Candy Alexa

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 106 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 24" / 35"

At just 24 years of age you might think Candy Alexa is a sweet innocent angel dressed all in white. Truthfully that would be a bit of a stretch. She's from Moscow and has been to all the late night parties. Watch how dirty her mind has become and see her in solo action for the first time ever filmed. This is the one girl who might enjoy sex even a little bit more than you do!

Number of shows: 5

Candy Alexa's shows

4.3 (616 votes)


  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 384 MB

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User comments (27)

Magnifique et merveilleux mais triste qu'elle n'est pas une note supperieur a ce qu'elle a eu. je te kiffe
She came so hard she had a hard time waving goodbye, plus the program crashed! Great figure, face will do. Give it a ten so she'll cum again! :)
Candy is a lovely all natural lady. 10+ Thanks Candy for a great show. Sure hope you come to VG.
The way she moves, jerks, and spasms as her pussy leaks her cum after she removes the vibrator is sexy to say the least. She also has a nice, sexy body.
Diese Karte ist der hit. Candy zeigt entlichmal das eine Muschi Tropfen kann. Weiter so.
Candy looks like she'd be on very wild ride! I thought the moaning might have been overdone a bit, but when she gets to the end and you see her pussy dripping maybe it was genuine. Great card.
Nice boobs. Nice ass. Nice body. Nice action. Nice moans. What more can you want?
... my rating is 10/10 because we can't rate a model 9.5/10. there is just 'something' off with this one. she is worth the credits though.
Hot and Horny.... what more do you need
Einfach nur geil, was die Candy Alexa hier für eine tolle Show macht. Da möchte man gern mit vor der Kamera sein, und nicht nur geil abwixxen
Pretty girl with natural body and charm. From a leg lover perspective... yes, she keeps white fishnet stockings and wedge heels on while intesely getting herself off laying with her clit. lovely
very niceshow
Great performance! she made a believer out of me. I give her a 10.
i loved this card everything from her big real tit to her ass. and she is one of rare girls uses the dildo and shoves it all the waay in mmm nice
I'm in love
Superbe, très belle fille, très chaude, très expressive, sa note générale me semble très insuffisante, elle vaut bien mieux.
10/10 I have fallen in love! Everytime she touches herself I throb so hard it hurts. She is my absolute favorite. And she is by far the most sexually vocal one so far.
Wow just wow.Candy is some seriously sweet and tasty candy. I love how her hair is wet it just adds this sexy zest to the whole show. Her boobs are just gorgeous, I'm not usually a fan of big boobs but there is something about the way hers hang that is just so erotic.Her orgasms are amazing, loud and plentiful. There are some parts where she is just in control of you and then she just starts making her orgasmic sounds it's just so great. She spits on the dildo and sucks it at one point which was...
In this card there are wonderful screaming orgasms of Candy Alexa, a good work, very thanks :))
full points, beautifull and amazingsimply lovelyand sexy
Wow... The action in this is crazy hot!!! She is so intense and rough with herself you cant look away.. not the best acting or moans but you will look past that when you see her pound herself...
There is something not quite right about her, but her performance is extremely solid and very very real. Her work with the vibrator left my jaw on the floor. If you like to see things dripping wet then get this one right now!
Candy Alexa is a new addition to DeskBabes that has beautiful raven hair and big natural breasts. She gives a good, solid performance, but there are two things that detract from it and keep her from getting a Perfect 10 on VGR.First, there is something about her that seems off or wrong to me. Something about her look that just isn't quite right, but I can't put a finger on what it is. The other problem is her acting is not very good. While she goes through the motions and does what you expect to...
Should of kept my tickets. All there is to this show is alot of irritating noise from her mouth. Only 2 scenes are worth watching. No talking at all. After Leony no one is going to compare. I'll give this one an 8 and that is being Genorous.
Have to give this one 7/10. She's hot and she has the moves, but that freakin' inhaling through the teeth-hissing thing just annoys the crap out of me. When women do that once, maybe twice, it is sexy - but every single breath is just irritating; and she does it louder than the cheapest pornstar in the business.
I have to agree with WyDude on this one
was soll daran nur geil sein zum einschlafen und der orgasmus ist nur gespielt .....
4.3 (464 votes)

Duo with Mandy Dee

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 363 MB

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User comments (14)

Good show to watch.
One of the hottest blondes on the planet, Mandy Dee, coupled with her partner both of which have crotchless body suits... Oh, just sit back and enjoy the girls loving each other! WOW... did I mention WOW... These two put on the best lesbian sex show I've seen on DB yet 10/10... and WOW!
Wonderful Mandy and a great show!
So hot, makes me horny as hell. I love them both.
Simple really, awesome show.
Deux super canons aux formes naturelles exquises et pas complexés pour 2 sous, de la dynamite !
This Duo is EXPLOSIVE, the best girls actually on DeskBabes are together in Duo, great Alexa and Mandy a very good work :))
8 clips trop court
Super !!!
Both babes tend to overcome the limitations of the body suit effect by lookin' good in them, especially Mandy.I do not experience the "explosive" aspect others mention 'tho.The vibe of this card is "mellow" mostly with Candy doing a bit of over amped CumStriOnics!It's just not a spectacular card like I've cum to expect with Mandy Dee.It is a tits out,wobble boobs fest 'tho with some nice sucking, squeezing, and jiggle action.They both do some fairly HungryBabe pussy licking,feisty finger diddlin...
Disappointed in this one. I don't mind the body suits to begin with, but at some point they should have come off. While both girls are very sexy, they don't seem to have much chemistry. I'd like to see them again after they practice a bit more.
Both girls are rather pretty and their outfits are hot. All the ingredients for a good show,you would think. Well,it's NOT.Candy Alexa moans and growls and moans a little bit more in such a way that it's not convincing. And she stares at the camera. I supose it's meant to be sexy but it really isn't. Total over-acting. Mandy Dee saves the show. A little bit.
This is another dismal failure wherein two very hot, very beautiful DeskBabes with big natural breasts are paired up and manage to do a show that has no chemistry and that barely qualifies as lipstick lesbian fair.Mandy Dee is one of the hottest and most sensual women to come to Totem in a long time. She has charisma, sexual magnetism, and a near-perfect body. Yet in this pair up with Candy Alexa, the show falls very flat.The girls are often distracted by off-camera happenings and seem to become...
What a waste of brilliant outfits!! Hot bodies, Hot clothes, Horrid performance. These dresses should have been given to desk babes who at the very least know NOT to stare at the camera. Totally disgusting. I'm not getting another Mandy Dee.
4.3 (375 votes)

Duo with Abbie Cat

  • Shows: 7 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 83
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 415 MB

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User comments (11)

Abbie Cat I love how you are so forthcoming love your pussy, Candy Alexa love your big boobs, big areolas, perky nips, and pussy. Love to see these two at it again
I can't decide which of these cuties I like the best. Can I try them both??
Two very hot girls, lots of action!
Une bonne complicité avec deux filles très chaude, mention plus à Abbie qui en plus d'être jolie est particulièrement torride.
Whow...., super süß die zwei. 10 Punkte gibs von mir.
Supersexy! Love them both. They looks wonderful in the stockings. More more more please. I only miss a scene where both girls use the toys at the same time.
Watching how lovingly, Candy A, hammers away with the dildo is very tantalizing. I really, them both in stockings. I give them a 9 for the overall, (and a 10 for looks) If I could I'd show, them both why they don't need each other, if I were in the room with them ;8)
amazing and super sexy hot, damnnnn I'll watch this 1 over and over \m/
DIVINE ABBIE !!! ses postures plus qu'excitante...J'ADOOOOORE
This card is a very hot duo. A combination of Abbie Cat's perfect wet, juicy pussy and Candy Alexa's perfect boobs makes this card a 10/10. When I say wet pussy, I mean Abbie actually gets a wet pussy. In some of her cards you can hear it when she masturbates.
VERY dissapointing show. No hardcore anything, lots of fake moaning and no chemistry between these two. So many demos took half the show the other half was way too short. I rate this a 0.
4.3 (382 votes)

Duo with Antonia

  • Shows: 7 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 415 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (12)

La blonde et la brune, pourquoi choisir puisque l'on peut avoir les deux, elles sont jolies, sexy et chaudes.
Ich weiß ja nicht was robert64 hier bei den beiden auszusetzen hat, aber jeder hat ja seinen eigenen Geschmack. Ich find die Show von Candy und Antonia aber schön und auch 10 Punkte wert. Ob die 10 Punkte nun nur mit einen zwanzig zusätzlichen Sternchen versehen werden ist dann nur für einen selbst wichtig. Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall immer wenn die beiden auf meinem Bildschirm erscheinen.
i love antonia and i love see candy cum mmmm
hot. intense. engaging. two really beautifull babes making out, and enjoying it. and for heel lovers... yes they keep the shoes on all the way till the end.
great card sexy girls
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
2 sexy girls doing some inspired Babe-fucking,kissing,& licking!While both are lovely, my eyes are betrothed to Antonia, as she is, for me, the Queen (as of 12/11)of all things wiggle & fuck on VG/DB!Candy thinks so too, as she is truly turned on by A's lesbian love play! Lots of my fave action, kissing & licking, goin' on. A looks exquisite on her knees, her prime tits swaying, as she licks a very excited C. C lavishes A's PERFECT body with excited pussy licks & titty kisses and keeps saying ho...
Something is bothering me with Candy Alexa, but Antonia's really hot and together, they're really good, playful and nasty. Antonia is a good leader and Candy's orgasm is excellent. Not the best card I've ever seen but very good though.
Very short. At least the clips are in sequence. Candy Alexa especially spends far too much time gazing at the camera - Antonia isn't much better.One of the dildo's is a truly vile color! Both have far better and longer duos.
card is good cuz the two ladies are similar, especially boobs. there are better cards, but there are certainly worse cards. bonus video is same as usual( that videographer is fucking annoying and should keep his mouth shut, hes ruining the fantasy for me!!!) and also, bonus pics suk, whoever hires these photographers should be fired (angles are only artsy fartsy and dont show naughty bits!) no ass shots, no barefoot and barely any real contact between the two, just that OLDSCHOOL fake distance s...
robert64 da wären die Beiden mal eher bei VG geblieben... Viel Glück beim nächsten Mal... >
4.6 (625 votes)

Duo with Aliz

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 493 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (29)

really hot show, straight into the xxx from 2 big breasted beauties.
lovely smelly nylon feet!
Excelente, placentero y muy caliente. un 10 sin duda.
Great duo to have. 10+ More of these two please.
Love these girls' outfits and how thy just keep going after each other in the card--fantastic! 10/10
Aliz es una sucia!!! Cualquier dúo que la incluya es un 10! aparte Candy mmmmm...
Beautifull ladies, long legs in black stockings. Heels... action. Yes. Thank you Aliz and Candy for wonderfull show. Hope u enjoyed it as much as we do :)
men i love the way they rip off the tops and get right into pussy liciking whooo yum yum this is the way a duo shold go about it
One of the Hottest duos available! I have hundreds and this one is amazing.
10 + good
Deux jolies brunes très très chaudes, du haut de gamme, 100% action.
I love Stockings - girls, don't take them off !
Wow. Member for a while. First time to comment on a card.I am blown away by the awesome explicitness of these ladies' performance. I love how aggressive they both are. Wonderful acting and entertainment.Bravo!
From the moment this scene began, I was literally in shock! This is not acting, this is full-on girl on girl F**K action! When Aliz pounced on that flaming-hot quim, little did I know it was not even the hottest part! lol When they started riding those dildos, I couldn't help but yell "Yee-Haaaa"! And Candy with a mouth full of vagina is an image I hope never to forget! 10 out of 10, please girls DO IT AGAIN!
was hier noch fehlt wäre mal ein geiler faustfick ... oder mitgurke wäre auch nicht schlecht ... also ich ich liebe es wenn meine freundin mich mit der faust oder gemüse verwöhnt ... würde mich freuen es hier auch mal zu sehen ...
It took Aliz to bring Candy Alexa out of her lesbian shell. In previous duos, Candy has been only marginally good, but giving her to Aliz, the potent sex machine, has created an awesome Desk Babes performance.Aliz is pure sexual energy and her dyanmism really pulls it out of Candy Alexa. This card includes some of the best scenes you'll see on DeskBabes. From the first moment when they begin grabbing one another to the final orgasms, this is 27 minutes of hotness.They start out wearing dueling l...
These two ladies are so hot, which no one can denie. Outstanding! You will like it!
Wow. Just... wow.
Aliz kennt nur eine Geschwindigkeit, Vollgas! Sie zerlegt Candy das zu sehen ist einfach Geil, ich habe viele Shows gekauft die ich am liebsten in die Tonne drücken würde aber jede Show mit Aliz ist ein Jackpot! Da fällt mir nur eins ein Aliz will you mary me PLEASE!!!
This is some GREAT GirlFuckin'! It starts with hot,lusty, sexually intense,Babes in bra & panties kissing, action!Nice intro tease!A whole lotta lust begins building right away!Passionately wrapped around each other they pull each others bras off and hungrily suck breasts.Candy proceeds to deep lick & suck Aliz's cunt & then does an intense, multi finger fucking of her! She licks her clit as she RapidRams her fingers in & out to the screams of pleasure that erupt from Aliz, who intensely fingers...
Wow,lovely card, specially Candy she act great and may be she is a lesbian but if she is not, she act like a lesbian , No regret buying this card
Love this card. I don't know if they really are lesbian or not but they surely make it look so real... HOT!
If you want to see a show with two good looking girls fucking each other like there is no tomorrow with an amazing passion and energy just raw lesbian sex with barely a break(the show consists of 9 clips and they all belong to one scene so with progressive hotness you can see this show as one long video) then this is the show you were looking for. The girls get pretty loud but you don't get the feeling thats fake for a second. I don't see where Aliz was nervous. This show is surely one of the mo...
I love the cards with screaming orgasms and here the screaming orgasms of Candy Alexa are fantastic. :))
Great show but Aliz doesn't look really beautiful to me. Nevertheless, her performance is incredible. Candy Alexa is a nice follower.
(by WyDudeIt took Aliz to bring Candy Alexa outAliz is pure sexual energy and her dyanmism really pulls it out of Candy Alexa.Aliz almost literally pounces on Candy Alexa and from then on, the game is on.)He Took the words right out my mouth... Aliz makes this show... Cand is along for the ride... She knows where to position her and candy for the best shots of them for the viewer... Aliz is awesome... However Candy brings this card down a bit...
Candy Alexa wants to cum, but Aliz won't give her the way that she wants. Candy Alexa is definitely the hotter of the two.
Aliz hamming. I do not recommend this card.
Best CArd Ever

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