Ashley Robbins

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 25 y.o.
  • Height: 4.99 ft.
  • Weight: 115 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 38" / 24" / 35"

Her auburn hair may not be the natural color and it may not match her pubes (when she isn’t completely shaved), but it shows you something about her personality. Ashley doesn’t want to be just another stripper – she wants to capture your imagination and make you one of her fans! Ashley Robbins is Sonia in the Classic cards collection.

Number of shows: 6

Ashley Robbins's shows

2.9 (1794 votes)

Fairy Tales

  • Shows: 38 clips
  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Bonus photos: 31
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 151 MB

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User comments (68)

She needs to come out of retirement...
Un corps de rêve et sans doute les plus beaux seins du site, bien sur le show est trop sage comparé à ce qui se fait depuis mais Ashley est extrêmement sexy dans sa petite robe à pois et elle ferait bander un mort, de la fantaisie, du charme, bref c'est très bien et çà vaut une très bonne note.
What comes to mind is a Picnic in Wonderland...with The Woman of my Dreams.
Absolutely gorgeous. I could watch her until my eyes fell out
OMG she is so pretty. If you like breasts, you should buy this card.
super sexy!
The most beautiful redhead on vg, and yes that includes Ariel !! Ashley has an incredible body and is just plain gorgeous !!!!!!
She has managed to make an aunt jemima costume smokin hot. For that alone she gets a 10, not to mention she has a great body and a fun personality that comes through.
This performance is Ashley Robbins best one yet. I really enjoyed this show. A rock solid 10/10. I have included it among my favorites. BUY THIS SHOW!!!
Ashley Has GREAT Ta-Ta's mmmmmmmm She Is A Fine Looking Woman xoxoxo
you're too shy, ash-ash, why you hide? lovely
Ashley, what can I say? this girl is damn near perfect. smokinest overall body on here, and those long thighs! and probably the best looking set of naturals on the whole site! not the most explicit, I will grant you, but her girl next door openess fits right in with that. she knows how to move and tease and always smiles. she comes across as approachable and warm. never a waste of money when you buy one of her cards, and this is one of her best.
I normally don't like big breasted women, but, I like this one. She has a beautiful belly and nice bum, and those natural tits look good on her. Ashley is a 10 in everything she does.
Ashely,I would love to have you delivered by UPS to my house this next upcoming year as a Valentine's gift!
Ashley no matter what she wears is the sexiest model/performer on VirtuaGirlHD... If you can get past the costume, her body makes up for all the suspense. A 10 all the way...
i didn't buy this one but got it free with membership and i'm glad this one was in the callander. HOT STUFF those powerfull looking thighs and BIG natural hangers are the best. i've read this is not quite the best show of hers so i might have to break out the wallet and try some of her other shows
Ashley Robbins has been one of my top 5 favorite nekkid women for years now. Her natural boobs are perfect, her powerful legs make me long for them to straddle me, and her face is beautiful and playful. This particular show is cute, fun, and sexy, and I'd trade places with that heart-shaped pillow any day!
This girl is an absolute J-O-Y on my laptop. She's gorgeous, juicy, saucy, spicy, adorably playful, superbly voloptuous, a great communicator, and this semi-innocent show of hers may be one of her best, if not the best. Although, I haven't seen one of her yet I didn't absolutely adore An undeniable 10+. Q
i love you Ashley!!!
Wow, wish I was in this fairy tale lol 11/10 Very nice show. Thankyou Ashley Robbins & all the best to you for 2008 X
Very playful & sexxxy. Ashley is perfect & incredibly Hot!! I,ve downloaded every one of her performances. Anyone who thinks she fake & ugly has never seen or been with a real woman before.
Diese Dame ist erste Sahne. Sie macht es richtig spannent.
Favorite Women on here. Just wish she did more and had a 3k card
Sweet and sexy.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.Ashley Robbins is a very impressive looking woman, with striking red hair, a gorgeous smile, a fantastic body and a distinctive beauty all her own. I wouldn't say this outfit is the best look for her though, but it is quite fun.I think Ashley Robbins is among the best performers on VG, varying from sweet and charming to sexy and seductive and always very dynamic. The task-bar clips in thi...
There are times when she's playing and she seems about 12, which are a turnoff, and then she peels that off to reveal she's a woman who wants to be pleasured, which is a turnon. Overall I'll give her high marks even though sometimes I wonder.
Ashley does plenty of explicit work on other sites like Twisty's. She has near the best natural tits on this site I rank Chikita number one in that department. Those of you who prefer smaller breasted women don't bother with the woman who are well endowed. Ashley is way underrated here I guess because her shows aren't explicit enough for some and generally short. She should be a top 10-20 ranked model here, but not even close to that.
Mischievous smile and phenomenal body. Ashley's body is tops! Wow!
Ashley Robbins - always a solid 9, even the Fairy Tales show :-)
This is a bit of a disney outfit, as the scots would say it disnae work! Ashley has a great body but she doesn't take advantage of it enogugh.
She is marvellous and like her also for her beauty and she's my prefered girl. She makes me dream! Can you kiss her for me please? Thank you
Ashley is a very beautiful woman with an absolutly stunning body! I hope to see more of her soon!!!
I love red headed women. Even when it isn't their natural color. Of course some pull it off better than others and Ashley is one of those types that can do it. This isn't a great outfit and it isn't a fantastic shoot but for a first time viewing, I think this gal is spot on. She has fantastic tits and knows how to flaunt them. Just wish there were more nude clips with this one, but then again most of the early cards had the same limitation. Looking forward to seeing more of her gorgeous curves!
Second card of Ashley, very hot, besides the outfit.
She is definitely one of the hottest girls on the site, and she plays her part with conviction and humour (if required). Rocking body too.Only thing that lets this card down (and all of hers, for that matter) is a distinct lack of explicit/close-up etc. If her cards had explicit material, then all of her cards would hit the 9's no problem.
Nice girl
I think this is Ashley's best show/card so far on here. I give it very high marks and is a keeper==great body with naturally ref hair makes it a card to get and keep.
One of these days she'll get the right show assigned to her and it will be awesome. This just wasn't quite it. She has a rockin body and some of the best naturals on the site, just too much of the wrong clothes and props so far. I still gave it an 8, because I lover her tits so much.
Great body, sexy thighs!
her titts are simply extrordinary!
big boobs but she pop up 4 1s then go down
This girl is so much horney. I love her body , she is one of my favourite girl, but Im sad to say thath is to much poor in nudity in this card. I should like to see her in a possible return, I very hope in thath !!!!
I like Ashley Robbins. Ashley has a nice curvy body, great tits, and the red hair is ALWAYS a plus (I have a thing for redheads..). I think Ashley was nice and playful, and I really enjoy the "playful" girls. It looked like she was having fun and therefore, I had fun watching her. My first Ashley card....and I have a feeling it won't be my last.
This is the 2nd Ashley card I've seen and it's much better than the "Hard Rock" one where I was first introduced to her. This time around they let her sassy attitude and sexy moves do the talking instead of the silly props. Ashley has a great body and a set of tits that are surprisingly plump, juicy, and fun to watch. My two complaints about this card is 1. the outfit and 2. nothing too explicit. It's not a bad outfit, it just doesnt seem right for Ashley's attitude and general style. And once a...
Her best set by far, simply stunning
I quite like her, but what is with those tan lines?! I though she had two thongs on at first. Even with that, I would have liked to see more.
Elle a une très belle poitrine etc... mais ceci dit je trouve qu'elle ne va pas assez loin dans ses show... Pourquoi s'arrêter en si bon chemin Ashley ? On ne voit pas une seule fois son minou.. Dommage
What a pity! Ashley is such a sexy lady, but for the most part, this show flops rather badly. This twee mock girlie innocence is over the top and the polkadot frock looks like a contagious disease! Ashley's got an amazing body and she would be far more of a turn-on if she simply concentrated on the stripping and teasing and shaking those magnificent natural funbags in future rather than indulging in this silly stuff with heart-shaped cushions and acting like a five-year-old. I rate this show onl...
Good, but need more nudity
Nekem kicsit gyengének bizonyult
great boobs , red hair not enough show of her pussy ,ass who cares if the dress fits she all natural looking to me
This card was a complete disappointment. The outfit doesn't fit her. She could do more from herself, because she has really pretty female forms.
OK.. She is a hot chick. but I could do without the hair ribbons and goofy outfits and would like to more of her body rather than pillows and dress. I still think she should take dancing lessons from either Viki or Nella or Sandra.. but I will met her half way and rate her as a 5.. she would get higher rating if she would get more natural with her looks and learn to make love in her dancing... not just tease.
not sure how she got the job none of her shows is worth buying not a real stripper just coz she's a real girl think she don't have to show all
Umm..."childishly graceless" is the only desription that comes tomid for this show. I'll admit, I only watched for 10-15 minutes, but what I saw held absolutely no appeal for me. And it should have. She's got a decent body, from what I could see (which wasn't all that much). But it really did seen to me as if she was trying to act like a really young child, and that's a total turn-off for me.
Tragic and silly...someone please lose that hear pillow! 4
Decent performance, and she would be hot as hell, except the bad outfit and makeup make her look so, damn, ugly.
I like Ashley a lot, but in this card there is nothing that's worth watching...
This card couldn' t have worst shows!!! It' s totaly pussyless!!!
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Une véritable petite bombe, Ashley; 1m52 d'une fille coquine et terriblement sexy; ses gros lolos, son minou à houpette et son corps musclé me met le feu...!!!
Ashley, tes mensurations sont sublimes. Je t'adore. Tu mérites 10.
A 9 just for the quantity of body laping around ..!!!She's really ... a lot !!!
et bien voilà une femme qui ne passe pas inapercue!
Ash spielt uns hier das schüchterne Mädchen von nebenan vor. Sieht irgendwie gut aus, wenn sie so tut als würde das alles zufällig passieren. Einen Striptanz sieht man nicht, dafür spielt sie das ausziehen. Echte Dicke Titten, geiler Hintern und kaum was von ihrer Muschi zu sehen. Es gibt bessere Shows.Explizit-Show gibt es gar keine.Meine Bewertung: knappe 7 von 10 Punkten
Ashley Robbins ist eine sexy Stripperin, mit prallen (natürlich aussehenden) Brüsten und einer geilen anrasierten Muschi. Allerdings finde ich, das ein solches Märchenkostüm eher zu einem Girl passt, was mehr nach Teeny als erwachsene Frau ausschaut. Nackt sieht Ashley wie immer fantastisch aus, aber die Performance ist nur lauwarm. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man vergeblich... (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkte)
3.5 (1981 votes)

Gold Rush

  • Shows: 32 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 41
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 167 MB

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User comments (91)

Ashey has a great body ,fantastic boobs and great legs.....A beauty a doll!!!
Stike it rich! Her bod makes up for her less then golden face.
I wish she never retired.... the best
Hi, I love this one but now I have a bug and only one strip can be played.
Dat Robbins. 100/10
How sweet Ashley is, great show and hot photos.
This is what women are supposed to look like! Forget the "naughty bits", I could spend a week working on those legs! Yipes!!Ashley has a very controlled and professional way of moving much like Karina and to a lesser degree Sandra H. I assume she has dance experience. She doesn't just come out and 'shake her stuff', but has the appearance of giving a planned routine. Very enjoyabe and at times mesmerizing. Fantastic job.For the more skin oriented- she has great RNR (Rack and Rump).
a dream
1st model I ever purchased, beautiful body, excellent show, great smile. 10,10,10!
This is my 4th card in my Ashley Robbins series and it is a bit of a disappointment. If it were not for the fact that Ashley Robbins is the performer I would have never bought the card. But you know what? Even though she was given a crappy looking outfit and hairstyle, she still pulled it off as only she could! Well done Ashley, 10/10.
Ashley is a damn fine woman. What perfect legs and breasts! I love a good red-head. My only complaint is that she is almost always saddled with a crappy hair style. She should definitely have her hair down more often.
I prefer this amazing lady from Czech, she has a amazing voluptuous body great tan lines, to show where she likes it, very attractive movements, love her to show me her night moves, anytime hot ass& as i said the rest of her as well yum!!!!!!!!!! Love big breasted lady'ashley gets my vote for a 10/10, like tristanundisolde, said stupendous, like your hot body is, love to fuck you as well.
For those not initially into this one, the routine plays well into the costume - think of singing and dancing women in WW II uniforms.I know Ashley by her Czech name: Jana Semradova. I wonder if her shows here are restrained because she knows people pay and pay well to see more of her. I'm happy to see video of her, look forward to possibly seeing her in person once I move to Prague (hey, with the numbers of Czech ladies here, who would blame me!) and enjoying pleasant thoughts of what I have se...
Another 10 for the super hot Ashley! this chick has to be the most perfect body I have ever seen! the tight gold military uniform hugs her well, and she is always a spectacular mover, and KNOWS how to show herself off. One of THE TOP 2 smokinest bodies here (second only to Marta) but beyond a doubt the top dancer on virtuagirl. if her ass can't inspire a straight up on your boner meter, then your probably dead. incredible rack and lots of play with it as well. you can't watch this chick without...
Nice model,however,she should get naked and spread her legs in this series.I paid money to see naked women not some lady as shy as this lady.
pretty face en nice body!
OMG!! ASHLEY IS A GODDESS! I have been a huge fan of hers since I saw SEXY SECRETARY. I LOVE HER BOOBS (repeat 100 times, singing to your favorite tune). Everytime she reveals her gorgeous globes, I stare and repeat "Oh GOD, I love those boobs!" The only way to improve this card would be to add some pussy play, because not only do I love her boobs, I LOVE HER PUSSY.
I love dancers in shiny skin tight outfits, and she is no exception. She has such a great body, and fills out that shiny gold outfit perfectly. That girl can kick!
i rarely post, but Ashley is number 1 at everything..!!
It is certainly very clear to see, Ashley is a highly experienced exponent of striptease and table dancing. What helps her along is a hot body with all the curves in all the right places. Her lovely big natural breasts are food for the eyes, as are her nicely rounded bottom and superbly muscled legs. I get the impression she is feeling particularly horny and there some nice erotic pussy play. The costume is a bit wacky, but somehow it doesn't detract from what is a very watchable sexy show. Ther...
You look hot as always Ashley! xoxoxo Steve
Ashley is a sexy and beautiful lady! She is totally HOT! She smiles and looks like she is enjoying herself and that makes a huge difference to me! She knows she is HOT and that is great! I gave her a 10 and she is worth is so I would recommend this card to you!
I don't know what it is I love about this card. Normally, she isn't my type. Others have eluded to her cheerfulness and maybe that is it. Whatever the reason I find myself drawn to this card. It is absolutely her best.
I thought it wouldn't be very good and that the costume was bad, but it's actually really good, and she pulls it off well; it's a really good card. She's got a great body and moves well. 10/10
wow good show shame its not longer show!
beautiful girl. sexy outfit. keep up the shiny stuff.
This has got to be the most perfectly shaped woman ever! Her legs are just so shaped and her rack is big and inviting... If you don't get this download you're dead.... She is the most sexy woman I've seen. What a body! Enough to drain a man in a minute...
i love all of ashley's shows and i can't think of anything to say about her that hasn't already been said about pre-sliced bread! She is just the greatest!
When I saw her trailer I said ah so-so. But when I saw her full show I said WOW I need to see that again. Awesome!!!
the best of ashley kiss!!!
Very nice show Ashley Robbins. 11/10 All the best to you for 2008
Ashley is soooo hot! Man, and she actually is a good dancer. This girl has some moves, this one is great! Can't wait to get Jet Sex, looks pretty good too.
Ashley looks so hot I would love to dig for gold ion her mine.
She is a 10
Indéniablement, nous avons affaire à une sacrée cochonne. Son petit air mutin ne trompe personne. D'aucuns lui reprochent de ne point faire de cochonneries, mais c'est tout à son honneur. Les poupées qui font le grand écart à poil vont finir par s'enrhumer et ce sera bien fait pour leur point G.
Ashley is one of the sexiest girls on VG. I would respectfully request that VG consider remastering Ashley's cards, however. The resolution is quite poor, which is my reason for only giving this card a 9 out of 10.Ashley (Sonia), you are too HOT!!!
She is one of the most fit performers ever on VG. Her legs are amazing and her body is very toned. That's the best thing about her. Her large, natural-looking breasts help too, plus I like her red hair. This may be an older card, but Ashley still looks great compared to many of the newcomers, and this outfit fits her quite nicely. Not as explicit as some of the newer cards, but I still like this one a lot.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.On most other girls this outfit might have looked a bit silly, but Ashley really makes it work for her and it's actually a very sexy look.Ashley gave a very seductive and sexy performance in the task-bar clips, but her sense of interaction also made them entertaining and that gorgeous, but slightly wicked smile was never far from her face.The pole clips in this show are about as good as y...
I prefer quality to quantity every time, but once in a while one discovers both. Ashley's breasts are simply stupendious!
Incredible body and sexy tease!!! one of my favorites 9/10
I agree the I love the gold outfit- and her body and legs are very shapely and s sexy. But lose the hat/cap does nothing- it actually a distraction.Ashley has a couple real good cards and a few so-so cards.Love skin tone and the thong lines--every sexy.
she is sooo hot! but the show isn't explicit at all. i rated her a 9 because she's such a knockout, but a little finger play could get her a 20!
I didnt see any hat......What a perfect body!!!
Ashley Robbins is hot. This show is somewhat more explicit than, say, Jet Sex, but the explicit fans will probably pass this one too. I would not, as she is incredibly sexy, she has lovely curves, and her breasts are amazing. Card worth a 9.
Another great show by the beautiful Ashley. This golden suit makes her very hot and sexy. I never weary of seeing her dancing and striping on my screen.
Ashley is becoming one of my favorites. Just a lush body on a compact frame, just what I like. + she looks like she has fun. I agree about the hat, it's gotta go. Otherwise, I think the outfit works great on her. Her hair could be done better, but I'm nitpicking.
TOTEM, BURN this outfit. This is the second model you have conned into wearing this thing. Get rid of it. This is a very talented and good looking young lady. The outfit especially the hat is ugly. Her bountiful assets can be much better displayed. I think her figure demands leather or lace.
almost a real good body with a lot to enjoi..the outfit could be better...
one of my favorite redheads here in vghd. good show and the explicit level is ok also. nice natural and big boobs. though the dress looks a bit cheap. 9*
I just love watching this girl dance. She has such a hot body.
I love ashley's gigantic breasts and red hair but I suspect that neither are real and I just can't stand the outfit however its still go enough for 9 out of 10!
I love the outfit. Ashley could wear a sackcloth and still make it the hottest show around!!
She is sexy
Big breasts, big thighs and curves in all the right places. Very nice.
slighty silly outfit but god those tits are stunning
A body that can give Aria, Marta,and Carmen Croft a run for the money!
Superb skills at striptease with a great pair of breasts and absolutely killer legs, that she kicks higher and farther than any other girl I've seen on here! Costume isn't sexy and the show is too short for 2 credits, but this is a MUST have for a daily special!
I like Ashley in all her version, she makes me hot !!!! Poor of nudity show, but at same fantastic !!!
Ashley is a gorgeous woman with a great body. The skirt comes off but lose the jacket. You open it up enough times so we can see your lovely breasts which is great. And the panties go too but it's not very explicit.
Absolutely one of the most beautiful bodies. Wish she would get a little more explicit though 8-10.
Just average show... noting special, as many others here. 8 from me.
I agree with wodenseye....get rid of this outfit! And....if models are going to wear these hats (most of which including this one suck) then the hats should be removed!! Full nudity means NO hats! Decent show by Ashley, but not up to the standard of her "Sexy Secretary" show.
This girl is the shit. Perfect body + red hair=greatness. The outfit is kinda weird. Dosen't matter though since she is removing it!
Yowza! I have never wanted to be a metal being as much as I want to be the pole when Ashley is pucker/cookie kissing it or riding it with her voluptuous breasts! This lady is made for short,tight skirts that ride over those shapely toned thighs and offer seductive peeks at the black cookie cover flashing atop those tangy legs.Her incredible eyes and playful smile are soo captivating especially when paired with those beautiful breasts 'n' legs which she knows how to move with sexy delight.I love...
you have some very nice nuggets upon your chest.
Love the girl, hate this outfit. The gold is just too austentatious. However, I will always love Ashley's red hair. And the scenes where she unzips her top and her weapons of mass distraction come popping out for a vist are just a sight to behold. By the way, did I mention that I LOVE redheads?
I love Ashley's boobs, I love Ashley's high kicks, I love Ashley's smile I love Ashley!
I give her a 7! She has a stunning body with gorgeous tits but the show is not very explicit
She's got a great body, especially her breasts are very fondable. But something with her expression bothers me. Ah, well, I'll give her a 7.
Ashley is great, but these old low res clips are terrible. Fine if you can get past the blur
Pros - ridiculously stacked body; she has probably the fattest, firmest, pound-for-pound, most perfect breasts on VG; sizzling hot outfitCons - filled with silly salute clips, a waste of space; one full nudity clip and one, count 'em, one explicit clipFor a girl this fine and skilled, she should be ashamed to put out a show this incomplete. It's like getting a brand new Benz in your driveway and only being able to drive it around the block. 6 out of 10.
Well I actually have like everyone of ur cards now. Ima gonna have to say just gorgeouse, superb body.... but final note. Its time to start gettin nasty and puttin false Explicit behavior on the card ID's. I would let my kids watch u ur sooo non-explicit.
The show is below the average. But it is still good, only the outfit doesn't fit her very well.I'm a bit disappointed, because I love the natural female forms.
If you forget the stupid hat, the stupid pattern of shaving & the NONE explicit behavior, this card can be very acceptable!!! Worth 1 ticket!
Deleted this one too. Goofy outfit...girl not for me I guess. 4
no se puede estropear es cuerpo con ese disfrz tan ortera y lo peor es ese gorrito estupido. ella no se lo mereze con lo extremadamente buena que esta. ella es un diez el disfraz un zero
if she lost the hat nice out fit but still not inpressed not very good.
her show is kind of short,have`t noticed any closeups yet.she seems a little too tame.if it wasn`t for her magnificent breasts and overall great body,i would not bother watching her show.again she has a gorgeous body on her.beautiful woman.she needs to be a little less restrained.
Luv her sexy outfit and beautiful tits.....
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
elle est trop bonne, cette nana là, et o contraire cette tenu je la trouve bien bandan....mais dommage que de manière générale les tenus plutot ratées sur ce site ! dommage car les nanas sont super belle. mais j'amerais bien la voir elle, en mini jupe, bottes, lunette, mmmmmm..... a+
Ashley ist ein super heißer Feger. Eine tolle Frau mit einem so heißen Körper bzw. mit absolut traumhaften Boobs. Schade das ihre Show hier nur 21 Minuten dauert. Würde ihr gerne 10 Punkte geben, aber durch die kurze Show leider nur 9 Points.
jolie tres belle poitrine show un peut court
super professionnel nous fait bander je comprend maintenant qu elle est prise dans les cabaret corps appettissant laissez- vous seduire et savourer
Jolie Môme, j'en prends une deuxieme carte (jet sex)
mhhmhm, heiße Frau, schöne kurven, geile show, ich hätte aber soo gerne ein wenig mehr von ihrem geilen arsch (von hinten) gesehen.
Wer dieses goldene Outfit und große natürliche Brüste mag, wird diese Show lieben. Ashley Robbins ist eine sexy Stripperin, mit prallen natürlichen Brüsten und einer geilen anrasierten Muschi. Ich mag diese Show sehr, besonders steh ich auf ihre High Heels, und ihre Performance an der Stange. Ihre Kurven und den durch die Sonne in den nackten Körper gebräunten String machen mich immer wieder geil auf diese Show... (Wertung: 10 von 10 Punkte)
Une plastique parfaite, une poitrine hallucinante, un petit costume sympathique tout démarre merveilleusement bien, clips soft et poitrine nue très émoustillants et puis plus rien, les nus ou explicites, quasiment rien, elle n'est jamais entièrement nue, quand au seul clip dit explicite, on se demande bien pourquoi, grosse déception à l'arrivée.
Le seul clip sexuelle explicites,et identique au autre de sa collection qui ne le sont pas!par contre quelle poitrine!
Vraimen mignonne , mais pas assez explicite et la tenue est vraiment nulle !!!!!
Not her best outfit, but she's lovely.
2.4 (1579 votes)

Hard Rock

  • Shows: 36 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 181 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (78)

Hard rock? Rock HARD!!!
Everytime I see Ashley I melt with desire because she is always my favorite and I want more cards of her please.
One hot sexy red head.
the breasts, this is ass, with her I'll always weak when I see them I immediately cool the clothes even if they still have to, it is a bomb
geile Titten und vor allem gefällt mir der braune Body mit dem weißen Abdruck des String Tangas.der Arsch ist auch Hammer klar die Show ist etwas lahm aber das Girl ist Spitze.
The good Lord made this one and then broke the mould. Just perfect.I loved her red hair also her laughter She is a perfect 10+.
I like music and I got an electric Febder like yours, so... my house is yours, if you can, if you want, whenever you like, we could play together, a jam-session, but... sorry, I don't have the bar ILU
HELL YEAH Lets rock and roll there is nothing else to say!
As always,another collection of hot,hard rock at it's best!
This woman has a body that ROCKS all the way! She's perfectly natural and big! Plus her athletic body and long legs make her a goddess...
hey i was wondering if she actually plays bass
I wood love to Rock out with her I love the way she moves
J'adore les hard rockeuse, alors rouquine la je craque .Elle est SUPERBE.@mitier ED
Ashley can play in my dream rock band any time. She really Rocks my World!!
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.Ashley Robbins as a rock chick, complete with guitar, a garish outfit and the worst hairstyle and makeup in any of her cards.That said it's another good, fun performance. Not Ashley at her best, but despite the distraction of her outlandish look in this card, it is surprisingly entertaining and sexy, although the task-bar clips with the guitar didn't really work.In the pole dance clips As...
don't like the hair, hate the guitar, but god can this girl move.i suggest checking out the rest of her shows, because ashley is f'n hot!
As always, ASHLEY ROCKS!! I absolutely love her boobs and her sweet pussy, so I am always impatient for her to get naked. In fact, if Ashley lived on my private island in the Carribean, clothing would not be an option. I hate for anything to block my view of her incredible body, so I did not like her panties in this card. A good wardrobe rule of thumb for all of Ashleys's cards in the future- her tan-line should be visible at all times. Also, she seemed awkward with the guitar, so lose the props...
Ashley Robbins - what a sexy Lady, does have all what a Gentleman want's! How she handle the four string guitar i couldn't in the past, but that's another story. In this show i did missing only a little bit more sexy perform, so it's rated with a 9 ;-)
wow she can dance the pole. Love watching her move. the guitar and hair are kinda over the top, but I love watching her move. And she's got... a look. Don'tknow what it is, but I like it. damn, was gonna give her an 8, but I'm upping to a nine, she just moves too good, what I wouldn't give for an explicit scene of hers. Think I'll go download another of hers.
Ohhhhhh myyyyyy Godddddddd! Ain't it great when everybody's been at the happy pills(?) There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show! Ashley's dancing and stripping is as good as it always is - she's the only girl I have seen get her high kicks right up above her head. And what other reason would you buy one of Ashley's cards than to enjoy her majestic breasts? Personally, I like the outfit - it's refreshing to see Ashley wearing proper panties as opposed to the ubiquitous thong/g-string for...
Oh Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. How to rate Ashley-Hard Rock. Ashley is a stunning girl. Hard to believe she's only 5' tall. With that body? Good lord! Beautiful eyes, great hair, nice legs, and of course, those breasts are absolutely perfect. Her moves are very good, as good as I've seen in my limited experience with VG. Her pole work is really good.Now, the downs. The outfit is not so good, but not bad either. They should lose the bass altogether. I've disabling most of the bass clips and keeping t...
Βυζάρες που χορεύουν ροκ ν ρολ.
Ashley is one the hottest women around and does a lot more on other sites. I believe her shows were some of the 1st on VGHD and less explicit than later releases. Still compared to some very average girls getting over 8 ratings on this site Ashley is way underrated. Though this show was not the best here, still a keeper.
Average show... and it is little under-rated - average shows here get rates about 8.00-8.80, so 8 from me.
Scheisse... Ashley Robbins is one of my all-time favorite naked women... but this card just fails to show her off. Nothing explicit... No good close-ups. 8 of 10, just because I like Ashley Robbins; it would've been 5 of 10 for anyone else.
Great show Ashley Robbins 11/10 & All the best for 2008 X
I love Ashley Robbins, she's one of my favourite girl of all the times, very great horny body, but this outfit f this card , her hairstyle and the only 2 clips of nudity takes me to go vote 7.
Not one of my favorite cards of Ashley Robbins. The guitar just seemed to get in the way most of the time. I have seen better cards of Ashley.
Beautiful woman, fantastic energy, perfect personality and a great idea. Totally blew the execution. Sorry Ashley, your other cards are tops, but this one is really bad.
Not good. No explicit. Deleted right away
Did I mention before that I love redheads? If I didn't, let me say it loud and clear - I LOVE REDHEADS! Okay, now that that's out of the way, let me say that I hate this outfit on her and I don't particularly get anything out of the waving guitar either. But I set this video set to J Geils 'Centerfold' and it's actually not too bad. Not Ashley's best work, but then again, she still looks fantastic naked! Rock on!
This card would have been better served if Ashley Robbins had looked in the mirror before going on stage. Her hair is fun and unusual, but the entire outfit is just a huge sexy failure. Ashley has the look that makes almost anything look good, but this over-the-top gamble rolled snake eyes.The rest of the problem with this card is that it's almost entirely made up of short, tiny clips. Most under a minute. The ones that are lengthy seem to mostly be non-nude. Given the very early card number, th...
I did not like this model. The best part of this card is the performance on the pole.
Ashley is hot, but her hair and makeup are aweful in this card. I had mixed feelings about getting this show. The card looks lame, but it's Ashley Robbins (SEXY) and she's holding a bass. I love playing bass! I was right about the card being lame. First of all, the bass is a BIG, HEAVY, AWKWARD instrument to play let alone fondle and molest. NOT SEXY AT ALL! In one of the clips, she darn near kills her toes when the strap pops off and she drops the bass. I gave this card a 6/10 out of sypathy fo...
Well the guitar prop and hairstyle are a bit over the top for me, and you have to wait a LONG while to really see anything worth writing home about. But, when she finally gets going, she has GREAT moves! Especially when working the pole, you can tell she really knows what she's doing and that she's totally comfortable doing it. It's just too bad we dont get to see much of it and something a little more explicit would have been nice to make the wait worth the while. It just seems too much time we...
Nice girl ...not a very co-ordinated show
How disappointing this was. A porn star, whose name I recognized, and even knew what she looked like. The show was extremely short, there was little to no "explicit behavior", and, frankly, the show was a bit boring. I don't know if it was her, or the director, trying to be "artistic", or the presence of the guitar prop, or what. Something just did not click, here.Ashley is certainly a hot enough lady. But... where are the explicit shots? Where in this set can I find content, that I couldn't fin...
Gee, where to start... Poor hairstyle, awful...really awful.. eye makeup, poor prop with the guitar, an outfit that doesn't seem to work with Ashley, NO explicit scenes...Not worth one ticket. Get Ashley's sexy Secretary show instead (sadly, none of her shows are explicit, but she is hot in that one).
Wow not what i expected you don't even get to see her nice puss! Nice buns tho still not that great of a show i give it about a 5/10
Ugly outfit - bad makeup. She is not my type anyway - but this is just a bad card. She is a 7 otherwise. 5/10
Very disappointed, Outfit, guitar, hair, makeup. Just a complete bomb. She is able to do 10's and instead came up with a 5.
Below average. I don't like the show. The outfit doesn't fit her.I'm disappointed, because I love the natural female forms.
Great girl, not a good outfit and the bass (not a guitar...) just looks really awkward. Other shows 10/10....not this one.
i agree with username, this is NOT good look for her I hate the fake red hair dye, and the moves are bad. Get this one off and go=ive us another one in its place. BAD
Very nice body, but the outfit and her holding the guitar upside down is certainly a turn off for me!
Below average performance and style. Not worted picking up this card.
Well this one i looked at for about 10 seconds and turned it off dont like it at all but her other card I enjoyed very much. I pretty sure these gals read these so, Thanks for the other card just didnt like this one, had to give this a 4-. The other card gets a 10.
I have to ask myself why I wasted a ticket on this card. Ashley IS a beautiful girl, but this card just does not show it AT ALL!!! Steer clear at all costs!!! 4/10
Was hoping to see more of her plectrum!!
Her age is 45.
Very boring! Not enough nudity for a stripper.
I have one word for this show..........................................................................................BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As far as being a rock star???? But striping is something she should seriuosly reconcider. This one really sucks you wait 25 mins or so to see nothing
I'd hate to say the only show of hers I liked was the secretary show, the rest have been deleted much like this one, She lacks much movement, and enthusiasm. Hopefully she'll have laerned a few move dance rouutinces before she comes back.
She needs to get rid of that stupid guitar ! Looks like she's stumbling around .... not dancing .... hot assed body .... those thighs could tear a man in two !
got this card on my subscription & still feel ripped off, poor costume, accessory & hair colour choices & nowhere near enough showing, be sure i wont be buying any of this girl if this card is anything to go by
Naja,oder so.
I prefer my strippers to actually strip!!! Love the tan line ,otherwise it would be a 0.
Her hair do is so bad, that it is distracting. She is unable to dance because of the silly guitar prop, and the outfit reminds me of 1950s bathing suits. This whole set is a zero.
i hope this is as bad as it gets,no explicit,dog face,only good if you want to see a fender base and tits
The Guitar is having all the fun, its all over the pink bits and sensational places, I wish I was a guitar, one thing is sure, this card is the biggest loser
great red hair deleted
Too much... hard rock, no pussy view at all!!! All the shows of this card suck!!! Huge waste for that body...!
Fantastic tits and a little bush 5.
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Very sexy, and wears the rock-chick look very, very well.
WOW, what a women. She could easily get 20 or more points, she needs a weapon licence for her body. Sadly there are no close-up szenes and the guitar is sometimes in the way. In addition she is never pantieless under her skirt and not realy explicit. A waste of points. 9 of 10 points.
La guitare n'apporte rien, mais j'adore ses seins magnifiques et ses jolies fesses, alors au diable l'avarice !
Un show qui aurait pu etre mieux présenté, la guitare aurait pu etre mieux utilisé, l'idée est bonne et aurait pu être mieux utilisé, ca manque de sensualité aussi, dommage. Ashley est tout de même trés jolie, même si la coiffure ne lui va pas du tout, elle a un corp fantastique. Ces autres show doivent etre mieux.
Un peut trop soft dommage!mais quelle femme !de plus je possede toute sa collection!
la guitare est parfois encombrante, la coiffure banane n'est pas du meilleur effet, le show un peu trop sage, mais cette fille a un physique absolument parfait, notamment une poitrine divine, et des jambes superbes, et tout et tout..
qu'est ce c'est que cette coupe de cheveux ?????? le coiffeur était saoul ou avait fumé une cigarette qui fait rire ?????? ashley est une belle femme, pourquoi ce show ??????? dommage !! ma note, 6 et c'est bien payé !!!!
Diese Show ist leider nur Durchschnitt. Ashley Robbins hat perfekte Brüste, einen klasse Körper und eine geile anrasierte Pussy, aber in dieser Show trägt sie hässliche Klamotten und davon, wie unbeholfen sie die Gitarre hält, möchte man gar nicht erst reden... *ohne Worte* Schaut Euch lieber ihre Shows wie "Sexy Secretary", "Gold Rush" oder "Pleasant Village" an. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkte)
Solo me agrada cuando no usa la guitarra... de lo contrario llamo mejor a otra chica.
3.6 (2772 votes)

Jet Sex

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  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Bonus photos: 39
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 157 MB

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User comments (126)

Miss her... Hope she makes a comeback one day. Dances so provocative and has the best legs and tits on here...
How is it that as Ashley she has "Big Boobs" but as Sonia she is not so classified?
Ashley is the sexiest girl on this site.
People realy need to stop down grading Ashley cause she doesn't do explicit shows. She is hot, Perfect in everyway, and doesn't need to dildo herself to be a turn on. People are just pervs and need XXX to get off sad
Unfortunately, the hairdresser for this shoot cose a totally wrong hairstyle for Ashley's classic features and it distracts from the show. but the outfit is smokin' hot as only Ashley can fill it out like she does. rather conservative on the nudity here, since ashley has proven she is not shy in her hardcore videos. with the right care taken towards the hair, this show could have been so much more, but give her points for being boner inspiring despite that.
Ashley is a stunning, sexy girl with a magnificent, voluptous (all natural) figure. She has perfect eye contact that really gives the feeling of intimate contact. Her smile says, "Let's have fun together." She is easily in the top five VGHD girls.I do not understand why Totem has not brought her back. She would blow top girls away.So why are her ratings low? The fault lies entirely with VGHD. She is an early edition number 14. Every clip is much too short. You just get in tune with her and poof,...
Ashley is AWESOME!!!
ashley has a body most women want an moves better then most too.
Ashley is a goodness. She hat something special and hot.
Love RED Heads. That have BIG BOOBS, that goes with those sexy legs. I rate her 10/10 on this card.
Geiles Rothaariges Girl mit Geilen Body bei ihr ist alles im richtigen Verhältnis.Aber die Show ist viel viel zu kurz aber sie ist eine 10
I adore Ashley, and this particular costume is not bad at all, but what's with the HAIR??? I have to wonder if VG require either the hairdresser or the wardrobe director to be on drugs when they're making the girls up. Rarely are both done well on any given card. A few, but not many.
she is every thing, I am a fan I would be her slave, she is every thing !
The hottest red haired on VG.
Lovely Ashley Has An Ass That Goes On and On and On...mmmmmmm Very Nice, She is Gorgeous!!!!
After having viewed her performance I have to revise my previous comment. Ashley Robbins gives one heck of a show. Very well done. Even though I don't care for redheads that much she still deserves a solid 10 for this show. I'm glad to have this card in my personal collection. She is my VG girl for August. I pick a different girl every month. Well worth the tickets.
I wish I could rate Ashley a 100...anyone who rates her less than ten is off their rocker. This woman is beautiful, sexy, she moves well, she is very animated, she has amazing tits and an overall phenomenal body. I would love to meet her, she just seems fun!
This body (and hair) is out of this world. 10 just leaves too much unsaid.
She's one of my favorite girls ;)
This girl is amazing! Exotic and mysterious, absolutely one of the best dancers that I saw. Hard exciting!
Hell yea
Love Ashley in this dress... she is fast becoming one of my fave girls on VG.. only Morgane and Ariel rank higher in my book.. but this is most definately a must have card for any member! 10/10
Love this girls figure. Great looking legs and an even greater rack. 10/10
this girl is wonderful every thing about her is sexy. 10!
we love ashley!
Well I think that your hair looks best the way you have it now Ashle3y!Don't change it.Also those lusciousw lips and that outfit!!! This was one of your best shows!
Scheisse... Ashley Robbins is one of my all-time favorite naked women... but this card just fails to show her off. Nothing explicit... No good close-ups. 8 of 10, just because I like Ashley Robbins; it would've been 5 of 10 for anyone else.
I admit her hair style in this is not my taste ,but the rest of her show has got me excited , over all a 10
Mmmmm! What an amazing woman Ashley Robbins is! If you like huge natural breasts, this is the card for you. Ashley's breasts are simply breathtaking! When she gets on all fours, they hang down and sway sooo beautifully and she'll definitely get your attention when she drags them over your desktop! But she's not just a pair of breasts, the rest of her is just as spectacular. Wartime pilots used to adorn their aircraft with images of curvy women like Ashley. She has ALL her curves in all the right...
She is my favorite and will always be my favorite.
She is charming, sexy, its smile is splendid je l'adore
Wow this girl is great! Exotic, unique, mysterious, absolutely one of the best dancers I have seen. Pure class with the beauty to back it up. Love you girl!
Heavenly.... i wish i could suck those boobz.... AWESOME !!!!
true, she's the best i've seen so far
there is nothing this girl can do wrong as far as i am concerned
Very sexy, excellent pole work. She's one of my favorites here.
Ashley is a very hot redhead
this show is one of her hottest! I love her pole work
i love this red head
Another great show from Ashley! Nice tits, great body.
Another great show from Ashley great mover and what a body!
She's the first of my collection and the sexiest girl of all. This show is the best for me!
stunning red head, long legs, great mover, could do with a few more Beaver shots mind, but saying that she sure do got a purdy ass
prefect !!! all of her show's are 100% worth it !!!! awsome !!!!I'm in love ..
I can't escape the screen when she's on
Hot and like a chamelion. All female to the max. Highly reccomended
Great show! Not explicit, but there is no need for it because she's so stunningly beautiful & hot on this set! 10 from me
Ashley could display more sexuality clothed and sitting still then most women naked and trying. She is definetly a lady that I am pleased to have in my collection.
Very Sexxxy. Love her look & style. Ashley really livens up my desk top.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work
All I can say about this video set is 'WOW!' Ashley is the bomb. She's got red hair, she's got a great set of knockers, her dance moves are spot on and she isn't bogged down by any crazy props here. This isn't my favorite outfit of hers but since she spends more time out of it than in it, I really don't mind. Watching her jiggling her tits gets me all worked up. If you aren't feeling this card, check your pulse. You're probably dead and didn't even know it.
I have to agree Ashley is one of the hottest models around, but I gave this card a 9 just because I expect that thing on her head to go shooting off into space whenever she moves. She easily rates a 10, but I'm afraid this outfit has some cosmetic misfires.
Nice, very Nice Ashley Robbins, just a perfect body, simple lovely, I love this girl, one of the best. It should be nice if she returns to make some other shows for us !!!!!
Ashley is very sexy and redheads are beautiful.
All I can say is that it's too bad Ashley Robbins only appears in these very early card sets. She is one of the hottest women in VirtuaGirl history and her performances in these early cards show that she had a lot of potential that could have been exploited in later, more explicit sets.With that said, this is one of her best cards. This hot Virtua Girl with the big natural breasts does a lot more topless scenes in this card than in any other. She does a beautiful job of showcasing her hot, natur...
Corps sublime, sensuelle... J'aime!
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.This is easily Ashley's best outfit for me. She looks beautiful, elegant and classy, but at the same time more than a little slutty and very very sexy in this rather skimpy black, see-through dress.In the task-bar clips you get Ashley's usual sense of viewer interaction, but this time in full seduction mode. In the standing clips Ashley gives another measured and well timed performance, w...
Ashley Robbins is amazingly beautiful. Her natural body porportions are that of a Goddess amd I worship at her alter. When I see her in this card all of my animal instincts run wild. Two detraction though. Ashley's hair style is bad. Funny thing though I still think she is sexy with it. The other detraction is there are no explicit clips. Not even a hope for one. I have to say that if there were explicit clips with this card it wuold easily be be seconnd best card I have. Ashley just does it for...
quand je vois une rousse faire son show je craque ,en plus cete fille est magnifique dans son genre
nice and hot body - muscular legs - first i wasnt impressed but later i really like this show
the more i watch--the more i like-----
Ashley Robbins - if you are the symbol for Jet Sex than let's get an airplane right now :-)
amazing body and sexy moves... great!
Every man enjoys class and taste. I like nasty like most men but Ashley presents a show of elegancy and grace which, occasionally, is nice to sit back and relax to. That why I gave her a 9.
Very sexy dress. She has beautiful curves. I like her very much.
what can i say mouth watering looks like omething from james bond 007.a must have 4 collection
I know her from Ceskyholky web site.;)
Geile Show, Super Titten
Honeydoll express! Ashley is here for us tits hounds with the loveliest set of REAL baby knockers on the site! This is a show for those of us who love cantelopean globulars and the swing 'n' sway of them.The classic strut 'n' tease moves of this accomplished dancer and stripperbabe put a slow hot fire in my pants.Love it when she moves her love pillows down on to the bar and wipes it with 'em! She does some nice squeese 'n' jiggle moves too.She is so totally a "nail you with her eyes 'n' flood y...
Very sensual and hot dancing, nice body and beautyful face (smiling), She´s a tease ... BUT ... not too much spreading in my opinion. Close to 10, but 9/10
Ashley’s seductive vivacity more than compensates for the absence of “explicit” on her sets - No need for it here. She always has a pretty smile and a great sense of fun. She has attractive auburn hair and her body is gorgeous: voluptuous with feminine curves and though I’m not normally into large breasts, I love these; natural, with nipples pointing right up to the sky. Her lovely legs and arse are shapely, toned and taught on her high heels. She makes very provocative moves and I‘m really smit...
WOW! Ashley can sure tease. Nice moves but would have like to seen more "action" with the pole dance. Love her natural big breasts. And her smile just makes you want to smile back. You can really tell that she is having fun and likes to tease you. I can never look away when she is on my screen.
Nice contrast between her gorgeous bit tits and this cute little patch of downy hair on her crotch. I simply love woman with big, full tits, what can I do? She gets an 9 just because of that!
Beautiful. I had my doubts at first but WOW! This chick is HOT!
This chick is luscious and primed! Fantastic body with great dance moves. A definite 9!
I didn't even know I had this card!! Well, I'm glad I do, we all know Ashley can really work the pole, and she doesn't disappoint here! She's such a tease, but when the clothes come off, she gets turns it up even more
Beautiful dress, and she knows how to work it. Not to mention the pole. Yow.
Ωραίο φόρεμα-Nice dress.
Love the shows!
great body...i would like to see her again in 2015
In terms of pure natural curves combined with fitness, Ashley has to be in the top 5 on VG, despite her relatively low card scores. Forget the hairstyle, baby is FINE, and she wears this dress very well. Keep in mind though that content-wise, she's never very explicit. She's mainly premium eye candy, so if you like 'em stacked, check her out. 8 out of 10.
Hot red haired girl.
This is a great card and this girl is SERIOUSLY hot. Her body is SLAMMIN! Absolutely perfect tits and ass! I just wish she would get a little more naked and show us some explicit content!
What a body!!! And she's a Ginger?!?!?!?
Have no problems with the hair style or her outfit . Her outfit is very sexy and looks great on her . However I would say her Tits are a little too Big,,, Sexy lady though and moves ver well 8 for me
Great girl, good outfit, poor hair style.... This show could be a 9 or 10 if Ashley would just be explicit. Please, Ashley, show us your assets like you do on those other sites! 8 from me.
You can not beat that dress!!!!
She doesnt make me hot, she makes me mad. Shes pretty much everything you wanna see but shes always in that far cam shot and honestly the whole strip club idea is to see a hot girl just like her to do things and show you things a girl like that normally wouldnt if you seen her on the street or something. So get a lil more explicit. Do it for your fans. So even after all this she still so damn fine i give her a atleast an 8
jolie poitrine et bouge très bien belle plante merci
A competent performance by an interesting looking lady. Not my favourite, but entertaining nonetheless.
There's one tidbit where she struggles with her dress. The unrehearsed smile that lights up her face at that moment is worth the price of admission. Oh... By the way... What a body!!!
I guess username is just cranky cause he took a whole bottle of Viagra and still couldn't get it up, but Ashley looks as fine as ever. Very curvaceous and sexy and the red hair just make her irresitable.
ella es fantástica el show excesivamente light y decepcionante
wonderfull titts, a holy bombshell body the face not so no explicit no x-rate (-1)
She is a very hot and a good dancer. Just not explicit enough
A very hot girl, nice body, ass and big tits. Its not explicit though...all ashley does is play with her titties for a bit. Still i would recommend it....especially if you can get it for 1 ticket.
Ashley 's hair here and in Hard Rock is my least favourite out of all her cards but I always enjoy her shows.
Kevés a show
This show is average, but better than other shows of her. The outfit is good. I expected more from her, because she has really pretty female forms.
She is good, but too short, too discret, if you looking for more action I suggest Felina rather!
Yes,she is gorgeus,outstanding dress,seductive moves....she's so great!But,why so little performance? I've wasted tickets on her,she is so miser.....
Ashley, pretty, hot & hard body, sexy moves...she just needs to be a little more naughty.
The model rocks, the outfit smokes and the card sucks!!! How can this happen, only pizza knows...! Suggested only to very softcore lovers!
I deleted this card I couldn't keep my eyes off that mess on her head.
Are you freakin kidding me??She never gets naked and she doesn't DANCE AT ALL! She doesn't move!!!DELETE DELETE
Really nice show, great outfit, good mover, and cracking, cracking boobs. Love her.
La chica más sexy de todo el virtualgirl! Por favor, más shows de la señorita Robbins!
sencillamente maravillosa!
hello good good ashley excellent soft mais tellement jolie et charmante encore on en redemande je suis ravis a bientôt .
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
La prefection à l'état pur, Rousse, ce n'est pas tous les jours que l'on peut admirer une roussesan pleins de taches de rousseur. Petite avec de beaux seins comme je les aime, bien fermes et gros à souhaits, des jambes bien galbées et musclées. Hum Ashley tu es la meilleure
Sexy hot - amazing women. She misses playing pantieless szenes, whereas this dress is prefect for it- but no, she first removes her dress and then her slip. A waste of points, this show were a lot better with pantieless and more explicit szenes and more close-up´s. She herself would get 15 points + (at least), but overall this card get a 9.
Die Geschmäcker sind verschieden !!! Mir gefallen Outfit und Body. Hier hampelt Sie nicht so rum wie in den anderen Shows. Ist deutlich langsamer und dadurch viel erotischer !!!Sie soll hier ja nicht den Lateinamerikanischer "schwung" Tanz neu-erfinden.
Belle rousse sympa attirante bonne quoi
Comme je le soulignais dans mais autres commentaires trop softs!
Une poitrine hallucinante, un jeu de corps très professionnel, mais pas assez de "sexe", dans tout çà, dommage avec de tels arguments naturels, au final grosse déception.
Belle fille trop sage,dommage.
Only one word: PERFECT! Wonderful boobs, wonderful ass...Splendid...
Ihre anderen Shows sind deutlich besser. In dieser Show gefallen mir lediglich ihre geilen Brüste, und auch ihre High Heels machen mich an. Leider ist das Outfit in dieser Show nicht der Brüller, auch hat die Show nicht den Schwung, den man von ihren anderen Shows gewohnt ist. (Wertung: 4 von 10 Punkte)
Total schlecht - lauter kurze Clips dabei und zugeknöpft. Dazu wildes "erotisches" Augenklimpern und "lasziv" (wohl eher dumm) geöffneten Mund
Che rossa! Grazie Virtual! La rossa mi mancava nell'elenco... incomicia la gara tra quelle che ho scelto,poi eliminerò le concorrenti... Ashley è la nuova entrata ma ha già le mie preferenze, vedremo...Rossa con vestito nero...da gustarla tutta! E' un peccato non poter conoscere una così fatale donna!!!! Dav.
3.7 (2844 votes)

Pleasant Village

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 17 min.
  • Bonus photos: 36
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 131 MB

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User comments (120)

My favorite... just amazing... hope she returns with a 4k version one day...
DAMN!!! Gotta love that tanline!
Slow and delicious, this is all o_o!
Ashley is usually good and this set is no different. She has some of the best legs on VG (you can know this by the fact that the best legs are never put in stockings on VG). Yeah, that was a comment. Ashley is very good at 'the tease' and she knows how to present the best aspects of her figure. Just a great card and highly recommended.
Sexy...Pleasant Village a place to be...Beautiful Canon Ball Breasts.
she is absolutely incredible if only she would do more!
Ashley is SMOKIN HOT!!!
Ashley's redhair 10, nice great boobs 200, scholl girl miniskirt priceless.Only downside is only 17 minute show
I bought Ashley's card, Pleasant Village, primarily because it was a special offer and wasn't expecting much. Well I am so glad I did. Ashley is a really attractive woman and has a "SMOKIN HOT" body. Her photo on the card does not do her justice. She has some really nice moves and again her sexy body is one of the best on the site. She has a really great smile and eyes that convey her sexiness in a way that makes you tingle in your loins.....WOW.... a real treat for the senses....WOW
Good one
ashley is very pretty girl I like red heads, and BIG BOOBS, she is very sexy with this outfit. I rate her 10/10.
a shame it's only 17 minutes long, possibly the best card of the best girl here
Cool girl. I love large sizes ;)
The hottest red haired for me on VG.
I like her a lot give a big 10 in my eyes.
Fantastic, she has everything ! I got the card and was very surprised compared to the card picture, its like its not the same girl.
Très beau shows d'Ashey Robbins qui mérite bien plus que 10/10. Des danses parfaites et des déhanchés à faire rougir? Non vraiment top. Merci Ashey :)
very sexy tan lines and a little landing strip are perfect on ashley. she has a great body and one of the largest real racks on VG, she does an excellent job teasing and making me want more. however she does not strip down fully for very long. her outfit is perfect on her curvy body
She is awesome and she could have me any day of the week. I have all her cards.
I adore Ashley's cards! She's so damn cute and just draws you in with her smiles and moves. If only she showed a little more of her beautiful self ---
Ashley we miss you and one could hope that VGHD could get you back for more shows. Kind of doubt they will as she is one top models out on Twisty's now. Knowing what she can do and does do elsewhere she could be one the top performers here. I really like her outfit in this show and appreciate they did not overdo her hair and makeup like you see in other shows. Like a lot of the early shows they are way to short a time to spend with a woman like Ashley.
Her energy is amazing!! Love her! More please!
WOW. what a body. and a great attitude !
I'm in love with her dancer legs and the sexy outfit. She uses the pole and the outfit to tease and excite with her girl next door charm. She's my favorite dancer so far.
damn, can Ashley be any more perfect? killer body coupled with girl next door looks should make her anyone's fantasy girl. she is enthusiastic and knows how to move what she's got. one of the best, if no THE best overall performers on here. could be a bit more explicit, but then that would kinda spoil the warm openess and best friend attitude she projects. but always a 10 in my book.
A great show, and awesome outfit. Definitely a 10. (far, far, far better than Hard Rock).
This card gets a 10 from me she has better moves and a great smile ( looks like she put more into this one) awesome outfit looks great on her.
Put simply, this is a very erotic show. Even without any explicity, this is a great card from Ashley. Virtua should have more show from this hot lady.
ashley simply rules..
It wo7uld be real pleasant to have Ashley down in my village
mmf. So hot. Just wow.Moves nicely, some nice tease moments so far. Minutes in. Wow. No explicit bits yet but just, wow.
Oh my, she is hot hot HOT. What a pair of legs!
She is natural and sexy by same time , very rare in a girl , she is just awesome !
This chick is the hottest! You gotta Czech her out! lol
i can't believe that a woman can be so beautiful!!!wow i'm amazed!!beautiful body!it's almost incredible!!!
Ashley Robbins a Czech name? sounds more english to me is I live in Derby she can look me up any time, please.Love David xxx
Scheisse... Ashley Robbins is one of my all-time favorite naked women... but this card just fails to show her off. Nothing explicit... No good close-ups. 8 of 10, just because I like Ashley Robbins; it would've been 5 of 10 for anyone else.
Good Show but not explicit just like her other shows. I hope you guys make more of her but with better outfits and more explicitI suggest some kind of workout outfit
Wow - this Redhead is really hot like fire! Love all of her shows so far!Gimme some mo!!!
I want more of her, the best boobs ever ! Wish to see her in latex
Beautiful, and she looks more than a little like Marilu Henner. Need her in a Taxi driver outfit!
this set is too short by far.
Like most of you, I think that Ashley is the hottest woman in Virtualgirlhd. She is amazingly beautiful. I did find a video of her on another site. The video starts with her in the shower then her dressing in a very sexy outfit and stripping finishing with her using a dildo to play with herself. All of her fans on here can see the video at I hope that virtualgirlhd doesn't pull this comment because it is to just sare a video with the very sexy As...
Ashley is a living doll. She has a smoking hot body, sexy eye's great legs. And those tits, would love to suck on those and bury my hard cock between them. And I would bet she taste grrrreat. Show me more Ashley you sweet sexy lady
Ashley is an absolute beauty. She has the cutest smile & she knows how to move. Ashley is my most favored girl here. I cant wait to get some more of here shows. Keep up the great work Ashley, you are Stunning! Luv ya 1Ranger
Excellent show, great tits and a good dancer
utterly stunning!
This girl is the ultimate flirt. I love the way she looks and then smiles playfully at you. Great show. Card advertising her could have been better. Love the tan line and the way she uses her legs. Great body and attitude!
She really knows how to flurt with the camera
She's a living goddess
WOW, beautiful body and awesome natural breasts. I just love the way you tease, expose your natural boy with extremely sexy tan line all the way to neatly trimmed hair and clear pussy line. Thanks sweetheart!!!!!
She is so amazingly beautiful in this set. She flirts, and teases, and is so sensual! As if that wasn't enough, she has the perfect breasts, so voluptuous! one of my favs for sure. :)
i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing woman, love to watch her, she gets a 10 in my book.
she is a very sexy lady
Ashley is SOOO F--king Hot!! Every thing about her is perfect. She definatly loves what she does.
she is fresh, and smart in her routines.. she has beautiful proportions ans plays innocence up to the hilt which is very seductive.. leaving just enough attraction to intice without loosing her respect.. very good
Very very nice, I love to watch her on my laptop, as she brings the screen to life lol x Keep up the great work
Ashley's a great girl, with great moves and a great outfit. She's got great tits, a great looking pubic runway above what looks like a great snatch. What more could any guy ask for? Of course more of the clips could have shown off her great body, but why be greeedy when she has quite a few great cards available for purchase!
Amazing is my lil Ashley
Do not listen to OzzieBushie thier obviously stupid There is plenty of nudity the probably don't know how to choose which clip they want to see it is people like that who ruin beautiful womens such as Ashley card Ratings. She is perfect and sexy as always
Ashley has a perfect body and is very friendly and sexy.This show is a bit slow but this girl is so cute.
I'm in love. Everything great, love this card. Great upskirt shots, seen the skirt on other performers. What would have made this perfect, is a bra, stocking and suspenders.
She must have a split personality, because under the name Jana in Nude-in-Public, she's a completely different girl. I agree with the other members, I wish she would kick it up a notch like I know she can.
A beautiful lady one would like get to know her in more ways than one she is very sexy ed
trop bonne une belle paire de seins
Nice outfit......& what a wrack this hunni has....this is the second in my collection of this baby & will def be getting more!
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.I just get a little inkling that this card might have been misnamed. From Ashley's outfit, I would have thought it should have been called "Peasant Village". It all adds to the fun though.This is another great outfit for Ashley, in which she looks absolutely lovely. I think the hairstyle here particularly suits her. Her performance in the task-bar clips was interactive and seductive as us...
Typical early, low # VGHD card. Not enough nudity. Ashley has an amazing body that begs to be seen. To go with her body she has incredible personality in her cards. If her clips had the amount of full nudity and explicitness that newer VGHD cards have, Ashley's ratings would be considerably higher. She's extremely underrated on here.
Oh...My... Ashley is simpley the hottest thing VGHD has... Pleasant Village is hot, not only because of a voluptuous body like Aria Giovanni used to have, but mostly, MOSTLY, because her hot spirit comes out in a passionate slow dance that MOST of the other models on this site wish they knew how to do. All I am really saying is, pictures alone cannot express a woman who is hot within herself, not just in basic body dimensions. And don't get me wrong...Ashley is PERFECT! Her body is EXACTLY what...
I could watch her all day! she has a perfect body.
A real of my favorites for sure.
Could not disagree more with ggrandma. This is a very pretty girl in a very pretty cozzie (the flower is perfect), and though her breasts are on the large side, they look natural (even if they aren't). And the thong mark is a very definite plus. For me it would work even better if she went to the tan-shop with one that had no straps, so that the pale area surrounded her slit and her crack only, without going round her waist. Might need some water-soluble glue for that, but no real problem.
Ashley Robbins - not aviable when i click on the "very explicit shows" button but who cares if the rest of this show is that much sexy :-)
one word WOW
I get weak in the knees over red haired girls especially when they have such an awesome figure, nice boobs! Ashley is one hot girl!
Ashley is incredibly gorgeous with a great body, but who does her hair? Pleasant village and Secretary are not so bad, but Fairy tales and Gold Rush - what were they thinking? Please VG folks, get a better costume dresser, cause the current one is messing up a lot a nice girls on the list. I give Ashley a solid 9 on this one.
Best Show I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot (from Amsterdam). She is more than a pro.
A real beauty Ashley is so delightful to watch. Makes you feel good to be alive!
I'm a sucker for redheads but Ashley is unreal she is so hot! The only thing that keeps this from being a 10 is her tan lines. Otherwise this show is flawless.
She's so gorgeous. She has a lovely face, a sensual mouth and a superb bosom. And she moves very well. Good show.
Funny hair.....but a very sexy dancer.....I lover watching her
Beautiful woman! I definitely recommend Ashley!
Ashley is one of the first cards I downloaded.She is simply gorgeous!Having said that,not an "explicit"show at all.I would pay a years membership for one show where she gets" jiggy wid it"!I hope she does a explicit show soon!!It would be X-MAS in April!!
As soon as it popped up all I could say was " HOLY HELL " ... I thought I had seen the perfect body ... but does she take the number 1 spot ! The smoothness of her act and professional moves and actions impressed me totally ! Those huge magnificent breasts smoke my knickers ! She rates a 17 not a 10 .
Wow! What a beauty!
Ashley is great in every way, perfect body, great moves, nice costume, playful and sexy personality! I give it a 9/10 only because her performance is too short.
Ashley Robbins is a very hot, very talented seductress with big natural breasts. Her cards are very early VirtuaGirl HD shows, however, so they don't even come close to what she is likely capable of doing. Which is why she is one desktop dancer that I wish Totem would have back for another VirtuaGirl or DeskBabes stint.This card features another great outfit for Ashley and she does well in emphasizing the tease in striptease. Because it's an early card, about 2/3 of it is fully clothed and most...
She is the bomb, but what is with this 17mins crap? If this card were not one dollar, I'd have not brought it. Even then I had some miss givings about buying it.
Damn, this is one hot sexy girl, perfect legs bum & boobs. Want to see her being a lot more naughty though.
By far one of the hottest the site has to offer. But, she shows very little....not to mention the show being short itself. Still love her though :) 8/10
Great body and super sexy!
Not as good as her Sexy Secretary performance but still she has some of the sexiest moves I have seen. her body is so hot, sometimes you just don't want to see a girls ribcage.
Very Nice.
I love Ashley Robbins, for my opinion she is one of the best girl of VGHD, but unfortunatly this card is to much poor in nudes clip, only 2 :((( This is the reason of my 7 on vote !!!
I bought this card and ws very disappointed, NO NUDITY in it at all !!!!
wonderfull titts, a holy bombshell body the face not so no explicit no x-rate (-1)
Clearly, Ashley Robbins has the hottest legs...Yayyy!^^
This girl is beautiful, and she probably has the best body of any girl on here. Seeing her nude is a treat, and with more dedication in her performances, she will be the top babe on VG. She relies on tease, which only goes so far, and with only 17 minutes, she gets 7 out of 10.
Lovely set of breasts on this one not to mention the tan-lines. The red hair is also a plus. I like how she is enthusiastic while stripping.
Wow, great body (especially from the navel down). She shows lots of confidence and some personality, too, which is nice.And I LOVE the outfit!Not really a fan of the tan lines, though. Something about seeing a fish belly white pussy glaring out of a perfectly tanned body seems to throw me off a bit.
Ashely, while having a fantastic body, has a homely face and unattractive hair color. It's a pity that anyone close to her would let Ms. Robbins dye her hair such a hideous color- right before Ariel in that regards. Her show isn't that bad (especially for one of the earlier ones) and, as I mentioned, her body is really awesome. So, probably going to give Ashley a 6/10.
This girl could be much prettier if she was given costumes that highlighted her good attributes, not her bad. Her hair and makeup is also not flattering. 6/10.
This show is average, but better than other shows of her. The outfit is good. I expected more from her, because she has really pretty female forms.
Waste of money buying this card. Lovely girl, but considering what other girls offer, no nudity is a complete rip-off.
she a bonnie lass
All the shows are boring and the card in general is pathetic!!! What a waste for this model...!
Mann ich bin verliebt. Sie ist genau die frau die ich mir so erträumen würde. Nur schade das ich diese schönheit nicht mal zum essen ausführen kann oder sie einfach nur glücklich machen wie sie es möchte :)
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Ashley est une fille pleine de vie. Riante, souriante, attirante de part ses formes voluptueuses mais aussi par sa bonhommie et son naturel. Ca vous met de la joie au coeur et au corps...
Always liked her, this is one of her better shows.
Lindisima un cuerpo espectacular, divina
De toute beauté avec une poitrine très attrayante ^^
tres belle mais trop soft !
Je possede toute sa collection,beaucoup tros soft!belle femme heureusement
Was will man mehr? Hight Heels, heißer Minirock, pralle (natürliche) Brüste und ein süßes Lächeln, eine schwungvolle Show. Einfach nur GEIL. Lediglich Ihre Haare sehen etwas unnatürlich aus, warum ich "nur" 9 Punkte vergeben habe. Ashley Robbins hat Feuer im Hintern, und das macht Ihre Shows zu was besonderen. (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkte)
Ashley est une fille très sympathique mais ce show n'a aucun intérêt... On ne comprends pas du tout où elle veut aller , et c'est plutôt gênant ! Non??? Sa coiffure est horrible et ses traces de string sont un remède contre la virilité !!! Ses seins sont par contre magnifiques... Je n'ai pas vu sa chatte , c'est honteux :))) Bilan 5/10 et c'est bien payé!!!
Un show moyen à tous les niveaux. Certes Ashley est mignonne mais sa jupe et sa coiffure ne me plaisent pas dans ce show. De plus ses seins sont trop faux/gros mais malgré cela et le fait qu'elle ne danse pas spécialement bien on sent qu'elle a plaisir à faire le spectacle. Ma note : 05/10
Ich weiß nicht ob ich da besoffen war oder warum ich die Tussi gekauft habe, der absolute Abtörner, von der kommt mir nichts mehr in's Haus. 0/10
4.1 (6150 votes)

Sexy Secretary

  • Shows: 35 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 37
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 175 MB

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User comments (387)

This girl knows how to ride a pole. Almost makes me wish she could ride MY pole. Love the red hair, love the nice round firm tits, the svelte legs, the neatly shaved pussy and her terrific dance moves. Even though she never gets fully naked and, as others have pointed out, no explicit shots, this card is still a keeper.
I don't see how it's possible for people to give less than a 5 star rating on Ashley... By far the best looking and performing girl on here... Wish she'd come back so they could do Higher Res....
Favorite card to date. Wish she had a 3k card and doing this show with alittle more to it. But still. Ashley is fab
those boobs wow wow wow
Assolutely never thought I would ever be jealous of an office chair
Lovely red head with a great body. the outfit was super hot.
Ashley Robbins est une de mes prèféré VG, surtout celle en secrétaire. C'est un plaisir de la regardée a chaque fois.
The real beauty - this is something that can be said for Ashley. Perhaps one of the hottest models in the VG. Its forms simply can not leave you indifferent to her shows, which are so different that everyone will find something you like to him. Burning beauty, which should be in the collection of every lover of VG.
I would like to see Ashley on DB if it is possible. She has a good figure, and she is fleshed out in all of the right places.
If Ashley wasn't the model for the 'leg lamp' in "Christmas Story" she should have been! Absolutely flawless. This is my 5th card of hers and the 1st time she reminded me of Marilu Henner. Maybe it's the hair-do. She's a great dancer as many of the earlier girls were and this may be her best. Terrific! Warning: If you get this card, you will have to all of hers.
She is and will remain to be my first vitual girl. Ashley hooked me. With that said, no one I have seen can dance and use the pole as she does. She is an artist and perfectionist. As I collect the cards, I am hopping for a comeback from her.
Ashley is the sexiest girl on this site.
Ashley is soooooooo hot Perfect 10!!!!!!!! It could stand to be a little longer and honestly the fact it's older and a little less racey takes nothing away infact it adds to it kinda makes it classy which I guess isn't good enough for people who need XXX to get turned on but works for me. Anyone who rated below 9 is just a perv who doesn't appreciate anything but hardcore
This secretary should get a promote!! ?
A secretary really special. My work in office will never be the same after seeing his show. A body scream: two boobs who speak and two legs a little nervous
I'm surprised amazing girl i I enjoyed her show
please bring her back.
Please Totem bring Ashley Back for a updated set this girl is a absolute perfect 10
I enjoyed her show... and she has a beautiful body.From her videos : I like the way she answered. I will aways keep her in my prayers.May God Bless.
she is absolutely stunning and awesome. she is also really sexy
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
Ashley is AWESOME!!!!
I have other cards of ASHLEY and this is the best one. EvilDave you are right Top notch, but i rate her 10/10 on this card.
Trés heureux d'obtenir cette carte, certainement le meilleur show d'Ashley.(fille superbe,trés belle tenue,show plein de sensualité...que du bonheur)Merci Totem...
ASHLEY ROBBINS has a totally rocking...and I do mean ROCKING BODY! If she had a boob job it is fantastic as her breasts have a very natural movement and look. If that rack is all Natural...W O W! This is by far ASHLEY ROBBINS' best card as a few of her others have been hindered by bad outfits and/or hairstyles. Here she is kind of reminiscent of Marilu Henner in her heyday. Very hot and sexy, this card is a keeper!
Ms. Robbins is a total pro! If this card had been more explicit, she would be the number one girl on VGirl! Bring her back and either redo these cards to update them with a better, longer show using the better resolution or with a whole new layout that would better showcase this total babe's assets and talents!
As i've said before redheads always rate a 10. Ashley is a stunning woman , her performance although no x-rated or explict i found to be mesmerizing.Her boobs seem natural, if not one of the best boob jobs i've seen.I can imagine going to the office & seeing her sitting behind her desk, gives a whole new meaning to dictation.
Not one of my favourite cards. I fell in love with Ashley from watching her in a mostly softcore vid from a hardcore site. One of the first cards I selected because of that. No denying Ashley is very attractive. Her outrageous bottle fed hair colour is actually a plus. Yet for me this card lacks something. I score it 6/10.
Ashley is definatly the hottest & sexxxyest model you have. I have all of her cards.
Absolutely gorgeous ... supremely sexy!!! Great moves, superb bod and marvelous attitude... she is for keeps ... just lost one point for lack of explicitness and the short length of the show .... 9/10 from me
Ashley drives me crazy everytime she comes on. She has all the right proportions. Nice rear, great chest, beautiful legs.
Sexy eyes, Great body and all the moves. I'm a sucker for a hot red head. Ashley you got it girl!
unbeliveable just unbeliveable wow she has got a realy great figuer and can dance like theres no tomarow .she is very much so a top noch girl .and definltly got it going on in more ways than one.
Super hot redhead!!!! With a nice rack....she a 10
A Huevo K! YES.... Todo el Dia... With Her... :P Girls PM. Me to Have Fun 23 yrs old. ;D
WOAH! This is VIP now? That's a big mistake in my opinion, even though I know she deserves such a high status. If it wasn't for this card, I wouldn't have even tried the other cards of perfection that she has put out. Jesus, I fell in love with her the instant I started watching this card. 10/10 BABY!
Your hired baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is so sexy mmmmmmm hell ya
This is by far the best card in the ASHLEY ROBBINS series. This girl is so freaking sexy. I have three of her cards and this one is my favorite. Please bring her back for more! Need I tell you my rating? 10/10++
I got a thing for redheads and when I seen this card, I immediately fell for her, ever since she became my favorite. The emergence, her presence, that body, that lovely smile of hers. Sure her shows maybe a bit short but oh so sweet... If I can, I would give her a 10/10 TWICE! Ash.. marry me.
Sie ist sooo heiß
I like this model than all the ones I have in my collection don't know why but i give this model a 10/10 this is her best show .
JuiceEeLM....I think the scars may be from a breast reduction surgery.
szet szopod a eres hatalmas faszomat
I've had this card for about a year and it may very well be my favorite. Ashley is smoking hot in this outfit and she has perfect natural tits. If I was married to her she would be wearing that outfit every day when I came home from work. There is just something about this performance that I can't get enough of, teasing, tempting, and very hot. I had to give her a perfect 10 for this one. I wish I could find another card from her that looks as interesting, but this one you have to get!
Some just put on the costume and dance around a bit. Ashley actually plays the part of the sexy secretary incredibly well. Bravo, Ashley.
WOW!!! She really knows how to move! So sexy and beautiful! My new favorite!
This girl is pretty enough to fascinate, has great natural moves, and arguably the best breasts on VG.
Best Friggin dance routine I've seen on this site so far. I had to comment on this card. She is playful, skilled and beautiful! Heck with the red hair, they should get her into a Jessica Rabbit style dress and do a perfect card for her.
Even without any pussy play this still has to be one of the most erotic shows on VGHD. Ashley is definitely one of the best dancers/performers here.
I have watched a lot of girls on VGHD. Ashley, by all means is the most hottest, unbeievablest girl on this site. No one else compares. Her subtle moves, her pure energy. She is just incredible.!!!!!!!!
Great show, great dancer and WHAT A BOD !!!!!!
This is the first show that was strictly Full Nudity - nothing explicit that I have purchased. Simply this is because I know that Ashley (Jana is how I know her) can perform and that I like the body that she will show.She has an extended dance sequence with the pole that is totally different from the typical pole dance. For several minutes, she is kicking high, spinning, stuff that you would see in a musical show or a Vegas dance revue. This is a woman with talent, as well as a great face and su...
by FAR her best show!! lots of panties and the zippers on her skirt make for sexy transitions
love redheads, very sexy bouncy personality,excellent moves.the sort of girl who could drive you to poverty and you would not mind one bit
Ashley's fluid moves SCREAM sex appeal! Her tan lines are freakin awesome, and the dimples in her "cheeks" show amazing muscle tone. I just wish she showed us more! Red hair doesn't usually do it for me -- it's an Oedipus thing -- But this girl is an exception.
more of her! she's so hot :)
Ashley, you are almost beyond belief. You have the smile and the routine to match your gorgeous curves. Bellissimo!
I'm in love and lost my heart
Ashley is 10 in my book ! i will for sure have to get all of her shows . love her moves and perfect legs . shes in my top 10 , more Ashley please!
When will Ashley return? Incredible proportions and moves...and seems to actually enjoy herself. Lots of great attitude in the eyes, lots of shapely curves to drool over. The only 10 of 10 I've given. Come back, gorgeous!
Ashleys one hot girl. your in my top list. :) vary nice body. im not into bird legs and you are not that. nice shape indeed. you almost got a 10 from me and i dont give out 10's easy.
this is the best pole dance in this whole websit!!! if you dont have it would be a very good investment for you!
Stunning, that's all I will say.
Piękne piersi, zgrabny tyłeczek
I want to see more of Ashley
my god she's smoking, best girl i've ran across yet 10/10
One of the Best Cards!!! 10/10
This girl is the absolute bomb! What a beautiful face and body. One of my top favorite cards so far.
Super sexy, probably my fav card so far!! Love how hot she looks in this outfit.
Watching Ashley perform gets me hotter than a firecracker!!! A 10 in any language.
What a gas gal!
Gorgeous body and sexy costume. Enough said. They need to get her back to VG for more shows.
This is by far Ashley Robbins best show! Granted I do not have all of Ashley's shows, but out of the four shows that I have seen, this is the best. I absolutely the Sexy Secretary theme. A truly sexy show. I highly recommend this card out of all of Ashley's shows.
Miss Ashley Robbins: After have seen your skills I´m glad to informe you that you have all the qualities required that I´m looking for. So you´re hired, Congrats.
stunningly beautiful!!!love her sexy,toned body!!!!
Near perfection! My new number one.
The smile, the eyes, the moves.. all perfection, and when she releases those huge natural lovelies, takes me to heaven!! 11.5
Wow! Miss Ashley Robbins natural beauty is breathtaking, Ashley’s eyes and smile drive me crazy and her body is pure lust. Her tan lines are a work of Art,From her head down to her toes this young lady is the image of feminine perfection.The only thing Ashley could do to improve her appeal is to do “explicit shows”.There doesn’t seem to be any “explicit shows” in the two cards I have of her.I highly recommend downloading "Sexy Secretary". I also recommend her other striptease "Pleasant Village"....
She has the best body! i wish she had more with her hair like this and not all goofy like the rest of her cards.
Need more more more in stockings high heels from you Ashley please get her Back VG
very nice show 2 bad the clips are so short me personaly wouldf liked a few propher clips cause i find this of her most atractive looks !!
I honestly think this chick could do her grocery shopping on here and still get high marks. next to marta, the smokinest body all around on here, and great face and smile to match. little bit different dance style for her here, but as long as she shows those awesome assets, who cares? always a 10 by me, and well worth the price of a ticket. she feels warm and approachable, and gives the impression that she actually enjoys this as opposed to just working. I never regret getting her shows. nice ou...
Very nice body, great red hair. A little bit plump on the thigs, but it goes very well with her big assets, so no complaints here.
my first download, still have it, still love the show... nuff said.
Imagine you had a sexy secretary like Ashley Robbins and couldn't get through to her... ;-) No, but seriously, she's a very very very hot and beautiful looking lady who reminds one a bit of the chicks from the Russ Meyer flicks who had these breath-taking huge titties. My rating for this show would be a clear 10/10, there is even one explicit scene in this show which isn't indicated where Ashley spreads her legs and shows of what's between them for a short moment. I wonder what would happen if s...
This chic is packin'... hot babe, great stripper with moves... a little fast in motion at times, but when she nailed the leg kick on the pole dance, she proved that she is truly a nimble little minx
Examining her photos she seems to have a small projection where the clitoris should be. Is she an haemorphidite? If she is she certainly ihas a great body. I got a feeling that a good tongue lashing would improve her movements.
Ashley Robbins - actuelly still one of the most sexy girls on this site. The 'Sexy Secretary' show is very different from all others and just how you did perform with the chair and at the pole make it a "mustHave" card for all lovers :-)
this is her best card in my opinion, nothing to complain about
The pole dance in this card is a must see for anyone with a penis!!!
She's so HOT n she's a 10
I'm sooo proud to be czech. I Love Her. She's the hottest girl on the entire site. And her performance is hot and sexy, and unbelievable. :D
simply BEAUTIFUL !!!
This is her best card yet. She is gorgeous, especially in and out of this outfit. I would love to see more of her, especially in sexy themes like this. For example, cheerleader, flight attendant, French maid, biker chick, and highway patrol have been done before, but I think Ashley could really make them her own. My only complaint is that I don't see her playing with her sweet, beautiful pussy. I give her a 9.4
Ashley is simply the best.. something more than 10/10
Would love to have sher be my secretary. Great dance moves allied to a sexy outfit. Not explicit, but still a 10 for me.
The greatest tits! And all of her cilps are perfect!!!
Wow! How did I miss her when she was added? One real hot gal. 9 or 10, at least.
Very beautiful. She is perfect.
Each of her shows are different. You can see she is really working to please you. Outstanding!
This ladie are pro. Top 5 pro in this community cos she knows how to use the pole and strip.
Ashley is my favorite, her looks, moves and her eyes are just stunning. I wish I could see some more of her hot body. She was the first my favortie adn still is my favorite.
Ashley Robbins is the best!! Period! You just gotta love that beautiful face and great body!! She gets a 10 from me! ^_^
smokin hot wish she was my secretary
Gotta love those redheads! Not to mention Ashley has a rockin body to boot! ;-)
Redheads have a special place in my heart. This woman is awwwessome! She dances well and knows how to please.
Damnit! Where's my coffee? I've been waiting 45 mi...oh...I see... Aren't you due for a raise?
Ashley is the best girl on here in my opinion. Plus from a female perspective that's alot b/c we look for all the flaws but with her it's hard to see any. She has great dancing abilities, those high kicks get me. Her hair is amazing, love reds (I am one) :-) Also the boss outfit is sexy as hell and her body is well perfect. Only thing I notice is that the makeup people didn't take care of her scars on her breasts. Oh well, we all can't be blessed with real ones but she had a really good job done...
Totally a 10 show... perfect example of what stripping is... shes super hot and leaves you wanting more... Isn't always about getting super explicit... Shes a treat!
Ashley !Way to go! Your at your best again!As always there's something about you that makes it very difficult for someone to look the other way for even a brief second.I think it is that look within your eyes that you have!
This is one amazing looking dancer where has she been? I have other cards of her and non of them compare to this one. So please stop with the unflattering costumes and hair doo's... God Bless Red Heads...
I would love to have her be my sexy secretary, this woman is so dam sexy!!!!!! look at that nice body, sexy curves, pretty eyes, and that ass is perfect she gets a 10
A goddess. Perfect. This show is worth it all.
How is that possible - such perfect show and so dissapointing other shows of Ashley.A perfect 10 from me. No explicit, but still perfect, sexy and hot (especially plays with office chair).
no question her body is hot, just wish there was a little explicit scene. im on the border of buying another card from her just to watch her move that perfect body.
Ashley is Precious! She is a true hidden gem. At first glance you may be fooled into thinking she is just another Red-head, wrong assumption to make. Ashley has a gorgeous face, but it doesn't stop there.Her body is smoking hot, and she has the moves to prove it. She moves her body seamlessly, she is very fit and outrageously attractive for being so. Throughout the show she has quite a serious face, like a responsible professional secretary gone naughty. An extremely erotic fantasy, and she has...
I saw Ashley dance for the first time and I swear I started reaching for 5 dollar bills to slip in between her breasts. Perfect performance on this one, but I don't know who chose her other outfits though. I'm hesitant to view them...but I'll make the effort! 10 here...
perfect 10 if i ever saw one!!! also tan lines are great Keep her coming
she works her body great tits and pussy makes me hard
wow ! ashley is a ten in my book ,nice moves and what can i say i love redheads
Ashley's ridiculously hot in this one. Her body is perfect and her moves are mesmerizing. Jana just got demoted on my favorites, sorry babe.
i don't understand why she is not a 10 overall she's perfect.from the top of her hair to the nails of her toes!!it's a shame that she's not a perfect overall 10.what a girl!!it's amazing!!!!what a body and she's got style!!!
i kiss you ashleyLaurenzo.
Ashley Robbins is perfect. That's all I have to say about that.
Scheisse... Ashley Robbins is one of my all-time favorite naked women... but this card just fails to show her off. Nothing explicit... No good close-ups. 8 of 10, just because I like Ashley Robbins; it would've been 5 of 10 for anyone else.
Wish I was an executive and could hire her. She really turns me on, specially with all the teasing clips, makes you clilck to see her again, and again, and again...
Stuning. The best breasts i have ever seen, and not a bad pair of legs tas well.
omg - Ashley is by far the most gorgeous girlie on here. Absolutely stunning - fantastic high kicks and with the best tits ever... xxxx
good god i love this woman. something about redheads ???? or is it her perfect body??? lov ya
Can anybody work the pole better than this chick? I don't think so.
I got this one because of her sexy long red hair, and she looks cute in that outfit. I don't care for the chair prop but it's not in all the shows. She moves very sexually and very seductively. I'd spend alot of time and money with her if she was at a club. Glad I got her.
Why is she so reserved here on VirtuaGirl? I've just seen her on sroking her pussy with a huge dildo...outside in the open no less! VG needs to make these chicks get nasty with their performances.
Jackpot is right. This one is perfect. It's all there: the look, the body, the costume, the moves. Perfect.
get this one!!! Jackpot!!
This was an ok show up until the pole and the chair scene...Thats when she blew me away..This card may have the best pole dance thus far...
Not as explicit as others but more than makes up for it with her thick, luscious body. She knows how to move her body in a very seducing manner,leaving your eyes craving for more. Definitely one of the better dancers! A tad bit more explicit behavior would send, this already 10, off the charts.
I want Ashley as secretary I like the way in which it moves and its glance, it makes me crack
Ashly Robbins Sexy Secretary Is the best !!!!She moves well, Gives sexy looks, and the clothing choise was excellent. I would recommend this card to anyone that wants to see a great body of art move in a lulling sexy way. I rated it a 10. I think they need to put Ashly to work more. They could make alot of money with her. Maybe do more and Knock the other less .....entertaining chicks off the site. Work with the ones that have some talent instead of the girls who (obviously) don't like putting o...
Wish I was in management, so I can hire a personnal assistant just like here. Ashley, I dropped my pen. Please pick it up. Thththank you...
a perfect 10 all round
I have to say, she's perfect. Great body, great legs, great...Ashley. She really get's me interested every time she comes on-screen. 15 out of 10. 'Nuff said.
Beautiful woman. Very sexy outfit. Ashley is one of my favorite performers. She does very well in this card, though, like others I think that some more explicit action would make it even better. I still rate this one at a strong 9 to 10. Bring on more Ashley please!!
Just love watching a rustic red head run hands through her hair. Hope you got more of her cumming.....
She looks like she has lost a little weight for the better.Smokingly hot hot hot.Beautiful woman with a body to match.Marry me,lol.Encore,encore.
Ashley is the hottest red head I have ever seen.
Why don't you come work for me and I'll give you lots of overtime. Damn woman you're hot.
I've been a member for a while now and I must say that Ashley is the most perfectly sculpted body available from VirtuaGirlHD... You can tell she works out. Her legs are just slightly muscular (not overly so)... they're long and shapely... Her stomach is flat and well defined as her hourglass shape. And, then to top it off, her b**bs are perfectly natural and very well endowed-- not the hanging kind.. And, her ass is rounded and not overly big... What a woman!! Much better than Jana.. a 10 in my...
She's beautiful, HOT and OOOOH so CLASSY!!!! You're the best Babe! You're a smart woman, don't change a thing. Your tease is perfect!Having your hair down and the way you swing those hips and thighs is hypnotzing. Such rhythm. I love your strength. And those beautiful eyes just keep looking right at me. :-) The man who has your a very rich man. I hope he appreciates you.
A top heavy lass who can move as well. Heavenly. I hope she can bring herself to become just a teensy bit ruder in the future. :-)
redheads make me so happy. especially this one.
Beautiful girl, One of the best I've seen so far. Great body and smile. The only thing that disapointed me on this show was that it didn't have an explicit show. 9.5!
I love babes with red hair and light silky smooth skin!
Like most of you, I think that Ashley is the hottest woman in Virtualgirlhd. She is amazingly beautiful. I did find a video of her on another site. The video starts with her in the shower then her dressing in a very sexy outfit and stripping finishing with her using a dildo to play with herself. All of her fans on here can see the video at I hope that virtualgirlhd doesn't pull this comment because it is to just share a video with the very sexy A...
I gotta say that her hair looks best in this show! same great body and all and i really liked the swivel chair thing! I hate to sound like a fanboy but she's the greatest!
i love her show but im obsessed with red heads but she has a awsome body and dances well she just needs to look happy doing it 8) Only drawback on this card 10 for 10 (agian gaw gaw over red hair)
Ashley is, well if you have ever seen a GMC Truck commercial you will understand what I mean when I say that, Ashley IS professional grade.
Now that's what I call a MAN KILLER ! Could you imagine sliding in bed with her every night ? The bitch is .... some other guy is ! And it's not me ! LOL
Sexmachine! Awesome legs and beauty ass...
when she does her lap dance she has the best tanga down that i have see ever
I was pleasently surprised! Extremely hot show. Shes got some big ass tits and really knows how to shake that stuff what a dancer! NICE LEGS!!! I'm actually gonna rate this a *10
Best boobs ever!
From that long gorgeous red hair to those incredible long legs everything about Ashley is perfect. I love that fantastic smile. Of course the body is great - shoulders, breasts, stomach, ass. Keep making cards, and I'll keep collecting them.
Ashley has the nicest set of boobs of any of the VirtuaGirls I've seen. The office chair really lets her work those dancer's legs. Whether you're a leg man or a breast man, Ashley has you covered in spades. No explicit from her yet, but she'll keep you entertained. Well worth the tickets just to see her shake that ass.
Ashley Robbins is the hottest on virtual girl. Great Boobs!!!!!!!!
Amazing boobs! And this girl can dance. Wow, she knows how to move.
Dose anyone disagree with me that Ashley is the hottest and best one on this thing. I'm in lust and get a hardon every time she pops up. Keep up the good work Ashley I love everything you do
omg...She is Ssssoooooo HOT!!! The only thing different I would want is for her to be more explicit. Thanks for such a hot show, Ashley!
I could watch her all day long. The best body of all. I hope she will be doing more.
Quite possibly the sexiest woman Ive ever seen. Breasts to die for, legs that go on forever, taut, round buttocks, beautiful face, and totally awesome red hair to top it all off. And the way she moves, oh! Truly exquisite. Turned me on even more when in a few of her dances, she was actually moving to the beat of my favourite AC/DC songs. A great buy. Well worth the money
I think I'm in love.How would you like to be my next ex-wife
this is her best outfit puts the others to shame
What happened to Sonja? Anyway ... still very voloptuous, mahogany redhaired, sensually lipped and highly teasing in all of her moves and looks. Here's another 10 for you!
Ashley is a total knockout and Killer Body and Awesome legs!! This is.. WOW!
I have no words...I am without speech :D
Ashley is welcome to do my paperwork anytime!
voy2 i can say is...she's BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I just have no words... :O
Fantastic, great tits and a really good mover 10/10!
Ashley is amazing. She has a smokin' hot body and an amazingly perfect pair of long legs. I love this girl. This is her best card and one of my absolute favorites on the site. She totally kills the outfit and I love the way she moves. She gets a 10 from me!!!
Je vous la Conseille, je la trouve superbe... c'est une fille parfaite, vraiment sensuelle, comme je les aimes... Ashley c'est quand tu veux loll bises
Just one word: HOT!
Godess..enough said! 10/10 on the erection meter
I think she is the hottest. The build, the moves. That's a striptease! As the secretary. Can't beleive she's 5', those long legs...... I thought she was 6'!
This is Ashley at her very best. The moves, the outfit, even the makeup and hair have been done to perfection. Ashley has a beautiful face and one of the best bodies you will EVER see. This one gets a 10!
Ashley has one of the prettiest faces and the most remarkable set of (natural!?!?) breasts I've ever seen.
Great show Beatiful girl.more please
Ashley is hot, beautiful body, exciting eye contact, vivacious, sexy and a great mover. Amongst Virtuagirls finest!!
A perfect 10, gorgeous, sexy, awesome tits, love how she moves her hands over her body!! A great one to get!
I'm not usually into redheads but this girl is one awesome dancer, great long legs and a pair of the best looking tits I've ever seen....totally great buy, a perfect 10!
I Like when she coughs near the end of the pole dance and is trying her best not to laugh :D
Very sexy woman. Very. I love the red hair too.
WOW !!! I WANT her !!! Really !!!! This lady is very sexy in this show...if you have not seen this one yet, you must.
Awesome show. hot woman, hot act. knows how to turn the temp up. think the only thing that might have improved it is stockings.
Easily the hottest woman alive
Very sexy show, I cant rate it higher than 10 but I would if possible.
Single greatest thing Ive ever seen!
Her dance style is professional and she just looks great!!I gave her a solid 10. She is my favourite dancer. I cant wait to see more of her.
Wow, solid 10great legs, nice body , lovely face. can't believe she is only 5 feet....
I am a huge fan of Ashley so of course I love her show. She has the world's best brests in my opinion. And her face is just gorgeous. That said, I'm a bit disappointed in that there is not much explicit content. Given her stuff elsewhere on the net, I expected a little more of that. Still a great set and a divinely sexy woman. I'm unabashedly in love. Let's get her back for more!
Ashley is definitely a fine piece of creation. With a face and a body of an angel, and some of the sexiest moves on earth. She could easily turn a saint into a sinner...Excellent show here...Well worth buying...
I would have to say I think this one is a total package. She's got a great body and whe knows how to move it, unlike some others on here.
Ashley is awesome, well worth the buy. She is lucious and natural and very seductive. What a gorgeous woman.
She sure knows how to use her eyes
my favorite girl, but no nude, but i have to say Ashley don't have to be nude to make me cummin!!!
If I had a secretary like that I'd never get a damn thing done. One of the sexiest girls on the site.
i love her so much.. mor shown!!
Would love to have Ashley work for me
One of the best bodies I've seen. If your a fan of natural women, then Ashley is for you. Great legs, great butt and perfect breasts. One of my favorite girls from the site. Can't wait to see upcoming shows featuring her.
W O W ! My All-Time Favorite. Woman of my dreams . . .
She is a very nice dancer!!!
this red head has a spark like no other, beautiful body with great titties which you can get lost in. The stripper shoes make her ass pretty nice as well. well all i want is to fuck the shit out of her, (pardon my french) worth every penny i give her a 10.
Incredibly Hot!!! Ashley can sure work a chair. Perfect body from head to toe. Any one who thinks she's fake does'nt know a real woman when they see one.
Nice, breasts that move on their own!!!
uummmmmmm - WOW - very HAAAWWWWTTT
Incredibly sexy! Makes me go wow!
Great set.
If Ashley were a stripper in my town......can you say regular?
From when can you you join the office?
I have to agree with racer2004. What the hell is username saying about this girl. I think is HOT!!!!!!! Would you not want her as your personal secretary. I sure as hell would.
Intense sensuality with perfection in each purposefull motion. Her interview is excellent. Jeden dokonalý hezká žena.
She's so HOT, she knows how to move and get any man attention. I think i'm in love !!! Buy her, you'll see.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star*****
Breath-taking! Someone has a very lucky boyfriend...
The most beautiful girl in my collection. Gorgeous face, eyes, hair. Fantastic body. The most gorgeous legs I have ever seen - I could quite happily die in between her legs :). The outfit in this collection is absolutely stunning. She dances and strips so erotically.Just perfect.
she has the most beautiful eyes and the most perfect face, she's just TOO beautiful...
My kind of girl.
Amazing body! I'd like to see more of it. Ashley is definitely high on the list of head to toe gorgeous. Only thing keeping me from giving her a 10 is her rated R performance.
When I first saw Ashley's photos & bonus video, I thought she is not really my cup of tea... but after seeing her dance I totally changed my mind about her. While it is still true that compared to some of the other VG models, she doesn't have the most beautiful face(although her face is no where near ugly or even average). What she does have is a bangin' body- long legs, nice big breasts & a surprisingly great ass, but more importantly she actually moves & dances very seductively. When her clips...
Very hot. She knows how to move.
Buen show Feliz de tener esta tarjeta
A potentially great card not fulfilled. Ashley is a sight for sore eyes, but the show left me wanting much, much more. I give her a 9 for her curves alone, and could easily be a 10 with a more explicit show.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.A good outfit for Ashley, but the sexy secretary theme isn't much in evidence apart from the presence of an office chair in the standing clips and a mobile phone in one of the task-bar clips. In most of the task-bar clips, although seductive as always, Ashley seemed a little more serious and didn't smile as much as usual.In the standing clips featuring the office chair, although Ashley us...
just love redheads and Ashley is the queen
great body. and awesome real tits
Ashley is hot. Nice size tits
Ashley/sexysecretary is the top redhead on VGHD ...perfect body , lovely natural big boobs . When I see her smile , I'll prolly raise my rating from 9 to 10 . I'm pleased that she has at least one costume that I like .
Her body is flawless, but it's her smile that turns me on the most. Best legs and ass combo on the vghd website.
Pros:Top notch body(9.5/10). One of the most fit girls on VG. Her thighs & ass are amazing and her tits, while fake, are very well done & still have plenty of jiggle & wiggle to them. Sexiness(9.5/10). One of the hottest teasers/posers u will see. Everything she does is crackling w/ attitude. You'll be drooling every sec shes on screen. Moves(10/10) are phenomenal. One of the best pure performers on VG. Her dancing is second to none & all her moves are crisp, fluid, flawless, & professional. Has...
The more i see the sexyer she gets not number 1 but not far off
Good show top class girl.How come she never takes her bottoms off? What's with the no vagina shows? Not worth it to buy cards then. When my subscription is up!
What a magnificent body!!!
This chick is badass! Super hot and dances like you're right there with a fist full of dollars. You won't regret a purchase.
beautiful girl, amazing body. clips are a little short though 9/10
she definatly has a sexy body, and she presented it very well.
Ashley is a real beauty, shes got great boobs, lovely ass, nice smile and she can really move around that pole. A right turn on when she bends over. She also looks dead sexy in this outfit.. 10/10
She is beautiful and exciting. Really like her.
One of the best on the site period! Her body is unreal! and the girl can move too!
She is sooo hot, my laptop is suffering from heat stroke!!! Just misses out on a 10 as she is just not explicit enough. I wish I could give her a 9.5, but I can't so 9.
One of my Favorites...I could get off just looking at her FACE..!!
Not bad but she needs to work on th all over tan as that was off putting.9/10
Great looking woman. The best dance and pole moves I've seen so far. She is a real pro. And those tan lines are to die for. 9/10
Ashley has an increadible body. She is an awsome dancer. I just like to see a little more teasing and explicit touching. Solid 9
It is hard to believe that Ashley Robbins can be so attractive after I have deleted a number of her other shows. This one worth 9 and very much worth your tickets.
Beautiful girl with an awesome bustline. If our secretary looked and dressed like her, I'd never leave the office!
So sexy, so natuarl I love her
Great face, great bod. Great moves on the pole! Love the red-hair! I've seen her in a porno flick and I love her! No explicit parts in this, so a 9/10, sorry.
This is the first show of Ahsley which I find good. Outfit, hair and make-up have succeeded. All in all, a real considerable show. 8 points
WOW. What amazing legs. What amazing body. Just perfect. Cannot find a fault.
Ashley Robbins is one of my favorites. She knows how to dance/strip and she knows how to be seductive. Her face is uniquely pretty. I love her body; short, thick, athletic, great natural tits, nice thick juicy thighs, and an ass that could crack walnuts. A Perfect 10 in my book. I also have her 'Pleasant Village' card which is great too. I plan to get all of her cards.
One hot and sexy babe.
Great dancer with big natural sweater muffins on par with Chikita. Not too hard on the eyes either. Love the high leg kicks.Rating 9
i love her big natural boobs. she also does a very good show. hope there will be more of her.. 9*
No matter what you guys or gals say, this Female is hottest out on the net and in Europe, she is damn realistic of every part of her body. She know what she doing, I been following her Career since 2000. She damn fine. I just wish I could wake beside her every damn morning, she be my complete breakfast. She the reason I join this Virtual Girl. For her. I hope to see more of her.Ashley Robbins, WOW.
Shes the perfectbut needs to be more nudity and a tade more explicit
Perfect body....nice ass and wonderful breasts. She dances well, has a great outfit, and I like her hair worn long and over her shoulders. She could be more explicit, but the show is so great overall that I gave her a 10. Well worth two tickets.
Shez got a gr8 smile.... a perfect bod.... and a hot set of twinz.... worth the tickets
Ashley has what we all love. A nice smile that lures you in. Oh, and a great rack!
Ashley has very nice big tits, a great body all around and a much prettier face than the still photos from her other cards lead you to believe. Ashley looks hot in the photo for this one so I gave it a try and she really does look just as good in the show. This is a good performance definitely worth having, but it's the only one of her that I have for now since I don't want to waste tickets if she happens to look the same in the actual shows as in those photos. I think part of it is the outfits...
Ashley has absolutely the most amazing boobs I've seen in a long time. She certainly knows how to dance properly as well and uses the pole and props to good effect. A great body and a great mover. Only issue I have is there isn't that much nudity in this one.
Ashley Robbins has by far the best tits of all the girls currently in the VirtuaGirl collection. The collection needs more girls with her attributes.
I never get tired of watching Ashley. I would s-o-o-o like to see her do a slow sensual dance sometime soon, you know giving us a long view of everything. M-m-m-m
d Hot
That's wut's up!!!! She be stunin' 101!! She's bangin'. That's a ryde or die chick. I'd let her roll n e day of da week.
Smokin' hot, sultry, and energetic. Great show!
Ashley's tight and voluptuous body is made to wear that sexy black thong.The fully stripperbabe way that she twangs her curvaceous hips 'n' thighs side to side is erotically hypnotic and makes me want to apply for squatter's rights inside that delectable cookie cover.Love the way she exposes her honeydolls up top.Perfect breasts with fine bounciness, great squeezeage,'n' superfine sway!In fact I feel that more full breasted babes on VGHD,(her, Zu, etc.)should be encouraged to let the natural dol...
Uuuhhhhhh. . . 9! Great figure. Great titage. Great ass. Great dancer.
W secretary!!! I love her!! She rends my work more light and pleasure.. And then...she's a very 'HOT' secretary!!! If she tries a new work....Welcome in my Work Office!!!
Very attractive and sensual performance.
I am new to the community and this girl is dances so sexy. Get some of your favorite music on and watch her dance for you. She is simply hot.
just really hot
Σέξυ γραμματέα,πάρε μου μια π... να κόψω το τσιγάρο.
Well weather she`s good and very beautifull lady in here,she still needs to poerform better and show even more of her body to us all.
Pros - Eye-poppingly fine; love the outfit; expert dance movesCons - no explicit or x-rated content, and only two fully nude clipsFor a girl who shows very little, Ashley sure makes up for it in presentation. Her moves are as good as she is hot. When she finally does get nekkid, that bikini tan rocks; all you can think is "damn, she's fine". 8 out of 10, not on quality, but quantity.
wonderfull titts, a holy bombshell body the face not so no explicit no x-rate (-1) outfit (+1)
un corps de reve , des seins au top, mais le show est trop soft !! pas assez de nudité!!
Cette séduisante rousse semble être particulièrement pudique. Je dirais que de toutes les cartes, elle semble être la plus pudique. Et pourtant, elle a les mouvement les plus explicites. J'aime beaucoup son visage. Elle a une chevelure d'un roux chaleureux et parfait. Sa poitrine généreuse est une invitation à la caresse. Cela doit être un bonheur que de la caresser et la masser.
What can I say about Ashley Robbins..I'm in love. She is really sexy, I love the outfit and shoes she has on. The Auburn hair compliments her big time. And she has just a perfect body. I would totally get this card for full price if that were the case. But thank god for the holiday special. So get it, you will not be dissapointed!
well worth the price of admission this is a real woman nice curves great moves this woman is BANGIN!!! just wish a little more explicit
god she is hot. Not much on the explicit, but she ir gorgeous
Ashley has very large and amazingly well-shaped breasts and also great legs and hips. You can tell she works out. This card was made before Totem started doing explicit stuff, so there's none of that here. Some of her moves are a bit over-exaggerated, like she's trying to do Flashdance or something, but overall a good card. 8/10
Hey all! Nice to join the community. We think this card is one of our favorites out of the few we've gotton so far. The comments definitely helped us pick out some good ones! This girl is HOT HOT HOT! An enjoyment to watch!
This is my third card but my fourth post. I don't like to post anything if I haven't seen the full show, but even after watching the whole card I wanted to wait to post because I was too busy posting for Krystel :). I will go ahead and say that I love red heads and love skirts even more. Also the Secretary fantasy is one of the better ones. Also add to the fact that I have read the Genie Chronicles (an excellent erotic short story series). All that being said I would have to acknowledge that thi...
Got To Be Her Best Card,Good Perfomance,Show Abit More Tho Plz..
love to have a office girl like that would stay hard all day
Gorgeous, girl love red heads (I married one). Wish she was explicit though! She has a beautiful body & face to match, would be so hot if she'd slide a finger in that pretty, pink hole. (I looked online for more pics of her that's how I know her box is very pretty & she does play with it in the pics I have) Hope Totem can get her to do some more cards & with disappearing fingers *wink,wink* She's is hott, she got an 8, she can be very explicit!
This card pisses me off. I LOVE Ashley, she is one of the top three models on this site (Zuzana and Chikita are the others), but this card is not as good as it should be. Ashley still looks hot as a volcano but why are the clips so short? Just as you are starting to get into it, the clip ends. It is very frustrating and the reason I downgraded this from a 10 to an 8. Ashley did her part, but the editors blew this one.
I need a secretary to help me at my office. Are you free Ashley ? If yes, you've got the job ! She's so hot and sexy.
one word (wow) if dont have her you are really missing something nice show a good favorite. give her a 9.5 bad nose. but wow snag535
I am not a fan of red hair, but i will nerver look at another person with red hair the same again. She is smoking hot and her tits are a reall nice thing for her. She is a little shy and could show more of that great ass and pussy of hers though.
I mean damn. I seen her perform on my cousin's comp and i was omg i have to have her. I don't real or fake her breast r some soft and round. If it is a boob job her surgeon needs to win the noble peace for perfecting breasting enlargement. 10 all the way.
great set - pity no explicit though
Ashley is one sexy secretary - great dancer, lovely body, lovely ass and legs. Had seen her in a few other trailers which didn't register for me, but in this set she is very sexy and a tease. Nice work.
She's not very pretty, but she's got lots of style and is unique. One of the best @dancing and on the pole. Digging the hair play and boob jiggling...spicy.
She is pleasnt, and not explicit.
People with secretaries like her dont work :)
At first I didn't like her. But I love natural breasts and red hair. The close up photos show her age though.
Light Sexy- Her pretending to talk to a cell phone just looks silly...her using the poll is the only good scene= 5 Topless- The way she had her legs open while holding her bare chest..good but short clip= 7 Full Nudity- Her pool dance was done with great energy, swift movements & good eye contact. = 10Overall= 7With a high rating I was expecting more, instead I found myself only watching her few good scenes. Worth getting when it comes down to 1 Ticket.
I personally don't think she's all that. 7/10 for me... not many pics in this set and her boob job left a big scar inder each boob.I got her just cause she was one ticket.
Her pole dancing goes great with the song "Bad Girlfriend". Nice body would like to do some motorboating in those tits. This would be a great woman to add to your collection, she waste no time on getting total naked. 10/10
She's very hot, nothing wrong there, through she's got some very short and random clips, which is really sad, therefore I'm only giving it 7/10
In this set you cant not see the scares of her breasts, she is fit and got a sexy agressive looking of a redhaired secretary. She really deserves the 9.
Ashley has a perfect voluptuous body and very sexy, but slow movement. Her lack of explicit action drives me nuts! I don't know whether to delete or disable her.
Sexy body, decent moves, but her face just screams disinterest. I really like her photos.
Good show, very good dance, but much too big breasts for that slim body. And when she must cough during the session, this should be cut and repeated, of course! Once again, not professional, Totem!Something I miss: Showing more of her and being much more erotic!
Very big sexy breasts. Red hair and a great figure. Kind of strange facial features but what a body! I will buy more of her cards
not impressed at all with this one sorry guys
yeees...i love her movements!
Something About a red head that reminds of this girl that jogs pass my house every day :)
Very Sexy...I would have rated her higher if her card had some explicit content in it. 8/10
Very pleasant girl, nice, and a breast is good, and dances beautifully. It is bad that so has shown nothing - there are no close ups as at other girls. Очень приятная девочка, симпатичная, и грудь хороша, и танцует красиво. Плохо, что так ничего не показала - нет крупных планов как у других девушек.
I love Ashely...she hot,sexy,and has a great body! I was very upset with this show. One of the worst! she barely shows anything. A waste of 2 tickets if u ask me. very disappointed !
Ashley is definitely one of my favs and I would recommend this to anyone, that she is a must in your collection! Her moves are so amazing and sexual it really dose seduce you wanting for more. Shes has a great smile, perfect body and is perfect for this job. Your money is going to be worth it.I def giving her 10.
I fail to see which of her clips can be considered full nudity. I love to watch her great tits but I'd like to see her naked as well.
This is my first comment in 7 cards,im new to Vg and just DL it on a neighbors laptop,now that i have, or think i have a understanding of Vg, I must say this show falls shorter than short of anything exspicite or hot.If she wasnt hot it would be a complete lost.Smokin body, good dancer, no show. Too much love for boobs and leggs (HOTT LEGGS)with no or 1/3rd of a show rates this card a solid 5/10...Note it makes a hot trailer
Lucky fellow who has such secretory.Very nice & sexy show truly
I Realy Like Red Heads And She Has Realy Nice Boobs And High Kicks But Her Performance Is Rated PG To Me She Can Lean A Few Tricks From Some Of the Other Girls Something Anything Other Then Just Showing Her Boobs I Give Her Perfomance A Rating Of 2 Only Because Of Her Realy Nice Boobs.
This is a beautifil energetic woman. After watching all her routines as the Sexy Secretary I have decide I want my tolkens back so I can get a woman who knows how to dish out the real meat and potatoes like her friend Nella. I am not really going to request my toltens back because they likely would not give them to me so I will suckit up and take the hit. Sexy Secretary please remember we aer LOOKING for meat and potatoes.
show nul nul nul !!!!!! 0
cant beleive i wasted my ticket on her
All this effort to hide her pussy, ends the card to be just disgusting!!!
No offence, but to me she looks like a guy - look at her hips
Just adore her lovely body and her juicy bouncing boobs. Very sexy indeed :)
5 stars!
Her best show, I think.
For me this is an awesome set. She really can move. Only thing I would wish for with this is for it to be HD so I can make her bigger like she makes me. :D
Elle est tout simplement magnifique! J'ai regardé sa vidéo , elle a un rire somptueux!
De los mejorcito, esta pelirroja es pura dinamita!!!!!!!!!
Eres extremadamente muy sensual y muy simpatica. Un saludo desde España, GUAPA
un corps somptueux, un art du mouvement sportif très efficace, une tenue sexy en diable, bref du très haut de gamme, seul regret son numéro de carte laisse à penser qu'on ne l'a reverra plus, dommage, on aimerait tant une nouvelle prestation de cette envergure...
Casa La Mincchiaa!!!
la più bella in assoluto ****** dea
Ashley, je t'adore. Ce show est à l'image de ta beauté, prodigieux et magnifique. Avec une secretaire comme ca, mon boulot serait une synécure.
Eine der besten Shows die ich gesehen hab, knackiger Hintern schöne Brüste die den Körper nahezu perfekt machen, heiße Bewegungen, schöne anmachende GesichtsausdrückeEinfach gesagt 10 Punkte
elle est très belle .super bandant, ses seins sont superbe .un réel plaisirs a la regarde. très beau corps, très beaux seins lourds bien fermes, très belle chatte, on a envie de lui mettre un de la caresser, sons show est parfait.j'aime
Elle ne faillit pas à sa réputation cette petite bombe coquine. Ashley est super bien foutue avec une sacré paire de lolos que je ne me lasse pas de voir s'animer, et une chatte bien dessinée, et un cul bien rebondi... Hyper excitant !!
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Un savoir faire à la mesure d'une beauté épanouie.
un corp tout simplement parfait
WAHNSINN !!! Diese Show ist eine meiner Lieblingsshows! Ashley Robbins hat pralle natürliche Brüste, einen super Körper und eine geile anrasierte Pussy. Das Outfit als Sekretärin ist der Hammer, und die Show hat viel Schwung. Endlich mal eine Frau die weiß was Männer anmacht, und sich nur nur einfach auszieht. Das Top (und auch der Rock) mit dem Reißverschluss sind einfach nur HOT! Der String mit dem dazu passenden Hintern der Wahnsinn. Ich liebe diese Show! (Wertung: 10 von 10 Punkte)
la tenue n'est pas trés excitantemais ashley est jolie à regarder j'aime quand elle enleve sa culotte et déhambule impudiquement.Peut etre ne se touche t elle pas assez pour nous faire perdre les pédales,mais elle est si agréable à regarder
trop sexy
She is very very hot !!!! I hope that she makes new set's and we can enjoy her. Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!
la verdad es ke esta muy buena
Très bon show à voir et à avoir. Elle bouge, se caresse très bien.
un corps de rêve pour cette secrétaire qui fera tourner la tête a plus d'un patron.
Superbe.Que dires d'autres.Une poitrine genereuse comme je les aimes.MIAM MIAM!
Eine Superscharfe Braut die zeigt das sie es kann. Hier passt mal wieder alles. Tanz, Show, Bewegung, Ausstrahlung und ein super Body. Leider sieht man wenig und eine Explizit-Show gibt es gar nicht. Sonst wären es glatte 10 Punkte geworden.Meine Bewertung: 9 von 10 Punkten
Un bel corpo pieno di curve che vale la pena di godere anche se non è certo la + bella o la migliore nello strip.
je ne comprend pas les critique sur hashley je la trouve tres bien quand a sa poitrine volumineuse elle est naturelles je lui met 8/10 pas assez explicites sinon c est une tres belle fille je reprendrait des cartes
Geile Show ,wunderschöner Body , Abwechslungsreich und Sie bewegt sich flüssig. Was viele andere hier nicht können.
Ashley est une FEMME dans tous les sens du mot. Dans sa carte Gold Rush elle est excitante a souhait, mais dans celle la elle laisse a désirer et nous laisse sur notre appétit!!
Bisher die größte Enttäuschung!! Ashley schläft fast ein ! Und an der Stange sollte sie sich mal Karina " Latino Party" anschauen!! Da sie als Frau durchaus attraktiv ist, gebe ich noch 7 Punkte!
preciosa muy sensual pero muy poco explicita
Ashley est une très jolie fille, rien à redire sur son striptease qui est une superbe chorégraphie mais elle ne se caresse pratiquement pas et montre encore moins son minou!! je suis déçu. 7/10
Un show plutôt bon. La tenue est sexy, l'idée est bonne mais je n'aime pas les seins d'Ashley ils sont trop faux/gros, et il est dommage que la vidéo bonus soit si courte. Ma note : 07/10
Wunderschöner Körper! Aber leider kann man das Gesicht nicht anschauen...
un corp parfais ,des seins magnifiques mais une chatte inexistante

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