• City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 20 y.o.
  • Height: 5.9 ft.
  • Weight: 126 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 24" / 33"

Bijou may remind many of you of the Betty Paige type pin-up girls and centerfolds of years past. She has some nice moves no doubt, but her main strength comes from posing. Pictorial sessions and freeze-frame maneuvers that will have you haunting your mind long after you leave your desk with many memorable moments that will last a lifetime!

Number of shows: 11

4.1 (319 votes)


  • Shows: 17 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 439 MB
  • 1080p: 638 MB

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User comments (9)

Sometimes you're in the mood for a blonde haired, pouty-lipped, cosmetic freakazoid with an outrageously bombastic body whose artificial asthetic appeal will send your senses reeling! (see Kyrah really you HAVE to see her) ..and other're in the mood for that sexy regular gal with the freckles that cover her entire natural figure who you can find wandering any local Wal-Mart and that any guy with a job and a penis has a legit shot at...well Bijou fits this category. She looks...
Great show Bijou, you are a very hot and sexy lady, thank you and love the outfit. 10+
eine schöne lady.tolle karte lässt keine wünsche offen ,sehr empfehlenswert thanks totem great card
I've loved Bijou, great smile, great body. More Please
Bijou can do no wrong for me. Love the outfit an her.
Bijou is always simply the best, very very thanks for this card :))
Almost perfect, another great card of this beautiful model, nice outfit and make up.
Bijou did a good show she can`t go wrong with her. The outfit look good she is sexy girl that got better I thing. 9.5/10 over all for me.
Stunning, so much better than when she was younger.
3.9 (293 votes)

Breakfast at Tiffany's

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 493 MB
  • 1080p: 709 MB

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User comments (8)

sexy lady honey
Another great show from Bijou, a very lovely lady with a great body.
With this card I have the best card of my collection near Bijou / Auckland nights 216 that is my first card :))
always been a favorite of mine, great body, cheeky facial expressions, i'm really pleased thats she's back for a second series.
Lots of standing clips! But she's got those ugly shoes on all the time.
Almost a 5
I do love me some Bijou! This, unfortunately, is not one of her better cards, however. The dress she is wearing is quite sexy and very classy. She doesn't really seem to be getting into the performance that much in this card, though, and I'm not really digging the hair and makeup here. She's still very hot and her smile is beyond compare! I very much look forward to her next card.
Really nice outfit and show.
4.1 (347 votes)

Gangster Girl

  • Shows: 16 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 471 MB
  • 1080p: 681 MB

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User comments (15)

BEAUTIFUL you turn me on :-)- It suits you very sexy
Moi Bijou, j'aime bien, elle m'excite beaucoup, ces grands yeux rieurs et prometteurs et puis tout le reste aussi.
Very lovely lady.
a must-have. really. believe me :) 10/10
Bijou as a Gangster Girl is well worth your time and money. This hot lady gives a fantatic show, featuring flawless eye-contact while removing a stripper version of a pinstripe suit. Bijou still has a great smile and an overall sultry look. She gives great stripteases, showing off wonderous angles of her body; she truly knows her craft!Under the outfit, Bijou has average sized breasts with a pleasant bounce. The white thong is a nice touch, as is the normal heels that match her costume. She has...
First, I would like to say that I have never really cared much for this outfit on any of the models who have used it in the past. That said, Bijou is so stunning that she still looks great (as much as possible, anyway)! I am truly digging on her new set of cards! She just keeps getting better and better, folks. And that smile!
I love this type of outfit and with Bijou we have a boiling card, I give a vote to her: over the top :))
Finally, a model fitting Joe Cocker's song "You can leave your hat on". Such a sexy show, as is usual of all of Bijou's shows. And when the hat does come off her lovely long hair just adds to the quality of her performance.
I don't know what you guys are doing with Bijou's 1080 cards compared to the others that have been released but her cards look really clear and crisp. Even though i might have to upgrade my RAM so they can run a little smother without drag it will be worth it.
There are two things that make this show as great as it is: Bijou and 1080p. Were this show in the former, smaller format, it would be a good one, but not a great one and would score at least a point lower. Because it is in extra-huge, eye-lusting 1080p, however, it's awesome.Bijou is her usual self, doing her general striptease act with swaying movements and the O-face she's so loved for. Her beautiful, natural body and big natural breasts are beyond awesome and her Asian looks (though she's Eu...
Very nice!
the hat took away her beauty without the hat i would have given her a 10 but as it is i give 8
Just a "footnote" She does finally get barefoot in this card.
Quality strange pale shadow
Stunning, great show, great ass.
4.3 (372 votes)

Summer Lovin

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 582 MB
  • 1080p: 847 MB

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User comments (16)

Very nice show! Sweet natural body.
HOT CHICK !!!! :-)---- ( . ) ( . ) ) ( ( v )
For some reason, the better part of the pole clips are in slowmotion. It's a pity but it does not influence my rating of this show for it is not the girl's fault I just wanted everyone to take notice of it... Bijou is a beautiful girl with natural curves and a wonderful long, dark mane. The outfit in "summer lovin" here suits her very good and she's looking awesome in those high heels, which for my tatse she takes off too often and too soon. I still give her a "ten" because I enjoyed her show an...
This card shows Bijou can be fun without the glamour. She is not only the girl next door; she's the very sexy girl next door.
Wonderfull =10+
Man, I love this Chick! BIJOU is one of the original girls that I signed up with VG for! With a kick-ass all natural body and oodles and kaboodles of charm and personality, she is one of my long standing all-time favorites and I was elated over her newly relesed cards. Always a 10!
this card is great, Bijou is fully nude for most of it! I dont love the hat, but she is almost never wearing it! awesome right?
quality super
Bijou is always the best, I am her fan and I give her 100/10 :))
I have always enjoyed Bijou's earlier set of cards and I was happy to learn that she was coming back for more. The first card from this new set (Coastline - #1394) was great and showed that she has only improved with age (though she is still quite young - I hope to see her again in 5 to 10 years). This new card, however, has taken my breath away! Ye gods!!! She is simply gorgeous here! The way she moves and looks at the camera is stunning! She exudes such seductive confidence and that smile is a...
The quality of Bijou's shows are awesome but on both of the new shows that i have of her at times the clips drag or go in slow motion is this just happening to me?
I have to very much agree to some of the previous comments! The later cards of Bijou are far more recommended. Her body looks even hotter, her attitude in every movement is much more self-assured. pure sex!
No it happens to me to. and with all my show's . and like u I don't know what it is. D109out.
Bijou was one of my favorites back in the day but her prime is over. You can see that age is taking a toll on her and she needs to retire. No disrespect to her but they all know that day comes eventually.
Nice outfit, not the best, but she's a very good performer. Another who has matured into a truly lovely woman.
3.8 (736 votes)


  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 502 MB
  • 1080p: 718 MB

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User comments (32)

Wonderful to behold, and gives a lot of food for thought, as well as leaving some room for the imagination.The photos and videos were great.I'll definitely keep her close to my Heart in Prayer as with ALL my other friends.Thanks and God be Praised!I love you Bijou(but I prefer to call you Stracy).Oh and definitely a wonderful and superb performance by me.
Great show, naughty Bijou in action 1080p look so amazing, sexy body, suckable tits - just love that pussy! ;*
Desde hace años Bijou ha sido de mis favoritas, me encanta su cuerpo y su cara de chica traviesa! El bikini está sexi y ella no ha perdido un gramo de belleza...igual de rica que siempre, y con esta resolución mejor aún!
A little late but, Thanks for coming back, Great Smile, Great body, what more can we ask *^__^*
For me Bijou will always be a 10/10. She is amazing in full hd. Her smile is as stunning as always. The beach setting shows totem has more tricks up their sleeves. A big thank you for bringing this angel back.
Bijou, You are a beautiful young girl and put on a good VG show.I would LOVE to see you on DeskBabes as a SOLO or even a DUO with the likes of Victoria Blaze, Carmen Croft, and Sherry to name a few.Obviously, I do not know what you have done sexually, but I would LOVE to see you with a BIG Dildo in your PUSSY and ASS.Some would say that, I am letting my SEXUAL FANTASIES run wild, but YES I would do you myself.Keep up the work and hope to see more of you on both VG and DB in the very near future....
Wish me welcome you with DeskBabes I can not decide themselves forced I love you Bijou Nevertheless always 10/10
A other good comeback. Bijou still has it all and i read some comments about some people complaining that her butt got flappy and that she gained some weight but to me she looks better then ever a real al natural girl. And she still knows how to use that cute smile of hers. 10/10. Keep them coming VG can't wait to see more cards from her.
Ça ne fonctionne pas pour moi non plus ...
I just want to know if i had done something wrong with down loading her new card,but i down loaded this card twice and it`s still not working for me.Instead every time i click on this card it plaws one of my other girls instead of her.
not working funktioniert nicht
Quiero ir nadar contigo.
@Juiceelm - If you go back and look at some of her older ones. Her chest is about the same. The only thing that is really different with her on this VIP card is that she put a few pounds on. And after comparing the new to the old. I like it. I don't see her ribs showing in the VIP compared to the older cards.No one is going to look the same forever.
Je n'ai jamais été très fan de cette jolie nana souriante et plutôt bien fichue par contre la version taille géante passe très bien...
Great new card from a classic VG model! Her smile has only grown more gorgeously inviting over the years! I look forward to the rest of Bijou's new set with much anticipation!
Bijou is always my favorite girl, I dream to go to the sea with her in summer; for the best girl of the world I have the best music: :))
She hasn't lost her charm, welcome back Bijou.
wow she looks great in that bikini! and the quality of the show on 1080 is best ive seen yet
Bijou glad to see her back she still got's it and wow she might be older now but she still has that beauty so happy she back
Bijou's still got it.
I have always liked Bijou. And, I agree, though she has always been sexy, she is becoming more so with the passage of time. I am glad to see her back. I wonder if she will appear on DB?
Older and even hotter!!! Mmmmm, so sweet!!!
Wondeful is Bijou, I was hopening for her return, and here she is :) Much better of before, wow, she is Amazing, lovely her body with nice moves, maybe the outfit is not the best thath I seed and some clips goes on slow motion (Hope Totem fix soon), but in overall is a card to have for everybody !!!
I love Bijou's shows from an earlier decade. Perfect skin, great body, and beautiful face. Although Bijou is better looking now than she was then, the years have not been kind to her. Her body and skin have suffered the ravages of time. She's only dropped from a 10 to a 9 in my book despite having been run through the wringer of life. IMO she's never had a great ass so the added flab in that department doesn't bother me that much. I'm looking forward to her next show in 2020.
Ok I didn`t know you had to upgrade to see the show. And Now that I have see the show, BIJOU a very nice come back, I did like the color of your outfit and your show has got better. I like the way you dance and your body has gotten better at the age of 26. Your smile is still there.9.5/10 for me.
sa marche pas non plus
Agreed cala not that she wasn't already hot enough. Bijou is becoming an even more beautiful woman.
Bijou was one of the most attractive girl before... it s not the case anymore... i love his older cards and that s why i'm very disapointed with this one. I totaly agree with "Cherry2000" btw... 7/10
How long has it been since she did her original cards? I thought she was someone else until one of her old cards came up in the carousel. She needs to start taking better care of herself. As we get older we look in the mirror with a distorted view. One day she'll wake up and not be pretty anymore because as you age it takes work to stay attractive. That's a fact. Nobody rides for free. She needs to do exactly as people are suggesting and decrease her diet while increasing her workouts. Look at p...
joder nunca creí que bijou podría aparecer fea en una de sus cartas, que lastima :( sin duda su peor carta
This has to be her worst card yet.. She looks pregnant in it, there's cellulite everywhere, her stomach pooches out and her breasts look flat because of how extended her stomach is, her ass is flabby.. I rate this a 0.. I've already deleted it.
She has matured into a stunning woman, great show.
3.6 (1671 votes)

Air force

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 206 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (55)

This Air Force will have no trouble getting recruits!
La très belle Bijou dans un show très sexy et sensuel, mérite beaucoup mieux que la moyenne actuelle, vive l'aviation tchèque.
Great show and outfit.
Bijou has bewitced me again, her smile is breathtaking , her body is lusious. The choice of outfit my not be a fav of mine, however this is Bijou & she would be great in any outfit.
Allons y tous sur ces cartes ,elle vaut largement le coup profil d'une super femme avec sensualité et sourire agréable et canailluox je remonte toutes ses notes a 10 Allez découvrir véritablement ce Bijou
Holy shit, she is fine as hell. Her dancing could be better, but at least she isn't slow and boring.
Okay, she could close her mouth longer and smile more often. She has nicer dresses, too. But she is alltogether such a nice cutie, That it is worth looking at her any time. 10/10
Bijou - Air Force, has my cock standing at attention! Bijou has a body that I would love to spunk all over. Perfect breasts, great smile, pretty pussy,..I love this girl! 10/10
To many critics on this girl. Shes tall and beautiful. Everyone has there own style and Im pleased with her 10 body..
Wow!! There's just something about Bijou that gets me going every time I see her. She has a drop dead gorgeous face, killer body, shows you everything, smiles constantly, looks happy, playful, and upbeat. This card completes my set, and the only thing that would make me happier is if Bijou would return to do more cards.
Wow, Great Body, Great Tits but, outfit could have been better
Mmmmmm, I'm loving this sexy show from Bijou. She never does a bad show, but this one gives me even more of a rampant stiffy than the others. It's her beautiful bouncy breasts bursting out of that tight top when she pull down the zipper; it's those tight panties struggling to contain her jiggling meaty buttocks; it's her wonderful legs encased in those black thigh boots. Bijou is a hot beautiful lady - she has her critics, but pay no attention to these idiots; they have no idea what they're talk...
Bijou's tied with Lucky for being my favorite models on the site, and this show is the one i like best. I think it has to do with her smile and that she looks like she's having too much fun dancing for us. Either way, this is hands down my favorite show today
the outfit is fascinating i am very surprised doing it,but i am rating the show 10sorry for broken english
Bijou has become one of my favoured strippers here, since I like her pretty face, her full and soft tits and her cute clean little pussy. Her movements are ok with me and her open mouth seems to invite me to put something inside... But I miss her open her soft gates to give me an insight into her pink treasure. But its still a 9 from me. Detlef, Germany
Words haven't yet been invented to describe how much I adore Bijou. This isn't her best show, but it still gets a 10 from me. She's that good. Gorgeous natural body, flirtatious manner and great moves. She does do her "special" expression a lot on this show, but I happen to think she's very cute when she does. And her smile just melts my heart every time.
She is so great. I love that ass. And those legs. OH. OH OH OH OH OH OH YES YES YES YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!
Bijou has the unique "it" factor to project herself in human and dramatic terms. The movie camera loves her and therefore truly conveys her talents and humanity. Bijou, you are the 10 of the 10's!!!!!!!! Frederika aussie.
The best part is when she almost falls over and gives you that surprised look. ---Face 6 cute ---Body 8 Very nice ---Ass 9 so cute it's nasty --- Costume 9 very well done though not very military --- Dance 8 clutzy can be sexy yes but mostly it's the lips and expression that stands out and make it something to remember.Total= 8
Bijou does have a feline compartitas figure suited to Air Hostesses which in the process also reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. She may be attractive to certain category of VGHD Customers. My rating for her performance is just below 10.
I LOVE this outfit on her. She definitely sashays her booty around quite well in those light little shorts, and those boots work well. She overworks the pouty look a little, though. 9 out of 10.
Did not think I would like this outfit...but it gave me a chance to focus on her mouth...and I realized it is perfect! I like this girl more and more every time I see her. 9/10
Bijou - bugger, why wern't the girls like that in the Air Force when I was in!!!! :@)
Bijou is very cute in a playful sort of way. The facial expressions don't make her look like the most intelligent person I have seen, but she has a refreshing child like quality. I watch this when I am in need of a good laugh, but not when I want to me aroused.
It's nice to see a girl in green for a change; it's used too little, and goes with most complexions, including hers. On the other hand, I like knees, so the boots did nothing for me, and the knickers were a bit clunky. Incidentally, here in England it's notoriously difficult to get girls to buy green underwear. The reason is that about a century ago, when country girls wore very simple cotton briefs in white or pink, they didn't half stain if the young lady chose to take a tumble in the long gra...
Great show here. Perfect body, nice and tight. She needs to smile a little more but This is worth seeing for sure.
It's all real and it's all GOOD !
Wow, super-HOT!!! girl in uniform. I am totally melted by this from any girl, and Bijou totally pulls it off too. She looks perfect in the air force garbs and pulls it off amazingly. I can't believe how amazing this and all of the other cards are of the girls in hot military uniforms. Please keep this theme going throughout the site for lots of various girls. I would love to mess around with her in the hanger, under the parachutes. Yes maam, I am totally hard right now! THANK YOU MAAM! I would l...
Great girl & great show. Thanks Bijou X
Bijou looks great in thigh boots, but the rest of this outfit, particularly the hat and the overdone makeup job, is more than a little unflattering.The task-bar clips were a bit variable. In some clips she was wonderfully charming and interactive, with a smile to melt the hardest of hearts. In others she didn't do very much and in places she overdid that strange pout and surprised expression of hers again.In the pole clips, Bijou's movement was sexy and stylish, but lacked variation and her use...
Would be a nice card if she could close her mouth from time to time. As it is she looks like a fish out of the water in most clips.
Not really a card to blow your socks off. Some of her other cards will do that,but not this one. Still it is an alright card. She is one of my favorites, I paid two tickets for her.
A beauty! But the outfit she is wearing was also worn by Sandra H first. Don't the girls have their own clothes and accessories? Again, lose the hat, it sucks, takes away from the beauty of the girl.
in this show she performe her sinuous body, but her face is sacrifice outfit and show in the average
I thought her performance was good, and the uniform went really well with it, very slick and sexy, (if your into the military thing) however I give her 7. The performance is amazing but didn't really wow me, shes also a very fast, so its hard to enjoy her. Her expressions as well, shes has a great smile but she also uses the "normal expression all the time" I think its her way of seduction which is find, but wasn't totally expected by me.Xt
Nice looking, nice moves, no expression. Overall, a 7 at most.
Good show, but her other shows are better. I agree with BigManinTown below. I wish VG would stop using these goofy hats! At least take them off during the shows...
Great show, a bit explicit and I love it. I like this beautiful girl with her nice female forms. 8/10 points
Was ok,Needs to losen up some more.I gave her a 7 for a nice ass.
I like this young lady a lot but, this outfit needs to be burned along with that idiot gold outfit. For gods sake people loose the idiot hats.
Not much of a dancer. She's a mouth breather which is annoying. Nice tits. Her ass is nice the shorts just make it look weird.
Could please someone tell her just to shut her mouth instead of showing this extremely silly "oh" all the time as in all her shows that I have? She has a perfect body, really, but that silly "oh" face is hard to stand ...
I'm a huge fan of Bijou's and I have all of her cards...but this one disappointed me more than I thought it would. I don't know how she got all of that hair under that hat, but it was an effort wasted. I really care about any other facets of her performance...just wondered "why the hell the hat"?
ugly and she seems to be having a spaz-attack meth moment. I gave her a 5 tops becuz she has real tits and a shaved pussy. don't waste your money on using tickets to buy her. If you are curious to see what she has to offer, wait until she comes up on your calendar. there are much better purchases out there.
I hate to disagree, but I thought Bijou, in this set at least, has absolutely NO sex appeal. Her movements are somewhat awkward, and her facial expression (and excessive eye make-up) cause her to look disconcertingly like one of those inflatable dolls I've seen advertised. Her body isn't nearly as tight as Jana or Mina, either.
Extremely boring, I have 2 more cards, will let you know how it works out
Only one I hated..... Takes notes from Sandra H girls.
Avec Morgane, Ariel et Carmen, voilà des poitrines qui me font alluciner ! Ça bouge bien, ça (se) donne bien du plaisir et le "reste" est à l'avenant.
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Bijou hat fantastische natürliche Brüste (wie sie schöner von Form und Größe nicht sein könnten), einen netten Hintern und eine blank rasierte Pussy. Das Outfit (besonders die Stiefel) sind sehr geil, lediglich das ihre schönen Haare unter dem Cappy verschwinden, ist sehr schade. Der häufig offene Mund lässt sie manchmal etwas dümmlich aussehen, dennoch eine sehr sexy Show. (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
Meine Bijou dieses Mal in einem für sie nicht so passendem Outfit. Schade. Bijou ist sonst so hübsch und sexy. Für diese Klamotten leider nur 8/10
Elle a un corp qui ne donne qu'envie de faire l'amour JE BANDE JUSQU'AU PLAFON lol
Bijou, toujours jolie ! mais peut mieux faire !
I wish I could see her wearing this outfit as she is now. Okay show, nothing special.
Not My Type...
4.0 (3065 votes)

Tango fire

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 39
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 246 MB

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User comments (141)

I Love you even in this quality!!! 10+ you are fantastic ...
I love this sexy lady. Hope to see more of her soon.
Obwohl Bijuo nicht meine Traumfigur hat, turnt sie mich in dieser show total an. natürlich ihr tolles Gesicht und Ihr Ausdruck, aber auch eine sehr geile show!!!
She is very beautiful and I enjoy when she performs. Thanks so much.
Bijou in Tango Fire is a great fun show. There's an asian feel to the card, from her hair style and make-up, pleasantly short robe, and very nice bra and panty set. Bijou gives an energetic and expresssive performance. She has a very nice figure, great gams, nice sized jiggly breasts, such a cute smile and adorable pout, you'll just let the show repeat a lot.With her attention grabbing cleavage and a robe so short it's like automatic upskirt shots, Bijou prances about, obviously having great fun...
I just love Bijou, she makes my pussy EXPLODE!!!!!!!
Butter cream at its best;-)
ce sourire,ce chaloupement,ces seins tendres qui se balancent doucement,ce noir et rouge si torride,ce dos magnifique,bijou est vraiment magnifique,j'aime beaucoup ses jambes se fracassant sur ses fesses délicates .elle ne rechigne pas à nous faire admirer son fort joli petit sexe.J'adore aussi quand elle fait sortir ses seins de son soutien gorge...sublime
I thought Bijou's sunset BLD was going to be her best, i was wrong. Tango fire blows that card out of the water.I did not think she could be more sexy but she proved me wrong. Those eyes, that smile, those boobs. All in all a joy to watch . Not what i would call explict but i did not care. She is 1 of my all time favs. In my opinion she is worth the tickets.
Sexy brunette with a tight ass.
This is my favourite look from Bijou's set of 6 cards. She looks absolutely wonderful in this outfit, the hairstyle suits her and the makeup job is perfect in this one.On the task-bar this was Bijou at both her sexiest and most charming. Her usual expressiveness was toned down a little here and she, again, was not particularly active, but her fantastic sense of viewer interaction and seductive teasing were well in evidence.Her pole routine was stylish, dynamic sexy and entertaining, if nothing o...
She is a great surprise for me, I like her boobs and body. Has Sympathy and looks to the camera. Also good Rythm and shows her full nudity. I recommend her.
hey does anyone know if this is a vid from this girl? i just found it a little bit ago..
She's so hot.
Schlechte Nachrichten für Euch alle: Das Mädel tanzt nur für mich! Jedenfalls versteht es Bijou hervorragend dieses Gefühl zu vermitteln. Wunderschöne Frau, geile Show - von mir glatte 10 Point's.
Bijou is my favourite. I bought her card but the show dis not download. I am really upset.
very nice,very nice indeed, lovely.
Sexy lady!
cette fille porte super bien son pseudo,car c est un vrai petit bijou de beauté,de sensualité,de coquinerie,de gaieté avec son beau sourir,et une vraie petite perverse car elle n hesite pas a tout nous devoiler de tres belle facon!!! a posseder dans sa collection !!! 10
Bijou c'est un physique de bombe, allié à une certaine espièglerie qui donne un mélange détonnant, on admire, on désire, on est au supplice, la bête en nous se réveille.
It is very hard, even impossible, not to love Bijou. She is inside my Top 5 best VirtuaGirlHD performers and this card exemplifies why she holds such a high rank with me. Obviously, she is extremely beautiful, very well-built, and is by far one of the best-looking desktop dancers on VirtuaGirl. Probably her best card here.
Sexy body :)
She is my favorites, I like the look of her plus she is built.
I've put off getting one of her cards for ages, not sure why, but being on Special Offer I couldn't pass on the opportunity, and boy I'm glad I didn't, I've have been happy spending two points on this card.I love the outfit, it's a real turn on and Bijou fills it wonderfully. She's hotter in the vids than I was expecting, with some wonderful expressions as well as a hot body (and I've just spent 3 hours with Carmen Gemini playing to aid my 'reviews' so if Bijou can still impress me that much aft...
C'Mon, Totm...let's see an Ariel and Bijoux card, please! Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!
I love Bijou. she has a nice body & nice looking, nice size breasts
When I saw the preview I was not impressed, and I was set to give it a low score, but this card surprised me. I’ve been charmed by Bijou’s attitude and natural look. Here in this card is a lovely subtle flavor that is not overly aggressive that I enjoy very much.
Bijou has such a beautiful and warm smile that will melt your heart and a body that will make you HARD! This girl has me mesmerized everytime she comes on my computer. 10/10
Wonderful model.Love the way she spreads her legs and shows her pussy.She should have inserted a finger or two.Wish more models on this site with go unshaven.Also wish that she got nude faster.Too models on this site wear there close too long.Every model on this site should GET NAKED FASTER...
This chick is obviously an up and comer on this site. she has a gorgeous face, hot bod, and lots of enthusiasm and smiles. great eye contact, and loves to tease. her dancing is just a bit stiff here, but loosens up in the more explicit clips. give her a 9, simply until she gets more dance moves, but wouldn't be surprised if she goes far on here.
Bijou - i can watch the whole day and night at Tango Fire - so sexy and hot is this show!!! Thanx :-)
One of my favorites; playful and sexy. Totally delicious body. Nice underwear set. Like the way she sways.
looks like a woman that would look fantastic walking out of the shower or after running ,,,,, enjoys showing her body off :)
wow !!! i just really , really , love your body !! you are always so comfortable with your self ,, huge advantage ,, i give you 10 ,, easy ,, :)
I wasn't sure about this one. I've started to download 24 different girls over the last few days to see what else I might be missing out on. This is one of the first ones to download and boy am I glad I ventured away from my usual favorite 4 girls. Bijou has the best proportions of any women on this sight. Including my favorite girl Ariel. She has one long clip in this card where she comes out fully clothed and slowly gets down to her B-day suit. And although she does pretty much the same dance...
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10;
Outstanding! Smooth professional... good eye contact and an excellent interview.
Great figure! Great facial expressions! BEST Dancer on this site!
Sexy figure...she even set me on fire...^^
Bijou: Tango Fire- set my PC on fire. Her soft delicate boobs, sexy smile, soft boody, beautiful shoes, self spanking speak for itself. Let's not forget the flirtatious smile. She is is incredible hot.
WOW! Bijou. Not more needs saying. I gave her a 10/10. However buyer beware. She is not the best dancer on the sight. However, when I look closely at her there are times that she reminds me of Maraih Carey. YEAH! Mariah Carey.
God, I love her ass. If my wife ever finds about her...
Is she all there? I love her because she is a bit eccenteric xxx.
She and all her performances are by far my favorite so far. I've seen some of her other work as well...makes me wish I was a virtual guy on the desktop handing her tips.
What a cuty! Tastes are different, but to me she is one of the prettiest lttle things you ever did see.
I have loved BIJOU from the beginning.She is so hot...This show was great.Guys always talking abou her about her mouth.Well if you notice,all the girls do it, even in a real strip club.It's just a sexual exspression they all do.I think it's hot.BIJOU does it very well,along with her beatiful smile.It's a big turn on.But i've always said,if you don't have something to to say god about a person ,don't say nothing at all.THIS HONEY IS A BIG 10.....
Spidrmonkey, you're like a fucking cracked record, man! If she's sooo fuckable, what are you looking at her gob for? Can't you get it up or something?
Perfect! Nothing beats all natural. love her.
Sensual, succulent, seductive, with a hint of innocence.
UNBELIEVEABLE SHOW!Bijou is a living legand...only naked
This girl is very beautiful and HOT!!!
She is so hot and oh so naughty
What a fine looking lady!!!! She's really has it all, great looks, great body, great personally. Wish she was mine! Looking forward to seeing more of her soon! A must for all you collectors!!!! BIJOU, how 'bout sending me a pic!!!!
as always Bijou is beautiful and well done
Tres souriante et avec un beau spectacle :) merci
!!!!!!!jesus!!!!!!i about fell outta my chair wen i first saw her come out..she makes u want her from her playfulness rite away..her beauty is top notch..her close ups r to die for.any man that doesnt find her attractive must b blind or gay.
I am speechless after seeing this show.... man.... she iz too seductive.... This card iz MUST....
Bijou simply oozes with playfulness and sexuality and has absolutely a PERFECT body!
My dear Bijou, if you were not only spreading your legs several times really nice and wide, but open this cute and tender little treasure box of yours and let have me one (or even more) insight into it - you would be near to perfection.
As soon as Bijou hits the desktop and fixes you with that lovely smile & sexy cooing mouth, atop her tall leggy body in that hot short skirt, with her bouncing breasts 'n' fabulous swirling hips, hubba hubba, bubba, you know you're in for a hot peach of an erotic ride! Statuesque and beautiful, she dances with an unparalleled exuberance and joy of offering you her sublime beauty. All dancers here should be shown her vids to learn how to smile & offer it all with passion!Her honey of an ass bumps...
this girl is more then a ten more like a fifteen she is so hot she burns up my screen and if you do more looking on the web you can see a whole lot more of her like oh my god stuff look welll worth it
Very nice show excelent outfit and sexy shoes, she is perfect ont this show she looks just very hot and sexy very power full moves and she knows how to touch her self to make you fell hot and sweety!More Bijou please, keep the good work baby you have been make very big fun club of you!!***&&&(the Bijou fun club)&&&***
Another great show by Bijou. She is an awesome looking woman and one of my favourites.
her tits are just wonderful, they shake and bounce beautifully, with the tit-flesh undulating just perfectly. And yes, like everyone else says, she looks like she really enjoys what she does! And with a beautiful smile. :)
Bijou is so playful and sexy, I could watch her all day. Wonderful set!
Toooooo hot. A must in the collection
This girl knows what we want to see... a lot of (close up)explicit and full nude shows in this one. She's not affraid to spread her cheeks!!! Nice Ass, Great Tits!
Bijou is just so Sexy i would to see more of in High Heels i.e. five to six inching.
Bijou is rapidly becoming my fave! Loving all 4 of her cards I have. Great closeup scenes and dancing. Those breasts are out of this world. Wow.
This girl will set you computer on fire. She is that hot on this card.
i love you bijou
lğ pğ pğ üğ ğü üğ ğü
i like every single moves.. very sexy!
This show pretty much features everything I love about Virtuagirl. Everything is perfect. The style of her hair, her amazing outfit. She's beautiful with moves that are sensual and breathtaking. Few virtuagirls can compare. As usual, Bijou gets 10 out of 10. Watching other girls will make you feel like you're cheating on her! Thank you Bijou. Please come back for another take.
Very Sexy Show. Stunning 11/10 Thankyou BIJOU All the best to you for 2008 X
It's probably impossible to find a women perfect as her !!!
She's my favorite! Amazing body, great moves and the most beautiful smile you can find.
BIJOU love your smile nice body, I did like the show. Very sexy this is my first card of her just might get another card to enjoy her more. My rate on BIJOU is 9/10.
I was surprised just how much I really enjoyed this card from Bijou! Her smile is beautiful and her body is fantastic, but what did I enjoy the most? Bijou jiggles! Yes! And not just her full, natural, beautiful breasts, but her gorgeous, round ass too! What a treat to watch!Bijou impressed the hell out of me on this card and I'm giving her a very pleased 9/10! :)
Bijou is so lovely girl!!She has awesome body,long sexy legs,she wear sexy high heels.Her natural boobs are awesome,not too big,not too small,really perfect size.She make them bounce so sexy.She has so lovely face and smile so great.She dances very well and sexy.But some scenes are too short.She shows full nudity and spread her ass wide with her 2 hands in 2 scenes.She shows her perfect doggy.too bad she never rub pussy.I would have loved more scene with full nudity and pussy exposed.Anyway this...
What a pleasant surprise: After seeing a lot of lame, boring shows (yes, GWEN, that means you!) I was beginning to be skeptical if it was even worth it buying anything. But BIJOU is not such a disappointment. Her show is rather lively. The EXPLICITY could be more explicit though, like MAI-level explicit or CHEMS-level explicit or ALIZEE... .
very pretty, love the outfit. great body. she moves well. only minus, she wears too much make up. i know its a funny thing to comment on, buit i really feel it detracts from the show in this case. still, a great all around show.
She is one of my favorites, I like the look of her plus she is built.
My dearest bijou, you always make me warm, all the things from you always be a remembering, your boobs your pussy are best... your smile... and you are the best blow "J" girl friend that i have, finally you still keep my black dot i give you in your ass... love you babe. "PB"
Definately worth the download... Very nice body and moves to match! nice picture collection as well!!! YUMMIE
this is bijou hotest card i gave it a 8
Bijou is a very high energy performer and has a very sweet quality to her. At times I wish I could slow her down bit, not sure what that would take, but I ahve a couple ideas. No regrets getting any one of her shows.
I am guessing this was one of Bijous first cards. In Paradise she's much prettier, smooth dance routine, and more explicit though she puts on a hot show here. I would Tango, Salsa, or Bedroom Rumba with this Hot Tamale anytime. Bijou earns a 9.0
yeh, I like this honey. Nice pair of breasts.
Bijou's smile is worth the ticket! Hot body too...9/10.
How is that possible, that half of the girls on this site are from Czech Republic, and they're all so damn HOT??????????
Perhaps the best show from one of the best models on this site! Highly Recommended!
With out a doubt she has some of the best moves on the site. Great eye contact, beautiful body and an inviting smile. Stays very active, not many slow sections in her show. A+
she is very nice deserves a better rating
This fantastic sexy smiley girl who moves like a dream and flops her beautiful tits about is up with my greatest favourites. One of the first downloads I had, she is always a turn-on. I love her.
I think the hairdo and makeup don't do her justice at all. Looking beyond that, she is quite attractive and give a good show.
Yes, i like her:)
What a hot ticket she is ... explicit and such a fine ass. I like this ... very much
Nice and natural body, a lot of explicit scenes showing her great pussy and ass.
Those legs...oh my fuckin' GOD!!! I would love to tango with you girl... I have this card on constant favorites. I watch it alot, and I never get sick of it. Bijou really shines in this card. She looks so good in the sexy outfit she has on. I give her body a 10...absolutely perfect.
I adore Bijou; she’s such great fun and obviously enjoys what she’s doing. There’s that gorgeous, fit, strong body, with scrumptious tits and beautiful, long legs. She has genuine and enticing pretty smiles, showing a good sense of humour – I’m certainly looking forward to her next show.
Awesome enthusiastic with personality plus. Would love to get stranded in a elevator or ship wrecked with this one as she will keep you smiling and a must have for your collection. Very Hot indeed.
this show is really nice, its my first one, and it looks so sexy, so hot. i love bijou, it was a nice purchase ^^
I like this girl, very pretty face, nice tits, and a finest body, but sometimes I find a little bit strange moves, she seems static in some clips, and even I don't like when she makes strange face, whith mouth open. But in overall this is an avarage card. 8/10 here.
This girl has a really nice body and good moves if a little fast at times. I wasn't sure about her face though but when she smiles you get it. She should smile like that all the time.
The Doctor’s personal assessment – Appearance 9 (not so sure about the hair, smiles, best NATURAL tits in VGHD and I want that gorgeous open mouth on me, gorgeous skin and what bruise;); Outfit 10 (stylish, black is beautiful and the lingerie VERY FN); Technique 9 (she has been better); Dance 9; Rhythm 9; X-Factor 8; Hardness 10; Nudity 10 (come on in); Final rating (average) Bijou has really grown on me but ‘Flamingo Rd’ card is still the pick 9.25
She does'nt have a supermodel face like many of the other top rated girls, but she has a rockin' dancer body with stunning natural tits that jiggle and bounce. NICE!!. In her dances she moves virorously enough to where her tits seem to be dancing too. If you enjoy jiggle titty tv this girls has the stuff
Great show, a bit explicit. My second card of her and I love it. I like this beautiful girl with her nice female forms. 9/10 points
Goofy expressions that just make me smile. Beautiful natural body to die for, ow!
Her mouth never really closes much so she resembles a blow-up doll in that regard. If you can get past that, the body's quite rockin'. Very nice natural tits. Kinda amatuerish moves though. Still a favorite and glad I spent my tix.
Hot baby with not very inteligent looks. This gets me mad! Maximum 7.
Ummmm no. I agree about the playfulness, but this definetly doesnt do it for me. Whats with all the weird faces she makes? Its kind of awkward. Definitely better shows out there. 6*
I love the high heels & she has a great body. But this is not my taste. Sorry Bijou.
Without her silly face it could be a great show, but the face destroys a lot ...
girls photos are better than her clips...fooled me...girl is really a little porky and dont do nothing for me...sorry
better than most love her face expression.
She has a great pair of tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice body and dancing but she never closes her mouth, that's not sexy at all.
I bought this card based on all the positive comments, but I don't really get it. Nice tits, but her face...well, its just not that attractive to me.
Another awkward dance... She really doesn't seem to know what she's doing. A little chunky for my taste.
Great outfit on her.
Oh yes ich bin immer "on fire" bei Bijou. Ich als Tangotänzer kann nur dahinschmelzen bei so einer scharfen süßen Lady. Tolle Show, Sexy Bijou 10xx/10
Le maquillage est un peu appuyé, mais ces sous-vêtements rouge et noir lui vont divinement bien. Pour 1 ticket, il ne faut pas hésiter. Merci Bijou !
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Une vraie beauté, des formes superbes. Je me délecte à contempler et scruter son corps...
bijou est l'une de mes preferée j'aime ces shows (sa poitrine est magnifique)
Bijou, je reste sur ma faim.
Décevante. Des seins trop écartés et un peu raplapla..... 6 au plus.
Un bon show. Bijou a toujours son physique agréable et porte une tenue très sexy. Dommage que le maquillage soit trop prononcé et je n'aime pas particulièrement sa coiffure non plus... Ma note : 08/10
J'avais un apriori pour acheter cette carte... Mais je ne suis pas trop déçu car Bijou fait un show conventionnel , mais honnête... Bijou parait très gentille et très drôle , c'est important non?? C'est une jolie fille avec un cul très mignon et une belle petite chatte bien épilée... On a envie de lécher ce bel abricot avant de lui donner l'assaut final :)) Ses seins sont bien mignons aussi!!! Je lui met 8/10 car elle ne s'occupe pas assez de sa chatte!!! Si tu veux , Bijou chérie , je peux m'en...
Bijou, tu as l'air tellement naturelle et heureuse quand tu danses, te déshabille, et danse à nouveau vêtue de tes seules caresses que c'est un regret que tu ne bous ouvre pas aussi naturellement ta mignonne et tendre petite chatte
Molto molto carina !!un po' avara, potrebbe "fare" di più !!!
un autentico acierto, un pecho, un rostro y un trasero de lujo
bof !
Bijou hat einen fantastischen Körper, wohlgeformte natürliche Brüste (wie sie schöner von Form und Größe nicht sein könnten) und eine glattrasierte Muschi. Sie versucht verführerisch zu schauen, was ihr leider nicht gelingt (sie sollte beim Lächeln bleiben, was ihr Gesicht fantastisch aussehen lässt, der versuchte erotische Blick lässt sie eher dümmlich aussehen). Frisur und Make-Up haben mir in dieser Show leider gar nicht gefallen, das Outfit (insbesondere die Dessous) sind sexy und betonen ih...
bof pas terrible elle a un beau corps c'est sure mais elle est trop rapide et ses grimaces me font débander amateurs de regars sensuel passer votre chemin
3.7 (1794 votes)


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  • Duration: 29 min.
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User comments (74)

Bijou is gorgeous i love that hot sexy body
Beautiful woman!
Lovely lady, great show and outfit.
Cette fille est un véritable "bijou" de sensualité et d'érotisme!!!....Elle est très jolie et sexy avec son ensemble mini jupe, soutien gorge en vinyl rouge ainsi que ses chaussures à talons aux pieds!!!; Je la trouve excitante, elle bouge bien et cela attise ma libido!!!....elle a de très jolis seins et son petit cul est ravissant.!!!......Ce petit "bijou" me plaît beaucoup!!! fais d'elle une de mes Virtuagirls favorites!!!!.
great sexy show, she is in the mood here, wonderful costume, eye contact, grin, tits...
Sexy girl. One of my favourites.
Sexy brunette with a tight ass.
This is a great outfit for Bijou and would have been an excellent and very sexy look for her, if it hadn't been for the badly overdone makeup around the eyes.Bijou is never very active on the task-bar, but here she was even more laid back than usual. Although she was seductively expressive, she just didn't do very much. In the 3 clips where she came up from behind the task-bar, however, she was at her most interactive and entertaining best.Although Bijou didn't do anything particularly impressiv...
qui dit qu'une femme n'a pas d'humour Voila un modèle du tonnerre qui devrait mieux recevoir de meilleurs notes Bijou est vraiment d'une ardente fraicheur dans ces gestes sa façon de bouger Pour moi elle vaut bien son 10 que je lui mets .
She is fucking hott nd the bottom line. I can't watch without want to fuck.
A nice lady!
Bijou is just AWESOME!!!! Love her big tits. Ymmy! Ymmy! Yummy!
Perfect outfit, and no the panty scenes are awesome.
she is beautiful girl, i love her! é uma linda mulher, gostaria de conhece-la ao vivo e a cores, tem um jeitinho especial de ser, com certeza deve ser uma linda mulher por dentro também...bjão para ela...
What a beautie!
If you download Bijou's Tabasco performance to your desktop, you'll get a beautiful lady who does her job in a lively and teasing way. She has some interesting mimics and gestures what makes this clip a recommendation for all people who have a good sense of humor. I wonder if Bijou smoked some pot or drank too much red wine before she started to perform... However, this show is probably the funniest of all shows available on VirtuaGirl, so be prepaired to share some good laughs. 10/10
What a beauty! I absolutely love the way she stares into the camera as she's being naughty. It's as if she is looking at me and including me in her show. I think more VirtuaGirls could learn a few things from her. Very sexy and intimate! A 10+!!!
This completes my set of Bijou's shows and I feel a pang of sadness that unless Totem invite her back to do more shows, I will have to make do with what I've got. Once again, Bijou sizzles with sex appeal in her own, very individual inimitable way. I do agree that she's overdone the eye makeup, but she's still the sexy lovable, playful, magical lady who has got my heart in a spin. The outfit here of red bra top and short tight miniskirt with black lacy panties adds just the right amount of spice...
I love this girl she has so much personallity and all the other atributes as well, 5*
She is so very sexy!!! She is playful and has a great body. I want to go to the Czech Republic!!! I have my passport, just need my visa. I wonder if I can meet with her if I go to Prague.She is at the top of my favorites!!!!
This was the first full show I watched and it sure didn't dissapoint! This girl is very hot and cute. I liked her flirty looks and playfullness. Very nice body as well as very pretty face! Nice natural boobs. If you like 50's pin-ups you'll like this girl!
another excellent performance - just one thing i didn't like...too much eye shadow. Other than that perfect as always my beautiful lady
Great girl, beautiful body but she doesn't seem to do much actual dancing! But with a body like hers, who cates!
Bijou's back (& forth) with that signature B babe sway 'n' tang wiggle! Mmmm yeah, never get enough o' dat!The way that short skirt hugs her beautiful ass as she twangs her hips is pure poetry.I love that it comes down to her ass crack just enough to make me dream of her delightful bottom balonkas! Bijou's tits are the softest, most mobile, & squeezable kind and they roll perfectly thru her dance.She also does that honeydoll wipe of the bar with 'em that I like so much.Her tease and seduction lo...
WOW ... ! The expressions and gestures make this a triple platinum show ! She's dear and beautiful and that teasing drives me crazy ! Darlin you own the show ! This show just ranked numero uno .... the top of my list !
Hot,Hot,Hot. Big tit's, a nice ass. And she acts kinda silly like she had a few drinks and wants to give you the best lapdance of your life. I give her 2 thumbs up and My hard Cock.
I thought there could never be a VirtuaGirl to compare with my beloved Axelle Parker...until Bijou came along. She is cute, gorgeous, and so very, very sexy. She has an infectious teasing smile and best of all she really looks like she is having fun! Looking a bit like Kate Bush when she was just starting out doesn't do any harm either. :)
so beautiful she is my favorite
oui oui pas mal , en rouge avec des lunettes noir.desoler la je craque .@mitier ED
This card completes my collection of Bijou and what a collection. She is quite playful and flirty in each of her shows. One thing that the other girls might take from her show is that a smile is the one thing that improves the beauty of any woman. Bijou is by far the most delightful lady to watch. She cuoldmake a dead man smile.Lovely perfomance from a very lovely lady.
Great Show Bijou, 11/10 Thankyou and I look forward to your new shows x Ps Happy New Year to you
She is very beautiful. So playful and flirts with you the whole time. I will get all of her stuff.
The most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
I love Bijou and give her 10's regardless of how explicit her shoes are. i just enjoy watching her. But, like many others, i think the makeup is a disaster. Such a natural beauty doesn't need all that paint, in this case it takes too much away from her.
I could only give bijou 9/10 for this card because of the "panda eyes" did not care for them,Bijou is a real beauty without the over the top eye makeup. I tried to give her a 10 After all she is one of my favs.If you can overlook her "panda eyes" you should enjoy this card
Very sexy woman. Typical dance moves of the Eastern European girls ... They know how to move and capture your heart.
Unusual facial expressions, but what a body! She has nice motion and beautiful skin
Very good show, great body especially legs and ass, and she gets my attention so a 9
I want to break my dick off in this chic! 10
Make-up applied with too much carefree enthusiasm, but she does still manage to look pretty darn sexy nonetheless and I think she pulls off a very good show. I only have 2 of her other cards which are Auckland Nights and Sunset Blvd (one of the first cards I paid tickets for) and think this card is much better than both of them, it scores lower with many I would think because of the too heavy make-up, but unlike particularly the Sunset card she doesn't make that annoying 'O' shape with her mouth...
Wow! Very hot! Great body and sizzling moves.
Pretty Babe likes to amuse - amazing tits - I'd love to play with and kiss those puppies
This is the best one of all that she has made.
Bijou, I am totally HARD for you right now! This girl is amazing. I love this card, she tries her hardest and totally pulls it off. I love the outfit, and the girl too. Bijou is a real cutie, and has such a smokin' body. Please give us more Bijou. Perfect 10
Too much Eyeshadow... but other than that a very beautiful girl with a damn good show.
Pros - Brick-house physique (means very well built), nice body-wrapping outfit, lots of hip shaking movementCons - Raccoon make-up, odd facial expressions, little explicit contentIf you like looking at a super fine chick, snap this one up. 8 out of 10.
This card and Tango Fire is some of her best work. I've got 4 of her cards and these two are my favorites. If you eant her best cards chose these two.
Sassy! I liked her playful expressions. Very hot bod!
Greaat show, a bit explicit.I like this beautiful girl with her nice female forms. There is only one thing - the facial expression are looking a bit goofy.8/10 points
Very nice card!!! Bijou is teasing & NOT shy at all!!! She shows everything, in close up, very clear!!! The only negative though, is that the good shows are only 2...!
Cute girl, great moves. But I find the facial expressions she makes to be a bit goofy. Mildly annoying.
Ποιός σε χτύπησε μωρή με το πούσο πρωί-πρωί
Not my favorite modal by any mean, but she is still worth having, Scores extra points for having natural breasts.
I like her body, but in this show she moves her body too much to right and left, and seems the same thing, and even I don't like her hair style.I tink that she can make better of this card, because she is a very nice girl.
I love Bijou's cards but the makeup is awful on this one. She looks like a street walking prostitute. I didn't think it was her at first. Totally ruins such a sexy card otherwise. I'll keep it for her body.
Nice looking, good moves. Above average.
What a let down ilooked forward to this one only to find that somone had given her a makeup bomb to put her eye shadow on.She has a nice body but you are drawn into the eyes for all the wrong reasons.So all i can give is 7/10 sorry bijou tooooooooooooooooooo much eye makeup.
She just ok
Myślę sobie każdej nocy, aby spojrzeć Tobie w oczy. Lecz na próżno me marzenia, więc przesyłam pozdrowienia.
I regret buying this card. The outfit is sexy, the girl looks good. I even like the make-up. But she ruins this card with trying to make as much stupid faces as possible. :( 4/10
I'm a BIG fan of Bijou, AKA Stracy. I have dozens of her videos from 21sextury, ALS Angels, Twistys, Infocus Girls, and many other websites. I absolutely adore this girl. With that said, I have one word to sum up this particular card: disappointing. She looks awful in this card. Who the hell did her makeup? And why is she constantly making a fish face? And was the makeup artist blind? Why is there hardly any explicit content? And did I mention her looks horrible? If you're a big fan of Bijou/Str...
is it me or does she look a little on the insane side on this one, scary to say the least and that's the least of her problems
Nude girl only! NO explicit shows! 0/10
Sourire taquin, superbe jeu de séduction: c'est un bijou cette carte!
Bien sur le maquillage est médiocre, mais elle est superbe, des seins magnifiques, des jambes admirables et un tempérament fort sympatique, elle a de l'humour et c'est un plus, bref moi j'aime bien.
Bijou, toujours un bon choix dans ses tenues, malgré tout, cette fois le choix de son maquillage n'est pas judicieux, cela donne une image un peu "pute"
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
torride, absolument torride!!! les shows explicite sont chaud comme la braise, carte à acheter d'urgence!
Chaude comme le tabasco, Bijou est superbe avec cet ensemble rouge. J'aime beaucoup !
Lovely looking woman, so much better now, though.
Trés bon show avec une fille vraiment sexy. Meme si par moment ses "grimaces" sont assez énervantes...
Me gustaría saber quien es el responsale del maquillaje en este video. Esta chica es tan guapa que apenas necesita, pero en este video parece que se ha caído en los potingues. Que pena, porque los demás videos de Bijou me encantan.
In dieser Show macht Bijou einen auf billiges Flittchen (billiges rotes Leder und viel zu viel Make-Up). Wer das mag, bekommt eine nette Show geboten. Sie hat fantastische natürliche Brüste (wie sie schöner von Form und Größe nicht sein könnten), und einen netten Hintern. Die Show ist etwas verspielt, aber dennoch gut - allein schon wegen dem super Körper. (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
Ouin... il y en a qui se contente de peu... Trop de maquillage sur les yeux, la découpe de ses cheveux pour metre sur notre écran est très mal fait, on dirait qu'un amateur a fait ce découpage. Le show est à mon gout vraiment ennuyant. Elle a sependant un très beau corp, mais ne mérite pas de payer pour ce spectacle. Je ne recommende vraiment pas cette carte. Désolé pour la jolie demoiselle. Merci quand meme d'avoir essayé de nous donner une bonne carte :-(
4.0 (3161 votes)

Sunset blvd

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User comments (140)

strib babe
Bijou is one of my favorites. Amazing body, very pretty face, awesome smile and full of energy. I could watch her all day!
Bijou comes across as a Naughty Girl & I enjoyed all her cards.
Bijou is stunning. I love her body.. she is one of my favorites and enjoy watching her move. turns me on
One of my 5*'s wood love to see her on desk baby's.
SHE is soking hot she makes me on fire
Bijou is so sexy, a must have card.
nice ;-)
She is absolutely beautiful, and moves so well. Definately one of my favorites
nice girl
Bijou is a very nice girl with a pretty figure, nice natural boobs and an adorable smile. I just love her.
Bijou est toute bronzée et encore plus jolie que d'habitude, j'aime beaucoup cette fille.
yeah one of the best better then most of the over rated girls she really is not just must have in a collection
I adore Bijou! And those who criticise the mouth thing (which actually I quite like) obviously haven't seen the later, slower sequences where it melts into a truly radiant smile that can only be compared to all the floodlights in a sports ground suddenly going on - it certainly lights up more than a whole room - but then so does her perfect body, beautiful face and overflowing sensuality.For what it's worth, I think anyone who doesn't buy at least this card of Bijou's has completely wasted the V...
Open mouth or not, this girl has the right attitude about performing. She's also cute as a button and has a body that is on point. 10 out of 10.
cala, you are so right!! If you don't agree, watch a few she will grow on you. SSSEEEXXXYYY!!!
It's a great card of a great girl. True, when I saw the demo, I immediately noticed the :-O face. But she doesn't do it all the time and when she does, her stunning body offers plenty of other parts to look at. She's a beautiful young girl, she tries to please and - with me - she succeeds.
Wow. Bijou is amazingly beautiful with a gorgeous smile and a killer body! love the playful way she teases and tantalises. Thank you Bijou! 10/10
A very sexy card.
I love her natural tits. Yes, her face looks absolutely silly, but still a great body.
Need more more more in stockings high heels from you Bijou please get her Back VG
I agree 110% with exile78! Ariel and Bijou are two of my all-time fav's and a duo with them would be pure bliss! Though Ariel is still my favorite girl on VGHD, Bijou is my second and I plan on collecting all of her cards just like I collected all of Ariel's. 10/10
OMG! She is so hot! I was instantly hard for her.
very sexy girl, eyes that keep your attention, and natural breasts to go with it!
Bijou continues to be one of my all time fav's. Beautiful in every way.
Very Sexy outfit, Great body too.
if all titties were this nice there would be no such thing as implants...girl don't lose those perfect titties!!! 10 so sexy all over!
Bijou, I will stay... You are gr8. Nice Moves, Nice Body, Tits to kill for.. Boy ohhh boy as they say... If only I could.. :-)
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
I like her a lot. She is one of the few girls that really looks like she is enjoying herself, like she loves to tease & show herself off. Not to mention those perfect tits. Again, One of the few that appears to be truly all Natural.
I've got only one word to descibe Bijou, SEXY!!!! I think I'm in love. A perfect 10.
Too perfect to be a girl of my dream...
Bijou's face in this one, at times remindes me of Mariah Carey. Thats always a plus. Her energy and her smile are her major selling points. Don't get me wrong. Her body is almost perfect. It's just that she has an innocents about her. The kind of innocents that goes hand-and-hand with sex appeal and makes you want to go all night long. There are times on this card that I want to smile along with her. Thats how infectious she is.There are some problems though. She can't dance. Not a lick! And she...
Agree with nedsprofhip - Bijou has the best smile - would just like her to use it more - Great body and great energy. Rate this card a 10 and is a must have in your collection!!
i love her body....damn!!!here are some more pics of her
Oh my gosh...Bijou is so incredibly HOT!!! She just simmers with the heat of pure passion... This card ROCKS!!!
Bijou is the girl-next-door beauty that you might just fall in love with, if your're not careful. When she smiles, her face just lights up -- its fantastic. (In fact, my advice to the VGHD staff is next time just tell her to forget trying to make the sexy faces, and get somebody behind the camera to try to make her smile and laugh!) And this girl really knows how to dance! Youch, she puts a LOT of energy into it. Definitely my all-time fave. Bijou, I love you! Marry me -- and then move with me t...
Oh my god, if there were ever an angel that still looked like the devil, it's her! This woman is all that is hot personified. To only have the joy of sharing her with my wife, and in more ways than purely sexual (I'm sure Bijou is so much more than just gorgeous), I would die a perfectly completed man, and would feel life was lived perfect! Bijou, you're truly a dream I wish I could only wake up to... Best wishes to you in all you do!
This is my absolute favorite card. Out of the nearly 400 cards on this site Bijou hands down wins with this show! Give me more of this and I'll be the happiest man alive!
Bijou has a beautyfull smile while she dances and teases on the desktop. She is one of my favorites.
Very hot show from a very hot girl, I like!
Still another favorite, beautiful head to toe and she knows how to tease to please just marvelous
Bijou oozes with sexuality and playfulness. This is my girl !!
Bijou is a real beauty in my eyes: Everything is in harmony with her, nice big and soft tits with large aureolas, her her clean shaven soft little pussy which she shows nicely between her legs (I'd like to see her open her pink hole between the pretty labia at least once!) and foremost: her different ways of innocent and tempting smiling!
Bijou is heaven sent
Perfect Breasts, just her constantly open mouth is somewhat strange.
Beautiful from head to feet, moves well, but sometimes to fast.Completely shaved, spreads legs and ass and has a close-to-perfect pussy. One of the best shows i found here at VGHD.
Her show is extremely good. You have to see her body. Super curvy and perfect. Her moves are excellent. Best of all, she's not shy. I recommend this show to all.
YES!YES!OMIGAWD YES! Bijou is da bomb, da babe,da wow!!She's a ball o' hot fun tang & happy hip twangin' supreme beauty! Her mouth is a luscious invitation to kiss 'n' feed her with....She uncurls the most inviting, come on smiles that seduce as well as beam. She has one of the most perfect natural bodies and loves to caress and squeeze those soft 'n' mobile honeydolls! She drops 'em on the bar and wipes it with them while seducing you with her lovely facial expressions.(luv dat move!) Just when...
She is very good. Your body and your face is absoulutly perfekt. I buy her set Sunset Blvd and Flamingo Road. This set´s are very much nice. Malken.
Looks oh so sweet outside, the cutest smile ever, fine slender body with enough meat to make you cum in your pants! Dont even get me started on her breasts! More plx :D
Another great show from Bijou. Great body, dancing and closeups. 10
i love this girl but why is she doing this with her mouth?????
She has it all. Great body.Sexy and playful at the same time
Love this show Bijou. 11/10 Great show, stunning. Thankyou X & all the best to you for 2008
This girl is one of my new favorites. Even though she seems to have a surprised look on her face during every show, she still knows how to move her body (and that is a great body at that). Her close-ups are awesome.Definitely can't wait for more from this girl.
Yep, that definitely gets a 10 from me.
From the moment she popped up on the screen I knew I wasn't gonna be disappointed. Stunning, just stunning
So full of energy when she dances. She is very beautiful. So playful and flirts with you the whole time. She is a must have.
She has realy great breasts, natural sexy body. WOW
Best Bijou show 10+
shes soo freaking gorgeous
Photos score 10 Strip score 8 (could have had more scenes with nudity)
One of my favourites of Bijou - more subdued than in others and sensual AND I LOVE her lingerie in this one! 9.5/10 for bra and panties.
A kind of tropical look for Bijou in this card, complete with flower in her hair. The makeup job seemed a little flat here though, and didn't really accentuate her beauty.A significant part of Bijou's charm is her great expressiveness. Here, however, I thought she went a bit over the top with that odd little open-mouthed pout she does. In this card, it gave her an almost constantly surprised look, which was a big distraction for me and kind of spoiled an otherwise great show. Thankfully there we...
I LOVE this girl. She has a perfect body and face. Her sweet smile just makes me melt. She may not be the most explicit girl on VGHD but you really can't go wrong here. Dances and gyrates well and shows her assets enough to make up for the lack of more explicit activities. At least a 9, easy.
Love your smile that great it go with your big boobs that what I like about you. So I rate you a 9.5. Keep it up, the smile I mean.
Bijou... What can I say? she is extremely cute and has a gorgeous body. I love her playfulness. Especially the playful looks on her face. But even us MEN can get a bit tired of that wierd thing she keeps doing with her mouth. What? Is she trying to blow at us? I didn't feel anything. Even with that little fishy thing going on I still gave her a 9 for the cuteness.
In my opinion, the best of Bijou's six cards, and the others are worth having as well. No "hiding", but regrettably not explicit, either (none of her cards are explicit). Still, Bijou has that rare quality that keeps you glued to the screen...especially in this show. One of my favorite VG cards, and I have over 300. If this is offered for one ticket, I highly recommend purchase!
Fun, sexy, card. I wish she danced a bit slower. Great outfit for her. Love her body and those breasts!
Bijou is obviously a little timid about touching between her legs but she's young and I bet new to this. A little more experience will loosen her up and earn her 10's but for now Bijou only gets a 9.0
She gets my vote. Body of a goddess!!!!!
Bijou, you're drop dead gorgeous in that sexy outfit! I love that sexy pout and what a smile! Sexy moves, too! I liked hearing your cute accent in English at the end of your video. Oh, did I say you were sexy? Luv ya!
She's pretty hot. I just wish she'd keep her mouth closed. It looks really weird
Great show , wish I could meet her some day.
Mmmmmm! Bijou is a very likeable, very pretty girl. She has a very good body: beautiful big natural bouncy breasts, waist slim, belly toned and firm, hips nice and gently rounded. Her bottom is amazing with a great jiggle factor - oooooh yesss, I could have soooo much fun there!! She has nice shapely toned legs too. I have to agree about the open mouth - as far as I am concerned, it serves no constructive purpose than to catch flies. Bijou is a good dancer with the pole, varying it nicely with b...
Bijou's bottom will make you swoon! She has great moves and sexy little tease looks right in the camera. Worth every penny!!!
Bijou is a beautiful girl. Nice dance moves, natual tits & a very cute smile. I love her facial expressions, sexy & seductive!
Bijou is always a gift for the eyes. She dances and moves really well and sexy. Big eyes, nice face and curvy body in a great show.
The way she reveals her curves will make you horney :)
Ciao mia cara Bijou, benvenuta nella mia collezione,devo dirti prima che sei pure simpatica! Ovviamente sei Carina oltre che molto Sexy ed Eccitante, insomma WOW!!! Very Very Compliments!!!
She’s great! A lovely firm, fit body which she never stops wiggling and a pretty face with lots of spontaneous smiles. I think she has a gorgeous arse, but she’s always moving it too fast for me to see. There’s more personality here than the rest put together. This is what I miss from many of the girls in the old VG2.
God I love how she moves those hips. And damn she's cute, damn, damn, damn!
Excellent dance, hot woman, and very soft. She has a great smile and should use it more.
Totally impressive. I adore her. Terrific body with the nice formed ass, bigger boobs, and the bald shave. I love her smile too. Possibly the best looking/acting girl I've seen here. My lust is strong for her.Derek
Great show. Their's a sense of innocensce about her that makes it all worth it. Very playful:)
She seems to do the repetitive motions again in this one. Boring somewhat. Still Love her tits tho. Motorboatin..Yum
I did the show, for some of the people that did`t in some way you have to look at everything to like Bijou, nice body boobs legs and the way she moves. 8.5/10 for me.
By far one of the hottest girls on VirtuaGirl, this is probably Bijou's worst card. The outfit is OK, but washes out her skin and she wears way too much makeup in this one as well. Overall, it's not a good look for this very (naturally) hot Virtua Girl.Outside of that, though, Bijou's performance is its usual great show. She showcases her natural body well, has a great smile, and creates good interaction with the viewer while giving the impression that she enjoys herself.
I don't know...Bijou is lovely...but I'm not overly fond of the faces she makes. Her smile is beautiful...but when she isn't smiling her mouth is doing strange things. It bothers me and took away from her performance. Gorgeous body. And as I said, beautiful smile. But someone should have made her work on her facial expressions. That can be a real turn-off.
dancing is a bit wierd and the facial expressions are very bad. If she smiled more often she would be golden. A little more explicit wouldnt hurt eaither. But very nice tits and body.
Love the tan.
This card is now on special and I highly recommend this card for the 1 ticket. Hard to explain Bijou's appeal as card is not particularly explicit. She has a real sweet quality that I find keeps me wanting to see more and more of her.
Bijou has an endearing natural beauty and a well proportioned chassis (I'm not particularly a boobs man, but I think she has a very nice pair). This was one of the first cards I bought as I thought she had a lovely smile looked such a sweetie in the card pic. However I do find the 'O' shape she makes with her mouth in many of the scenes rather distracting, but when she smiles her whole look totally changes and she appears totally adorable. I like the cute panties she has on (and off), so much se...
Dont over think it she is sexy get over it.
Pros: Love this outfit. Great look for girl next door cutie Bijou. Bijou's a sexy girl. Very cute face and very nice naturaly tits. I love Bijou's moves. She dances upbeat and fast and it's such a nice fit for her personality.Cons: "Explicit" clips are far from being explicit at all. While a great dancer, Bijou is not much of a tease. There's a ton of "cute" but not nearly enough "sexy." Average clip variety and length.Overall I like this card from Bijou. She's cute, dances well, and is full of...
Bijou is a beautiful gal, but once you see her shows, it pretty much looks all the same. I think she did a far better job in her "Flamingo Road" but after see her on this, its okay just didn't really appeal to me.8 From me
I like her. She's downright perky and energetic. She makes some weird faces every now and then, but manages to pass it off to... some adjective i can't even word... something that is only herself, if that makes any sense. And I like the flower in her hair. She seems like she belongs at a tropical resort, and looks the part. That's it, if she had a card where she dressed in a grass skirt, or something else along that line, it would be perfect. All that said, i still like some of her other shows a...
Bijou is a pretty little brunette with nice breast and beautiful little ass that she moves very well. 8/10.
Great show, a bit explicit. My third card of her right now and I love it. I like this beautiful girl with her nice female forms. Only one thing still: The attempt to look sexy has completely missed. Please, simply smile next time, because this looks better. 9/10 points
Nice, not too heavy, good dancing. I find that most of these girls work well on anything Manson.
So hot babe!!!
Totally Sexy!! Starts off pretty uninspired but once she gets going.....OMG!!! She knows how to dance and does a great job teasing us with her tight body. Lovely!!
As said before, the open mouth thing is kinda strange and annoying, but it's all that keeps Bijou from being a top favorite. She is very young so inexperience and watching bad porn stars probably tells her that's sexy. I'm sure some experience and our feedback will fix that.This is still a great performance and here's why... INCREDIBLE body...PERFECT tits, PERFECT ass, pussy, legs, EVERYTHING! BEAUTIFUL face...just look at the download doesn't lie! moves VERY at first, the...
Her shows are the same, only the outfit changes...! This means that she spreads her legs wide open & shows in full glory a clean shaved pussy!!!
Beautiful girl! I just wish she would close her mouth.
love this one!!! i have two show of Bijou love them both cute ass love the bounceing swaying boobs.I would just to be the pole in this show
She is the best dancer out of all and her strip teases are good, although she is not that attractive this is a worthwhile investment
Someone please tell this girl to shut her mouth when she dances. She looks like a fish when she makes that O with her mouth. Totaly ruined this card for me.
Is not a bad show, but has better girls.
In general, another really good performance from Bijou. Again she shows me what I personally prefer to see which is lots of panty flashing/up-skirts. As usual, Bijou knows how to play her outfit.The main problem is that I don't the bikini is not as sexy for me personally as it could be. So although, Bijou does the right things, I am sometimes unmoved by the style of the bikini bottoms. It is not that there is anything wrong with them. It is just that they don't turn me on as much as other styles...
Gee ! I like the body but face wise I'll give 7 Out Of 10; it is a bit of let loose as the body contours can melt your ego.
well this one isn't quite what i expexted...she thinks she is sexy, her moves are not, her mouth just hangs open all the time, no expression from her face....the only sexy thing about her is her pussy, the rest is a bit of a dissappointment
not a bad body but those facial expressions??? She freaks me out sorry
no sex, no smile, weird performance
Nice body and dancing but she never closes her mouth, that's not sexy at all.
Does not show off her body that much in video, too bad she's a hot looking gal
that was my first and i think i can safely say me last bijou card
Is there some reason she can't close her mouth. She had this big gaping hole open the entire show that just detracted from everything
The only reason Bijou was given a 1 was because she took her clothes off
Realy explicit shows: Jana H / Californian suit Vicky S / Golden River Vicky S / Strip Club Sharka Blue / Blue beach Axelle Parker / Pink circus Denisa K / Dance Teacher
I'm sorry but the whole facial thing completely ruins this one for me. I had to delete it.
What are you guys on about - this is a rip off. First i dont like real young girls shaving themselves bald, its just neasty they look illegal. second this girl keeps pulling faces like she's farted in the bath. "oh" "ooop" she says, there goes another one. her dancing is poor, too fast and with no allure. did i mention the farting in the bath face? this is not a girl who has discovered what guys are looking for, so guys let me do you a favour if its a choice between this one and another choose A...
Very pretty in this show, but so much nicer in her more recent cards.
Bijou est vraiment une femme magnifique,sexy avec un air coquin à faire tomber fou d'elle
Bijou ist total süß und das Outfit passt sehr gut zu ihrem lieben Ausdruck.
tellement belle et sexy, j'adore son petit air coquin et ses mimiques me font un effet terrible! je ne me lasse pas de la regarder bouger et se caresser son corps sublime a croquer , je l'aime !!!!!
Beautiful Body, Perfect Breasts, Great Tease, Great Moves, everything you need to make a great show! Definitely a 10
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
bijou est sublime ces shows sont d'une rare beauté!!
Jolie minois, très beau brin de fille. Je la recommande absolument.
J'ai vraiment appris à connaitre cette coquine de Bijou! Sous ses airs ingénus,elle nous excite avec son corps superbe de belle petite salope en devenir! Moi,je suis désolé,mais j'ai une très grande envie de la prendre sauvagement pour lui faire comprendre que ses caresses très sensuelles et ses positions excitantes ont des conséquences évidentes:) Dans ce show,elle a choisi d'être plus sérieuse,mais beaucoup plus sexuelle dans ses postures! Elle commence à jouer dans la cour des grandes! Je vou...
Mouais un peu deçu ... Bijou bouge bien.. mais pas assez explicite pour moi...;(
Bijou hat einen fantastischen Körper, wohlgeformte natürliche Brüste (wie sie schöner von Form und Größe nicht sein könnten) und eine glattrasierte Muschi. Sie versucht verführerisch zu schauen, was ihr leider nicht gelingt (sie sollte beim Lächeln bleiben, was ihr Gesicht fantastisch aussehen lässt, der versuchte erotische Blick lässt sie eher dümmlich aussehen). Ihr "Strandoutfit" in dieser Show passt sehr gut zu ihr. Mir gefällt diese Show... (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
Bijou hat nen tollen Körper, die Show macht Spaß - auch wenn sie den eindruckt macht als würde sie noch üben. 7 von 10 Punkten.
Gäbe es einen Delete -Botton würd ich Sie wieder aus dem account löschen, bestellt und bereut, keine gute show 5 von 10
Ce show n'est pas trop chaud!
not really a good strip. I think she has no idea !!...
3.9 (2439 votes)

Auckland nights

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  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 36
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 203 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (97)

Bijou must have done something correct to have at least 100 people choose her card.Heterosexual:a heterosexual person; someone having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex.Sexy photos and nice videos(especially the scene in the Bath(I enjoyed those scenes in the showers).Bijou looked very fine in the outfit and I think that she carried it very well...she looks cute shades...she has some unique antics as well as a one of a kind facial expression.I enjoyed the(exibition)...performanc...
Always one of my favorites! She is gorgeous.
Bijou is very sexy, has lovely eyes and a great body. 10+
Bijou has a cuteness factor off the charts along with a very sexy all natural body. Lots of eye contact and mischievous smiles make this one one of my favorites.
I know Bijou from other websites and videos. She's a charming girl who doesn't need lots of make up and extra stuff to be beautiful. Her smile is priceless and her shows are mind blowing. She shows in this card how sexy she can be, with a very good outfit, a nice necklace and harmony with her body. Her eyes are hypnotizing you, and you won't have any regrets if you buy that card !
Bijou; I have to say, if there was any sound to go along with her passionate looks and my throbbing cock while watching her would be an under statement. Her body is so perfect and perky nipples so set and moving with her every breath... mm yes a 10 out of a 10
Natural (no enhancements) = SEXY! Bijou is one of the sexiest girls on VGHD. Natural body, cute face and knows how to move sexy and sensually. Hot card! Must have!
Natural beauty...
OMG FInally a good card from Bijou. Love it Sexy, nice dancing and explicit.
elle donne vraiment envie d'aller faire un tour a prague , son show est magnifique , on ne s'en lasse pas !
So the Eggman is a poet. Natural beauty.
bijou est belle et bonne!elle joue son show et est vraiment avec nous j'adore sa facon de jouer avec sa culotte,c'est trés excitant.Elle est ravissante quand elle se penche et j'adore le petit mouvement de relachament de ses fesses et de ses cuisses et par dessus tout,le balottement de ses seins adorables
quite possibly my favorite girl and card of all time, I could watch her dance to Pantera, Tori Amos, and tool all day long. perfect 10
A very, very, VERY nice surprise. God, this girl is top notch in all areas. Her body and skin tone are awesome, her breasts are perfect, her legs are SPECTACULAR, and her face is naturally angelic. Soooo nice. Topping it all off is an outfit that suits her to a "T". I slept on her greatness up until now, and why, I'll never know. 10 out of 10.
It's a hard choice between this one and Air Force for her hottest show, but this is definitely a "must have."
Bijou, you are simply magical! I'm in love with you! 10+
God this chic is hot! Solid 9
Bijou is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
Wow! What a change from her "Tabasco" card! This is only my second card of Bijou's, but easily my favorite thus far. I greatly favor this over her Tabasco card because she has that more natural look I usually find that more sexy. Bijou would be the ultimate girlfriend! I rate this girl a solid 10!
for all who love Bijou and want more of her, you can find films of her and galleries by searching the name Stracy Stone or Stacy stone. heres a link with quite a bit of her films and picture galleries
All in all the Best Show here. Thanks Bijou
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10;
she looks so innocent , she knowns she not .HOT HOT HOTTTT!
Thanks for wearing my fav color...look really gorgeous...
Apart from a truly adorable body, she dances, plays, has fun, smiles...Bijou is just great and this card is a top buy. She's in my top 3 girls now and is by far the most fun.
Bijou is a very sexy and beautiful lady! She knows how to dance and she works that to her advantage and she loves to tease you which is such a turn on! I was not sure about her at first but as I watched her more she grew on me and I really like this card! I gave her a 10 and would recommend her!
bijou is interesting, I find myself watching her face more than her body and then the show's over! I like this one because she smiles more, this woman has a pretty smile.
Bijou is totally Mega-HOT!!! It's like she's dancing in my lap!!! This car is a 10++ ...and absolute scream!!!
Hi honey keep on...
Jeez, this girl has some stunning sexy curves! Her breasts and bottom are particularly mouth-watering. Mmmm, I love the fact that she doesn't wear a bra for this show - she has such perfect natural bouncy mams - so suckable!!! Her bottom is a spanker's dream - lovely round fleshy cheeks which jiggle so sexily as she walks and dances. Bijou's legs are also highly sexy - really shapely and beautifully toned. Bijou's dancing style is nice and sensuous: swinging those delicious hips. A lot of people...
WOW hot hot hot
Bijou is extremely hot, sexy body, lovely smile, beautiful ass. I have all but one of her cards and they are worth it. Good job Bijou!!! *hugs*
Both cute & sexy, playful & erotic, very hot & very natural...BIJOU gives you the total package! This is my girl!!
djohn6996, couldn't agree more. you nail'd it on the head there.But like you said, close to perfect, fix those few things if you wish, and you will be perfect in our eyes :)
She is VERY cute, smiles a lot, and really moves very nicely. Beautiful legs. Definitely a favourite. I couldn't help wondering how she got the bruise on her ass though... :-)
This girl is the best.
Finally you are my favourite!! Perfect movements, perfect body I love your lines, and I just wanted to know if you are so friendly as you show in your look XD :). Definitivamente preciosa! Greetings from Spain.
I like this card. It's one of her best. You should have it' Very sexy.She realy knows to tease you... to turn you on. WOW!!! It's a stunning show...
Bijou has become my favorite girl. She does the best pole dance i've seen yet in this show. 10 and a big yummy for you Bijou.
Bijou is a very sultry and sexy performer here. She has a long, languid, fluidly sensual,lovely, girl next door body and she moves it well,especially regarding the movement of that well draped dress over those beautiful legs! I get a warm, tropical, vibe,a hint of sultry, perfumed, humid, sexual aromas. Her expressions are fun and enticing, she seems to be speaking (insert your fav seduction words) and the mouth action is more akin to a cooing, erotic cajoling, (looks like she's saying,"OOOhh, P...
Thankyou BIJOU, A GREAT SHOW. 11/10 I like watching you girls on my laptop. All the best to you for 2008
She fantastic, simply fantastic. Beautiful body, the sweetest smile I've ever seen and she just radiates fun! It's a real pleasure to watch her.
Bijou is the complete package. Cute face, wonderful body, great attitude. You can tell weather a girl is enjoying what she's doing or if she is simply going through the motions for the money. Bijou really seems to enjoy what she does, and it comes through loud and clear in her routines and photos. And attitude is everything in this business. I hope she will continue to do work for Totem. You are a 10 Bijou, Love ya!!! A must for any collection.
Ασιατική μουνάρα
Sexy lady wow
Fantastic girl. very much horny, she has an hard hot body, she moves good. One of her best card. Raccomended !!!
The third card I have of Bijou but by no means the best performance, nice outfit, her usual sense of interaction and a smile that melt any man. The moves on this one were very slow and sensual, although her pole work is not the best she gives everything in the strip scenes, personally I like the girl to show of her bum and this where Bijou falls down a bit, so for me this was a 9.5, love her smile, her boobs are good, even though she is one of the heavier girls here she pulls off the show well.I...
A fresh summery look for Bijou in this card, with a lovely summer dress and sunglasses.Bijou isn't the most active performer on the task-bar, but she is certainly one of the most expressive and charming. Her sense of viewer interaction in this show was excellent, with a great seductive quality. Her gorgeous smile was well in evidence, but she could have injected a bit more fun into this one perhaps.Her routine on the pole was stylish and sexy, but nothing very impressive. Her full striptease was...
Bijou, avec son corps bien épilé et rasé, est un vrai petit bijou de douceur qu'on doit avoir plaisir à caresser. Son visage aux traits juvénile qu'éclaire un sourire enjôleur, est enchanteur. La voir caresser son corps avec des gestes suaves est ensorcelant. Dans ses danses avec la barre, elle sait tirer parti aussi bien de ses formes adorables que de la barre. Dommage que l'on entende pas ce qu'elle semble chanter par moment.
Bijou fait partie des filles qui ne déçoivent jamais, belle, sexy, drôle, on a toujours plaisir à la regarder encore et encore.
Great outfit for the pole dance. Makes you want to rip it off and leave it on at the same time. Great moves and natural body poetry.
she looks great and she is natural - i love it
HAL says 82/100 for this model, positioned 15 out of 50 assessed models (not based solely on this card). The supercomputer from ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ calculates this rating using 10 factors that include facets of natural attractiveness, sexual/sensual appeal and performance, often over a series of the model’s cards. This calculated rating may not reflect the feelings of mere mortals and is not intended to offend. Rating may be updated. Feedback welcome. Computers just like to have fun (o) and occ...
I love this card. Bijou is gorgeous and has an amaing body. She really gets into the performance. She smiles a lot and has a very playful and sensual way of moving. Just spectacular! Such a great arse too.
Bijou - a naturell beauty with a nice face as well a sexy body show everything while doing a great perform; cute close-up's and funny strip's (solo as well at the pole) make this an adorable card :-)
Bijou has a beautiful body and face. All natural Bouncy breasts and butt! I actually like the open mouth and "blow fish" look. Could be improved with explicit scenes...she shows her assets, but we need some spread lips and cheeks! Unless you demand pussy play, this card is worth the tickets. 9+ from me.
I didn't expect much from her, just got her in the burnette booster pack. But I was impressed. She's got just enough of everything. Just enough cute, just enough pretty, just enough explicit, some nice real tits, topped with just enough sultry to keep it really interesting. Don't quite know if I'll make her a favorite, but I was definatly surprised by how much I liked her and this card. 9/10
Not sure what sirjames is talking about. I think this girl is gorgeous and her body is to die for. Overall I rate her a solid 9!
Very nice girl, very sexy, she has great moves and loves to show off.two tickets well spent
Very Nice.
I def. like the dress. Her dancing seemed kind of repetitive but I can see that she has the potential of being a great dancer cuz she is. Throbbing dick right now. lol..;D
Shes 200% hotter without all the make upSecond favorite card of bijou and second best outfit Not much to say that hasn't been said yet , so keep this up (without make up ^^)A nice 8/10
Nice show, but I prefer her perkiness in Sunset Blvd. And I'm a sucker for girls who smile at me,
i love natural boobs....8
God, how I love the outfit. The close fitting thigh length dress, high-heeled shoes, sexy panties are just fantastic. Even the necklace is a nice touch. The conventional, but sexy look is just so erotic, basically because you could imagine her wearing an outfit like this on the street. I wish more of the girls would wear stuff like this.There are a few things about Bijou that are off putting for me. I find her dancing style awkward and I don’t like when she tries to pout at the camera because it...
Great show. I love it. I like this beautiful girl with her nice female forms... 9/10 points
Vary sexy curves, nice danza! But as mr SoNice52 says, she messes up da sho wit her fishy face. But, she's a hot sexy mamma still! A 7.9 for me.
Great girl.. Sexy and entertaining... would be perfect if she would smile more and stop making that wannabe sexy fish face...
Sexy and entertaining... 9/10
There's nothing that I don't like about this BEAUTIFUL, SEXY Girl!
I for one have found crazy women are very good in bed! lolThe open mouth thing is kinda strange and annoying, but it's all that keeps Bijou from being PERFECT! She is very young so inexperience and watching bad porn stars probably tells her that's sexy. I'm sure experience and our feedback will fix that.It's still a great performance and here's why... INCREDIBLE body...PERFECT tits, PERFECT ass, pussy, legs, EVERYTHING! BEAUTIFUL face...just look at the download doesn't lie! moves VER...
Definitely a little cutie, but the silly faces she makes on this card are sort of distracting. Is she supposed to be pouting, or what? I enjoy her other performances much more.
hello, this is, fredlu10. in this girl is really sweet she is still one of my favorite, i love everything about her, booty/ legs / hair /face/ and all thank you
Je ne sais vraiment pas quoi penser d'elle! Cette femme est un mystère complet pour moi! Je ne l'a trouve pas attirante en temps que showgirl ou stripteaseuse, elle est beaucoup mieux dans d'autres mini-vidéos coquine soft, ou encore hardeuse, chaud plutôt moyen mais belle femme tout de même! 7/10
Since this was a one buck card and I like the model I brought it. IMO this is not her best card,but she always gives a decent proformance. Buy the Tango Fire card instead of this one if this is your first card of her. Or if you have to pay more then 1ticket for one of her cards.
She plays the innocent yet I know I'm sexy game so well. She's not what I would consider hot myself but she knows how to move and she knows how to play the game (witout going slutty), and therefor she made it to my favourites. Definatly worth adding to anybody's collection.
For a girl her age, her tits are pretty saggy. Her tits should be a lot firmer wirh is why I only give her a 7.
Bijou has a great body, a pretty face, and a wonderful smile. the only thing that bothers me is her eyes. She looks like she's stoned. I hope that is just her natural look, but it is the only thing that keeps me from scoring her as high as she probably deserves. I'll wait and see what she looks like on other cards.
Bijou est ravissante: joli visage angélique, seins charmantsgalbés à souhait, fermes sans être rigideset Bijou sait admirablement les caresser et les faire bouger. Son petit cul est également charmant et particuilièrement émoustillant lorsqu'elle rentre son string dans la raie des fesses. J'aime non numéro à la bare notamment lorsqu'elle l'enserre entre ses cuisses de velour.Dommage qu'elle ne montre pas davantage ses orifices. J'aurais voulu voir plus sa chatte qu'elle aurait pu ouvrir délicate...
Her body is great. but her expression just doesn't do it for me. Especially that mouth.
No explicit!
LOL hot hot hot MY ASS!!! Another BORING show Yawn! Are you guys just trying to get people to waist their money? I have takin y'all advice twice and have been very disappointed! Hell if your just going to sit or walk around rubbing on yourselves? The least y'all could do is, is insert a finger or MORE and or rub oil on yourselves.
needs to learn facial control and keep her mouth shut, or see an orthodontist about the overbite problem
Bijou ist ein sehr hübsches Girl. Hier gefällt mir das Kleidchen an ihr sehr gut. Super sexy. Auch die Schuhe sind passend gewählt. 9 Punkte.
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
quel joli corps à regarder : on se plairait à y laisser courir les mains. ses seins sont magnifiques et sa chatte serrée !!!mmmh
Encore une fois, la jolie Bijou nous gratifie d'un show magnifique, où nous pouvons admirer les courbes ravissantes de son corps de rêve. Superbe !
mignonne et vraimant tres bien faite,sexy;manque un ptit kekchose 9/10
Un bon show. Bijou est sexy et mignonne et bouge bien mais je ne suis pas totalement fan de sa tenue que ce soit les lunettes de soleil ou même le collier... Ma note : 08/10
Voilà une femme électrique, elle remue beaucoup trop. Epilation, rien à dire.
Nice and sexy
Dies ist eine meiner Lieblingsshows von Bijou. Sie hat fantastische natürliche Brüste (wie sie schöner von Form und Größe nicht sein könnten) und einen netten Hintern. Regelmäßig lüftet sie ihr Kleid, um entweder den Blick auf ihre geilen Titten frei zu legen, oder ihren Hintern zu präsentieren. Natürlich weiß sie auch, wie man den Betrachter unter ihren Rock schauen lassen kann, um mal einen weißen String, mal einfach nur die blank rasierte Pussy / den nackten Po zu zeigen. Eine wirklich sexy S...
J'aime bien Bijou qui parait drôle et sympa!!! Elle a un très joli corps et son petit cul est adorable!!! Ses petits seins sont à déguster sans modération :)) Sa chatte est mignonne et bien épilée... Mais on ne vois presque pas ses lèvres!!!.....C'est gênant non??? En tout cas , c'est un motif de frustration... Surtout que sur d'autres cartes d'elle , sa petite chatte est adorable!!! Désolé petite Bijou , je te met 7/10 par pur sympathie!!!
Nice smile
Not her best show, but she's still lovely.
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Flamingo road

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User comments (133)

Very cute and somewhat exotic looking girl, she puts on a very good show. The dress is great and she uses it very well to accent her dancing. Great card. My only complaint is wasting the talents of a good dancer on so many task bar clips. Save those for the 'swaying models' and let the dancers dance..
Slow, sensual and ridiculously sexy are just a few of the words I would use to describe this card, I have 2 other Bijou cards and I am always mesmerized when they play. Bijou's all natural body bounces, wiggles and jiggles in mind-numbingly hypnotic ways. Although she doesn't smile as much in this one she still has a smile 2 die 4. This dress is my favorite of her outfits by far. its frontal length allows for her tone legs to be admired while seemingly giving an almost up skirt shot. (So close,...
Bijou has alway been at the top of the charts for me. Just down right sexy
Bijou is gorgeous, and she has an amazing body and great attitude. That's all I care about.
Gorgeous. Love the red dress and also without wearing red dress.
Bijou on the Flamingo Road. Here is a sexy girl in a simple pink party dress & accessories, gleefully stripping for you. Her "come hither" playfulness, expressive face, and adorable smile make this card a keeper.Bijou performs some good non-pole-dancer moves. The show seems hot and sultry, like the AC quit. It is a good length at nearly half an hour. I'm glad to see normal heels again. She has large bouncy breasts and a shaved pussy. The white thong helps to show off her juicy butt, which Bijou...
Bijou is absolutely sexy, a must have card.
I now have all of Bijou's cards. Bijou looks stunning in this card, from the first time i saw her i knew she would be my favorite. The way she smiles to her perfect breasts she is perfect.A must have. My wish is for another 10 cards from her. If i could give her 1000/10 i would
This may be the best Bijou card yet. The outfit is awesome and nearly perfect for this Virtua Girl. Her attitude, smile, and awesome body are as perfect as ever, and her desktop dancer moves are all showcasing this. Definitely a great combination here.
10 car derrière se cache un sacré Bijou Sourire sensualité et en plus 1m80 bien faite sous tout rapport dommage mes 54ans sinon je je poserais en candidat pou être son petit ami
Bijou is a vivacious brunette with a gorgeous smile. She is one of the taller girls on VG and her shapely figure is perfectly proportioned for her height. She looks great in this shocking pink dress. Although the colour doesn't some across properly in the clips, it is a great style for her.On the task-bar she wasn't particularly active, but was seductive, charming and very expressive, showing lots of that wonderful smile. Her sense of viewer interaction and teasing as she stripped were simply a...
vraiment trop belle , et si naturelle , un pur bonheur
A perfect card for Bijou. The hair, makeup and dress work perfectly together, as does Bijou herself.
Something about the coral color against her tan skin just makes this her BEST card! She is so freaking hot in this outfit, I'm sometimes tempted to "re-play" anytime she comes onto the screen! Definitely a 10/10!!!
I had some doubts before the first buy of her cards. but when I saw her perfect breast and sexy legs. the doubts vanished nice performance nice explicit and cute face.
Beautiful, Playful and Sexy!!!! I feel like she is interacting directly with me. Bijou is great, maybe even my favorite.
no way she 20 love her need her cell cell #
Beautiful.....just beautiful..... ;D
A better card than Sunset Blvd because she does the mouth thing less here. She would get a 10 on all her cards if she did the mouth thing rarely. Anyway, The outfit is great (the best) and complements her long and full body well. She is REALLY playful - goofy even, and based on a few interviews I've seen her in, it is a natural part of her personality, which is a big plus. She keeps her eyes on you at all times and knows what she is doing. She's really expressive and smiles a lot. She does howev...
Bijou is great...her body is simply breathtaking and her breasts must rank amongst the finest aroun.She's got a great attitude and gives a more than decent show but like a few below I find she does have a tendency to move a little bit too fast sometimes..wish she'd slow down just to allow the perusal that her fineness so deserves.I can't deny that she is smokin' hot though...and I bet she's a tonne of fun!
very sexy Lady, like her smiles
What a drop dead gorgeous and absolutely beautiful girl she is. I can't get enough of her. Excuse me I have to wipe the drool from my mouth now.
Very sexy! 10+
This is a great card. The dress color, not pink, really looks great on Bijou. And it looks better coming off too. Very playful and sexy.
OMG...can we say girlfriend material? I love this girl! Bijou has the sweetest expressions and the sexiest body. Definitely the type of girl you would want to have sex with...and see the very next day, ha!
As I said before, this little hottie is definitely an up and comer. this dance routine is far smoother than her tango fire, but I still rate it a 9, as it does have some repetition. but again, the outfit looks good and shows her off, lots of energy and smiles and teasing. she likes what she is doing and it shows. worth a ticket any day. she is obviously improving with each show and that shows she cares.
Bijou you are my new number one girl! So sute, so sexy, all natural! AWESOME!
Bijou is absolutely gorgeous, and makes me smile every time she comes up on my monitor. So much so, that I am presently downloading her "Air Force" card for two tickets to complete the set. I kept hoping she would come up on my calendar with that last card, but she is too hot to keep waiting on.Totem, please bring Bijou back!!
Great show, more Please.
Very nice. Takes a while to get naked but it's worth the wait. Shame about the big bruise on her butt!! Could be more explicit but definately recommended.
There is just no words to say what she do to any red HOT man. You are simply what the doc ordered. Mwah... Keep it up...
Fun, flirty and a killer body ... perfect!
Bijou is just super exciting to watch, she puts so much into her moves. She is a 10 among 10's
Whatever! I love her ^^
Bijou is a perfect ten when I receive a girl that does nothing for me I go back to Bijou to make me happy and excited.She has a killer body and perfect tits ; the outfit also is great color on her. 10 out of 10
I love her legs and those high heels pumps wooow Oh woow amazing
She is very warm and she doze a good job it's enjoyable
I'm in love!
If I though the other two Bijou cards were HOT...this one is even HOTTER!!! Man, Bijou boils over with sensuality!!! A super-10+!!!
Wow ... Bijou has got one great smile ... I find myself smiling with her. She seems to be enjoying herself in the performance which just makes me enjoy it that much more. Very sexy girl!
If she spoke english, she'd know how much she turns me on. Natural breasts, and likes to dance. So very very hottt.
One of my top cards. I'm a fan of all her cards. Body is great, Moves are great, and outfit if topnotch. 9 out of 10 for me.
This woman is soft, passionate, is a fun tease and does the best strip tease. I can't say enough about her. She is awesome and this is her best show. Looking forward to more.
Ooooooh yessssss! I love this gorgeous lady. She delivers hot sexy shows and yet, all some folk seem to be able to do is moan about her "O" thing. Well, I can think of at least one thing that I could fill that "O" with. Pretty Bijou gets me hard every time with her fantastic bouncy breasts and jiggly bottom. Mmmmm, what a gorgeous tease she is: I love the way she plays with her breasts and her smile is so sexy. I love her in that dress too: it shows off her shapely legs to perfection. Bijou is a...
i love your sexy dance
Should be mandatory that the girls wearing a dress have no panties like this.
This is my first comment, but i have 189 cards... so i'm not new to this.Bijou is by far one of the single hottest babes on here. And this particular card is most definitely my favorite out of all of them. There's no crazy out fit crap going on or any gay props. Just a hot chick in a banging dress. No ammount of dress-up can top that.Her dancing in this Card surpases all her other ones in my opinion, but her mouth breathing is still annoying, as usuall. She is explicit as in the sense that you g...
I just signed up here today, and this fine specimen caught my eye instantly. it has been a long time since i have seen a girl as attractive as Bijou, and as far as i can see she ticks all the right boxes!i look forward to seeing more from her in the near future, she has a lovely smile.
simply amazing.
This chick is drop dead gorgeous .
how can i add her sounds? or do i just play my song? weird..any help?
Bijou i luv u
Watching her right now and she is very sexy, good dancer and seems to enjoy what she is doing - gave a 10. Awesome show!!
Oowee, Bijou's back in my eyes again! She popped up on the bar, naked but for panties & I let out a yelp of joy to see her which was instantly followed by her sweet laughter & giggles! Wow! She is one babe that you can, if you want to, talk to while you whoop dee do & her facial expressions and incredibly beautiful laughter takes you into a realm where it seems that there's a relationship. She comes across that friendly. The solid intelligence in her interview video is a refreshing delight too.H...
Another great girl, really makes me regret not buying Sunset Boulevard when I first joined but I didn't like the outfit but this one is great!
I love her she is something else when she touch her self she really enjoy it she looks so clean every where and she loves what she is doing you can see that from the way that she looks at you, well done baby I LOVE YOU BIJOU!PS:More of Bijou Tottem please!
Her nickname says all you need to know.
i never realized how hot this girl has one smokin hot body a hell of an ass WOW
Beautiful mover, body to die for, and unlike some other girls she really looks like she's enjoying herself. Super sexy...I love you Bijou! :)
i like it when they smile as much as she did
Oh Man Bijou Is Very, Nice Sexy High Heels(which i like alot)Hot Body In A Hot Dress
Wow. I absolutely love those breasts. They are fab, and I am sure she knows.
This lady is one of the best. She realy is so sexy.
Stunning little show BIJOU 11/10 Also nice outfit!! All the best to you for 2008 X
A very playful show! Love it!
Dayuuuuuuuum this woman could make me think twice about marriage.... she is simply the hottest. Wish I could rate her more than 10.
Bijou is the complete package. Cute face, wonderful body, great attitude. You can tell weather a girl is enjoying what she's doing or if she is simply going through the motions for the money. Bijou really seems to enjoy what she does, and it comes through loud and clear in her routines and photos. And attitude is everything in this business. I hope she will continue to do work for Totem. You are a 10 Bijou, Love ya!!! A must for any collection.
I agree with fredlu10 her body is amazing! Very pretty and a great dancer 10 all the way
hello, this is, frederick stroud, i love this girl, in i love her black hair, and beautiful face with her nice sexy body,, she is my favorite girl now, in she is sweet i give her a 10 rate in my eyes, thank you,
Wot a stunner very beautiful is she doing any more sets (Hope so)
The bar has just been raised!
Bijou hat eine recht hübsche Figur und bewegt sich sehr schön. Hinreißend ist ihr Gesicht und ihre Mimik!
I LOVE this outfit on BIJOU. Make her look real sexy, i also love show she put on 9/10 for me on this card.
One of my top 3 cards Best Bijou card Top 5 best outfitShe gets a well diserved 9/10
Bijou est, c'est le cas de le dire un petit bijou, un corps de rêve, un tempérament à nous amuser et à nous faire décoller, très agréable.
Bijou doesn't have the model face and the conceit that too often goes with it, but she's got the body and mind-set that more than make up for it and make her the kind of treasure in a girlfriend you almost hope no one else can see.I usually don't prefer pointy-toed pumps, even high-heeled ones, but these are color-coordinated with the rest of the outfit in a really good way.
Again Bijou shows us some of the most silly faces on this site, but she also has one of the greatest bodies. Why doesn't she just close her mouth here and then :-) This permanent "Oh" looks so foolish ...
Just recently got another of Bijou's cards and now this one. A definite keeper in my collection especially because she seems to enjoy teasing us. Really like the dress a lot and what's under it.
Really a great card. Good moves, great look.
In a dress with no panties, thats automatic 9 in my book.
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10; Boots, Stockings or gloves -1;
this one is not too bad she has one of the best smiles on this site.the body is to die for and as for the tits i agree they are too die for(if only my wifes were like hers and not round her knees)a respecterble 9/10
The Doctor’s personal assessment – Appearance 9 (Expressive, smiles); Outfit 10 (nice simple, perfect panties); Technique 11 (good tease); Dance 9; Rhythm 10; X-Factor 8; Hardness 10; Nudity 10 (I want more, great); Final rating (average) 8.62
ah, so cute. And nice thong. ^_^She's got a nice body, perfect breasts, a cute face, and best of all, she doesn't stop dancing. A little wierd whatever she's doing with her mouth (like she's mouthing "ooh" over and over. Don't know if she's supposed to be talking, singing, or seducing. meh....)Step up from an 8... 9/10 = top girl.
Pretty good card. I like Bijou a lot until she turns around, I just don't like her arse to put it simply.
Better than her Tengo Fire. Shes a very sexy girl with a great body. Very hot smooth long legs and a nice round ass. This was a nice costume too and better dancing than Tango Fire. Still makes....interesting.....faces. This is more like VirtuaGirl, Good job 9*
Connected my computer to a 42" flat screen... Crazy Bitch likes stripping while watching Bijou on it. I enjoy watching both. Ah... life is good!
Bijou... you're just gorgeous! Terrific body and a smile like sunshine.
I love the way she smiles. Great show :)
Simply the best
I love the panties-free teases. Beautiful breast work and foot work too.
In general, I like Bijou because she tends to wear outfits I like and fully understands what she she be showing us in a tease show. It also helps that she is a really beautiful girl.I like outfit. It is nice to see a white panties under a coloured dress. And what is more Bijou gives a decent amount of panty upskirts/flashing to keep me happy.It doesn't quite have the dynamite that some other cards have, but it is still a really good effort. Definately one that I am always glad to see appear on m...
Perky,and young tries hard. Very cute you could do worse as a pick.
Pros:I liked the outfit(9/10). The color & style is perfect for her body & personality. Love her looks(9/10). A sweet smile, cute face, & awesome all natural body make her a perfect "girl next door" type of performer.Cons:The moves(8.5/10) could be a bit better. What she does in her routines is good, but they could be executed a little better. Sexiness(8.5/10) is ok, but not great. Her smile carries her a long way, but something a little more naughty once in a while would go a long way---the exp...
cute....moves nice...smiles great...panties, dress, whole look is great!! this is a great show, just not among the greatest... 8.
I was a bit disappointment with her previous show "Airforce" thou it was good to watch it didn't really wow me. Until I bought Bijou again especially Flamingo Road, I have to admit shes has done a fantastic job. The beauty of her natural colors goes really well with this rating on her on a scale 1-10: (8)
Well, all things on their places, but something is wrong. Too strong face expression and sometimes she roll up her eyes it looks real funny. Maybe just not in my taste.
Great show, a bit explicit. My fifth card of her right now and I love it. I like this beautiful girl with her nice female forms.. 9/10 points
Bijou has a fast and sexy dance style with a nice but not perfect body. Great bouncy jugs. She should spend more time opening her legs and less time opening her mouth. Rating 8.
I like Bijou, nice looks and body and of course she's a brunette, which is a big bonus. This show is quite good, nice dancing and she has beautiful legs. Quite sexy and one of only a few that works with My Dying Bride...
Well, I for one have found crazy women to be VERY good in bed! lolThe open mouth thing is kinda strange and annoying, but it's all that keeps Bijou from being PERFECT! She is very young so inexperience and watching bad porn stars probably tells her that's sexy. I'm sure experience and our feedback will fix that.It's still a great performance and here's why... INCREDIBLE body...PERFECT tits, PERFECT ass, pussy, legs, EVERYTHING! BEAUTIFUL face...not her best photo so check out the real thing! mov...
She was pretty hot. I'd give about 7/10.
hello this is, fredlu10. she is one of my favorite girls she is beautiful too, in her pretty pink outfit woth nice slim body, with her pretty black hair and nice booty too, i always loved asian looking girl, she a beauty, thank you
Why must these women always make strange expressions with the mouths and lips. It doesn't make it any more sexy from my point of view. It kind of bothers me a little to be honest. They can open their mouth but when they take it to far like their lacking oxygen or something it just looks funny. Or another thought comes to mind "fish mouth"
what can I say about her sexy body full frontle nudes great boobs love the way they bounce ass has a bruze on it but still a nice ass glad to have her in my collection
I'm of two minds on this one. While she is certainly very beautiful, acting does not appear to be her forte. Stick with a natural smile, Bijou! It's by far your best look.
not bad. pretty face and a perfect pair of love pillows :)
Bijou has a very sexy body. She moves well but the way she open her mouth annoys me very much.
Not good. Nice body but thats all I can say positive. She tries too hard. It ends up being a disaster...arms flailing about everywhere and the facial expressions killed me. I actually just ended up laughing at the whole bit. Like I said though, nice the curves!
Well..., she has a nice smile.
hmm... bijou a beautiful face a gorgeous smile and a nice body. not a real good show though. her movements were awkward to me and she doesn't have any explicit material either. i would give her a 6 if she could dance but a 3 seems more suitable. it was a mistake buying this one.
Dies ist ein wirklich heisses Girl, ich liebe es. Mehr als eine doppel 10 Wert !
le plus beau des sourire sexy . est craquante
Bijou ist ein absolut süßer Käfer. In diesem Kleidchen ist sie zum anbeissen. Warum manche Herrschaften Probleme mit ihrem Gesicht haben verstehe ich nicht. Ich finde es total lieb. Bijou gehört zu den bezaubernsten Mädchen bei VG.
Très jolis seins, belles fesses, cuisses fines et douces, sourire enjôleur, bref que du bon pour Bijou. Bravo.
superbe naturelle 10/10
te amo ricura estas linda eres lo maximo
Une superbe beauté....comme j'aime !
Je l'aime bien
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Bijou è dannatamente bella, sexy, simpatica, spiritosa e dolce! E' la mia favorita fra tutte le modelle e questa performance è quella che preferisco in assoluto! Bijou, I love you! 10/10
Ein wunderschönes Gesicht mit einem oft hinreißenden Lächeln. Die Brüste haben eine schöne Größe, geben aber schon ein wenig der Erdanziehung nach, werden von Bijou aber schön eingesetzt. Von der Muschi würde ich gerne mehr sehen, der Po ist süß. 9/10
Bijou est vraiment une fille magnifique. Une poitrine naturelle, lourde et généreuse qu'elle aime caresser avec sensualité. Elle est trés sensuelle et son sourire est franchement craquant. Son show serait au top si elle était un peu plus explicite (quelques jolies caresses sur son joli minou tout de même). Une carte a posséder dans sa collection je lui accorde un 9/10
Es muy atractiva y sensual, es de mis preferidas.
Great fun to watch. I prefer her later cards.
Cette petite Bijou est un régal de jeunesse et de dynamisme! Elle me fait rire avec ses gestes enfantins , mais elle me fait bander aussi,se qui n'est pas toujours évident:) En effet,sur cette carte,elle m'a écouté (Pauvre mytho!)car elle est beaucoup plus chaude que sur d'autres cartes! Je vous engage à regarder le clip ou elle écarte à fond ses cuisses en gardant sa culotte , qu'elle tire pour la faire entrer dans ses lèvres charnues! C'est un pur régal qui contraste avec son coté ado sans cer...
Wer rosa mag, bekommt hier eine super Strip-Show. Bijou hat fantastische natürliche Brüste (wie sie schöner von Form und Größe nicht sein könnten). Beides weiß sie zu präsentieren. Regelmäßig zieht sie ihr Trägerkleid nach unten, um den Blick auf ihre geilen Titten frei zu legen. Auch ihren Rock lüftet sie regelmäßig, und zeigt so mal ihren weißen Slip, und mal ihre glattrasierte Muschi... (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)

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