Barbie White

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.45 ft.
  • Weight: 115 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 26.3" / 37"

Her pierced lip, fishnet thigh-high stockings and wry smile can only hint at the kind of dirty mind that drives the cravings of Barbie White. An insatiable hunger for pleasure that emanates from the core of her soul and completely overwhelms your senses. See her in this wild solo show, you'll want to watch her again and again!

Number of shows: 6

Barbie White's shows

4.2 (455 votes)

White label

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 409 MB

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User comments (12)

I saw Barbie's photos and videos.The video was quite good but some of the photos I would classify as Gross or in Poor Taste.The name of the card makes me think of a local brand of rum(for me this is not bad),but I ought not to be drinking alcohol.I'll keep Ms Barbie White close to my Heart in Prayer.Thanks and God be Praised!.
She is about the most sexy virtua girl. I love this card and she is about the most beautiful girl. Love her string thong. She has that naughty but naive look I absolutely look. Her body is awesome, what's not like. Her DeskBabe solo was a bit of a disappointment, too much anal and I am not into anal. This Virtua card is an absolute delight however. I hope to see more of her either virtua or deskbabe soon. 6/10 for Deskbabe solo show but 10/10 here. Love this girl.
Cyberstar , you're an idiot ; your fixation on "soiled" black panties is not appreciated and need not be shared on this comment thread .
Hi! Barby is a big surprise for me... I think we need more new cards. Good purchase.
Sexy blonde babe.
Anyone know if there's going to be any more shows of this girl added to VG?
Long time waiting for my type of girl, yes it comes with nice move, glamorous performance and of course, my type guaranteed. Very good card, thanks VG.
I do not find words to describe this card, I say only Barbie White is the girl of my dreams, very very thanks :))
We have a girl that had a lot of fun in her show great job on the show she dance very good. I like the sexy outfit. Barbie White has a nice body I like the smile she put out in the show. 9.5/10 over all for me.
At first glance, Barbie looks like just another VG blond. On closer inspection though, she does have quite a distinctive beauty and looks very sexy in this black and red lingerie.On the task-bar she was confidant and reasonably charming, with good eye contact, a nice range of sexy moves and certainly wasn't afraid to get explicit. Her stripping seemed a bit awkward at times though, and the proverbial spark that would have made these clips really special was missing.Barbie had a real go on the po...
Scale: Very good 10, Good/Above average 9, OK/Average 8, Below average 7, Disappointing 6, Bad 1. 9.6 Attitude-very good. Eye contact-very good. Smile-very good. Expressions-good. Tease-good. 9.4 Face-pretty. Complexion-good. Makeup-good. Hair-long & loose. 8.4 Figure-very good. Tan-a bit dark for me. Tan lines-none. Tattoos-none. Piercings-nose, lip or face. 9.0 Honey Pot-shaved. Ass-very nice. Tits-natural-right size for body-firm. 10 Task bar-fully nude. Spread view-very good. Positions/movem...
My first show of hers. It's a shame there are only two, other than her deskbabes ones.
4.3 (287 votes)

Duo with Lana

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 56
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 420 MB

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User comments (9)

Best of the best, thanks ladies. 10+
... and I'm almost afraid to post this but,WOW REAL TITS !!!! 0 0 |An excellant show too! O
Really hot show, with nice constrast between gorgeous girls grinding at each other. And of note for leg lovers - girls keep the shoes on in all clips.
Nice duo and a sexy performance.
I "hope" that TOTEM will allow this comment to remain posted.... as I want to express how VERY VERY pleased I am with this duo card!!! Both Barbie and Lana are beautiful and sexy - but more importantly, their enjoyment of EACH OTHER comes across as SINCERE and real-life BELIEVABLE!!! The photography along with their poses are the clearest and most close-up erotic of any sex I've ever seen!!! Lana is, in my opinion, the more orgasmic - spoiled only by her looking at the camera too much - and I'm...
For me this is the best Duo on Deskbabes for two reasons: 1) There are the most beautiful orgasms of Barbie 2) There is the best tribbing on DeskBabes :))
Deux jolies filles, un show agréable, court mais de qualité.
Zwei klasse Mädchen mit sexy show, würde ich nicht von der Bettkante stoßen, aber auch nicht meine favs. 9/10
Dans ce show, Laura et Barbie White portent de la lingerie rose, à la fois soft et sexy.Elles se caressent et s'embrassent de manières chaudes et subjectives. Elle savent se faire du bien :-)C'est excitant de les entendre gémir. Il est dommage qu'elle pratique pas un peu plus le 69. Leur jeu avec leurs godes compense ce léger manque.
3.9 (769 votes)

Recruit training with Mandy Dee

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 559 MB

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User comments (23)

This is a hot Show from Mandy and Barbie!
Mandy Dee and Barbie White are two, super gorgeous ladies! Love their ass spreads showing their delicious pussies and assholes!! Never get tired of looking at them!
echt heiss die zwei
Naughty...I like it. Thanks.
I agree. One of the best duos on VG. Very good!
Best duo on VG.
Longtemps que je n'avais pas vu un duo d'aussi jolies filles :)
ijust love mandy dee al of her cards love it
This card with Barbie with Mandy is fantastic. Until yesterday I believed that the best duo on VG was: Carmen Gemini & Mina, today I think the best duo is : Barbie White & Mandy Dee Recruit training, very very thanks :))
Remember the old times in school? Just have to do that again: Barbie loves Mandy;-) Really a good duo and you can see how much Barbie adores Mandy again. She seems to want to impress her so even in her solo clips she is a lot better than in her solo show. She almost constantly looks at Mandy and touches her far more often than the other way around. In one clip Mandy actually pushes her away slightly and laughs. But in general i think this is a good duo show. I like the clips when they take off e...
Space Ghost, 90% of the time I agree whole hartdley with you. However, being former military, I kinda like it. These girls are hot! Just reserved in this show.
When i bought it, I was expecting more. They both seemed to ignore eachother rather than work together to make this a really great card.
Ein perfektes Duo,tolle Show, die Girls sehen einfach super aus.
Decent duo. Hot girls. Full nudity in this show. There are some great ass to camera shots in the photo sets, but there is no full on ass pumping to the camera in the actual show. To see how great this can be, take a look at Vicky S. and Eufrat "Final Game" or Keana Moire and Sandra H. "Chicago Girls". Now, that's what should be in all shows...duo or otherwise!!As a picky side note, I see several small bruises on Mandy's legs. Think these would be better covered with a little make up.
Die Mädchen liefern eien show mit sher viel Spaß und Einsatz ab. Sie sind vom Typ nicht so ganz mein Fall.
Nice try to capture a sexy intensity as it happens in the BEST VG DUO, "Pocket Queens" with Silvie Deluxe & Monika.Alas, the real attraction & seduction that is abundantly offered in "Queens" is not on display here & thus limits this cards effectiveness as "hot lez sexy".(Go get/watch "Pocket Queens" to see what I mean) Still,I salute the "try" here, not a bad card,somewhere between "Queens" and the tepid offerings of past VG duos.Both babes are gorgeous & offer some nice "wiggle & show it" acti...
There is a lot of great lesbian interaction in this card that gets you real hot real fast, and the outfits are sexy even if you aren't into the whole military thing like me, but Mandy Dee's performance is at a whole caliber above Barbie White's, it seems like Barbie White is trying all she knows to get noticed but she still can't because of how Mandy Dee tears it up, completely dominating the pole, so balance of skill levels could have been better.
I like Mandy Dee she's consistantly in my top 20 but she kind of comes accross as mean in this card. She completely ignores Barbie. It looks like she was trying really hard to outshine her and she does. The problem I have is that the card is completely unbalanced. Mandy could have brought her performance down a notch to try and make this work a little better. I think she was pissed off that she was paired with someone that she doesn't see as on her level. I get it but this card is unwatchable.
The photos are good but the dancing is goofy and distracting. Overrated.
I'm not a big fan of military style outfits, but these little skimpy ones aren't too bad.The task-bar clips featured more or less the standard VG duo routine with far too much lesbian interaction for me, but likely too little and not explicit enough for those who like that sort of thing. It was very noticeable that Mandy was performing much more with the viewer in mind than Barbie was.In the pole clips, the girls performed together in all of them, making it impossible for either to work properly...
being a huge mandy-fan,i can say this definitely sucked...
Un must !!!!
Good show. Mandy, as always, is amazing.
4.4 (539 votes)

Duo with Mandy Dee

  • Shows: 6 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 406 MB

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User comments (17)

Siete 2 Bellissime Ragazze, molto Sexy, Eccitanti....insomma 2 vere Bombe Sessuali !!!
boys dont you justt love mandy no matter who she is with , or if she is bye herself what a fabulous girl where does she live in st petersburg , i am going there ,she makes me cum every time
Mandy is very hot,She is my dream girl !
Do we have cum in heaven?
hot!! fucking HOT!!!!!!!!!
These two are so cute together I just wanna eat them
For one of the few cards in my collection, this one is a very scintillating from start to finish. They work well together and it shows on this card. I would have prefered a little less "solo play" and more action together. Still, it is worthy of a top notch grade in my eyes.
Pretty good shot,these girls. Mandy is very natural, not that skinny like others and not such a pimped up girl like others. Clearly 10.
Hm I often agree with my friend Plasonic but not on this occasion. I think there is a lot of chemistry between them . At least Barbie seems to adore Mandy. She just can't take her eyes of her. She enjoys touching and licking Mandy and she also enjoys watching her. Yes the card is not exactly uptempo but there is a lot of passion at least from Barbie towards Mandy. Mandy seems to enjoy the attention she gets from Barbie and moves with a lot of grace. Guess she is showing off to Barbie. However sh...
mandy and barbie super hot
In this card there are my favorite girl : Barbie White with my sex bomb Mandy Dee and the result is the Best Card on DeskBabes at today, very very thanks :))
Hole Lee Smokes!
this is a winner!
Nice duo.
A couple of perfect 10 babes. Super sexy, very horny, but I think the show was a little too nice. Would have been nice to take advantage of their considerable anal skills and see them give each other a good ass pounding. All in very "nice", but 1 point off for a missed opportunity.
another duo from mandy....i love her body, face, boobs etc., and iam happy to see her again and that she has been re-hired for another job, but clearly she does not enjoy being with another woman and probably sees it as something she needs to do for her job. even her porn on the internet is awesome with men, not so much with women.anyway, because mandy has a more attractive partner this time out, she seems to warm up to the attention she gets from the cheerleader. also barbie is definitly more i...
Mandy & Barbie are 2 of the most beautiful girls on VG/DB & look great together here, but who slipped these girls Quaaludes before this show?Where is Aliz when we need her? She would have lit a sexy fire under these lethargic babes.(See Aliz/Antonia duo to see what I mean!)I don't know what it is but Mandy seems to be just "phonin' these duos in".The lack of excitement & chemistry between these babes is quite apparent in the brief & passionless kiss action.There is some hot action, mostly in the...
4.4 (386 votes)

Duo with Bibi Noel

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 63
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 462 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (14)

che bionde ragazzi :D
Gorgeous show.More,more and more.
10 no words
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
great show!
Bibi & Barbie are exquisitely lovely women, languidly at ease with being sexual together, and having gently erotic & lusty sex play!They truly appreciate each others body and delight in saying so & playing sexy together.Bibi's seduction is particularly sweet as she proceeds to pussy lick and tongue worship Barbie's fine breasts.This is all the more effective 'cause she does some nice sexy inclusive glances to us & wiggles her ass as she is doing so.I like that a lot! The only thing that could ma...
Barbie White is my N°1, every week I dream new cards with her on VG and DeskBabes, very very thanks :))
Its been a long time coming but finally another all blonde duo thats as hot as Sandy & Celina. Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, sexy women at play \o/ \o/
Barbie est vraiment superbe, bon show d'ensemble, deux filles excitantes.
Beautiful women, great show! I especially love the anal dildo play.
Barbie White is obviously faking orgasm, and the show isn't very dynamic because of her... They're beautiful and Bibi Noel gives a good performance though. Short card btw.
boaff !!
Ces deux deux belles blondes adorent le sexe féminin et elles s'en délectent !
J'ajoute à ce que dit Hermine qu'elles aiment aussi jouer avec leur petit trou ce qui est pour nous tout aussi excitant. merci les filles
4.5 (683 votes)


  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 73
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 407 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (28)

Un mot me vient ? l'esprit la regardant dans ce show...DIVINE !
Watching this lovely lady can make anybody's bad day turn good. Thanks Barbie for a great show and making my day better. 100+
This is such a great show. Barbie has a wonderful smile, and a great body. She moves very nicely and I just love how she looks at "me". I highly recommend this show. 10/10Oh, and thank you Barbie!
i like this dancer
BarbieWhite is die beste
Absolutely sexy. I love her show, she's so hot. Thank you and the Totem crew.
beautiful lady, wonderful ass, awesome show. will watch over and over
Thank you Debbie this is a royal performance! Continue like this! I adore it.
The best of the solo's on Desk Babes... she is soooo perfect!
I bought her because she's beautiful, but dildoing her ass, I'm in love!
Take it when you get offered it.
Barbie White sooooo hot 10/10 and so naughty girl:)
omdarling we (me and 'wife' and her lover three way sex.
This is a great card in my opinion. Barbie has a great body, one I would play with all the time if I could. And she does anal. I love seeing anal, so I really liked this card. Maybe my new favorite of the cards I have.
This show has something that most other deskbabes shows do not. Great eye contact! Definitely worth two tickets.
With Barbie White I have found my new SEX BOMB for DeskBabes, in this solo she plays with ass and now she is the N°1 for Deskbabes, I rate 1000/10, excellent work :))
Love it already. The best thing Totem could have done to make me spend money on their product is add in the ass play. Plus, this girl is gorgeous.
Super sexy babe with a hot show.Lots of analplay but maybe a little to much.Her lovely pussy desrves a bit attention to,doesn't it. ;-) All in all a hot card but a little monotonous due to the lack of pussyplay.
Lovely blonde with natural body, pretty smile, pink fishnets and black heels. What's not to like about her ?
Sehr hübsch mit schöner show, aber nicht mein Favorit
First things first, Barbie is an exceptionally beautiful girl and if rating based on that alone she's definately an 11.She starts out fully clothed with an introduction and the proceeds to ask what the we want. She teases us for a while, and there's some scripted dirty talk as she removes her top. Sadly we never get to see her take off her panties, as they are gone for the rest of the show, only her nylons and shoes stay on. There's occational dirty talk throughout and although English is not he...
Barbie is smoking hot especially with the hot pink stockings I love.. This is an anal show all the way... unfortunate that im not a fan of that type of show... Still a solid show but its lacking the umph to keep my interest... Download on dicount I say... You wont be mad you missed this unless your a fan of pure beauty... Like I sort of am..
i gave Barbie an 8 because she played with her leg instead of her pussy.Barbie is good looking and has a good body,that is why she got an 8.
Dans ce solo, Barbie White porte un corset sobre et relativement simple, avec une petite culotte de même style. Une tenue plus sexy aurait été un petit plus appréciable.C'est assez agréable de la voir jouer avec son gode rose entre ses lèvres ou entre ses fesses. Elle a l'air d'assez bien aimer l'anal... :-)
An attractive girl with natural breasts. Stockings were a bit too vivid colour and distracted somewhat. Nice physical and verbal teasing in the early scenes, even if some of it didn't really hit the mark because of English not being her natural language. There's lots of anal play and although it is something I like for me to rate it as a hot show it needed to be balanced with more pussy play. It was no doubt the best anal show of it's day but other DB cards have surpassed it since.I rate Barbie...
Hmmm...I have to admit that the way she talks and moves is a little bit boring. Sorry, she doesn`t turn me on. Anyway she is cute.
I believe this is a very good show but I agree with some people that I am also not into anal. I do like her Virtua very much. One thing is that there is no personal interview just another mundane shower video which was a huge disappointment to me. I hope she does more DeskBabe solo show without anal this time. If your into anal this show is for you, if not, then Oh Well. I like to give her 10 for beauty and sexiness but 6 overall. Sorry, just my 2 cent
Beautiful lady, great show with good analplay

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