Carmen Gemini

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 21 y.o.
  • Height: 5.74 ft.
  • Weight: 128 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 36" / 26" / 36"

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Number of shows: 13

Carmen Gemini's shows

4.3 (358 votes)

Black Gemini

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 618 MB

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User comments (12)

It's difficult not to fall in love with a young woman like Carmen Gemini... She is simply fantastic.
Well, I think everybody knows this fantastic girl, she is a top girl, hard lovely body, she is an icon of VG. Thanks for exist :)))
Carmen you rock. Great show and outfit. Love the bush.
Slower, more seductive is a good thing.
Das einzige was ich mir noch wünschen würde (auser natürlich Carmen in echt) ist mindestens eine show mit ihr als Desk Babe. Für mich ist sie eine reine 10!
Go baby go, you are the best beauty...
More goodness from Carmen Gemini's comeback performances. She is, of course, hotter than ever and still has that beautiful red hair and approachable look. This card isn't quite as good as others, mainly because it gets a little repetitive, but with Carmen's perfect charm and attitude, it's still a great card.The outfit is basic lingerie with a hint at dark mystery. Carmen, of course, wears it very well, but the show revolves around this Virtua Girls great smile and big natural breasts, not the o...
I have generally stayed away from Carmen's early cards as they're a liitle too DB raunchy for my taste, but this is the third card of hers that Ive gotten from her recent set. She's a little older and a little calmer which means sexier. I don't think this is quite the best of the new set, but it's still better than most of her early cards. She out moves about half of the girls and always appears to be having fun. Rather than trying to impress the viewer, she just lets us watch as she romps. Its...
Carmen is a genuinely fun babe to watch. She gives miles of smiles, and she's stacked like a milf. As of late, she's not as overtly explicit as she has been in other cards (in terms of fingerplay), but she still shakes, shimmies, and shows it all, with vigor. 9 out of 10.
i love her but her new shows are way too tame now it's like she doesn't want to show her body anymore takes her 90% of the clip to get naked if she does get naked sorry last show i get from her.
nothing new in the town all see before, in her first coming her body, seems me, are neglected since last presence
Nice show.
4.2 (375 votes)

The Gift

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 47 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 632 MB

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User comments (10)

Carmen is one super hot lady. 10+
Carmen is in my top ten, so I'm a little bias. Still a good quality card overall.
very very exciting
Another beautiful card of Carmen's! Love her meaty pussy lips - wow, would I love to suck and caress them and lick every inch of her sweet, beautiful ass and lick her pussy and asshole over and over! Beautiful titties for sucking while pounding my dick in either hole - yum, yum, yum!!
I was excited to see the spandex/yoga pants again i was in love when i first witnessed there greatness on Tess Lyndon and i was hoping you guys would bring them back. I love Carmen's whole style in this show the from the pants to the boots with heels, very casual sexy i love it.
This girl drives me crazy, very much hot body, perfect breasts, lovely ass and sinuosly moves, wowww !!!! Maybe not her best outfit here, but is still a big raccomended card :)))
Another awesome show from Carmen Gemini, whose comeback has shown that with maturity comes sensuality. This card has more standup scenes than her others have had so far, showcasing her ability to wiggle and flaunt. This one is also more focused on striptease, with many scenes revolving around her slow removal of clothing.In her return, we see that Carmen is a little thicker and more filled out than she was initially, her red hair and beautiful skin are much more pronounced as well. Her look is m...
Carmen's got that jelly! These pants accentuate her ass and thighs VERY nicely, and I like the whole outfit. However, to be fair, I've got to report on some of the shortcomings too. She (1) teases with her panties a little too often, and (2) she isn't nearly as explicit as she is in her other cards (though she still gets nekkid a lot). She's still Carmen though, fine and fun, so I can't beat her up too much. 8 out of 10.
carmen seems hot, apparently but are definitively dissapointing performance not improved since last presence her body, seems me, are neglected since last presence hope the team will verify the girl, in future, before hire her
Beautiful woman.
4.3 (462 votes)

Office Affair

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 46 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 651 MB

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User comments (13)

Please improve the vid its my favorite! would buy again if i could
Pour être franc et direct, tout çà est très bandant.
Top girl here, withot any doubt, she has one of the most best body on VG here, classic, top, horny, beautiful, she is the soul of this site, I simply adore here. This card is nic, good the outfite and her performance. I recommend her entire collection and not just this single card ;)
Love the show and the outfit was great. 10/10. 10+ for the bush.
In Order to make a Sixth Comment -( Five is not really much for a generally really-truthful good Card). In my perhaps not too unexperienced opinion this is in fact the very best Card of Carmen from her second Appearance in VG ! - This not only because of the "slutty-erotic" - but (again) basically-generelly REALLY kinky-erotic to plain Erotic Outfit in this Set - ALSO - very much why she performs here obviously with fair-good joy and with a lot of GOOD (!) expierence and professional Skill. She...
A real woman. nice card,not the best, but you could do a lot worse. Light on the bonus pics but I can't fault her for that. They are at least a good quality. Her performance is nothing new here. Still a quality card.
Carmen Gemini wins any catfight, but her return here is less than auspicious. She continues to present the best meat curtains shown in VGHDland. That alone is worth the price of admission. I gave this uninhibited vixen the 9/10 because I really wanted to see more, and I have. If she exposed clit I would rate this card 10/10. Hey babe, how hard is that? Carmen certainly still has the potential to be my fav.
This is another excellent card from Carmen Gemini. It's missing some of the "fun factor" that her other cards often have and it has that usually-misused cage in it being, well, not used well. Most of the scenes are great, though, including some faux pas like a standup scene where she gets off the ground, turns around to show off her butt, and it's got dirt from the floor smeared across it. Woops!These newer cards feature a more mature Carmen with a more natural redhead look, including faint frec...
I can't put it any better than HemiCuda did. I'll just add that Carmen's lips win the game everytime. Now about that dancing, hon......JK! 9 out of 10.
8/10 I have to say I'm a little disappointed with Carmen's return. Her original set has some of my favorite cards. For a while she was one of the few if not the only VG to give her tits a good shake, allowing us to fully enjoy jiggly. She has put on weight and her stats for the new set have not been updated to reflect it. Her extra weight hasn't gotten out of hand, no fat rolls ect. So if this is the first time you're seeing her you could just enjoy the she and her body with out comparison. But...
a welcome back, but! but i expect really more. performance not improved since last presence her body are neglected since last presence no thanks hope the team will verify the girl, in future before hire her
5 star
Very attractive, great outfit, good performer.
4.1 (704 votes)

Crochet Queen

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 633 MB

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User comments (21)

As always Carmen is priceless
10 Always 10, Carmen is one of the best performance girls on VGHD, she made the story on here with other great girls. I simply love this girl, and I think thath everybody gonna have at least one card of her collection, better if you have all of them, LOL. Super raccomended, of course ;)
J'adore Carmen, elle est somptueuse, ma première carte ici il y a bien longtemps c'était Carmen, donc bien heureux de la retrouver toujours sexy souriante et excitante en diable. Par contre le costume n'est vraiment pas top, j'ai l'impression qu'elle a récupéré le vêtement du "Père noël est une ordure", vous savez celui avec les trous plus grands pour mettre les bras.
Carmen Gemini seems to have put on a couple of pounds since the last card I have of her, and it suits her very well. The outfit by itself is, in my opinion, a bit frumpy, but also in my opinion nothing can cool off Carmen's smoking hot looks and performance. Love the card.
Carmen is very sexy - 10 out of 10! Love the way she shakes her titties and beautiful ass. Love to lick and suck her meaty pussy lips and fuck her all night long!
Carmen siempre es sinónimo de calidad! Lamento decir que no le hicieron mucho bien en esta carta con ese outfit! me parece que si no tuviera esa cosa café encima estaría mucho mejor, le resta lo sexy que es ella. Es más glamorosa que antes y se ve mucho más linda. Sus tetas y su vulva están deliciosas!!! Culo apretadito. Lo que si necesita trabajar su cuerpo para seguir siendo de las mejores. 9.5 para mí.
Carmen Gemini is always perfect, fantastic card, very, very thanks :))
NICE to see Carmen back 10/10.
I'm very happy to see her back. Great Card
perfect card (no cage) 10/10
she sure is my big red ,love her non fake breasts . het hippy hippy shakes
Pros - nice ta-tas, prolific pussy lips, miles of smiles, lots of activity, love her long wavy locksCons - corny at times, and that crochet thing stays on too longCarmen has evolved into a hyper vamp. She puts it all out there, shaking and shimmying all her jiggly goodness. She has a woman's body now: not so ultra-tight, but supple and curvy. Content-wise, she is as explicit as ever. Performance-wise, she seems silly at times, as if she's trying to seem younger than she is. She should just chill...
Thank You for the VIP card This card on Carmen Gemini is good I do like the outfit the see through id great. Just as the other card of her the show is good to. Nice come back there Carmen Gemini. 9.5/10 over all for me.
Beautiful girl - nice to see her back. I wholeheartedly agree with the "no cage" sentiments. I understand and respect that some people actually like this prop (personally I feel it just needlessly obstructs the view of the models), but I feel that the cage hs been extremely overused since being introduced and would love to see a LOT less of it.
I don't like her in this dress.
My dear Carmen, I think you are getting a little bit more fats that before so please be careful with you health, I really like you so much.Eno
nothing new in the town all see before, in her first coming her body, seems me, are neglected since last presence
Bof , c'est plus ce que c'etait ! un peu de sport ne lui ferait pas de mal !
She looks pregnant and very dumpy in this show. I went through every clip.. and ended up deleting the whole show..
Always a treat to watch.
4.2 (436 votes)

Off Roading

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 655 MB

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User comments (15)

Hum miam miam, Dieu quelle est appétissante, on aimerait la dévorer.
I would say this is her best card. Really enjoyed it.
Always 10 here, wow, she is more fantastic here in her new cards, a very very great return, she is so sexy in this outfit and her body is Always so much stunning. Great show, great card, great girl !!!
The more you watch Carmen the more you love her.
Carmen was the first card I bought when I got started, so she holds a special place in my collection. Still a worthy purchase.
Carmen Gemini is my best new favorite, old and new, but unforgettable ripe fruit!
Toujours aussi belle, souriante et sexy, Carmen est tout simplement bandante. J'ai flashé sur sa tenue vestimentaire et sa couleur de cheveux. Il semble que cette carte soit récente car la qualité passe très bien sur un écran HD. Je recommande cette carte car cette nana est vraiment adorable!!!
Carmen Gemini this card is alright. I don`t like the color on her outfit, but the outfit is good. The show is just as good as the other cards. Over all 9/10 for me.
Don't let the RIDICULOUS sternum-high skirt throw you; Carmen is still her 100% raw self in this card. She is for the guys (and gals) who appreciate a mature tigress who doesn't play around. Even with the lack of x-rated clips (which is surprising), she still delivers the delicious raunch you love, with ample nudity. She does get borderline corny at times while trying to be charismatic, but she's still sexy nonetheless. 9 out of 10.
lovely redhead , outfits dose not look great at start but it really grew on me over time
I have to say I'm a little disappointed with Carmen's return. Her original set has some of my favorite cards. For a while she was one of the few if not the only VG to give her tits a good shake, allowing us to fully enjoy jiggly. She has put on weight and her stats for the new set have not been updated to reflect it. Her extra weight hasn't gotten out of hand, no fat rolls ect. So if this is the first time you're seeing her you could just enjoy the she and her body with out comparison. But she l...
This card was one of the first cards acquired, and Carmen Gemini is sexy, beautiful, and fine to the bone. That translates to what all the young dudes call hot. And with her smile, energetic performance, she makes it easy to believe that she is having fun teasing you, interacting with YOU. So I hope I have made it clear; its not Carmen Gemini or her presentation that makes this card not one I would recommend - it's the costume and the DAMNED Cages. The beige bra is dull, the brown skirt is not a...
a welcome back, but! but i expect really more. not performance grow body are neglected since last presence no thanks
5 star
Stunning, great card.
4.4 (665 votes)

Valley Girl

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 593 MB

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User comments (39)

Lovely Pink beautriful Red 10+++++
In this show, Carmen is a 5 star
Ah Carmen, mon premier amour chez les Virtuagirl.
why dont i have ginger looks like her?
Carmen Gemini is simply hot, on of the sex simbol of this site, so much horny she is, her body is perfect, and she is expert in moves dance and expression. Great card, great girl, I hope to see her in an another return. Thank you Carmen :)))
i just adore everything about her , including her pussy
Carmen ist einfach eine schöne Frau , vorallem natürlich . wäre schön wenn einige ihre Karten auf HD kommmen könnten :)
Just wonderfull. 10+
so glad to see Carmen back. I like this outfit too. could have used some more bonus pics.
Carmen Gemini does not have the look I like, but she is very hot in her performance, great tease, and she knows how to move to make a very satisfying performance. Great card.
Unlike her greatly dissapointing VIP card, this one I rate a high 10! It's so much different than her VIP card, so much so that I think I'm going to purchase the rest of her 'new look' cards here :) GREAT job on this one!
Bringing Carmen Gemini back is probably the best idea VG has had in a while, imo. She's just so sexy and seeing her dressed up as a schoolgirl is one of the sexiest things. This card, imo, isn't quite as good as the old "Majestic View", but it's still jaw-dropping.
Wow, she looks even hotter now!
One hell of a comeback....this is a great card
One of the best-rated, most lusted after redheads to come to VGHD is Carmen Gemini and this card is an awesome comeback for this flame headed vixen. Carmen is still looking very hot, with her beautiful build, flowing hot hair, great smile, and awesome big natural breasts, she is a powerhouse of lust. The outfit is a nice, everyday look, but it doesn't last long and the real fun comes when it's thrown to the side. A true "must have." Can't wait for more!
really glad she came back for another show!
This girl is a goddess! She has the most beautiful hair and color. Beautiful smile, perfect breasts and butt. She makes me drool. The perfect and ideal woman!
Wish she is my gf.....
Carmen is super gorgeous !!!!
Great to have her smile back! And her bouncy boobs......
Damm! I love her, super duper.
YAY!! Carmen's back and looking better than ever. I thought the show was good. Perhaps a little slow at times, but the is a must have card for us Carmen fans!!
i had no hope, Carmen would ever come back on VG. but here she is: the most beautiful VirtuaGirl. thank you for this amazing card, folks!
I did'nt think it possible but Carmen is more stunning this time around. She moves with grace & poise.The school girl outfit is a nice touch.
I'm still in love with this girl. She gets better and better. Please make her a deskbabe, too!
What a nice return. Carmen matured VERY well. There's a difference between girls and women, and you know it when you see it. Add some nice explicit clips with those same awesome lips, and you're good. 10 out of 10.
Welcome Back
Welcome Back.
I think I finally figured Carmen out. I just keep getting her cards though she's not really my type. She's attractive of course in a cute kind of way, and her figure is great and natural; but the same is true for many of the VG girls. What is it? It's the hair. Not the color or the length-- it's the way she uses it. She has mastered the art (that was perfected by Farah Fawcett back in the day) of looking like she's just rolled out of bed after a serious romp. It absolutely screams sex. Add to th...
The way she flips her hair around. GAWJEUS!
I have always enjoyed Carmen's shows since the 1st one I got (Vegas Trip). This one, in her return is no exception. Her outfit enhances her hair color and brings out the softer look. I recommend this card for a lot of different reasons. One being, that you don't have to be really explicit to be sexy in your routine. I am glad that Carmen has returned and wish to see her in a DeskBabes as well. Maybe not in a girl/girl, but by herself. Most of the the 2 girl programs look contrived and uncomforta...
WOW !!!!!!! Carmen Gemini looks better to me her show is good. To me she just as good as she is a very nice 9.5/10 for me.
Carmen Gemini has always been one of my favorite models on Virtual Girl. I do hope that she makes a Desk Babes card in the near future.
Für mich eine ganz große Freude, Carmen Gemini wieder zu sehen. Danke.
If you like girls that get undressed fast well this isn't the card for you, she takes her time. She does have a nice set of tits although with her body I expected them to be a little bigger but they are OK. Her ass is decent it isn't a 10 but it isn't bad. I am not sure I would have bought this card but it is in my collection and I am not gonna delete it. I give this one 8 out of 10.
Great!! Carmen is one of the most beautiful and charming models at VGHD and my favorite!It is laudable from Totem to bring back amazing models like Carmen, Alizee, Deny, Susan and others!Carmen gives us a great and amusing show with a lot of good features. The outfit is also quite nice. But it is a shame that the video quality is so low! The lighting is lousy and over all lays a silly pink and unnatural glitter. Take away this limelight and come back to the quality of cards like Kami and Saraliz...
I like this girl, she's very attractive and knows how to do a good show. She has a great body. However her performance is done in such a way that you know that she has had loads of experience in work like this. On the up side, because of her experience she knows what's wanted and gives it.
Bringing Carmen Gemini back, is a good idea, but nothing new in the show. all see before. under the average
Very good show and beautiful woman.
3.7 (1975 votes)

Society evening with Mina

  • Shows: 33 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 83
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 436 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (74)

I love Mina (Jana Lysackova).
I feel like a 5 year old boy in a candy store.... ;-)
Was pleasantly surprised with this card. I think it would better be called 'Sorority Evening'. The whole feeling of the card was that of a couple of sorority girls at the window teasing the frat boys next door. There was a lot of posing and grinning but no heavy lesbian feeling. It was just two girls having fun teasing. Even Mina's gum added to that idea.Once that concept is granted, then it becomes a great card. Just sit back and enjoy the "knowing" show. I did with fond memories. Thanks girls.
Carmen est incroyablement belle ! A tomber pour elle !
These Two Girls Are HOTT!!! Love Their Performance....Keep Up The GOOD Work xoooxo
they're the most sexy duo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I'm going against the majority, but I really like this card! I watched the trailer and really liked it, but was hesitant due to several poor reviews. Most of what was said is true, but it still really works for me. I don't think either of them ever looked better. The outfits, the hair, everything just works.
wow. 2 gorgeous girls, beautifull dreses. nice combo
4 me this is one of the best duo cards i own which isn't alot. I think they both have good chemistry and enjoy each other. Nice and playful. Both wearing those evening gowns are a huge plus for me. 10 out of 10
This is not to take away from Mina at all since she is also very hot, but I must say that Carmen Gemini looks incredible in this one ... she has always been one of my favorites since I first saw her earlier solo performances, but WOW now brown cow!!! I'm not even sure what is different ... it couldn't be just a different hairstyle could it!? Anyway, whatever it is Carmen looks hotter than ever in this one so if you're already a fan of hers, you have got to get this one.
These two have good chemistry and definitely compliment eachother. Both are hot on their own, but two is better than one! Great moves, facial expressions and breasts.
The Dancing was not very sexy. Not up the norm for either girl. However, both of them are laughing and having a good time.
Love the movement and expressions of the girls. This is the best duo yet! They look like their truly having fun, wish I was there!
Wow what a great show/card by these young ladies. This is another must have card to get in your collections I say. Great looking girls 11/10 Thanks Carmen Gemini & Mina X
Yeah I liked it. It wasn't a fake lesbian show, just 2 girls having fun with us. Lighter fare.
Yes the gum is annoying.. but the real problem directing wise is allowing them to both play to the camera the whole time. They are ALWAYS looking at the the camera not each other which a little is ok but in a duo does not work. I tried getting serous and asking for 2 strip shows and both girls were constantly checking out the camera. Focus in a duo should be each other.
Carmen is really charming in this card. She won me over. I like it when I get a glimpse of one of the girl's really personalities.
Is it just me, or does Mina look like a really hot Sarah Brightman?
Great hornry card, raccomended, maybe thy could make better, but this show is good. a great 9
I used a screenshot of my desktop with these ladies on it in a popular blog post. Love the side-laced dresses, the sandals, and the pretty and flirty girls. This isn't hard core, it's just double-your-pleasure dancing. Carmen shows supreme confidence; and there's something ineffable about her smile.
Eine tolle Show die die Mädchen hinlegen. Besonders Mina macht echt an, aber beide ergänzen sich auch sehr schön.
These girls are ever so hot
deux superbe filles 9/10
you just got to love does dresses.
me gusto muy bien
What a hot couple.. wathing them and you go straight to heaven.. with them!!
Carmen Gemini and Mina look great together and I like the fact that they are both wearing dresses. But I don't think that Carmen has as great a chemistry with Mina as she does in the Carmen and Cabiria duo card. Beautiful girls, nontheless and I am glad that I have this card. Frankly, I love duo cards. I like watching two sexy girls work it at the same time.
Wow! Ver4y hot pair.
I digg this card. I can imagine both ladies at a private party hanging out the party sluts. And yes, although terrible, including the chewing gum. I would certainly enjoy an evening with society like that!
carmen & mina are great alone or with someone else. colliedug thinks 2 girl cars are a wast but he was a my house i could charge him to watch, and he would love it.
Outfits are great, girls too. Show could be better...expression, feelings and interactions are missing.
I have to agree with the comments posted so far. The anticipation of seeing two of the most gorgeous (and my favourite)girls together was almost unbearable. The reality, though, was that it did not quite live up to the expectation. Perhaps a little more encouragement from the director when Mina's attention appeared distracted?? Anyway it was still good to see the two of them in a new card. Would love to see Carmen with Tereza or Walleria sometime!!
Agree with all of you guys... great dresses. sexy girls, but no any interactions! In many clips its like I am watching two single shows at the same time.Defenetly Mina is not comfortable in such show. I am wondering why she was agreed to make that session. And yes - that gum is not good idea...Still worth watching these sexy ladies, but I was hope for much better duo. 9 from me.
As everyone knows any show with Carmen is a hit with me.I love Mina's long black hair.The gum chewing is pretty annoying.We were warned that Mina isn't into girl-girl shows so take it for what it is.
nothing special +1 for duo show
Has good and bad points. Good points include Carmen, one of the (if not the) hottest girls on VG, and Mina, also very hot. Solo performances pepper this card in-between the duos and make for a good effect overall. Sadly, like most duos, these two girls just aren't that into each other otherwise. Carmen and Cabiria was a better matchup.
Love the outfits and the hair, a good card overall. But as others have mentioned is spoilt by persistent gum chewing so a 8 from me but get rid of the gum (a definate turn off) it would have made a 9
Carmen is one of my (many) favourite performers and Mina's usually a good show too...the outfits are great, very classy......which is slightly ruined by Mina chewing gum (which has been mentioned), why dress these ladies up in beautiful evening dresses and then damage the effect with something so 'common' as chewing?As an aside, I like this show, I've come to expect little in the way of actual eroticism from duos (and I can think of other sites should I need to see two women doing more), and jus...
this show has the one thing that i can't stand, and that is gum chewing... mina constantly chewing ruins this show... to bad too, cuz its a killer combo and gorgous dresses...
Putting two sexy, playful, women together in lovely dresses doesn't mean it's going to work as a duo. This card proves it. Yes they strip but there's no interaction between them. Most of the time it looks like they are looking for help.
very sexy girls, love the dresses, but while they are smiling together, they just go thru the motions together. light touching, pretend spanking, boring. they either did not work out something before hand or just don't like being together. if its going to be a 2 girl card the girls need to at least appear into each other
Git rid of the gum Mina! I hate dancers who are more interested in chewing gum than performing.
Un peu nul dans l ensemble et le chewing gum tu un peu la show 6 sur 10 ces la note un près juste je crois
Sorry, but the chewing gum throughout ruins this for me too, please dont let any more girls do this
whats a duo if the girls dont touch each other...? such a waist, average rating card
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
Honestly I'd have rather this had been Carmen only, she's stunning in this. Mina however is not at her best and the gum chewing is terrible. The two girls suffer when together, wish i hadn't bothered. Duos suck.
these girls are pretty , but the "show" is boring. 6/10
I'm sorry i have two duo shows and both of them are VERY VERY VERY disappointed,They seem to me as they just don't want to be together,I was going to buy the duo pack but what i have seen of the two shows i will be bypassing that. very disappointing 6/10
I was very interested in this card initially. Both are beautiful women and the comments here made me think it would be worth a try, but after watching them for a short time I was very disappointed. All of their shows that are marked "Explicit" have no explicit content. I'm ok with having no Explicit shows, but don't mark them if they don't exist. There is no chemistry between these models, it's more like watching two women doing solo shows than a duo. Carmen makes many attempts to cuddle up and...
NO NO NO...good god NO. Mina is great Carmen Gemini is great but together, absolutely not! First they didn't seem to notice each other and then there was way too much giggling. If you want to use Carmen Gemini and have a great duo then bring her back with Cabiria!
Wow I wasted a dollar! Geesh, Carmen is even skinnier then I remember! Thumbs down.
Super show,2 super filles mais svpl. Interdisez le chwing gumm!!! C'est INSUPORTABLE!!!Une si jolie fille qui à l'air si nunuche!!! On dirait une génisse au pâturage..Dommage car elle est jolie la paysanne....
Watching Mina chew gum throught the routine was a big turn off. She reminded me of a cow chewing her cud.
I really think two-girl cards are a waste of money because the vast majority that I have seen fall way short of expectations. In my experience, only two have really worked for me and they both featured Carmen Gemini and her friend Cabiria, so I was hoping Carmen's magic might rub off on beautiful Mina. Unfortunately, there is no physical attraction between these two girls and, consequently, this card goes the way of most duo cards ... down the yellow brick road to boredom. It is easy to think th...
they were better with clothes... i'm not very pleased...
they look lovely but mina always seems to pul away from carmen when she tries to make the show more a a bit disepointed, carmen does a great jobe but mina seems to uncomfterbul whit this..
I am afraid these two beautiful girls do not offer anything extra in full show...Really "empty" show....greatly dissapointed!
carmen is perfect as alwayz but... mina, atleast show us something.
i love you
amateurs! how can you let mina chew like an old cow while performing?!? ZERO for the cow and 5 for Carmen.
j'adore leur duo elles le prennent avec simplicité et sont magnifiques
Pretty good duo show.
Un duo de charme et qui ne manque d'atout. Excellent show.
Joli duo ! j'aime bien l'harmonie !
Je vous l'ai déjà dit, je ne suis pas fan des duos, ici encore, 2 jolies filles, beaucoup de sourires, de regards complices, mais pas de baisers, quasiment pas de caresses et surtout pas aux endroits stratégiques, alors à quoi bon un duo, je noterai bien malgré tout, car il y a Carmen et à elle est sublime de beauté dans ce show, il faut presque se contenter de la regarder seule, mais cela peut paraitre injuste pour sa camarade.
HOLA CARMEN Y MINA.. que bien bailais, os moveis muy bien nenas, Sí, OK teneis clase.. (oleeee!!)yeahhhh!!
vraiment tres belles toute les deux,tres bon show!!
Ein wirklich sehr schönes Duo !!! Carmen (rothaarig) hat lange Beine, perfekte Brüste, Bauchnabelpiercing, sexy Arschgeweih über dem Po, anrasierte Muschi mit sehr schönen kleinem Busch darüber und was für einen Kitzler! *wow* Mina (brunette) hat ebenfalls einen sehr schönen Körper, nette Brüste und eine anrasierte Muschi mit dünnem Strich darüber. Beide haben tolle lange Haare und ein süßes Gesicht mit einem bezaubernden Lächeln. Optisch lässt dieses Duo nichts zu wünschen übrig, und das Outfit...
jolie show avec 2 superbes creatures!
Die beiden haben eine sehr erotische Ausstrahlung, nur an ihrer Duo-Show könnten sie noch etwas arbeiten. Es sieht fast so aus, als ob Carmen allergisch auf Mina reagiert. Die haben ja die absoluten berührungsängste. Sie könnten sich ruhig auch mal küssen und sich gegenseitig streicheln - fehl am Platz. Ü - B - E - N
Carmen et Mina sont très jolies, les robes qu'elles portent sont vraiment sexy, mais je trouve que ça manque de scènes vraiment explicites (baisers, caresses). Dans le prochain peut-être ?
was ich hier vermisse wär mal eine dildo und mehr pussyshow , sonnst aber echt geil 10 p .
4.1 (2452 votes)

Vegas trip

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 17 min.
  • Bonus photos: 51
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 134 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (87)

You only get the best from the best, thanks Carmen.
Carmen is so sexy in this outfit. I have seen it on other girls without the hat and it just look like a boring business suit, the hat makes it more vegas, zoot suit style. The outfit may be more appealing to me as a woman, but I just think it is so damn sexy on her. I love her boobs too, of course. I also think that her show was entertaining and I like that she smiles, and the flirty faces she makes.
This is Carmen. That is enough to buy all her cards.
Carmen Gemini is the absolute best of show, best of class, and just the best! She is the girl of every red blooded male's dreams.
10/10 coz I love her
Whatever Carmen's act, she is one of my dream girl, fantastic!
erf e
I never get tired of this card. Carmen is hot and knows how to give a good show! I love this outfit too. Highly Recommend this card!
Gorgeous, great big natural tits and fantastic lips.
Hott Scene
Simply perfect.
Belle miss Un costume sympa Un magnifique visage encadré par une douce chevelure rebelle (est-elle vraiment rousse?) Elle a un sourire fort agréable Elle a des mouvements fluides et langoureux On devine et on peut imaginer sans problème la douceur de sa peau qu'on doit avoir à plaisir de caresser
Big, natural boobs and a form-fitting costume. She reminds me of an old high school crush I had... 10!
I'll keep this terse as possible, so i'll express myself in 1 word what this show means 2 me .... LASCIVIOUS ;-)
this girl is supper hot I mean hot, fucking hot, hot as fucking hell, I wish she whould follow me home, I wish she was my freind, I wish she was my girl freind, fuck is she hot:)
Carmen is once again in top form here. I may be calling a favorite her but I honestly believe Carmen is one of only a handful of girls who could pull off this outfit. Fantastic! just sayin.... 10/10
Carmen is always one of my favorite girls. Super sexy body and personality in her cards. She always gets me with that mischievous smile that she has. She looks like she loves the fact that everyone's watching her and getting turned on by it.
Yet again I have to rate Carmen as a perfect 10She really does bring everything to the table...smoking hot body, perfect beyond belief; a beautiful, expressive face that draws you in and turns you on a much as the body (especially the general boob play, oh god it fills me with such desire it's almost painful that you can't join in) and top performances; great movement, great style, great teasing...And like all of Carmen's cards the actual clips themselves are clear and of great quality, even max...
please lick me too
Sexy, sexy, sexy. I love the outfit, I love the show, I love the girl. Carmen Gemini is becoming one of my favorites here on VGHD. Great card! 10/10
What can I say...she is my perfect...shes sexy, she has an amazing body, and she knows how to give you what shes got and then you only want more, and more, and more. The greatest thing Europe has given to Western Civilization in the last 100 years has been the women of Eastern Europe...and Carmen Gemini is up front leading the pride.I will buy more from her.
Now When You Take About A Show You Might Think Of Carmen Sexy Body Sexy Move It Might Be Just Me But I Like Seeing A Little Extra Lip On That Honey Pot.If I Could Rate Her As 11 Wow.
i searched half this site trying to find this girl after seeing her promoted. it was definitely worth the effort. 10 out of 10
wow , she makes me crazy again, : - ) the Best GIRL !!! aarfff 12/10 !!!
Amazing the best perfect breasts and amazing pussy 10 out of 10 for me
Seeing the size of her pussy lips give me an instant erection. What a pussy! And of course her wonderful breasts and golden locks. If you played with that pussy and inserted a finger I would die of excitement I am sure. So next time please......x
Lovable great breasts and just about the most kissable tempting pussy lips protruding that u ever saw mmmmmmmmm snack time or is that snatch time
those hips completely hypnotizing. love that grind,do it again
eventhough she knows she plays very well with her beautifull boobs I will to see her coming soon with a much closer view of her round ass and chewing pussy
Carmen's hot and I love her tits! Baby, you can shake it for me anytime! ;-)
Actually I like this one as my favorite Carmen dance. The contrast in the outfit really works and the hat gives her something to play with.
Perfect body Beautiful face a 20
ahh carmen. very nice you won't regret buying this one. it's the first i've bought of her, and she leaves me wanting more. i will have more of her too. carmen has an awesome body, and nice moves a definate 10.
carmen is so hot great body nice smile and explicit she ranks with sharka
Whoa!There's a long legged, big breasted,cutie bootied, pretty babe dancing naked on my desktop!(just wanted to keep the wonder of it all alive!)Shee's back!Cermen Gemini-The babe with the long lickable risers, the "honey come play with me" eyes, the bounciest free rollin' natural tits, sweet kissable pucker, darlin' "fill my mouth & dance with my tongue" suckable cunny pie labia lips, & hips made for wang tangin, is wiggling it all and pucker kissing me full flare & bare on my screen! I'm so fa...
The critique I gave for Carmen's Majestic View show is equally relevant here. Carmen is a horny, sexy redhead with a delicious body who will get you hard with her red hot sexual energy. If there is one thing wrong with this card, it is maybe that there are only 17 minutes of footage on it, but then again, it's more than enough time for this sexy minx to breathe life into you pecker. Another excellent investment and another 10 out of 10 from me. She can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.
she was my first she broke my cherry. HOT,HOT,HOT SHE IS SO FREAKIN HOT!!!!!
It's very cool to see her in softcore action compared to the hardcore stuff she doe's. I really admire her spirit to do something like this. All I need now is her number so I can take her out to dinner.
This girl is hot, she is a must for download. I have her Vegas trip full show. Dude if you like a smooth shaven girl with her labia.s sticking out big time. This is the one to get, on a scale of 1 - 10 I gave her a 1,000,000,000 thats 1 for every lick she gets from me, yummy. Oh and btw, if you excite real easy and your watching her show and hear a noise in the house. Don;t just get up and run to front to see thats it's just your wife coming in from grocery shopping and you see her staring at th...
WARNING! Watching Carmen Gemini is liable to make your eyes hang out on stalks, literally. Carmen is so hot in this card, she moves her body so seductively, so teasingly that this is definitely a must have if you want to see a really sexy woman that knows how to move her body. Beautiful.
well i did not like carmen's shows muchbut this card has forced me to change my mind10sorry for broken english
Oh wow yes highly recommended!!!!!!!!!
She is one fine lady and my fave porn star woo hoo and now she dances for me on my pc screen!
Another great performance from super sexy Carmen! The outfit covers a little too much skin for my taste even though it is cute, but Carmen definitely ain't shy so she shows it all when the outfit does come off! As usual, she gives some really nice front & back spread shots of that absolutely incredible pussy that makes me drool and she's not afraid to give it a nice rub down! She also loves to bounce and play with her big perfect tits! On top of all that, Carmen is very sexy and playful and real...
Carmen has got to be the best of the new girls which is difficult as there are some many great new girls! My favourite card is White Goddesses (Carmen & Cabiria)but her solo work is also great!
Always a 10!Always worth the favorite
She has one of the most stunning body on this planet and a beautiful smily face. She's very hot and sexy in her moves and the way she's looking at us. Carmen Gemini is always a must have, with each of her cards.(en français) Pour la comparer au filles les mieux notées de ce site : Je trouve qu'elle a un plus beau corps que Zuzana, qu'elle est beaucoup plus expressive que Jana H (mais c'est pas très difficile, faut avouer), qu'elle a de vrai seins contrairement à Vicky S (mais Vicky est meilleure...
i got this one free with membership and she turned out to be one of the better ones i have. she moves well, has great hangers and looks like she is having a great time dancing for you i give it a 10
Grande exposition, et une carte gentille encore. Obtenez celui-ci et appréciez. J'ai fait et remercie des Gémeaux de Carmen X
Absolute Goddess. No way to improve on perception. She gives everything she has from sex appeal, Desire and attitude, seductive moves, to the explicit display. She has been crowned my all time favorite…….Sorry Eufrat and Mina I still love both of you.
when she performs, I can't avoid a big grin :-))) She is pure fun - gimme more of her.
My favorite Carmen show.
Pros - Very entertaining, love the outfit, love the babeCons - Length of showProbably the best sub 20 minute show on VG. It defines "short but sweet". Carmen simmers as always with plenty of sex appeal and luscious nudity. 9 out of 10.
could've gone w/o the hat but perfect anyway
Without a doubt, Carmen Gemini is one of my most favorite VirtuaGirlHD desktop dancers. She is beautifully built, has a great attitude, and is about as sexy as they get. Her performances are always top-notch and so far, have rated Perfect 10s from me. This one came aweful damn close to it. I gave it a 9 simply because the clips are so short. Nothing against Carmen at all, as the scenes in this card are her usual perfection, but the VirtuaGirl HD folks did her a disservice with the editing of the...
You really can't go wrong with any of Carmen's cards. Great natural breasts, and she loves to show well as her other assets! My only problems with this card are that it is on the short side at 17 minutes, and the hat stays on too long (never comes off).
WOW !!!! Need more cards like this one. = more $$$ for Totem =D
can i say again? Love her!!!
After seeing Carmen and deciding to dl her, I was glad to see that her outfit was a one piece pulloff. Nice natural tits and soft look to her didn't hurt either. Action is a little weak (explicit wise), but tolerable. Great smile nice moves and the tattoo doesn't bother me as it does some. If her other cards are this way or better, I wouldn't have a problem with them either. I would prefer to have more pussy play though (digitally speaking).
Because I love natural big boobs, I couldn't miss Carmen in this hot show. She's so gorgeous !
Very nice redheaded woman with natural big breasts. I love her show - she's one of my favorites.
She is HOT! Hot! Hot! What a cutie with beautiful body! Need MORE OF HER!
Great girl, great card. I love it.
Love that smile as she licks her tit. Great card.
This girl is nothing but sexy! She has it all. Now, if we could just get her to show it. One explicit clip?? Come on. The little bit of her pussy that you do get to see makes me want to see it spread. It is an erotic, beautiful pussy. Now lets see it open. Please!
She's gorgeous; with wonderful tits and a beautiful face. I wish she'd play with her sexy pussy a little. So...8/10
love this girl with her body,she has legs to die for.But i prefer her in her dueo shows.8/10
a hot big boob cat
This girl has a body of 10+, without doubt, but here I have too analize the card show, and I am very sorry to say thath I find it very poor and short on the clips. This is the only reason of my 7/10. But the girl is perfect 100/100 %
Very hot girl. I could only give her a 7 though because of the tattoo. Why would she want to mark up such a sexy body?
I think this card is to short and the outfit is a big turnoff for me! She is a hot girl but she needs to work on her moves and i think she focues to much on her boobs and on the camera!!! so for this i give her a (5)
Hot show,I watched it many times.Could not sleep for rest of night.
its a ok show shes slow and the shows are short and boring a 3
Very sexy. I like.
Eine superheiße Show!! Da gibt es nicht`s zu meckern!! Volle 10Punkte!!
Un show parfait. Carmen est toujours aussi belle et sexy. J'aime beaucoup sa tenue originale qui lui va très bien et moule son corps en particulier son joli fessier. Ma note : 10/10
Cette fille a du charme. Son regard,et son sourire te font craquer. sa dance est en mm temps provoquante et élégante. (note: elle a 1 pièrcing sur la langue et 1 tatouage en au des fesse.)
10/10 une fille superbe, des seins magnifiques dont elle joue à merveille, beaucoup d'allure, un excellent show, à recommander sans restriction
Carmen est vraiment sexy,un corps sublime
Carmen macht eine Super Show, sie hat einen geilen Körper und eine aufreizende Muschi, die sie bereitwillig und breitbeinig in Szene setzt. Ihre Schamlippen sind schon sehenswert! Für mich klar 10Punkte!!
Was für eine geile Sahneschnitte !!! Beine die gar nicht mehr aufhören wollen, perfekte natürliche Brüste, ein super süßes Gesicht, ein bezauberndes Lächeln und ein sexy Arschgeweih. Aber das ist noch nicht alles! Endlich mal eine geile anrasierte Muschi, und nicht nur einfach blank rasiert. Und was für Kitzler...da kann man kaum ruhig sitzen bleiben... Und dann auch noch diese hammergeile Show. Geiles Outfit (von dem Mafiosi-Kostüm bis hin zu den Lederstiefeln) und super Performance. Ich würde...
Sous ce chapeau à la con il y a une bombe de sexe et c'est l'essentiel!
Très bon show , mais vraiment trop court!!! Carmen est une grande cochonne qui adore le sexe!!! Tout son corps inspire le sexe!!! Elle a un merveilleux regard de petite salope adorable :)) Elle regarde l'écran et votre désir monte immédiatement!!! J'aime ses bons gros seins naturels et bien lourds!!! Son cul est prêt à être forcé brutalement :))Excusez moi , mais je suis très excité par cette belle plante et sa croupe me rends fou!!! J'aime aussi sa belle et grosse chatte dont les petites lèvres...
carmen gemini est vraiment supersexy, très belle femme ! je lui mets 10 même si je trouve qu'elle ne s'amuse pas assez avec ses orifices !!
une grande femme avec beaucoup de charme et qui vous émoustille avec une sensualité hors du commun
pas mal un peu trop grande peut-être
show trop petit dommage
3.7 (1671 votes)

Double assault with Cabiria

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 326 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (52)

Love theses girls they are so natural together 10/10 :)
Nice girls and nice show schöne titten schöner körper was will man noch
Zwei geile Fotzen ich wünsche mir das Duo bei Desk Babes mit einer heißen Dildo und Pussy Leck Show.
I like both of these ladies individually - they both know how to move about and show off some nice curves. Neither is shy about their respective fine bodies. One nice extended scene has both playing with their "entertainment centres" where Carmen is having great fun paying attention to herself, while Cabiria is focused on ensuring the viewer is having fun watching what is happening. Great teamwork!
The only stricture I have is that in my OPINION it could have been alot more explicit, meaning ORAL SEX, DILDO's 4 starters, but their card has its moments. I personally have the propensity 4 minorities such as myself, but 4 caucassions tho there pretty descent. Cabiria is still a neophyte with this, but its cool nobodies is infallable.
These two girls are simply gorgeous. I thought Carmen Gemini and Cabiria were paired nicely. Very sexy.
The theme of army girls doesn't do it for me, but i gotta have ALL the duos. but wow. they like to kiss. very nice show
C & C - nice partner-look you're wearing in your navel's! Cute outfit - where did you find my old work clothes by the way? (joke) I have had the pleasure to watch your show live, but on my 22"flatscreen you are both much closer to me! This card is so steamy hot that it only can be rated with a full 10 :-)
I have always tended to avoid buying two-girl shows because I have found that on virtually every occasion, the two girls involved have been totally unsuited to each other. I have no such reservations about Carmen and Cabiria. It is immediately clear to see they are best friends together and are totally right for a two-girl set. They have an uninhibited chemistry between them and as a result, they have delivered a very sexy show full of sauciness and eroticism. Both girls have a penchant for shak...
Hot hot hot! This is how duos are supposed to be!
Fantastic 100% naturally sexy could not avoid an erection!
very nice ... two hot girls, great togetherslim
Can I rate them 11 please? These girls obviously know how to have fun in a duo act. And they have yummy titties!! Certainly a card worth having.
More shows like this they were the best I loved the way they rubed each others pussy They are worth buying for your desktops
Quel grand dû par deux filles renversantes. C'est a doit avoir la carte. Obtenez-l'et voyez. Remercie des filles X
I would like to see a dozen more duo shows with these two. They're sexy and their explissiveness beats any other duo by a long shot. Keep em coming guys
This was a "no brainer".Didn't seem robotic to me,but,I do think their other show was a bit better.Trust me it's no waste of 2 tickets.
They are SOOOOOO beautiful!!! I'm watching them right now and it's so great. They keep smiling and giggling and it's fun. And so sexy. Time to lock the door. :-)
2 hot babes playing naughty, how much better could it get?
4 great boobs...very sexy show and explicit...9
My dearests Carmen and Cabiria,both of you are sexy... and both off you make mine hard, hot, and big everyday.. good mixing consept.. thanks for being my girl friends.. love "PB"
I like the way they make out with each other. I was stunned how they licked each others gorgeous tits. WOW :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
Very nice girls!:)
I really enjoy the way these two interact. They obviously enjoy it too. I would have liked to see more explicit scenes, but they do fondle each other, kiss and lick nipples, and so is more explicit than most. I think it is well worth it.
Nice ladies and a highly erotic and explicit show - but somehow not as good as their last was. Hope for more kissing and maybe fingering in the next show.
two hot big boob cat's
rien a dire de special le duo est pas mal mais pas assez chaud comparé a ceux sue deskbabes !! un 8
This is a decent 2 girl show.The two girls seems to be having fun, a lot of light touching/feeling going on. Nothing too explicit. They kiss lightly from time to time, which is nice but not too serious. They make more eye contact with the audience than with each other, which shows me that they aren't really focused on each other...They both have great bodies. Large tits, puffy cunt lips. Cabiria (the blonde) has slightly puffy nipples (which is my favorite feature), i just wish Carmen would lick...
I love the show and the two girls. They are sexy and beautiful. The outfit only isn't a big turn on for me. Otherwise it's a fair 8.
I didn't download this show by choice ... VGHD decided on it's own that I'd spend 2 tickets on it (amongst many others that I really dislike), but this one is one of the ones I didn't mind that as much even though I'd much prefer to choose how my money is spent.With that said, Carmen is one of my top favorites so I like just about anything she does, which makes any show that includes her worth having. However, I don't care much for the corny outfits which is why I wouldn't have downloaded this s...
To tell the truth, I was expecting much more of them in this card...! The outfits were a major failure [perhaps Pizza (Stanzeflasher) was drunk again...!], they could hardly balance on those stupid boots & Cabiria behaved like a fish out of the water!!! The level of explicitness was lower than adequate (the models when act alone, are far more better & explicit!!!) & last but not least, when Carmen was spreading her legs, there was ALWAYS a shadow covering her beautiful big fat pussy!!! TotemRex2...
The show is as explicit as you would expect from the two, but there is something missing. Chemistry for example - it seems a bit too... "robotic". It's explicit, but not particularly sexy. This is nowhere near the Superb White Godesses, not to mention Sandra Sanchez/Deny's Intensive Care. 6/10.
Alright but not great
Extremely so-so! Neither girl is particularly pretty and they could both use a trip to Billy's Bootcamp (some cottage cheese for your thighs ma'am?) They do seem to enjoy each other's company, but otherwise... was I finished? Oh... yeah, 7.
Those 2 girls are cute but I hate those outfits, and the hairstyle don't suits them... Their other show "White Goddesses" is a must that I gave a 10/10, but that one really don't convince me at all... 6/10
Here we have just two girls on the stage at the same time, not a duo!
I would rather a duo care more about each other than me. All in all ill give them a 5 till i get more duos.
Good looking girls, sort of a gimick though...lame moves on this card...but they've done better on others.
Carmen seems a lot more desirous and genuine. I think she might be killer in a duo with Sandra Sanchez or Deny. The three of them might be perfect for a first Trio since I notice there isn't anyhing in that category yet. Both girls are sexy enough and pretty enough but the card just lacks realism.
I agree with others that Carmen by herself would make a good card and that the costumes and setup seem hokey. Both girls are pretty and have great bodies with round hips and full bosoms. The dancing leaves a lot to be desired and they just don't generate a whole lot of heat together. 7
Sorry, but this pair are just not worth it, no sexual spark between them, no dynamics. they should take lessons from Tea and Ariel
This is supposed to be a duo with interaction right? I sure didn't see much interaction! Even though you get girls for the price of one I'm sure glad I bought this in a package so I didn't have to pay full price, this would have been too much to pay one ticket for this card.
I'm into girl with girl, both keep looking at the camera, see we do it, and their not even good.
Great show ! One of the best cards !!!!!!!!
Un show parfait. Carmen et Cabiria sont vraiment belles et sexy, leur tenue met parfaitement leur jolies fesses en valeur. De plus elles sont très complices et joueuses pour ne rien gâcher... Même si je ne suis pas fan du style militaire elles réussissent à faire oublier ce détail. Ma note : 10/10
Ce Duo est vraiment Top 11 sur 10 !!!
Excellent duo, deux belles filles, poitrines savoureuses, plein de bisous et même chose rare l'une qui caresse subrepticement certes, mais tout de même le minou de sa copine.
Was für zwei geile Sahneschnitten !!! Carmen (rothaarig) hat lange Beine, perfekte Brüste, ein süßes Gesicht / bezauberndes Lächeln, anrasierte Muschi mit sehr schönem kleinem Busch und was für einen Kitzler! Cabiria (blond) hat ebenfalls wunderschöne Brüste, ein süßes Lächeln, und an ihrer Klitoris (komplett rasiert) sieht man ein Piercing (Diamant) das Licht reflektieren. KANN MAN SICH EIN SCHÖNERES DUO WÜNSCHEN? Beide tragen in dieser Show zwei geflochtene Zöpfe, die gut zu ihnen passen, ein...
Ich glaub die Beiden verstehen sich sehr gut. Würde mir auch gefallen, wenn ich da mitspielen könnt. Gute Show. 9/10
Nice looking girls, not the best for me.
4.2 (3872 votes)

Pink paradise

  • Shows: 33 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 227 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (157)

I rate 10 all the times for this girl and for this show, fantastic she is, she not needs any more comments, just look at her body, and you gonna have her. Super raccomended, she is the top !!!
Will she ever be on DB?
This girl is one of my favorite jewels if you know what I mean
Love it! Best card of her!
This was my first ever card, and now I've gathered a small collection but this one is still my favourite. Her smile is the best on the site, she's really cute and her natural breasts are just perfect. Her acting is fun and cheeky and she keeps eye contact constantly, so you really get sucked into the routine. Plenty of explicit scenes and great acting. Most recommended card for sure!
I want NEW clips and a rebirth of Carmen in VGHD now!
she is super hot
Carmen is SUPERSEXY!!!
beautiful and very sensual, besides being a nice girl.
Awesome card. Carmen Gemini has this really alluring Parker Posey thing going on.
Carmen is so cute, one of my favorites.
i bought it but it didn't add in my virtualgirl
And again perfect 10
Carmen if your boyfriend ever leaves you because he is dumb you let me know I know how to treat women right lol Just to let you know you are the only girl I have more then one card of due to you are the best either by yourself or with a girl on girl show you bring your A game keep making the cards and I will keep buying them love ya
Carmen is a doll, very, very sexy.
Carmen Gemini is one of my favorite's! Very attractive and sexy moves everytime. Definitely knows how to please! 10/10
Pros - Love that slim, busty figure; engaging personality; hot-to-trot outfit; lips look so good your mouth waters; high-end showmanshipCons - Time of show maybe? (really nitpicking here)So pretty, so fine, so hot, so fun, so nasty, so sexy. The most magnetic bad girl on the site, I think. 10 out of 10
10/10 coz I'm smittened by her
nice body
one of my favorite girls
My First Carmen card makes me smile
Great body; perfect, long legs. She's a sexy dancer, too. I'm looking to collect more of Carmen's cards.
Sexy as can be, the reason I love going to the Czech Republic..... but she has one heck of a wizard sleeve on her.
fantasctic natural boobs and a not totally shaved pussy,that's a dream for my eyes..she moves really good...10/10
Such a lovely babe again, Carmen is very charming for me! Perfect!
E' splendida non esiste di più bello
aaahhhhhhh How Refreshing! Carmen Is A Great Performer, Has A Great Ass, And Looks Like A FUN Little Lady, I Rate Her a 10+ ( Hope To See More of Her )
please come out with more of her!!! shes why i even joined this site all the other girls suck in comparison
Muy buena tarjeta. Se ve una Carmen joven y muy explicita. Las mejores tetas de la colección. Muy naturales y con su natural caida. Bién abierta para recibirlo todo por todos los lados.
simple perfection!!!
Best girl in the site. No more no less.
most seductive performance of all the virtual girls. Her body is unbelievably neutral Sweat. Amazing neutral breasts, perfect hips and ass, and the most beautiful Vagina I've ever seen. this card are my most favorite suckable horny her all move make me hot & erect Yummy i love you honey
Avil like to give her 10
Carmen the girl next door I need, shes beautiful
Beautiful seductive body! 10/10
That tattoo on her back sticks out like a sore thumb ..other than that ..WOW!! A 9/10 because she is a real redhead . Hardly any of those in VGHD Land .
Carmen is the living embodyment of why I love redheads! Absolutly gorgous girl in sexy outfit and having a goodtime. 10/10
Carmen is what this site is all about...She's gorgeous, those breasts, I challenge you to find a more pneumatic pair, they're just perfect, I could loose myself in them for hours. Great ass so pretty, eyes and face that just scream sexy.But she's also a lot of fun, and you really get the sense she's enjoying herself, from gentle teasing to full on fun, her smile melts the heart and her dirty grin sets the pulse racing. What a show, from jiggling those wonder-boobs, to some excellent dancing and...
In any outfit you wear you are unbelievable! thank you for having you every day with me!!
one of my favorite cards from EASILY one of my favorite girls.
An absolutely cracking girl, her personality shines in all her cards. Dangerously sexy curves and she has just about the plumpest most inviting looking pussy ever. I don't like the tatoo but on her it is a minor distraction and I would add that I think she looks better with curly hair and stockings as in her majestic view card. Having said that, this card still gets a 10 from me, she still has more charisma and sex appeal than most girls here. Definately would love for the team to get her back f...
Incredible. What can I say? The way she smiles, the way she moves, her natural body, her spontaneous playfulness... she seems to be having real fun and watching her paints a smile on my face. I seriously doubt I'll ever find a card I like more than this one.
Beautiful girl! Truly a fun performance to watch. Carmen Gemini puts on a great show, and I just love how she constantly shakes those titties. Mmmmm...definitely a 10.
Is this paradise? ...better, ILY
She is fantastic, her awesome smile makes me crazy boy ,face and body are Superb : - ) sensuality and erotism in one girl, I downloaded all her shows , and I still wanna more ... Please Lady Carmen ,you are the Best !!! We wanna more strips from you !!! (an admirator - with lots of kisses : -)
The photos don't do her performance any justice. I have to add my 2 cents. There are certain moments when she grabs her breasts and squeeze them and I really love when she juggles and shakes her breasts from left to right really fast. nice indeed!
Loved this video, her pussy was fantastic, and her breasts were ample. 10/10 but that is mostly because of her Pussy Lips.
Now this is a card to savour and enjoy and as always Carmen G. is a tremendous teaser and pleaser. 10+
Carmen Gemini - always a pleasure for me to see one of the most beautyfull girls from this planet giving away such a breathtaking show! Pink Paradise earn 10 points :-)
Fantastic smile! Beautiful face and body. Beauty, beauty, beauty! She looks my ex-girlfriend, except for the tatoo.
She has very majesty pussy lips. She is majesty all over.
I'd say this her best show, because of the outfit in my opinion. But all of them were good.
face: 9 body: 10(beautiful) pussy: 10 (i love her pussy, big lips) explict: 10 (she show pussy a lot and play) dance: 9TOTAL : 9 OR 10
Carmen is 1 of the best on Vg. her perfect body and great looks, sexy smile and the red hair, I just want to eat her up.
I LOVE this show. Big natural boobies and she knows what to do with em. We need more Carmen Gemini's on this site!!!!
It's a clear 10/10 as there's no downsites at all. Fully worth the tickets.
very sexxy carmen i am glad i bought her.
Wow... this girl is "HOT" She moves like a pro and has a great teasing smile on her pretty face. Her body: I love it!!! her breasts are natural and just right. Her dancing skills are by far the best of all my tickets!!! This girls is always on fullscreen mode on my laptop!!! Nice explicit scenes... All i can say is this: "BUY THIS TICKET AND ENJOY" I gave her a 10/10 and why?? the looks...the moves enz enz.... Thumbs up!!!!
I love this beauty: She obviously enjoys the show as much as I am. She behaves absolutely natural. She has big but NATURAL boobs. She enjoys to rub her pussy. Please tell me, that there is a porn movie with her out there, PLEASE ...
Hooray! My favourite little titty shaker Carmen is back in the building!! She's a sexy, vivacious little fun girl and as flirtacious as ever. She's pressing my buttons again as I knew she would, rubbing her hot little snatch and shaking and bouncing those fantastic tip-tilted titties at me. She may not be a stunning beauty queen, but wow her shows are very sexy, very explicit and completed uninhibited. Good on ya, baby!! Keep em coming and keep me cumming! Hahahaha! And the score on the door is...
Carmen!Carmen!Carmen!Where have you been all of my life!This girl is fun to watch!Oh so flirty and sexy at the same time.Great smile and a great slender body,beautiful breasts,what a find!Nice tatoo above that sweet looking ass.I couldn't decide whether to look at her breasts,her smile,her ass or that fine koochy!you rock Carmen.
wow the best show i have seen.she`s so hot and most of her clips are full nudity and very explicit.also she has the best breasts in all of the VG models.her movement is perfect and not repetitive. it`s the best show at all.i suggest to carmen take care of her breasts like her eyes.i love you carmen.10/10
The BESTEST.........thats right BESTEST BOOBIES on this site. Just wanna play motor boat with those lovely pieces of art!!!! Love her!!! 10+
Carmen is actually having fun!! Love her facial expressions(and boobs)
This girl is Danm Fine and hell a good at what she does to boot good job girl you got me going without even touching anything i hope you are single cause i think i am in love
Wanna see more of her !
If you like girls playing with their breasts, carmen is the one to choose.
I think she is awesome. I agree with timmer45, she looks like she is having fun. Has an infectious smile too. I find myself smiling when she does her routine.
she shakes them..... wonderfully...shake it baby...
This girl is hot and she has a great set of natural breasts and a great body. the best part of the show is that she looks like she is having fun and maybe she can pass it on to some of the others.
she is very beautiful, all natural, lovely smile and lovely eyes. I also love the outfit. Perfect 10 from me
Can someone pick up my jaw and give me a towel. This card is simply amazing and a must have for any collection.
Most erotic face and body. Her look is totally real. I think she has the most erotic clit. Makes you want lick her all over. Her breast are also just as perfect. They bounce and move like a dream. She is a great dancer with a fun attitude. My favorite VirtuaGirl HD girl.
Sensational! Newbee’s take note this is what this site does best. Sexy and confident in her gorgeous all natural sexy body Carmen G looks pleased and excited that we can enjoy it with her. "Real" tease from fully clothed to stark naked, with flashes of naked pussy from under her sexy mini. Such a tease, such a turn on! What a pussy: a real peach with heavenly exposed lips just begging to be licked. Flaunting it mercilessly, rubbing and caressing and her gaze is always direct, always engaging and...
Very, very explicit!!
My second card of Carmen's and she has given us another super hot show. My God she can turn it on... her cheeky smile and magnificent body is just awesome to watch.
Well, I just watched Pink Paradise again after saying Majestic View is "the better of the 2 performances I currently own", but they're both great so I can't really decide which is better ... I think I just like her hair better in Majestic View, but I like that I can see her legs in Pink Paradise ... combine those into one show and you have perfection! Everything else remains ... Carmen has a great smile and is very sexy and playful ... she loves to play with her perfect tits and her pussy is inc...
She has one of the most stunning body on this planet and a beautiful smily face. She's very hot and sexy in her moves and the way she's looking at us. Carmen Gemini is always a must have, with each of her cards.(en français) Pour la comparer au filles les mieux notées de ce site. Je trouve qu'elle a un plus beau corps que Zuzana, qu'elle est beaucoup plus expressive que Jana H (mais c'est pas très difficile, faut avouer), qu'elle a de vrai seins contrairement à Vicky S (mais Vicky est meilleure...
Sweet and love her heels.
ok, she ist beautiful, but at this show you can see how charisma tops beauty. So Beauty is not all. Beauty 10, performance 20. wow
She's amongst the best for me. The way she jiggles those big, natural hangers just gets me every time. Big or small, I like naturals, and she has a pair of the best. And that smile is so flirtatious and enrapturing that I find myself staring every time she comes onto the screen. Because of this show I bought all of her others. I really can't say enough about here. With Sharka Blue, Lucky, and Zuzanna, I don't see what else a man needs in life. Okay, some good beer would help, too.
Carmen is hard to beat she is HOT SEXY and GREAT to WATCH...Her shows are very explicit and well worth the tickets
she is hot and i would love to have her to set on my face
If gay marriage was legal I'd propose right now but that'd only be fair if Cabiria lived with us too.
Her best card yet. She is one of my all time favorites along with Eufrat and Mina.......Wow that would be hot. Gets me excited just thinking of the three of them together exploring each others sweet treasures. Please Totem team I beg you make this dream come true.
Carmen is easily my fave.right now.Always a good show(still like her hair curled better),but,still the best!Had a thought...both Carmen and Axelle have used that chair in a show,how much do you think VGHD would get if they auctioned it off!? LOL.Yeah,I know that's "wierd" :D
Hot? if this was on celluloid the film would melt she has great assets and is not scared to show them.
this is my favorite.
She has great tits and the show is good also. This one you will like I am sure. I would like to see more like this one.
Just stunning, stunning. What a great show from a great girl. Thanks Carmen Gemini X This is a must have card.
Wow, this is more like it!!! I wasn't going to get this show. I didn't want the chair blocking my screen. But there is no chair. EXPLICIT isn't the word. She rubs her lab so her sexy lips stick out hot and proud. Carmen what will your mum say? You sexy bitch. Thanks sweet for the hot
this girl is a fuckin 15 she is hot and sexyer then hell do not pass her up if you do you are a fag
This was my first card ever to buy on VG. Well, how do they say: "First cut is the deepest!" N'est pas? ;-)
I absolutely love how she plays with those luscious titties.... awesome.
My first subscription girl. I may never have bought one of her cards as she is not really my normal type of hotty but I'm glad she got sent to me otherwise I would never have known what I was missing :-)
Carmen is a peerfect little tease, showing everything and nothing at once, complimenting her tile Gemini. She has a gorgeoues upper half and tantalizes with the lower.. a robust and fabulous feminine feast, one that I or anyone would gladly savor, a beautiful buffet of leg and buttock.. do I sound like a cannibal? Carmen would make me eat her for hours and let the fires smolder away.. if I was so lucky
Nice I did like this red head. good round ass. Great boobs, but she a little bit skinny for me. so I rate Carmen a big 9.
recommended by a friend, well worth it.
trop excitante. Je veux être la barre! elle se caresse avec une telle sensualité! Son show intégral est superbe et elle est magnifique.
I totally agree with you, Severin24.
Pros:Outstanding clip variety(10/10). Pole, solo, closeups, & tons of explicits. The chair prop is a nice change too. Good outfit(9/10). Color & style fit her body & personality very well. Hot body(9/10). Love the naughty twinkle in her eye. Superb natural tits as well. Some might not like her back tattoo. Moves(9/10). Everything's well executed. Her performance is about being naughty & having fun---never a dull moment. Sexiness(9.5/10) is excellent. She's always teasing, always being naughty, &...
Her tits are awesome! I'm an ass man but damn, there some jiggly juggs!Playful and very sexy, she performs well and has fun doing it. Big pussy lips and sexy ass hole.9 / 10
Just as hot as her Majestic View card. So playful and those breasts. HOT! Lets see more of her please.
All of Carmen's shows are great. This one might be her best. Highly recommended!
the absolute best ever!!!
Beautiful everything. 9 out of 10 from me. Excellent show, she has fun while dancing and shows me everything I want to see. Well worth the tickets.
Avril Lavigne meets Nicole Kidman need I say anymore,...
Good card, nice engaging girl. Looks aren't too bad either.
This girls has a wonderful presence, the kind I would normally blow 100 dollars for at a strip joint. She started my man juices flowing from the very beggining. Her pretty smiling face and silky red hair are a real turn on.Her mouth watering rack has a life of its own and puts on a show all by itself. I think she really enjoys jiggling them for the boys in the studio. Only minor distraction is the tattoo on the back. But mr. happy is happy and so am I!! Did anyone else notice her huge kitty lips...
Really a great show, she's one of my favourites.Thanks a lot Carmen.
Always a safe investment ;-) .Great and natural body, nice smile, shows you everything and touches herself.
good show
She a friggin cutie with a beautiful body and she knows how to work it! Love how works that ass and plays with her tits...
A good looking girl, beautifully sexy and hot, but then comes along the tramp stamp..otherwise she would rate higher. Overall an 8.
hot and worth it :). not boring like other high rated models
Good show, great girl. Get this card. She give's you that look while she does some serious exploration.
Loved the show. But I'm not a huge "boob" person, and she seems to spend an enormous amount of time showing hers off. Wish she would have spent more time dancing.
I would prefer her pussy shaved. Tits natural and big enough to bounce!! Not bad
Lovin the straight hair look!
a hot big boob cat
This chic nice body and I love her huge pussy lips that just cry out bite me, but I'm not a big fan of her face, her teeth ruins her smile 7.
disapointing. Cute girl. Breasts to die for... (like my ex-girl friend's... :-) but definitely can't dance. Do you guys have ever been on a strip club in prague??? There must be a way to find cute looking girls that actually can dance and tease.
Rate:6/10 Belle femme souriante et charmante mais décevante quant au manque d'explicite actif,comme le font si bien:Ariel,Danielle Trixie,Monika,Nikita Valentin et beaucoup d'autres. Guapa chica, sonriente y encantadora pero decepcionante en cuanto a la carencia de explicito activo.
She is WHAT good ? nooooooo , I give her 1 out of 10, people don't waste your money on her.
Divine Carmen, dans ce show elle est particulièrement excitante et magnifique, superbe et généreuse.
Y'a pas mieux sur le site jusqu'à maintenant! Un visage d'ange avec un regard et un corps de chienne : des seins naturels magnifiques et une chatte débordante à souhait.. j'adore ! En plus, elle est très généreuse et joue avec souvent avec! Un seul petit bémol : elle ne sait pas très bien bouger, mais who cares ! ! !
Carmen est très sensuelle et elle nous fait un show très chaud!!! C'est vrai que ses seins donnent vraiment envie de les caresser et de s'en servir de fourreau :) Elle le sait et utilise sa belle poitrine avec gourmandise!!! Se n'est pas le cas de sa chatte qu'elle caresse sans entrain... Je ne suis pas fan des petites lèvres qui dépassent (même si je dégusterai son trésor goulument :) Pour ses 2 raisons , je lui met 8/10 avec regret car elle peux vraiment faire mieux!!! Elle a un gros potentiel...
Un show magnifique
I'm in love with a fairytale... just perfect!!!
per me questa ragazza e fenomenale in tutti i suoi aspetti ciao a tutti
Perfekter Körper, schöne volle natürliche Brüste, diese irritierenden langen "kleinen" Schamlippen die so einladend zwischen den festen "großen" hervorquellen! Vor allem aber das einladende Lächeln mit dem sie nur Mich meinen kann (so empfindet Mann das) und mit dem sie zeigt, wieviel Spaß sie am Spiel mit ihrem wunderschönen Körper hat (ähnlich schön können das nur Ariel und Mia Hilton aber noch nicht einmal everybody's darling Megane)! Das tattoo und das Bauchnabelpiercing müssten zwar nicht s...
Une fille très charmante au jolies yeux et au cheveux de soie ^^ Un 10/10 !
Géniale 10
elle ferais bander un mort vraiment trés exitante
una super belleza natural, divina, baila muy bien y te mira como diciendo "soy toda tuya" deben tener en su coleccion
une vraie merveille ,un regal des sens, on a envie de la prendre ds ses bras et de lui lecher goulument le bout de ses superbes seins pdt que une main s'egarereait la ou vous pouvez imaginer a avoir absolument cette fille est extraordinaire!!!!!
Un Pink Paradise très en beauté et féérique.
Elle est magnifique. Mmmmh, ces seins qui ballotent et ses lèvres qui pendent...!! le MUST de l'érotisme.
Not her best.
Son aisance sur scène et cet air amusé la rend irrésistible
CARMEN est la lumière fut! Une étoile dans toute sa splendeur. Elle brille par sa beauté,par sa tenue. Que le spectacle commence,les yeux eblouis, par son visage d'ange sous ses cheveux de feu. Une bouche pulpeuse,qu'on embrasserai tendrement. Puis ses nichons apparaissent à la lueur du jour, bien mignons ,bien gonflés de vie. Carresses et baisers à vonlonté bien sur ! Sa croupe de réve est un régal pour les yeux , et elle danse sous sa jupe courte qui ne peut cacher son petit cul bien degagé pa...
Mir gefällt ihr permanentes Lachen nicht. Ansonsten ist die Show nicht schlecht! 9 Punkte!
cette coquine se dévoile ,trés joli show
Un très bon show. Carmen est très belle et sexy tout comme sa tenue même s'il est dommage que les couleurs soient différentes entre les photos et le show et qu'il y a quelques lacunes dans les mouvements dans ce show. Ma note : 09/10
Le paradis est juste là, sous nos yeux ! Carmen est superbe, comme d'hab !
carmengemini a un corps superbe, beaux gros seins naturels, magnifiques grandes petites lèvres ( donne envie de les avoir en bouche ! lol )je ne regrette pas cette carte! seul regret, ne pas la connaitre personnellement !!
Es de las más bellas mujeres en la colección... nada más que pedir más y más tarjetas de ella...
very good show !!
Was für eine geile Braut !!! Beine bis zum Hals, perfekte Brüste, ein super süßes Gesicht, ein bezauberndes Lächeln und ein sexy Arschgeweih. Aber das ist noch nicht alles! Endlich mal eine geile anrasierte Muschi, und nicht nur einfach glattrasiert. Und was für Kitzler...da kann man kaum ruhig sitzen bleiben...WAHNSINN! Und dann auch noch diese sexy Strip-Show...lediglich das Outfit trifft nicht 100%ig meinen Geschmack, aber es passt zu 'ner guten Stripshow. (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
3.9 (1922 votes)

Golden present

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 47
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 181 MB

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User comments (60)

Carmen is truely the gift that keeps on giving!
Une actrice "craquante" ....Vous aimerez ....
CG has fine tits. I do prefer meatier thighs, but she's a good one overall.
Love Carmenm, she gets 10's all the way! Bring her back please :)
Nice red haired girl.
tres exitante quelle poitrine j en raffolle
Sans vouloir faire de mauvais jeu de mots, Carmen c'est du lourd, toujours super excitante.
Cutie Carmen really drive me crazy, rate 10!!
This girl is very fantastic, she is great in all. I would like a present like thath......
I am so huungry... feeedme...
beautiful smile.
This one come with golden look and d'you know what? ...I love it. ^ ^
I rated this show higher than her Majestic View because she does more dancing here. still, this chick has the potential to be in the top 20 on this site if she would apply herself. a mokin' body and gorgeouse face, with one of the sweetest looking puffy lipped cookies on the site. good moves when she uses them and lots of smiles and enthusiasm. still, the large tramp stamp on her back is more distraction than attraction. that and lack of real finger play hamper this girl. she should and easily c...
Oh, sweet Carmen ... those breasts are truly a gift.
If she loses the gold cap ---the card is perfect. The gold outfit is awesome and she is very explocit in her performance.Highly recommend this all who for sexy ,exotic, erotic, and fun to watch.
You should know by now that I am into Carmen's breasts big time! Every show she does, she absolutely rocks the world with the raw sexiness that is her trademark. Anyone that doesn't get a stiffy watching this horny minx perform has either had his manhood taken away or is simply not human in the first place. Keep them cumming, I mean, keep them coming, Carmen! 10 out of 10!
The BESTEST.........thats right BESTEST BOOBIES on this site. Just wanna play motor boat with those lovely pieces of art!!!! Love her!!! 10+
I was in Prague many years ago as a college student. Now that I see Carmen, I wonder: What was I thinking when I left?Great show, Ms. Gemini; "This one... goes up to eleven."
I have a small collection of girls now and I feel that she is one of the best dancers and stunning girls on vgirl all the cards from her are great.
Carmen is simply great, and the3 red hair really suits her (I have ssen old videos of her as a blonde!) don't like the outfit much but she would look sexy in a paper bag!
Wow... She's got a 10 from me... Great body, Great show!
so sexy and cute
There is no word on earth to describe surch a beautiful woman and her sexyness.Definitely one of my favorite lady.
très sexy,très souriante,elle danse bien et n'a pas froid aux yeux,belle performance bravo
WOW. WOW. Just love this show. 10/10 Great card. Thanks Carmen Gemini X 5 star***** Get this card and you will just love this show. Hope we get more like this one. Again thanks Markxx
WOW! Every new show is better than the one before. Thank you CG and thank you VGHD.
Another HOT show from Carmen!YAY!!!Liked her hair style in the other show better,but,still a 10 from me.MUSIC: "Black Betty" by Ram Jam.
OH MY GOD!!! This is another amazing new girl. She has the best legs out of all of your girls so far, and the rest of her is just killer stuff!!! This girl, is outstanding. I love the outfit, and would really like to see more of her, especially in pantyhose...please, please, please. WOLFORDS (black ones would be HOTHOTHOT!!!) Please give us more Carmen..Perfect 10
100% Agree!!! If you are truly a Connoisseur of beautiful women who take delight in showing their incredible beautiful bodies then you will be very pleased with this one. I have only given 2 other girls a score of 100, but Carmen sweetheart you take top prize. Unbelievable show. SO Hot I made you my desktop wallpaper, what a way to start the day…….:)
OMG Very Long Legs with High Platform Heels, Very Large Pussy Lips, but she does'nt spread them, but she does play with them a little. I just wish she was like Sharka Blue that really plays and spreads her large pussy lips wide and she can't keep her hands off her pussy, always playing with it. Anyway Carmen Gemini has a nice photo LIP SPREAD in if you want to see it up close.
This is the fuckin hottttttist girl on this site
Ein Hübsches Mädchen, mir allerdings mit zu üppigem Busen, sonst tolle Figur und großartig das kleine Dreieck vorn. Es könnte gerne mehr sein! 9/10
Meaty, Beatty, Big & Bouncy! Her seductive smile is the icing on the cake (pie?)! See her in action at:
again would've gotten a 10 but the stupid big box takes away from her total awesomeness
That's a present I want open again and again and again. What an entry.
Carmen Another Excellent Performance A Winning Smile Sexy Eyes Beautyful Moves Alway Leave You Wanting More.
Sorry not her best show but still great by other girls, this girl rely loves what she is doing and does it well and has 1 of the best bodys and looks on the vg site
what else can i say? she's got it all!!!
I like this! While the other girls don’t seem to be able to pull off the goofy “themed’ shows, Carmen does.The box and the mime segments are fun, happy and sexy. She gets explicit with her pussy and plays with her body and breasts the way I would be I if they were in my hands. Over all she has great energy and you feel like she is performing for you personally, not just on a stage in front of you.Thanks Carmen!
i like presents
+9 for rubbing her pussy on the box.. pretty hot.
Great show. But, I agree with Didgedrum...that hat needs to come off!
vow, found this present for (almost) free in my calendar this morning. Carmen is one of the best dancers with a perfect body. Especially her tits and her very long legs. **********
very sexy show and she's got a great body. she knows how to perform.
Carmen was indeed a surprise to me. Glad I had her on my calender to introduce me to her. The SNL sketch "My d*** in a box" comes to mind on this one.
Very nice redheaded woman with natural big breasts and a stunning body. This show is really for Carmen fans.Newcomers, please check out one of her other shows first.I love her show - she is one my favourites.
nice boobs explicit performance is hot +1 for outfit
her pussy is hot , pitty we cann't see it closer the two big tits are also impresive but her show is not enough sexy for me
I hate this outfit, though Carmen is quite the fox.
this lady has got some meat curtains on her and normally not shy about playing with them. this is not one of her better shows, but she comes across as enjoying herself in performing for you which always makes her shows enjoyable. 7/10 for this one
sexy girl with nice figure who can really perform. However I dislike the "cheap", shiny looking outfit.
Really dont find her attractive, not sure why..... Nice tits though, big and natural and she messes with her pussy. Bad face though =/ 7*
while she is pretty and has a nice body. Her performance is lacking and not very creative, this is the least favorite card I own.
Avec Morgane, Ariel et Bijou, voilà des poitrines qui me font alluciner ! Ça bouge bien, ça (se) donne bien du plaisir et le "reste" est à l'avenant.
Elle est belle, elle est grande et elle est sexy. Magnifique
Carmen, tu me fait vraiment tripper dans ce costume or qui moule toutes tes merveilleuses formes féminines. Je craque vraiment pour ce genre de costume. SVP les gens de VirtuaGirls, plus de filles avec de tels costumes !!! Non mais, regardez-moi ces merveilleuses fesses se dandiner dans ces short si sexy que j'en perd mon latin...
Was für eine geile Sahneschnitte !!! Beine die gar nicht mehr aufhören wollen, perfekte natürliche Brüste, ein super süßes Gesicht und ein bezauberndes Lächeln. Aber das ist noch nicht alles... endlich mal eine anrasierte Muschi, und nicht nur komplett rasiert. Und was für Kitzler...da kann man kaum ruhig sitzen bleiben, wenn man diese Muschi sieht. Über dem Po hat Carmen ein sexy Tattoo, und der Bauch trägt ein Bauchnabelpiercing. Die Show ist nett, wenn auch das goldene Outfit nicht mein Favor...
Not her best outfit.
4.3 (6157 votes)

Majestic view

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  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
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  • Level: Full nudity
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Sample pictures

User comments (309)

Can we get HD upgrades of Carmen's acts?
This card is why Carmen is in my top 10 list of iStripper. Her Immaculate wattle drives my libido as no other model. I have seen and heard of lesser models attempting catfights with her exquisite stage presence. Carmen is the winner by every account. Go Girl! Caution: do not get your hopes up for this babe’s excellence to appear in her later cards. Meh to those.
yeah she is definetely on my top 10 list what a gorgeous sexy body and smooth sexy long legs
Carmen is just lovely in red, wonderfull body, very sexy. 10+
My first card ever here on VG was Carmen Gemini with...I think it's called "Pink Paradise". So this is my second card from Carmen and, well it must be true what they say: The first cut is the deepest! I really like the hairstyle in "majestic view" and I love the outfit. Carmen is one helluva natural beauty and that naughty smile of hers is driving me crazy. Great woman, great show!
Guapa, super sexy, morbosa; sus pechos son de lo mejor de lo mejor. Sus contorneos de cuerpo hacen que te pongas a mil. AAAAAhhhh.
Beautiful face, titties, and LOVE her meaty pussy lips!! YUM!!
Dans ce show séduiant, Carmen Gemini porte une guêpière qui met en valeur sa généreuse poitrine et le dessin de ses bas souligne le galbe agréable de ses longues jambes. Elle danse avec des mouvements fluide, en mettant en avant son décolleté séduisant. Les courbes douces et agréables de ses fesses sont soulignées par sa petites culotte. C'est un plaisir de la voir se caresser ses seins qui sont agréables à regarder et ,probablement, à caresser. C'est aussi un plaisir de la regarder jouer avec s...
Unbelievable!! Outstanding!! Carmen for Deskbabes!!!
Carmen is so sexy, I want to eat her up!!!
Carmen Gemini est une magnifique femme. Elle a tous les atouts pour faire un très bon show dans DesBabes.
A very sexy lady!!!!
Beautiful Girl. Wonderful outfit. Graceful movements..
Carmen is ELECTRIFYING!!!!
My first card :D
The BEST !!!! S U P E R !!!
First time I saw Carmen I fell in love nononono LUST with her lol I would e never delete her cards EVER
Carmen Gemini une rousse d'enfer, des jambes superbes,un corps de venus et un show qui ne vous laissera pas indifférent.Elle n'a pas froid au yeux avec une poitrine magnifique naturel et un superbe cul .Un minou bien frotté sous sa main.
Wow what a beautiful woman She has a sweet smile. Love the red outfit.She is already my favorite!!! Such a beauty!!!
t trop bonne jte kiff et je t'ai acheter ^^
Elle est magnifique, c'est tout. J'achète ! Enfin, c'est déjà fait...
I wanted to see her body... But i cant stop staring at her eyes.
I only got one thing to say... Five times a day. That's what you do to me.
Carmen... I would really love to suck you, and share my life with you!!! You are gorgeous...!!! Please, say, "YES."
OHHHHHHHHHHH I m in Love with her!!!!!!!!
I love this card. My favorite. Carmen is hot hot hot and hot.
This was my very first card and is still a favorite. How does she do it? I demand to know!!
i'm lovin it
She has got to be one of the most beautiful woman I seen lately. She's so full of life and sexy all at the same time.Someone i'd like to spend time with on the beach some where tropical.
First card I ever saw...been hooked ever since. When I was still just admiring the demos, I even uninstalled vghd and reinstalled it, just so I could see this card's demo again. Now that I have the full version, I am very pleased. This girl got me into virtuagirl, and if you're wondering if it's worth the money and whether you should get this card? Don't think about it, just get it!
Carmen was the first girl to pop up when i downloaded the s/w.Been addicted since, damn your hottness Carmen :-)
so happy to have this, great show :D
I find her deliciously sexy and cute. The dance is beautiful and naughty. I highly recomend her because i could watch this dance all day long.
An ultra hot babe with a super hot show. Carmen gives you plenty of warm smiles and a deliciously explicit performance. She somehow makes raunchy beautiful, and she seems to love showing off. She definitely kept my attention. 10 out of 10.
it keeps telling me how to make her nude but i cant seem to do it. can someone help out
Majestic show.
Downloaded and Works Great..... Highly recommend, very beautiful woman. Great Show!
Nice girl!
Ahh, Sweet Carmen....Pink Paradise was one of my first cards and I loved her attitude and smiles. She is quite the performer, great interaction. Thanks
Carmen Gemini, is really Sexy and Beautiful. I recommend it.
Just bumped her up from 9/10 to 10/10. I can see whay they use this girl as their demo girl. She... is... just... FAB! BEautiful face, sensual moves. Gorgeous girl. Girlfriend material :P lol
Well now I disagree with JuicEeLM. This card was one of my first buys and it quickly became one of my all time favourites. Carmen shows an engaging fun personality, and with her wonderful, natural big boobs she is easy on the eye. The clincher, for me, is that she is a natural redhead! What's not to like? Score 10/10.
so hott
You have a very beautiful figure, and your face looks beautiful. I love you! For me you're a girl who seduced me and takes me into your world. Thank you Carmen!
Perfect Baby!
I love this card
Carmen is excellent in this card. She has a very full figure which she uses to the full in this one. Some very nice shots of boobs and ass. Recommended for those who like natural full boobs!!
Scharfes Girl wie Sie mit ihren Titten spiel ist schon fantastisch. Dazu passt dann auch noch Ihre körper haltung , wenn sie ganz vorstolen Ihren finger in den Mund nimmt und ihre brustwarzen umkeist. Eiziges manko meiner seitz ist ihr Arschgeweih.Dennoch Volle Punkte 10/10
Love her,buy this card.
first time i saw her on demo, and after that i want to bought her... and , i do this! now i am happy after that! :D nice boobs and ass with pussy is great, next card going to my favourites and next got 10/10! carmen gemini, you are god! :D
My fav girl,and my first card,shes what turned me on to get this for her and pick up a few more..I'm in love lol :)
Really girl! Amazing!
Carmen is one hot lady
sublime 10
WOW 10/10
So glad she was a demo card. So sexy, gorgeous, and engaging, I named my account after her. 'Nuff said. My favorite VG, and my first 10/10 rating. I WILL be buying the rest of her cards.The front side of Carmen is too damn hot for me to complain about skimping on showing off her ass. I'm not sure her breasts are natural, but if even if they're not, they're well above average. They look great when she's leaning back showing all her goods, and she does deliver the goods. I was thrilled to see she...
very nice show, nice Girl
very nice show, Carmen is realy one of the best VGHD.
that's quite sexy
Those stockings... those boobs... that hair... that corset... that SMILE... OMG! 'Nuff Said.
hey j'ai besoin d'aide j'ai acheter un model mais je ne sais pas comment le metre sur mon ecran aidez moi sil vou plait
ben moi aussi jlé téléchargé et en atendent un peu plus longtemps ke les autres ont fini par l'avoir
The Card looks perfect for me (no problem with download or file corruption)........... The girl looks perfect too!!!!!!!!!!
Is broken? corrupt?...
Paid for it but download not started.
I'm not used to give a 10 but seriously this card is a must have. Everything is just perfect : sensual moves, great attitude and smile, sexy outfit, perfect long legs ... and if you're still asking for more there's two big boobs waiting for you. Great performance Carmen : 10/10
So lovely girl with huge natural boobs.So great show,shake her big boobs,take off panty and show pussy.She has an awesome doggy!!!She dance well and is a very pleasant girl to look at.You can buy this card guys!!!10/10
She is one of the essentials, wonderful shape, I love her.
I love Carmen Gemini, her actions so cute, attractive eyes and a perfect scale body indeed.
She's fantastic
the girl of my dreams
Firecrotch! Boobs! Good Explicit!
totally agree with thechief best girl best card
Es una mujer impresionante, sexy y atrevida, llena de dulzura y sensualidad, sí que vale la pena haberla comprado !!!
i love u! haha
A naughty angel! She is so sweet and eatable. Guess she is one of the most natural girls here. Great card, great show, great views. I simply adore her!
In my opinion... Best Girl, best Card... :D
hmm 10
I loved her show the boob shaking is fantasticShe has a great pair of tits that are worth watching again and again!
why can't I get things going in my computer? I purchased that module and credit does decreased. My profile says this card is in my collection. However my VG in my computer shows it is not purchased. Could anyone please tell me What should I do?
I rarely post but this card was a must comment. I had one ticket left over and took a chance on this card, wasn't 100% sure I'd like her. HOLY COW did it pay off. This woman is stunning, connects with her viewer and has smooth sensual moves. Not a tremendous amount of actual dancing which is fine, and the card isn't very explicit but she more than makes up for that in every other way. I just love looking at her.
She's AMAZING !!!!!!
damn hot girl
Carmen knows what she's doing - and enjoys it! Her movements are smooth - none of those jerky motions. The girl is fine all over more than anywhere else, but the way she shakes 'em, you know they're real! 10+/10!
Ohhh this Czech baby awakes every inch of me!!
this girl is absoute sexual perfection
WOW Carmen totally rocks.. Sje will tear up your screen with the best show yet...She is gorgeous and knows it, and does not mind showing you all of it... she is 10/10 in my book and that does not show her enough credit,,,she desirves more!!!!
one of her best show - if you dont have it you have to buy it! she is great and natural
She is very beautiful, her toying with the audience is interesting. Full inner pussy lips... as for the shape of her breast... they look awesome to me... :D 10/10
nice pretty woman :)
hmmmm!!!! I like very much the way that she strips off her clothes, and the way she shakes her tits, nice hair style pussy too. 10 rated.
WOW, WOW , WOW this young lady is absolutely georgeous. She has the most amazing pair of young breasts, totally natural and the most amazing pair of lips at both ends. Absolutely made me horny. Want to see more of her.
She is sooooo beautiful. A stunning lady and she looks soooooo good in red. Some models like Lorena and Carmen are meant for red. A definite fantasy girl. I can dream about Carmen all day. Love this girl.
I just wish she had more than 4 solo cards.
Carmen Gemini looks absolutely stunning in this a matter of fact..I don't believe that I have seen a card where she did not look stunning. Carmen is so breathtakingly beautiful. The sexy red outfit compliments her and I love the long stockings she is wearing. Very sexy! One of my favorite things about Carmen is that she constantly shakes her titties! She knows she has great tits and continues to use them. Lovely girl and one of the best looking girls on VGHD.
This girl was born to wear red mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so very very SEXY!!!!!!
Oh Carmen, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!Why why why isn't at least one of her shows on page one?When when when will we ever see her again?She is pure perfection, gorgeous, sexy as hell and with a body, and especially boobs to die for...what I would give for a night with her.And unlike some girls who are gorgeous but put on poor shows, or girls who put on great shows but aren't so hot, Carmen is manages a trouser-tentingly hot and sexy show, and is bloody easy on the eye too!Sh...
Carmen Gemini is GORGEOUS!This card is an absolute "Must Have" card.Her explicit performance is exquisite. Another solid performance from a wonderful, cute, sexy hot babe. I am a devotee. I will be coming back for more and more.Carmen keeps getting better and better.Her body is a Masterpiece in the flesh. Her eyes glow, her smile melts your heart, you want to kiss her lips, her tits make you drool, her ass makes you crazy and her hips are heavenly.And when she dances you can't take your eyes off...
I have two of her cards now and love them both. She is a ten and puts on a good show.
Ineed my dose of you every day honey.. Carmen i love your body your moves awesome woman!!She's the best!
In addition to the exquisite body, her face and eyes make contact that is extraordinary. She jumps off the screen at you, and steals your heart!
Fantastically Beautiful Woman! I Never get tired of seeing her appear on my screen. I'd buy this show again if I only had one ticket left to spend :)
Bravo, Carmen!!! I want you!
Not yet downloaded but still wait to try when progess is done. ^ ^
Wonderfull a full eye, is a happy eye & my eye is happy. A 10+ I & my eye think.
Her elisit smile tells it all. 10
Yes it is a majestic veiw. I wish I could crawl into my computer or plug in matrix style, hubba hubba
In my opinion this is her best card, but to be honest I give an 8 because she really needs to do more dancing. the outfit shows off her hot bod perfectly, and lots of smiles and entusiasm. but some explicit finger diving here would get more of the nay sayers about her off her case. if you only buy one of Carmen's shows, buy this one. far better than her others.
only 2 words... fucking incredible.
Carmen Gemini. A Top Bird, She is a REAL Cock Stiffener.
I think I've found a new favorite!
I really like carmen in this one, a fine performance. Just enough clothes to keep a man interested, whilst little enough to display her body of to best advantage, and this from someone who doesnt like tattoos or body piercings. However I do like stockings and red underwear and the material pendant round her neck helps to define her cleaveage and sways in time with her boobs.
nice gourous girl
I have found my favorite!!! I wish that the other girls from this site could learn from her. Her smile and her bouncing is what makes this card so great.
This girl is having fun in front of the camera. She shows(bounces) everything a man wants to see. Plus everything a woman can show is on the outside and displayed enthusiacticaly
She is beautiful, has a great smile and looks like she is having fun. One of the best in the collection.
Carmen is so fucking hot wow
WOW....killer outfit that suits her curvier body to perfection. I normally prefer the slightly more toned physique but Carmen exudes sexiness through her movement and confident playful expression throughout this card. Out of her 4 solo cards this is easily my favourite mainly due to the outfit and also because she looks sexier with her hair/makeup than her other cards (not to say I don't like them either). I don't care for the rather common looking tattoo or 'Arse Antlers' as I call them, but I...
she is amazing I like her.
Sexy Sensual And Sudoctive I Like Her A Lot
She's worth many great Jerk off sessions I Cum Big for her Beautiful Tits & LOVE her Pussy lips 10/10 here
A truly gorgeous babe-- she's a great sport. Killer smile, fantastic body, and so very much fun to watch. She's a solid ten.
Such a hottie! Love the playing with her breasts and pussy. A 10+
The next ratting number 1 is arrive.
Ah Carmen G. u just can't do anything wrong,,, u r always a 10 in my score and sure did not disappoint in this card
omg! I have no words to describe this .. but gosh she makes me :O horny! sooo goooood1 tasty! delicious and uh! ah! I mean all worth it! I agree with the comments below! 1--%
AWESOME!! Love the way she loves her cooch!
She is so hot I will forgive the tatoo.
Carmen Gemini - one of the best looking Lady's of the whole planet called Earth! I can say that because i've see you in real life once. Now to your perform at "Majestic View" - you have very long legs for sure but with those stockings on they look even much longer and that is soooooooooo sexy that even your no nudity shows earn a 10 :-) hug and kiss c.u.
First I have to tell you a short-story from my life: As you might probably already have recognized, I'm a Scorpio, and although astrologers say that in love matters the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) don't fit together very well with air signs (Aquarius, GEMINI, Libra) I always seem to end up in bed with a woman who was born as a Gemini. I don't understand why this is, but that being said, I think it's not all too hard to understand why I adore Carmen Gemini so much. She's not too skinny...
I am completely smitten with this sexy kitten!! Ladies and gentlemen we have a new all time favorite. Carmen in amazing a 10/10 for sure. If you don't add her to your collection you are missing out.
I highly reccomend this show! Carmen knows how to strip and is playful throughout 9/10
She is just perfect. Nice pussy play. Please more of this.
I defy any bloke to not want to squeeze and play with Carmen's tits. She's gorgeous, playful and incredibly sexy - what more could you want?
very sexy Carmen Gemini
I must agree her boobs are the finest in VGHD hands down. Body, beauty, boobs, natural born stripper... what else can we ask for? 11/10
My favorite... it´s the more beautiful girl of my collection....
To quote a Rhodes Island institution: She is Awful, Awful. That's as in awfully beautiful, moves awfully well, and well the outfit is just suits her personality to a tee. So based on such a performance, I had to settle for just a ten for the full package she projects.
Carmen is a boys wet dream. Fantastic natural breasts, long legs, and delicious hanging pussy lips that beg to be sucked. I love when she shakes those tender boobs! A 10!
boobies!!!!... and she knows how to use em too. the outfit works very nicely on her.
I like her show. Carmen is so beautiful, natural and amazing - 10/10.
I can't get enough of this sweet, sexy, gorgeous Gemini/Fire Tiger! Yes, I checked out her birthday and corresponding Astrological chart. Even though I sometimes check out other Girls on this site, I always come back to her alone. I have all o her cards and I believe I purchased most of them with tickets.
Absolutely amazing! Carmen puts on a spectular show here. I do not usually post comments, but this performance certainly deserves a few words. In short, she has a great body and knows how to work it; especially with the pole. Carmen also looks comfortable with the camera. She also has a great set of tits. I rated this show a perfect 10!
You know how often its a cd that takes a while to get into that you end up listening to far more often and for far longer ?I didn't think too much of Carmen at first, but my opinion gets higher every time to pops up on my screen. Give me another week of her and I'll be voting 11/10. Get the card. Dont just sit there, go get the card already !!
Normally I write lengthy comments but for carmen i'll make it quick. YOU HAVE TO OWN THIS SHOW. And it wouldn't hurt to get her other show either. Love her. 10/10
WOW! 10/10. One hot girl. If you want to see more of her check out Private Film's Lolita's in Paradise.
All I have to say is that she is one HOT, SEXY LADY
oh carmen how special you are in every way you are truly blessed
Mmmmmmm! Wow, what a lovely sexy lady Carmen is! She is very attractive and boy, does she flirt with the viewer! Her eyes sexy and full of devilment! She has a wonderful slim body and her best asset is definitely her breasts. They're sooooo beautifully natural and bouncy with pert nipples and she loves to shake them at the audience. I can just see myself sliding my cock into her lovely deep cleavage. Her bottom is pleasingly soft and jiggly too. The legs are long and slender and in between lies...
What a Goddess! Beautiful natural breasts. An amazing pussy. This girl is Gorgeous. A must get
Best woman on VGHD. 10 in my book.
I ordered Carmen Gemini and I wasn't disappointed at all, shes great! I'm not gay at all but I love to watch her strip! She's sexy, has mad skills, and knows how to keep your attention! I differently picked the right girl!!!! Besides Lucky shes my top!
Carmen: Thanks for your show! It was fantastic.
Hot! Hot! Hot!Carmen is my favourite. Sexiest physique. Sexiest moves.
I am only missing one of this Lady's shows , for now ,I believe She's Real People and should be treated as such!!! I would do all the Yard chores she asked and I Would bet she would be the type to work alongside Me.
This is the best looking woman I have ever seen! Yes she is a GODDESS!I would give her a rating of 12 but it dont go that high.She is AMAZING!!!!!!!I come home and i have had a bad day she makes it all go away.Thank You Carmen!
Carmen oozes sex appeal. Another fantastic strip from this must have babe.
Goddess! I agree,.. you could list the talent that this amazing creature has. 10, great set gents you wont be disappointed!
as said she does a great titty dance. She knows how to show them off and they are great. her pussy is very inviting and would love to dive in and enjoy.
her dance is so hot. 10
where were you all my life ,I love you ,your the best girl on here,simply fantastik
Carmen's in da house & we are in superbabe ville! She presents the gifts of her sexuality in a most seductive and evocative way. Seduced in the trailer (ha, I wish!)by those slender, shapely, lower legs that are sculpted by those sexy,tangy nylons and flow into the erotic rise o' those oooh baby thighs into her lust commanding honeypot.I imagined parking my face there & speaking endearing words to her."You arff mugffk soof befftuffulllff mmmgdff!" I then rushed to download her. She is so complet...
wonderful!!! you are the best ever!!!
CARMEN GEMINI is a naturally voluptuous, vibrant vixen! It is indeed a "majestic view" when she reveals and entices you with her natural beautiful large breasts (the gemini twins?)...nor is she shy or timid in sharing the rest of her bodacious bod! Playful, sensual & explicit...CARMEN GEMINI does not disappoint!
Only few words to say: 10 Points !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carmen has a great smile and is very sexy and playful ... she loves to play with her perfect tits and her pussy is incredible! She is definitely a new favorite for me! This is the better of the 2 performances I currently own, but I'm sure be getting more as they come available. More Carmen PLEASE!!!
A Perfect 10. An all Natural beauty.
OMG This is my kind of woman. long legs , beautiful breasts and a great smile. great dancer ....20 bucks in her g-string and all my love.
She is an outstanding pole dancer, always smiles and has beautiful features. My current favorite (and if this is what "old" girls look like, count me in....)
eww she looks old:s
wow Carmen!! She LOVES to bend over, spread her legs and play with her pussy....very good explicit play. Highly recommend all of her cards, but this one is her best work.
I think she is great.
Oh!! Nice breast (tits). Zero silicone. Very good show. Beautifur, sexy girls 10/10.
I've only given two of these hot babes 10s and she's one of them. Love the body, love the stockings -- it's all f----- fantastic.
Big Sexy tits! Sexy redhead shows some full nudity and sexually explicit behavior. Some of the the other big breasted girls could take notes on how to show it off.
Wow!! Carmen is just awesome... and what great show... very cheeky and hot at the same time. 10/10!
Is this chick really from the czech republic? I for real will go there if they make them like this there. Anyone know for sure how they find them?
I want more I want more, I want more more more of her
What a honey, Carmen has got to be one of the hottest girls ever to appear on Virtua Girl! Thanks a million Totem keep it up!
one of the best card i had! love the way she moves..
Very hot and nice card. One thing I am missing a lot is when they do wear pantyhose if they can also strip them down while they dance. It is very erotic watching pantyhose coming down slowly and shoes too of course.
souriante,jolie,a l'aise et joli show un bonheur:)
I have to give her a perfect 10. She's awesome!! I love the way she jiggles her boobs. Oh my god!! I'm so hot that I could shag her on the spot. She's worth the money spent. Highly recommended.
Well my dear you have actually surpassed Eufrat as my favorite performer! Didn't think it possible but you are amazing and deserve the best! Thx for the hard-on JP
by far the most wonderfully explicit performer and with such a knowing smile. Love her so much XXXX
Now that's what I call a WOMAN!! Full beautiful breasts, nice round ass and pussy lips you could lick all day long!! Filling her love canal would be a treat! She's definitely under rated ... she's a 10 in my books!
Molto sensuale ed esplicita!! OK!!!!
Now this is a woman, her body and moves puts most others on this site to shame. She needs to be rated higher. She may not spread her lips, but you get to see it all and thats just fine.
Carmen has great tits and a nice fat pussy,I like it
OMG Very Long Legs with High Platform Heels, Very Large Pussy Lips, but she does'nt spread them, but she does play with them a little. I just wish she was like Sharka Blue that really plays and spreads her large pussy lips wide and she can't keep her hands off her pussy, always playing with it. Anyway the Carmen Gemini has a nice photo LIP SPREAD in if you want to see it up close.
What a beautiful young girl. I enjoyed watching this show, and will do over & over again. I say get this card & enjoy. Thanks Carmen Gemini for a great show X and I look forward to see more shows soon..
Oh My. O_o When can we see more?? (please let it be soon!)
She steals the crown of the KINKIEST GIRL OF THE SITE to Sharka and Lucky with her very first solo show, wow ! Her duo with Cabiria was hot, but that performance is even hotter ! And her huge tasty breasts are REAL, it seems ! A sex bomb ready to explose you, her body langage and her provocative faces are more explicit than any porn !
Smokin' hot!
get her back asap please! shes a 10 !
100% Agree!!! If you are truly a Connoisseur of beautiful women who take delight in showing their incredible beautiful bodies then you will be very pleased with this one. I have only given 2 other girls a score of 100, but Carmen sweetheart you take top prize. Unbelievable show. SO Hot I made you my desktop wallpaper, what a way to start the day…….:)
Get this one!NOW!!!HURRY!!Well...I liked it.EXP?Yeah.
This one is realy hot! I saw the double show. This girl rocks! It's realy worth to get this card.
Carmen is my new shooting star: Big natural tits, dark curly hair, wide hips and LOTS of explicit shows! (BTW: You can see her with Cabira in another hot couple-show: 322) She is very sensual and enjoys her hot body while playing lots with her big bouncing tits and her equal big pussy. And it all lasts for 30 minutes. Could not ask for more (maybe opening herself with her fingers...). I would give her at least 15! Go on, girl!!!
Sweety you are very sexy!!! I like your legs with stockings and heels!!! Kisses!!!
I love this girl !!!! She is so hottttttttttttttt from the first time i saw her well worth the tickets u will not be sorry ....
Her boobs and ass are both flawless. The way she plays with the lingerie in this performance makes me weak in the knees. Carmen Gemini is another of the best this cite has to offer. When I had no cards yet, I kept watching this demo over and over... mesmerizing.
My first card and still easily one of the best cards I have seen... great moves ...eye/smile contact and stage presence are also excellent. The red outfit/hairstyle suits her well or maybe its because of the body in it...and what a body... boobs to die for,near perfect ass,pussy and legs..need i go on 10/10
How can we get any work done with Carmen clambering happily all over the desktop! She was the first girl l saw on opening this site and remains my favorite... so genuinely happy and if watched to the end will give everything desired...
i think she is very hot!!!!!!! i gave her a 9
I find the show rather boring, and hate the stockings. That being said the girl makes up for it 10 times over. 9/10
very hot, sexy , sensual any more lol
Good moves and fun attitude. Very sexy all around, no complaints here.
Torride, sensuelle et nature. Elle est splendide !
So beautiful
carmen is so hot in those stockings and lingerie she could wrap them long lovely legs round me anyday sometimes a girl can be sexier with her clothes on not that she aint sexy naked. well worth getting 9/10
why can't I get things going in my computer? I purchased that module and credit does decreased. My profile says this card is in my collection. However my VG in my computer shows it is not purchased. Could anyone please tell me What should I do?
Wow! This girl holds back Nothing!
OMG those legs!!! I'd have them all witcha ways. She's becoming one of my favs. Really nice show.
Carmen Gemini is like that extra spice I think some people need in their life. She is really animated and I think that works big time. This card is up there in the top three of my fav cards.
AWESOME! I could chew on that for days!
what a DOLL! Carmen Gemini has a great face and body! The picture set with this show is VERY good as well! 9/10
Love the hair, the eyes, the tits, and the outfit! 9 stars!
this shows smoking hot! 9/10 coz she doesnt really remove the stockings hehe
I give this Girl a 10. She has an elegant body, graceful moves and REAL breasts that jiggle naturally when she moves. She also has charm, charisma, a sultry sensuality and more personality than most. Nice hips and ass too!
another card worth buying, pretty nice show, the girl looks good and she has a sultry body and looks sensual so gave it a high score rating
Beautiful large labia sets this one apart. To that add on the large natural breast and you have a winner.Plus she knows how to entice with her movements.Well worth the money imho.
I tend to go for smaller breasts, but Carmen is so very pretty, and hers do at least look natural. Plus, there's that wonderfully lush pubic mount. Solid 9, and just a little more explicit would rate 10.
not much dancing, but very seductive laying about on the up close shots. love the outfit. really emphasizes her body. 9/10
You can tell that Carmen has very few if any inhabitions. I give her a rating of 9.5
Perfect breasts,great body,what a performance!!! 9/10
Recommended, as are all of her shows!
God I love this card! I mean I have a thing for long legged woman, but she knows how to tease and , she also knows how to work it not to mention her full explict are really good
Nice an sexy. I like the way she moves, and teases. Her smile, and genuine look make her a keeper. 9/10
I can't decide if I like her better with curly hair or straight. Either way, unless you want over the top raunchy, you can't go wrong with this lovely.
CARMEN has a great show, in 1 sean she pulls har panties over and her wings fly out. 9 all the way.
my all time favorite!
Very beautiful woman, especially as she is unshaved. Her way of shaking her naturally big boobs, her nice pussy and her wonderful eyes make this a really good show.
Very nice lips, both pairs ^^
Great body!! Her skin is silky smooth and she has unique moves. 9 outta 10
I don't think they get any sexier or more confident. Really looks like she enjoys this a bit. And did I mention HOT. 9/10
Awesome Show, I love the way she rubs her pussy!!!
she does a good show and she knows how to dance on a pole. a hot body, big natural boobs and a hot outfit. another card worth to buy!
Guys, (and gals) I have to tell you, Gemini is my total favorite! Great Breasts, so playful. She looks like she is having the time of her life, and you are invited. Would love to watch her masterbate for us! VG more Gemini or point me to one of the ladies that is simliar.Cheers!
Not afraid to put in in your face and play with it...A must buy!...
Very nice redheaded woman with natural big breasts.I love her show - one my favourites.
Sweet in all ways you can say about her.
Gemini is Latin for "twins" and Carmen certainly has a nice big bouncy pair! Beautiful and energetic, I wanted a little more than she gave but a very nice show! :)
I wish she was a little more of this and a little more of that but all in all not bad
Hübsche Frau ! Tolle Show ! Leider mag ich keine Tatoos. Geschmackssache.
Carmen is an incredibly beautiful young woman and this outfit is maddingly sexy! Get over the tat... There are far worse on some of the other girls. Love ya, Carmen!
beautiful girl... nothing majestic about ugly tattoo though
One of my favourite shows! She is really sexy, and man, what a pair of tits she has! The things I would love to do with such a fine example of the female gender!! I will be buying more of her shows very soon.
Her big, fat pussy lips, are enough to make you a happy owner of this card!!!
nice boobs explicit performance is hot
Why did I ever give her a 9? She is good looking, natural smile, shows what she has ( a bit ) She shows too little for a 9, and she is not explicit, so a 7 is beter.
can't dance , can't move , very hevy. i dont know how to a 21 years old got such a big pussy.. great tits... bottom line ....still green
She's cute--not fantastic. I prefer small, pert breasts over big, floppy ones. And I'm not a fan of ass antlers. On the other hand, there are some generous clam shots and it's fun to watch her stroke herself. Nice stockings, too: the stripes make her legs look a mile long!I'll start her out at an 8 and subtract the usual point for the shoes staying on. 7/10
Didn't really do alot for me 7*
Not a card I watch much. Carmen is very attractive and has a wonderous body. She's just a little too 'sleezy' for my taste. I think she would be fantastic on DeskBabies and in fact half of her cards here on VG are duos. Just not what i'm looking for here.That aside, if you "like 'em kinda dirty or something'', this is definately your girl.She has the equipment and knows how to use it. She's a looker and there's plenty of licking, pinching, and rubbing. Have fun...
This girl has a beautiful body yes, but this show wasn't near as explicit as her ratngs lead to believe. Out of the whole show I only kept 5 clips.. not worth 2 credits and deff not worth almost 10 rating..
granny-gotch, looking a little flabby
wow so sexy ,,, love it
Carmen G is absolutely gorgeous! Heavenlybody, playful smile, wonderful natural breastsand the most beautiful pussy with long juicypussy lips to die for! Just love the way sheenjoys the explosive sexuality of her body andflaunts it for us so shamelessly andmercilessly. She is extremely direct andengaging. Almost leaps out of the screen! As Iwrite this she is rubbing her naked breastsalong the top of the task bar, now pulling onher nipples, now pulling her panties betweenher pussy lips.....this i...
Sie ist und bleibt eine meine Favoritinnen hier. Ich liebe das Outfit und die Show ist mega heiß.
All has been said about Carmen. I would sum it up by qualifying her as "explosively sexy". She is simply mind-blowing, and I'm being polite. The best part is, it comes in great part from her solar personality. Amazing in every way.
One of her best outfits and shows. Good card.
Si, j'ai acheté car elle me fait penser à Nicole Kidman dans le film "Moulin Rouge". Lui ai mis 10/10 à défaut d'autre chose!
Esta carta fue la que me hizo entrar en VG. La considero una compra necesaria. Le doy un 10 de 10. Ella es perfecta. La recomiendo a todo el mundo.
une tres jolie femme. De belles fesses, une poitrine superbe... On en redemande.
Un show parfait. Carmen est très belle et sexy dans sa tenue aussi flamboyante que sa chevelure. Sa lingerie rouge et ses bas sont extrêmement sexy . Ma note 10/10
lei e semplicemente una ragazza fantastica in tutti i suoi movimenti ciao tutti
Perfekter Körper, schöne volle natürliche Brüste, diese irritierenden langen "kleinen" Schamlippen die so einladend zwischen den festen "großen" hervorquellen! Vor allem aber das einladende Lächeln mit dem sie nur Mich meinen kann (so empfindet Mann das) und mit dem sie zeigt, wieviel Spaß sie am Spiel mit ihrem wunderschönen Körper hat (ähnlich schön können das nur Ariel und Mia Hilton aber noch nicht einmal everybody's darling Megane)! Das tattoo und das Bauchnabelpiercing müssten zwar nicht s...
Magnifique, sublime & affolante; que du bonheur !
La plus chaude , trés sensuelle, beaux seins naturels, 10/10
Ich finde Carmen so Heiß wie feuer selbst. Ihre Muschi ist übrigens Wunderschön ihre Brüste Rund uns Sexy und ihr Knackiger Runder Po mit dem Sexy Arschgeweih ist auch nicht zu verachten.Alles in allem ist Carmen eine Spitzenwahl und wird euch freude bereiten.
Chaud trés chaud .. trés sensuelle.. trés sexy et des doigts experts!!! 10/10
Die Frau ist weiterzuempfehlen. Tolle Titten an einem geilen Körper. Ihre Wuschelfrisur find ich total geil. Sie weiß es, wie man eine Vagina in Szene setzt. Die Show wirkt absolut professionel. ---heiz ihnen ein Carmen---
J'adore cette femme et sa jolie chatte avec ses grosse lèvres charnues
show magnifique et avec un corps...rien a dire 10/10
Trés jolie fille avec une poitrine de rêve et un minou charnu à souhait...Un régal. 10/10
show magnifique tres belle femme
bellissima... la mia preferita !! my preferred babe
Da kann man nur sagen : Ran an die Möpse!!! 10/10
Ich finde das Outfit sehr sexy!! Auch das Arschgeweih und das Bauchnabelpiercing passen gut zu Carmen! Eine sehr ansprechende Show!
Que dire de plus sinon que je suis fan à mon tour.
Carmen est belle, elle dégage une réelle excitation, même si ce show n'est pas son meilleur, bien quand même.
Carmen, tu es magnifique. Erotique à souhait. Tesseins lourdsdonnent envie........
Quelle bombe , cette Carmen!!! Voila un show très chaud avec beaucoup d'originalité et de petites trouvailles!!! Cette fille adore le sexe et cela se voit!!! Elle a le regard d'une pure petite salope pour notre plus grand plaisir!!! Ses seins bien gros et bien lourds me rendent fou!!! Et que dire de sa croupe de chienne et de son cul ouvert à toutes propositions :)) Moi , le must , c'est sa grosse chatte aux lèvres charnues et aux petites lèvres qui dépassent!!! J'ai envie de passer des heures e...
Très jolie avec une jolie poitrine et un show magnifique.
J'adore ses beaux seins naturels, sa jolie chatte aux lèvres charnues et son superbe petit cul. Cette fille sait comment nous exciter, ce show enfonce encore le clou sur ce point. Superbe !
Wahou ! Sublime et sexy, on en veut encore et encore !
WAHNSINN !!! Superschlanke extrem lange Beine, perfekte Brüste (natur), eine anrasierte Muschi (endlich mal nicht nur komplett rasiert), ein super süßes Gesicht und eine klasse Haarpracht. Über dem geilem Po ist ein sexy Tattoo, der flache Bauch trägt ein Bauchnabelpiercing. Carmen sieht nicht nur Rekordverdächtig aus, sondern hat auch eine super Ausstrahlung. Man sieht ihr an, dass es ihr Spaß macht. Leider lebt die Show nur von ihrem Aussehen und kommt nicht mit so anderen Shows mit. Definitiv...
Carmen est le sex-appeal incarné! Avec un paire de seins qui vous fera oublié vos tracas, cette femme est un plaisir pour les yeux. Top pitounne!
Elle se déshabille sans perdre de temps et écarte bien ses cuisses pour nous faire admirer son con et son cul. Puis elle se lèche le doigt pour se caresser et ...! Se garde bien d'entrouvrir ses lèvres afin de pouvoir glisser ses doigts dans sa fente. Décernons lui 8...grosses queues en attendant mieux.
Avec un superbe corps aux courbes parfaites, Carmen sait qu'elle a un fort pouvoir attractif sur nous avec sa splendide poitrine, elle aime jouer avec ses seins sublimes, elle les secouent, les malaxent, leur pince les tétons, elle sait se qui nous fait plaisir et c'est agréable de ne pas voir un robot se déshabiller comme le font certaines, il y a de la vie!! elle nous gratifie cependant d'un show relativement moyen, en effet ses clips osés dans différentes positions ne s'arrêtent qu'a des care...
Hübsches Girl, dass tiefe Einblicke aus allen möglichen Stellungen zulässt. Carmen hat einen verführerischen Blick und ein anmachendes Lächeln. Ihr Körper mit den großen natürlichen Brüsten ist sehr schön und hellhäutig. Sie spielt mit ihren großen Brüsten und ihrer Muschi, die mir jedoch nicht besonders gefällt (herausstehende, schrumpelige kleine Schamlippen). Die Schamhaare hat sie auf ein Dreieck gestutzt. Ansonsten "explicit" sexy Show. (8 von 10 Punkten)Alter: 21 Jahre, Größe: 1,75 m, 91/6...
Très belle femme au gros seins naturels, humm se chate avec ses petites lèvres qui dépasse, c'est un vrai régal. Par contre, je ne suis pas d'accort avec Kobozu qui dit «doigts experts», car pour moi, pour avoir des doigts experts, la femme doit s'en servir sur son jolie petit clito et peut-être même en glisser un ou deux à l'intérieur. Merci pour cette belle carte :-)
the body is not bad, but i missed alittle bit of class in his show ...!!
ich mag das outfit nicht so, sie schüttelt ihre Titten aber nicht schlecht vor der cam von mir gab es eine 7/10
show totalement NUL et ennuyant ,BORING !!!! cette fille est de loin d etre la plus belle de VGH !!! et ses seins sont HORRIBLES,!!!! DON T BUY THIS CARD !!!! 0000000
3.8 (3131 votes)

White goddesses with Cabiria

  • Shows: 34 clips
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Bonus photos: 87
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 410 MB

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User comments (125)

Great show girls, you have moved to #1 in my top 10 duo's.
Very nice girls this is my best card
I really love this card, 2 hot girls, they make me hory so much, outfit perfect, and great moves, Reccomended card :-) Thanks Totem Team !!!
What can I say....................... Its all good with the White goddesses. 4 big tits and nipples 2 great clean pussy's long hair and great make-up sexy outfits nipple licking and tattoo's to top it off.It can only be a BIG FAT 10++++++++ for the girls super hot stuff
This card is my best. I am not tired of seeing it even if I watch it forever.
wow u are so hot both
2nd best duo
All the card of Carmen Gemini are wonderful, this Duo with Cabiria is not explicit like Deskbabe but it's very hot, I rate 100/10 ( best duo of Virtuagirl)
by far and wide the best duo on here!!!!! they should reshoot this for desk babes so they can get a little dirrrrtier!!
Geile Pussys da wird jeder verrückt und da will man gleich zu den beiden und loslegen. Geile Show 10 Punkte
10 - want more do you want
these two godesses are amazingly perfect in every way.they were ment to be together in every way imaginable,,,,,they are an 11 in my book
Amazingly underrated show. Two gorgeous women happily getting into each other and into themselves--there's absolutely nothing not to like here. Fantastic.
Don't care what anyone thinks... Love it.. 10..
Are you Fckn kidding me! I can't beleive the _________ (U fill in the blank) that posted something negative about these two hot babes shows. Together the two cards that they share equals some of the hottest content on the site! Both of them are Godesses. Definitly a couple of my favorites, especially Carmen.
Oh dear, mixed reviews ~ to hell with it, I like 'em, they always make me laugh, they're really funny. Were obviously having a ball at the time. Not too stressful on the eyes either LOL. Anyway I scored 'em a ten, so there. :P
Carman and Cabiria, the same beauty, the same white doves, they are really beautiful innocents girls, I love all of them, they look like a angel twin, with their smills, big kisses to the pretty angels, thank TOTEM for conjoining the tow amazing couple. big kisses to Carman and Cabiria.
I highly recommend these babes...they are a "Must Have" in all "Desktop Stipper" collections.Two gorgeous, sexy, playful, happy, smiling, kissing, ass rubbin', titty rubbin', dancing, cute, HOT BABES! I love it when they rub their tits on the desktop task!I am enthralled with Gemini...her eyes captivate me. Cabiria has a fantastic body with great tits. These two girls are a dream...I can watch them all night.I am going to collect more of Carmen....she's got what I like.Thank you ladies...
very nice presentation, great bodies
Finally ... a dynamic duo that tittie connoisseurs can appreciate! 2 HOT BABES. 2 Nicely proportioned sets of fun bags. Carmen G is the sexiest VG on here! That's what's up!
Amazing and erotic! Please give me more of this duo!
relly hot both of them
Best Duo I have. Carmen Gemini is awesome. I want more of her,without a doubt! Cabiria is great too, she is better in a buo than by herself.
I agree with some of the views expressed below. The two are wonderful together. Carmen Gemini appears to be having a ball in all of her shows that I have. Cabiria by herself would be very beautiful and a joy to watch, but paired with Carmen, well, it's difficult to notice, she definitely doesn't detract and she also looks to be having a terrific time being with such a lovely soul.I would give Cabiria around a nine and so that rates this show just a tad above a ten.
One of the best duo shows I have seen! These two are bubbly, flirty, cheeky and great smiles! Everything a girl should have in her personality. Except I'm not feeling it as much from the blonde chick, so I'm giving this show a 9 instead of a 10.
more more more give us more of these two!!!
Finally, a duo show that actually works! Why does it work? It works because the two girls here are clearly close real life friends. They both feel at ease in the other's company. All the touching and kissing here happens naturally. In every other duo show I have seen on this site, the girls look totally uneasy with each other and all the actions seems to be being directed from behind the camera. Carmen and Cabiria both look as if they are having fun and there's plenty of interaction between them...
love this set. need more with the bustier girls like this one.
Cabiria is the sexyest girl I have ever seen can you please make more shows showing her. I would buy every one you make. 15/10
These two babes are into each other, I would love to see the vid of them in privet. Thay know what thay like. HOT HOT HOT!!!!
Best duo show there is this is hot you can tell they like each other absolute must show .
If you like large natural breasts, then double your pleasure with the very voluptuous CARMEN GEMINI and the seriously stacked CABIRIA ! They have a synchronized dance in parts and they touch, kiss, lick and suck with a playful abandon which suggests there is a natural attraction between them. This card contains solo dances by both girls as well as the duo show where they strip down to the muff ( I mean the buff )and show you their all! One of the best duos on the site! These girls are having fun...
hot hot hot ... i hope they have more fun together soon at totemslim
Fantastic show girls... you're two of the best looking girls in VG with two of the most smoking bodies. Now, I have to go and have a cold shower... or find some tissues.
Wow! They are great! Great brest and ass. I like them!
this was my first purches and O MY GOD these 2 are a great pair they're great looking and have fun with each other PLEASE have more of the 2 girl show
Well, even though platinum blonde Cabiria is not exactly my type, I must admit she has soeme definite erotism about her. And the chemistry between both girls in this show really makes up for that adeQuately. An enjoyable two-some, even though, on average, I'm not really into this girl-on-girl trend. It's at least more sensual than the more traditional boy-on-girl thing.
This is worth every minute. They are so wonderful. They make me glad I'm in this business.
Both girls are gorgeous, and great individually...but when they get together they are electric! I'm not usually a fan of duos, but Cabiria and Carmen are obviously very into each other, and it shows. They are obviously having fun, which makes it all the more sexy. 10/10 from me. Perfect!
They're sure making there titel(White Goddesses)true........!? This show is a must.
the best duo i´ve seen, theese girls are really sexy, funny, natural and exciting
Amazing girls, they realy know how to be sexy, they have an excelent vibe and know how to show off their bodies, one ov the best shows, buy the tickets you will be more than pleased.
The best duo show since Vikki S & Eurphrat!Two of the hottest ladies on this site!Hey Carmen you don't need to vote,trust me you're gonna get plenty of rave reviews!!! :-P
NOW, THIS IS WHAT I CALL AN EXCELLENT SHOW!!!!! thanks to this one I will pay another month!!! TNX GIRLS, you made my month!!!
Absoliutely fantastic, two volcanically hot girls putting on a great show, even the solo scenes are great. This has got to be the best card ever, even better than Mina & Nikky Case, can't wait to see more of them!
Wow these two are stunning. Thanks girls Carmen Gemini & Cabiria X I look forward to see more of you both & I would say get this show in your collection. Thanks again girls Regards Markxx
très beau duo il en faudrait plus,un show très chaud c'est un plaisir
Great show - Duo's get my top vote everytime - more of the same please.
I am glad, u like our show.For me its stupid to see myself in my pc lol :D We are best friends we love to dance and we liked the photographer :) so it was really fun for us.kiss Carmen
those girls are so ******** HOT!!!
oh yes these to are the hottest to girls i have ever seen on here thay are both hott as hell i want to see more
Whats there to say?, These two girls are HOTTT!!!!.A Must Get!!
Absolutely two of the nicer ones: gorgeous women in every way.Moves are O.K., dresses are appealing, both girls appears at least one time alone - but especially the duo part is simply great: extensive kissing, licking (sorry, breasts only), touching herself and each other including pussy. Legs are spreaded wide to fulfill your need for explicit entertainment. No fingering, but highly erotic.By far the best set i have seen from vghd. Please, more of these girls and more of this style :-) .
Best Duo yet Totum. The Vid is awesome and the pics hot.My monthly membership comes up in a few days and this convinced me to go the 6 month route. Thank You!!
What can I say? Wow!!!!!! Best female partner show!!!!! Wish I could be the meat and they can be my white wonder-ful breads. Wink!
OMG, the angels have landed ... right on my desktop. But look, what nasty things are they doing there??? ;)Really, the girls are fantastic, and again I have a new favorite set. I'd love to see more of them, either alone or preferably together again, because they harmonize just perfectly.Anyone, don't wait for your chance to get this on schedule, buy it now, it's worth every penny... :)
Bring them both back for Deskbabes cards please!
Knee high go-go boots and micro shorts in pure white! Both these girls have great tits and wonderful hips - truely curvatious ladies. Carmen's pussy is so damned inviting with that little triangle of red hair, and Cabiria's looks smooth as silk. They really do put on quite a show! They really know how to do a strip tease. If I could get between them, I'd be in heaven! The only regret is the couple of solo performances. Although it does add a little interest, I'd rather see them together as this...
A sexy hot duo.
anyone that talks shit on these girls are dumb. best duette, very recommended if your lookin for a good double
excellent moves great show Carmen is perfect Cabiria has a great body but her average face and terrible make-up overshadow Carmen's natural beauty
Wow, a duo that actually works, and perhaps the only one. the girls genuinely seem to like playing with each other and they do look hot together. still, I had to give it a 9, for lack of real pussy play or finger diving from either one. still, they are by far the best duo on the site and worth the ticket by all means. there is genuine affection between these 2, and some pussy touching would have up the score to 10 easily. Cabiria seems a bit overwhelmed (or outclassed, perhaps) by carmen, and is...
non erotic faces , but good team, good presentation with good body so generous to rate them 9/10
The best Duo on Site They really seem to enjoy each other's company and attention to each other.
Loooking for a hot duo? Look no farther. I rate them a 9.5
It could have been better ,they needed to do more ,like girl on girl 69 and some finger work on each other would've been real nice , give this one a 9
Good but but quite duo card. Carmen Gemini carries this card as Cabiri, for all her charms is struggling to keep up. Gave the card a 9/10 just for Carmen as pretty much any show she is in deserves high marks.
Carmen and Cabiria may be the best on vg. thay can come to see me any time.
Carmen and Cabiria - Cabiria and Carmen :-) what a cute and sexy couple! And what a proffesionel perform, by the way... Hips to be square/Huey Lewis is a great song for the tabledance! Still missing a final touch by this show, so it's a 9/10!
Hmm, the interaction always felt like one party was more "into it" than the other. Idk. Just my opinion.
I love the way they touch, rubbing and exploring each other body. Love the way they lick, rub their tits, and WOW the way they kiss!!! They have a great show, They make a good team. Also make me wet ever time I watch them. Carmen Gemini is GREAT. And look for her in (Majestiic View), I enjoy when she rubs her Lips (Up stairs and Down stairs). Also plus Vicky S (Golden River) is a must have for your ultimate collection. Go Girls your ROCK ME.
Best duo I ever seen
Carmen is already at the top of my christmas list! Bring your friend over to my ice palace anytime =D
They're both a little fubsy for my taste, but they do actually know what a duo is supposed to be about. I wonder how far they'd go if they were given free rein ... So, Totem, why not find out?
So many of the duo shows here seem to be lacking. Nice to see one that lives up to the potential. If you only buy one duo show, buy this one.
My god these two are HOT !!!! Totem needs to put these two together more often, they seem to REALLY like each other and I think if they would like to go further, then by god Totem should let them :)
Carmen is already one of my top favorites and I've never seen Cabiria perform before, but she pairs well with Carmen since she has a similar playful sexy style and smiles a lot like Carmen. Carmen has some of the nicest tits I've ever seen (and I have seen quite many) so it's a good thing Cabiria has a very nice pair too ... twice as many for them both to play with. There's not as many nice spread shots of that absolutely incredible pussy Carmen usually gives us, but there is a very nice clip wi...
WHOA! HOTTTTTTTTTT! these girls know how to perform with eachother! this is by far the best dou I have seen. They both have stunning bodies and are not afraid to touch each other everywhere especially each others pussies. This is for sure a 10 in my book.
Great show, Very hot and the Girls looked like they were having lots of fun together.
I love the show and the two girls. Theiy are sexy and beautiful with their female forms.I like it natural - explicit show.
wow great duo
I am not really in to duos but these two girl work great together one hot show worth the tickets
Cute girls, not my favorite ones around but their duo is the hottest of the site so far, delicious interaction ! Those two pussycats had a great time playing together, it's obvious and their excitement is contagious !
WOW WOW WOW!!!! It's a afantastic hot duo!!!! Thank you, TOTEM! to have sent two HOT goddess for we poor mortal!!!! :-> 20/10 for this card!!!!
Really hot !!!
a hot big boob cats
I can not believe I waited so long to get this one. Damn!!!
Good looking girls but they dp not perform well together. There is something very impersonal about the way they interact.
i love the show the girls are great
This is my second duo with these two girls pairing up again. I thought both girls looked great. They both seemed to have decided to wear the same outfit and even had their hair done the same. Performance wise did not seem as creative as in the "Double Assault" card, which seems to be the better show out of these two. Still, if you are a fan of Carmen Gemini (as I am) or Cabiria, then you have to have this card added into your collection. As a duo card, I like to think that everyone has their "du...
Decent show. Girls are well above avg, but not the greatest.
Gran belle fiche
Two naughty girls with nice boobs, legs and ass. Good show.
Some nice duo touchy sucky kissy feely action goin' on here! When Carmen stands facing us with legs spread an does that crank 'n' grind with her hips it's an invitation to mentally kiss your way up those inside thighs & drink her goddess nectar!Mmmm!Love the tit sucking between them. I feel that babes with such ample beauty there should indulge in the caress & squeezing of breasts more.I miss the full on "wipe the bar with my tits" move 'tho. The girls do some nice bend over on the bar bunny/puc...
The Best Show I Had Ever Seen
Im Still not impressed with Duo'sBut... they get the job done...
I see too much enthusiasm for this card around, but I CAN'T SHARE it!!! It's exactly the same case as in Felina / Tiny story card! While you watch the clips, you naturally expect for something more that it never comes!!! The models are good friends to each other and I am sure that if the production would let them free, they could do amazing things...! 1 or 2 short close up clips of spreading legs & bending over with full pussy view, is all the explicit part of the card! The rest is a PARODY!!! L...
I have no idea why people have rated this card so high and raved about it like it's golden. The girls performance is dull and the white boots that always stay on are tacky. Not to mention the taskbar clips are so choppy I can't even play them.
Cabiria Brings this card down from a 9 to a 6. Thanks Cabiria.
All that jogging around the pole made me dizzy... Only a 6 for me.
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
This could be a lot better. I did not get the feel that they really digged each other. It was more like they tried!!!!!! I believed WVvandal's comment (apparently he has different tastes) and took the chance into purchasing a two girl show. i won't do that again. This show felt like two girls trying to tease their boyfriends in a bar setting. yeah, I see that at the bars all the time. Rating=5 no offense WVvandal-we are just two diffent people
If they didn't strip all the way down, I would be hard pressed to believe one of these "ladies" was a man. Why did this one get added to my profile =( Me no likey
I like these girls individually, but White "bad choice"
probably the worst card i've bought. a real let down
i got this card with the dou booster i would have never bought it dont like either of the girls and after watching it i can justify that. I deleted it
Boring, Two girls on one stage and the other one doesn't know the other one is there. The only saving grace is I got this in a bundled group so I got it for less than one ticket. Well on second thought it's not worth the price I paid even there is a two for one. No interaction with each other
As much as two chicks together is a turn on i change to my single girls all the time these girls pope up and wished i didnt waste my money on these two, nikki case is number one get her shits all ove two chicks she got the moves
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. This routine is comical to watch. 0/10.
I regretted buying this card (even for 1 ticket). I love Carmen, but Cabiria leaves me flaccid.More Carmen, less Cabiria, please!
not worth the ticket.
Je ne dirais que 2 lettres W et A: WAAAH. Qu'est-ce qu'elles sont bonnes! Elles aiment se toucher, se caresser et s'embrasser langoureusement. Un vrai plaisir que de les regarder... Un 10 magistral Encore...
Un show parfait. Carmen et Cabiria sont très belles et sexy et n'hésitent pas à flirter, se toucher et se caresser et sont très joueuses. Leur tenue est également très sexy. Ma note : 10/10
Je suis d'accord avec mes camarades , se show est très bon!!! En plus leur duo est très équilibré car Cabiria a une poitrine moyenne et une chatte bien charnue et ses lèvres sont fermées... C'est l'inverse pour Carmen dont la poitrine est superbes et la chatte dont les lèvres pendent un peu... Elles se caressent très tendrement et leurs baisers sont très beaux!!! Je devrais leur mettre 9/10 mais je donne 10/10 pour encourager les duos si excitants!!! C'est le meilleur duo que j'ai vu!!!
Belle prestation complice à souhait ! Un Must de Carmen et Cabira.
Le seul duo où les deux femmes sourient et semblent prendre du plaisir en se caressant. Magnifique
They are so hot together. I will play with them. Please, let me be your teddy. Do all dirty things with me. 1000 kisses on your pussies. by by. 10/10
Not the best.
Très beau duo
magnifique duo, elles aiment se qu'elles font et en prennent du plaisir. un peu plus d'échange de caresses en elles serait pas un plus
Sieht so der Himmel aus? Dann möchte ich in den Himmel kommen... Carmen (rothaarig) hat lange Beine, perfekte Brüste, ein süßes Gesicht / bezauberndes Lächeln, anrasierte Muschi mit sehr schönem kleinem Busch und was für einen Kitzler! Cabiria (blond) hat ebenfalls wunderschöne Brüste, ein süßes Lächeln, und an ihrer Klitoris (komplett rasiert) sieht man ein Piercing (Diamant) das Licht reflektieren. DIESES DUO IST EINFACH HIMMLISCH! Beide tragen in dieser Show gelockte Haare (sehr chic), ein Ba...
Enfin deux belle filles qui s'amusent et semblent se plaire sur les plateau de tournage. Continuez à nous faire sourire et nous exciter. Un peu moins de gestuelle en parallèle et de marche autour le la perche; plus de gestes sexy sur l'autre partenaire en regardant la partenaire pas la caméra serait un net progrès: essayez! Profitez de ces moments entre vous deux dans ces clips pour que nous en profitions nous aussi. Les doubles explicites cela peut être terriblement excitant, alors lachez-vous...

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