Carol G

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 26 y.o.
  • Height: 5.77 ft.
  • Weight: 132 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 38" / 26" / 38"

Let’s let you in on a bit of a secret. You’ll notice some girls are on iStripper HD a lot more than others. A girl like Carol has already been featured in many scenes and has built up quite a collection. That’s because she is so easy to work with and so popular!

Number of shows: 10

Carol G's shows

2.5 (1744 votes)


  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 9 min.
  • Bonus photos: 28
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Topless
  • 720p: 70 MB

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User comments (86)

Wonderfull show and outfit.
She does some Amazing Things with those Boobs & a Toy...I Truly Love Her.
I don't care about your age, or your profile. You are an amazing woman that I would like to know. I would like to communicate with u. If U R interested, please contact me at: Even if you have a boyfriend. or don't like me, please Repond.
Although short this is one of the finer cards. Carol is an outstanding performer with tremendous sex appeal equaled only by a few other girls.Since this is one of the original cards the length and limited size of clips is forgivable. It is most definitely worth the tickets. One or two.
Makes sense that this show is only 9 minutes long. Carol is too hot for our technology. If this card were 30 minutes the Internet would crash.300/10, but 10 will have to do. I love you Carol.
Carol G. gives a good performance my only complaint is that it was far too short! Even at that, she still deserves a 10/10.
Für mich ist sie eine klare 10 und warum erstmal sieht sie klasse aus,Große natürliche Titten - kein Silikon, geilen Knack Po und schöne Fotze klar sie zeigt ihre Reitze zu wenig ok dafür kann man Punktabzug geben und nur dafür klar.Ich liebe sie 10 Punkte Pflicht( man sieht wieder aus Osteuropa kommen geile Frauen)
10.....all the way
Well I think Carol is a knockout!!! Steve
Carol is still one of my top favorites on here, she is a elegant tigress...I don't care what others wrote on this; you could put on a tease show only and still be Beautiful, the show was different for a change which I still liked the show alot but for the bad comments others posted they have to think to themsleves we can't have steak all the time huh? =) Much love to you Carol
Carol G is so sexy would love to spend one night with her.
Now that is what I call a pair of great tits.
i can't give her more than 10/10 for the pics and very cute
i think she is great. she is one of the sexiest women on ths site.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning*****
Love the tongue action!!
This card is not only one of my favorites, but Carol G is one of my 3 favorite ladies.
This is one of 4 Carol G cards I have. She is a great performer, and oh so HOT.
I'm not going to castigate this show like others have done. Yes it's a much shorter show than the others she's done; yes it's a topless only show, but what a great pair of breasts. I love seeing those magnificent bobbie-dazzlers move, so I'm not going to be deleting this. However, I would advise you to maybe only get it if you are looking to get ALL her shows. If it's nudity you're looking for, Carol has a great show called "No Secret". I will give this a 9 because of its brevity.
actually one of her best performances... she isnt one of my favorites but she works in this one...I guess the two comentors below me here want her to have sex...lolI enjoyed this card very much thanks
I like this girl, but the only problem is the show time is too short. Other girls usually have 20 to 30 minuts, this one has only 9...Hope they can add more content later.
What a delight. She seems to have quite a mischievous streak! Keep her in full size mode and catch the twinkle in her eye.
Yeah, there's not much going on in this set, but hey look! Boobies!
just wish there was more
Her show is much too short!! And you must set it in topless mode in settings, otherwise she never shows up!!! This card is a fake!!
I dig the outfit. Show is far too short.
agreed card was too short only topless. the 2 nice things about this card is her natural big breasts and the outfit.
Pros:Body(9.5/10). Fantastic round ass, great curvy hips, & 1 of the sweetest pairs of giant jiggly hooters on all of VG. Outfit(9.5/10). Black & pink are great colors for Carol. This style of outfit fits her perfectly in both attitude & body type. Sexiness(9/10). Yes, there is only topless clips, but nobody, & I mean nobody, puts on a titty show like Carol. Watching her squeeze, shake, bounce, & lick her massive funbags is sublime.Cons:Clip variety(7/10). No fully nude clips(this is a very old...
Well done Carol! Looking relaxed and very good looking in this one!
Carol is quite the buxum, full bodied,cutie pie. This is a "Knockers" jiggling, bouncing, squeezing, hanging, & bouncing some more delight.She sure knows how to make the honeydolls bop! Her whole body is one smooth,shapely, stripperbabe package.Before I quit VG2 I downloaded her videos & she is most wonderfully explicit in them so I've got "IT" memorized! In this card she does a little tease in a mesh covered bikini,bops & licks her tits in some nice jug juggling moves,does a nice bikini clad be...
a beauty girl good show and outfit but only 1 bonus video
Nice playing boobs, shes beautiful, I like much, Lvely stripping fishnet and an horny ass !!! Unfortunatley doesn't have nudity and explicity shows !!!
kindara, if it's still not working, make sure you have topless shows turned on in your options page.
Carol looks like she is enjoying herself! Even though this is a short, topless only show, I keep it around cause I like seeing her pop up and wiggle those huge titties at me. If you want more of her, she has full nudity and explicit shows in her collection. Eventually I will have all her cards.
Despite the no-nudity aspect of this card, it's still a lot of fun to watch Carol as she struts around topless and plays with her massive mams. Carol is definitely a show girl. As others on here have pointed out, this is not a card to add unless you're a completist or really fond of this model as a whole. She's gorgeous, though, and deserves your attention. If nothing else, her videos will make you stand up and salute.
No comment.
Possbly the worst sho on VGHD. Lasts 9 Mins and she only ever gets topless. She does have nice boobs and plays with them however.
I love this girl but I don't like the way she moves in this clip
sexy body not a very good show not worth tix.
Dont like such kind of tits.... too big... hmmm not my type and not very sexy show of them, sorry but 5 from me.
wow, so the Bonus Photo section is the best part - what a waste of a hot girl
que carol no haga un desnudo integral me parece una vergüenza, una estafa y un error
A lány jó a m?sor nem elég szexi és nincs vége!
I would like to ask What was the point of this card? This is the first card that has disappointed me on here. Carol G is a lovely girl in an attractive outfit, what a waste!
Worst ticket yet. Big boobs. Nothing else.
She isn't really my type of woman. I find her show good though, but unfortunately, this doesn't reach. Only 5 points
What a pity, couldn't understand why the show wouldn't play until I realised it does not contain any nudity and I have de-selected any shows not containing nudity! Why have a no-nudity card, it doesn't make sense especially as Carol has such a great body.
Carol G is really sweet and her video interview is adorable but I just didn't get anything from this card. All she does really is attack her boobs and shake them around, there isn't really anything slow, seductive or playful.
this show is a waste of time i had to tick on the box for topless show just to watch the show.dissappointing 3/10
I thought I had paid to see her nude... :S Using your tickets on it means loose your money...
Nice Girl, Pitty she only plays with her titts. Would really love to see more of her body.
????? ???????? ???.?????? ?????????? ?? ??????????.2 ?? 10.
Well I have a collection of 258 cards at present. I have never deleted a card as I thought they were all worth keeping because they are all gorgeous girls and they all stripped for me, until now that is. Oh yes Carol G is a gorgeous girl but when I set the card for full nudity and very explicit it just wouldn't show. She is the first card ever to show no nudity, what's going on Totem?
not mote than a demo - not worth bying it!
A 9 minute show... with only topless. She litterally just stands there and shakes her boobs over entusiastically, as though larger than normal boobs is all that matters. And speaking as someone who perfers shape to size... I'm really at a loss of how low to rate this. It's not even that she's downright horrible, its that's there's almost no content worth grading, like she didn't even hand in a test to grade. um... 2/10?
I'm still waiting for her to do something, shaking her tits around doesn't work for me and I agree with the one comment this is like a trailer, too bad, I'm sure she could give us a good show.
very bad!!!!!!! not wort the ticket!!!!!
I rated this one low not because only she only gets topless but because they only included 09 mins of show. Hardly worth the effort to film, upload, create a webpage or even download. Too bad she had potential too.
This is just lousey .... not any better than a free trailer ... ! I feel ripped off paying for this show . Totem .... replace her for us . Where do I go to complain ?
Djwillia said it all before!!! Carol G is a standart value!
This is a trailer masquerading as a full show. Totem should allow us to trade this in for a ticket.
This is not a delete show for me, however I am just as upset about it as everyone else. I can't imagine anyone would consider spending tickets for this. The overview tells you what is wrong with it. It is only 9 minutes long and only goes as far as topless. Unfortunately us subscribers eventually get cheated out of a card when this one shows up in our calender.
Very very bad.Does not worth a peny.She shoul be removed from the Virtua girls. she sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
Bimboland! More like Disneyland. Any milder and it would be suitable for kids. The idea of a striptease is to have STRIPPING and teasing. Just jiggling your puppies about doesn`t do it for me. I`m not after a neon sign saying "this way in!" but a little bit more wouldn`t hurt. Not worth paying for!
Carol ist eine schöne Frau 10 / 10 Ihre Bewegungen sind NICHT erotisch und sehr einfältig 0/10 neben der langweiligen Schau zeigt Sie nur bei 3 von 20 Clips die Titten , sonst ist Sie nur angezogen. 0/10
For a girl who is so attractive, this card is. BORING!, unbelievably BORING! All she does in this card is show her tits, wiggle and mess around in cloths. Surly she doesn't presume to to insult use with an attitude of, show em your tits, that's all they get and I'll have the money, ta? What a total waist of a credit, dam
lol 70mb!!! And not even worth it.
She does a Topless show only, there is no full nudity or explicit show. Shame as she is a great looking girl, I wish I hadn't bothered though as she's been the biggest disappointment so far
i was waiting for this--till i got it--awful----no strip--when i hit the button to say "please strip" the clip changes to another girl-----zero--fuggaddabouddiddddtttt
Not what i expected, a waste of my money. nice girl but the show was disipointing.
Very disappointed, I feel cheated. Too bad, I would have liked seeing more of her. Are all her cards like this? If so, I don't want them...
WTF? Only 9 minutes and only topless? Give me a break! I got this as one of my daily shows and I still feel ripped off!
this is boobs only? no nudes what a rip-off rated PG
Pure rip-off. I didn't join for topless only shows.
This a 0 on a skala 1-10
Good show. Beautiful, sexy, full-figured woman.
Je suis d'accord avec AJBB957. A part les seins (que j'adore) RIEN !
jolie fille très beau seins pour le reste on ne voit pas
tres tres jolie femme , avec de sacrés atouts , j'adore sa chatte voluptueuse , hummmmm
Carol c'est avant tout une paire de seins, superbes, un physique agréable, mais la prestation ici est au dessous du minimalisme, pas de nu, à peine quelques aperçus de la poitrine et tout çà à vitesse ultra rapide, heureusement que le site à évoluer depuis, sinon il n'existerait plus.
elle est belle mais son show est nul a chier,a par ses seins le reste EST TOUJOURS A VOIRE ???? ELLE NOUS PREND POUR DES GUIGNOL.
Carol G. hat eine spitzen Figur (sehr schöne Rundungen), einen klasse Busen (natur) und unten rum ist sie wunderbar anrasiert. Die Dessous machen mich nicht besonders an, die HighHeels sind schon sehr geil. Sie hat zwar alle Voraussetzungen für eine gute Stripperin, weiß ihren Körper aber nicht einzusetzen. Ihre Stripshow ist alles andere als erotisch oder sexy, und ihr Gesicht gefällt mir auch nicht so sehr. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
wenn ich mich irgendwo während 5 Minuten am Strand/Meer aufhalte, hab ich mehr gesehen als bei diesen clips
on ne voit que ses seins que je n'aime pas d'ailleur, sinon tres jolie fesses et jambes mais vous ne verrez rien de plus, ce n'est meme pas un streap integral ??? que viens t'elle faire la ??
Entspricht niemals der Fotogallerie! Keine Nacktszenen!
4.4 (470 votes)

Duo with Jordan

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 515 MB

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User comments (11)

awesome card! these two babes are gorgeous!
These two put on a great show nothing out of the ordinary but very natural. Defiantly one for the lover of larger natural breast.
das ist mal nee geile show... zur neuen software mir wurde geschrieben das es bald auch in deutsch sein soll... nur wann... sie stürzt je laufent ab und meine cards stimmen auch nicht...
Carole and Jordon are perfect together, very hot and sensuous !!!!
Well this is the last of Jordans shows and i expected a lot from this one as Carol is a more experienced woman and should be able to keep up with Jordan. They are really equal and also harmonize great together. Very hot lesbian sex with some nice little teases for the viewer from time to time. Also Carol keeps the skirt on for a while after removing the panties which is a big plus for me. And in that time she kneels doggy style on the stage so you can enjoy her ass and pussy. Both Girls removes...
I love their natural bodies and edible pussy lips, but Carol got shy and did not show enough... for that reason I scored it a 9
Deux belles mécaniques, surtout Jordan, elle est magnifique, un show correct mais manquant un peu de folie et pas toujours bien visible.
Hübsche Mädchen mit netter show. Mir viel zu üppig. 8/10
In this show Carol G does a lot of talking ..probably too much.. and takes the lead role in this performance whilst on this occasion Jordan suprisingly is very quiet apart from the usual "groans" of pleasure etc etc The costumes are not very sexy and would probably be better suited to paying tennis and it takes an age before they actually take them off especially in Carol G's case! There are some good scenes Carol G fucks Jordan with a dildo but its all quite robotic and could have been done bet...
body shaping required for both model
Ces deux lesbiennes à gros seins sont vraiment très bonnes ....
4.3 (398 votes)

Duo with Ewe Sweet

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 429 MB

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User comments (11)

Two sexy girls what more could you want?
Wonderfull show.
As a Carol G fan since her early days she can do no wrong for me .Sexy voice and huge breasts and having her pussy licked by her fab friend get s my 10/10 vote .Nice lingerie with saucy stockings is a bonus .
Super sexy, the stockings, their skin tone is absolute gorgeous, the sound, Carol big breast...
Sexy blonde duo.
HOT!! eine card mit Carol hat schon zwei dicke Pluspunkte, aber hier im Duo ist es noch viel schärfer! fehlt nur noch eine card Carol + Tifany oder mit Kristy Lust das wäre noch was ;o)))
Ewe Sweet with sound is fantastic and this duo with Carol is great, very thanks :))
Great show! Even better when the ladies get into it like these two!
... a lil better than average card. Ms. Sweet is EEEEWWWWWEEEEEEE sweet! :~{ ) Ms. G needs a nose job - BAD !! And thats the way I see it on this day in May.
I've started expecting a lot more from DeskBabes performances than I used to, especially in duos. This card, if I had seen it a couple of months ago, would have probably rated a 10. Now, though, it's no better than most of the other good performances on the lipstick lesbian site. Of course, that doesn't mean it sucks, it just means it's not stellar.This card features the favorite Carol G, one of the most experienced MILF performers on DB. She's teamed with relative newcomer Ewe Sweet, herself a...
Blond and Blonder
4.3 (336 votes)

Duo with Roxy Taggart

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 86
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 548 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (13)

WOW! That Carol G! Good looks; big tits' and can take it up the ass!! My kinda girl!!
I watch and enjoy the beauty babes! Very, very nice! aaa xxx
Two very lovely ladies just having fun,(AWESOME) 100+
This set is a score! Perfect Pair here... Two Big Breasted Sexy Women. All Natural ( . )( . ) A+++++
still one of the best cards on this site
10 +++ love these 2 are all naural Beauties.... I prefer not to see ribs on a girl hahahaha Just a wholesome body and a sweet ass and edible pussies mmmm
These two ladies are awesome. Thank you Roxy and Carol!
Pour tous les amoureux de belles poitrines, à télécharger sans hésiter, une carte magnifique ! Merci Totem et surtout merci Roxy et Carol !
This is the runner up in my book for best duo.. but sometimes I wonder if its number 1. very good pairing. they seem to be having a good time. awesome bodies.
There are two things that make this an awesome card: first, it includes two Amazonian women who are each hotter than hell and second, they are both great performers - one experienced, the other a newcomer. The only thing keeping this card from being a Perfect 10 is the fact that Roxy Taggart and Carol G have little one-on-one chemistry and perform mostly for the camera rather than one another. That could make for a great 3-way-style vibe, but misses the mark.As far as DeskBabes lesbian shows go,...
I thought I couldn't go wrong with these 2: Carol G is one of my all time favorite to see in pics, but both of these women suffer from lethargic performance brought about by relying on their large breasts too much. I really thought I would enjoy this card, but I don't--I've actually turned it off. 8/10 and not lower just because they both are beautiful women.
This is the first time i have commented about anything but these lady's are very sexy and extremely well endowed and there effort here i found was not anything they did but was the result of a very poor director. Who like most of the newer solos and duos does not do a good job of using the talents and showing the beauty of the lady's. Other than a lot of kissing there was very little touching between the lady's. Either of them selves or each other. In a few scenes there was a little use of a dil...
two horny girls, but obviously simulating
4.4 (1136 votes)


  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 89
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 394 MB

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User comments (55)

I'd love to see her paired with Viola Bailey, two insanely gorgeous, well endowed women would absolutely melt my heart....and laptop!
Sooo juicy Sooo Good 10++++
A big 10 for a big great girl, witout ant doubt Carol is one of the most hotties and horny girls on here. I love all of her and her breasts ar someting of spectacular. Great play dildo in this card. All fine !!!
a very nice natural breasts. I saw this model first in italian tv. There was a time where many Clips where not censored and the girls shows in full zoom all details, but it is not more now is more and more censored. Also in german tv was a station that shows woman playing with vibrators or with a speculum in the pussy. This station disappeared too. CarolG is a natural beauty she has what many models want to have, a very sexy feminin body with female curves, big natural breasts, a sexy butt and a...
Noch so jung und schon solche schönen fetten Riesentitten. In jeder Hinsicht weiblich und naturgeil. Saugeil, wie sie sich selbst die Fotze mit dem Dildo durchfickt...
No jo, sladká Carol. Je to proste bohy?a! Ú?asná, sexy bloncka s ú?astnými prsiami a roztomilou tvárou. :) Jednoducho, tú si ?lovek musí stiahnu?. ASi jedni z najlep?ích scén jej show je, ke? sa hrá so svojími ú?asnými prsiami! To podlomí pod?a m?a ka?dého heterá?a. Je to proste bohy?a a sexbomba nr. 1 a zaslú?i si hodnotenie 10/10! Veru, doká?e opanta? myse? ka?dého chlapa. :)Plus jej videa tie vrelo odporú?am. Na internete sa ich dá nájs? dos?. :)
Blonde girl with deep voice and big boobs... What else could we ask ? She knows exactly what the viewer wants and doesn't hesitate to give all that she has. I give it a 9, because there's too much dirty talk, and sometimes it sounds a bit wierd or ridiculous because she can't speak very well. But that's a detail and doesn't spoil the rest of the show.
10/10 - awesome card!
Carol G rocks my world !!!!!
a perfect 10.. gorgeous playful breasts Horny with a sweet edible pussy mmmmm
Carol 75G breasts with legs wide open masturbating on your desk top .How good is that !!
süsses girl... wunderschöne brüste wie ich... und naturgeil... und endlich mal ein realer orgasmus... super show...
Since carol was a virtua girl she has had her boobs enlarged that is a turn off for me, go back a size and show the best of the early shows
I like her little accent.
One of the O.G. girls of VirtuaGirl, I only have 3 DeskBabes so-far but she's very interactive with you & it makes it my most favorite card. She talks to you alot. GOT"DAMMIT Carol!!! stop asking if I like big boobs, STOP ASKING IF I LIKE YOUR BODY GOT'DAMMIT!!! For crying out loud ... STOP ASKING IF I LIKE YOUR GOT'FREAKIN' DAMN SHOOOW!!! . . . I, LOOOVE, YOUR GoTTT'DAAAMMN, SHOW. She's a voloptuous goddess; believe me for a more older girl, she has a nice pussy. No dangling nasty bits or stret...
un vrais spectacle ,une poitrine d'enfer ,elle prend vraiment du plaisirs a se masturbé,a la regardé est un régale, un réel changement .
She is one of the sexiest girls on DeskBabes. I love her big marvelous boobs. It is wonderful to see how she is playing with them and also how she is playing with her cute pussy. It is wonderful to watch it! She is very exciting! Devine! Simply said: she is goddess!P.S. Her photos and videos on the net are also excellent and very exciting.
Wow...just plain Wow.Although she is no Melisa, Carol G is georgous...her large breasts are very nice as well. This Card is excellent...the Main reason that I have decided to collect her c ards. Well worth the download and credit.I rarey vote a 10 (except for Melisa). Carol G gets a 10/10.
Her Tits are sooooooooooo big! I Love her.
A big 10/10 She is very hot and sexy
Carol, bravissimo pour cet époustoflant retour où enfin tu oses nous présenter tous tes superbes charmes et trésors dans toutes leurs splendeurs pour notre enchantement et notre plus grand plaisir! Pourquoi les avoir caché avant? J'avais effacé ton show précédent tellement décevant et je l'ai rescucité à titre de reconnaissance
Wow Carol G is awesome, she puts on a great show well directed at the viewer. She makes you feel part of the action & has a body that wont quit. One of the best cards so far, highly recommend this girl
omg!so hot!
Holy Headlights Batman! Carol G is THE optimum Desk Babe. Hearing her enticing voice in Desk Babes is a bonus. She is feminine to the max, and her enormous vulva exhibition invites my cock to drive into her nether like no other model, Her slender frame is (now) bestowed with PERFECT TITS! Novice models begging for my attention (my cock) cannot compare to this uninhibited mature vixen's Awesomeness! 10/10 for my favorite type of model: uninhibited vixen.
Every time I see Carol I vote this time she gets a 20 it?s to bad we can?t vote every time you click on the vote tab. Nice I?m in love.
Hot show... like her very much...
Holy shit...amazing girl...amazing tits..
Boobzilla :D I wanna die someday between on her boobs :D
that is the dream of every men
This woman reminds me of one major fact about this world. There are major factors that contribute to this world turning. Titties have always been two of them!
Carol G. is a SEX MACHINE.This card is fantastic!I "highly recommend" this card, it's definitely a "Must Have Card".Carol G. knows we love her body, she has "real tits" a "gorgeous ass", "fantastically sexy legs" and a pussy so beautiful you'd want to eat it morning, noon and night.Carol G. puts on one hell of a sex show. She knows what to say, what to do, and how to do it. Every inch of her gorgeous white skin is pure heaven.If you don't have this card you are missing something magically femini...
My cock comes up automatically when I see you. YOU ARE BEAUTYFUL
Love Carol's new look. Hopefully she will return to VG.
i love ur body carol!! u give me boners like theres no tomorrow! i wish i could stick my cock in between ur wet pussy n big boobs n have then wrapped around ur sexy red lips 8===========>
Carol G has always been one of my favorites. Her sexiness gratuitously overflows.
CAROL GOLDNEROVA!!! Der Name spricht für sich! Endlich mal eine Frau mit Kurven !!Für diese karte muß ich mich bedanken!!
WOW!Carol G is the ultimate lovely, buxom, horny, PornDoll & she brings it ALL to play in this phenomenal erotic performance!From the start of this card she lets you know she's here to get you off in a voice of equal parts Dark Luxurious Honey & Husky Passion Moans from deep down inside her!She shows exactly why having experienced PornBabes performing on DB is such a good idea, as she easily flows into very effective DIRECT TO YOU sex talk!Juggling her massive tits, peering right into us with he...
Una grata sorpresa el retorno de Carol, le tengo mucho aprecio a esta chica ya que con ella dio inicio mi coleccion en virtua girl y ahora es mi primera chica en desk babes, siempre es grato verla aparecer en pantalla y esperamos ver mas de ella pronto =)
Meiner Meinung nach eine der besten Shows auf DeskBabes! Und eine schöne Fortsetzung der Clips auf VG, die ja nicht so sehr "explicit" waren, aber auf mehr hoffen ließen. Mir gefallen vor allem die Szenen, in denen Carol ihren Slip anbehält, aber im Schritt zur Seite zieht ... Ok, wenn sie einen Slip ouvert tragen würde, wäre das noch eine Steigerung, aber auch so ist es Erotik pur. Alles in allem ein Comeback, das ich überraschend und aufregend finde!
Wow, the return of a classic, finally we get to see more of her, then the short cards in the past of VG :)
The cards of Carol G on VG are beautiful but this Solo on DeskBabes is the best for the new site near to Barbie White, Monica Sweet and Sandra Shine Solos. :))
Carol G is amzing and so hot sexy 10/10 welcome back.
Carol G's looking hotter than ever on this card. Welcome back Carol
carol G, trop mignonne i love you
Carol G was one of the first women to appear on VirtuaGirlHD when it began, with iconic early shows like her FBI appearance. She has been absent from Totem since, however, but has made a triumphant return starting with this new solo card on DeskBabes.In this card, she shows that she is more than just a blond with big fake breasts (which for some may have been enough already), but that she's a matured striptease and porn queen who knows what you want to see. She wears the outfit for this card for...
Si comme moi vous aimez les filles blondes avec des gros seins 100% naturels, vous ne serez pas déçus parce que moi je ne l'ai pas été ;-)
nice very good love it
kei wunderschönes supergirl aber für alle tittenfans sehr zu empfehlen, der nasse grosse busen sieht sehr appetitlich :) aus und die nasse pussy ;;schmatz t so richtig ,wirklich nicht schlecht
Fist deskbabes DL. good choice to.
nice girl, but outdated
I think I'm in love:)
I didn't like this card. I was excited about getting it, but it turned out to be just like her VG cards but with more nudity.The clips are short and even the nudity is minimal. This card was really just a let down for me
This amazing girl around your show. We would like to show more of its
2.7 (1755 votes)


  • Shows: 32 clips
  • Duration: 15 min.
  • Bonus photos: 30
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 118 MB

Sample pictures

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Excellent show! I don't know why alot of people are complaining... It got my juices flowing ;)
Very well done! 10/10.
Love the boob play!
I think I am the one that needs to do the investigating.Man is she hot!
Carol es la ley jaja es de las mas lindas que eh visto, muy divertida y sexy ademas con un cuerpo lindisimo que quisiera tener en mis manos jaja
you are kidding me.she deserve a 10.what a body and she's so sexy!!!i don't understand why she has this this beauty she's's a dream come true!!!
I will have to say those are a very nice pair of tits. And if she was a FBI agent she could frisk me any time she wanted.
Now that is what I call a pair of great tits.
Carol G, very nice show 11/10 Thankyou X & all the best to you for 2008
Hot Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!
my carol.agirl like her. mmm wanna taste such a beauty
OMG! Doesn't this just make you WANT to support 'Stop and Frisk'? When she arrests you and tells you that anything you say can and will be held against you, don't you just want to scream out 'TITS!' at the top of your lungs? This girl has the body and the moves and she looks great both in and out of this outfit. Yeah, she's a little careless with the gun, but us NRA nutjobs love that kind of thing. If you love guns, big hooters and total nudity, this clip is TOTALLY for you!
Good outfit great tits, unfortunately everything else about her is average!
Great tits... Great tits... Great tits!!
nice photos and great show!!! great boobs!! ( . )( . )
Carol G,what can I say great boobs great butt all in out one hot dancer
nice titts, avarage looking, cool outfit, Very careless with the weapon
She could frisk me anytime. Hot body. Reccommend her.
As far as body goes, Carol is perrrrrrrrrrrfect. Always a sexy look on her face, a booty that's nice and round (but not TOO round), and those god those tits! Really one of the supreme busts of any girl I've seen here. The way they jiggle will drive you insane! Anyways i always look forward to seeing a new Carol set and this one doesn't disappoint. It's not THE best set of hers, but still damn good! I give miss FBI an 8/10.
Great! Exept for the waaaay to much gun waving...
With an attitude like yours, SirJaime, is it any wonder why you haven't had pussy for 10 years!?! You need to cultivate a bit of humility and have a bit of respect for others, otherwise you are going to be very bitter lonely old man in the future.
i rate her with nine.. she moves well and...... what an enormous pair of boobs!!!!! amazing!!!!!
This girl has a great pair of breastages and nice ass. She's just having fun and it shows. I rate her an 8.
She is very potential hot girl! She Has very great boobs!! Her striptease are beatiful, but no explicit.. I hope her future cards will be more sexy and hot, because she is a very Blond Queen!!!
I, agree. no justice from the outfit. now put that aside and immagine your face barried between those 38's. those things could hurt some one.hehehe
Carol is gorgeous but she looks just plain silly when using the gun. There is also some pretty bad bluescreen fringing round her hair which is quite distracting at full size on a light background. Cool outfit though.
Belle femme, poitrine affolante, mais le show (ancien), n'est plus du tout à la hauteur des normes actuelles, trop simple et léger.
a beauty girl good show and costume but only 1 bonus video
Rather overdone boobs, not too keen on augmentation, however, she teases great which adds up the points a little. Always worth a look
This makes a nice filler addition. There's nothing explicit, but lots of boobs. Its a short show, with lots of short bits. On its own, its not good, but mix it inbetween others and its like butter. I like the outfit, it shows off her boobs, and she looks like she's having fun. I definatly like this more than her last show. Though I like it, it doesn't stand strong on its own. 7/10: not strongly recommended.
What a gorgeous girl... so nice !
Not a erotic girl, too much boob scenes, just not hot enough for me.
Another stupid looking cop one. She is pretty, but the outfit is crap. And, when the reversed images are on, the backwards writing is SO distracting. Just not worth anything. Tits have way too much sag in them. Her moves aren't that great, either. A 6 / 10 at best to me.
Carol G is a tall gorgeous full figured girl. However this show is stupid. I’ve seen only one clip where she gets completely nude. I like her pretty smile and flirtatious attitude, but she rarely does more than point and shoots her gun. Most of the clips don’t last more than a few seconds. I gave her a 7.
Yeah, nice tits...that is all. Lots of short annoying stupid clips and if she is 26..then Felina must be 15.
This show is a lot better than Bimboland and she engages a little more. It was good for a roleplay card in general and the outfit made a change but the theme and gun wasn't really my thing but good job girl.
Age:26 ????? Really ??? +15 !
She isn't really my type of woman. I find her show good though, but unfortunately, this doesn't reach. Only 5 points
Me to, Were is that Delete Key.
Her potencial is way far more than this...! Only BBB (big beautiful boobs) lovers, should spend one ticket here!!!
the worst show ever, she is horrible, in one part she acutally gets stuck and cant take her clothes of, seriously a waste of ticket. damnit..... she only has a body worth watching but the show is absolutely pauthetic.....dont buy her...
Not for me 4/10
What a waste of disk space... lucky me, that there is the option "Delete her from disk".
lol where is the rest of show? this video suk
Gorgeous woman but video quality is garbage and there's absolutely NO nudity in this insulting card
It was like watching my friend's drunk grandmother from Wisconsin try to strip. NOT GOOD.
Thank god for the delete button,totally boring routine,barely any nudity,shouldnt even be on here,I have come to expect high quality from VG and this isn't! only rates a flat 0
effing dumb as effing Hell. I might have to delete all of Carol G now after this BS
I give this one (((((ZERO)))))! BORING! Fat old whoe. And I'm 44 and haven't had any pussy in 10 years and this one is NOT worth my time. This one has had her implants so long they are sagging!
Make believe with her props just looks dumb... and where's the nudity??? I mainly get to see a fully clothed woman.
I got this one because I thought she had great tits. Well, I can only say she is far too contrived. Her dance moves remind me of a robotic sex doll I once knew - too 'worked' out and not that great to actually see. The gun and the outfit was annoying. I've spent the tickets but have deleted this crap routine from my shrinking hard drive.zzzzzzLearn to spank that thing of yours girl!
I really like the outfit on her. More gun silliness, sadly.
Cette femme est sublime mais plus explicite en photos que dans le show. Dommage.
Une magnifique jeune femme avec une belle paire de seins et une beau petit minou.Bref...magnifique.
also ich muss sagen ich hab schon bessere shows gesehen. es wirkt hier alles sehr gestellt und immer dann wenns sie mit ihrer waffe handiert. das outfit und ihre figur finde ich nicht schlecht dafür aber die art wie sie sich an manchen stellen bewegt, recht unnatürlich.
franchement le show n'est pas terrible... cette fille ne sait pas bouger... premiere fois que je suis decu d'une carte...a vite supprimer de mon ordi... un ticket pour rien
Carol G. hat eine spitzen Figur (sehr schöne Rundungen), einen klasse Busen (natur) und unten rum ist sie wunderbar anrasiert. Das Kostüm finde ich total unerotisch, die HighHeels sind schon sehr geil. Schade das man hier nicht zu einem richtigem Polizeihemd- und hose aus dem Kostümverleih gegriffen hat, bei dem die Möpse nicht gleich herausfallen... Sie hat zwar alle Voraussetzungen für eine gute Stripperin, weiß ihren Körper aber nicht einzusetzen. Ihre Stripshow ist alles andere als erotisch...
2.5 (1585 votes)

Golden Sands

  • Shows: 32 clips
  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Bonus photos: 28
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 159 MB

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Great show Carol. Thank you.
I have to agree with Ghostdick on this one. 10/10.
whiney little bitches, this is one the best shows
cette fille et vraiment sexy c'est une de mets virtuagirl preferè
This is the least favorite Carol G card I have, she looks GREAT, it's the dumb outfit she's wearing...I don't want to see a stripper in a bikini, keep that for the beach.
What a paradie dream to awaken to!!!
Carol G.: Golden Sand- Performance is great & her natural boobs are golden. In fact they are soft & gentle. Best of all her panty removal is golden in performance.
CAROL es un sueño echo mujer, es lindisima, muy sexy y divertida la amo desde el primer dia que la vi jaja
I love her eyes and breath too. She is great too as a model ! 10 !
Now that is what I call a pair of great tits.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning*****
A happy and colorful theme... Carol is beautiful and sexy... Brilliant cleavage... 9 points
Carol is just fun to watch, she is beautiful, great body, and a great persona.
Not bad...she just needs more shows...
A card is card if the show is short then its short. it does not take up the space of hard drive like other card which has(520Mb) large Files? be respectful. if you do not like it "Do not buy it"If comes to your PC Take it as Gift Not a Bad card with bad show even if it is a short show.
This card is not one of my favorites, (Carol i'm sorry but your hair in this set just does nothing for me)but Carol G is still one of my 3 favorite ladies.
The overview says 20 minutes. I'd estimate about 10 of those minutes consist of her spinning the umbrella.
I have hotter looking girls in my collection, but Carol has some absolutely great tits!
An 8, but not all that. Takes more then a big set of tits for me.
needs improvement. i wouldn't kick her out of bed
oh no... only one expicit clip with this great boobs....
Another Carol G set, hooray! I never get tired of seeing her so any new addition I watch from her I'm always excited to see. Her body is absolutely to die for, and as I've said before, her titties are 2 of the most immaculate to ever be created. I could literally watch them jiggle for days and days.......Anyways, even though Im a big Carol fan, this is not my favorite set of hers. Don't get me wrong, it's still plenty hot, but this hairstyle isnt the best for her and the whole theme just seemed...
OK Perhaps not such a polished performer as some of the girls but Carol G has a certain charm, nice smile, great figure and impressive natural assets!! Need I say more.
I'm surprised that CAROL G doesn't rate higher. Okay...she's not a great dancer. But she does have a cute smile & a GREAT NATURAL RACK!...and that works for me! =)
Very very sweet and sexy. I could look at Carol G all day.
This show is boring and I do not rate her high on this one. From the short time I have seen her I do not see and extreme sex shots. WHere is the snatch shots here. She is suppose to be a stripper for goodness sakes. Lets get with the program already.
I love watching Carol's hooters swinging as she dances or when she fondles them for the camera. She's an incredibly hot gal with a body to die for. My only disappointment with this set is there's only one nude clip. A girl like this deserves to shine her glory in many different ways. Good thing there are other cards to choose from with more nudity than we see here.
Très joli maillot de bain, belle femme également bien sur mais tout cela est beaucoup trop sage, il est vrai qu'il s'agit d'un des tout premiers shows.
Defintely not one her best shows, but certainly not as bad as some I have seen on VGHD.
i have to agree w/ zoltex luckily i got this card free cuz i wouldn't have bought it i dislike the curls and the rediculus umbrella is used way too much least she doesn't hid behind it like they do w/ the bikes
the umbrella is the worst prop ever, more effort into dance moves and less time spinning that stupid umbrella
Bad hair, but nice tits.
pretty girl. She can lick her tits!!! lol oh well, decent performance.
loved carol g .. even in stripsaver where shes been 26 for 3 different takes lol .. despite not knowing how old she actually is shes a good striper :)
Carol G is definitely one of my favourites and I love to see her on my desktop. Unfortunately however, I find this particular show, is very boring. But Carols other shows are great!
nice but nothing special vote 6
Shes hot... Her show is not very naughty or aggressive, which leaves her with a lower rating but shes very pretty.
Carol G. hat eine tolle Figur (sehr schöne Rundungen), einen großen Busen (natur) und an der Muschi ist sie wunderbar anrasiert. Der Bikini sieht klasse aus, ihr Busen ist ein echter Hingucker, und die Farben stehen ihr. Schuhe und Frisur sind dagegen totaler Müll. Sie hat zwar alle Voraussetzungen für eine gute Stripperin, weiß ihren Körper aber nicht einzusetzen. Ihre Stripshow ist leider alles andere als erotisch oder sexy. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
IMO: I'm not sure why I hated this girl. Maybe it was her movements (which reminded me of Steve Martin attempting to dance, in the movie "The Jerk"), completely rhythmless and forced. Maybe it was that awful hair style she was so careful not to muss or how little full nudity she allows us (very little). Maybe it was her facial expression which looked like she was trying to hide her true feelings about doing this (a kind of desperation or maybe disdain). It certainly wasn't her body, which is rea...
Boring --- DELETE
In the mind of carol G, umbrella's are the sexiest objects imaginable. In her 1 'explict' show bit, she spent a full minute playing with her umbrella before stripping, then a full second rubing her pussy after stripping. Then when it finally looked like something was going to happen... she went back for the umbrella and started rubbing it over her body. Oh yeah, sexy >_
Flabby, unatractive, can't dance (don't ask her), need I say more? A 5 out of mercy.
A lány tetszik a m?sor nem
She isn't really my type of woman, but I don't know why. I find her show good though, but unfortunately, this doesn't reach. Only 7 points
Holy 80's batman! Garbage!
This just plain sucks. She spends more time in cloths then out.I joined this site for the Explicit cards. Now I understand they are being removed. Shame, I wonder if I can cancel my subscription and get my money back.
This show and "Under Fire were the first two to download and they were bad enough to convince me to turn the program off til more girls were downloaded. Couldn't stand to see this over and over.Work on the dancing, smoothness of the transitions in movements, be more subtle and therefore sensual.The term herky-jerky comes to mind. Ya she's beautiful....big tits...pretty face...nice ass...and long legs. She's been given everything to work with, but doesn't know how to work it. Not smooth or very s...
OK...can you say CRAP, nice bod but barely get naked...
Pretty gal but not a good download. Rated her a 2 because almost every show was the same, she didn't seem very active, and last but not least, I caught her talking to someone at the very beginning of one of the animations which just totally kills it for me. Certainly not what I would expect for a good card.
She gets a rating of 2 from me because her tits swing and hang nicely - just hardly ever. She looks like a stiff deer in headlights, boring, and she never touches herself at all and is always dressed. Her ass is square too. If you want to watch someone twirl a unbrella look akward like they can't wait for it to be over - buy this one. I wish i had my tickets back. This sucked.
Skip skip skip... What a waste of a card!
This card sucks, but it' s not Carol's fault!!! It' s the production team morons fault, who they believe that most of their customers level, is for kindergarden!!! Carol G, is like a tiger in a cage! But they don' t release her!!!
This was really bad. Yes she has nice tits but she bats them around like a five year old with a toy and she just seems to have no idea what she's doing. One one of the standing clips she actually stops what she's doing and says "what" to the person directing the show. Also in one of the taskbar clips where she does actually get naked she gets up goes to get the umbrella and starts trwirling it again and rubbing it between her legs and chest. WTF? Not professional and as much as I want to love ca...
This has to be one of the lamest shows here. She has nice breasts, but doesn't show very much of them at all. No Muff? Nothing shown at all. I hope she can dance better than she's exhibited in this show because she was quite lame. Way too many short, (6 sec), clips for my liking. A waste, even at one credit.
This girl is terrible, get rid of her
Trash!!! For the Recycle Bin. Don't take this card. The model is very bad. Basura, no hice caso y la compré. Me arepiento.
Dont waste your money show SUX
waste of money - even a buck
better than the bimbo--at least she takes it off---great tits-real nice ass---soso show
sorry but nice fake tit ,stop and delete rate not worth your time
Carol G is beautiful.And very charming.
Hmmm, ce regard pétillant, ces seins gorgés de vie, ce cul tellement accueillant, un régal...
Très jolies seins et un cul à en faire baver ! Mais le show pas terrible.
sons show est pas terrible ,une belle femme mais il n'y a que ses seins qui l'intéresse ,je suis déçus de l'avoir acheté
Non vedo lora di gustarmi i tuoi meloni....
Lovely looking woman, not the best show.
Oh que je suis content les amis qu'elle m'aie coutée qu'un seul ticket. elle ne vaut même pas ça. J'ai été curieux de voir ses seins mais la un autre déception. Pauvre Carol, tu es surement la seule carte que je vais avoir de toi...Dommage!
3.5 (2086 votes)

Heavy Sea

  • Shows: 39 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 35
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 165 MB

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I never explored Carol's other cards because I didn't like her as police always waving a gun and shooting at me, however,I have seen the light watching Heavy Sea. Believe me, her breasts are NATURAL and she has NO trouble getting out of her costume what so ever. What's with these comments? She is generous showing ALL her fantastic body . What a beauty you'd probably meet at the gym. Carol G. rates a 10. or 5 as max., whatever.
Something tells me that this cruise ship vixen spends more time pleasing individual passengers than she would entertaining a whole lot - with the esception of her pole dancing abilities which I'm sure she displays often in the dance halls on the ship. This gal's tits are out of this world and she knows how to work them. This is far and way my favorite card of Carol's to date. I'd love to see her in person to get the complete gauge of how well she can satisfy my fantasies.
Carol G reminds me of that woman from the Stacy's Mom music video. Therefore, AWESOME! O_O
I think Carol has a lot of class, truly a body to die for. However dear, I must say, you don't need the makeup, 10 for 10 for Carol.
gorgeous!! 10/10
This is her best card by far! 10/10!!!
She fills out this outfit very nicely. This is also one of her better shows.
Wer so eine Freundin hat der hat, hat nie Langeweile. Sie ist eine Hammerbraut klar sagen viele wieder die Show sei zu kurz klar stimmt. Aber was sie bietet ist der Hammer zwei natürlich große Titten,ein Knack Po und eine Fotze die der Hammer ist. Diesmal zeigt sie ein bisschen mehr als sonst. Und spielt mit dem Beobachter ich sage sie ist eine klare 10
This card is not only one of my favorites, but Carol G is one of my 3 favorite ladies.
One of the worlds most beautiful women. I would give her this island I live on, if she's share it with me.
A very sexy lady. The breasts are very well enhanced, a great job by her plastic surgeon. They look almost real. A beautiful body, great arse and labia. She has real curves, too, she is a real woman. She engages you visually, too. Pleased I bought this one.
She is the most beautyfull girl i´ve ever seen!!!! And this outfit is great, i thank god for this card!!!!!!!!
wow,,,now she is very hot and sexy,,,and she enjoys doing her dancing. she has a very fantastic body, and very very good show. she enjoys showing her body and wow is it great:)
WOW Carol is sex personified. One of my all time fav cards
she is so sexy!
Hard to find much fault with a body this great,, give her a 10. Very fit and toned body, this girl exercises, nice boobs and tease away hon
Would I like to go on a cruise with her!
I would love to see her in a live show,..very nice. It would be even better if there was Music with her, I gave her a "10" because I have gone to some strip clubs and seen alot of moves, and she got it going on. Don't stop what you doing...
After being bombarded with the plethora of really skinny ladies on this site, it is always nice to see a curvy, all natural healthy woman like Carol G doing her stuff on my desktop. She has the most amazing boobs and she bounces and squeezes and shows them off to perfection. She can dance well too and I have no regret about my purchase and give it a nice juicy 10 out of 10 rating.
I dont care what yall say she's a babe
Carol G makes me so horny i want to scream. Her moves are hypnotic...they drive me wild with passion!!! And, when she touches herself I nearly pass out!!! MORE CAROL G PLEASE!!!
I love the cameltoe and the booblicking!! Her boobs are great!
Now THATS how a woman's suppose to dance ! This lady puts on one hell of a show guys , dont miss out ! Still one of my first and favorite cards. Who ever said Miss Roxx has the best camel toe obviously has'nt seen Carol's. She's the whole package in this one, the rack, the toe, the move's, I can go on and on . Hats off the Carol G ... U go girl. 10
Carol G has a great pait of boobs and dances really well, but it doen't make up for the fact that she doen't show enough of her body however this show is worth keeping but I'll probably have to delete the rest to make room for the the good ones!
Perfect body and beautiful appearance... This woman shows that natural boobs can be round and big without hanging... Can dance sexy and knows how to turn a viewer on. A 10 on my scale. Better than Jana...
She has a fantastic body...Most women couldnt make that outfit look that good..and iff you like toe you will love this show...she is very sexy and better than alot of strippers i have seen and most of the girls i have seen on here thus far...she isint cosmo an that makes her gorgeous..she has curves ,shape to her,shes not a stick figure -and beautifule eyes to boot- Sexy-Tease-Show Off 10 in my book
She's a real professional on that pole - probably the best I've seen here so far. Outstanding performance and she handled the outfit with ease. Great show, highly recommended. Having worked in the erotic dance industry, I can tell you that she would be a top money maker.
Carol G is very mesmerizing|Carol is very SEXY and GORGEOUS women .Carol as an amazing BODY and is one HELL of a dancer,one EXCELLENT show.Carol is one HOT LOOKING WOMEN,I LOVE HER.#10
what a hottie-I was enjoying every inch of her and myself and "pop" I let loose such a load! Thanks Carol!
This is one beautiful lady. She has an amazing body, a beautiful face to go with it, and she knows how to use what she's got. I think the thing I like best is she's not a stick figure of a woman. She has a real woman's body.
Carol is the best,stunningly beautiful and killer body buy this set and show then watch the video she has the most adorable giggle you will ever hear,this lady is a keeper
carol you body is wonderfull i want too see you body ad near in my screemyou are a golddees bizzzzzzzzz carol
Super hot
i bought her but how can i watch her full show?
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Very Very nice and a real beautiful girlxx A Very Merry Christmas To You Carol G xxxxxxxxxx
hot hot hot
she is very hot and pretty woman.
Lovely lady!!
Bien sur le show date du tout début et il est très soft, mais avec Carol dans la marine finit le mal de mer et tous les marins tiennent bon leur barre.
Damn, these women as Carol G really fascinating! It behaves so easy that it sometimes seems as if it's your old friend, who from a modest girl turned into an elegant beauty. And she is able to do with his tongue ... This is anyone's guess;). I highly recommend to everyone).
Carol is simply one of the best girl on VG, you just gonna have her cards ;-)
Nice blonde babe.
Wow, so sexy, what great tits !!
Carol is pretty, shapely, energetic, and probably good in bed. In this outfit, she is modelling a nearly permanent camel toe as well. She is better than many I have seen in person, but even in the local dive strip club I've seen better on occasion. What I do notice is that at least in this outfit, she has some difficulty getting it off, not once but multiple times. I don't think that she is a bad performer or that this is a poor show, although I could see from what I've noticed in comments about...
Thats definitly one of her best cards. I love the outfit and the harstyle and the show is also very hot, some nice moves on the pole for example. Thats between a 9 and a 10 for me. Probably more to 9.
Carol G goddess from Venus
one of my absolute favorites! great body,beautiful muscle tone! great show!!!
Carol G. has great tits! I can only imagine what it would be like being between those beauties. Not to mention that I absolutely love the camel toe action she displays in that outfit. Wow! Nicely done.
This is my first Carol G card, but it will not be my last...This is one HOTTT lady...a great dancer and oh so hot body...a 9+ for sure
Carol is entertaining and attractive, a lovely woman and has a nice show. She is engaging and not hard in attitude, nor is she hard to look at...captivating and holds your eye.
This is her best card/show as of yet. And guys should add heir own music to shows it really adds to the experience.
Outfit was a bit dicey, but she somehow makes it work. I have thought she was truly spectacular from the first time she danced out onto my desktop. Truly spectacular natural boobs I would love to get acquainted with and a face that I consider classically beautiful. I would imagine that she is absolutely stunning in person. Wow, what a thought that is!Actually, she epitomizes female body perfection for me. I realize "perfect" is incredibly subjective, but she really fulfills a dream and an ideal.
In my opinion this is the only show of hers that is worth downloading. And it is a damn good show at that.
A gorgeous model and great outfit, worthy of a 10 by themselves. However, some of the shows are only a few seconds long, while others are nice and long. Kinda got impatient with some of them, but it's an overall good card. I gave it an 8.
She's a classic pole dancer and has been around VirtuaGirl a while. Still one of my favourites.
Interesting but hard to take the outfit.
Carol G has a very beautiful body. I love her sexy, hot ass. I love her big, beautiful titties.
Her body is excellent!!
Absolutly stunning body, excellant show!! Keep it up Carol!!! 11/10
First off, as with most of the girls' descriptions, there isn't anything explicit in this card. That being said, Carol G is mesmerizing! Joey Lauren Adams with huge knockers... dream come true. Most of the shows on this card are very brief and don't show a whole lot, but surprisingly, that's what makes it so hot. The way she comes out, gazes at you with that "fuck me" expression, shakes her ass and tits, and then walks away makes you want more and more. A very sexy routine indeed! 9/10.
Carol G is beautiful, sexy, and puts on an awesome show. I love that "come get me!" look she has on her face, too!
i have to completely disagree with what tanis1 said. i like the fact that she pops up, shakes those huge titties around for me, and then gets out of the way so i can see someone else. i wish more girls shows were like that, i think a lot of them waste too much time with their clothes on.
Carol G doesn't usually float my boat but this show gets my engine racing. Ahoy! full steam ahead!
Très belle femme, dommage qu'il n'y a pas un peu plus d'explicite !!
She's got a frame like a 25 year old, copious ta-tas, and a show that isn't half bad. It's just too short. More explicit action would have been nice too. 8 out of 10.
Great body, nice tits and good body movement...8+/10.
Pros: Body (9.5). Curvy, yet firm body from head to toe. Great ass, super landing-strip pussy, and 2 of the finest big titties you will ever see. Outfit (9.5). Color and style fit her body perfectly. Hair & makeup are done great. Could have been a 10 if she had a Captain's hat. Moves (9.5). Maybe her best to date. Everything's executed perfectly w/ smooth transitions throughout. Her pole work was especially good. Sexiness (9). Really makes the most of her big tits. Her posing & teasing are top-s...
Love that curvy body! Not very explicit, but still one of my favorite girls on here.
Amazing body, nice big tits, beautiful face. some nice camel toe shots but doesn't show her body off as much as it deserves, 9/10
Spectacular woman. This set is a bit stingy with the nudity though. 8/10
Carol is a very cute girl, with a great body makes for love. She's really as I like them.
damn carol g! you are hot!
Hot girl and probably the only show of her on VirtuaGirl where she has a sexy look (don't like her hair on the other ones) BUT the shows are way too short. Most are over before they even start. Less shows and more minutes could have made this a highlight but as it is unfortunatly it is only average. :(
So much better than her first three cards and those boobs are something else
nice but nothing special nice outfit vote 6
I'm glad I didn't waste a ticket on this one. Not particularly pretty, suare-shaped body and not much of a dancer. No thanks - 6.
Nem túl jó
Although I like her Golden Sands card, this one didn't do it for me. 5/10
Sorry , but can't agree with the other comments.The show is only average and there isn't anything explicit. 5/10
Unfortunately nothing explicit in this card!!! Too shame! The same issue as her previous card...! I want to believe that this is happening because the early stages of VGHD...
Am I the only one who wants to see more??
Should have known it... Fake boobs
her body is realy sexy, but the quality of this show especially the contranst is very bad (seems like converted from old version and no hd)
Meh. Boring.Third set of her's I've deleted.
ouh yeah what a lady..
Awful. Zero. Surely that can't be where the plastic surgeon meant to put those ridiculous tits? I first thought it was someone's mum having a go. There are worse cards on here but this is poor.
Big tits but no sex appeal.
Alles Geil ! ;-)
Trés, trés belle nana avec une paire de lolos comme je les aime, fermes et retombants, ballotant au rythme de ses ondulations. La sensualité et l'érotisme à l'état pur... Une vraie pro Carol !!
Beautiful woman, fun to watch.
Très joli femme mais pas assez de nus :(
An der Stange sind andere besser , aber sie hat eine tolle Figur , die sie gut in Szene setzt!! Eine 8 ist es jedenfalls.
Carol bringt sich gut in Szene. Sie tanzt sehr professionell an der Stange doch nach einer Weile wirken alle Bewegungen gleich. Ihre Naturbusen lassen keine Wünsche offen. Sie hat ein top Fahrwerk. Das Matrosenkostüm finde ich eher abturnend aber sie zieht es ja sehr schnell aus. --- l e c k e r ---
Carol G. hat eine spitzen Figur (sehr schöne Rundungen), einen klasse Busen (natur) und unten rum ist sie wunderbar anrasiert. Das Kostüm in dieser Show betont ihren klasse Arsch, und Liebhaber von "CamelToe" (die Ritze zwischen den Schamlippen, welche durch die Kleidung sich abzeichnet) kommen hier voll und ganz auf ihre Kosten. Mir pers. gefällt das Gesicht nicht so sehr. Die Show ist auf jeden Fall ganz gut, ich finde sogar, dass es die beste Show von Carol G. ist. Dennoch kommt sie mir zu sc...
3.6 (2886 votes)

No Secret

  • Shows: 36 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 36
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 173 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (146)

One of the best
meravigliosa donna
great card! one of my favorites
Carol is astounding,a must have and perfect card for everyone's collection. She is YUMMY !!!!
Just an absolutely PERFECT looking woman in an outfit that shows her off to fullest potential. This has to be one of the most under-rated cads on VG. 10/10
Hottest body on VG, Carol never disappoints. Perfect 10/10 for any woman whose tits can put me into a hypnotic trance.
das ist ne geile Frau super
Quelle belle femme, présente ici depuis un bon moment, j'ai longuement hésité et c'est très agréablement surpris que je l'ai découverte. Elle avait déjà tout compris à l'esprit de ce site. Sensuelle, sexy et explicite. Vivement plus et dans le même style de sous-vêtement, J'ADORE !!!
Hi - a newbie here - but to be honest it's shows such as this that I joined virtuagirl - for me, bustier the better, but please don't hide all your talents! Now that my penchant has been revealed perhaps fellow members could recommend other cards... - if that is allowed?
Those of you who low balled her score should be blindfolded and shot. her video was smokin' hot. Very revealing! she's quite and her breasts are the perfect size and look great. I'd say 9.5 but there's no 9.5 so she gets a 10
Carol looks very sexy in black,her breast are fantastic and the rest of her body an't bad either. She gets top marks from me just for those wonderful tits alone.
good over all body and who cares about the rest :-)
Excellent performance. Carol G. moves as smoothly as a cat and is very erotic in this card. This goes into my favorites. VG, please bring Carol G. back for more.
Excellent young lady in a hot outfit with big boobs and nice ass and happy to open her legs .gets my vote
Sexy women with a nice, sexy en curvy body.
Holy SHIT....she is perfect
She is so sexy and beautiful. I really like her hot big boobs and her very sexy ass! And she is my special favorite!
this is one hot mamma nice tits round ass well worth the tix 9
very sexy, love the boob licking!
Eine Heiße Karte! Sexy Outfit!
Really great card xD best card in her collection
What a sexy show. Carol is drop dead gorgeous in this outfit. I love her hair too. Lots of breast play and some pussy rubbing. I'd love to lick her tits too. Very underrated card.
I like feet too
Carol is definitly another smokin' hottie. built super nice and very gorgeous eyes. knows how to show it and move it, and her dancing style here is a little slower and seductive. but when she struts out on your screen there is no doubt she means business, while making it look all pleasure and no work for her. another great performer on a fast track to super hot on this site. you won't be disappointed if you buy her. nice rubbing all of her good parts and looks relaxed and fun throughout.
Carol really enjoys stripping, she is not shy or cold. She is engaging, she likes giving a good show and enjoys displaying herself. She takes her time and enjoys her art. She is 5' 9 1/2", or so, 132 lbs and it is all very well distributed. Don't care about her real age... if that hangs you up, fantasize that she is someone's mom giving you a private show. I don't agree with the few negative comments or the highly unappreciative cranial-rectal inverts that abuse these models. If they were out to...
Another of my favorites..I have 4 of her shows already, and will be buying more...she is always a 10
definately one of top ones to get.Carol G is card 9 is hot
Carol looks sexy as ever!!!
Aahhh is she sexy! Her horny Performing makes me a very large Stiff and a attractive Desire to rubbing her...
Very nice card, 9/10 points, worth to buy it and have in collection
love her big boobs this woman is realy sexy carol is my favorite 10/10
I would love to lick her BIG Boobs any time.. Her Steaming Pussy is Great. 10/10 to her.
This woman is realy hot.
mmmm . . gorgeous . . way better than most of the skinny titless tarts we kep getting served up . . . in my humble opinion of course ;-)
wow!! she's the woman you got to can't live and die before you just see this incredible,amazing beauty that we all call woman.for her it's just beauty and nothing else!!!
CAROL es un sueño echo mujer, es lindisima, muy sexy y divertida la amo desde el primer dia que la vi jaja
she's very very sexy mmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh ! bizzzzzLaurenzo.
I voted with a 10!!
Yesssssssss! Pay attention all Felina fans: this is what a real woman should look like! Real breasts, natural as Mother Nature intended them to be - no unsightly, unsexy silicon implants. Carol has the classic chassis that used to be the norm until the fashion industry started the era of the stick thin fashion model. Carol is absolutely gorgeous: all the curves in the right places - a classic hourglass figure. What a fantastic pair of tits, a slim shapely waist, voluptuous rounded hips and a sof...
Hey, I don't care what she's done to enhance her boobs... She round, lifted, and big like a sexy woman should be... And, she knows how to shake her bod... She would be every man's dream... Get her and you'll see perfection... 10 out of 10...
gooooooooooooooooooooooud i luove
Very beautiful reminds me of someone I know she is freakin' HOT!!
She is a really hot woman, and this show is one of my favorites. I love she moves, that give you thoughts that really bad;-)
Simply amazing! What a perfect body! And just simply beautiful. I just cannot do anything else when she comes on. I look forward to getting her entire collection. Perfect 10!
she is so perfectly curvy ... damn !!! I like everything in her show and would like it to go on during hours !!! She is bold too ... and I like it !my preferred one
Dam this is one hot sexy lady. Worth every cent and then some
any chance of seeing her sucking a cock or riding one? or dildo or some strapon use--damn shes hot!!!!!!!!!!
She is the fucking GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah good looking women nice perfect
Beautiful Outfit, fantastic tits.She's my No.1 (of course my wife is my No.1
In this show Carol rises way above all other shows of her. The outfit in itself, of course, is highly erotic, but the way she moves, poses, teases in it, showing of her voloptuous body perfectly is a lustful Xperience! A perfect 10 for me.
I disagree with the last comments - Carol has a beautiful body - she has some real hot moves and the black lingerie is the icing on the cake - 10 out of 10 for me!!
It's nice to see real tits, big one at that not the hard rock one.
On a scale of 1-10, she's like a 35!!
Very sexy show 11/10 Very nice Carol G & all the very best to you for 2008 X
She is very very hot. I am very very very hot too ! She made me exploded at least one, two, three......
this girl is hot hot hot Love that outfit
She is hot an beautiful and I like her tits.
She is a real woman and not only a little girl showing a little bit of something. Stay as you are.
Ona jest słodka mmm...........
Very hot, a must have
While this is not my favorite outfit for Carol, I do like this card and she is always incredibly hot. When she strips out of the corset and fondles those incredible mams, I just want to crawl inside my computer monitor and stick my face between them. Her dance moves are incredibly sexy too. This card is a keeper!
Love It. Sexy and Elegant at the same time.
Carol is very hot but I was HIGHLY disappointed to find 22 No Nudity clips in this card... I know it's an old card but dang! 22 clips is a lot to waste on such beauty as her...
Very great card, nice show, and we all know when Carol moves in this way she makes you horny right away, lol :) Excellent body, lovely breasts, hot ass, the outfit is nice too. This card should be perfect with an upgrade at 1080p resolution ;)
Une chose est sûre Carol ne laisse pas indifférente car elle danse bien. Après ce n'est pas la plus jolie mais moi je l'apprécie énormément.
cant wait to see her show
Fix the videos for Carol G's pages. Thank you!
Another girl that I misjudged. I didn't like the look of any of her cards and I've passed her by for quite a while. Got this card free and I've gotta say I'm impressed. Carol is extremely sexual and she looks SO much better "in person" than her pictures. Personal taste, but I wish she her boobs were a tad smaller. But that's just me. Otherwise she's perfect :)
When i saw carol g was arriving as part of my subscription i thought oh no, because her cards are so short but i was wrong. she brightened my day & her boobs are perfect Grrrrr
Carol has got to have one of the longest tongues that I have had the pleasure of seeing. That alone gets this low-quality card an 8, but that's all. Too bad because Carol G. is a real babe.
Nice lingerie.
Underrated show! Really sexy woman and a VERY sexy outfit. She's a solid 9. I'd be on that like white on rice!
Damn, this show is a little underrated, mos def. Great hair, looks, tits, hips, ass, legs. Outfit could be a little more...Nothing. Her outfit is the hottest I've seen so far. She can dance too. Some one said something about her fake tits, he must be gay, her tits are nicely done. Why only an 8.44?! I gave her a 9. Only b/c the show is kinda short. But she's hottt!!!
Carol G is a gorgous blonde and delivers a good card in a very hot outfit. 9/10
One of the better cards I have. It's not my favorite but it is among the top rank of the ones I have. Gorgeous body and a super sultry lingerie. Sexy dance and the nice smile. Get this card. I give 9/10
I really love this one it has shiney glitter and shiney stuff turns me on.
Carol G is all woman. She gives a performance that will make any man with he could meet her after work and take her home. Different hairdo, higher score 9.3
As a rabid Carol fan, all I can say is WOW! This is my favorite set of hers. A lot of girls attempt to wear an outfit like this, but I've yet to see any who pull it off as amazingly as Carol does here. Always one of the best total bodies of any girl here, but Carol is absolutely stunning in this set. Her immaculate titties are on full bouncing and jiggling display as always, and her round booty looks absolutely ripe and delicious when she bends over wearing those black fishnets. My favorite Caro...
Yes carol lacked grace in the heels but still showed elegance in the outfit this was pure beauty. I dont enjoy big busted women but Carols moves made this show something special. I rarely see a women that can wear this outfit correctly and was happy to see her. I would like to see her in the same outfit but in a light blue, yellow or pink. I was going to give Carol a 10 but hit the 9 by mistake. Carol you get a 10, sorry bout the 9.
Maybe its the outfit for whatever this is her best show- looks- and outfit. This a keeper.
What a great pair of breasts. Real, Real nice. Nothing says sexy like a girl in stockings. well worth it
Everytime she bends over...make me wanna stick my big gun in her pocket....very beautiful...picture her ridin' me.
i love this outfit and her nice thick legs!
Ive just Blown a Gasket HOT!!!!!!!! 10/10
Let me start off by saying, She's great! of my 14 or so girls, carol is by far my favorite. she's the girl next door, the way we imagine them to be. she's fun, playfull, erotic and just a little slutty.and that aint bad. i get a hard tongue every time i watch her.
carol G is a PERFECT lady! secret, she is also beautiful n a secret!...isn't it?! no secret!?
Carol is amazing. I would go to any club where she was dancing! I bet she does wonders with tips when performing.Homer
One of my faves. Killer body...dangerous curves! Carol is one beautiful babe.
Love the outfit and the stockings. Nice body. Not a bad dancer.
Great breasts. Are they real? Sultry look.
Great show. Love that LINGERIE.. Deserves a 1080 remake !
Very nice card from Carol G! Not as laughably short as some of her cards, thankfully, and she looks fantastic here! Great legs, nice ass and of course her gorgeous breasts add to a fun performance!8/10
Carol G has a beautiful body, however her boobs is too big with nipples over-extended; a sleak & sensuous body like her should have had mediunm boobs; as they are now she looks like a Las vegas tarte who is not a desktop babe material. She is lucky to have my rating of 8.
Carol G, is very undervalued. Has a great body, tits, maybe the biggest. The show is complete, and hot enough. Lingerie is one of my weaknesses. I like more, girls, with a similar age to Carol G. With more developed bodies, and not too thin. I'm happy with the purchase.
Nice babe, i like blondes in nylons :)
Shannon G is a woman tha sets my pants of Fire. However this routine is not one of her best. I have watched Shannon for some time even before V-Girl and trust me she is lovely. Check her videos on you will see she is a one smoking hot babe and Ibelieve she will be one of V=girls to crossover to D-Babes. I have to agree though this is one lousy card and not worth getting if you appreciate Shannon G talents at all
Son show est bien mais il manque de charme et c'est un peu dommage. Avec un peu plus de charme et de raffinement dans les mouvements cela aurait pu etre mieux.
Alright card, I'd like to suck those stocking feet.
Attractive - built - hot outfit - but short in the explicit dept. and while she is built and attractive she looks beyond the listed 26yrs...8, should be a 7 but I'm a sucker for the outfit!
Carol G is quite a good looking model with Farah Fawcett hair, nice rack but only average dancing skills. Love her nipple licking and ass spanking. This should be a requirement for all strippers.
sigh, another one with fake boobs - women should just be happy with what they have thats what makes them truly beautiful.
Finaly a card that quite (not fully) represents Carol's capabilities...!!! (for those who don't know, she is a talented pornstar). She shows everything (although close ups are missing - due to early stages of VGHD I suppose???), from all angles, with very erotic & tempting moves!!! After 267 cards, this particular outfit remains the best ever!!!
Decent movement, though she seems more comfortable with the pole than without at times. Nice body, although for me, her breasts are a little bigger than I like. The "full nudity" consists of her topless with her hand in her panties rubbing herself. Overall, a nice card to appear every now and again. I give it an 8.
awesome body! but the dancing needs improving
Smoking body, very beautiful she is just a little to stiff for my taste....Losen up and enjoy dancing a little more. Still one of my favorites just on beauty alone.
A bit lush for me - she's a big girl, and I like 'em petite. Also, the bonus video was disappointing. But an honest show, and she's got a pretty smile.
This being the third time Ive seen her preform, I still think she needs better coaching with her dancing... she needs to make love to her audience till were creaming our pants just thinking about it. Of all three performances Ive seen so far, in this one she is a lot better looking.. not sure what she has done.. think it might be the hair style, but she doesnt look to old in this one. One Thumb up baby.. get that dancing right and it can be a 10. Im wondering.. do the girls dance to music when t...
nice smile a nice outfit a cute girl
Warning the vido quality is really bad. It would be an entertaining card if that did not bother me as much as it does. Her outfit is hot but the hairdo makes her look old. I can see where they were trying to go with it but it doesn't flatter her face. Carol G. has the goods but her shows are also really conservative. If you like cards with a lot of full nudity clips skip this one. Carol is very tame.
wow Carol, her Show is not HD, and some missing ... ( 7 ), not special disapointing for me ... even not HD Cards like this are not my fav. Totem make HD it better next time pls ...
I would love to have some more action!
she has a very nice body but for some reason doesnt catch my eye.... i think she could have done better
Carol has a pretty face. She's not as thick as Aria Givoanni, but close. Tits are bigger than I like. When dancing, she's obviously not confident in those heels--if I had my way, she would take them off. She's a 7 in my book. Normally, I would subtract a point for leaving the shoes on (taking one off, dropping the foot down off the screen and using the heel to stroke her nipples doesn't count). But in her case, a demerit would drop her to a 6 and that would put her in the disabled category. I'm...
She isn't really my type of woman, but I don't know why. I find her show good though, but unfortunately, this doesn't reach. Only 7 points
I know I am in a minority when I say that this is not one of my favorites. She is a big girl and I like them petite. She went a bit overboard on the sillicone and that to me takes away from her beauty. It is a shame because she dances well and has a good over all show.
A sexy model;just a lovely lady.
Beautiful Nice Body Hair everything is there but a poor performance and your lucky if you see nipples once in a great while...
nothing special vote 6
Kicsit gyenge a show
She looks like a real stripper you might see somewhere in Florida or Vegas. I'm not sure that's a good thing. Seems a little tacky. Tries hard, but not particularly attractive.
Carol G. hat eine tolle Figur (sehr schöne Rundungen), einen großen Busen (natur) und an der Muschi ist sie wunderbar anrasiert, ihre Dessous sind ok, aber auch nichts besonderes. Sie hat zwar alle Voraussetzungen für eine gute Stripperin, weiß ihren Körper aber nicht einzusetzen. Ihre Stripshow ist leider alles andere als erotisch oder sexy. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
No way is this woman a 10 and the show is ok at best and I hate her hair. To me she is average and don?t expect too much in the explicit department.
In this card you do get to see more than in her first ones but it is still as are all Carol G cards very unpolished abd scatty with no tjought into anything she does.
tres mauvais show et fille vraiment pas belle !!! quelle poitrine horrible!!! tres peu de nu,et bien sur,vu que c est une vieille carte,rien d explicite!!! un conseil,ne vous abonnez pas car,et c est mon cas, il vous refile tous les mauvais et anciens shows!!! les meilleurs que j ai,c est avec des tickets que je les ai eus,c est pour vous dire..... je vais une fois de plus,effacer ce show de mon pc!! et je vais me desabonner!!! 1/10
I had to give her a ZERO, this one makes her look like she is 50
Sexy in clothes, but not that sexy, out of clothes maybe a 6.33.
Absolut gute Figur.
Je ne comprend pas sa note !!! Elle mérite plus !
superbe fille
elle très belle,avec a des seins superbe ,sa tenue set très sexy j'adore ,mieux que les deux premiers show ,toujours pas de scène explicite .la bombe s'est Jenny McClain
Carol liefert hier eine tolle Show ab. Ihre Klamotten für diese Show sehen an ihr sehr gut aus und passen auch. Ihre dicken Dinger sind ganz echt, da wurde nicht nachgeholfen. Der Hintern passt perfekt und ist genau so schön anzusehen wie das zwischen den Beinen. Auch ist sie nicht so dünn wie manche andere, wo die Knochen schon durchscheinen.In ihrer Explizit-Show geizt sie nicht mit ihren Reizen.Meine Bewertung: 10 von 10 Punkten
Carol est grande, humm, elle a de ces seins volumineux, wowwww; la lingerie qu'elle porte est provocante, ahahaha. Elle bouge bien. 10 pour elle.
Really attractive just puts me off a bit.
j'aime sa plastique et sa présence.Ca manque surement d'un peu de chaleur
Cette nana est d'enfer, elle a une façon de bouger, avec son regard coquin. De belles formes, un délice pour les yeux!
CAROL G ç'est toujours de la bombe !
Hummm che bombe... tutte da leccare
Un physique intéressant, mais trop peu de clips dans les nus et explicites pour vraiment emporter l'adhésion.
Très bonne
Spendida !!! ma perchè non dare di più !!!
2.1 (1358 votes)

Under Fire

  • Shows: 37 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 32
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 179 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (49)

Carol G, very sexy :)) mmmm
well the latex bikini is tops nice body n face but i like her hair straight. still one of her better cards
I'm on fire! I like this grl.
Oh Carol the heat is on!
Now that is what I call a pair of great tits.
Carol has a great body, and really good poses, like picture 20 , 21.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Merry Christmas To You xx
Sweet and sexy.
love her body,hate the outfit,I have all her cards and think this is her worst card because of it
I do completely agree with BillMcNay. Her tits are the greatest (not only the hugest)in this circus and her smile turns me on very much. The show is much better than FBI (sucks), but her best is still "No secret".
Great body, nice outfit, huge tits but where are the videos with a large collection I can't believe she's hasn't done anthing but the interview!
Okay, Carol is hot as all get-out and this outfit is cute but not anywhere near her best. The prop fire extinguisher is just silly, but it's still fun to watch her strip and use the prop to hide her assets (it doesn't do a very good job). By the way, the whole extinguisher routine did nothing to quench the fire that her outfit tends to stoke. And as she gets naked, that fire gets even hotter.
This card is not only one of my favorites, but Carol G is one of my 3 favorite ladies.
I give her an 8/10, becouse I like her body , she has a great ass, breast and lovely pussy. This is a Bomb Girl, please Totem, contact her and give to us other great shows ( with more explicity, if possible), thanks.
fantastic I'm only sorry that the first performances vghd are of low quality
Ποιά θα μου σβήσει την ψωλλή,από τη φωτιά που μου άναψες εσύ
Carol's body and face will make you want to get her complete collection. Her shows typically aren't very explicit, but still good
a beauty girl good show and costume but only 1 bonus video
Not crazy about the outfit. When it's off! I'd like to play with those breasts as much as she is if not more.
Carol G has a lovely, curvy body! Great legs. The kind you want wrapped around your head!
A rather mediocre show, and I'm just not into latex/rubber outfits.
Nice body, but her dancing... I had the impression that she received a few quick lessons only moments before her act and then couldn't pull it off when the camera was running. 7/10 and most of that was for her body. She *does* remind you of the mother from "That 70's Show".
She likes her boobs, that's for sure. A decent show.
Just 2 let's say quite explicit shows...! At least she is not boring!!! This card worth 1 ticket!
This is one of those annoying cards, she comes on, maybe show you something, no, walk off, come on, maybe show you something, no, walk off etc...etc..., I haven't seen her nude yet!! Just get on with it, get your kit off, let us see those beautiful boobs, I haven't got all day to sit at my computer!!
Average Body, droopy tits, Nice smile. All clips very short. No chance to really get to see her. Overall, a 5 or 6.
This card above all others makes me wish I could get the sound to go along with the picture ... I see her making "fire extinguisher" sounds ... If I could only get the audio track!!
She is hot but I don't like the costume
wow, she's lovely, but she doesn't move like she's had 'years of ballet'. She looks uncomfortable dancing. Her body is killer and she has a nice smile. I can't give it more than a 7.
she is sexy, but not really my type. some of you might like her.
Well nobody can say I haven't given her a fair go and downloaded all of her shows but I doubt that this girl will ever be my favourite, Her boobs are beautiful but she has a silly expressiojn constantly on her face ans it's as though the lights are on but nobody is in. I feel like I'm taking advantage of her by even watching.
She reminds me of the mom from That 70's Show. Not very bright looking.I sort of feel bad when I see her show come up as I feel like I'm taking advantage of a handicap. that is just the feeling she gives me, so I usually skip this show.
Sorry , but can't agree with the other comments. The show is below average and she's not my type. The outfit is nothing neither hot nor sexy.
Much better show than bimboland ... which sucks . Love the rubbing of that sweet tush baby ! What a thumpin body .... huge boobs !
nulle. j'aime pas
The term herky-jerky comes to mind. Ya she's beautiful....big tits...pretty face...nice ass...and long legs. She's been given everything to work with, but doesn't know how to work it. Not smooth or very sensual. Spends too much time on the tease and not enough on the strip.Moves too much like a poorly designed machine than a woman. Sandra H is who she should look to for an example of sensual. Sandra H could buy souls for and get them cheap too. Carol has the body, but needs to work on the talent...
She is nice, and as all people say great tits... but where is the rest??
Holy s*** HOW THE do I get two in a row of carol G on my calendar! that's 3 now on the same calendar...booooo
Et toi lolow77, il faudrait t'apprendre à écrire !
Very sexy, but not a fan of the outfit at all.
Body / Model : 10 Outfit : 6 Show : 10Totally : 8.6 ( = 9 )
Carol G, des cernes sous les yeux qui en disent long, bravo! Bien sûr, toujours de Prague.
Mucha Mamacita rica
nice show ok dance moves i think you get whith this girl what you ask for a stripper to me just an average stripper i think this card is a keeper
Ganz Nett soweit. Outfit finde ich ein wenig "na ja". Aber von der Bettkannte würde ich sie auch nicht stoßen. Und wenn, dann nur nach innen. 7 Punkte
Carol G. hat eine spitzen Figur (sehr schöne Rundungen), einen klasse Busen (natur) und unten rum ist sie wunderbar anrasiert. Sie hat zwar alle Voraussetzungen für eine gute Stripperin, weiß ihren Körper aber nicht einzusetzen. Ihre Stripshow ist alles andere als erotisch oder sexy, und ihr Gesicht gefällt mir auch nicht so sehr. Das Kostüm finde ich einfach nur billig. (Wertung: 4 von 10 Punkten)

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  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 20 y.o.
  • Height: 5.61 ft.
  • Weight: 117 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 24" / 34"
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