• City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.57 ft.
  • Weight: 110 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 25" / 31"

Sexy brunette dancer Britney came to us from the lovely capital city of Budapest in Hungary. She turned 22 years of age just days before her first time being filmed and her athletic body doesn't show any signs of slowing down any time soon. Britney is an easy girl to fall in love with and a hard one to hold onto.

Number of shows: 9

Britney's shows

3.6 (1258 votes)

College party

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 278 MB

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User comments (37)

You just so cute & sexy.
Britney is one of those that you take one look at and just can't help but fall for.
Britney est très jolie et excitante dans ce show, sa tenue lui va à ravir ! 10/10 !
When britney smiles shes really pretty so let her smile guys the pout is just not her look.
Britney est une fois de plus magnifique dans ce show,et sait tres bien nous exciter !!!!Elle est belle de partout meme au ..... bravo Britney!!! un grand 10 i love you
Presents a nice fantasy... like her body and she is exotic...
Britney is so sexy. Best body on VG hands down. I dont get how some of you would prefer fake tits when a girl like Britney has perfect ones. Excellent ass also. She's only topped by Viki in my book. (but it was close.) Stay perfect girl.
She is such a gorgeous Lolita and provides us with such an explicit show! I love the way she strokes her petite body with that book and pleasurably sucks that lollipop and later on even one of her thumbs. She always gets me with that, plus she has a very beautiful smile! 10/10
This woman is a stunning creature - a dark-eyed Aphrodite in human form. The things she can do with her face and eyes...her smile and movements...that reach deep inside a man (and maybe some women:
Britney is an incredibly sexy,lean & fit, lissome, lithe, ultra beautiful woman! She is NOT SKINNY! She is shapely, in perfect proportion and wonderfully expressive in her dancing. I am totally seduced by her loveliness and have explained this in comments on "Intense" & "Love" cards.I like it when she comes out with her book "notices" me watching & starts stripping! Those panties are a perfect addition to her honey twangin' hips! When she does bendovers her hard body supple ass is a kissable spa...
\-'k{)\-fjgushUozuetyutoib p'/ ........ Sorry, I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard.
she is one of my favorite girls she is the best ever
Britney is perfect in every way possible! Anybody who doesn't have her doesn't have anything! EVERYBODY needs her! Britney is SO hot, I just wish she could jump out of my computer and into my lap! If you don't have her, get her! You don't know what you're missing if you don't have her!
An outstanding show/card by this lovely young lady. A real must have card for anyones collections I say. Very sexy and 11/10 from me. I look forward to see many more shows/cards from this lovely girl. Thanks Britney X
Oh wow!! Just love her like crazy.. those eyes just hypnotise me and her body just drives me crazy!!!But I have a Sad Feeling that this may be her last card. Coz in the Bonus vid I had seen all her cards except this and now that this card is here... My heart is breakin at the thought that I MAY NOT see her again. ...Oh TOTEM.. I say MAY NOT coz I am really hoping that you will realize what a FINE and BEAUTIFUL and SEXY babe Britney is.Please get more cards of Britney.. I am sure there are many l...
I wish I was that sucker she has. She is so hot.
I follow her to Britney so much and I know for a fact that has beautiful feet, for pity those black dancers can not remain at the foot when she is so fabulous in full nude!! Britney's feet without shoes that I love so much
Das sieht man sich an, freud sich, und freud sich auf die nächste Dame.
Very pretty, natural breasts, and even shows a modicum of wit, but this card is really only 'full nudity'.
Britney is a very sweet young girl. I like her shy kind and her absolutely nice smile. She has wonderful breasts which really fit to her slender body. With this show she's already in my top 10 list.
Quite lioke this one, a full clothes strip always goes down well with nme and she smiles so beautifully while she is taking them all off
Small tiny tits but a nice smile.
I really like this theme for Britney, she plays it well with the good ol' school girl-plaid skirt, the text book, and sporting pigtails while sucking on a lollipop. Nice slow sexy movements and a really good close-up of her ass and pussy from behind when she gets on all fours, flaunting herself for all she's worth makes this card a treat! A great song to watch her perform to is "Lollipop", by Lil Wayne.
I think, if you like your girls skinny, then this young lady is your bag. For me, she's just a little too petite, but I do like her arse. I'm not going to chuck her out with the bathwater though; sometimes, she's just nice to watch as she rubs against the pole and flashes that sexy smile. But really, I would like to see her put a few more, maybe ten or fifteen pounds because that ribcage is too prominent for my liking. I'm happy enough to rate her 8 out of 10 for this show.
Britney isnt really my type of girl, that being said I think she is really cute and she deffinetly gots the moves but the school girl thing is only passable. Sexy. 7/10
Not her best outfit, but britney is as cute as ever & performs another quality, playful show.
Britney is far from being the cutest girl on VG. She's also a little bite too much on the skinny side for my taste and her dancing is too static.
I like this girl, she has a nice round ass, but in the compless this card is too poor, she can make better. Not her best card.
et de cinq (décidément j'arrête pas...) j'aime comme elle lèche la sucette... pourquoi ce ne serais pas mon s***. je serais au paradis et serais ravi de retourner au collège, Pourquoi il n(y en avait pas dans mon lycée des filles comme ca, j'aurai tout de suite flashé
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Not the best, okay card.
Britney hat kleine natürliche Brüste, lange Beine, eine glattrasierte Pussy und einen knackigen Po. Das Outfit ist echt sexy, die Show könnte leider etwas mehr Schwung vertragen. (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
La mettre dans mon lit? Pourquoi pas? Une par une, pas toutes à la fois! Bien épilée mais le minou lui fait peur. Je la crois assez pudique, dommage.
vive la jeunesse, voici une petite collégienne fort exitante quoiqu'un peu maigrichonne des jambes notamment, néanmoins un tempérament de coquine et de très jolies fesses, "allez ma petite fille viens chercher des cachous dans la poche du monsieur"
4.5 (696 votes)

Duo with Zafira

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 517 MB

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User comments (22)

These two are Osoooo sweet together. 10+
I saw it was a Zafira card in the demo and bought it on that fact alone--I am so pleased with this and all of Zafira's cards.
Only seeing Zafira´s breast showing off is enouht to buy this card.
Ambas chicas me fascinan desde VGHD...ahora que estan juntas jugueteando...Wow. La debes tener! 10
Great card. Two thumbs WAY up !! If you like oral, you'll love this card.
2 gran gnocche .... bella card. ;)
I like Britney also on Virtual Girl and after I saw there also Zafira, I thought it would be nice to see them in a duo show - and here it is, in a very pretty hardcore way we can enjoy them and I think both like what they do to each other. No show at all, and if, then they are more then good professionals doing their job :-) Highly recommended if one like licking deep and kissing. My "other dream" team would be Britney and Gwen... but Zafira and Britney do a very sexy show here! 10++/10
love this 2 girls
Veeery hot card, great GREAT looking girls (esp Zafira... marry me!) who handle each other often slowly and gently, as if they really mean it. Great open leg shots, lots of kissing, sucking, and smiling like they're enjoying each other. I'm really surprised this card is not rated higher than it is in the grand scheme of things. My only complaint is that it is too short (33 mins), but still longer than many others here on DB. 9.5/10
This is the best duo I've seen so far. These 2 girls are totally hot and they are perfect together. Wow, Britney really knows how to play with girls. Is she a real lesbian perhaps? If you only buy one DB card, get this one! When Totem recruits new girls for DB, this should be their training video.
Britney & Zafira are my two favorite girls and together they are FANTASTIC! This is one HOT card. Highly recommended. Thank you girls.
Goddesses! Britney & Zafie are lush bodied babes who really put forth a sexy expression of being real lovers involved in some hot & lusty sexy lovin'!They are having fun being together & it translates into deep & real erotic explosions of cumming joy!I am smilin' mid-wank when Britney's look to me while she's dildoing an ecstatically CUMMING Zafie, says, "Hey Plas, you ready for some o' this? C'mon baby!" They're so good together! They provide what is so lacking in many DB cards,LONG WET, HOT,PU...
Very good
Just the sheer hotness factor of this card alone dictates that it receive a 10 from me, putting together two of the all time hottest Virtuagirls for a lesbian lickfest.But then the fact that this card is actually a really good card makes it all that much better, coming close to knocking my all time favorite Deskbabes card, Eufrat & Misa, out of the top spot.Very nice, indeed! You can't go wrong with this one, especially if you're as big of a fan of these two beauties as I am.
For me this card is the best for Britney and Zafira: a great Duo; the 69 is incredible, fantastic sound and video, very thanks :))
Didn't know what to expect from this card as i purchased it. Sure,both Britney as Zafira are pretty but no stunnin' beauty's. And,by the looks of the two i thought that their show at best would be mediocre.I was wrong. This duo is hot. Great oral play,great toyplay. Great card.
adoro guardarle mentre giocano assieme... Si vede che si stanno divertendo... Il sorriso di Britney è qualcosa di strepitoso... I gemiti di Zafira fanno risvegliare i morti... Assieme fanno sognare... E CHE SOGNI!!!
I have to agree with some of the other comments that this is a great duo but I think, Ashly and Cindy and Playful Ann and Zafira have a strong showing too. This is show great both girls are sex and sensual, long legs, dark eyes and hair, nice tits on both girls and great asses all around. They play well together an look like they are actually enjoying one another, all the while making it seem they are just doing the show for you.This card is hot, the girls lick, rub and fuck each other with dild...
Très bon duo, jouissif
Ganz nett, aber mir zu vollbrüstig.
=> PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
great pair, full on
4.5 (645 votes)

Duo with Playful Ann

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 587 MB

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User comments (24)

playful Ann is definit 10 in every way enjoy
Re: "Faking orgasms..." Say what? Playful Ann at one point even explodes!Playful is full on. Brit comes alive hear here. Oh I love how these lovely birds coo.
These two lovely ladies belong together. 10 + Great show Ladies.
I am a great Britney and Playfull Ann lover. Cute, sweet, nice, hard and horny! Thanks ladies!
Why does Britney not have a solo card??
This is an awesome card! I was already in love with Ann and watching her playing and being played with by another gorgrous woman like Britney really made this card one of my faves! Incredible!
Pure perfection. Sweet. Hot. Naughty. Playful Ann is a goddess and Britney keeps with her :) The only possible improvement would be DeskBabes 3D... And note for the leg lovers: Ann has her pink wedge sandals in all clips, and Britney wears platform heels in all of them too.
Two of the best brunettes in one single card, what else could be ask ? They're both beautiful, elegant and playful. They definitely know what they're doing and seem to enjoy it. I really love the scene when they finger themselves while looking at each other. The interactive clips are also great, these girls are in chemistry ! Stunning card !
Britney & Playful a perfect duo ... a nice 10/10
I am so glad to see more of Brit. She is one woman I could truly love for life.
wenns mal feucht wird im schritt ist die show zu ende ... zeigt doch endlich mal die nassen schlitze ... und was ich immer noch vermisse ist anal mögen denn die ganzen girls kein anal ...
Britney has always been one of my favorites. Great card!!! I hope to see Britney and Milissa togeter in the near future.
This is a great duo. Britney and Playful Ann what a comb. If there was any doubt before you can tell from this card Britney likes girls, an may I say thank you God. Ann is sexy and playful as always, Britney is hot and nasty. Both women are just plain hot and are it seems enjoying themselves just for us.Britney is another girl that needs a Solo card, they already gave Colette one now it is Britney's turn. She really gets into the spirit of what Deskbabes is supposed to be, to chics playing with...
Amazing. 10/10 for both. Seeing Britney and Ann standing cheek to cheek from behind was one of the most beautiful sights I ever saw. They're playful caressing and kissing as very nice and their natural smile through out the show leads to to believe they enjoyed doing the show almost as much as I enjoyed watching it.
awww what a great show Britney is stunning and Ann is pretty damn hot the more i see of this lovely lady the more i like :)
Geile kleine Fickstuten mit flinken Zungen
Totem, thanks for bringing Britney back, she's definitely one of my favorites. She's got the sweetest smile I've ever seen.This is a really good card. Both girls are stunning, and they seem to be into each other as well. Not my most favorite card, but a worthy addition none the less.
The sound is wonderful and the video is incredible: so hot and intense Duo. After this duo I have a dream : a Britney Solo on Deskbabes like a student and my screen burn, very thanks for this card :))
Deux jolies brunes qui aiment se faire plaisir, moi j'adore ! Merci les filles.
Clip Notes™ for b0086 - Britney & Playful Ann/Duo Pink dress and black heels; Hot pink dress, thong, pink heels 3. 0:09- Standing, No nudity 4. 0:28- Standing, No nudity 5. 0:32- Standing, No nudity 6. 0:35- Standing, Topless; Kissing 7. 0:39- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 8. 0:56- Table, Topless; Kissing 9. 0:39- Standing, Topless; Kissing, nipple sucking 10. 0:43- Standing, Full nudity; Nipple licking 11. 1:09- Standing, Full nudity; Self-rubbing, kissing 12. 0:45- Standing, Full nudity; Oral o...
They're both gorgeous, but there's something off to this card. It's like they're not QUITE enjoying each other. Sometimes it'slike they only touch each other when they're being told "that's what you do in this clip."Then again, when they kiss it's great.
Very nice show, i like to see that Ann cums on the vibrator, you see a small white blob, then too badly the video stops. Please Totem make it longer next time.
Cant Say I enjoyed this one too much, the passion was so horribly fake, and half the time theyre looking at eachother it seems like theyre trying to figure out if they should fake an orgasm yet..... really not impressed
Erotic and sweet girls. PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
4.4 (429 votes)

Duo with Colette

  • Shows: 19 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 424 MB

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User comments (10)

Hot ladys and a sexy show.
Wonderful show! Colette is smoking hot and sexy, makes me want to blow a load just looking at her horny ass. You can tell both ladies are really enjoying themselves.
Very HOT duo! Girls complement each other perfectly.
Very good duo ! Britney gained some weight and has now a beautiful body. Colette is playful and teasing with a very sexy attitude. Outfits are great, I love the black / white contrast. Hot scenes are all a success, with great angles, good interactions between those two girls, so a highly interesting show !
I love to see sweet Britny, but she can be very hard too!
Tall slender sexy Britney, with a short blonde curvacious Colette, I think that says it all for this card. Britney is warm her body just seems to get better every time I see it. I have all her Duo and Agree its time she got a Solo. Britney really enjoys playing with the other women, that is something that comes through well in this card a little more I think then others she seems almost excited to have a duo with Colette and who could blame her. Colette seems to enjoy her self as well, but Britn...
WOW!! The first time i saw Britney on VGHD i didnt think she was anything special but then she smiled and my world has not been the same since lol her and Colette are perfect together imo and looked like they were enjoying each others company lots of smiles, ohh and you are a honey Colette and i hope you are going to do a few shows for VGHD as well :) And even though there is a little bug in the card you cant blame the girls for that :) 10/10
Very happy to see Britney on DeskBabes.
I like it if the girls are laughing on Stage and these two laugh a lot. The really seem to enjoy each other. Colette looks just lovely and Britney looks nice too. At least One clip where they introduce themselves. A solid 9 for now.
not too impressed with this show....
4.0 (2497 votes)

Intense desire

  • Shows: 32 clips
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Bonus photos: 56
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 331 MB

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User comments (108)

Magnificent, wonderful woman. Lovely smile, great body. Sexy as hell. My dream woman.
One very sexy lady
Britney is beautiful in every way.
someone below said she is slow and boring. I may just be biased because to me she is perfect in every way. Her tits, rear, body, eyes, and especially that smile. I hope she never changes anything about herself. But back to the subject you just look at it wrong. I see her seduction as one where you just hooked up. You go out on a limb and ask for a striptease. She is shy but does it anyways!!! and then gets into it and reveals all!!! asking "Do you like it?".....Freakin yes i like it!!!! 10++++++...
hmmmmmmmmm hoo yeaaah baby !!!!!!!
Britney may very well have the skinniest legs of any girl on the site, but she's so gorgeous! Those big eyes and even bigger smile had me hooked from the start!The amazing thing about Britney is that while she's as slender as they come, she has a great ass! Plus, she looks absolutely beautiful in black. Even her stockings! And when she takes her shoes off... twice! ... it's just fantastic!A very pleased 10/10 from me! :)
superbe cette fille ce genre de fille je la croque a mort
Absolutely gorgeous! She likes to show what she's got, and I like to watch it :)
I love this girl. She has that innocent look that thrills me. Now I have no idea if she is innocent in real life or not, but her "light and shade" performance act is awesome. I LOVE her innocent look/naughty girl show. She is a absolutely a must have.
Britney is so hot, she has an almost perfect body, and her legs, mmmmmmuah!!! and her dancing is so sexy turns me on every time
Aparrently we have an officinado in our presense with Mr. Fumpser. Who wouldn't know good show if it hit in the face except for Zuzana. Britney is a lovely lady and worth the cost on special for 1 ticket.
Intense experience lady. Thanks for this one! 10.
ur so incapable hot bb wat was gonna happen if i had u in real bb;)
Britney - cute name for such an sexy Lady from BudaPest. The performance is excellent, well done Britney! Thanx :-)
Lovely legs and a very pretty smile, but no sense of engagement. Also, sexually explicit it isn't. This card should be down-graded to 'full nudidty'. Other girls go the extra mile, and get the credit. Britney should do the same.
Great body, good dancer, 1000W smile.
Slow and seductive. A killer outfit which does not stay on long. Love the stockings too.
Phew!!! Just HAD to get this for 1 ticket, but worth 2! She is HOT!! Not many girls excite me the way Britney does. The smile, the sexy teasing, that GREAT body, that sexy lingerie!, and I havn't even watched the full show yet!! Britney, Eufrat and Jennifer Max are my faves! I will get their shows, cos if a strip show is worth looking at, then make them THE best!!! 10/10 to Britney!
Without unnecessary movements This girl is perfect rate:9.99
Britney is my favourite girl on here she looks stunning in all her cards and being a sucker for a hottie in stockings this is for me her sexiest outfit. What I particularly like about her is that she can flash that beautiful smile and look so cute and almost innocent one moment and then look incredibly sexy and wanton the next. Quite explicit compared to many, she doesn't plunge, but she shows and rubs her pink bits a lot in all her cards. The bonus pics are amongst the best i've seen on here, s...
Oh yes! She's such a sexy girl when dances..!
Wish I could touch what she likes to touch. Great ass!!!!! Very sexy lady,great moves, yummy
Awesome! Hot - loves to play with herself - WOW!
Britney is good. I'm really impressed. She has been on the internet more than most, under many different names, but she still keeps it fresh. I love sturdy women. Well, pretty helps too.
She's an angel; 10/10 for me
Sensational. Lithe, pretty, good mover, lovely body and cracking little outfit. She is on the slim side true, but I would not call her skinny like some VG girls are. She also has that extra something, that look in her eye, which gives the impression that she is really dirty ;o) I can see why she wouldn't appeal to everybody, she is not 'magazine cover' pretty' but I think she is 10/10 sexy.
Here's an alternate perspective to the previous post. I'm going to give this card 10/10, forgiving the fact that Britney's moves aren't as sultry or energetic as some other models.I love her athletic build, her beautiful long legs, and her perfect breasts. Not only do the shoes come off in this set, revealing long, skinny feet and a very sexy tear in her right stocking under her big toe, but this is one of the rare cards on VGHD that has a clip actually showing her in the act of taking them off....
Britney is a perfect bodied, extremely beautiful, erotically charged, ultra seductive, fantasy accessible, sublimely moving woman of deep sexuality and sweet smiles! This is her best card of the 3 I have. She looks so good in those panties & stockings and offers some beautiful completely open, stroking poses.As I said in my comments for her "Love Affair" card, she's comfortable in her body and allows her sexuality to flow freely so IS sexy rather than trying to BE sexy! Her outfit of black bra,...
Einfach obergeil!
Very nice show on this card, lots of open legs. 10 out fo 10
I love Britney! I can't get enough of her. I decided to do a little web sleuthing to see what I can find out about her. She's also known by a few different names: Lulu, Brigitta, and more recently Brigitte Hunter. She seems to have been frequented some online sites since she was 18 or 19, during nude and solo masturbation videos. There's one or two videos out there of her doing a hardcore lesbian scene. That seems to be the extent of it. No actual intercourse. Too bad :)
Wow! Britney is a real beauty! I don't normally go for such a petite girl, but man, I'm making an exception for Britney because she is sooooooo deliciously perfect in herself. If you changed that body of hers by slapping a big pair of jugs on her, you would spoil her irreparably. Her magic is in her delicate form: her breasts are tiny but beautifully pert, her waist slim, her belly flat and smooth, her hips and bottom are small but perfectly rounded and jiggly soft and the legs are slim and tone...
I found her to be vedry beautiful. She has perky little titties, if your into bite size titties. I wanted to lick her pussy, it looked so sweet. Overall a strong 10.
Oh Britney where art thou... I am in love with you!!Please keep givin more Britney cards and I'll keep getting and I am sure so will many others.I have one thing to add... I feel I was wrong to commecnt that she looks bad in stockings on her other card "Sexy Valentine"She looks absolutely gorgeous in stockings. Love you Britney, you are a sweet angel.
Britney is one of my favourite girls. I have never regretted acquiring a card of hers. Amongst a collection of beautiful girls she stands out. Her dances seem like she is dancing for me alone, and I feel like I am privileged every time she does.
I love a brunette in stockings. Britney Has a perfect body, so I give Her a perfect (10).
There is somthing about Britney That . . . . I almost want to cum when she smiles, for her I can live withoout a little fur, She is a Turn on
some of the longest legs I've ever seen like a horse and the art of the tease.
This is not the best card I've ever seen. Britney is skinny and a bit unconfident... BUT, there are many good points balacing these lacks. First of all, the bonus videos. 4 awesome and very hot videos, close to action, just amazing ! Secondly, the show is quite long and interesting. Both taskbar clips and dancing clips are awesome. Britney isn't afraid to show her body, front or back. Plus, she's very pretty and charming, with a lovely smile. Pictures are also great. Very good card then !
Britany's Intense Desire is a good, slow erotic show. Her style is easy and sensual, gently running her hands over all her various parts, much to your enjoyment. Nice stockinged legs, very easy on the eyes, and a nice butt along with her pleasant average sized chest make for some great alone time with her whenever the show starts.The card is a good length of over 40 minutes, and the technical aspects seem quite good. Britany keeps good eye contact, often watching her own hands as she rubs down h...
Lovely, sweet, brunette with a perfect body and a bright smile.
Normally I go more for the busty women but Britney's smile can melt steel... this girl's face is WHY we need HD VirtuaGirl. MORE PLEASE!!!
Je pense que cette carte est ma préférée d'elle, elle y est très séduisante, sensuelle et vraiment très belle, une très bonne prestation.
A pretty girl with a nice smile when she uses it, only disappointment is her tits, I was hoping for bigger tits and larger nipples.Overall a good card, I certainly lusted over her.
wow, shes got great legs and a tight stomach. what a body
This is my second Britney card and all I gotta say is WOW! Like I said before shes not my type but I gotta give her props here, she is as sexy as shes cute and this outfit just looks awesome on and comming off her.[plus with her hair like this she kinda reminds me of eufrat at a glance} 9/10
My dear Britney, when you seduce me with slow motion is really make me horny, your pussy is remarkable soft and tender.. nice boobs... you real sexy... your smile make mine hot and big... and sorry i break your stocking so everyone can see your leg thumb.. love you "PB"
This is my first card from Britney. Perhaps her performance is a little bit slow, but her enchanting face, gorgeous legs, magnificent ass and adorable small tits compensate everything. I recommend this card, because she is very sensual.
Hesitated previously to get Britney but decided to take a chance with a special and have a look. Britney is a stunning looker and does a nice , sexy although kinda slow dance and show. I give her a 8 but would be higher if she put a bit of meat on the bones got some breast enhancement and perhaps a firecracker up the ass to speed her up a bit.
Pros:Superb card length @43 mins. Fantastic clip variety with pole, dance, and lots of hot explicit closeups. Never felt like I saw the same clip twice. Really really sexy card. Brit has a great body, but she also knows how to turn of the sexy. Soft, slow, & sultry moves--she's always moving & rubbing that hot lil' body. She's also not shy and likes to show u everything up close and personal--including rubbing on her pussy.Cons:A good slow sultry dancer, but she'd definitely benefit from adding...
I give her a 9/10 for her explicit show not bust or but. down load this girl and find out. woo!
great card , Britney is pretty dances decently, strips well and go explict her smile is a great quality. she could use some work dancing on the pole but all and all great card
As good as it should be. Rated 9/cause there's no-one I rated 10/.
I was so-so on Britney before this card ... now she has a shot at winning me over ...
She is hot a good 9, worth getting
Probably the best of Britney's cards! Every clip exudes sensuality, and Britney shows all of her assets. Highly recommended!
Britney's titties are well rounded and firm but to small for my taste.Her moves are seductive and explicit so she make up the loss there. Britney is worth the price and a 9/10.
A bit skinny for me but super goodness still. 9
Britney is a very sweet young girl. I like her body and her absolutely nice smile. She has wonderful breasts which really fit to her slender body. Top 10 for me.
Nice girl, nice moves, shows all. Some fingering would make her a 10.
Achingly cute face, very teasing & playful, slim & toned figure, perfectly pert little titties that I just wanna nibble on, short skirt, black stockings, FABULOUS!!!
Britney nous donne ici un show fort bien nommer. Avec son sourire timide et sa danse sensuelle elle sait faire naître un intense désir. Ses bas noirs sont un écrin qui met bien en valeur son corps bien galbé. Elle use avec grâce de mouvements séduisants.
Again... in all sets she affraid for something. 8 again. But shes body is perfect.
Quelle beauté, que du plaisir à la contempler.
I like this card a lot. I find Britney extraordinarily beautiful in this card. In other cards she is pretty, but in this particular one I just find her gorgeous.Although in theory it doesn't look that interesting with so much black clothing, Britney makes it interesting. She did a good job showing things that I like to see, flashing her panties a lot. And I found the style appealing both front and back.I don’t agree with the other comments that say her performance was not good. For me her perfor...
Pretty but needs a dance lesson.
Britney is gorgeous, legs that seem to go on, a peachy ass that demands squeezing, small pert tits and she's beautiful too.I lvoe the outfit, very classy befitting her image and the stockings are great too.But in spite of this the card could be better, maybe some explicit could have saved it, maybe some more movement...she could rate higher with a bit more 8.
This girl has a brand new pair of roller skates and she wants you to see; and see you will. Far too many girls on this site are just prick teases; they dance around and let you think they're going to put out, but then they never do (I suspect it's either because of poor management or stupid policies on the part of Totem). This is not the case with Britney. My very first sight of Britney, she was sitting, knees up, legs open, naked, undulating slowly with that sweet, wet, shaved pussy smiling at...
Wow Britney really out did her self, shes absolute sexy in this one, her moves are very seductive. Saying that I gave her a 8, the black bra and underwear and stocking goes really well and a nice color of a profession (stripper) and seduction. 8/10
nice petit body without being too skinny, and nice perky tits. I love it. And her face has the beautiful french look to it (i know... shes hungarian, not french) She plays the silky smooth, sensual apporoach beautifully. I wish she was a tad more active, but I'm not going to burn her for it. 8/10, but i'd say a 9 to most people.
Britney has an attracive face and like he long hair pouring over her shoulders, a slim toned figure, and come to bed eyes and a great smile. Small breasts but on her toned figure they are very appeailing, I like the black outfit especially the stockings.Britney has sensual hand movements on her body and knows how to tease. Britney has lovely long legs, gone for the smooth look which I think she would do better with a V or landing strip , nice little bottom and lovely pussy.Britney moves seductiv...
For my opinion she can make better of this, not her best card, but she has s so lovely body, and you gonna love her ass, hmmhmhmmh so much horney !!!
I hate to say it but this show was a let down. Brittney is great looking but she just doesn't give a very good show on this one. She moves slowly and really doesn't give any tease about the whole show. She is nice to look at but again the show is just too slow and her moves are not natural at all.
Britney is a hottie. But with no meat on her bones it's hard to rate her. She seems to be enjoying what she's doing. She has a good attitude.
average looking a little skinny and needs new stockings
We rated this one a 6. She dances too slow, doesn't doing anything to really catch your eye. This card is BORING!! Save your tickets for TARRA WHITE.
A pretty girl. Unfortunately, this show is not really worth seeing. She can't move and the posture is nonnatural. I don't recommed this card.
Brittney is clearly a matter of taste. To me her still photos are deceiving. She is not nearly as hot as she appears. Her face just doesn't do it for me. She is too skinny in the middle and her legs are like a pair of sticks that you'd rub together to start a fire. She does get explicit which is her one saving grace. Still this isn't the worst card out there. I gave her a solid 6.
im sorry but i just did not care for this one at all . bird legs, small boobs and her performance was poor as well to me. i just dont see what the others liked about this one. i like a little shape on the girls. as for the performance yall must be hanging out in bars. iv been in good clubs and there you will see good shows. and the pole danceing is a lot better. so im not going to be giveing out good scores to all the girls. ill give fair scores.
This girl COULD be a 9. She has natural boobs (always a big plus) that look good and have nice proud nipples, she has curves where they belong and an exotic attractiveness. BUT...This card is named INTENSE DESIRE, and there's not one thing about this act that is intense. She does not appear to be having any fun, she moves too slowly and as if she's unsure of herself and her movements. It all seems awkward and sluggish. If she sped up, got a bit more intimate and rauncy, and showed a little passi...
Very Slow,Poor Show,Looks Like She Does Not Want To Be There! A Sqeezed 4/10 Save Your Ticket!
Hot girl, Hot outfit. That is it.
I found this one kind of boring. The dancing is mostly uninteresting swaying movements, and she appears nervous. The way she moves has a rigid "forced" feel to it.I prefer a dancer to look like they're relaxed and having a good time, not like they're not sure what they're supposed to do.
skinny legs, no ass and average tits - a miss
sweet lovely feet clad in nylon, mmuahh!
Britney you are a super attractive girl!
Very, very, very attractive woman. Good show.
très bon show
Ah Britney, chaque fois que je te vois je suis émerveillé. Tu es ma favorite N°1. Dès que je pourrais je prendrais tous tes shows. J'aimerais bien que tu en refasse d'autre... En plus dans ce show elle est super sexy, bouge sensuellement et c'est ça que j'aime...
la berdad que es una modelo muy guapa muy buena puntuacion para esta modelo la recomiendo.
J'aime beaucoup Britney.....Super canon!!! Elle est très jolie et malgré un visage un peu sérieux , elle a un regard qui tombe dans votre boxer:) Et quand elle sourie , elle est vraiment craquante!!! Pour moi , elle est la rivale de Morgane , avec un physique similaire... Elle est langoureuse et lascive ... Elle a un très joli corps , avec des petits seins mignons , un très joli cul bien bombé et une chatte qui doit s'amuser souvent :)) Elle est un peu mince pour certains mais se n'est pas gênan...
Belle brune à la plastique irréprochable. On a du plaisir à la regarder.
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Britney hat ein rattenscharfes Fahrgestell. Sie hält permant Augenkontakt und ihre glattreisierte Möse sieht man in voller Pracht. Ihr Outfitt ist geil und ihre "very" Show ist sehenswert. Sie ist voll mein Typ. Sie hat einen makellosen Körper und wunderschöne lange Haare. Weiter so.
Britney hat kleine natürliche Brüste, lange Beine, eine glattrasierte Pussy und einen knackigen Po. Das Outfit ist der absolute Kracher, besonders bei so einem schlanken Körper. Geile Show !!! (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
BRITNEY dans ce show est merveilleuse. Elle est trés sexy dans ses bas ,j'adore. Pour moi c'est le meilleur de ses collections. Elle a un regard electrisant et un visage trés souriant. Ses petits seins sont tout mignons tout comme son petit cul. Elle est trés chaude dans cette petite tenue ca rechauffe bien en periode d'hiver. Un top maxi que je recommande. Merci BRITNEY pour ces nuits calines. I LOVE YOU!
britney est une trés jolie fille et son corps est parfait,mais ce show est triste,dommage!
Premier show de Britney que j'achète et je dois dire c'est plutot un bon choix. Très beau corps, elle bouge bien. un show qui ne tombe pas dans la monotonie... à conseiller.
delgadita pero muy rica
Show beaucoup trop rapide. Si non, ce ne serait pas trop mal!
Très jolie fille avec un corps parfait. De plus elle bouge très bien et à un jolie regard.
a good show, but many many may thin, so much !!!
real skinny girl, direct and suductive
Britney's Show ist leider nur Durchschnitt,zum Glück habe ich nur 1 Ticket gelöhnt,denn 2 ist die Show nun wirklich nicht wert.Auch das Outfit ist nicht so der Bringer.Ich bewerte die Show mit 5/10 Am besten gefällt mir die Show wenn Britney nichts mehr an hat und sie ihre Beine spreitzt.Sie ist sehr schlank,hat lange Beine,ihre Brüste sind klein,aber echt,die Möse ist glatt rasiert,für den der es mag,ich mag ja lieber eine anrasierte bzw.eine mit mit Landestreifen.
Ma grand-mère parlait de filles aves des jambes en crayons de quatre sous, Britney est de celle-ci. Elle est jolie et un sourire adorable, mais ses jambes sont trop fines à mon goût. J'ai donc désactivé tous les clips "en pieds".
3.8 (1558 votes)

Sexy valentine

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 45
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 288 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (39)

pretty feet in pantyhose!
Very pretty & sexy lady with a great smile.
This girl is perfect. So hot sexy and sensual.
Pretty lil girl with pretty lil feet doing pretty lil things with her pretty lil body. She may be 5'5 but to me she will always be 2".
Britney is exceptional; in a class all by herself. She is honest and passionate. Sexy and sincere - the purest example of what Virtual Girl is all about. I plan to purchase ALL of her collections!
Britney is absolutely wonderful!
Britney seduces me more effectively than any other babe on this site.She's right up there with Chems & Morgane for pure, honest, sexuality, delivered in an elegant, swirling, sensual style. Sensual facial expressions are interspersed with smiles for just the right amount of tease and serious "You wanna fuck me, don't you?" intensity.One of the delights of lust with a woman so fit & shapely is the curving of our hand up her taut, muscular, lean thighs and gently, right into her heavenly squelch!...
If I could give her a 20 I would , I just 10 is not enough
This show is so similar to Britney's "Intense Desire" card that I have trouble telling which one is playing. No problem for me--great shows, both of 'em. I love Britney! Shoes come off, 10/10.
Num! Num! Num! Dinner is served and guess who is for dinner! Wow! She looks ready to me!
Britney is dead sexy! And seeing her in black stockings just tops it off.
Britney is the best but I agree that the stockings are a bad acsessory on her they are too small for her thighs. but still not a waste of tickes
I am a bit unhappy with this one. I love Britney, its her legs that I was so crazy about, but she covers it with stockings in this. Though a bit disappointed, I had to get this coz I just love Britney.. MORE BRITNEY please!! (WITHOUT STOCKING THOUGH....please)
Wow Wow, I love this girl. She is very beautiful and I say get this card in your collections. PS I would love her to be my Sexy valentine. If only. Anyways Thanks Britney X
... ciut, sexy, nature Body with no marks, sweet Babe here, she has some that i like, clear and a near show, its a good 9 ;-)
Great long sexy legs !!!!!! A rate a 9 and a keeper
This is my type of show! Her outfit and hair are absolutely stunning. Her body is so amazing. Britney is one of my favorite girls and this show puts me over the top every time!!
Britney is a very sweet young girl. I like her shy kind and her absolutely nice smile. She has wonderful breasts which really fit to her slender body. With this show she's already in my top 10 list.
I think i have seen the sexiest show till now in this card A card everyone must have
0% trans fat. Good.
Ok shes body is perfect, sexy clothes but i dont like her face mimics, i think she is affraid, scarry for something... 8
Very pretty. Britney some very sexy moves and a great smile, not to mention a hot body.
Hmmmm! I like Britney quite a lot. She's very pretty and I like her shy girl look and she moves her slender body sexily and sensuously. The fly in the ointment though is in the fact that once again, Totem have completely undermined the delicacy of her body by strapping a hideous pair of platform clodhoppers on her feet. It's like putting a pair of ballet pumps on an elephant. They are totally out of proportion and stick out like a sore thumb, drawing the viewer's eye away from what they should b...
it just seems she wants to go further...
very pretty. I love her body (not her face so much though) She's so hot rubbing her pussy. 8/10
Une cruche sans véritable intérêt ....
Great, but a medium show, I rate 6.
She can dance and put on a good show. If you buy her its worth it, if you dont you wont miss it.
Those stalkings are hideous. and too small. Definitely not a show I would buy again. Just not good enough, I give it a 8, but only because she actually shows the goods unlike some of the other stingy women that arent worth 1/2 a credit. I wont be buying anymore of her shows. Way too many other girls that are sooo much better, like Axelle, Jana H, Marie, Eufrat, and the many others.
I' sorry, but my first thoughts when I saw Britney, was not man is she hot, but is she anorexic? Those legs are so skinny they are more like sticks than legs.
Ah ma chère Britney, comme promis je me mets à prendre tes cartes petit à petit car tu méa envouté dès que je t'ai vu et en plus je te mets 10/10 pour tous tes shows. Dommage qu'on ne puisse mettre plus...
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Ich liebe dieses Girl, ihre Show ist super. Britney hat einen wünderschön geformten und natürlichen Körper und ein ganz bezauberdnes Lächeln. Ihre Muschi und ihr Po sind einfach toll.
Ah, Britney, Britney, Tu es vraiment magnifique, dans ce show. Tu bouges très bien avec un corps parfait. Je te mets 10/10
very good show ! to much thing for me !
Klass Figur. Super lange Beine mit einem geilen Arsch. Macht ne absolut erotische Performance. Geile Pussy die sie wunderbar in Szene setzt. ---einfach Klasse----
Very pretty woman, decent show.
Britney hat kleine natürliche Brüste, lange Beine, eine glattrasierte Pussy und einen knackigen Po. In ihren 'very explicit shows' spreizt sie ihre Muschi und die halterlosen Strümpfe sind einfach nur geil bei so langen schlanken Beinen. Das Outfit passt gut zu ihrer Show, auch wenn es nicht ganz mein Geschmack ist und die Show könnte etwas mehr Schwung vertragen. (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
Je n'arrive jamais totalement à m'emballer pour Britney, pourtant elle est mignonne assez entreprenante mais un petit quelque chose de nonchalant me gène, malgré cela, je ne suis jamais non plus réellement déçu, on est avec elle très stable, pas exceptionnel mais correct.
3.8 (1550 votes)

Escort girl

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  • Duration: 40 min.
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  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 305 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (42)

I enjoyed the photos,Videos and the performance...It's nice to have an Escort Girl like Britney with me on my cyberjourneys.I always do enjoy when the girls sit on the taskbar facing you as if having a conversation with you(this was very present in this card).Obviously Britney is a Beautiful young woman and I'll keep her close to my Heart in Prayer as with ALL my other sweethearts.Thanks again( to one and ALL) who made this possible,and God be Praised!
Amazing body and has a way about her that is very enchanting
Definitely my fav out of all cards I have of her.
You know you'll have a good show when the girl removes her panties in the trailer clips. Britany in Escort Girl does that and more. The outfit has perfect colors for Britany, and looks like normal clothes until you see the shortness of the skirt and how easily (and often) it rides up.The show is slow and graceful. Watching Britany's swaying and sripping is hypnotic. If some moves get repetative, I have yet to complain. The looks on her face ask "Do you like what you see?" Yes I do.The card is a...
Nice, what a body. Is this the same Britney who also features in Deskbabes whit Collete & Playfull Ann?
Britney is one of the hottest VG i ever seen.. She is so sweet and beautiful, and on stage she is perfect.. shees a lady at the highest level.. Take Care Sweetie you are number 1 for mee and ofc rate 10 on all cards)) She have muscles and she is very slim and hard in here body.. I think she is the hottest girl ever on this site!!
Britney is one of the hottest babes in the world.I have all of her cards and all are super sexy.
Very hot. Good dancer. Great card.
She is one of the hottest girls here.
I've no idea why she's rated so low. Legs too long?
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
Britny is one the most hotest woman here. So sexy so seductive so beautiful a 10 pluss!
A very sexy young lady with awesome breasts, I'll be collecting all of her vids.
Britney your cute warm smile OMG! Your bodacious curves OMG! Slender sexy thighs that make "Colonel Sanders" cry! And your raw sexuality make even the most decent of men break out in a cold sweat! Perfect 10 Girlfriend! We Love You and We Want More??? xoxo's
Just what a real woman should wear for her loved 1. Great Show. Checkmate.
NEEEEeeeeDD More BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!! Please Totem get more cards of Britney!! She is perfect!!
B E A utiful! She is the perfect Virtua Girl.
Britney is by far my favorite girl. She is Perfect. Give me more Britney please.
A Pefect 10 Ten X
Wouah une carte très gentille et une belle fille très renversante. C'est une autre grande carte à avoir dans votre collection et à apprécier. Je pense que cette fille est très belle et donne une grande exposition. Merci Britney vous êtes un ange dans mes yeux X
Although Britney is not one of my all time favourites she is most definitely a girl to watch, her moves are slow and sexy, explicits are few but when you get them they are more than enough. I like the way you feel she is performing just for you, as she looks into the camera you feel her sexual energy coming across.A good solid performance here, all the elements that make this card good, but falls a little short of great, she could do a bit more work on her dancing, then her ratings will go sky h...
very nice girl.....enjoyed the show
Amazing! fantastic show. beautiful sexy outfit, perfect length skirt to hide just enough and show just enough.I love how the crease in her but cheeks hangs out the skirt sometimes XD
This is a card I like a lot. I like the conventional costume, I like the performance and I like Britney, who as usual is very pretty.I like the short skirt which is just perfect for upskirt scenes.I especially like that she shows and flashes her white panties a lot as that is principally what I am interested in seeing and Britney does not dissapoint me.
1 of the hottest striper i've seen
I can't believe it...she is so totally very HOT!!! Her tall lanky form drives me wild with passion!!! MORE!!!
puts on a good show best card i hace so far
Worth the tickets!
Britney is a very sweet young girl. I like her shy kind and her absolutely nice smile. She has wonderful breasts which really fit to her slender body. With this show she's already in my top 10 list.
Smiles a bit too less. Nevertheless a nice lady with a nothing but perfect body. Some pussy play, not too hard.
BRITNEY has a great show, wish she would escort me.
She is a beautiful model that needs to learn to strip. In this card she rarely smiles except when she is done, she uses the same lethargic dance moves and occasionaly appears distracted by her director. I'd rather see an average girl that is enjoying herself than beautiful one going through the motions. 6/10 for me.
Nice this card, a nice strip. Wonderful her as. Overall a 7/10
Disappointing to say the least. As great as Britney looks on this card, she actually seems distracted and downright bored at some points. Not her best at all...6/10
Un corps de rêve et un sourire magnifique !!!
super bandante!!!!!
Gar nicht mal schlecht! Britney hat zwar kleine Brüste ( was mir nicht gefällt) , dafür aber einen knackigen Popo! Die Show kann sich sehen lassen , das Outfit ist nicht schlecht, und Britney durchaus sexy ! Dazu kommt noch ein süßes Lächeln! Noch 10 Punkte!!
Et de 6! Comme promis j'ai acheté toutes tes cartes et je ne me lasse pas de te voir dans toutes tes tenues et tes positions... Espérons que tu en refasse un de ces jour...
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Nice outfit, nothing special.
une jolie fille, un peu trop mince peut être, surtout les jambes, néanmoins un très beau derrière, une tenue sexy pour un show un peu trop sage toutefois
Britney hat kleine natürliche Brüste, lange Beine, eine glattrasierte Pussy und einen knackigen Po. Schickes Outfit, und sie trägt keinen Slip unter ihrem Rock... so muss es sein! Lediglich die Schuhe sind hässlich und die Show könnte etwas mehr Schwung vertragen. (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)
4.0 (2341 votes)

Santa Barbara

  • Shows: 32 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 51
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 280 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (87)

Wonderful outfit as well as accessories.Great photos,videos and performance.I wouldn't mind sharing a drink with her(noted in some other cards).Reminds me of a slendid or magnificent day at the beach.I still continue to pray for me & others like me for the gift of chastity and celibacy.I'll always keep Britney as with my other friends close to my Heart in Prayer.Thanks again & God be Praised!.
das girl wird hier viel zu schlecht bewrtet,ok die bildqualitaet ist nicht ganz so toll aber ich habe hier schon viel schlechtere gesehen und die girls wurden mit 9,6 bewertet , das mädel hat herrlich lange beine ,einen schönen busen der gut zur schlanken figur passt,einen tollen arsch, sie bewegt sich gut und zeigt schön ihre muschi wwas will man mehr ,sehr sexy ,für mich eine top ten
Sehr aufregendes Mädchen in einer geilen show!
Pleasant to taste with heels, no heels. Britney is nice and very sexy
I like her breasts just fime actually.
Elle a vraiment un sacré cul 10/10
she got great boobs
I love Britney!!! Her thin, slender sexy body always gets me excited! She moves at her own pace, but just the right speed for savoring her! Those eyes, that smile, that beautiful ass of hers! And, I can't leave out those gorgeous feet; first in sexy transparent heels, then bare and beautiful as she lounges around and poses on that big balloon chair thing.. ;)She's smiling at me again as I write this, so I'm gonna have to go enjoy her some more right now!!!A solid, sexy 10/10
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Reminds me of good times by the pool with my gal Sherry. Tens on all of this ones cards for me.
Exactly (101%) the kind of girl I like and I wanna see here! She is a girl, a women, a bitch, a lover (as in the song) - she is a bit of everyting. She likes to show herself in front of a cam and I like to see her. So wonderful small breasts, nice feets and loooooooooong legs! And the view of her back....amazing. Sure it will be not the last card of her I buy. By the way - her face is very nice, too :-) Please more shows like that!
She has a very nice body, but that smile of hers is perfect.
I absolutely love this girl. She has that innocent look but she can also be so naughty. She is one of my favorite girl.
At firts I thought: seems like another skinny girl, but wow, when you see her moving she is got something that makes her really hot, now is one of my favorits
i love this girl worth the download. if you want more of her i found her name is Brigitte Hunter and heres a link with films and pictures! if you love britney as i do you have to check out this link or google her name
the most beautiful sexy girl on here!!!
really good stuff here.
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10;
This is the hottest and sexiest lady I have ever layed my eyes on. Would love to lay alot more on her.Drives me crazy
She is just fantastic, i love her skin and the way she plays with herself, worth it
one beautiful all natural girl.great show i just wish that the girls would have a little fur..
amazing! really amazing!Davide
Britney is one awesome looking chick. Her long slinder look is one to be envied. She has the ideal size titties. Not too large and not too small, just right. Most impressive about this show, is her pussy. It is fine, and she shows it alot. Oh, and by the way she has a captivating smile. A must have for any collection.
It doesn't get any sexier than this. A must have card. I will definately be buying more,(read all),of her cards. An amazing beauty with an incredibly erotic style. And that smile...
Very nice! Shes very hot, and extremely sexy... One of my favorite
Britney is one of the ladies on VG that excites me by just walking on to my desktop!She's a lean (NOT THIN/SKINNY)perfect proportioned super beautiful sexy babe with an ultra sensual stripping style.She has a gorgeous ass and loves to "kiss" us with it, wiping it across our faces with seductive moves that stir deep kiss & spank fantasies galore. Britney smiles with a playfulness that fully involves her lovely glancing eyes and teasing looks.Her body is close to perfect with just enough curve and...
Britney your cute warm smile OMG! Your bodacious curves OMG! Slender sexy thighs that make "Colonel Sanders" cry! And your raw sexuality make even the most decent of men break out in a cold sweat! Perfect 10 Girlfriend! We Love You and We Want More??? xoxo's
Some really nice eye candy 10
who does not believe in a god after having seen her!
Britney is very Extinct in her own special Way. The one that gets her is the one that has it all. Top Bikini Babe. Highly recommended. **********
Also gave this MEGA hottie a 10 for this show and 9 for all her others. She is naturally beautiful, comfortable on camera and exactly what I'd expect from a hot strip show!Hope they convince her to do able 20 more cards!
Its almost criminal how hot this girl is! Between her knockout smile and her amazeing ass its hard to do anything on my computer when she comes on. MORE CARDS, SHE NEEDS MORE CARDS!! A 10 in my opinion
NEEEEeeeeDD More BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!! Please Totem get more cards of Britney!! She is perfect!!
This girl along with Sharka Blue has me hard as a desert bone. When she turns around you can see that she has a large clit. Get rid of the pool prop, its in the way. Also this girl has a perfect shape. Good pussy play. The only thing I would want more of is lick those fingers and put them inside like Sharka.This girl is fine if you like sexy model types. 9
An absolute highlight - body-wise and performance-wise. Perfect figure (unless you are into short legs :-), beautiful face, a smile with a rare mixture of being natural and seductive at the same time and a smoooth and always erotic dancing. From slow and sensual to explicit and still sensual. Simply great!
absolutely amazing. just simply and plainly amazing there is nothing more that you can say except is there a way to give this praise directly?
This has to be one of the most perfect bodies on here. Absolutely fabulous.
This is indeed the better of Britney's shows so far and she has reached my top 10 favorites with this one too. Britney is a stunningly beautiful and very sexy girl with a great body that she's not at all afraid to show off.The only constructive criticism I'd have is that I could always do without that horrid pool toy, but that's Totem not the girls.More Britney PLEASE!!!
Britney is an extremely beautiful and very sexy girl with a great smile, but that's not to forget an absolutely outstanding awesome body with nice Pussy Lips!! she's not afraid to show it either ... some very nice spread shots from every angle and even some juicy wet lips.Especially if you like the fashion model type ... gorgeous face, small but not tiny and perfectly shaped breasts, long legs, shapely hips and a great pussy lips and 8" High Heels, OMG !!!I think Britney will be my new favorites...
Britney + Bikini = PerfectionThank You for such a great show.
Wouah une autre carte gentille et quelle fille renversante. Je pense qu'elle est un ange vrai, et je dis obtiens cette carte, et vous apprécierez. Faites- confiancemoi, comme j'aime ces fille et elle des expositions. Merci Britney X
I think she's thin but it looks like that's her body type. She looks healthy because she's fit and still has curves. Sophie D. is a lot thinner. You can see every bone in Silvie this girl is just tiny. I think she's hot. She looks much better on video than in her picks. I would'nt have bought this card without the carousel preview. It's a good show. There are a lot of clips with the inner tube that could go.
If you are looking for a smooth sexy performance then move on, Britney has a long way to go yet, but she has all the talent that is needed and one of the prettiest little pussies I have seen in a long time. Slow and sensual moves, very seductive, good eye contact, considering all things 9/10
Only mediocre performance, and also I don't find neither her face nor her breasts particularly attractive, but she - and I don't say that a lot, in fact it's the first time do on this site - has a 10/10 ass, so I just have to give her 9 points. But if you are not a big fan of the rear end, don't download her, cause otherwise shes just a 7.
this card would have gotten a 10 but the damn props ahain and that stupid inner tube or w/e it is called takes up 2 much space just like a stupid motorcycle
she's basically Morgan without tits, still sexy
this is one hot lady and the face is awesome.she looks at you like she means it,i love just looking at the awesome creature.
im not a fan of some of the clip, the one where she sits on the blow up float. but when shes just standing there dancing.... wow. she has an amazing body. shes got a tight stomach and fantastic breasts
Pleasant looking girl but is another one that far too anorexic. Put on a few kgs. and she would be quite nice but now is kind of great blue herron looking with long skinny legs and not enough breast meat.
Britney is as gorgeous as ever, long legs, small pert breasts and a captivating face...better than some of her other efforts this show is very good.She shows off her fantastic ass to maximum effect in this card, gives a tantalisingly teasy performance, blending innocence with naughty play...a 9
this gal is the bomb! a memorable performance!9/10
Mostly, I think EvilDave hit it on the head, but I like the smaller body, so I would give her a 9/10
she is beautiful and she is best one of my favorite girl her pussy is wow putting finger inside make me hot
I don't really know how react to this, my second Britney show. I liked the first one (Intense Desire) a lot, but on watching this one, I have to say, I think that, unfortunately, she has lost weight, and I just wonder if she may be bulimic. I think she really needs to put a few pounds on because her ribcage is showing a bit too prominently for my liking and her legs look to skinny. It's a pity because the intimate feel she generated in Intense Desire is still here, as is that stunning smile. I d...
Now that's nice! Beautiful face, tight. lean body, long lovely legs... This would have been a 10 card except for one thing - who was the brainless butt-monkey who suggested she use a big clumsy pool float in the show? She's trying to give us her best but half the time she's just trying not to fall off the stupid thing! Plus it strategically blocks our view of some very nice bits of her anatomy. Look VGHD guys, no one who subscribes here gives a rat's hairy sphincter about the artistic variety of...
She jump's she shoot's she score's ! Way to go Britney . Much better than sexy valentine , lots of spreads and rub a dub action goin on in this one . Zafira's still my favorite brunette but this one's a close second. Keep em cummin . 9
Wow better than I expected. Britney has just become one of my favorites. She is very erotic and sensual with her moves. I really enjoy looking at her slim tight natural body. Best of all she seems to love to show that pretty pussy of hers. Beautiful face too. A perfect 10 in my book.
That floaty isn’t the only thing thats inflated!!!
Absolutely perfect body. Looks are good too, nice addition to my collection. 9/10
Britney is a very sweet young girl. I like her shy kind and her absolutely nice smile. She has wonderful breasts which really fit to herslender body. With this show she has reached my top 10.
8/10 because of the annoying inflatable.
elle a un joli fessier
I prefer women that are a bit more endowed... but her ass is spectacular.
Fantastic card,she is a very senual entertainer. I'd highly recommend her.
Pros: Good variety in this card. Pole work, Teasing, great Prop work, and nice closeups. Good length at 36 mins. Britney is such a sulty sexpot! Awesome teasing, sexy attitude and a bunch of closeup pussy play.Cons: Pretty average outfit. Not my favorite body type. Britney is REALLY skinny.Overall this is a good card from Britney. She's not my typical type, but she's so damn sexy with her moves, teasing, and playing that I still enjoy watching her a lot. Not a must have, but still worth picking...
YES PLEASE! Spring Break yo'self
oh she's hot, no doubt about that. A nice smooth body, and a great ass. A beauty burnette. I would have given her a 9, but she needs to move about a bit more. 8/10 = solid girl, easily recommend.
Britney's concentration camp physique is offset by her angelic face and megawatt smile. Thankfully the make-up artist chose not to trowel on the dark eyeshadow and eyeliner as they are known to do. Overall nice show and nice addition to my collection. Can't help but wonder how hot she'd be if she put on about 10-15 lbs!!
Well, maybe this is her best card, Im not a big fan of Britney, but in this card she is a lot attractive, sensual in her moves and lovely her long legs.
She's a bit too skinny for me; small tits, small ass, big beautiful smile to brighten any-one's day. I love the Bikini!!
Sexy hair, beautiful smile and a great ass. Actually, her ass is really nice considering how skinny she is. Too skinny for my taste in women. If she was more filled out I'd rate her higher. 7/10.
this girl doesnt even bother to dance....dont waste your tickets...
I don't like this model type, too thin. She needs to put on weight. I'm feeling embarrased... It's a pitty.
Skinny, I think she can drop down any minute. She needs to eat more. I feel pitty for her. She shows not so very much, but now I like that. Skin over bones.
Gah. Bad props! Bad! *whacks with newspaper*On a related note, I could've sworn that "strip" meant to transition from being clothed to unclothed, typically in an alluring way. When I hit "please strip for me", I don't usually expect the very first thing I see to be the girl fingering herself on an inner tube. XPBut aside from those difficulties (requiring only a few "don't play this clip again" clicks), a nice show from Britney.
Et de 4. mon dieu que je ne regrette rien de l'avoir prise pour 2 ticket. Elle les vaut largement et en plus quand elle joue avec la canette j'ai envie que ce soit mon ****...
Britney est une femme simple, elle bouge bien, un sourire charmeur, on a envie d'être à ses côtés. 10
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Geiler Körper. Ihre Muschi und ihre Tittchen sind nicht von schlechten Eltern. Auf ihrem aufblasbaren Sessel gefällt sie mir am besten. 9/10
Stunning woman, not her best card.
Britney hat kleine natürliche Brüste, lange Beine, eine glattrasierte Pussy und einen knackigen Po. Das Outfit ist der absolute Kracher, besonders bei so einem schlanken Körper. Geile Show !!! (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Un très bon show. Britney est très mignonne et très attirante. Son bikini rose est très sexy et elle le porte bien. Dommage que ses mouvements ne soient pas parfaits et qu'il y ait cette bouée qui ne me plaît pas spécialement. Ma note : 09/10
Souriante et très sensuelle dans ses gestes, Britney nous transporte dans un show langoureux; souvent enfoncée dans une énorme bouée rouge elle se caresse lentement les seins, le ventre, le minou dans cette jolie bouée qui donne un air de vacances sur l'ordi, pas désagréable en cette période estivale; dommage qu'elle ne soit pas plus osée dans ses attouchements!! elle rejoind Morgane 8/10
Elle laisse une impression de fatigue... pour le coup, je lui donne 8
Une belle fille c'est sûr mais devrait s'ouvrir davantage. On a envie de crever sa bouée rouge.
Pas superbe, mais très sexy. Petite coquine.
3.9 (1865 votes)

Love affair

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 309 MB

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User comments (60)

The card is well titled. I'm sure many would enjoy a Love Affair with this babe.
Beautiful body, long legs, and a smile that never ends. She truly has it all. Perfect proportions, and again that smile of hers.
Britney is fantastic! She is gorgeous and explicit. This show is better than College Party. I recomend. I've rated her 10/10.
I am very impressed. Her look is deceitful. She may be small, but she has a smile that is enormous. Her titties may not be gigantic, but at least their not flopping all over the place. I also love her darker hair. It has been said that gentlemen prefer blonds. Hogwash, I for one prefer brunettes. It's all in the presentation, and Britney has presented herself quite well.
Beautiful, stunning, one of my all time favourites. If you think Britney is too skinny then go get Jenny McClain and stop your whining. Britney is awesome and rate her a 10+.
Britney is a lean, fit, shapely beauty, with one of the most serenely beautiful faces on VGHD! She is NOT SKINNY but lithe & lissome, with the body of a voluptuous ballet dancer,or a runner,with supple breasts & a curvy,incredible,ass.Her slow sensual seduction moves are so connected to her eyes & the looks she gives you so as to be liquid in their combined action.She is gracefully erotic,but also extremely hot & sexy. She spreads and offers her sweet cookie & asshole, as of she expects you to m...
Britney your cute warm smile OMG! Your bodacious curves OMG! Slender sexy thighs that make "Colonel Sanders" cry! And your raw sexuality make even the most decent of men break out in a cold sweat! Perfect 10 Girlfriend! We Love You and We Want More??? xoxo's
I usually prefer the girls with the boobs, but Britney is just plain drop dead gorgeous! Her long legs end at that beautiful ass, and she is very sexy with her moves,love how she touches herself....
Absolutely gorgeous. Don't understand why some of Brittney's cards have a rating of less than 9. Her graceful beauty and seductiveness and suffiecient explicitness should appeal to most users. OK, maybe fans of Sharka Blue or Axelle Parker are not into the grace of models like Brittney.
In my opinion Britney is the most beautiful girl on this site, and I love her moves, keep it up beautiful
Britney is the top! She's perfect, slim body, sympathic, with nice legs, perfect feet. I have an italian photographer and i would want to shot some photos with so perfect girl. A Smile for you. Britney.
Is Britney single?
Britney is hands down one of the most beautiful girls on this site. She has a nice natural looking smile, moves very well and has an ass that was built for worship. She is a 10++
NEEEEeeeeDD More BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!! Please Totem get more cards of Britney!! She is perfect!!
Hungarian girls are the best! i know!cause i live there! but i never saw a girl this beautiful! hope to see u in Budapest!
Beautiful, slim body, nice, sympathic, open minded. Finally a very good, erotic show, worth 2 tickets!
This is one beautiful girl with one hot body. I noticed in her video that she has done more shoots than the two available now. Can't wait for more of Britney!
Britney is an extremely beautiful and very sexy girl with a great smile, but that's not to forget an absolutely outstanding awesome body with nice Pussy Lips!! she's not afraid to show it either ... some very nice spread shots from every angle and even some juicy wet lips.Especially if you like the fashion model type ... gorgeous face, small but not tiny and perfectly shaped breasts, long legs, shapely hips and a great pussy lips and 8" High Heels, OMG !!!I think Britney will be my new favorites...
yea, maybe a bit skinny. but her smile and show are great. she gets a 10.
Britney is an extremely beautiful and very sexy girl with a great smile, but that's not to forget an absolutely awesome body!! And, she's not afraid to show it either ... some very nice spread shots from every angle and even a little rub-a-dub.Especially if you like the fashion model type ... gorgeous face, small but not tiny and perfectly shaped breasts, long legs, shapely hips and a great ass (like Nikky Case, Bernadette, etc.), Britney is definitely the girl for you!I think Britney will be on...
The show is show is very very hot.It made my heart and you know what throb with excitement.
Acceptable moves, but a perfect girl from head to feet. Shows her nice pussy often and clearly, one short look at her also nice ass.Hope to see more (more shows and maybe a lil more action ...) from her soon.
Wow this girl is great something about her eyes gets me going. As she said she seams a little shy but thats such a turn on
Wouah ce qui une exposition renversante et une fille renversante. Une grande carte à avoir et ejoy. Ainsi je dis obtiens cette carte dans votre collection. Merci Britney X
A lot of the eastern girls have very small untoticable peepholes which I personally dont like, but she has quite nicely defined / shaped one considering her slim frame whcih is both surprising and a welcome relief.Id like to see her grow some bush and go pantyless in pantyhose.
I like this girl. Her pictures do not do her justice. Yes, she is on the thin side but not in the same way Silvie Deluxe is, Britney has curves in al the right places and an excellent figure. Her dancing is sexy and sensual. The card was a pleasant surprise.
Gorgeous body. Very sexy performance. Could do without the shoes/stilts.
This is my second Britney card, fortunately it doesn't have the stupid orange tube like Santa Barbara. Britney smiles and show the goods.
Wow is this girl freakin' gorgeous. True she should pound a Big Mac or two or seven, but she is beautiful. I likes to see me some pussy and some hands in and around that pussy. Britney does this well and I am happier and harder and the better for it. My filter is set for only explicit and she does not disappoint. Solid 9
Very cute girl! Definitely has that college girl look, which is a big plus! Nice natural sexy body to enjoy and has an amateur and alluring feel to it. Britney puts on a good show in this one.
I have a couple of Britney cards and was not sure if I would bother getting any more as she is good but not really good. However, I read some of you guys comments and remembered how I like her puffy pussy and teasing smile and could not resist getting at her again.
Aptly named card. I love her.
I strongly disagree. 10!
Thanks for the harmless fun, you do a great job with your hands, others could take a tip from that
Very nice legs.One of the best girls out there.A ten if she would put a landing strip down below.A 9 otherwise.
Perfect body, almost perfect looks. 9/10
Very sweet young girl. I like her shy kind and her absolutely nice smile. She has wonderful breasts which really fit to her and a slender body. I still expect some more from her, but she could land, nevertheless, in my top 10.
You did a very good job for being "shy" you are very attractive, lovely smile, body is good. Very nice!! more of you would be good, also you have a very very fine ass :D
Wow, this girl has some legs and then some. Nice fit body.10 of 10
Britney is gorgeous, let's get that out of the way...I've always found her beautiful and with a fantastic body. If we were ranking on ass alone this girl would be a ten every time. I could spend hours watching her behind move seductively across the screen. Or those small boobs.Only thing is there's something missing in her shows, that little spark, that would raise her from an 8/9 to a 9/10Not sure about this outfit either, not my taste, but she's not in it for long!
Not a good show. She's cute. ass on the flatter side. Okay overall
Got two of this girl's shows, the 2nd I gave a toss it 6, here she give us a better show and I like it 8 almost a 9, cute body and smile, wish to see more of both (just wish I could preview before buying) *smile*
very 'young and innocent' looking, pert little titties and a nice body! great addition to the library, looking forward to all her outfits!!
wow.. for such a skinny girl, she has a nice ass
not a bad show but not grate ether
Well, Britney has a perfect body, with long legs and a nice round ass, in this card I like her hair syle, but absolutely I heat her dress, I don't like, it's not in my taste's. Im sorry, but for this reason I have to give her a 6/10.
Britney's a little to skinny for me and the clips seem to cut out at the wrong time. But she very gorgeous.
someone needs to pay this girl some money so she can get something to eat. i'd be scared to touch her in fear of breaking one of her bones. she has a pretty face, but i just can't go for the starving girl look.
BRITNEY est tout simplement ravissante. Je l'aime dejà ,elle a envouté mon coeur. Elle est craquante dans son petit ensemble. Beaucoup beaucoup de sourires dans ses shows. J'entends dejà un grondement de tonnerre dans mon coeur note 8,75/10. Elle danse bien ,un corps magnifique.Trés sensuelle. Un eclair de beauté vient de frapper dans ma vie. A trés vite cherie.
Ca y est et de 3. Franchement je ne lasse jamais de la voir et de le revoir. j'aime son petit sourire qu'elle nous fait de temps en temps et c'est pour cela que j'ai craqué pour cette fille. Ca serait bien qu'elle en refasse d'autre...
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Sie hat erschreckend dünne Beine aber ihre Show ist klasse
Britney est une fille avec un très joli corps et des courbes parfaites. Elle est magnifique.
Britney est superbe
Stimmt, Beine viel zu dünn, außerdem würde ihr anstelle der Vollrasur ein kleines, süßes, dunkles Dreieck auf dem Venushügel supertoll stehen. Die Show ist recht gut,mit einem absolut bezauberndes Lächeln dabei. Allerdings hätte ich sie lieber in einem scharfen Minirock dabei gesehen anstatt in in diesen Zebrashorts. Gebe für Charme und Show 9 von 10 Punkten, für Beine und sexuelle Ausstrahlung nur 6 von 10.
Une jolie brune avec un très beau sourire et un show sympathique :)
Très joli sourire, pas désagréable à regarder, assez satisfaisant même s'il manque toujours le petit quelque chose qui ferait décoller sa performance.
Britney hat kleine natürliche Brüste, lange Beine, eine glattrasierte Pussy und einen knackigen Po. Das Outfit ist nett, aber auch nichts besonderes. Dennoch eine nette Show! (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)

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