensual appeal and performance, often over a series of the model’s cards. This calculated rating may not reflect the feelings of mere mortals and is not intended to offend. Rating may be updated. Feedback welcome. Computers just like to have fun (o) and...
la tenue lui va vraiment bien et son show est superbe. très bonne carte. ;)
She has great tits and ass! A wild card, of sorts, but I am happy I got her.
An excellent card. Chikita moves like men want her to, and ohh boy she moves!! must have for any red blooded man
J only I fin distracting is I wish she do something with her hair otherwise she be a a 10 a great full figured body with great curves. Her hair is just a little distracting and a slight negative. But her body along with outfit is a 9.
Great body. Great handwork. However I would have loved an occasional smile.
Chikita est une bombe sexuelle avec un cul atomique et des seins terriblement excitants. Elle est super pulpeuse et quand elle joue avec son minou... c'est l'explosion.
I wouldn't mind her tutoring me in sex ed. She looks evil in a sexy and attractive way. One would hope if she did tutoring in sex education she would give practical demonstrations. Irate her 9 out of 10.
I'm your student Chikita, please teach me ! This girl has marvelous boobs and a very nice ass. I never weary of watching her shows, and this one is very good. 9/10
If you don't already know from the photos, this blond has a smokin body and cute face. Does a nice strip tease too. Yes her tits are real and they are fabulous. Just wish she bounce them around a bit more.
She's absolutely perfect! Awesome, I like her dancing and her when she moves her sexy body, I loose my breath, because her nice breasts are so hot! Thankx Chikita for that show
OMG...What a body!! And she is a great dancer too. The only thing for me (and this may be a bit petty) is that she has too much make up for my liking.
tout juste dans la moyenne , j'ai déja vue mieux ça vaut 1 credit pas plus
a DD doll nice outfit
The card doesn't do her justice, beautiful girl with a nice body.
Hmm... after watching other girls, I have to say that i'm disappointed in Chikita. No smiling and she seems bored. Does have a great body, with real tits, but for the effort she puts in on her show, she lacks the personal touch.
I dont like her boobs, they are exagerated, so fake, but the rest of her body is perfect, and her face is angelical, she moved very sexy, and if you like fingering shows, she nows very well how to do it
good chest nice titi ... ranks 8-9 for me.
Chikita is one of the better shows overall:she have a nice body - her H.A.T.RATIO is a 7 - in MOTOWN that HIPS-ASS-THIGHS -FELLAS ITS REAL :-]
Chikita made one mistake when she sat on my desk. she gave me the opportunity to lick her pussy lips, and I did. Trouble is, computer screens don't taste so good. Thanks Chikita, and keep up the good work.
nice eyes!
A little desappointing, I think she is overrated... Her huge breasts are nice, but I am not convinced by the outfit and the make-up. Ok, she is hot and sexy but her moves have nothing special and she does not smiles much.. Maybe her next shows will be better... 8/10 only for me, she is far yet from the sensuality level of Zuz, Jana or Eufrat !
Loved the girl, loved the outfit.she dances pretty fast but moves well, she's just the kind of girl who'd bleed me dry on private dances in a club.consider all her future shows pre-ordered :)
the make up on Chikita is quite bad in this card it doesn't flatter her features at all, it kind of makes he look like a dude in drag sometimes.I like the underwear but not so keen on the skirt, its feels like she is wearing it backwards or something. but thats no big deal for me. however, I wish she would get rid of it sooner or flash a little more
Not one of the better looking girls on here but this show was alright.
Do I see some tan lines? Finally!
Above average... Just! 6/10
there are better cards by far.
need to see her in 3K
Love the outfit and theme.
Quelle belle poitrine plantureuse sur une blonde aussi svelte. En plus, il y a quelques bonnes séquences dévoilant une chatte aux lèvres dilatées.
Les shows les plus sensuels , ceux qui vous rendent complètement fou sont quand même plutôt rare!!! Celui ci en est un et Chikita est une fille très douée et c'est une adorable petite salope :) Elle entre dans le club très fermé des femmes qui vous font bander en 5 secondes :) Avec un physique très sensuel , pulpeux et généreux , elle va vous rendre fou!!! Elle est trop bonne avec ses yeux ensorceleurs et ses seins incroyables!!! Ils sont bien gros et lourds et naturels!!! Quand à sa croupe , el...
tout simplement "PARFAITE"
Excellente prestation d'une jolie femme qui sait se faire désirer.
Diese Show kommt an die anderen nicht heran, aber Chikita ist einfach sexy!! Daher 9 Punkte!
Chikita est très jolie est à de très belles formes. J'en suis ébloui. Cette carte est très bien.
Elle est superbe et elle bouge bien cette demoiselle ^^ Et sa tenue est aussi très attirante, je la verrais bien sur ma petite amie.
du potentiel...
Très bon show, elle fait y faire.. Et en plus elle est sublime... J'adore !!!
not very much style , but a good body and almost porn exibit
Einfach zu blass in allem !!! Bewegungen sind sehr "hölzern" , der Blick ist sehr "künstlich" (dümmlich).Ok Sie zeigt viel, aber trotzdem ,unter einer guten Stripshow läuft Sie nicht!!!!

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  • Weight: 117 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 24" / 35"
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Nikky Case

  • City: Brno
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 108 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 24" / 36"
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  • City: Decyn
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.37 ft.
  • Weight: 106 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33.5" / 26" / 33"
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