• City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.51 ft.
  • Weight: 114 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 26" / 33"

Scarlet-haired vixen Ariel Piperfawn is not the typical iStripper, in fact she is not really the typical anything! Ariel is the kind of nineteen year old free spirit who always decides to make her own path and to do things her own way. That’s one reason why we all love her. She’s got an amazingly outgoing attitude.

Number of shows: 17

4.3 (2650 votes)

Candy girl

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 47
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 323 MB

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User comments (102)

Cute cute cute
I hope the make a 1080p version of this card shes been one of my favorites since I started collecting.
THANKS for sharing your beautiful body honey!!! :)
i love this girl, she makes me think of my redhead but only hotter.....first cardawesome draw....ill buy more of her..
I would pay, to have a day with her. I be a happy man.
Is there anyone in the industry more elegantly beautiful than this redhead? She looks much taller than her listed 5.5. She looks like a cross between a Tolken elf and a Victoria Secret angel. Her pictures in your ads was one of the selling points that got me. Thank you.
Was ein Rotschopf! Welch ein Ausdruck! und diese Formen ... und wie Ariel sich rekelt ... ´Da muss man(n) daran denken wie sie sich wohl anfühlt! Klasse!
Ah yes, "red haired nymph" is an excellent description of Ariel. Every time she graces my screen with her presence, I'm glued to her performance. She is so incredibly sexy, beautiful, and playful that I simply can't get enough of this "red haired nymph"!!! As I mentioned in a comment on another of her cards, those luscious breasts belong in my mouth......seriously!!!
Red haired nymph.
I don't suffer from this girl. I enjoy every minute with her.
Ariel is so sexy, one of my favorite redheads !!!!
She is adorable and I pray that she would never Love in vain...same for us ALL. Beautiful Babylove. Thanks...I like her red is outstanding.
I adore this sexy redhead!!!!!
Piper is candy yum yum a 10 babe in everything she does
Ariel is one of the sexiest girls from VG and private good show
Love this sexy little redhead !!!!
I just love this side of her, she's one of my favorites.
the card wont start, but she is hot it say's she downloded 100% but dose not show her card grrrrr! i have 7 other card's like that i want to see how they perform i am giveing her a high rateing cause she is fine! and look's like jessica from true blood but i want my card so i can play with her!
i want to take her home with me she drives me crazy
Maybe I'm biased because she looks like my girl, but I think Ariel is the best on VG. Too difficult to say which card is her best though. So damn hot!
Trés certainement ma préférée, elle a un corps splendide,des seins magnifiques de belles jambes, de la grâce, et son show est très très bien son petit minou est un délice à regarder, je donne 10
Ariel et une très belle femme il et très sexy son shows
i am happy to say that i have purchased every one of her cards, both in virtual girl, and in desk babesthis girl is way more than a 10!
Wow Ariel!!! Sensational
If I die with carpel tunnel, this girl is by far the reason and I'll go out happy with no complaints. She is SO HOT I can feel swelling in places I never knew I had!!! She can cum and go on my desktop whenever she wants. I prefer the cumming part though.. Rating her on a scale of 1 to 10 is an insult so I'll just say 100... If she sells it I'll buy 2 for good measure... :)
One of the most sexy here.
She just knows how to be sexy. One of the best here.
Ariel i love u 10/10 i love you :)
I do love redheads and Ariel is extremely gorgeous. She has a great body with fabulous, natural tits and not afraid to spread her lips
elle me fais bander a chaque fois
cette fille je le redis c'est du feu ,adorable sensuelle excitante et de plus rousse
0 Dam...Wish I Could CUM Home To A HOT Woman Like Ariel...WoW!!! She Is Incredible, Very Pretty and Has Exotic Moves.
This pretty Girl is my absolute favourit. I want her as my girlfriend.
Ariel is fiery! She knows just what to do to turn you on. This card was worth the 2 ticket price to me. But if you can happen to get it on special. Don't miss out on this one. The perfect card and girl for....lonely nights lol
SUPER HOT! I love every show she is in.
She's got it goin' on !!!
Such a fantastic body: Natural tits and a perfect face. Not her kinkiest card, but an enjoyable on.
It's Ariel, a 10++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!
Avil give her 10
Candy girl is right, fiery little vixen and the pink heels take it to whole new level. If she's selling, I'm buying.
Ariel is incredibly cute in this show!
I think Ariel is one sexy gal, a really great perfomer. She has all the right moves. A must have card for everyone. A 10 all the way
this girl is pretty, i love that her hair is yummy looking kinda makes you wanna taste it : )
I recently decided to comment and review all the girls in my collection...when I got to Ariel progress came to a stand still...I could watch her all day.She is one of the most beautiful and seductive girls here, and probably the world! I've said it before but I can't understand why her shows aren't rated even higher...she is practically perfect...legs, bum, breasts (with the jiggle that makes me smile and want to do naughty things).I love her photo-sets to, worth every ticket I've spent on her.A...
The most georgeous woman ever, in my book. I have all of her solo cards and only the "sexy rodeo" is sub-par. The fewer that buy her the more she is mine... Most beautiful woman ever, in case I forgot to mention it. Only a numbnut wouldn't enjoy her. My favorite female, EVER... Yes, I have been redundant in my praise, buy her and be mesmerized!!! Uberhotty- smoke isn't hot enough to describe her... The definition of LIFE ITSELF... I am convinced, are you? Watch and be amazed... Make sure you are...
Damn she is the Shit . She`s my favorite . It`s realy nice to watchin` her Show . Great Body ans realy sweat smilin` . I like the look into her Eyes . Realy good . 10/10
Ariel is simply one of my favorites on this site. So I have to rate this card a 10. She looks sweet as cotton candy.
Another great card from this temptress. She was my favorite girls on vghd until Melisa replaced her in my dreams. I guess there is nothing wrong with being no. 2 in my eyes.Rating: 9.9Also just downloaded without issue.
The outfit could be better but the girl is raw sex!!! More Ariel!!!
sugar....ahhh honey, are my candy girl...and you got me wantin' you
Arial is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love the contrast of her pale skin and red hair. she moves well, and seems to enjoy what she is doing. and she doesn't mind sticking it in your face for you to get a good look in her explicit clips. in my opinion, one of the most real and natural moving girls on here, and her routines are all different, which shows she works at her presentations. a bit slim, but oddly this works for her, giving her a sexy waifishness. I rate her a 10, because she...
Shem oves great and looks great. Well, that's Ariel after all. The only thing which makes it less than perfect is the pink outfit - it doesn't match her hair.
hot and a red head. my dream girl
Ariel is lovely, but how can anyone possibly like that outfit? It looks cheap (hope it was, she was rooked otherwise), but that apart, it's in an ugly shade of dirty pink, offset with scarlet, and she has wonderful, beautiful, plenteous RED hair! It kills the visual effect. A really pretty, very black African girl might just be able to get away with it, but it's absolutely antagonistic to Ariel's superb assets.
I know that whenever I spend tickets on Ariel it will be well worth it. Ariel is my absolute favorite girl and as always she puts on a great show. 10's all the way!
She is extremely cute and if your into the playful, fun type vg... this is perfect, not a bad set on here. Shows everything with very sexy play... love it!
Ariels's shortest show, but in my opinion her best. Even the trailer is hot! Excellent choice of outfit and hair style. All assets displayed to full effect, including spreading. Worth two tickets; strongly recommended!
I just bought this one and it doesn't work, any time I click perform now it skips to the next girl. I installed to new version and everything. Can anyone help me out?
stablades , You must have read my mind Really, I couldn't agree with you more My personal dream is of a duet of Ariel & Sandra H We can only hope, I suppose
Ariel is a wonderful woman. I love her sexy female body. She's so hot.
Please, please don't let Ariel quit or leave! We need more of her! There's absolutely no such thing as too much Ariel. Hurry, hurry! Lock the doors so she can't run away! We need more Ariel! Can't get enough!
Ariel has great outfits. She is 2nd in my book behind Sandra H. I get hypnotized just watching her move. She gets a 10.
very sexy...
Définitivement mon égérie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amazing, a little more smile will be perfect
Sexy redhead.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.This is another card featuring Ariel looking absolutely lovely in a pink outfit - a colour that really suits her very well.The task-bar clips feature another very good performance from Ariel, in her usual sexy, seductive and innovative style. Lacking a bit of the interactive and fun quality that could have made them great though.As usual in the pole clips, Ariel was pretty good for a non-...
HI! Ariel, I like red heads with big boobs you are not to tall, love the smile you have so I rate you a 9.5.
super et superbe, que dire de plus
I wasn't sure if I was going to like this one. I wondered if the pink outfit wouldn't suit Ariel that well as it's a bit of a girly look.No need to worry, though. As usual, Ariel pulls it off brilliantly.
Ariel is one my favorite girls. She is a pro and likes what she is doing. She knows how to work the pole, so to speak... 9/10
She does have a awesome natural body, but i feel like she doesnt quite know what to do with it ... so only rated 9
Ariel has great outfits and she look rly hoot ^^
allow for more than just explicit shows(full nudity, topless.)she's hot you need to see
this babe can't do wrong, this woman is pure honey!
I am surprised with this performance by Ariel. I know that there were constraints on performance back then, but it didn't seem to hinder women like Sharka Blue or Natali Blond. Surprising in the fact that I had/have seen a few of her videos as Ariel Rebel to kinow that she is a lot wilder than she appears here. Quite the sedate performance. Pros: Nice trim figure, racing stripe trim on her pussy, natural hand sized breasts and by all accounts a gorgeous head of thick red (bottled) hair. Her danc...
Ariel (Gabinka) je po Kami (Kamilce) moje druha nejoblibenejsi VG. Nadherna :-*
Shes good, I wish her hair was naturally red but it still suits her skin tone.
Very nice indeed.make my day
She's very HOT thats for sure but like alot of the girls, doesn't dance sexy enough in an erotic manner. Ariel is one of the better ones though and to have this sexy women strutting on my desk top was worth the money. Only an 8 though, maybe some of the girls should do a bit of works experience in a lap dancing bar so they know how to move and turn people on like the lovely KAYLA
Im not into redheads but I thought I would give this one a look I admit I tried canelling her download over 3 times but it kept coming so i said the heck with it since it was free. It was not a complete disapointment however she has a beautiful body nice tits and a sweet ass but her birthmark on her leg is a distraction and takes away from checking the rest of her body out needs to be airbrushed out or something.
No trouble installing but I was very disapointed in the show. Sorry but i give her a 7 at the most and thats being kind.
Ariel is as cute as they come!
Quand Baudelaire écrivait "belle comme un rêve de chair" il devait penser à des filles comme Ariel et Nikky Case. Les deux posent pour des sites comme Met-Art. L'effeuillage est un médium qui réussit très bien à Ariel pas seulement parce qu'elle est statuesque mais aussi parce qu'elle a le sens du spectacle. On sent dans ses performances le sexe et la joie de vivre.
Ariel est vraiment une rousse magnifique, très jolie et admirable à regarder. Elle est très mignonne dans cette petite robe. J'adore cette fille.
Des seins qui bougent et tressaillent au moindre mouvement et qu'elle n'hésite pas à malaxer. En plus un corps sublime et une peau claire. En un mot : j'adore !
Ich liebe diese Frau. Sie ist keine sehr gute Pole-Dancerin aber sie weiß sehr wohl mit der Stange umzugehen. Sie ist (m)ein TraumGirl mit einer sehr geilen Show.
le gras avant moi il a pas rapport, elle est VRAIMENT BELLE!!! Sexy, pis tout ce qui vient avec! Moi, cest un 10!!!
Die Show von Ariel ist einfach geil. 10 von 10
cette fille est incroyable...toutes ses cartes sont magnifiques, hot et très sexy. Elle sait rendre un homme heureux. J'ose même pas imaginer son effet dans la vraie vie. On va porter un toast pour l'heureux elu
Superbe ! Ariel comme on l'aime, au top ! Je prends énormément de plaisir avec toi Piperfawn. Encore merci, tu es la meilleure de toutes !
Ariel, ma belle rousse flamboyante, est de retour pour mon plus grand bonheur. J'adore cette fille, chaque centimètre de son corps est un enchantement et elle sait bouger pour éveiller en nous tout un panel d'émotions. Ariel, je t'aime !
Encore une carte que je ne peux lire !!! Grrrr
Pretty, but nothing special in this card.
jolie avec de une belle chevelure rousse et une poitrine naturelle!!
un petit coup de fatigue Ariel ? pour cette carte elle a moins d'entrain, est moins souriante et espiègle, bref elle est plus froide, distante et semble s'ennuyer, ça ne devait pas être son jour
sans plus . 7/10
4.5 (377 votes)

Duo with Sweet Cat

  • Shows: 13 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 698 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (16)

superb anal shots!
Dos mujeres hermosas que se gustan y se disfrutan, besos, caricias, sexo y placer. Me encantaría que tuviera más escenas con accesorios y sin jaula. Esperamos verlas en 1080! 10 INDISCUTIBLE
Is there any chance we can get 1080p Ariel?
Two very hot bodied girls enjoying each others company, just a smoking hot performance to watch and enjoy. 10/10
Two queens in heaven!
Two words come to mind ... Very, Very Good. [OK, three words]
Very Hot! 2 amazing girls
Nice & sweet.
All the Duos with Ariel are always fantastic but this with Sweet Cat is very very hot; fantastic the screaming orgasms, 100/10 :))
If you're going to make your debut on DeskBabes after having been a popular star on Virtua Girl, there is no surer way to guarantee your success than to pair up with Ariel. She showed us that the uber-hot Miela could make the move to DB and now she's showing us the magazine-beautiful and petite Sweet Cat, whose slim body and great ass are eclipsed only by her obvious mutual attraction with Ariel.This card is not totally perfect - some of the cage scenes are just a waste of time - but it gets a P...
Two Czech girls so great
Great show from two good looking girls!
It's such a pleasure to watch & FantaSex with 2 Babes who are honestly Hot for each other!Ariel & Cat are truly turned on by each other & the resulting SexPlay is Intensely Indulgent & Erotically Effective.Cat simply adores Ariel & goes for her with a Lover's Abandon that is thrilling to watch!Ariel returns the affection saying over & over how good Cat is.There is some Sexy Talk, thankfully in English, to make for a very Complete card!Cat is so hungry for Ariel's pussy that she buries her face b...
First! :D
trotz ariel ziemlich schwach zu viele käfignummern da gibts bis auf wenige ausnahmen kaum was zu sehen
wenn ihr schon immer die alten girls holt... dann macht mal wieder eine show mit lola... sie war die beste hier... zu dieser show... wie immer nichts neues...
4.6 (793 votes)


  • Shows: 10 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 571 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (31)

I had a hard time getting past the intense hair coloring percieved in the photos, but it's Ariel. Once in action on my desktop, the color is a bit more diffused, I had no regrets adding this card to the collection.
Love you
What's under that shocking red hair is a pure sex machine!
One of my favorite girls Ariel. She makes really Horny and when I see her.
Love the natural body (except the unnatural hair color). In a DeskBabes rarity, cums in THREE of her sequences, twice by dildo, once by her own hand.
Wunderbar Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
que ricura de mujer
One of my favourites cards from her! shes beautiful and her show is amazing,only the cage is annoying but still 10/10!
she is really beautiful . i have all her cards , i pretend i am fucking her every i look at her
Was für eine geile Show von dieser Bildhübschen Frau. 10/10 einfach scharf
By FAR one of my favorite cards. I love Ariel, but this is hands down her best in my opinion. Love everything; the girl, the hair, the dress. Awesome.
I love this beautiful young woman, and I am truly grateful to her. If you read this, thank you so much!
Sadly, I couldn't rate this show a 10/10. It is a 9.5 and Ariel's REAL tatas and nasty words are the proof. As for the cage [that everyone is so upset about] I rather like it. Yes, it does block one's view at times so simply wait a few moments All will be shown. The Cage really adds to the show. The mismatched [very] RED hair and Dark pussy hair is another story ... or question.
Goddess of beauty!
I love Ariel Piperfawn but I do dislike that damn cage, it blocks my view of the girl inside. End the damn cages Totem.
by far one of the best girls girls here! Love to see here in more cards.
Much to the Desk Babes fans' excitement, the always awesome Ariel is back in a new set. This is the solo card for that set and it is, as expected, as awesome as it can get. Although Totem is over-using the cage in recent cards, that doesn't detract from this supreme Virtua Girls performance.This card features Ariel teasing, talking to the camera with "come hither" phrases, and, of course, getting down to business with her fingers, a dildo, and her awesome style.Definitely a must have card, this...
Gracias por traer otra vez a Ariel!!! Esta guapísima!!!....solo que el show me parece corto!
A delicious hot raw beautiful queen
Unreal beauty, unreal sensuality, a total package! My complements to the chef.
I love Ariel on DeskBabes great comeback ... I think Melisa would be another model to bring back ..Please !!
This is a gorgeous card, I love Ariel when she said 'Do you want to see more ?', with Ariel I want always to see more, more and more, 1000/10 :))
Simply a Goddess
wow Ariel is just so damn HOT.
Congratulations to come back!!
Nice pussy play, the most sexy red head girl on here, very nice show, except thath ridicoulus cage, I cannot stand it. For all the else is all perfect. A card to have of course ;)
great girl, love the card except for cage at the end give a 9 :)
with 4 years age difference from her 1st dt solo I believe she has improved with age like a good wine.
the cgae is a nice idea - 10 points for it. but i dont like ariel at all. so my ranking for this card is 6
jetzt werden schon die shows immer schlechter... nun auch das noch... die alten girls holen sie... wie oft noch ariel?... ein gorilla mit banane wäre geiler gewesen...
She one of the most beautiful and sexy models in DB and VG wish to have her back with some new xxx shows
4.4 (377 votes)

Duo with Kattie Gold

  • Shows: 11 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 55
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 805 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (10)

The cage is a big no for me .Apart from that Kattie steals the show with her perfect vagina and taking a toy in her ass .Good to see plenty of toungue to pussy action and fingering .Good job girls .
2 amazing girls, very HOT card!
I really like to se Ariel back, and its another good show.
once you look passed Ariels aweful hair colour, which I find can be quiet a distraction and ise the main negative of this card, but if you focus more on Kattie this is a great show...not sure why they brought Ariel back considering her hair, but I am a definate fan of Kattie
good duo!
un duo avec la belle Ariel assure un grand show a chaque fois, juste que le coup de la cage n'est pas top.
This card is somewhat disappointing since Ariel is always a great performer and Kattie Gold has proven herself to be an enthusiastic duo participant in the past. Although this card is very good - better than most Desk Babes duos, really, it's not what I'd hoped for. Better than most, but not as good as hoped.Ariel, of course, is on her comeback and it appears that other great ones from DB's past will also be returning, including Kattie. This is awesome to see as these are some of the most-reques...
ariel 2 thumbs up, ketty 1 thumb up, the cage 2 thumbs down
das einzige was bei der show feucht wird,sind meine augen... analshow??... was soll das sein... 30 sek anal mit nen minidildo und dann nen mega orgasmus... einfach nur lachhaft... und euren kameramann habt ihr immer noch nicht erschossen... immer schön filmen das man ja nix sieht...
exelente ariel piperfawn y kattie gold deberian hacer un video de ahora 2016
4.6 (575 votes)

Duo with Miela

  • Shows: 12 clips
  • Duration: 47 min.
  • Bonus photos: 56
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 893 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (34)

Literally my two favorite women in one extremely hot scene. I can die happy.
Very beautiful and sexy babes. I love to look at them and get pleasure. Oche exciting and I am delighted with them. aaaaaahhhhh
The two work so wonderfully together, with brilliant performances. Enjoyed their closeness and the way they interacted, such gorgeous bodies.
WOW! The Best strap on scene I've seen so far... Ariel is visibly dripping while riding Miela's Strap both Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl positions. This card is a SCORE! Two hot "Naural" chicks here...
Ces deux filles sont simplement super bandantes. La séance de doigtage de Miela par Ariel est juste géniale, les gémissement de Miela sont excitant. Une scène parfaite pour se masturber !
Menuda pareja de mujeres, impresionante de momento la mejor que tengo sin duda de DB 10/10 y porque no se puede mas
Whoa. This is probably the best card I've seen in DB. Why? Sure we've got Ariel, and Miela. The thing that sets this card apart is their body mechanics. They both display a great deal of wetness. Ariel becomes dripping wet on a X rated clip. I have not seen any DB, or VG card do show anything that intense. 10/10 (11/10 if I could).
this girls so god damn sex i cant stop wacthing them even whn thy r in th cage man i pay thm do it in my house and have sex w me mmmmmm
Have to agree ,shame about the cage blocking some great moves .But Ariel always worth a high score .Any chance of Ariel and Tracy Gold .
now these two girls m ake you want to get in there
Ariel once again proves she's the ruler of the desk babes. And Miela seems very promising for my first card of her.... With that out the way, I have to agree with those who want the cage idea trashed. Modify it or trash it. Hides too much, and doesn't add anything significant to the show.
OMG WOW this is a Great duo and the strapon makes it even better.
AWESOME! To do it better than this, is impossible. Thank you my beauties for this delicious show!
This is the best Duo of DeskBabes; Ariel and Miela with strapon and dildo in or out of the cage are the best girls of the site, very very very thanks :))
love the cage shows
Never added a comment before to any of these takes but the chemistry is physical and it is extremely present. The cage is a nice new environment for the gurls to play in and they really play! These girls are very focused on each other and almost become 1 pure sexual entity. I was never really a big fan of Ariel in the past but this changes everything. She is well experienced and knows her partners well. Miela is a nice new touch to DB and she is very in touch with her intimate side. I highly rec...
these two are amazing together. great job!!!
Awesome card, might be my favorite! Ariel and Miela are great together. Cage was not as cool because it blocked some of the action. Thanks for allowing the models to stand again so we could enjoy there full bodies. Finally more of that accessory would be great in duo's and the look that Ariel gives the camera when riding it is priceless.
If the fact that Ariel has returned to DeskBabes and this is her debut card isn't enough to sell you on it, then having Miela the uber-hot from VirtuaGirl should. If those don't work, imagine these two hot women with big natural breasts in a go-go cage and using a strapon. Ya, I know, you're already downloading the card.This is one of the very few DB cards I've reviewed where I cannot stress enough how much you have to own it. Quite simply, it's the greatest card ever or at the very least is in...
This is definatly the hottest show i have ever seen seeing ariel in a cage getting fucked by a strapon sent me spinning in a world of bliss. however as good as the show and ariel both are there was one minnor issue i had the simple fact that ariel died her hair that color dont get me wrong she's still stunning and it wont keep me from enjoyin the show but ariel please go back to the deep red it looked so much better.
Grande spettacolo, ARIEL fantastica gradito ritorno, MIELA super. Ma la gabbia non mi piace nasconde azione e parte dei corpi e poi rimane troppo lontana, almeno fatela in primo piano. Però spettacolo grandioso 10/10
A very sexy very erotic duo and card. I would highly recommend it to get and to purchase. Very very playfull card these two models are. Any guy love to be in the middle of these two sexy erotic babe.
Miela and Ariel really work great together. Ariel is her usual fun self. Great introduction clip as Ariel takes the lead. The show contains the full package. It has some fun and laughter a lot erotic and seductive action and hot lesbian sex. Both girls really get into it and have multiple orgasms that look real throughout the show. Miela f... Ariel with a strapon on taskbar and in the cage. On task Ariel takes a riding position for that. There is a lot of breast licking and pussy fingering. Firs...
I'm not convinced Ariel's new hair colour is an improvement, I much preferred the darker red she used to have, but she is still stunning. And I'd not noticed before just how gorgeous Miela is. A great card, and very glad to see the return of Ariel. Much more of her please!
Ariel! This ghost messes my mind up! Great girl. Miela is a nice partner.
It's great to have Ariel back and with Miela in a cage WOW what a show...
I thought this was a hot duo and the girls have great chemistry. I really loved that standing clips have returned to the cards, but I have to say that I just hate the new cage prop. The bars a just too thick and they obscure too much of what is going on. There has to be a better prop the ladies can use as support but doesn't get in the way.
fan of ariel, not sure about the new hair color. but i think the cage is too much of a distraction and blocks a better view
Thanks for bringing Ariel Back Hpe theres more new cards of her
No le ponen pasión, que pena porque son dos de mis preferidas-
wäre eine gute show geworden... endlich mal eine nasse pussy... aber wie immer wird es nicht richtig gezeigt... und die show im käfig sorry aber man sieht im letzten clip gar nichts... bin mal gespannt wann es endlich besser wird...
For some reason the colors on this card are totally off. Their very very dull.. compared to a lot of other DB and also VG cards.. I even tried adjusting MY computer settings, even putting it on vivid.. to no avail.. everything just sort of blends together looking dull an bla, therefore I'm giving this card a 0. Totem needs to fix their lighting situations before they start loosing all their customers..
Probably one of the best cards in VG if you like girl on girl. Has a cage which actually looks good.
4.4 (670 votes)

Duo with Bianca

  • Shows: 35 clips
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 941 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (25)

Ah these girls are so hot!! The interaction is extremely good, smile at each other all the time.
Damn book my ass a flight destinatin these two lovely ladies and the milehigh club.
Celestial bodies, excellent and delicious show! Even Ariel has discovered her wonderful pussy! Much thanks dear beauties!
great card and a lot there, ariel is one of my fav girls here. i think its a must have. nothing 4 me to complain about at all.
Greatly enjoyed this card. Ariel is perfect as always.
Perfect.. ^^
un duo terrible ;) elles sont à croquer
Excellente carte :) Ariel et Bianca sont vraiment très excitantes...
C'mon! Download finish already I wanna see this!
60mins of hotness on the screen, who could say no? Bianca getting an orgasm was awesome, if she faked it, she did it good ^^
Ce duo est vraiment génial. Il y a une belle complicité entre les deux, et c'est magnifique. Bianca prend vraiment sont pied dans ce show, et le son... magnifique. J'adore ce duo.
Ma premiere carte sur DB, tres bon duo, bien plus explicite que VG, j'adore!!! Ariel peut enfin montrer tout ce qu'elle a et c'est genial bien que les clips soient un peu courts.
I would buy any card with Ariel in it.I'm hooked on her.She's an angel with the soul of a devil.
Even the trailer for thsi one is a 10. Two of the sexiest women on the site really looking like they're enjoying themselves.
10/10, no questions here...
Really hot show. Absolutely worth the tickets - no question about it.
Very funny and playful, worth the tickets.
Another show that has Sound!!
Another full-on card with very high production values. Here, we have two gorgeous gals doing the rumpy-pumpy-longtime... and they do it so well. This is hot, but not sizzlin'!Jana Cova's (Solo) deliciously aggressive orgasmic edge isn't here and communication with the viewer is much gentler too. We get less intensity and a beautiful, erotic performance that is one-third longer.Ariel and Bianca succeed in depicting a full-on, fairly conventional, human sexual relationship in front of the camera:...
First card I bought and wasn't disappointed.
No complains about Ariel;she's one of my favs and as hot as always.Bianca also is a beautiful gal and then during the show she seems to pay more attention to the camera en less at her beautiful partner. And at other times,when Bianca is playing with herself,she's blocking the view with her legs. I hope it's the lack of experience so in the future we all can ebjoy a better show of this pretty gal.
Girls & show 8
This is really great! Because this show has sound, you can see AND hear both girls are having a lot of fun! And when they get nasty, the moaning is really great!!!Score: 10/10
Has to be Ariel's worst card, but its still a great show.
très inférieur aux autres cartes. Very lower than the other cards.
4.5 (1400 votes)


  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 49 min.
  • Bonus photos: 51
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 529 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (67)

I've never been a huge fan of deskbabes outfits (I still prefer virtuagirl),but this magnific card brought me here! Probably the best deskbabes card.Thank you so much Ariel, you are in my top favorites!
Ariel is one of my most fav girls. She's got the looks,she's got the moves. One of the most sexy girl of all VG/DB. Don't have to say more just look for yourself. I love her.
Beautiful as every, and I am very grateful to her for making this.
Geat performance once again by Ariel. For anyone with a foot fetish like me this is a must have as many of the clips she is barefoot. 10/10
Ariel has an amazing body and puts on a wonderful show....A must have !!!! 10+++
Como dicen: simplemente es Ariel! qué más pedir!!! (No podemos exigir HD por ser de las primeras) Por favor Totem, más de ella en DB!!! 10 ABSOLUTO
There is no more you can wish for. Really HOT HOT girl, i hope there will be more SOLO's from her!!
you are a beautiful sexy girl, i love you
Rot und Scharf. Was gibts besseres. ;)
Tolle Frau, geiles Outfit, klasse Show mit aufregenden Einblicken!
Ariel!!!!! Yeah thats all you need to know my favorite girl ever 95/10. FYI: her duo with Tea is to die for i want to invite them both over for icecream. ;P
Sweet, hard, dirty, delicious!
Ariel is amazing...plain and simple. Truly one of my top favorite girls on here.
Perfekt!! Die Maus ist so endgeil, immer wieder ein Genuss!!!
The vid quality leaves a little to be desired, especially at full size (I typically watch at 50%, where it's still visible but reduces that problem somewhat).But the fact that it's Ariel makes up for that, and the action clinches the deal.Thanks for another awesome showing, Ariel!
Ariel ist ohne Zweifel eine süsse Maus wenn ich Sie sehe regen sich bestimmte Körperteile tolle show nur leider sind einige clips ohne Ton aber wer darüber hinweg sieht kriegt eine super show! Klares must have und man hört sogar den Vibrator hin und wieder summen.
Ariel is HOT and as sexy as hell in evry way possible
Well it's official. I actually divorced my wife for you Ariel. It's just to bad you live so far away.
Mauvaise qualité des shows, trop flou,image trop päle, Ariel est bonne, c'est pas de sa faute.
i cant lie im in love with ariel
Best solo i've seen.. Hot, a little dirty and engaging. Plus the outfit is hot.
AGREED!!! Best card there is so far.I have seen them all but do not have them in my collection.She just seems more natural at the shoot than the rest MARRY ME ARIEL!!!
I'm giving Ariel a 10+++ and DB a ---0.Don't like!!!clips finishing in middle of performance(what the f--k is that),some clips have no sound,her bikini bottom on too much.Like, ARIEL,man is she sexy,sound of vibrator,having an orgasm,Ariel with no clothes on.DB if you get ARIEL again SOLO please don't F--K it up.
I love that girl! For sure my best card. She´s so hot and cute at the same time. 1000/10
Nice card, one off her best showa
Worth the credit. really nice
Beautiful czech girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree, the sound is a nice addition to the card. She's a little more subtle than some of the other girls and it seems more real as a result. I also think the resolution is not as good as it was. It seems a little softer now, but hey now Totem can bring her back for a bunch of new higher quality shows! Mmmm... high quality Ariel...
This show with the now added sound is fantastic. I love it. Though i must say that the video quality seems to be worse than on the other cards first released. But since i'm an Ariel fan an love to hear her talk, laugh and moan i have to give this show a 10 nonetheless. There is one clip where she introduces herself and i absolutely love that. I think this should be part of every DeskBabes show. It helps to create a connection between the viewer and the model. Makes the show more personal for me.
10 for Ariel but in future I want another Solo card of Ariel with sound, because Ariel is a girl that I rate 1000/10 :))
my is Ariel how Viruagirl and here Fan Super cool
my ariel dont have sound like my other modles how can i fix this
True that some other girls (including Ariel) have been nearly as naughty on the old site, but she's a lot of fun, gorgeous, and wearing a super skinny bikini you can see her trim popping out over ... which is awesome in my book.
Fantástica. Es una de mis chicas favoritas. Sensual, con una mirada un punto salvaje y desde luego entregada. Gran trabajo
If this card had sound it would definitely be my favourite card. It's a real shame it doesn't :(
mmmmmmmmmmm so hot
as with vg ariel is the best and most beautiful. she always puts on a good show 10/10
awesome are so very beautiful
Ariel est magnifique dans ce show. Je suis content qu'elle y soit car déjà dans vghd, elle avait une de ses énergies, et ici, elle le démontre encore une fois. Merci à toute l'équipe et aux filles pour ces bons moments.
Ariel your gorgeous and this one surpasses all expectations, excellent keep it up ariel and totem.
My Favorite Girl have almost all of her Videos lol
All I can say is More Please.
Great show.
great show, great fan. worth the tickets! 10/10no audio for some reason thoe. any one got audio?
Ariel ist einfach super. Habe alle ihre Shows und die sind alle Spitze.
great show. plenty of dildo action, and ariel as always is simply breath taking to look at. i love the orange panties, she pulls it off very well. if she were a flavor she'd be orange sherbert ice cream which is perfect for the summer. unfortunately there's no sound at all so far and for that i'm gonna have to mark it down a point, since i cant just deduct a half. so a solid 9 arguably deserving higher marks
esta niña es la polla this girl is cock
Ariel was one the hottest women on VG and even better here where they really turn her loose. Great job Totem with the new site.
8.87 for a chick like Ariel? You got to be kidding :-/
Totem could not have picked a better girl to premier this new site.She is simply SUPERB.I hope for a lot more of this gorgeous creature.A warning though,she is more addictive than nicotine.
Would be a ten if there was sound.
9/10 seulement parce qu'il n'y a pas de bruitages sur ce show :( Mais cela reste quand même un très bon show :)
9.40 is more like it, she is awesome! great actress too, I almost believed her orgasm ;-)
There is no way passing Ariel. This red-haired woman is absolutely gorgeous and sexy.
I like red headz and Ariel has a nice look,... But she is clothed to much in this and the show is too slow... Would be better if this was a virtuagirl show...
Each time that I see Ariel standing on my desktop I am amazed that she is not 6 feet tall!Such lovely long legs, long torso,, neck, she looks like a sexy ballerina with pretty gumdrop tits! Well, this is an "oldie goldie" card. One of the first made for DB.As such there are a few soundless clips,(sound came in just after DB started) & the usual array of early DB aberrations. Clumping shoe sounds, early fades,short clips,sucking dildo's like lolly's & not like dicks,too much rubbing over clothes,...
hot body
strange that this one, which allows sex is not as hot as her vg cards.....hmmm....someone should do a study....very disapointing since she is my third favorite
Elle est sexy
What a waste of money, show was bland and unexciting! Her VG shows are much, much better save your money for them; instead of the card.
why doesnt this card have audio like the others
von ariel hätte ich mehr erwartet... 49 mn gäääääääähhhn...
Bad picture quality
This card is a total fail, like most others from here. The only spectacularly good girls worth spending credits on in Deskbabes would be Eufrat and Tea. The others suck badly, sadly enough even the ones starring Melisa. All the other women are much better off as VA's. I would have liked to buy Sarah's solo that just came out.. but to scared to after all the other bad performances.
Super show, treès belle masturbation et maniement jouet. 10/10 Great masturbate and dildo action.
That flaming red hair and that lyth body make her one of your sexiest dancers!
She one of the most beautiful and sexy models in DB and VG wish to have her back with some new xxx shows
4.5 (1166 votes)

Duo with Tea

  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 51 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 768 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (43)

I would probably not buy either one of these girls' cards as solos, but together they definitely earn that 10.
If melissa is the queen of virtua girl, Ariel is the empress of Desk babes!!!!
Wow, these two are AMAZING. I love the chemistry between them! It totally earns a 10/10 rating. I don't know why the other idiots are saying it's nothing but clothing and dildos- I say there's enough penetration and nudity for me.
Very hot duo. must have!
Tolles Paar mit einer geilen Show! Unbedingt anschauen!
OMG Hellz yeah Ariel+Tea=Perfectshow its realy basic math there but when you add icecream you reached a whole new level one of the best things ever created. Oh and yeah that ice cream thing realy amazing you should try it I'm not kidding.
This is one of the best cards here! The ice cream part is extremly hot, so i have tested it by myself, and it´s an amazing experience. *g* Thanks Ariel and Tea for your hot show! ;-)
What a card. I want to share an ice cream with Ariel like that too. Lets face it who wouldn't. Worth buying the card for that clip alone. Time for a very long shower :)Ariel and Tea are awesome together as always in this card.
hot card! these two czeck girls are sexy!
Ariel, your the best! i give you a 10
This is the second duo of Ariel and Tea and they are hotter than the Sun. These two are made for each other. Bring some more.
Best two women performance on this site i saw so far.
WOW this is one of THE best cards on the site, i have the Ariel & Tea card on VG and once i saw that they had a card on deskbabes i knew i couldn't go wrong. a amazingly long and hot show with 2 of the hottest girls a perfect mix of playing together and playing solo, my favorite part was with the ice cream and it is worth just for that one part or just the bonus video of them playing. to summarize BUY THIS CARD!
One of the best duo's on Deskbabes in my opinion.
I found these two on VG first and this card is even better! The way they move together and the passion when they kiss.... they are totally into each other. We need more cards like this!
They are both so Hot. I love how they focus on each other not the camera. I want more of Ariel!
Is their a rating higher than 10? If not there should be for these 2. The way they just seem to play with each other... I give this one at least a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10.
I picket this card cause Ariel and I immediately fall in love with Tea. Seems to be the kind of girl I like. I got lots of duos from DB and I can surely say this one is amazing, you can feel the love that this girls got each other.
Tea is most beautiful girl on VG Ariel is very nice a good performance
The hottest duo on DeskBabes.
The scene with the icecream and the tribbing of Ariel and Tea are the best scene ofe the site, Iwant another Duo with Ariel and Tea, fantastic card, 1000/10 :))
Vraiment tres bon duo, Ariel est excellente et Tea n'est pas loin J'ai vraiment apprécié car on ressent leur plaisir avec elles
Show pas trop mal à mon goût. Elles forment un bon duo et sont en bonne coordination l'une de l'autre. Les épisodes avec la glace... excellent.
These are two of my favorite VirtuaGirls and seeing them together and having a great time is a Perfect 10 in my book. It doesn't get any better than this, though I hope DeskBabes tries. :)
I love the Icecream scene
duo sublime et super chaud!!! en plus elles sont en pieds nus,et ca plus le son de leur gemissements c est le pied !!!!! un enorme 10
Areil is never disappointing!!! Tea is great here also,new fave
Genial! Un solide 10!
Ariel & Tea really seem to enjoy each others bodies. A must have card 10/10
i love ice cream haha buy this one thank me later
Honestly, I think seeing Tea use the ice cream on Ariel alone is worth the cost of the card. 10/10
OMG the ice cream. 10/10
Ariel has some of the more erotic acts on VG and it seems she is going to keep it up on this site. Tea is gorgeous too , so this card should please anyone...
My first "Footnote" of the new site! But it's obvious by the previews that you can see girls getting shoeless and totally nude, just how I like it! Wow, Totem! You guys started this site off strong! Two of my favorite girls, doing my favorite things! This card is a 10!!!
I'm not really into Ariel, but Tea's amazing. She's incredibly hot and beautiful, inspired and original. I love the ice cream and Ariel's orgasm, very good idea !
i bought this care because it was 50 mins. ariel and tea are both hot but they do have too many clips with everythig on. i do like the icecream shots. but not enought there dispit the long play time.
Good Show Ariel lets it down a bit
???Whys everybody raving about this card??!While both girls are exremely hot...Tea being my fave... not much delivery here. All these ladies did was rub their clits, with dildos, WITH PANTIES ON almost the whole time!!! If your looking for penatration... you won't find it here. Not much pussy eating either.Mainly 2 girls, teasing eachother, with bikinis on. 2-3 OK clips in the bunch but those are short. Nothin to rave about...PROMISE!Would give a 6/10 but since the softcore stuff is pretty hot,...
3/10i tought deskbabes were suposed to be a xrated version or vir....girl but it seems tamer. 80% of the clips seemed to be dildo play with clothes ON! come on...!! there are a few good clips and some fun parts but not enough to give this card a good rating and im even a fan of Ariel3/10
xxx? you must be kidding
Super show, léchette, jouet, et une nouvelle façon de déguster la glace 10/10 Great show, dildo and new eating ice 10/10.
4.3 (2615 votes)

Prison cell with Tea

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 656 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (133)

I love watching Ariel. She is one of my favorites.
Je ne suis généralement pas fan des duos Virtuagirl mais ici nous avons une exception avec un vrai duo de deux très belles filles très complices et terriblement sexy tout çà est très chaud et seul reste à déplorer la qualité technique qui aujourd'hui est bien dépassé.
Have loved both ladies, new card.
Ariel, ah, Ariel. She is just stunning. Tea is certainly decent here, but Ariel is the one who controls and defines this performance. Watching Ariel take full control of Tea in parts and just staring at her flawless ass at other parts... her facial expressions... I could g on forever about her. Perfect girl.
My favorite part of Ariel's duet cards, especially with Tea, is the chemistry. Some duos are clearly uncomfortable with each other or at best can go through the motions for the camera. Ariel and Tea give the impression that they're having fun with each other and letting you watch, rather than putting on a show for the viewer. Their apparent lust for each other causes the card to be considerably more than the sum of it's parts.
they are both fantastic i wonder would they mind sharing their week with me in bed
ok well i hated dual cards ever since the first i tryed, it kinda sucked though i won't say what pair but it made me not ever want to get any other dual cards untill i took a shot at this one and wow the two arial and tea are very beautyfull, and even more important the look great together, i am very pleased in this card and have marked it to my favs, keep doin what yall do girls you look great and i love it!
Tea hat genau die Proportionen wie ich sie liebe, Ariels Brüste mag ich nicht so sehr, dafür aber den Rest. Vor allem dioe roten Haare und ihr GEsicht sind ein Hingucker, einen schönen Po hat sie auch. Zusammen eine Prima Show, in der sie sich so zeigen, dass sich beim Mann einiges regen kann.
sexy girls and sexy show
Piper I love her so much..hott
I had one other duo card prior to this one and it was unbelievably bad. (No chemestry)This card does not suffer that fate. Ariel and Tea are wonderfully insync and maintain their rolls as Good Cop, Bad Robber through out the entire performance.At first glance there are two exquisitely beautiful women in perfect costumes who eventually get nude. Thats why we are here right?But with these two they don't stop at that. They enhance the fantasy. Neither Ariel nor Tea show any hesitancy when it comes...
My first card. Putting this lovely duo on a background of spectacular views of nature was BEAUTY OVERLOAD. Tea's jailbait outfit is so cute on her. I've been listening to "Prison Girls" by my avatar lady. I wondered why no one gives musical suggestions in their comments. Then I realized the VirtuaGirls can dance to ANY music at all.
By far, the best duo strip tease I have downloaded. These girls are the goods and will have you writhing!
no other duo is as hot and good as this,you get a godess ariel and an angel to admit,its going to be a long time before you see a performance as good as this,can another duo match that level of complicity and explicity lets hope so.cant be beaten yet,best of the best.well done girls.
Ariel is one of the hotest girls on vghd and with Tea she's unbelieveble. A MUST own highly recommended. This is the card that started me on Ariel
wow!!! what can be better than girl on girl these two women gives a great performance both are sexy and seductive who knows how to use their body... so far this is by far the best card that i have... this card is worth the credits
My favourite card by far! These two move so well togther, you HAVE to get this card! Is there anything better than watching two beautiful woman enjoy each other?!?!?! (other than the fact that I want to be with both of them!)
They are the best duo by far on this site , they really know how to satisfy each other and make it sooooooooooooooo good to watch , absolutely the best !!!!!!!!
These two are jest smokin hot, the best girl-girl team on vg and they just kieep getting better if thats possible check out these two on desk babes its so hot seeing two girls that would be doin it with each other without getting paid thanks Ariel an Tea make some more and video it will ya...
Great girls with nice anus pics on show x
i love uu ;) ariel
Fucking Best Card on this Site! If you dont get it your stupid. 10/10!
anybody wanting a duo just buy this one these are 2 very sexy girls and they do what you want to see 2 girls do. Very happy with this card unlike other duo i purchased which was boring. Can virtuagirl fix it for natali blond to make a duo with jana cova or melisa i would definitely purchase that card/cards. Anyway this card gets a 10 beautiful girls doing beautiful things yummy.
I can help you W8i6
Rating: 10+++
I really wanna be with them now.
God these two work well together very sexy,great show girls
Excellent Ariel and Tea The show was amazing and harmonious. I liked the smile of Tea and the body of Ariel beautiful. It was wonderful harmony in the work and performance. I send you my appreciation....i am very happy with Tea & Ariel
This is the only duo card that caught my attention and the only one in my collection. Without the need of checking out the others I say this is by far the best duo on VG. This is the standard on which all others must be measured against. My instinct, scores, and the tons of negative comments tell me that all the other duos are simply mediocre. I hope in the future we see more duos of this unprecedented quality. Thanks Ariel and Tea for this excellent show!
Ariel is as horny as fuck! Very sexy!!
This card should have a special rating,it deserves more then 10.The other duo's should give their money to these two girls.This is how it should be done.Bodies are magic,moves are sexy,The best,thank you ladies.If you two had a video I would buy it.
I like how Ariel makes Tea her prison sexy....more girls should be like that..
Very, very naughty! Great, explicite show. Sexy girls with great bodies and erotic moves. Recommend it!
Great show. Love how Ariel spreads her labia for an extended period of time :-), then is courteous enough to do the same with Tea's goodies while Tea graces us with her beautiful ass. Nicely done.
They are very good together the best duo I have.They deserve 10/10.
I have all the DUO's and this one is one of the best, lots of action !
This card is better than Ariel and Trisha. THE BEST DUO EVER!!!
nice picture bro
This is by far the best duo on the site.
two of the hottest girls on this site! Ariel is so spunky and playful. Tea is gorgeous and ultra sexy! A great combo!
this is how all duos on here should be! hot girls who seem to really be into each other and like playing with other girl's bodies!!! very hot
Doesn't get much better than this. I love these two alone, and together, they are just WOW. Great card.
Without a doubt VG's hottest card. These two sizzle together. They are really enjoying themselves and their sexy interactions... well you'll just have to get it and see for yourself. Smoking hot!!!
Exciting, a real turn on, excellent
My first card too, and what a stunner, these two girls can turn it on, great sexual play between them, undoubtedly the best card I have, other twosomes just do not compare
My first full duo card and what a great card to start with.
Finally!!!! Chemistry in a duo!!! Makes the work day so much better...
Oh my f****** Bisexual little heart these girls rock i cant get enough of them wish they would do another card together it would make my whole life complete
Well.. I've written very FEW comments about ANY of the cards I have... but I've gotta tell 'ya...... After buying & downloading Tea & Ariel today, I've watched it over and over and over and over... and... IT'S THE BEST CARD I'VE EVER SEEN ON VIRTUA GIRL!!! They obviously enjoy themselves.. and they finger each other like they WANT to satisfy each other... and to see either of them with their fingers spreading the other's lips.. with fingers slightly inside the lips as they rub round & round the...
Love the subtle sm style foreplay. Tea is treated like Ariel's prisoner. Would love to see a ponygirl duet scene with these two or with Ariel playing with another tanned beauty.
Ariel & Tea do it for me...This is a "MUST HAVE" card. I highly recommend this card.If you want erotic, sensual and naughty, here it is.Two very attractive women enjoying their bodies...real tits on both girls...I just love the real thing.The Explicit show is excellent. Wonderfuly synchronized leg spreads while on their backs.These ladies love to lay on the their backs and stick their legs in the air and show off their wonderful bottoms.Lots of kissin' and petting...just the way I like it.Thank...
Unbelievable chemistry between the girls. This is the best until these girls perform a better one.
Best Duo card. PERIOD!! These two kiss, lick, and rub all the right ways and places. Please have them make another card. I'd give 4 tickets for it if it was as good as this one. They went home together after this shoot, I guarantee it.
Definitely the most hardcore card I've seen. Ariel's pale perfection and fiery locks contrast neatly with the dark-and-darker looks of Tea, and they go after each other with such gusto that I can't help but think they were more than acting. Not a card for the more quaint and romantic among us, but for folks like me who can never get too much action, this is pure bliss.
best duo ever.
HA! thanks to the holiday special i got this for 1, and am i ever happy i did. finally a duo worth watching, please totem have them come back for another show. 10!
2 hotties interacting without inhibition = the best duo on the site. Eager playfulness cum serious eroticism earns 10/10. Go Girls!
I don't normaly go for duos as they are generaly very poor. but these two are definatly hot, only downside is there is only one card of this duo. so please please totum lets se some more of these two girls. hopefully the other girls will learn from them 10/10
Everyone else has already said it. I'm just adding my agreement. This is the hottest duo card ever.
BEST TWO GIRL WHO OF ALL TIME.seriously these girls are gorgeous they work really well adn they are very expresive it is more than worth downloading
WOW...Definitely A Must Have!!! Tea is so HOT! Her brown skin makes my mouth water. I love the spark they have between one another. Ariel brings the best out of each new girl she brings into her duos. french kissing, nipple licking, mutual pussy titillation...whats next?...cunnilingus? Who knows? It sure would be nice to see duos from other girls with this kind of spark. If you haven't yet viewed the bonus video, do? Ariel has never been special to me until I did... the girl actually can smile a...
MMMMMMMMMMMM, Yummy and Awesome Show, the Best! I give Ariel & Tea "2 Thumbs Up" "11 out of 10 Stars" and 1 Hard Boner!!! Plus with some of my Rock/Metal songs and most of my Techno songs, it's like they are dancing and moving to the sounds and beats. A perfect Combo. Sexy and Way Hot.
What can be said about this show that other reviewers haven't said. An absolute must card for your collection. I have one criticism ----I WASN'T THERE WITH THEM!
Nyam Nyam :)))))))))
Lovely, Beautiful, Super and Amazing. These girls know what Duo means. This card will put lead in the old pencil! 10/10
Simply amazing. MORE TEA! MORE TEA! MORE TEA!!!
Man, this is so dirty. This is definitely worth the purchase.
Destroyed 3 keyboards in the first 24 hours after purchase, thanks you 2.100/10
Wow 2245xyju you must have beer goggles on!!! Adrienn, Mia Hilton, Maggie and Laura are your favs!?!?! I wouldnt touch them with even your pecker. I think these girls are hot, especially Tea! Tea and Melissa would make for a GREAT SHOW!!! I give it a 10. Love you Tea!! :)
There are Duo Cards... and then there is This Duo Card. This is a 10+ because Tea & Ariel really have fun and enjoy each other, they really are touching and playing as two lovers would... nothing sterile here or what might seem to be unfamiliar territory for either of them. And they display themselves erotically and completely
Great Show, Good Chemistry, Hot Girl on Girl Performance 10/10
That is really the best duo till now! Good job Totem and special thanks to Ariel&Tea :) . Hope you have done few more duos on that session :)
I normally dont comment,at all but this defy worthy of a line or two from me, explicitness, chemistry, duration, varieties, etc...this card has it all. Not too sure about the girls tho, Tea is OK, dont see what the fuss about Ariel is, but maybe that cos Im not a fan of redhead. But thats only minor, gg Totem.This card is a solid 9 but Im gonna be generous and rate it 10, just cos its the BEST duo by far.Now, please do one just like this or better with Jana H and Natali Blond and I will buy it f...
I asked myself, should I get this? I read the reviews and got it. My thanks to the other reviewers. Virtuagirl is going the right direction. It looks like you're leaving the 1970's XXX style behind, buried and gone for good. Yay!
I can not believe I got this card for 1 ticket stunning worth 10 tickets
Holy crap.... fantastic. Even better, I was one of the lucky ones that just picked it up for 1 ticket! And oh, the tittie sucking.... so much tittie sucking!
THANKS TOTEM for this hot duo you present us without fading. Good preview for the new site i would say. Explicit Explicit Explicit This is worth a 20. I don't regret spending 2 tickets on that one. Hottest duo so far. I guess only the new site will be hotter. Thats Ariel as i love her and Tea also is a very hot woman. Buy this one immediatly if you think that clips here should be explicit. You won't regret it for sure.
YEEEESSS! Very sensual...!It's so hot like a volcano! But there are two volcanoes in this show! Both girls sexy and attractive, but Tea and Ariel are magical together.Nothing is hotter than two chicks kissing or licking each other while rubbing and touching their beautiful body parts. I guess, this performance is the best duo show on VGHD. Kissing, rubbing, spanking scenes are very exiting, their flirtatious banters bring a big satisfied smile to my head!Rating: 10+++P.S.: Buy this card, I'am su...
Wow, this card is amazing!
VGHD's best duo so far, very playful. And the only time so far that a 'novelty' outfit has worked for me.Great card, hope there's plenty more to come from these two???
The best thing about this particular clip is the explicit portions. Overall a decent card, but the normal dancing and movement isn't as good as either performer's previous cards. If the dancing portions were better, i'd probably give this card a 10. As it stands I give it a 9.
PURE HEAVEN!!!! Everything about this card is just great!
First I would just like to say that I am extremely happy to see my favorite girl Ariel back here on VGHD. As soon as I saw that she did another card I had to get it right away. Even better is that she is in a duo with a fresh face here to VGHD, Tea. Wow! These girls have certainly raised the bar in the duo section! Both girls kiss each other, suck on each other's nipples, and do some nice p*ssy play work! Tea is very pretty and extremely sexy. Because of this card I will get Tea's solo card. Ari...
colaborateur, im sure i'd get kicked off the site for saying what i want to say. who cares about the props, its ariel and tea! besides why would they want real hardware to possibly get in the way of the great time they're having as well as the show they're giving us. no arguement, this is best duo card, best ariel card and best tea card! you are way too frustrated, man.
Colaborateur, you are out of your mind. This is the best duo card ever and the girls are hot. If your worried about fake handcuffs and not focused of the girls, maybe this is not the site for you. 10 from me and I'm shocked by the low score.
A fairly average duo card until the explicit clips, which are among the hottest I've seen in a duo. Great pussy rubbing and spreading action including one satisfying moment where Ariel spread's Tea's pussy. With much of this taking place on the task bar I can't complain, although some fingering and licking would have been even better. Rating 10.
Ariel and Tea on my screen at the same time = 10.
She let that prisoner get off way too easy, and where the deuce is her nightstick/massive dildo. What kind of standard is that to set for prison guards?Still a great add, lol.....
Ihr macht das wirklich super.
Well here you got two of the prettiest woman on VG. Not the best card cause I think Tea is a bit shy (maybe cause she is the prisoner), anyway you better get this card.
Wow! Had been without a computer for a while, and this was the first new card that watched, and I'm so glad that I did. These two are so fucking hot! What's more is that they are so fucking hot for each other! Tea is a picture of perfection! From her pert tits to her long legs to her sweet bare naked honey pot. I'd eat her up, given half a chance. Ariel's no slouch either. Her flaming red hair, her nice round ass. She can be my prison guard any day! As I said, they really do perform well togethe...
deux femme tres charmant mais ma prefaire rest tea
if i had not been on deskbabes before i got this i probably would have gave it 10/10 good show ,ariel and tea are both hot in their own different way depends on what you like
Ariel and Tea are both great looking ladies when on their own but WOOOOOW together. To good for words. This card is worth 1000+ words
Although not blondes..what agreat idea by the way!!!,very sexy ladies who love to rub their pussy and touching eachother,great stuff to watch.
Even though not an Ariel fan , I do appreciate the interaction between the girls and rate this card a 9/10
Tea is perfect. Ariel needs to lose the birthmark and get some sun. This is awesomely raunchy
Ariel's a bad girl. She dominates whoever shes with, like the other girl is her own sexual prop. This is a very good card. I gave it a 9. when you guys get Ariel some one that seems unlike her bitch then I'll give a 10...although Tea is not all bad. BTW - Ariel, stay the hell away from my girlfreind ;-)
OMG!!! Get this one its seriously sexy two hot girls together come on.2 tickets well spent.
Highly recommended! Worth two tickets! (and few shows are, in my opinion)
Very hot duo. I fully agree with mvpsome. Thanks girls
Overall a very pleasing card. These 2 girls are obviousley comfortable with each other and what a great pairing they make. Lots of passionate kissing with tongues, nipple licking and sucking and spanking! Brilliant, everyone should own this card.... hope theres like this to come. My only complaint is that so many of the kissing clips are so obviousley cut off way too short, just as they seem to be gwetting into one another>> fade!!! For that reason only this card gets a 9..... but looking down.....
This is absolutely the best card I've bought .The gorgeous Ariel plus Tea in the hottest routine .More cards like this please
How disappointing, finally we find out the truth that Ariel is NOT a true redhead,,, That damn bush test finally reveals the .. However,, really great show gals and they make a great duo.
Now WOW, this is a worthy selection. I am giving 10 points!
What a great pair there 2 make, top 10 for sure. great shower vid
wow Ariel, her Show is not HD, and some ... ( 8 ), nice and clear, Face & Body, the are ok, not HD Cards like this are not my fav. she s top i just say 10 i love her Body, but bc of some ... ;-))) and allone shes better... Totem make HD it better next time pls ...
Two hot horny girls, I like them explicity clips, but in overall they can make better !!!
it could be better!
2 Very Hot momma' can lock me up with them anytime!
could be better
Un plaisir partagé!!!
One of the worth while duo!!!
they are fantastic best ever card i like more of them i want more raunchier please
all i can say is dam
Ok aeril is nice great girl very sexy and i love he shows I simply go nusts when a new one of her shows is on my pc. But what drags this show down is the outher girl the two wrok well togetjher but it not one of the best i seen. 7/10
Argueably the best duo show on this site yet. Mostly because majority of other duos suck though.
There are a lot of better shows than this one. Rated a little high for the content.
Ok, have seen both girls in other shows and yes I agree they are hot, but this card just did not come across that way. I'am rating the card not the girls on other cards these two are winners, but this one just seemed to be missing it looked more like a walk thou for them.
I like girls individually, there skin , I dont know ,
un vrai duo!!!! au plaisir d en voir plein d autres!!!
Plusieurs moments sont magnifiques dans cet effeuillage. Un de mes préférés est lorsque les deux se marturbent en rythme, jambes bien ouvertes en l'air. La vue de ces deux portes roses entrouvertes me saoulent.
Enfin un super duo. Elles jouent ensemble ce que je pense être attendu de ceux qui aiment vraiment les duos. Bravo, encore !
10/10 mérité , un show qui donne chaud , enfin surtout tea :p tea i love you , kiss ariel and tea
Tout simplement superbes, rien à changer, un 10 bien mérité
Ariel et Tea sont tout simplement magnifiques; par l'érotisme se dégageant de chacun de leurs gestes; par leur beauté à chacune, et leur sensualité. On ne se lasse pas de regarder leur show et je ne peux que souhaiter qu'elles en refassent d'autres. Merci à toutes les deux.
Le show que j'attendais depuis toujours , la perfection , si je ne devais en garder qu'un ça serait celui là , le meilleur de VGHD , le plus chaud show
Absolument terrible, j'en veux encore :) Tea et ariel ensemble miam :) manquait juste un petit cuni :p Bravo pour cette magnifique carte :p
Enfin un nouveau duo, et quel duo ! Ariel, valeur sûre de VGHD et Tea, petite nouvelle très prometteuse, nous en mettent plein les yeux. Un régal, à consommer sans modération.
un tres bon duo assez excitant 8/10
I think these duo cards are nice for something a little different on Virtuagirls/Istripper, but I think if you want that kind of thing Deskbabes is a much better place for it. Not my favourite show.
4.2 (2273 votes)

Sexy Rodeo

  • Shows: 33 clips
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 503 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (93)

Un show SM light .... whahoooooo !
I Love Red
wow - i like her playing with that candle :)
Ariel is one of my top favorite VGHD gals. The outfit in this card seems to bring out the kinkiness in her. Definitely one of her best.
Not only HOT. She SIZZLES!!!
I agree with CubsFan, she's HOT, she's Nasty, and she's a Redhead, it just don't get any better than that.
Beautiful red haired girl.
thank u ariel for being born !!! watch you al the time xxx...
All I can say Ariel is... WOW. You can dominate me and rodeo my disco stick anytime you please.. bad ass with the wax, very hot!
omg the faces she makes while dripping that candle wax are priceless. hot hot hot
Ariel est trés sexy dans le costume en cuir rouge et noir qui va bien avec les cheveux rouges et flamboyants. Le show est trés explicit. C'est un plaisir à la regarder. 10 pour la carte.
jrollercoasters, you are alone with that opinion of this card.Ariel is amzing and i would recommend not only this card, but all 8 of her solo cards and also the cards she did with Trisha and Tea.Keep mup the good work Ariel.
J'adore, j'adore, j'adore! De loin ma préférée, aussi magnifique que sexy et aguicheuse, aussi attirante que ravissante et allumeuse, en un mot: parfaite. Juste parfaite.
Cette rouquine me fout le feu au cour tellement je l'adore 10 ce ne les vaut pas 11 oui magnifique femme messieurs mesdames ne passaient pas a coté d'un ange
Mustache Ride?
her name is piper fawn shes one of my faves and she will allways be
Skinny?!? Come off it, tomartnell! Her brests are full and her thighs are plump, yet you can see most of her ribs and she isn't carrying a massive belly. In other words, she's got it right. By way of contrast, Renoir painted a couple of girls of similar somatotype. I refer you to Baineuse blonde (Italy, 1881)& Baigneuse sitting on a rock (Paris, 1892). No doubt both were regarded as youthful beauties in their time, but they wouldn't have cut the mustard as VirtuaGirls. Standards of health (and w...
I like the dress ^ ^
This card has two elements that I really like. 1) Ariel's scarlet red hair screams attitude. 2)Fire; this card is hot on multiple levels, and I like the hot wax clips. Aerosmith's "Back in the Saddle" comes to mind. "Peel off her chaps, I'm saddle sore..."
I gave this one a 10. One of the best shows on VG!
Wow Ariel. I thought I would dislike this card due to the outfit, but she makes it work! I love the candle wax, very kinky. She's a 10 for me, a female fan.
candle wax was soo kinky
I confess that I put off getting this card for a while as I wasn't too keen on the chaps...but then I figured if anyone could make them look good it was Ariel.And boy, does she ever! This has to be one of the hottest shows on here, as usual Ariel is sexiness personified, but whereas her other shows she's a seductive, almost innocent sexy, here she's out and out on fire...absolute quality.And when she gets the candle out...I've never wanted to be wax so badly. If you're not sure about the outfit,...
Love this card. Favorite in my collection so far. The outfit and presentation is top notch 10/10.
Wow. The hot wax is unbelievable. Best card ever.
gorgeous girl, great outfit, joy to watch. love the play with the candle stick, before the wax play, thats ok. seems to like what she is doing and has a good level of explicitness to her shows.
Ariel is super sexy and super amazing. I have private clinic and Sexy Rodeo, and will probably purchase more from her...she rocks my world...what is it about red heads that always get me into trouble.
what can I say here that I havn't said in my comments on her other shows? this waifish hottie comes in a good package all around. enthusiasm, lots of smiling, and a hidden explicitness make this girl a joy to watch in all her shows. not as well built as some on here, but for her body type is very well porportioned. she takes the time to learn and use new moves in her shows, and so can only improve like wine.
Ariel is just amazing! It's my first card, and by far not the last one... The nature of her outfit plus the seducing swinging of her hips makes this card a must-buy. Her complexion in combination with her red hair hypnotizes me whenever I take a look at her. But there's one turnoff... The hot wax. Although she seems to enjoy it, I don't. But the way she's teasing with the candle makes amends for that.If you don't mind her having not the biggest breasts and the 3 shows with the hot wax, buy this...
Ariel struts out on the screen with a cool 'tude of casual, sexy, slow hipsway. Swoosh, that lean dream of a bod' with her voluptuary curves swings into temptress action with pole pumps & LICKS,back door cunnypuk kisses to us,bend over honeydoll hang & tease moves,& her pussylipped face, pout & kiss!Off comes her top & OMG she's whipping herself with it! Soft, but her expressions show the sting!Splat, whap across her dolls!Fwap, across her hips. Sexy grimaces! Spanking that cream curvey ass with...
OMG!! Ariel has out-hotted herself with this one!! Amazing card, very sexy and erotique. If you are an Ariel fan this card is a must have, and if you haven't gotten an Ariel card yet, make this your first one. 10 from me all the way!!
I simply cannot describe in words how much I want Her
MM im stunned very sexy show,buy it!!
Ariel sporting a pair of chaps and a wicked candle-wax show?! This card is RED HOT! If they would let me rate higher than 10 I would hands down! A great show by my favorite gal, as always.
the epitome of physical perfection. only one word to describe this beauty...GODDESS.
The discrepancy between her blurb and her stats is disturbing, i.e., 19 vs. 25 years old. WTF or rather par for the course. Ariel is so comfortable in sharing her bodacious box that she truly seems like my intimate friend. The quality and quantity of her VGHD clips now surpass those of Carmen Gemini. This rising star could eclipse even Jenna Jameson’s empire. Obviously 10/10.
Ariel is a wonderful woman. I love her sexy female body. She's so hot.
Mmmrr ... the candle trick does it all for me :D my god this is an erotic card!!
I've got nearly 400 girls and Ariel is one of the best, if not the best. She is a wet dream come true. I dream of a duet of her with Sandra H or Jewel(My other 2 faves)
Wow She is deffinately a 10 in my book. I love the way she touches herself and spread her lips for all to see, more than most girls show on here. Very Erotic!
Definitely my favorite of all Ariel's cards.
As I said always, Ariel is the best! I could not help myself and downloaded this show. It is as usually 10++. Thanks Ariel, you are a gift. The must for all!!!
Possibly Ariel's best card to date. If you like the more dominant side to a model as I do, then this is the card for you. Ariel does take a more "serious" approach in this card, due to the nature of the outfit, so if you prefer a more "smiley" Ariel then aim for another of her cards. But if you prefer the "darker" side more, like I do then this is the one for you. 10/10 from me.
Ariel is hot as always! I've always wanted to be a cameraman and now I know that if I ever could be one, I'd love to film Ariel as my first person!
Her sensual moves interchanged with a sturdy mistress attitude, her kinky red outfit, a candle and using her top as a whip are more than enough reasons to make your jaws drop right to the floor. Ariel in her best and (hopefully not) last show! It's rodeo, but with a twist: You'll have this Goddess riding all over YOU! Thank you very much Totem. And really hope you will invite Ariel back for some more clips. Thank you Ariel. You are a true performer! I hope to see a lot more of you.
Ariel is so sexy, always a 10 she can ride me any time.
Bella e sexy Ariel. Credo che un bel 9 sia il voto più giusto.
Lust, sexy, beautifulll... Wow.
Ariel is fun and has a sense of how to dance and disrobe together, something not all women performing here have. That surprises me that with all the potential dancers in Europe and around the world, that some are just not that good.That said, Ariel is someone that would be noticed in most crowds (maybe not in a tall redheads convention group, though) and exudes confidence in her moves, her body, and her sensuality. Her only weakness in her performance is that I get an impression that she will se...
Wath a red hot girl, wow, she is so powerfoul, great body. This is a particulary card, nice the joke of the candle and nice the way thath she smak her beautifoul ass. 9/10.
if you had a thousand performances, this sight would need only you. your shows are always tops. thanks for the fantasies. i'm on my way to OZ. i bet you know the reason why.
Can I give her a 12. I mean this show is freaking hot. She is defiantly my favorite girl.
Ariel is a flame haired vixen! While I agree the outfit could've been better, Ariel gives a great show with her gorgous bod, and even shows many different sides of herself much as many great dancers do. 9/10
She is very hot one of the best of my cards
Definately worth the time to get this show.... just like the others I have of her, she ROCKS!
Here in Britain we brit kids call gals like this F.A.F Fit as Fuck and thats exactly what this girl is, fuck would i love to have been her photographer :P x
she looks freaking hot in that outfit! just perfect!oh.. hot wax aint cool... its hot, in a bad way hehe
The first ever card I bought, she is now my second favorite after Jenny McClain's 'Big Melon' Card. Super sexy and highly recommend.
the first thing that pops into my hea when I watch this is oooooowwwwwwwww and not in a good way. I do not understand why a person would want to drip hot wax on them selves. I've had wax drip on my finger and that didn't feel to good to me.
zij is so lekker 10 voor haar
Nice show, just the video quality lacks
After all the hype regarding Ariel, I took the plunge and spent my 1 credit. Overall I was dissapointed but this could be due to the clothing type which I did not find that sexy at all.
A VERY beautiful girl. A prime pick for my collection.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.I love Ariel's outfit here and I think this is her best look apart from the "Private Clinic" costume. So at first site I was really looking forward to this show. I have to say it was somewhat of a disappointment overall though, and was Ariel's weakest performance to date in my view.For some reason Ariel seemed rather disinterested in this show, and was more or less just going through the...
you are going to want this card
Great show. You really can't go wrong with any of Ariel's cards. I am disappointed that the chaps never come off. "Full nudity" would dictate...well, FULL nudity!
fake red hair , skinny , poor muscle tone , pasty white skin and plastic wardrobe best a 7/10
Ariel is as magnificently beautiful as always. The show is fanastic, but I'm not really into leather and candles. Other than that... Wa, wa, wooie!
my opinion one of the worst cards i have
My least liked sho of hers, I would actually want a refund. Don't care for the candel, and her dancing isn't all that great. Like it's a different woman
If you find wax play being a suitable replacement for a lustful strip, this card might be four you. If in doubt, better skip it. 3/10
Ariel, The best artistique show to date, she really gets into her show on this card, Ariel never ceases to amaze me, love what she does with the candle lol :)
One of her better shows. I like the outfit a lot.
Diese Frau ist pures Feuer. Megaheiß, Megageil und sie zeigt wie immer eine GEILE Show. Ariel, I love you
Je vais me faire des ennemis , mais je trouve qu'Ariel est très chaude et bonne , mais inégale!! Ce Show m'a soufflé (et s'était mes débuts chez Virtual!!)... Je ne veux pas être vulgaire , mais Ariel est une belle petite salope!! Dans ma bouche , c'est un compliment :))) En effet je pense qu'elle peux tout faire!!!..Tout!!! Les rousses me font fantasmer , alors inutile de dire que ce show m'a excité :))) Et comme les 10 plus belles filles de Totem , elle a un corps parfait!!! On ne peux rien cr...
Sehr sehr heiße show muss ich sagen Hammer Frau + hammer outfit = 10*
comme dab super show 10/10
Alle Achtung die Schnecke ist so heiß, das es einem fast ein Loch in den Monitor brennt! PERFECT 10
le moins qu'on puisse dire d'Ariel c'est qu'elle a un sacré tempérament et une imagination débordante, un savoir faire que l'on découvre au fil de ses shows tous plus excitants les uns que les autres, un vrai régal qui ne peut que nous amener à attendre avec impatience le show suivant
belle rousse super chaude et bouge tres bien son popotin parfait
Einfach nur eine geile Show von einem geilen Mädchen. Dabei ist es schwer, tatenlos zu bleiben, wenn man die Hände in den Schoß legt. Oder davon träumt, bei dem Mädchen Hand und noch mehr an- bzw. einzulegen!
la mejor de ariel, como se lo monta con la vela, the best of ariel 10/10
Show après show, Ariel ne m'a jamais déçue, et c'est encore le cas avec celui-ci. Merci, Ariel, je t'adore.
Ariel, Ariel, fille brulante aux cheveux de feu. J'adore les rousses et elle n'est pas l'exception. Petit corps sublime et belle a souhait...que demander de plus!
Magnifique et excitante à souhait. J'aimerai que tous les shows m'émoustillent de la même manière. 9/10
toujours aussi belle et sexy, a vous donner envie d'être la monture pour ce rodeo.
Idem je n'arriva pas à le faire fonctionner
Jo mal ne coole sache mit der Kerze fehlt nur ein dildo game mit ihr cooles set 9/10
Une très belle fille au tempérament sévère, visiblement adepte des fessées et chaude comme la cire de bougie, même si la symbolique bougie, rodéo m'échappe un peu, néanmoins show original.
comme d'habitude , bouge bien mais la cire pas trop , du moment qu'elle prenne son pied . 7/10
Dit bonjours a la dame !!! Un ou des bisous !!!
4.0 (2138 votes)

Big buddies with Trisha

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 469 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (86)

I absolutely love these two together. Easily my second favorite VG/DB pair ever. Although, they share one thing: Ariel :) (My favorite pair is Ariel and Miela)
a beautiful redhead and a beautiful brunette a guy cant ask for more
Pourquoi n'a t'on pas plus de show de Trisha, elle est super jolie, un corps parfait, hyper sexy et pleine de fantaisie, alliée ici à Ariel elle donne évidemment un super duo.
Ariel is just the thing that the doctor orderd 10
Ariel & Trisha as Big Buddies is a great duo show with girls who have fantastic chemistry together. If you're a fan of boots, enjoy. The color scheme is good: red, white, black... and also pink. Eye contact's quite good here. I especially like Trisha's knowing looks of "We're having fun, but I know you're watching, and I like that." I can see bi-curious girls at a party working up the nerve to make out with their best friend. There is lots of playing and touching, also good dancing and grinding...
they fit in perfectly good I like them very much
I'm no scientist, but I think these two are contributing to global warming. So incredibly hot!
The two girls are awesome to watch together. Tricia is the belle of this ball.
Ariel is in this card. By default that scores a 10 on my WOW meter. Add in another girl and them touching all over each other. I only wish I could score it a 15
It looks like a "That 70's Show" lesbian scene. Tall redhead, shorter brunette. Very hot, very Sexy 10/10
deux filles tres joli et qu il mon font rever a chaque fois
"Grandes Cuerpos"... Por su supuesto que si!!! Excelentes cuerpos, y no solo eso, sino que el baile también es grandioso."Big Bodies" ... Of course!!! Great bodies, and not only that, their dancing is also great.
elles forment un couple d'une véritable sensualité et on sent l'envie des deux a jouer ensemble
Extremely hot. Two youthful beauties sharing passion and some great dual-ass shots where we get that view we like so much. It's hard to find fault here.
These two are always great! But "big cuddle" I like more.)
These are the best on the site!
I'm a big fan of Ariel Piperfawn, having seen her elsewhere. I don't know what it is about her that screams sexuality, but something does. I'm not familiar with the girl she is with, but I like her. There is nice interaction between the two of them. Are they strippers dancing together, yes. Are they lesbians having sex together? No, but then, that's not what this site is about, is it? However, they do interact together enough that it can feed your fantasies just fine. And after all, isn't that w...
OMG! 10 out of 10. Hands down the best card in my collection. Yeah, Trisha could look a the camera a little less, but Ariel more than makes up for her shortcomings. Must have.
Avil give them 10
WOW, these 2 gals are hot!!! Great card to have. (10)
Excellent card. Love the show. Trish surprises you with her beautiful body and breasts, and encredible sweet spot. Yummy
OMFG! Ariel and Trisha make a incredably sexy couple! Pigtails really dont do anything for me but for them it works with the get-ups. These two are hot by themselves but together are volcanic when they really get going. Oh so hot yet playful. 9/10
Cute girls, nice contrast between the pale (unfortunately not natural) redhead and the darker, saucy brunett. Costomes are appeaing, and they look like they are enjoying themselves. 10/10 easy.
Excellent duo card. Love both of them together. 10/10
One of the best on the site I had to get the other one also. These two are awesome together.
See is soooooo hot lioke fire!!!
speachless. readhead and a brunette... very nice
Ariel & Trisha are very beautiful.
hot and sexy performance. i love it!
My favorite duo ever! Ariel is a dream come true, and Trisha is a sexy vixen. These two together make up the perfect recipe for seduction. Love these girls! 10/10
As it was said in a previous comment, ''This show is a Must-have for anybody'' it sure is, these girls deliver everything & all & then some. As I said b4 ''The BEST tag-team EVER''.
Very playful and erotic. Best duo I've seen on VGHD. Seriously this show is a must-have for anybody.
What can I say that hasn't been said alreay about this gorgeous twosome. A red hot performance - absolutely spot on! Great work girls. If I could give them 11 out of 10 I would!
Well... truly that new duo is much better that previous one! Ariel and Trisha really know how to act in a enjoyable duo. The most entertaining and sexy duo till now on VHGD. And in my opinion - Trisha had little bit more confident than Ariel in that duo action.
BEST SHOW EVER !!!Ariel & Trisha - Thanx both of you for a great perform; the "no nudity shows" are allready a BIG turn on and it still goes better and hotter in all aviable catagories!!! Especially the topless show where you both did cum up with the butt first was very funny; so again THANxXx :-)The rating? Well, for all 4 catagories a 10 = 40 !LoL!
You are definetly buying this mainly for Ariel. At this point she is my favorite VirtuaGirl. I have stayed away from duo cards until now due to their generaly poor reviews and I admit that I would have gotten this anyway because of Ariel. I'm glad that I did. Once you get past the clips of them cutely dancing around each other and get on to the clips of them rubbing on each other things heat up quickly. I would rather see Ariel in a duo with Lucynova or Lucky scince their styles are similar and...
I love this two i want moooore!!
this one is much better than their first duo.the wacky hi-jinks were cute and it was fun to see them "real" as they horsed around with each other, but now they are getting down to business. they take this duo set much more seriously. i think and hope they do go further with each other in future cards. right now though this a step up in the right direction for fantasies.
Love this two. They have fun with each other.... Ariel is a nice babe, together they are tops..+10More sets from these babes
great love Trisha and Ariel
Wow eifach nur WOW
sexy girls and a great show
Some gorgeous scissor action, just wish they did that while nakie :/Two Girls, One Great Card...
ja warum nicht
à deux c'est mieux !mais jamais deux sans trois!...
These two ladies are awesome, not usually into red heads but ariel is so lovely.
I love these two girls! I got both their duo sets and one each of the singles. They show makes me think of two girl that haven't sleep with each other yet but are definitely going too. Plauyful and sexy.
I loved this show. These girls really seemed to enjoy working together.
While I wish they would be more “hands on” the show is a solid 9. On a side note, somebody needs to tell Trisha that she is allowed to look away from the camera.
Before I comment I would like to say that this is my fifth post. I have watched almost every one of the clips of the full show of this card and I have read every post made about this card. That being said I have to say that this card has been sorely understated. From what I have read of the comments it seems that most people think there is not enough play between the two women on this card. I have to call bs on that one. there is PLENTY of play (lots of touching, caressing, light kissing, etc.)...
Very hot girls and a hot show. Thankx Totem
i would like to request more of TRISHA please!!!!!
Love Ariel. Not a fan of Trisha. Ariel is the only reason I bought this one. 8
Nice duo, two great girls of VG, the clips are nice, lovely explicity nudes shows. Maybe not the best card of them, but in overall is a card to have ;-)
This card isn't on the same level as The Big Cuddle.
ein echt heisses team
Beauty models, nice.
Most duo cards on VirtuaGirlHD are, bluntly, just not worth the trouble. Usually the girls are afraid to touch one another, give a poor performance, or are so uncoordinated that it’s like you downloaded two separate shows at once. This card is a rare exception, though, and is likely so because of Ariel. She is one of the hottest VirtuaGirl desktop dancers, not because of her looks, but because of her attitude and downright naughtiness. She also has the ability to draw out great performances from...
Bloody gorgeous!
Both of them are very cute. The dynamic is very nice. However, the costume and hairstyle are not the best for either of them. I would like to see these two again with another theme.
Ariel : mon coups de coeur!!! Toujours belle, élégante et charmeuse! Trisha... :( ... pas du tout mon genre...
I love love LOVE ariel. Trisha is a camera whore who can't seem to stop stairing. I guess I like my girl on girl a little more involved. I've seen hotter chicks dancing together at the club.
I`ve had big expectations for duets but now I don`t understand what`s a point with that. You can see twice, that`s all. It doesn`t excit me.
Good performance, but school uniforms are incomplete. Ariel should have a sweater matching her skirt or short sleeve blouse & matching vest. Also they should have matching knee high socks with sneakers or walking school.
Heureusement qu'il y a Ariel, caréssé vous un peut plus les filles, faite nous révés
Nice, but for 2 girls playing with each other they look at the camera too much.
For those who say this card is great must be high! When did they rename country swing dancing to striptease. That's all these girls do! Also there is hardly any interaction between them. I have alot of duo cards and this was a waste of ONE ticket. Get Amandine/Jenna Sweet or Tereza/Angelina Crow, Sandra Sanchez/Deni duo for something erotic and explict! Trisha always has her eyes fixed on the director!
Downloaded and happy! I did'nt see all the clips yet, but the hardcore ones are satisfactory enough. Both of these girls are my favorits anyway. Must say 10 is 10.
I do not like boots .... then ........ W and discovered the High Heels (sandals etc ...)
Ariel : she didn't convinced me and I didn't liked her in this card. Her moves and mimicry were forced for me... what can I add, she's way too skinny... you can see her ribs :/Trisha : seductive as always... even when Ariel disappears, she's still there, looking and smiling at you... She knows what to do with Ariel, and keeps eye contact with you.Overall : Worth to buy, but only for Trisha. She's amazing. However, there were also some funny situations.5/10
I think Ariel could well be interesting on her own from this card, but I don't get the same feeling of Trisha. Most of all, this show reminded me that I just don't care for girl on girl in hardcore porn, so why would I feel any better regarding it in striptease?May be more interesting if that is your thing, but only one clip was particularly interesting, and it doesn't seem to show all that often.
Lame, very could have been way better. The girls are not very attractive so they should have made a better show. I don't recommend it.
Ogni volta che vi guardo sono sempre soddisfatto di voi specialmente quando siete nude. le vostre mosse,come vi toccate come vi togliete gli slip. WOOOW Quando mettete in primo piano una parte meravigliosa di VOI. Che bella la farfallina e quello che c'e' sotto.
Très bonne idée ce duo , et pourtant se n'est jamais gagné d'avance!! Mais ces deux coquines se sont bien amusées... Trisha regarde trop la caméra et Ariel est parfaite comme d'habitude!! Leurs baisers et leurs caresses m'ont rendus fou :) Leurs deux petites chattes sont bien ouvertes et caressées avec avidité !!!!.....Merci Totem , il faut renouveler l'expérience plus souvent et vous allez faire sauter toutes les braguettes de France!!!...Je plaisante mais j'en suis persuadé :))) Après m'être c...
Un duo de feu - magnifique - Bravo Ariel & Trisha - Merci totem 1000 / 10
Deux petites délurées, super canons, qui aiment s'amuser ensembles, ça nous donne encore un show extraordinaire et super excitant. Magnifique !
Not bad, not a fan of Ariel.
Bon show des deux. Dommage, manque de naturel de Trisha qui fixe la caméra. Un peu plus d'échange de caresses serait apprécié. 9.
ce duo est très bien, les filles s'occupent bien de l'une comme de l'autre. une très bonne idée que de les avoir réunies. je mets un 10.
show long mais beaucoup moins sensuel que le premier moins de complicité
C'est nul à chier! La brune ne lache pas la caméra des yeux. Zéro pointé!
quelqu un peut dire a trisha qu elle n est pas seule?
4.4 (3104 votes)

Pink disco

  • Shows: 32 clips
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Bonus photos: 79
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 338 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (140)

She does love to show her pink!
Un très beau show !Une très belle actrice.Bref un vrai délice ...
It's a great and very hot Show. She is a nearly perfect woman. I write more in german, sorry it's my language.Ok, es ist eine wirklich irre Heisse Show die Ariel hier Abliefert. Würde sogar fast schon soweit gehen und sagen das Sie fast schon Perfekt ist. Auch Ihre Bewegungen lassen meine Gedanken Fliegen, hoffe es kann sich jeder denken wohin die fliegen. Ich glaube ich habe mich fast schon verliebt. Ariel mach bitte weiter so.
the little mermaid beautiful *_*
Ariel is absolutely gorgeous, pleasantly playful at times, and has one helluva hot body!!! I swear, those luscious breasts belong in my mouth.
I am educated up to the transparent one and stand on Red Legs and Bonsaî.
A 10 pure and simple if its piper its a 10 love all things done by this model
Georgous, beautiful and wish I could meet her so bad! Maybe a bit more? haha
Schöne Show, von schöner attraktiver Frau, ein Körper wie ein Engel, mit Brüsten die einfach perfekt sind. Super und Danke
Ariel is such a sexy redhead, I love her alot, makes me cum like mad.
I like her a lot
Incredibly hot! Hulk Smash!!
She is so sexy.
i bought here card,but how can i see here on my desktop now?
Sexy and hot red haired girl.
Ariel is such a wonderful performer i just wish she had a card where she didnt shave off la her pussy hair
Ariel once again delivers an excellent, sensual performance in this card. Her natural, hot body and high-voltage sexuality come through in spades in this one. The outfit is great for her look, throwing a kind of innocence into her obviously not-so-innocent performance.
All I can say is.. MY GOD.... if there ever were a perfect woman made on the face of this earth.. Ariel.. IS IT.
A very sweet and beautiful princess. ;)
ma que bella!!!
she is amazing !
Trop de la bombe ! Dommage qu'elle n'est pas dans mon lit... ^^
impressionnant ce trou du cul , il doit servir souvent , on aime ou on aime pas , je ne regrette pas mon achat , et puis une rousse ça change , en principe je suis pas trop client mais elle , je la regarde avec interet
If you like her, check out
I hope I get to see more of Ariel. I love the way she moves and she looks great.
I think "wow" is the best summary I can give. Smokin' hot. Seductive, erotic, explicit card. 10/10. I would buy this card 3 times over if I had to and not blink an eye
Quite simply, the hottest one.
Very nice girl.
Perrrrfection in pink ;)
die is' da sooo krass heiss... whoow! LG!
Ariel ist die beste. Sie benötigen zum Download ihr:)
i love her read hairs so sexy
My favourite, what I would like to do to her!! So sensual, so pretty, so sexy, just love her to bits, no one quite does it like Ariel
one of the more entertaining shows on the site, as well a good expicit show with some good rubbin!
I just adore redheads abd Ariel is an exceptional beauty, lovely tits, cute little ass and her pussy is beautiful!!!
If you don't have an ariel card yet, you need one. You can't go wrong with any of her cards.
hot,hot pink babe
I love this girl! The best most fun show I've seen her give, lots of teasing and the sexiest come-ons I've seen in a long time. 11/10
She has the perfect breasts I love how they move and jiggle when she moves not to mention that she puts her hands under them and shakes them for you. It is truely amazing! Again PERFECT NATURAL TITS!! :}
Definitely the best show of Ariel. 10/10
It's ironic that this is the card that got me into buying in the first place considering I usually hate pink :)This woman is amazing...smiles, moves, allure, and red hair :)
Ariel, Morgane, Eufrat...the three girls who turned a bored evening dabble on VGHD into a near obsession!Ariel can do not wrong, she has it all...if only there were more shows and longer clips, I could watch her all day.Beautiful, hypnotic and so sexy I'm scared of my monitor getting burnt...never, ever a disappointment! If you haven't got her, what on earth are you waiting for, worth two tickets for sure!
Ariel / Hot Pink....You'er hot...Love your red hair and your whole body...I means OOOUUUCCCHHH!.I better find me one like that...
Totally Hot and Sexy Lady...
Atiel is one of the hottest babes on VGHD, what a terrific body. This is another great show from her. Only thing I would like to see is her to get her hair a more natural looking Red color as she had to dye hair this color.
Ariel is a perfect woman as far as I can see. She is drop dead sexy and there is no doubt about me going to download more of her dances. The only thing that needs to be improved, is the capability of her knocking on my front door. If I could, I would give her a 30/10 but I guess a 10/10 is what I have to settle for, hahaa...I do not recommend her to anyone else, for I wish to be the only!
Man she is perfect. Best Stripper i have ever seen.
Man she is a real beauty..redhaired. good moves, nice tits..and she seems to enjoy it. a good buy.
most beautiful lady in the world. she's a dream!!i love u Ariel
The difference between ladies that rank below 9 and ones who gain higher recognition isn't cloths, costume, or dance. It's not the their body or hair, although I do have a thing for red heads. The difference is how they look past the stage or camera, and make you forget where you are too. It's that spark in their eyes that makes you feel like they see you, bringing you into their world to forget your own. Ariel has that magic! Like she's totally into being naughty, and inviting you to join her....
Another great performance from the most beatiful girl in vg.10/10 for this must have card.
she is very hot girl i like her very much
you are a beautyfull women nice body and nice ass and nice pussy
Best show I own so far. Between her, Tereza, and Jana H I need to take a vacation to the Czech Republic and check out the locals.
omg she is so beautyfull!!
this is the first girl iv'e bought and damn she is hot.nice body great moves and a very nice pink pussy
She's a simply lovely girl - natural, wonderful looking, cute smile, very sexy body. I love every second I see her very much.
I know a lot of people skip the 'no nudity' and 'topless' shows, and go straight to the 'explicit' if it's there, or the 'full nudity' if it isn't. In some cases. and Ariel's is one of them, this is a mistake. The low-intensity shows often give a strong clue to the dancer's imagination, and Ariel's is LURID. The best way to enjoy her (and many others) is to progress up the ladder. One minor grouch. Redheads should not wear red, as their hair kills it. Ariel seems unaware of this, and her show wo...
what can I say here that I havn't said in my comments on her other shows? this waifish hottie comes in a good package all around. enthusiasm, lots of smiling, and a hidden explicitness make this girl a joy to watch in all her shows. not as well built as some on here, but for her body type is very well porportioned. she takes the time to learn and use new moves in her shows, and so can only improve like wine.
Holy S***! This girl is SMOKIN HOT!!!! I have got to get more of her in my collection. She is definitly in the running for my personal favorite of all my VirtuaGirls. I highly recommend the purchase of ALL her cards. She is Ho triple TTT HOTTT! (She makes my screen smoke!) To finish, I have just one more word to describe her.... YUM!!!
This is the first girl I bought love the red hair and very sexy
Annother hot performance from my favortie performer on this site! Ariel, you are amazing! 10/10
One very hot card.
The picture in her card makes her look younger than she is, although while she dances in this one, she doesnt seem any different age wise.
Pretty face, lovely natural body, seductive moves. Should be a little bit higher in the rankings than where she is today. 10/10
I would gladly drink Ariel's bathwater! Ariel is my absolute favorite VGHD girl ever! I love the contrast of her red hair and milky white skin. That Czech girl knows how to move her cute and tight little ass! Every move Ariel does just turns me on. I LOVE HER....ok, I think I'm done now. But definitely, 10/10 from me.
nagyon szexy csaj jó lenne ha barátok lennénk nagyon közeliek (text:hungariy)
She is beautifull sexy girl,i want more Ariel!!!!
She is so cute. I'd crawl naked over 5 miles of broken glass just to hear her fart long distance through a telephone.. Seriously, she is one of the best on virtuagirl
Wo .This is so cool .This girls is so cute I'm moving to the Czech republic .First of oh so many I'm thinking
As much as I Love Ellen and Viki.... Ariel is my fav. All I've ever asked for in life was a long-legged redhead and Ariel is just what every fantasy I've ever owned was asking for. I love this set but just wish VirtuaGirl would figure out a way to stop turning the pinks into oranges. Whatever video jock you've got setting the color balance should be taken out and shot.
She's a nice and sexy girl.The show and the bonus photo is very explicit ! My note is 9.25.
Hot, gorgeous, czech. What else do you need in your life?
Another perfect performance. Ariel's shows are like a sore dick. You cant beat it! Still no penetration with the fingers but alot of spread open close ups. As always for me. 10++++
Don't know why, but I need to buy this card. I bought everything of ariel.. I like here nice sweet quite face.
Sadly the only words that arent covered in drool over this wonderfull woman are. Wow, omg, and i love you!
Ariel knows what separates a mediocre show from a fantastic one and does everything in her spell like power to deliver a fantastic one. She exudes a seductive finesse and a playful style of mayhem all in one performance and does it SO effortlessly. A sizzling performance by one of the hottest and vivacious woman to undulate on a desktop . . .
No comments. If you want to know how is she, just buy her and see!
HOT, HOT, HOT! Need I say more? Totally hot! Ariel looks delicious like a candy cane. If you only have one model in your collection, it needs to be Ariel! Can't get enough of her!
The best performer on the site. Playful attitude, beautiful everything, and she always puts a smile on my face. A perfect 10 if there ever was one. I have all of her shows to date, and they are worth every second. I promise that if you don't have one of her shows that you will not be disappointed.
Ariel - Pink Disco RulezZz; Thank You! XOXOX :-)
Ariel is always a 10 and card is evan beter
Oh Ariel, you are a dream! She is sensual, sexy and likes to flirt. Her breasts are nice and perky. Her cute face and smile makes me hot. And the pink outfit suits her lovely red hair. I can't get enough of her!
One of your best totum. Outfits just keep getting better. She is the total package.
As far as outfits go, Ariel is the most consistent. Every show is awesome because she knows how to choose her wardrobe. Keep it up Ariel!!!
Maintenant, j'arrive à mettre un nom à mes reves!!! Je suis vraiment fan!!!
Nice and beautiful.
wow Ariel, her Show is not HD, and some ... ( 8 ), nice and clear, Face & Body, the are ok, not HD Cards like this are not my fav. she s top i just say 10 i love her Body, but bc of some ... ;-))) Totem make HD it better next time pls ...
Theres just something about Ariel which rocks my world she is one hot honey with a GREAT body.
amazing girl!!!!!
I saw her on the top of the page and thought to myself that I had to have this card I love red heads and her body is just amazing
She is so cute.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.This one is one of Ariel?s better shows. To date, beaten only by "Fiery Girl" and "Private Clinic" in my opinion. The pink outfit suits Ariel very well, and really brings out her natural beauty.Ariel was on good form in the task bar clips. The performance was varied enough to hold my interest all the way through, and of course Ariel was as sexy and seductive as ever.The pole clips were re...
Pas mal du tout la fille rouge! J'irai bien y faire un petit tour et au revoir !!
very well done look foward to see her again
Mal colorido de la tarjeta, que influye mucho en el resultado y perjudica a la modelo. Es una chica serpenteante, con un bello y agradable cuerpo. Merece la pena usar nuestro tiempo y deleitarnos.
think i am in love... sigh
She's REALLY HOT and has a good smile. very nice combination. 9/10
Held Out On Getting An Ariel Card For Good A Reason,She's Has Had A Lot Of Positive Comments! I Don't Know If This Is An Early Card Or Not,But All The Hype Is True. Her Drapes Don't Match The Rug,But This Girl Would Look Great With Any Hair Colour! Just Read Between The Lines On Comments & You'll Get A Babe & Ariel Is One! A Natural Sexy Mover, Good Show. 9/10
This is a real nice show by Ariel. Not too explicit but she does a lot of teasing and sexy come ons!
Hmmm, I can't decide how much I like this one. The bright red hair definitely works for her in this card. The fire-engine red boots may be a little too much with her pale skin, especially with the big bruise on her thigh. She's a beautiful woman and GOD can she move! I do like this card better than Fiery Girl, and she gets pretty explicit too. If you like redheads, you'll love this girl.
nice, very nice
Awesome. 9.5/10
Sexy, Best Girl on VirtuaGirlHD by far atm. I think that someone who would make this kind of Desktop porn with more Hardcore performances, Masturbation or 1on1 sex etc. would get alot more downloads and customers. This VirtuaGirlHD is ok, but it could be so much better, it has much higher potential than what it is here now.
Ariels moves are are cheeky and very raunchy, she knows how to get into your imagination.
Ariel is a wonderful woman. I love her sexy female body. She's so hot.
Ariel in a Pink Disco is a very naughty Strawberry Shortcake. This sexy redhead (even if it's fake: brunette landing strip) puts on a good show, and she's enjoying it. She goes from playfully coy to sexy-raunchy, all to good effect. The outfit and it's colors work great with Ariel. 48 minutes is a good length to watch her toned legs, handful sized breasts, and the sultry look in her eyes. Basicly all clips are upskirt shots, highlighting her round firm butt. She's quite playful and seductive, es...
Ohh, my God! She is so hot and so beautiful! Must have!
Oh, my God, Ariel is so horny in this. Not only is Ariel absolutely gorgeous, but I also really love her style, both in the way she dresses and the way she moves.This costume works surprisingly well and Ariel is very good at manipulating her clothing. I love being able to see her panties through her transparent dress, and yet it is still exiting when she lifts the skirt up.If you like this, you will probably like Search Again as it is a similar style and outfit. Not that I am complaining.By the...
Ariel Ariel, just red like an italian Ferrari mascine !!!!! very nice show, I like her sensual moving, small body but great tits and pussy. Nice job.
Sweet show, sweet looks and sweet yummy body
Very attractive but does she know how to utilize it? I'm tired of being used over and over and over again just because I have a prety cock. She reminds me of an extreamily attractive Lady I was once engaged to except she is alot better looking. I'm guessing she doesen't realy, you know. My 48 year old fiance is better looking than Sophia Loren + she has a car, job and a house. What do you have to offer other than a callused .......
I was lead to believe this was a new card that had "a little fingering / masturbation" in it. It does notIt is a very nice card Arial always gives a good show, and shows pink as usual (which is nice *smile*) Not a bad card or show, A "Keeper" for sure. A 9 in my book and I am hard to please.
Another high quality, sexy card from Ariel. This lady is sensational!
I would buy her new lingerie, now she has the looks off a girl from the skid row. ( poor neighboorhood ) Not my type off girl and too much acting insteed off naturall pleasure in what she is doïng. For explicity she gets 8/10, she is more explicit than most girls, but still not enough to overcome her looks. Overall 7/10
Too skinny, her knickers look more like a daiper on her bony frame. Shame really as she's a bit of a character, just needs to eat some pies.
she doesn't dance.. but in table modalty is nice
She's dull... and way too skinny...
Tried her out but the bad red, bad lighting and bad outfit. Only one I have at the moment that doesn't play. Nothing enticing.
ARIEL, a very pretty girl, perfect to my taste all over, a lovely dress that matches her boots and hair, all excellent, but I was disappointed. She is all over the internet with these hot porno movies, deffinately much better than this show, in other words, short of action.
Another fine show for Ariel, well done :)
Ariel est l'une des meilleures, jamais décevante, très belle, très chaude et en plus avec un zeste d'humour, ce qui est encore mieux, parfaite.
Elle est vla magnifique
My favorite girl, Ariel, I love you !!! La plus sensuelle, Ariel, et la plus naturelle! Il n'y a pas mieux :)
Pour moi Ariel et tres sexy je lui mai un 10
Das wäre natürlich echt nett(mehr Pussy-/Dildospiele), aber es ist eine geile Show von einer geilen Frau. Sie zeigt schon etwas, dies ist ja schließlich auch keine Pornoshow, obwohl es wäre doch ....
Ariel est une fille très délurée pour être poli :) Tous ses shows sont sulfureux et celui si ne déroge pas à la règle... J'aime moins sa tenue , mais c'est secondaire... L'important c'est ses attitudes de belle cochonne !!!! Cette fille a le feu aux fesses!!!Et j'adore les rousses :) Justement ses fesses sont uniques et elles les écartes pour nous montrer son anus accueillant!!!Un régal!!! Quand à sa belle grosse chatte , elle nous l'offre bien écartée et ma langue frétille d'avance!!! Elle doit...
Cette jeune femme a beaucoup de prédisposition et de savoir-faire. En rose bonbon c'est délicieux et en plus c'est zen.
avec ariel on met 10/10 les yeux fermé mais vaut mieux les garder ouvert
C'est toujours un réel plaisir de retrouver Ariel et ce show ne déroge pas à la règle. Merveilleuse, enjôleuse, ravageuse, super sexy, bref j'adore cette fille qui me met le feu ! Merci Ariel et à bientôt.
Ariel est très joueuse et cela se ressent dans son show.
Ariel, c'est comme Morgane : avant même de regarder, je sais que c'est tout bon. Un corps sublime qu'elle dévoile de façon exquise. Encore !!!
je suis fan, Ariel tu es la plus belle!!!
toujours aussi torride et sulfureuse notre belle Ariel et à l'égal de la couleur de sa chevelure Ariel a des yeux de braise et un tempérament de feu, juste encore un petit effort sur le jeu de ses doigts et on serait comblés
Her best performance, but don't like her much.
nous montre ses fesses et les fait bougees . pas mal . 8/10
sehr geile show aber wie immer wird zu wenig geziegt , also mehr pussyshow auch mal dildospiele wären geil......
Dit bonjours a la dame !!! Un ou des bisous !!!
4.4 (2626 votes)

Search again

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 323 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (86)

A goddess amongst us. She makes a fantastic show. Her breasts are an amazing part about her as well as her unique sexy moves.
sexy girl
As always Areil gets me super turned on. She's easily the best and hottest girl on VirtuaGirl. How I would love to meet her, fuck her pussy so hard and cum inside her.
I watched her whole show twice trying to find a reason not to give her a 10, couldn't find one. Easily the hottest VG redhead.
No ned to search again. The search over. All hail VG/DB sex actress queen goddess Ariel.
One of the hottest girls here on VGHD, hands down! Absolutely in my top five...heck, second only to Chelsea French, IMO.
There's no stopping Ariel and this card is more proof that this hot VirtuaGirl is always going to be one of the favorite desktop dancers that the site has ever featured. This card features a lot of sexy moves and Ariel does a great job showcasing her hot, all natural body.The theme and outfit are nothing special for Virtua Girl, but the action is all Ariel. She has varying scenes of explicit action and sexy striptease. It's a nicely rounded performance well deserving of the high ratings viewers...
One of the reason that I subscribe to this site is Ariel! One of the best redhead I saw on the net. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem happy in here! smile more and you would have the world at your feet!!!
Although not usually attracted to redheads, Ariel is a perfect 10. Gorgeous body, perfect tits, an all around excellent performance. Well done. 10/10
I would love to meet this woman, If her personality matches what I see here! O.M.G. The man that gets to hold her is a lucky man!!!
She is a sexy redhead, and this is a great card 10/10
Very sexy definitely one of my top 5 ,given me some sweet dreams :))Please make more cards....
Not my favorite outfit but still a 10 for sex appeal.
yentleman prefer redheads
Piper Fawn you are hot as hell
she make me really crazy.....
I just love Ariel!... I think she is wunderful. Cute, Superfyne! adorable.
The most hottest girl in my collection
She has an awesome style, and of course is beautiful!
Ariel is definitely my favorite of all. I'm glad she doesn't work a club near me or I would never have any money.
Her dance is very pleasurable. Enjoy!
My first ever card and still my favorite over-all. Ariel is my favorite. I LOVE redheads. She is beyond sexy, I cannot take my eyes off her or my hand off my... well, you know. Her stripping is amazing, the nudity and naughty behavior following is just mind blowing to me. I am in love with Ariel, completely. I just bought a ring and plan on popping the question as soon as I meet her. There is always a let down when her clip goes away.
why is there no eleven? : )
All right, I'll admit it, I'm an now a complete Ariel fanboy. I have all her cards, and can't find anything bad to say about any.Ariel is just beautiful, sexy as hell. She has an amazing body, and damn near perfect breasts. She moves with grace and a sensual sway, is teasingly naughty, but never very explicit, which is fine, she does more than enough to keep my attention and it's pretty near impossible to distract myself from her shows long enough to get some work done.In my opinion this isn't o...
This isn't Ariel's best card, but I give it 10 anyway, on account of the exceptional raunch factor. On the other hand ... just what is that red patch on her left leg? It's the wrong colour for an old burn, it's a bit too localised for an allegic reaction, it might be a birth-mark, but if so it's very pale, it doesn't look like any skin cancer I've ever seen or read about, and it must be quite deep-seated or the make-up team would be able to cover it, even given the strong lights. She's a great b...
As always, hotter than a forest fire.
I love sexy redheads and ariel is deffinantly one!
Hi Ariel is very hot ,,,,,literally ,,,,the things that she does with her candle,,,,,,, i love it except please dont burn my sensetive areas with the wax and all will be ok she seems to be into a bit of pain i have a pircing if i do her hard she would probably love it Walt
if we all had a woman like her at home, we wouldn't be watching stripers! thats a beautiful woman from head to toes!
Ariel ist hübsch, aber ich finde, es gibt hier durchaus einige schönere Mädels. Dafür könnet Ariel "um die Ecke wohnen". Ihre Show ist allerdings megageil. Daher denn nämlich doch 15/10
Ariel is HOT! There is no other word for her! 10/10
I have yet to give Ariel anything other than 10's. This girl is completely amazing and I am totally infatuated with her. Keep more of Ariel coming!
Ariel hasn't let me down yet. I have all but 3 of her cards including the duo cards. I have yet to give her anything less than a 10. I do feel that this card is missing something that her other cards have but, I can't put my finger on it. Based on that I would have rated this a 9.5. She does do something different here, by going with less makeup here she has let more of her natural beauty come through. So for that she still gets a 10 from me.
wow aerial without a doubt is the most goeurgweous women every to exist, who care of the birthmark on her leg shes sexy hot amazing body eyes face, legs everything and if ya lucky her voice is amazing to match 2 get on girl keep up teh video posting
If they keep bringing out clips of her it is going to leave me broke. I am addicted to this vision of loveliness
Sexy girl, hot skirt, no panties. perfection...
The best young lady I have had the privlege to download. Ive bought he entire collecton.
Ariel - one of the best performers on the vghd-site, so try to guess how i did rate the "Search Again" show :-)
Beautiful tits. Looks like she's enjoying herself. Very sexy.
Another top 10 buy Ariel. By fare the best on this site. REX sighn her up for 20 more and I will buy them.
The best of Ariel her performence.. Like the tanktop. Her expresion on the face makes me happy.
OH... I get it. Everytime a girl is rated higher than Morgane, they rate that girl the lowest possible. That's really messed up, because Ariel is much better than Morgane, Better looking, better figure, and sexier clothes. People need to honestly judge on this site.
Again good, not as much as for example Fiery girl with her almost hypnotic effect, but anyway 10/10. Thanks, waiting for the next show...
Ariel is HOT, HOT, HOT as always! I love that shirt too! If I do a sex search, I certainly want to find Ariel at the top of the list. I wish I could get a new card of hers everyday. There's NO such thing as too much Ariel! I can't wait for more!
Ariel is red hot sexy as always, but this card is defective ... the video breaks up and is covered by the blue screen in several clips.
where is my Ariel ?
Süßes Girl.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.Ariel looks quite fetching in this skimpy top and little mini-kilt, but for me it would have been better without the distraction of the advert. If you have the girl set to enter on the left of your desktop, the logo appears back to front. So make sure she comes in from the right in this one.Although Ariel was very sexy and seductive in the task bar clips, and retained her active and innov...
havent been able to see it for some weird reason
Good look for Ariel.I think this is my favourite of her cards. Pretty simple theme, but works well.
She is definately sexy and knows how to move. Got this one for free for joining, will definately check out more from her. She puts on a really good show.
She is to much ! Awesome !
mmmmmm!!!Ariel bb you are very sensual, beautiful, nice outfit excellent performance, lovely pussy shoots please record more cards.
Ariel is a wonderful woman. I love her sexy female body. She's so hot.
She is so HOT :)
My rating: 9/10Dress/Appearence: Lace up boots, school girl skirt, halter top 10/10 Dance/Movement: good dancer, lots of slow, sensual movement 8/10 Explicitness: lots of pussy shots, some touching 8/10 Body: Natural large breasts, thin, well defined legs, flat stomach 10/10 Enjoyment: she enjoys teasing and smiles throughout 9/10 Ariel is one of the finest natural beauties on VGHD. She knows how to tease and generally looks like she enjoys doing what she is doing. She looks very young in this c...
I think she is downright gorgeous. Love her show.
Ariel... The HOTTEST red on available on VG. I dont care what card you have they all are must haves for you library. There's only one thing that would make this card hotter.... Digital Correction. A+
Ariel est une belle rousse. Le roux cuivré de ses cheveux est bien mis en valeur par sa coiffure et mettent bien en valeur son visage aux traits délicats. Elle danse avec des mouvements fluides et suggestifs. Quand elle danse avec la barre, elle a des mouvements suggestives et très explicites. Ses seins sont pleins de promesse. Un tracé de poil discret trace une agréable ligne sur son mont de vénus. Elle n'hésites pas à nous dévoilé le tendre rose de son clitoris. Dans ses shows ou elle s'assoit...
Not my most liked of hers but still a good card, shehas worst cas to (Sexy rodeo)
I like the red hair.
Ariel! Your as hot as your red hair looks!
Ariel is a very good looking woman, I wouldn't call her beautiful though. She has an amazing natural body, but I find her face to be sub-par. Shes an above average dancer. She has what would appear to be a birthmark on her leg which detracts from her overall appearance to me a little bit.Overall: 8.5Appearance: 7 |Dance: 9 |Explicit: 8 |Dancers Enjoyment: 9 (BONUS)Unique/Originality: 1All ratings are on a scale of 1 through 10. Ten being the highest.
Pros: Great sexy redhead. Not many of those here so if you're into carrot-tops look no further! She's really skilled at teasing. Lots of hot moves that you never get tired of seeing. Ariel is not shy at all. This card has a bunch of explicit clips including some hot closeups.Cons: The outfit is a bit plain. Ariel isn't always as "into it" as she could have been. There's a couple times where it gets a bit mechanical.Overall this is a good card. If you're looking for a redhead this is a great card...
j'ai du mal avec elle , j'accroche pas !!!pourtant elle est mignone mais sans plus
She's a god dancer, she knows how to make horney a man, with her moves and her nice face. A beatiful dry body, but not her best card.
Wow!!! OUTSTANDING!!! oh sweet Ariel how i've waited for your return, the red hair, especially the outfit and your great personality make me a very happy pianogrinder lol, of course, if i had a girlfriend like you in my house we would do more than just grind pianos :) a perfect 10
I'm not impressed. Her card image is very misleading compared to her show. Not to mention I read some of the comments thinking this would be a good card to buy but i'm very dissapointed, I was expecting hot and sexy and instead got clumsy and awkward.
Ha due belle tette ed è molto simpatica,non noiosa...sà muoversi..10
Elle est très belle, a du charme et de l'allure, j'aime bien cette fille, elle fait toujours beaucoup monter la température.
Also da fehlen mir die Worte,Dieses Girl ist wirklich eine Extra Klasse.Körper,Figur,Bewegungen,Muschi,Brüste einfach perfeckt.Bei dieser Schow muß mann wirklich aufpassen,das man nicht ABSPRITZT.Danke Ariel.Volle Punktzahl 10 Punkte.Schreib mir mal.Habegerade neuen Vaforiten gefunden.Kann dieses Girl nur emfehlen.
Ariel ist der Traum meiner schlaflosen Nächte, und hier sieht man schon annähernd warum das so ist. Sie ist süß, sie ist sexy es gibt nix an ihr auszusetzten. Sie ist das schönste Rothaarige Geschöpf auf Erden.
La photo de cette carte m'a fait rire! Comment est il possible qu'Ariel soit sage? Et bien non,elle n'est pas sage;Pas du tout! Moi,elle me rends fou de désir en quelques secondes! Ariel nz joue pas avec nous,elle se donne à fond dès le début de ce show torride! Son but est de nous offrir son corps complètement,sans pudeur! Elle veux nous faire bander et elle y réussi à la perfection! J'aime cette jeune femme car elle n'a pas de limites. Regardez sa croupe offerte en premier plan avec son anus d...
trop trop trop!!!!!!!
sie ist eine von den besten zeigt mehr als die anderen girls , und hat auch noch eine süsse ausstrahlung 10 p....
j'ai préféré Ariel dans les deux premières cartes achetées (Red diamond et Fiery girl) où elle se caressait de manière beaucoup plus hard, mais je donne quand même un 10 pour ce show, si certains n'aimaient pas les rousses jusqu'à présent je pense qu'il réviseront leur jugement après avoir vu Ariel, superbe créature à la chevelure incendiaire, et pour mettre le feu Ariel s'y connait.
Excelente carta ... un bomboncito de torta.
Encore une fois, Ariel ne déçoit pas. Un tempérament de feu, un rien délurée, cette rousse flamboyante me transporte au paradis. Sans conteste, une des valeurs sûres de VGHD. Merci et bravo Ariel !
Magnique ! Toujours au top dans ton style hyper sexy ! je donnerais n'importe quoi pour passer la nuit avec toi ma piperfawn ! kisses.
superbe et bon show bien chaud!!!
Mit einem Wort "rattenscharf"
Ariel sieht toll aus und kann sich toll bewegen, aber irgendwie reißt mich die Show nicht richtig mit. In ihren explicit shows streichelt sie ihre Möse und spreitz die Schamlippen.Leider nur 8/10 Punkten
pas mal , bouge bien . Je n'aime pas sa poitrine . le show pourrait etre plus explicite . Ce n'est pas son meilleur . 7/10
For the outfit. Never been a fan.
Très beau corps et elle bouge bien et s'occupe assez bien de son minou... .. par contre, son visage est aussi expressif comme que la zone indus de Dunkerque un dimanche de novembre ! bref, elle se fait chier !! Dommage , 7/10 pour moi
4.2 (3278 votes)

Big cuddle with Trisha

  • Shows: 37 clips
  • Duration: 53 min.
  • Bonus photos: 102
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 553 MB

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User comments (188)

I like that Ariel And Trisha are playful and add some fun and flavor (flow) to their dance moves that's why im glad i got this card as well as others with her in it
Best duo clips ever. I love Trisha's tattoo, and I just love Ariel. Oh my god.
two beautiful women! 10+
A must have these girls are sexy, funny, and hot. They put on a great show. It is a must have card. One of the few cards where the girl's personalities are on full display. They're truly being themselves. It's special.
Brazzers-Twistys-Babes accounts?????
Ariel & Trisha in Big Cuddle is a good long show (53 minutes!) of two hot girls having a blast together. This is the kind of thing you always wish would happen at a party. The pole is only a prop here, but you want to be the pole! Trisha and Ariel have fantastic chemistry together. Some noteable highlights: syncronised butt swaying; playful dancing switches to dirty grinding; both girls can lick their own nipples; eroticly chasing each other around the pole; naughty knowing smiles; Trisha's tato...
This is what a duo card should be were the girls are having a good time.
A Perfect 10 score for a duo card on VirtuaGirl HD is not common. Rarely are the shows very good. Ariel, however, has been in 3 duo cards on VGHD, two of which were with Trisha. I gave Big Buddies a score of 8 and Ariel's duo with Tea a 10. These are, frankly, the highest-rated VirtuaGirl duos I've ever given scores to.This card is awesome. It's about as good as a duo can get without going to DeskBabes. Very hot, but mixed with fun interaction and playfulness to go with it.It's obvious that Tris...
This is a great Duo, they are two horny girls, just fantastic !!!! Ariel and Trisha have a big style in there move, I love very much their clips, expecially the one when Trisha seems to fuck Ariel in her back, wowww, thath makes me so much horny !!! Thanks Totem Team for this great card, I hope to see more cards like this one !!! 10/10 from me of course !!!
Both are sure funny and beautiful!! Funny part was Trisha wax Ariel's boob... that's cracked me up! lol :D so so so cutie!! Wish I could give them hugs! :D
that i love with this video is that they are funny and sexy. so i get happy after every time they go on stage. 10/10
Great duo! Hope to see more of them. Areila and Trisha seem so natural. Well done all!
Great girls !!!
Probably the best duo card on VG. Score!!
I love HLA,how beautiful..Me and pc are happy :D
A sexy show, but lively and genuinely fun too. These very beautiful girls make me smile every time they appear, and for that they get 10/10 from me!
Elles sont sublimes !!! c'est que du bonheur de les contempler.
Bien sur rien ne peut etre jamais parfait et comme on le dit souvent ce qu'il y a de parfait chez l'Homme s'est sa perfectibilité... Mais la on y est presque et on pourra dire ce que l'on veut (qu'il s'agit de comédienne ou que le show est peu explicite que ça pourrait etre mieux) Investir vos crédit dans cette carte n'est pas un gachis... 9.5/10 (pour la perfectibilité)
Eigendlich richtig gut,irgendwie fallen mir die 10 Punkte so schwer.
J'ai bien Ariel et Trisha et je trouve que ce show est le meilleur des deux. Sous vêtement différent très bien.
Diese Karte ist eine der besten Karten hier Ariel(Piper Fawn) und ihre heiße Gespielin Trisha. Gehen ab wie Schmitz Katze, Hammer Show sie bewegen sich hemmungslos wie verspielte Teenies.Diese Körper sind einfach geil diese Roten langen Haare von Ariel TOP und das Pussy Tattoo von Trisha ist geil da wirkt die Pussy gleich viel besser.Einfach Hammer Show, die Show läuft bei mir in endlos Schleife ich gebe 100 Punkte
This is one of the best cards, and you can tell they had a blast doing this. Unique and worthwhile.
2 girls very hot.... i like, 10
this is how a VG Duo should be. Some very hot clips and some very funny clips. I just laughed my ass off on clips 66XXX.(all behind taskbar clips) Both really have fun in these clips. Great entertainment. This show deserves a 10 and is highly recommended.
c'est le meilleur duo de Virtual on sent une complicité une gestuelle entre elles parfaite 10 cela je le mets rarement sur les duos
O My God!!! These 2 Together are HOT!!! I Could Watch Them In Action All Nite and Party With Them In Between Their Performances Hee Hee Good Job Ladies!!!
ariel and trisha give a very nice(funny)show sexy& every second of it
Now this is a show......Holy cow, clean up on isle 10. :-) So much energy great to see a duo working so well together this is the show to end all shows.....10/10 must have words cannot describe it
Chemistry.Thats the best word i can think of to describe this card. The two girls don't get very explicit with their sensitive parts, but they are SOOO focused on each other that you can't help but get caught up in the performance. Before you know it, you've lost yourself to them... you've lost your pants... and you need to go find some paper towels... :-)Both girls are beautiful, though i actually prefer Trisha with her dark hair and eyes. Both have great tits, Ariel's being so perfectly round...
HOT! 10 :) fantastic duo!
OMG! 10
They seemed to enjoy themselves more in this duo then their "Big Buddies" card, well worth a ticket or two: 10/10
How anyone could rate this unbelievably stunning duo any less than a 10 (and my rating is only as low as a 10 cos that's the restriction placed on my by the site) is way beyond me. They're both beautiful girls (Ariel slightly more so imo), have purely divine bodies, and they just have so much fun in this card - it's impossible not to love this card. The ONLY way this card could be improved is if it actually delivered these to beauties into my room to allow me to join in. Anyone at Totem listenin...
outstanding. they really seem to have fun. great show.
two very hot girls, including one of the most beautiful on the site.... nay, one of the most beautiful women in th whole world (Ariel).... and unlike all the other duos ive got, they actually seem to enjoy touching each other. perfect 10
ýòè äåâóøêè ïîêàçûâàþò âñå. àòî íàðîä êîíêðåòíî íå÷åãî íåïèøåò è íåïîéìåø ïîêà íåêóïèø. ÿ ñòàâëþ 10
This card gets a 10 just for the fun factor. They look like they are having a blast :)
What can I say. I just love Ariel! The girls look as though they are having a great time performing together. A fantastic show!
I would love to see all the extra footage from this show!!! these two girls are great together, not afraid to have a little fun. I'll be getting every one of their duos and singles
This show is excellent! They kiss, they play, they suck, they grind, and they spank. These girls looks contrast well enough that both offer enough to keep you interested. Simply exquisite.
Very sensual play. Ariel is my all-time favorite. Based on looks and attitude no-one is better. She is georgeous and is clearly having fun. Trisha is nice, but I don't like ink. These two definitely play well together. If you want hard-core lesbian action, look elsewhere. If you want highly erotic, very suggestive girl/girl play, this would be hard to beat. Worth the small price. 10/10 easily! One you definitely won't regret.
Ariel and Trisha are two of my favourite performers here and their solo shows are always fantastic, sensual, sexy and a turn on. ( Generally I rate them 9 or 10)Together they're still as gorgeous, and the outfits are great but the pure sex appeal of both is diluted, maybe because although they seem comfortable in each other's company, the show never really borders on erotic...think two slightly pissed (drunk!) girls messing about in their underwear...not saying if I was there I wouldn't be smili...
I don't think the desktop performances really rate 10, but the videos surely do.
just the best, they have fun and like girls... not like some of the other 'girl/girl' these two are hot hot hot
I have all of the duo's and this is not the best one !
easily the best card i have. a must have for every collection.
MMMM! These two are a delight. Ariel is just amazing and her friend Trisha is card worthy as well.
Buy it they are sssooooo FINE
BEST CARD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only seen one clip and it was the most animated scene i own. And that scene wasn't even explicit. I think only nudity. Can't wait to see the rest of the the clips.
most sexy duo ever!
wow these 2 are so fucking hot unbelievable thanx to the girls very sexy
Ariel & Trisha are very beautiful.
There very sexy good duo.They have alot of fun together.They do naughty stuffs.Enjoy.
Best Duo. Very fun and sexy.
Hot, and totally fun! These girls are terrific together.
The Chemistry is just so there & thats why they go Soooo good together. Trisha & Ariel are ''THE BEST'' tag-team on ''VGHD''.
fantastic. I cannot describe it better than cdrob1 - made my teeth sweat
Admittedly I bought this card because Ariel (my favorite girl) was in it. Wow! What a sight to see Ariel interact with another model! Trisha is also very hot and sexy! They both play off each other very well. Sometimes they are playful and silly and then there are times where they are very sexual and serious. Nice job girls! 10/10
2 beautifful and hot girl,they are just perfect.
Simply the best dou to date. All following dous should look to this as an example of how it's done. Would love to see either one of these 2 work with someone like Eufrat.....Damn, that could be HOTTTTTTT
Some of the dancing was as bad as in the movie Jack & Miri Make a Porno. But, luckily they didn't dance much. I love how much grinding and groping was going on. They looked like they were really into each other, and both woman are extremely hot. I gave it a 10, because the raw lust was more than enough to make up for a couple cheesy dance scenes.
Hottest Duo on here - I want MORE! The bonus vids are hot them you can see that the two girls are really into each other...this is no fake tease. 10 10 10
As duas vadias são maravilhosas!!! Se ver um cuzinho é bom, ver dois é muito melhor!!! Show 200% explicito!!! 20/10
These ladies are hot!!
Man these two are AMAZING! They touch, caress and have lots of fun. My fav clip would have to be of Ariel being bent over the side bar with Trisha giving it to her from behind. It is a must buy if you're looking for duos.
Oh my GOD!How can I rate this set higher than a 10? I've only watched two clips of it so far and I'm amazed. Ariel and Trish are having so much fun in this set, and it really comes across as genuine. Awesome, awesome set. Thanks, girls. You made my week.
these girls are great very expilit ariel touch trisha pussy and trisha touch ariel pussy next time I want ariel finger inside trisha pussy and Ilike lick each other pussy make me happy they are my favorite the best
This is the first show i have given a perfect 10 to. And they really do deserve it.
Ariel was SMOKIN' HOT all by herself! Now with her girlfriend Trisha I have a permanent hardon! Holy Shit! This show is hot! 30/10
This is a kickass show. You've got to be crazy if you don't like it.
Ariel has the micest tits on the sight. You can tell they're natural. The other girl has great curves. They look like they really like each other and get pretty explicit.
Ariel is great in all her cards, and love the duo. I like a trio with her, and love the new girl I will have to get her new card.
Amazing! These two are clearly happy with each other and obviously had fun making this show! Gorgeous girls, clearly having fun, and its something different: full marks. The best show on here, well done and thank you! More please!
Best that I have ever seenon this site. We need more Bisexual& lesbian girls which can get very sexual with one another.But with out a doubt thees two hotties have hit the mark so for. Ariel& Trisha are BIG MONEY makers for you ,and joy for the rest of us.
this has to be the best i have bought so far.with a wide range of clips it awesome.
For me is a 20!!! 20 in rate, so only 10...more duo like this, and add toys!!! Girls are asking for it!!!
Watching these lovely two girls having fun and performing at the same time was a memorable experience....GO GIRLS
this was amazing
This Duo is a hot variety! Moving, teasing (me;), joking, kissing and cuddling. All there. It's awesome watching them, I wish they would cuddle with me:P I spend Ariel & Trisha a cuddly 10.
Best duo yet.
Great show! Looks like they're almost in love with each other. Ariel is really kinky, and you can see she really enjoys kissing and caressing Trisha. 10/10!
this duo card is even better than carmen and cabiria! the best. what a duo should be. thanks to the ever perfect ariel for bringing us her hottie friend! hopefully trish will have her own cards soon, but i would prefer more duos.
Ariel & Trisha are absolutely fantastic a must get card. These girls are having so much fun & are into each other. This is the best Duo Card I have seen so far. I think this card should have been called "Lovers" as they have no problems with kissing, touching, even each others pussy's. Great work you girls, love to see some more of Trisha, she's beautiful.
These girls have fun...that`s clear!! More sets from these two wonderfull babes...10+++ ;o)
Muy muy bueno !!!! Van mis 10.
WHOA!! WoW!! Be sure to download the Bonus Videos. Lickety clit action! Too bad Bonus Vids are not HD.
Best yet!!!
Ariel and Trisha have lots of fun together. Bringing a smile on your face. Maybe a little too much fun sometimes, but it's a nice for a change, making the card stand out. The more sexy clips where they play with eachother are super. Some kissing, some licking, and sure to give you a turn on. Super card, and this large card is worth the tickets. Finally a duo-card worth watching.
Best! Ariel & Trisha very well!
one kickass show, most definately the best twosome yet. WELL DONE!
To be honest, I'm not really one of Ariel's biggest fans. This is because I didn't really have good experiences with red-haired ladies in my life so far and I don't like what they resemble. However, I found that Trisha (a lady who's new on VirtuaGirl) was a nice surprise - oh my God, how I love the butterfly tattoo she has got just above her pink rosette!!! ;-) In this performance Ariel and Trisha act like two cute and playful little kittens. There are nearly exclusively explicit scenes in this...
This show is unbelievable. It's the best of all the shows in Virtuagirl. A must buy.
this duo playfully -sexy and totally fun and erotic. With the right song in the background like Distrubia by Rhianna or soothing by the Pussycat Doll makes it a awesome show.A DEFINITE 1 AND A KEEPER
they work very well together please can we see more shows of them both!
Finaly a duo that interact with one another,these girls want to be together not like some of the other ones that are thrown together and said perform.This one is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot that my hard drive melted.more please totem team.10/10
That is what I call a "duo"! Very good iteraction between these lovely ladies. And excellent bonus photos too. Nice work.Totem - will you make 6 cards with these two? ;)Perfect 10 from me.
the most interactive duo yet, well done everybody involved!
I like the way they rub against each other. My fav duo show yet!
Wow, the girls really got into it. Way to go Totem! Nice to see some serious action.
2000/10. enough said.
Ariel & Trisha - let raining 10's! I just wonder or Trisha also would perform on solo cards because she's awsome sexy. Tonight i watch this show only at the strip club screensaver ;-)
Sono troppo sexy a 'calde'!!! GRAZIE TANTE, TOTEM!!!!!They are too sexy and very 'hot'!!! THANKS A LOT, TOTEM!!!!Elles sont trop sexy et tres chaud!!! MERCI BEAUCOUP, TOTEM!!!
When i seen a new duo i thought here we go again. Every one i have bought i have turned right around and deleted but this one. omg. First of all the outfits are hot hot hot. This is for sure the only one that will stay turned on. You can tell that they truly enjoy each other with sexual pleasure. This is the kind of show that i have been waiting to see. The only thing that would make it a super show is if they fingered each other. Other than that this is one hot show. It changes my mind about Ar...
Oh my f***ing god!
This is my new fav they are so hot together and WOW what more can i say this show is one the best by far. They are a great pair together they should team up and do more shows like this more often a 10 / out of 10 for sure
OMFG now this is hot duo, just bought the card and watch the first two shows. These are girls are really into each other. This is a must have card.
I've just bought this card,haven't downloaded it yet,certainly looks promising! 52 minutes of these 2 babes together!! I will report back.
One of the verybest of all cards!!
After much deliberation, I'm going to name this the best duo card on the site. Ariel and Trisha look like they're having so much fun and are completely hot while they do. For all the duos that complain about lack of interaction, this one makes up for it.
These two are so bubbly, sexy and surely enjoyed making this card.
I like girls individually
Two gorgeous girls, lovely interaction between them, to see them playing with each others pussies is good, would have given 10 if they had fingered each other, but 9 is pretty good too, enjoyable card.
Ive got to agree this is a good show two lovely girls in stockings trisha gets hotter the more i see her, and ariel,well what can you say!!!
i think its a pretty good card
I love both of them there outstanding, how ever in this duo I am jealous, & I don't like what I see, don't get me wrong I love there stripping I just don't like theme as a duo, yes they both have purely divine sexy bodies, however to truly in-joy them I must have them singly they look like two hot & sexy queers as a duo so I give it a 9 out of 10.
I don't have singles of these two, don't think I'll be getting them either, however they look like girlfriends for sure. They are ok individually but they are pretty hot together. The g/f thing is what is going for them. I give them a 9 for that alone.
what can I say but... WOW! Two beautiful women having fun the way only two can. Why aren't there more duo cards? or better yet, TRIO?
What can I say, what is it about Ariel. She is one of my fave on here, although not sure about Trish. Ariel has a fab body and is a good mover, and takes control of the show. I just love watching her - she seems to enjoy herself which I like
wow this one gets better everytime i watch it
Cute duo. If you want to see real lesbians instead check out the weightwatchers webpage...
this is the best duo i have yet seen. these two are not shy, and have fun with each other. trisha is among my favs on the site, and ariel is nice too (who doesn't admire red heads?); therefore, together trish n' ariel make a beautiful duo. i only give it a 9 because i believe duo shows can still get a lil' better.
Very nice!! Pretty creative duo moves. Would like more explicitness, though.
This has to be my favorite of the one that was included in the booster pack, super sexy, and they KNOW how to move and perform. Of all the duets I've seen, this has to be the Best of them all. A solid 9/10 from me.
this is my first set on vghd, and I'm please with the purchase, the fact that you can see touching, kissing, dancing and the pussy! yay yeah! Nice tits as well :D
Wow! I've got multiple duo's in my collection, and they all suck. So I wasn't sure if I had to buy this one. But Ariel & Trisha are the perfect duo! In this show the girls actually strip, kiss, touch and lick eachother!!! Very horny!If you like duo's, forget all the others! Just make sure you've got both cards of Ariel & Trisha!!!Score: 100 out of 10 :)
Wow Trisha is horrible. I mean Ariel carried the whole show, Trisha just copied everything Ariel did. I don't get how everyone is praising Trisha. She sucked throughout the whole show. Boo on Trisha. Ariel... keep up the good work.
Absolutely the best duo card I've seen!!! Keep cuming!!!!
Very hot girls and a hot show. Thankx Totem
I really like this show. The two girls seemed to have a lot of fun doing it, and were all the sexier because of it. The only criticism I have is that Trisha seems a little self-conscious at times in front of the camera. The obvious solution to this is to get her back again as soon and as frequently as possible!I recommend this card to everybody. If it isn't in your collection your collection is incomplete.
WOW, this is by far the best duo I have seen! very fun, playful, and explicit. I don't care too much for duo's, but I am warming up. WOW
This is a great duo show. What others are saying is true - they interact as if they're really enjoying what they're doing.
De bons passages explicites!!! Ariel est belle et charmante!!! Trisha n'est pas mon type donc je ne suis pas très objectif!!!
Ariel is so good but Trisha not that good. Anyway kind a funny show it makes you smile :D
Although this is the best duet I?ve seen, way is it that there is always one girl who looks as if they really don?t want to do this
Yes, the girls look like having a lot of fun, but not me........ I did not find this card so hot!
I couldn't resist downloading this card because of the positive comments about the fun they were having...I downloaded Ariel/sexyrodeo and Trisha/unrlygirl in the past and deleted them both soon thereafter so am pleasantly surprised that this duo card is as entertaining as it is. A tentative 8/10
Unfortunatly, I had to rate this show at an 8, because Trisha brings it down. Ariel is a trouper as always and she does her best, but trisha pulls away in some of the kiss scenes and is clearly not into it nearly as much. Trisha also tends to watch the camera too much, which is ok in a solo show but not in a duo. Ariel seems to carry a lot of this show, and supposedly (according to the intro)Trisha is Ariels girlfriend. you would think then that there would be more closeness and intimacy. this s...
Great Duet, possibly the best so far! Really enjoy the young ladies working together and love the stockings.
This was my very first card, so these girls will always have a soft spot in my heart. Other than that, I really think this will always be one of my favorites. There's some typical strip tease, some sensual dancing and kissing, some downright dirty action (nothing hardcore)and also a bit of silly goofiness that makes this a great card!
HUGE improvement from the first card these two made together. Trisha learned the ropes quickly. B+
Les deux sont mignonnes et bougent assez bien, quelques mouvement en duo bien provoquant mais ça manque de visibilité sur les parties intimes à mon goût, c'est dommage...
Some nice rear views. Don't dig the tatoo. Never will figure out how spreading puss lips turns people on.
This card was a little too playful for me. The girls are hot and this is very watchable, but not what I call sexy.
Ok it was better compared to some of the other duo shows here especially the amount of memory this takes up but I was a little disappointed. I was hoping to see something oral action. That is something missing from these duo shows. I am giving an 8/10 because it loses points for hot bag of hype.
Both girls are not my type. Their show isn't natural, they have no fun doïng it, just a job and they must fill in the time befotre they get payed. Often strange behaviour, that makes you think... what are they doïng? 6/10 and that's generous.
They both act very awkwardly toward each other. It is almost like they don't want to get too touchy-feely with each other, but are doing it solely for the act, and not very convinceingly. 6/10
WOW! incredibel hot;p they are doing a great job whit the interaction;) 10/10
its hard watching this show because its clear that Trisha does not like girls very much and it shows. I have some cards from both Ariel and Trisha and rated them 9-10, but I feel that if you are going to do a double shoot you should be willing to kiss, lick, and really touch each other with conviction, not pull away when the other is just trying to kiss you. I have no problem with Ariel and she tried her best to bring Trisha into it for example I loved the little dancing part. Very cute
Well, I don't know why this card is high rated but from me only a 5. I don't think it turns on much but rather looks like a comedy than a strip for me. I better keep my credits for real hot stuff like Jana Cova for example who knows about teasing a man and getting him really hot:)
those 2 barely kiss or touch eachother. they won't touch the pussy of the other girl. 0/10 it's more about solo than duo
Really hate the tattoo on Trisha. Without it, this show is a 9. Unfortunately though, the tattoo is there so I give the show a 5. Gross.
Not too impressed with it for being a girl-girl show, but it is better than their other show. They need to use their fingers and tongue on each other, that would make it interesting.
It's prolly the best duo card out there. But it's not a good card. The problem is, the very concept of the duo card, which dates back to the original VG duos, is this: The producers can't decide whether to make it a simulated sex act or a tease routine. So they kinda swerve around on both sides unpredictably and uncontrollably. One girl being the focus of attention? Not a problem. Two girls? They don't know what to do.Given the explicitness yet tastefulness of VG, it's understandably hard to sim...
a duo banal and insipid, both girls are clumsy. A duo to erase, at least for me
On peu dire que ces deux là font la paire. Sensuel, complice, et toujours souriantes. Que ce soit dans des striptease aguichant, ou drôle, elles savent y faire. Bravo les filles, give me more.
Très beau duo je viens de le télécharger il y a peut de temps, et je les trouve tout complices. 8/10 pour moi du faite que ariel mène la danse cela étant dit trisha c'est si prendre aussi à sa manière.
Show très original, il change des autres stripteases de la catégorie "duo", Ariel & Trisha sont belles, sexy et complices. Le mélange entre les scènes plutôt explicites (dommage que ça coupe un peu trop vite par moment) et les scènes humoristiques donnent un rendu excellent. 10/10 pour ma part Continuez comme ça les filles ;) vous êtes superbes :)
très bon duo, Ariel et Trisha sont complices, elles ont du plaisir à être ensemble elles s'amusent sur scène et sa se voit, il y a des hésitations parfois et ça donne un coté nature et plein de fraîcheur, elles se caressent ensemble le corps, les seins, les fesses, même si c'est Ariel qui mène la danse on sent que le courant passe très bien entre elles, elles s'embrassent sur la bouche, les seins s'allongent par terre l'une écarte le minou de l'autre et réciproquement que du plaisir, on ne s'enn...
Dos chicas impresionantes, bonitas y muy sensuales. Es una pena que no me entiendan, pero yo si que las entiendo a las dos. Un saludo y dos besos, GUAPAS
Geil im Quadrat die Mädels, die bringen den Saft zum kochen, absolut empfehlenswert, unter den Duos mein absoluter Favorit!!
aussi belle l'une que l'autre,sensuelles et naturelles en un mot magnifiques
le meilleur show de tout virtualgirl. que les autres filles en prennent exemples
Ein Paar, das sehr schön harmoniert. Beide Mädchen für sich ganz hübsch, aber nicht super, können aber super präsentieren und haben sichtlich Spaß bei der Show, die ist echt mitreißend, dafür denn doch 10/10
hallucinant!!! 10 bien sur pas d'autre note possible.
¡Tremendo duo! Lo mejor de VGHD
Ariel, rousse flamboyante. Trisha, brune sauvage. Enfin un duo digne de ce nom. Tout simplement fantastique ! Nos 2 amies aiment être ensembles et nous faire partager leurs jeux de la plus belle façon. On irait bien jouer avec elles. J'espère que ce n'est pas le seul show avec ces 2 bombes et pour les autres, inspirez-vous en. Merci Ariel, merci Trisha, vous êtes extraordinaires !!
moi j'aime bien elle mon fais bien rire,quelque fois.finalement c'est un show qui est sexy et drole
Dit bonjours aux 2 dames !!! Un ou des bisous !!!
De très jolie fille, un duo de charme Mais je suis déçus, je m'attendais a mieux !!!
un duo de charme qui ne laisse personne indifférent. 9/10
Je ne suis pas précisément fan des duos, mais je dois reconnaitre que celui là est réussi, on a une vraie complicité entre les filles et elles ont vraiment l'air d'aimer cela.
Wow, elles sont super cutes et la chimie entre elles est très bonne! Bravo les filles!
Es geht noch Heißer aber das hier ist mit das Beste ! Weiter so Der weg ist Richtig 9/10 Points
Très bon show. Elles sont super jolies, super, bonnes et bougent très bien. En plus elles se caressent et font autres choses avec "passion". J'adore ce show.
Ultra sexy, super explicite, très complices et bien marrantes aussi. J'aimerai bien être coincé entre ces deux filles Ca change un peu de les voir faire les abrutis ^^ Je me suis bien marré C'est vraiment un duo très chaud A avoir de tte urgence
un show avec deux belles plantes et quelques clips croustillants mais sans plus, les demoiselles font bien plus en solo, les scènes sont convenues et laissent un spectable agréable à regarder mais sans intérêt particulier.
tres beau show vous etes jolie
Ariel 10 ...sà quello che deve fare (she knows how to move) Trisha 7 ...non ha la stessa fantasia nel creare una duo (she's without imagination to move into a duo,not always copy Ariel)totale 8
Très jolies mais le show est un peu lourd ...
Dieses Duo ist leider nur "Durchschnitt". Die zwei Damen spielen nur etwas zusammen bzw. veralbern sich. Auch ist da keine Harmonie zu erkennen. Leidenschaft sieht anders aus. Schade. 5 Punkte
4.3 (2551 votes)

Red diamond

  • Shows: 35 clips
  • Duration: 41 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 317 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (101)

An other princess that I love!
Please give 1080p! :)
i don't think its possible for Ariel to let us down, she just keeps on dazzling me
The imagination is an eternal spring... . . . ... . . .
I must say that Ariel is Amazing she is lovely in every way, I really enjoy her shows 10 out of 10 for me.
Ariel's a beautiful, sexy woman, and in her film clips here, she does a great job of spreading her pussy wide for the camera. She pulls her lips apart not only when she's facing the camera with her legs apart, but also when she's sharing her delicious ass with us. Wonderful stuff.
Ariel always delivers. And what a delivery she brings! Great stuff!!
This is another stellar performance from the unstoppable Ariel. This card features a form-fitting dress that accentuates her beautiful, natural body. It doesn't last long, though, as this mistress of the striptease takes you on another sensual journey.Ariel is one of the most envelope-pushing sexpots on VirtuaGirl HD. Her performances on both VirtuaGirl and DeskBabes are unmatched and she is probably one of the most-collected girls on both sites. There's a definite reason for that and this card...
WHAOU je nes jamais vu une femme si belle incroyable é subliment je aimeré beaucoup de voir totre carte de elle su VG je lé prendré toute elle é tro bien mieu que incroyable
Ariel has been a favorite of mine even before VG. She has the most amazing green eyes that you never get to see on VG. I alss love the way she plays with her boobs. She shakes them the same way I would if I was there. Her prescence is that of a seasoned pro. She maintains great eye contact and knows hos to move seductively. As for explicit content Ariel is not shy. I have seen better but I don't have a problem with her level of explicitness either. This card had the potential of being a 10/10 bu...
As aways HOT!!!
Spendid natural girl and happy in her work .Nice spreading pics with cute anus on show excellent !
She's really too hot to handle!!!!!!!!!! I'm in lov with her!!!!!!!!
hell yeas, now THIS is what I like, Ariel, my favourite girl, and when she wraps her tits in her opants, oh yes, more please, and why can't you pleasure yourself like you do in one of the bonus videos??
super sexy,fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoa! you better love red for this card! Ariel's a beautifully fair-skinned, red-head already but she's wearing a red dress, red stockings and red shoes too!What's Hot: ~ Those beautiful breasts of hers! Always make me happy! :) ~ Nice rubbing of the "area", as usual!What's Not: ~ I prefer Ariel's hair down so you can really love the redness! ~ Ariel's moves are a little un-inspired on this card... I've seen her move better :(Even though I love Ariel, this one gets a 7 .
truely one of the most engaging girls on VG, perfect tits, beautiful face and oh my god, that little landing strip just seals the deal. ariel is an all around sexy preformer, mixing good moves with a great body and some good pussy spreading and touching!
Kudos to Ariel for getting down on all fours and showing off her nice natural titties as gravity intended them to be seen.
This first clip bears a striking similarity to "Morgaine - Lady in Red" and both of them had to compete for the early days of my VirtuaGirl addiction. I'm afraid Morgaine would win if I had to choose between them, but that's the beauty of this program: I don't. Ariel's enchanting and intriguingly odd figure was the first one that I found myself needing to take screenshots of, and she was high on my favorites list from the first week or two of my time with the program. Her eccentricities are part...
She is missing nothing: face, body, attitude, or outfit. The perfect consort. Marriage material if she would behave. Cutest shoes on VirtuaGirl. My first buy on here; and I've been shopping for years.
Best so far this girl oozes sensuality and sexuality, if I could give her n20 I would
To me the best so far. She's extremely sexy and funny to. she enjoys what she does and really comunicates to the odience. she's not focused on her self as many other girls who are always thinking about what they are going to do next. she thinks about you and wisely makes you see and not see. Moreover she is such a wide open girl that looking at her you might easily think to be fallen into her. Her moves are not exellent, but she can really tease. I warmly suggest this card: it's lot of fun. 10.
Ariel is firmly entrenched (which is not the only firm thing when her show comes on) in my top 5.She is just a tiny bit away from sheer perfection. When she jiggles those breasts I swear I can't stop the smile on my face.Beautiful, seductive, doesn't need to be explicit to win me over (although maybe it'd be nice), nice outfit, love the stockings...she could wear a bin bag and I'd spend two tokens on it.Only thing about this card is a couple of clips look grainy, especially when maximised. Still...
Ariel really puts the tease in striptease. With an ass that you'll always be asking for more of, you want to get all her shows.
I have been won over to making Ariel one of my top 5 favorites. Perfect body and a totally unihibited babe, a must have unless you prefer smaller breasts.
Loved the hairdo, loved the face, dress, body underneath it, movements. Loved especially the imagination she brought to her routines. HATED the stockings. If there's a woman on Earth who can wear them to advantage, she's probably a Plant-woman spy from Mars in disguise. Stockings that colour make good legs look stocky, thin legs look diseased, plump legs look gross. 10 because of everything else, but Miss Piperfawn, please burn them or give them to the most down-market bordello in Prague - or no...
I'm nearly Speechless. The clip of her bent over ass towards the screen spread. It quite possible the most amazing clip everyone on this site. (IMO)I give it a 10, My first (No fingering or this could have been a 20.
Incredibly sexy woman I like her moves a lot.
So damn hot! This girl is the most seductive and she's got a beautiful heart melting pussy! 10/10 hands down!So geil! Das Mädchen ist ja das geilsten und hat eine schöne herzerweichende Muschi! 10/10 zweifellos!
Ariel, as always, shows what the meaning of sexy is. A 10 all the way.
I just love this girl. Still no fingers in, but plenty of open views. Everytime she spreads it open, it just makes me think, now there is a home for my tongue. 10+ for sure.
I like this show , She shows the inner "PINK" and is a sexy doll baby ,other dancers should spread the love like Ariel does in this show !!
What a performance, real natural beauty! A must have, her body is fantastic and her sensuality is stunning. She turns me on!
She is quite the actress and got me laughing and hot at same time watching her.I knew there was something different about her.I did not know anything about her until I heard on her virtuagirl video check out her website.It is at arielsblog. Nice job with everything Ariel,here and your site.Artistic and sexy .. You are very good. Keep having fun. Anywhere to see more of you is a good thing for anyone.
shes great sexy lady good show
I now have seen two cards by this beauty and only have enough time to type WOW !!! 10 out of 10.
Ariel is a real diamond, so definitely deserves 10/10.
everything about her is amazing even down to the birthmark on the inside of her left thigh
Great Body, Very Sexy!
Ariel is so hot, I just wish she would come home with me!
To say she is my favorite is an understatement. I love this girl. Not as good as "fiery girl" but still a 10.
Hya Ariel hunni yet again u have outdune urself with another fantastic show. coolected all 3. Rumour has it ur leaving VHD hope ya dont and ya make more cards casue by god ur just perfect. The hottest women alive Keep up the good work princess. IF ya ever need help with ya next vid hit me up id love to work with u x0xx0x0x0x0
What can I say? I pride myself in being able to illustrate the human body. Ariel I used your body for the best representation of the female body. Anyone who's an artist can learn a lot from your perfectly made body... Perhaps a few other things too.
Ariel - First off all, you're very fotogenique and your face looks very nice if you are wearing the hair like on this card. As performer you're always worth a full 10, even as Red Diamond. If you have a lover, that must being a very happy person! ;-)
goodbye ariel, i'll miss you, if you ever become rich and famous, don't forget about your admiring fans at virtuagirl, this last show of yours was the best, way to finish off and say goodbye with a bang, come back if you ever change your mind ok?
i love ths girl 10+
I prefer her with her hair up, actually. It's the next best thing to my particular fetish for girls with short hair. Each to his/her own. This is Ariel's best card yet in my eyes.
evryone has a different opinion because evryone has different likes. this card IS slower, less energetic than her others but i think its supposed to be with her staid hairstyle here. i however love that secretary look. i love the shoe-less stockinged feet in this one the best. i'm into ass legs and feet so for me this is her best one so far and i have all three. because of her mark on her thigh i dont think she likes to show her bare legs-a pity, but she loves to show her ass in every way possib...
always glad to see ariel specialy new shows
First pick! Sans regret! Tout y est : du charme, de la grace, de la beauté et une petite pointe d'humour... :D
wow Ariel, her Show is not HD, and some ... ( 8 ), nice and clear, Face & Body, the are ok, not HD Cards like this are not my fav. she s top i just say 10 i love her Body, but bc of some ... ;-))) Totem make HD it better next time pls ...
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.This is another good look for Ariel. Very classy and elegant.Ariel's task-bar performance in this show was just as sexy and seductive as always and featured quite a bit of variety. She seemed a bit more subdued here though, and she wasn't so playful or fun.The pole clips featured a pretty good routine for a non-pole dancer and she used the pole quite well. Nothing really impressive though...
I love red heads. You look great in this red out fit. So I rate you 9.5 on this card.
hot dance smiles
Ariel adore faire du strip on dirait et cette tenue m'envoute et me dit d'y aller :) Que demander de plus... 9/10
Czech, Man I can't believe all these girls that come from Czech! Beautiful girls! Ariel looks like she enjoys what she is doing Love that red head.
Best one i own by far! At last a decent zoom on screen with real hot action (first one i saw on vg so far)! 10/10 and only because i can't rate 20/10
So sexy. Works her whole body well. If you teamed her up with Carmen Gemini I think I'd die from joy.
off her 3 avibel shows this is the onely one i gave a 9 and not a 10, she works well and all but that outfit and hairdo dosent fit so as said 9/10 (still recomended if your in to the outfit and hairdo)
A show worth one and probably two tickets. Good explicit scenes; no hiding of assets that plagues so many of the older VGHD shows. I must say I don't like the hair style in this show. I'd rather not have Ariel's hair in a bun. At least have a scene where she lets her hair down...
Ariel is a wonderful woman. I love her sexy female body. She's so hot.
Lovely hot classic body girl, without any doubt, but not her best card here for my tastes, not a good hairstyle, avarege card !!!
Fiery combination of red hair, fair skin, beautiful breasts and statuesque frame make for a much more than just pleasant viewing experience! Plus sexy stockings and a shoe removal don't hurt either ;)8/10
Ariel isn't my cup of tea but I can see what others with different tastes see in her . an 8/10 for the great performance .
i cannot fault her. she is great : good body, good face, nice pussy well open. it just missing un je ne sais quoi.....Solid 8
Sexy girl, very nice! I'd take her home with me.
Ariel, Ariel, Ariel... You have totally and utterly seduced me!I'm mesmerized. Every card you make, I'll buy!
The hair is not good...with that being said this is still a great show and Ariel is still hot!
She one of the most beautiful and sexy models in DB and VG wish to have her back with some new xxx shows
mmm un joli cul elle et tres sensuel ma joli Ariel un grand 10 :)
Ach ja, die Ariel. Wieder mal der absolute Hammer. Ariel hat`s einfach drauf. Ganz klar: 10von10!
Un 10/10 sans problème. Superbe femme, un strip d'enfer, des courbes magnifiques, une chatte avec laquelle elle joue et écarte et pas un peu ni qu'une fois. Le show le plus hot que j'ai vu. Fantastique.
Ouah , au secours , je meurs!!! Ce show est à déconseiller aux cardiaques!!! Ce diamant rouge est une vrai bombe et Ariel est incroyable!!! Sa tenue rouge accentue sa sensualité débordante... Regardez tout le show , et c'est comme dans un film!!! Ariel possède un corps splendide qu'elle fait bouger lascivement.. Elle a un visage d'ange , mais une croupe de démon :) Son cul est incroyable et elle le cambre tellement que son petit trésor nous fait un net appel du pied :) Quand à sa chatte , elle e...
la plus chaudasse surtout aime beaucoup jouer avec ses fesses et donne envie de jouer avec
Ariel est superbe (surement la plus sexyde toutes). Par contre une fois encore vous etes à coté niveau mensurations !Born: 25.6.1984 • Height: 168cm • Weight: 50kg • Hair: RED • Eyes: GREEN-BROWN • Bust: 75B • Measurements: 95-60-95 • Dress: S • Shoes: 38 (ce sont les données de son propre site) SVP mettez à jour.
Dakujem ti Ariel, za tvôje predstavenie, je super! Nie je co dodat, len to ze ceske holky krev a mliko!
Ariel aaahhh Ariel, ma VG preferée ... un superbe corp,une cambrure de malade... elle est sexy, elle bouge bien .. pour moi c'est de loin la mailleure .. surtout son strip ...
Tu es belle ariel et tes doigts glissant sur ta chatte et l'écartant pour nous laisser voir ton intimité ne peuvent pas laisser de marbre... tu es chaude comme la couleur de ta chevelure. 10 bien sur
Super süße geile Stute dieses Girl, beim Anblick ist ein Ständer garaniert!!! Volle Punktzahl 10
incroyable Ariel, quel show mes amis, plutôt diamant rose sur écrin blanc, mais quel savoir faire, ça vous fait tout chaud de la regarder, c'est brûlant et c'est à consumer sans modération, cette fille est une perle
Sans aucun doute le plus beau show du site ... Une fille exceptionnelle à tous points de vue 10/10
Ariel a un potentiel exceptionnel. Il ne faut pas la laisser végéter sur ce site, qui est, au demeurant, plein de qualités et de très bon goût. Il faut la pousser pour qu'elle se réalise vraiment et devienne la grande star qu'elle est d'ores et déjà à même d'être. J'incite vivement la direction du site à la mettre en avant. Elle est non seulement belle, sensuelle, divine et une grande Dame mais aussi un être humain hors normes. Bon vent à toi, Charmante, délicieuse, précieuse, intelligente et ra...
magnifique show, on bon dix! Si on pouvait j'aurais même mit plus, vivement la prochaine carte ^^
Eres la mujer mas sensual que he podido ver.
Vraiment sublime !! Un superbe show, une fille magnifique, je suis sous le charme a chaque fois et je ne m'en lasse jamais
Ariel ist der absolute Wahnsinn.Sie sprengt jede Bewertungsskala.
Je ne m'en lasse pas. Ariel est vraiment fantastique et ce rouge lui va à ravir. Toujours aussi explicite et sexy. Bravo !
toujours aussi sexy , toujours aussi mignonne ... j'adore :) Ariel on t'aime
Déjà Ariel est une trés belle femme sexy mais en plus comme les autres cartes c'est du show vraiment explicite! on ne se lasse pas de la voir se caresser avec son air complice..!10/10 évidemment
non delude MAI !!! 10 e lode !!!
Auch wenn ich kein Fan von Rothaarigen bin , gefällt mir diese Show!! Ariel sieht einfach super aus in dem Outfit!!Wirklich keine schlechte Karte!!
beautiful and incrédible , love you
tres sexy
Ariel sieht verboten gut aus! Die roten Haare zu dem recht hellem Körper, eine top Figur mit superschönen (natürlichen) Titten und eine glattrasierte Pussy mit einem kleinen rasierten Strich darüber. Und die 'very explicit shows' sind der Hammer! Ihr Blick und das Lächeln sind fantastisch. Ihr Outfit finde ich sehr gelungen, vor allem...weil sie weiss, dass man zu halterlosen Strümpfen keinen Slip trägt! Ihre Strips sind einfach nur G-E-I-L !!! Wer auf Rothaarige steht, sollte diese Show definit...
One card where I think she actually looks hot. Still not my favourite and a bit clumsy at times.
Dit bonjours a la dame !!! Un ou des bisous !!!
4.4 (3667 votes)

Private clinic

  • Shows: 32 clips
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 333 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (151)

??????? ??????? ^^ ??????? ??
I really love this girl
Has Ariel ever done any porn?
Yum, Yum! What A delicious girl, slim, with just the right curves and naughtiness written all over. I am not usually a big fan of redheads but Ariel really ticks the right sexy boxes. Her legs look gorgeous in those outrageously kinky boots and the rest of the costume is wantonly erotic without going overboard. Black and red do it for me every time. This is a 'must have' card to add to any collection. 11/10
Rate 10/10 Un modèle de sensualité et de mise en valeur de sa féminité sans restriction! Très explicite. Félicitations et merci pour le plaisir que tu nous offres, Ariel.
Redheads are my secret weakness, and Ariel is as fine as they come.
One of the hottest Chicks here!
a really, really hot chick!!
Sexy hot! I LOVE her tits! They're perfect.
Wirklich sehr an und aufregend.
I was really impressed with Ariel's routine. She had plenty of energy in her performance as well as showing plenty of her very hot body. This is probably one of my favorite performances by any VG.
Rattenscharf diese Frau und sie weiss esss!! Schade dass es noch kein Duftkino gibt.
The only bad thing about Ariel is,there are JUST!!!!! 11 cards from her,dawn. The nurse outfit is great love those boots,hot.She dances real good(watch her swing around that pole.If i could i would give her 100 points,no a 1000.
Ariel is one of the best performers i seen here in Virtua Girl she is very hot looking, knows how to get viewers startled and did i mention she looks delicious in this card. i give her a 10, love the looks
red hot performance! but virtua girl forgot to categorize her in the nurse section, which makes me sad :(
Red HOT!!!
Very sexy, very explicit show, Ariel is a pretty girl.
Very sexy outfit, extremely sexy girl.
This was my first Ariel card and I have to admit it took some time before I got into the performance (a "nurse" in black?) but after a while I found I was strangely drawn to it - now Ariel features among my most favourite performers; in fact I would go so far as to say that, across all her cards I have so far, she is very possibly the best all-rounder. From softly sentimental to more than slightly kinky Ariel delivers every time and I for one am going to get all her cards as quick as I can! Why...
Hot girl, great ass, nice pussy play, welcome pink shots.
sexy lady
Ariel simply oozes sexiness. I never thought any-body could override Jana Cova, but with Ariel's overall allure, it's a slam dunk with every card. Her moves from head to toe is a vision of erotica.
Gotta agree with everyone else - Ariel is a total knockout! Not just because of her fabulous body and because I adore redheads, but her performance is hot and happy as well. She really knows what she's doing and seems to be having fun. I know I am!Hot, hot, hot! This card is an instant favorite... I'm off now to download some more of her...
this girl is absolute my fabourite girl, love the ginger hair,,And her outfit just rocks,mayby a show in a latex outfit in the future!we´ll see!, sure i hope !!
God I want this woman, my absolute favourite virtual girl, so sensual, so provocative, knows how to strip and I bet knows how to please.
this woman is amazingly beautiful, and a master at the erotic arts. i love everything about her and would love to meet her in person. her red hair sets alight my passion and there appears to be no stopping it. More of her please!!!!
Do some research on her, guys. She's the hottest thing on the internet. I would give my left arm to see her live!
I love redheads, and to me Ariel is the hottest women on here.Shes very sexy with or with out clothes she looks like a piece of candy I can get addicted to, anyway this show is one of the best
Ariel is simply amazing. She has a killer body, and a gorgeous face. Her eyes look at you and say "Yeah, Im sexy. And?"And this card just multiplies her hotness tenfold. More of the wonderful Ariel please.
yep, I knew Ariel was going to be hot, so pleased I got this one.
As corny as it sounds I watch Ariel dance and think...'and then God created woman'. Although it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out my spirit is definitely somewhere else. Eve, Helen of Troy, or Joan of Arc must have had the same magnetic charisma of Ariel. This costume is her best by far with Ariel's skill as a dancer making it easy for her to pull off wearing thigh high boots... unlike some other videos. With eyes of a lioness and an amazing mane of long hair Ariel easily sways hers...
Damn she is hot. Fantastic body, fluid moves and longer dance sets make this an awesome card. Have to say she is in the top three on my list. I use her card as a benchmark for the rest. "Good job girl".
for me its the best card... oh red goddess keep on going
have to say this card is great and ariel is one of the best girls on here however I would like to add a request cause i dont know were else to put one would love see her in black mesh with a guitar rock chick style card
I do not understand why this card isn't first page!Ariel is as beautiful and seductive as always (top girl), the outfit's great and the show is simply heart-racingly good...if nurses looked like this then I'd be permanently camped out at A&E!If I had to choose only 5 cards forever, I I don't want to say it!Perfect 10, and would happily spend more than two tickets on this one!
ARIAL is by far the most talented vgirl on here must have more...... .........10........
This redhaired gal is a mustbuy for every well-sorted collection... Her tight, black high-heel boots, the black mini skirt and her alabaster-like skin are driving me crazy...
Ariel is hot,hot babe/in all collections
As always another great performance by Ariel.10/10 for the greatest vg.
This girl is GORGEOUS! She has lovely pale skin that her red hair and the black clothes look against. A really nice little mover, she certainly knows how to get a guy turned on!
In the words of Jim Carrey in the movie the Mask SMOOOOKIN
As always, Ariel gets a solid 10 here. the darker costume was kind of a departure for her here, but always moves hot, and not afraid to show or touch the goods, and easy to see her pink is getting moist when she opens it for you. she never fails to please, and worth adding to any real collection, with that alabaster skin and red hair that drives this chicks hot factor waaay up.
An enticing 10 on the pussy play scale for quantity, quality, and the fact that she gets very turned on. Add to that the great body, beautiful face, and long red hair and she gets a 10 overall. Then she smiles at you and your lost.
Definately the best. She is comfortable, good eye contact. When she touches herself it doesn't feel like its for show. Its like she is really enjoying it. She is just so real! She makes you feel comfortable touching yourself.
i have all of ariels card and am still looking for moreto appear. this gitl is the reason i keep coming back and is a solid 10 in my questions asked
First girl I got, and got me coming back for more of her
Ariel is amazing in this card. For me, she was perfect in this routine. I rate her a 9.9 and highly recommend this for everyone's collection.
Every positive comment previously written is 100% right. Let's be honest. Most of us here are pussy hounds. We like to see some touching, tasting and spreading. In this card Ariel does it all in spades. If you don't have this card you are trully missing out. Ariel is one of the best if not the best performer on VirtuaGirl. This women never dissapoints. Keep em coming Ariel!
She is truly magnificent. I've got nearly 400 virtuagirls and she is one of the top 3. A threesome with Sandra H or Jewel would be superb..
She was my first girl and so far 4 out of 5 of the cards I have. Absolutely stunning and some of the sexiest moves I've ever seen. 10/10 and keep those cards coming!
That's a SHOW!!! She should be a stripper teacher.
My rating: 9/10Dress/Appearence: Thigh-high boots, nurse outfit 10/10 Dance/Movement: good dancer, lots of slow, sensual movement 9/10 Explicitness: lots of pussy shots, spreading lips and ass cheeks 10/10 Body: Natural large breasts, thin, well defined legs, flat stomach 10/10 Enjoyment: she enjoys teasing and smiles throughout 9/10 Ariel is one of the finest natural beauties on VGHD. She knows how to tease and generally looks like she enjoys doing what she is doing. She has matured since her e...
Tits: Superb, natural, medium areolae, nice nipples Ass: Perfect Pussy: Shaved, plump, tight, a little inner lip showing Legs: Long, slender, perfect shape Face: Gorgeous, supermodel beauty, come hither eyes Body: Alabaster skin, sublime figure, just a bit tall Moves: Sensual, slow, a perfect tease, a pro Spread: Long lingering looks at both holes and crack Pussyplay: Carresses and stretches open, pussy & asscheeks Lewdness: 5/5 Tattoos: None Piercings: None Lunch@Y: Until my tongue was paralyze...
My absolute favorite VGHD girl! Love the red hair and her movements are hypnotizing. A 10 from me!
Shows just how very well red hair can work. Gorgeous skin, classic nipples, and a wonderfully uninhibited pole-dance.
Ariel, i don't what it is that makes you so captivating... You are a redhaired goddess.
she's very hot! if you possibly want more explicit stuff then she is also know
Her explicit shows are really explicit!
I'm a huge fan of Ariel, and have lots of photos of her. To see he in motion...well, it's a dream come true.
This is a 12 , Wow, its has it all
What can I say about redheads. They rule me. As for Ariel, all I have to say is bomb ass pussy!
Ariel is a 10 in every way, love her energy.
i love Ariel very hot
Ariel's natural beauty and great personality melted my notebook and my heart.
Ariel - always a full 10 point's from this one! While creating an Artwork for "Red Diamond" i did realize that (for me) this is the most beautifull Lady on this site; would fall in love to Ariel at first sight (wishfull thinking) ;-)
This baby is miracle. 10/10
I hope there's a lot more from where this came from.
Ms. Piperfawn (great name) has that very girl next door as porn queen look. Natural, normal, nice, body, with an elongated look enhanced by the longest, ballerina like neck on VGHD.Coupled with her fair skin she has an everyday type of beauty that is so compelling in it's apparent average, even approachable quality, that when she starts stripping the effect is so much, "I can't believe it! This honey babe I've oogled at all year is stripping for me!" That's what makes her so hot, she is as you'v...
I have a thing for red heads to start with but damn not only hot but she can move. dance 10, looks 10 sex apeal 10. blew away all expectations.
As a huge fan of hers since 4 years ago... shes the reason for me to be here in the 1st place. Sexy & smoking hot. Im really jealous of her hubby. 11/10 for her anytime. The very best in VGHD.
Ariel is a hot young redhead with perfectly luscious form, firm ample juicy ripe sweet melons with large pink areolas, flawless ivory skin, and fantastic shapely long legs and perfect ass(hole). Her sexy and seductive performance puts her in my top 10 maybe top 5. I love it when shes laying on the tool bar with legs spread wide, those drool inducing jiggly titties heaving and she slides her panties over cookie while invitingly licking her lips. No finger insertions but she does spread the pink f...
To date.....still my # 1. If her mind is as SWEET as her body then she makes me wish that I was 20 years younger. The only thing that I can see wrong with her is that she doesn't offer up.....MORE shows of herself. She is STILL as of this date set as my......FAVORITE. Like I said B4.....gonna take alot to unseat her. Makes me wish I was 20 years younger, at least in the physical sense......cuz ....mentallly.......I am all over her...... :)-
I've been a huge fan of Aerial for years and was thrilled to find her on this service. This is the best chance to see her amazing body ever. She has beautifully shaped breast with perfect, sexy silver dollar nipples. Her long legs lead to perfect, puffy pussy lips which she spreads for your viewing pleasure. Plus a hot, puckered, inviting asshole. Get her! A 10!
more more we whant more of her
Ariel is a wonderful woman. I love her sexy female body. She's so hot.
Maybe Ariel: is one of my favourite. Realy nice girl.
two words: Must have!
I would leave my wife for this chick damn she is so f*cking hot.
OMG she set my PC on fire! Need much much more!!!
love it, if she sit on top of your head, your tongue would slap your brains out
super!!!!! oooo!
totally engrossing, honestly thought for a second that if i looked away even for a second something bad might happen :ogreat eye contact, great transitions (anybody would think i'm judging dressage!) healthy servings of sass & naughtiness. even if you didn't like her you'd date her just to piss other dudes off... but who wouldn't like Ariel?3 guesses which rating i gave :p
just simply wow great show very sexy
second card available, second card bought! no disappointment no matter what your after; legs, ass, boobs, face, tease, explicit...its all here with ariel. absolute 10
A perfect redhead... sexy.
i realy love ariel she is the most pretty girl on vghd absoluut a 10
The most perfect breasts ever
This girl doesn't need presentations, she is so much famous, simply one of the best on this circuit. Hot readhead, fantastic stunning body. Not the best outfit here, but this card is alway reccomended !!!
Great outfit except for the pants. Not really my type,I prefer curvier girls bur love the skirt and how she uses it. One real negative is that the quality of the video is very poor and with blurring and pix-elation. Still a favorite
sympa cette clinic et les infirmiere sont vraiment trés trés charmante.
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.This is my favourite outfit for Ariel. She looks absolutely fantastic and particularly suits the high leather boots. Don't be fooled by the medical theme though. The only nod towards it is the little red cross on her top.On the task-bar the performance was seductive and sexy, but also playful, entertaining and fun with a great sense of viewer interaction.In the pole clips Ariel did a spri...
Ariel I did like you in this card. and in others card also. so I rate you a 9.5 to.
trop top Ariel mais c du partie pris, je l'adore, j'en veut une comme ça
Who cares if she is a real redhead or not? Some of you guys have ridiculous standards for realness (how many times must I read "those are fake boobs" - who cares!), even though ironically this is a virtual fantasy so any physical adjustment they do to themselves is a plus for you.Anyway, Ariel is amazing. She is a little skinnier than I like them but she knows how to perform. Great eye contact. Nice pole work and use of the prop. A good teaser. Explicit. 9/10
This goes along side her show fiery girl. Great outfit, and she is hot as hell my favorite card of hers
Red hot! must have! 9.99
I can't understand why Ariel is not on the front page. Her movements are just as fluid and sensual as any of the top contenders. Ariel is beautiful and erotic. This card is hot and you won't be disappointed viewing it.
I love her, what else needs to be said?
if you don't have this ticket then your missing out.
This girl is shockingly sexy. I am drawn into her clips every time they come on. I love the way she moves, the explicit nature of her clips and the outfit. This may end up being my favorite model/outfit of the site.
Gorgeous. A 9 / 10 at least.
I have to admit when I saw her card while browsing for girls I wasn't sure what to think at first. Sure she was pretty but it was difficult to tell that she had any boobs from the outfits I saw so I passed on buying her. Several days later I got her free with my subscription and I was blown away! I'm a boob man and even though you can't tell it by the photos, she's got some of the bigger tits in VGHD and they look real unlike some of the "volleyball tits" I've seen and yet they are still firm. S...
I'm easy. If I think it might be a 10, I just rate it a 10. This is Ariel's best one. I'm glad she is stratospheric to some viewers but I have my own favorites.
Very sexy move ** I just love redheads
I reckon Ariel is great she puts on the best show so far and i will now watch her second show because i reckon it will be a 10 too!Aerial is great!
Very HOTT!! Great body, wonderful big pastel nipples, Very nice meaty kitty, wish she would pet it though, or more. She shows us the goodies, but no action.
The Doctor’s personal assessment – Appearance 8 (nice body, touch serious); Outfit 8 (love sheer non-thong panties); Technique/Dance 9 ; Rhythm 8; X-Factor 8; Hardness 11 (dirty:); Final rating 8.66
Nice nurse but thats about it for me!
I like Ariel, like her show her dancing and she is definitely a pleasant looking girl. The only thing that bothers me when I watch her is she is so damn pale, looks like she could model in autopys room scenes in a CSI show. Wish she would tan a bit or put on some colour.
the only thing i didn't like was the red hair, 8/10 from me.
very nice show !! most certanly one of the girls who knows how 2 use there body in a sensual way
We all know she's a beautiful girl and can make any outfit look incredibly sexy. The problem I have with this card is that when you select the non nude clips, she's vivacious and flirty with lots of smiling and quirky little nuances that make her very likable. Something however really changes once she starts stripping. The light heartness, devil me care attitude goes away and she begins to look somewhat bored, like she's just going through the actions mostly to get it all over with and collect h...
Très belle, très sexe, on en voudrait tous les jours des infirmières comme çà, mais ce serait rude pour le coeur des malades.
Mir gefällt ihr Höschen nicht. Ein String würde besser passen! Es ist aber trotzdem eine sexy Show , die Ariel da präsentiert!! Das Outfit ist sehr sexy ( passt auch zu den roten Harren), es ist alles zu sehen , deshalb 10 Punkte!!!
quel programme,elle joue de nla culotte comme d'un stradivarius et malaxe ses seins telles de belles miches de pain....tout celà donne faim.Ariel est au sommet de son art dans ce programme
un seul mot sublime
WOW, diese Show hat`s in sich. Zwar finde ich das Outfit etwas gewagt, jedoch wünschte ich mir sie würde mir ihr knappen Mini ins Gesicht statt aus dem Bildschirm werfen. Diese Girl ist einfach heiß.
La vache , j'ai failli exploser mon pantalon! Ariel , je t'en supplie , arrête , je vais mourir! Ton show est unique comme à chaque fois. Je ne parle même pas de ta tenue sexy , de tes seins lourds que je veux caresser , de ta bouche qui va me gâter et de tes cheveux si beaux. Non , je parlerai uniquement de ton incroyable croupe que je rêve de prendre avec une fougue dont tu te rappellera longtemps:) Cette fois ci tu m'offre ouvertement ton anus dilaté,c'est dangereux Ariel:) Et ta belle grosse...
Superbe infirmière j aimerai bien qu`il aurait des infirmières comme elle avec cette tenue la au Québec :)
Le talent, ça ne s'apprend pas: on l'a ou on ne l'a pas. Et elle: elle l'a. En veux-tu? En voilà! Et on en redemande.
deja sans rien c'est chaud mais avec le fantasme de l'infirmiere sa donne envie de se casser jambe
Et toujours de Prague, décidément. Fille magnifique, la perfection!
Comme un ange descendu du ciel tu planes sur mes fantasmes. Tu es belle tu as un corps superbe tu es mon idéale feminin.
Ariel ton corps élancé et laiteux ne peut laisser indifférent.Tes doigts courent avec agilité sur ton corps même si on peut regretter qu'ils ne soient pas assez indiscrets. Tu bouges bien. je t'aime et te mets 10
J'adore ton minois, corps sublime, tu bouges comme une déesse ! en 2 mots, Ariel, je t'aime !
Quelle bombe sensuelle cette fille!elle est superbe,son show est d'une grande qualité! Sa tenue est trop bien et j'adore ses cuissardes! pour le physique! seins superbes 9/10 cul excellent9/10 visage d'ange 9/10 expression Glamour 8.9/10 tenue: gilet 7/10 jupe 6/10 cuissardes 9.5/10coiffure : 8.5/10 à recommander,on en a pour son argent!une vrai pro!
Es un verdadero placer poder admirar a esta chica todos los dias en mi PC. Le doy un 10
Ariel n'a rien à faire ici. Non pas que ce site soit vulgaire. Au contraire, il est de qualité. Mais Ariel est d'un niveau supérieur. Cela se voit, se lit dans ses yeux, dans son sourire,... C'est une fille géniale, douée d'un très fort potentiel et d'une personnalité riche et lumineuse. Ariel est unique. Elle doit être orientée vers le meilleur comme modèle et comme actrice. Elle appartient à la catégorie des grandes stars comme Mila Jovovitch, Ana Beatriz Barros, ...
Quand je regarde se show, j'ai envie de me faire hospitalisé pour être entre ses mains habille ^^
Lange Rede kurzer Sinn. Ariel ist TOP. Mehr braucht man nicht zu sagen. Ihre Explizit-Show ist wieder der Hammer.Meine Bewertung: 10 von 10 Punkten
Quelle rousse de feu ! les spectacles d'Ariel sont toujours incroyables : quelle fille, quelle classe, quel humour ! Personne ne peut résister à Ariel : avec c'est la giclée assurée... En Domina bottée, la rouquine me récupère à ses pieds...
Tout comme ses autres carte, elle est magnifique, mais j'ai un petit faible pour celle la, ne change pas dans t'es futur carte ^^, encore un petit dix
Eres la chica mas bonita y sensual que he podido ver. Un saludoJ+
Ariel sieht verboten gut aus! Die roten Haare zu dem recht hellem Körper, eine top Figur mit superschönen (natürlichen) Titten und eine glattrasierte Pussy mit einem kleinen rasierten Strich darüber. G-E-I-L !!! Und die 'very explicit shows' sind der Hammer! Ich kenne keine Show, bei dem Outfit und Aussehen so Perfekt zusammen passen. Ihre Lederstiefel, der Faltenminnirock, ihr durchsichtiger Slip, die geilen Titten... *sabber* Diese Performance, ihr Körper und das Outfit lassen einem das Messer...
Ein absolutes Prachtexemplar von einer Frau. Ihre natürlichen Rundungen und ihre sinnliche Ausstrahlung grenzt an perfektion. Sie ist eine der besten Newcommer bei VGHD. Sie zeigt Dinge in ihrer "very ex. show" die Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen. Sie ist einer meiner absoluten Favoriten. Her face is perfect. Prädikat w - e - r - t - v - o - l - l
Wie erwartet ist auch diese Show atemberaubend. Definitiv eine "Must have Show". Toller Körper, lockere Show wo auch Spass rüberkommt. Der Augenaufschlag mit dem lächeln ist der Hammer. Die explicit Shows suchen ihresgleichen. Ich hoffe auf noch mehr so geile Shows von Ariel.....sie wird bestimmt sehr beliebt....und gefragt !!!
Trés sympa ce show !!Ariel est une bombe.. mais je prefere le 1er :)
une rouquine diaboliquement sulfureuse qui vous emmene tout droit au paradis...!! j'aimerai avoir affaire à elle et à ses seins! deuxième carte comme la première 10/10
Ariel est vraiment une superbe fille. Son visage d'ange à la bouche pulpeuse me fait chavirer. Elle a des seins magnifiques, des fesses au galbe parfait et ces longues bottes rendent ses jambes encore plus désirables. Cette tenue noire lui va à la perfection. Un show à posséder de toute urgence. Extra !!
non delude mai !!!
1ere chose : scenes explicites : elle nous montre bien son minou en écartant ses lèvres vaginales avec ses doigts, et ca c'est pas mal comparé a une majorité de shows, elle a une attitude naturelleet a un côté... serveuse de bar, je sais pas pourquoi mais elle me fait penser a ca, elle est sexy sans rentrer dans les normes habituelles, j'avoue l'avoir très mal notée au début parce que je la trouvais banale, mais plus on la regarde plus son charme parait évident, bref, ce n'est pas ma preferée, m...
belle fille,ariel tres sexy,bon show.
bonjour, J'ai formaté mon DD et ne retrouve plus mes shows, si quelqu'un sait comment les récupérer je le (ou la)à l'avance je le remercie. Toujours à propos de Ariel, elle mesure 170cm et ses mensurations sont : 90/60/90 et non ce qu'il y a inscrit ci-dessus (sic).
Cette fille est vraiment magnifique et son show est superbe...
Pas mal
quelle belle chatte bien ecartée et beau petit anus,bravo Ariel!!!! dommage qu il y ait toujours ses grandes bottes moches!! 5
Never really liked her.
4.4 (5005 votes)

Fiery girl

  • Shows: 34 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 70
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 309 MB

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User comments (252)

Excellent. Ariel is in a different and equally sexy pose in the opening of every clip. This is one of her best cards and one of the better cards on site. The only thing that she's lacking is pole skills but it doesn't even matter. The pole clips are still good. She gets a 10.
wow she is so sexy on this card. Lover Ariel!!
Ariel is a doll, love this fiery girl !!!!!
Ariel is indeed, A FIERY GIRL!!!
Ariel will always be a 10 in my book. No matter the card
Das ist ja ein wildes Biest :=)
Assume she is and beautiful. Another fav of mine up top shelf. I's love to play with her all day.Gypsie
Ariel is simply one of the best there is. Very beautiful, very sexy, definitely knows how to move and entice. Hmmm...just a thought, I think Ariel would make a great Poison Ivy (Batman nemesis..). Anyone else see it?
most definitely the best card on VG! The way she moves is sexy. Love that perfect booty!
Absolutely Stunning!
Einfach zum anbeissen lol
Hallo sexy! Youre a very cute girl! Great Body! Very nice! 10/10
As they say in baseball... It's going, going, GONE!!! This one is out-a-here!!! Grand Slam!!! She has brought in more RBI's (RuBbIng) than every player in the history of the game!!! She gives new meaning to the phrase "Seventh Inning Stretch"!!! Sexy outfit, Great eyes, PERFECT BODY, 1000 characters is no where near enough!!! or in my case cumming, cumming, DONE!!! I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! :)
Ariel. 10/10 - I believe I have said more than enough
bu k?z mükemmel çok iyi bir sex abidesi
Nothing to say but get the card ;)
sexiest girl on this website by a mile. the way she looks at you is just amazing, a must have, shes amazing ;)
I melt for this girl, I like the way she moves her tits, when she is looking at the camera. Sassy, wild, nice ass, beautiful pussy narrow but rich ... and probably tasty. I am a dreamer, and a good customer, then I think, I can afford dreaming here... where, is not free ... Rating: 10/10.
She is so gorgeous!! I love her smile. Perfect body and pretty face - 11/10!
Ho No Ma'am,Ariel is not at all boring,she a true firebird & she has some hot moves.
Wow! Ariel is definately my favorite now. I actually found myself focusing on her face much of the time, because she has such a sexy smile, and "come hither" expressions. Ariel is simply stunning. Nice explicit shots as well. 10/10 for sure.
Ein rassiges Vollweib Diese Roten Haare machen mich verrückt sie hat einen absoluten Pracht Körper. Perfekte Titten einen echten Knackarsch und die Fotze ist zum verrückt werden. Es ist aber nicht nur der Körper der geil ist es auch ihre Show die so geil ist, sie lächelt viel sie spielt förmlich mit dem zuschauer also ich sehe mich sehr angemacht von ihr.Und sie zeigt gern was sie hat so muss es sein.Sie ist der HAMMER vielen dank VirtuaGirl
I love Ariel. she is the perfect woman.
waaw this redhead is HOT and SEXY !!! can't get enough of her
My favorite Redhead of all time is Justine Joli, BUT! if I had a second choice it would be Ariel. This is one hot series, If you like redheads download this one.
que mujer... 10
I love redheads,and I think this lady is so very pretty,and sexy
I would destroy her
Sexy sexy
this card i think is her best
????? ???????? ???????, ???? ??????:)))))))))) ????? ?? ???? ???, ??? ????????:))) super !!!
Selten aber hier fehlen mir fast die Worte - diese Frau muss man einfach mögen! Vor allem - eine der wenigen wo man wirklich alles sieht! Macht Lust auf mehr...einziger Wehrmutstropfen, sie hätte schwarz statt weiss nehmen sollen, aber das bringt die volle Punktzahl von 10 in keinster Weise in Gefahr. Ein voller Genuss auch ihre Fotos...
Ohhhhh what to saw about She this show is a must have. Nice looking boday great style. And that hair is just oh so nice. I could watch her all night long I hpe to get more of her shows soon.
Oh My Goodness! You just can't go wrong with ARIEL Piperfawn! That red hair...those pouty lips...that curvaceous, all-natural as hell!! Even the birthmark on the left thigh adds charm to this seductive, vivacious beauty. I tend to prefer women with darker hair & complexion, but ARIEL has defied the odds to become one of my all-time faves! Better install a couple of extra fans on your PC before running this one...this fiery girl is HOT and will definitely cause Meltdown!
I'm crazy about Ariel's Red Diamond, but I wanted this one to see her unique hair let down and in another good leg treatment. Ariel is the most comfortable and convincing in showing her charms to us. The many expressions that cross her pretty face speak volumes of joy in being herself and fearlessly showing everything like she wants you to have it.
Another one that completely blows me away.
Ariel is absolutly the hottest VG.Very attractive and Sensual 10 out of 10 in my book.
My absolute favorite card. Ariel has such a finely shaped face and such gorgeous eyes! I cant get enough of her. Unlike some of the other models, who seem haughty and vain, lovely Ariel seems to invite you in to play every time she fades onto the screen. This was my first card, but it most assuredly will not be my last of Ariel. A worthy purchase that will keep you engaged for ages of erotic goodness. A MUST BUY!
One of my more favorite cards, I love the outfit, and thy way she dances and such. A must have
I love watching those natural tits bounce and jiggle. Thee rest of the show is great too!
Ariel is a dream come true!
Ariel was my first card and I’m glad or I might not have grown to love this site. HOT GIRLS THAT STRIP ON YOUR COMPUTER! I LOVE IT! Of the few cards I have Ariel is the best!So if your trying you deicide which girl to start with ARIEL is your pick!Keep up the Awesome work! I turned on every time I use my computer. Checking my e-mail, myspace, studing for school, hasnt been as much fun as now!My wife even gets turned on and our bedroom life is HOT! THANKS
What can you say about Ariel? One of the best girls here!Perfect body, from feet to hair and those breasts...distracts me just to think of them jiggling around, and when she does...mmm!The outfit's great, need to find it for the GF (that'd be a hot night!) Nothing not to like at all. All of Ariel's shows work for me (and the pictures are awesome too)Have all the cards and want more, more, more!
Ariel is a MUST HAVE! Well worth the credits!
cant get myself to stop playin this one. Arieal is by far my favorite girl.
One of the greatest beauties, and one of the raunchiest shows. An example for all future girls to follow - as well as they can!
My no.1 VirtuaGirl. Totally HOT !!! Have her complete collection, all cards are 10/10 for me !!!
Lighting what lighting I guess I am such a horny so and so I don't notice the finer elements of the perfomance. Ariel always sends my hormones on a root march and this suceeded in doing the same.
all her cards are good but she is even better in person ha ha ha a close second best fuck to Lachelle Marie & Carly Parker ever found yourself smothered with tits
I love Ariel. I want her to have my children.
One of my favorite models on this site.I love the way she gets Nasty and rubs her pussy lips all over the pole.Would love to see more of her.Wish she would take off the stockings and get totally nude...12/10
Oh ariel i love you, will you marry me?
Ariel has become one of my favs, beautiful face, great lips and fantastic body. Nice moves and she is having fun too. She is an awesome one for your collection.
I have said it before and I will say it again, YUM!!! This girl is absolutly delicious!!! I do believe that I will have to laber her as my absolute favorite girl in the virtua girl universe. Yowza! A perfect 10!
WOW!!!She is the sexiest girl in the world. When i saw her from behind i almost fell from the chair. I give her 100 points.must have with her.
I can't understand why Ariel is not one of your customers favourites, she's goy a great body and is very keen to show it off. that long red hair just sets her off to perfection, she gets a top mark from me!
I was just looking at "Sexy Rodeo" and although I can't comment on that card , someone said something about Our Lady Ariel doing a bit as a Vampire. I thought the same thing when I looked at that card. She would be the perfect Succubus. There are 13 times as many Incubus (male demons) as there are Succubus (female demons)... the Incubus just give you bad dreams... the Succubus come into a males dreams and have sex with him. You might dream you wake up and go on with your life but it's just a dre...
I am a recovering regular, always quality. She scares me. I'm afraid she would propose after our first date and I wouldn't be able to say NO! Headed to Spain to mary. Car, Job, house. Sorry but at 48 shes better looking than Sophia Loren. This is my bachlor party. All class. This little girl?
As a friend of mine used to say "I'd crawl over an acre of broken glass just to stare at myself in a puddle of her piss." Definitely a 10. Gorgeous girl, succulent pussy.
yea she is the reason this is cool.i have about 32 girls and no other gets going like her.need more like her.
Killer outfit when it's on. So sexy it hurts.
GOD DAMN SHES PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! I love her lips. I wanna fuck both sets and glue her haunting eyes shut and suck those tits!!!!!!
so hot! so many smiles too, it really makes the show alot nicer! I love to look at Ariel and she is definitely in my top 5!
Indeed, Ariel is absolute perfection in every way ... gorgeous face, not body and very sexy!
This girl is without doubt the best .She really enjoys the routines and looks like shes having as good a time as we are watching her .More Ariel please
I don't giv out 10's often but, this girl desrves it. She always has eye contact and has fun with her routine. The best part is how often she rubs her pussy and spreads her perect pink pusy lips.
Ariel definitly has a nice set,of lips! Oh yes, for a Rhode Island Red, she is very attractive, sexy too!!
I Love her,can't get enough of her sweet and sexy body,I would marry her if she wanted
She is real cake on the plate. I must say 10! Every clip of her is an master peace of erotic performance. Thanks!!!
I love this girl! Ariel is the sexiest girl ever!
I downloaded Fiery Girl a couple of days ago. My lesbian daughter has seen it and now has a crush on Ariel. If for no other reason (though there are many)than that, a 10.
oh yeah! What a hot redhead... I second what drtacp said below! most definatly a card worth getting and I rate it a 10 as well!Well Done Ariel, keep 'em cummin! She did a Very nice job in her DUO as well, yet another card worth a purchase.
10 Yes definate 10
By far the most stunning woman on this site, maybe even in the world. I have yet to see anything about her cards that is disapointing. Plenty of spread pussy shots. The only thing that could make it hotter is a little scene of fingering herself. Still an easy 10/10. I love her. That naughty cocky smile, damn!
Love them Redheads!long legs and all
This was my first card and i am not disappointed.
I love her,pretty breast,pretty hip.
this is by far the most beautiful woman out there, she has sex appeal, body, gorgeous face and hair, I like this show the best of the 3, her hair is down and dressed extra sexy. Buy this NOW!!!
ariel is amazing, i love the way she plays with you , and that red hair is sexy
she is, very bangable. the red hair is freakin hot on her!
Ariel is definitely one of the hottest girls on this site, bar none.
WOW!!! I mean really, WOW, like "Wow, what a woman!" First of all, let me tell you a sad story from my life: There have been 7 red-headed girls who had influence on my life more or less, but what always was the same was that my experiences with them were rather bad. That being said, I'm not really a big fan of women who have red hair. But Ariel, who unbeatenly is the witch of VirtuGirl, changed the opinion I have on redheads. Not only that this is the most explicit show on here I have seen (I al...
She is the best I've seen by far.
HOT AND SEXY AS HELL! If on the off chance she ever reads this, Ariel you are a dream come true!
An extremely seductive performance. She is pure gold from head to toe. Not mention all those cute little gestures she does. It's really quite inviting just watching her go. She's pleasantly distracting whenever you're busy doing something else. Fuckin' 10/10, maybe the best card on the site.
the guy bellow this comment don't no what he is on bout.she is sexy everywhere. and has alot of clips that are very long
Absolutely amazing. Ariel is as gorgeous as they come. Love every second of this card. 10/10
Easy said: She rulez. This clip contains everything VirtuaGirlHD allows them to do and I bet she would do even more for us and I would pay 4 tickets for that :)
Ariel has got to be one of the hottest Virtuagirls ever! Stunning body and amazing moves.
weird to say but what i like moest about her is her fantastic read hair! she realy stands out from the bunch id say, good moves, nice outfit, love her smile 10/10
this cookie-play can easily make an heart-attack...she´s incredibly hot! 10/10
wow she is beautiful!
Damn she is so pretty and has the perfect body...could watch her all day long :D
Can't get enough of Ariel....Damn shes hot in every aspect
Ariel is one of the best in my colection, I love the way she moves & her body is great. She likes to play with her pussy, great tits. She gets a 10
Probably the hottest girl in the lot. Just joined recently and would really love to see more like her. 10/10.
omg this woman is hot as hell and no wonder it takes so long to download her she is just that good
WOW!!! what a performer sexy,teasing,hot well worth the tickets.10/10
Geeze I had no idea! I have pictures of Pipperfawn. I've been one of her fans long before I knew this site. Anyhow I started to browse, and I didn't recognize her at first. Took me about 10 seconds of staring into those eyes, and that cute little smile. Then I saw the name. I found myself comparing my old photos of her to this site. For the web masters of this site, you can thank Ariel for my membership. She's the one who outright sold me on this. Can't begin to express how cool it is having her...
WOW!!! I mean WOW!!!!!! Really puts the word "tease" in striptease.
Very successful mix of beauty and sexiness...10/10!
Ariel is by FAR the hottest girl of them all. Great contact and awesome body. 10 and 5 stars
Looks just like a stripper I used to date, but with much better breasts, 10!!!
I wondered what all the fuss was! Now I know.10++++++
Awesome body and very beautiful, I'd love to have the whole show in one, I might make her my favourite 12 out of 10, very yummy
Absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny. She is pure sex.
ariel is a perfet 10
Shes the reason for me to be a member. A huge fan of hers 4 years ago. Atleast 10/10 or if possible 11/10
Ariel is a wonderful woman. I love her sexy female body. She's so hot.
Ariel is a 10 for sure. She moves with great grace and seduction, while appearing to have fun. Very sexy and shows herself off in everyway. Ariels smile and lips are amazing. Perfect curves from the bust to the bottom. Great smile with nice perfect teeth, and my favorite is your deep green eyes with the rust red ring, keep up the beautiful display, lets see some silky dresses sometime, great show!
Wow Ariel crikey, when and if god made women he made u perfect hunni, very beutiful my dear most amazin figure face legs and all other parts ive seen. Love the hair and eyes 2 and kisable lips brilliant glad i joined VGHD (oh got ya webby saved too heeh might join that one day)
OOhhh Yeah... I've to agree with everyone here. Ariel is sooo hooottt... No wonder she is the number one girl of VGHD.. Great sexy dancing skill, playful attitude and she knows how to work the pole too.. I'd have given her more than 10/10. A great card to keep!!!
Ariel is a little bit special!
OH GOD, she had to be my first, and is my fav by far. I wish that it wasn't just make believe......cuzzzzz I would soooooo love to taste her. It's gonna take alot to unseat her from the top of my list.
Great show! 10/10
This girl reminds me so much of Jennifer Garner in Alias. In some episodes of that series Jennifer wears very sexy outfits. Ariel has similar facial expressions, so i take her as a good replacement for Sydney Bristow (Jennifers role name in Alias).
A perfect Red-head. 10/10
WOW love this girl!!!!
well... like others she also does the same but differently.... a true winner after all.. super sexy and knows how to shake it.
Thank you for putting up this incredibly beautiful redhead. Blondes are a dime a dozen (with a few exceptions), brunettes are a little more unique but still common. However, a gorgeous redhead is someone all together different. It is a natural beauty that stands alone with nothing or nobody that can compete. A woman like this could bring a man to his knees in a heartbeat. Great job guys (and girls)!
She is right good ;) She is sensual and hot, but the one thing I didn't like about her is the thing she allways does with her lips. Exept for that she is a perfect 10/10 !
wow, another redhead, i love red haired women ever sice i was a kid, and to top it all off she is nice and explcit,(reminds me of sharka a little bit) she's certainly a 10 in my book, definetly recommended, have both her shows and would love to see more more more!! :)
you may not be into the fake red hair thats seen better days, but otherwise there is no other woman on this site with more of the total complete package! the face, boobs, skin, explicit pussy, legs, feet, and heavenly ass. and man is she aware of all her charms. if you want to think of her in your fantasies as a nice girl,heh, DONT listen to the interview video! definitly watchthe other ones though. absolute 10. you must buy her!
Ariel is the girl. Her body is so completely amazing that it makes the teasing aspect of her performances come naturally...or perhaps vice-versa. Anyway, Ariel has become my new favorite.
Ok, this woman is so hot that it should be illegal.
Holy cow!!I don't normally go for redheds but Ariel's body wins me over. I hope to see more of her :)
Perfect! we have a winner here! Ariel is sexy, flirtatious and has a body to kill for. Her nice breasts are a pleasure to look at. This girl knows how to captivate a man with her looks, her dance and her very sexy smile. Her explicit shows are very good, and the little decent clips keep you interested too. The make up is fantastic. I rate this a 10, and should rate almost all my other cards I rated 10 to a nine. This card is top notch, maybe the best presented by Totem so far.
Up there with best of of these girls; but I run 2 cards at the same time,so I'm waiting for another card from her. Nevertheless 10/10.
perfection... to me this girl is a goddess!!
Ariel my GOD! you still are the hottest women I have ever laid my eyes on. I am so happy to see her here! Ladies and gents, if you like this girl as much as I do, check out her website As a former member, I PROMISE you, you will not be disappointed! she will own my heart forever!
O Ariel, wie bist Du schön! Deine weiße Haut wirkt besonders zart, wie bei Rothaarigen es ist. O Ariel, how did you beautiful! Your skin white especially tender, such as redheads. Dein Gesicht ist ausdrucksvoll, nicht so starr wie bei manchen anderen Girls. Your face is expressive, not so rigid as in some other Girls. Du bist der beste Erfolg für Totem. You are the best success for Totem. Ich liebe Dich! I love you!
I would rate her 11 if I could !!!
Awsome Show, Only one problem.....I need more of her...Beautiful red heads are a Must..I cant get enough of them..PLEASE add more of her.
Wooow I never Thought This Could Happen To Me. Guess What! She Make MY WORLD ROCK!!! 10 instant. Ariel and Morgane I can Say The Greatest Model In VirtuaGHD Love this Site!!
Another hot Virtuagirl girl. Gotta love her sexy moves, fair skin and all natural C cups. Nice addition to my already large collection.
10 my ass! try 20! maybe 30! This is my future ex-wife I tell you!
Really exciting. Worth 2 tickets. Sensual, different. 10 points.
Recommended. Ariel is a 10. Her moves aren't energizing, if you get my drift, but she is a level 10 girl for sure.
This girl is perfect. 10.
Gabriella Lupin, Gabriela, Gabriela Lupin, Faith Lightspeed, Ariel Laine, and Piper Fawn. She Has been one of my favorite models for years
love her she is so hot love to see more of her
great show very cheaky lady love to see more of her. the only thing not natural about this girl is that red hair
Fabulous card. Very hot and decently explicit young lady. Nice moves.
The girl is PERFECT. Now she just needs to do just a bit more.
Nice body but it must be her hair that catches the attention... Talk about a hothead-
Lately the quality of shows have been through the roof. I was wondering how it could get any better. Good news it can. Hottest girl on the site. Can't wait for more shows. 10/10 she's incredible.
Aye caramba! If Ariel were any hotter I think the computer mmight burst into flames. An instant 10
wow Ariel, her Show is not HD, and some ... ( 8 ), nice and clear, Face & Body, the are ok, not HD Cards like this are not my fav. she s top i just say 10 i love her Body, but bc of some ... ;-))) Totem make HD it better next time pls ...
This girl no needs comment, just look at her, she is fantastic, you can't miss her cards, super reccomendeed !!!
I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.It looks like Ariel has accessorized the standard VG pinstripe outfit for this card and made it a great deal sexier. It certainly looks great on her.Ariel is one of the great personalities of VG, and her performance on the task-bar here is amongst the very best. Interactive, playful and fun, but also exceptionally sexy and seductive. Ariel is quite possibly the most unusual and inventive...
semplicemente meravigliosa
Quelle belle rousse flamboyante, nature et sexy à souhait. Explicite comme elle se doit. Elle est superbe !
Super chouette comme nana On aimerait être son petit copain!
She is a SOLID 9 nasty!! Dude, this is hot.
Hello Fiery Ariel,You're one of the female on Virtual Girtl that assumes to make us exited and we can see you smile doing it: so we don't feel guilty watching you making us "animals": GO ON BABY ! We like it: You move pretty good and you know what what we like ! I wish you Happyness ! and success.Thank you for wanting to be a good performer: I am having a very good time with your streap tease and your smiles: you look to be a generous and funny personn !!!Alain
SWEEEET! Ariel is awesome. All of her shows have a very playful feel to them, like she's really having fun. A 9 hands, knees, ass down.
She does have the ability to seduce you while you watch.
Pretty girl, killer body. Wish she was my little mermaid.
She is prettymuch everything i look for in a girl.
Check her out under the name Arielle here... By the way I give her card 9... Really SSSSSSSSSSEXY!!!
I love red heads,so it was a no brainer that I wanted to download this hottie!She is very very hot and fun to watch!Ariel will make any part of you rise!
This is a fantastic show from a fantastic looking woman. She looks good and pleased to be performing a 9.7 from me.
This card is truly a must have. her energy and sweet looks me smile every time she comes on my screen.Very tasty stuff )...
Very hot with her dancing. Her interactions are great. Love how she waves before sinking away and waves at you when she pops up on the screen.
She's experienced, and provides a nice dance while striping. If you love redheads, you need to get her.
wowthosmovessuperImust have the best collection immy harem lol
yeaaahhh...this girl represents the true meaning of sexy, provocative and hot of course!!! my fav...she really knows to dance and strip
OMG...This girl is hot, hot, HOT and it isn't just the red hair. The outfit is proper sexy, she has a beautiful, curvy, natural looking body and she moves wonderfully.10 all the way.
At first when I saw this girl I was like, "Probably just another girl who is over rated." But I was wrong, very wrong. Ariel is truly a breath of fresh air. I haven't seen a red haired VirtuaGirl yet and I'm beginning to say, "Why the heck not!". Ariel knows what she's doing and she teases like a real woman should. Her hair, body, eyes, and everything is a perfect match. She definitely goes down as one of the best VirtuaGirls ever for me. Come to think of it, she's not a VirtualGirl, she's a Vir...
Very nice show. I like the fact she's a redhead. I think her ass is a bit too small... still very erotic. 9/10
All of the other sites that feature Ariel/Piper Fawn/Faith Lightspeed demonstrate that they are well aware she has the sexiest feet on the Web. C'mon, Totem, let's get those shoes off!Apart from that, no major complaints about this card. Some other models put more energy into their dances and/or get more explicit in the close-up clips. But, Ariel is a dream girl--I'm crazy for her creamy skin!9/10, subtracting a point for the footwear.
Not as good as I had Hoped for but still a good show.
Ariel, you perform like Bambi. Just to shy to took of the clothes? But you are sweet as a candy :)
Wonderfull girl, but is she 19 or 24? Nevermind, I don't care!
Wonderful head of Fiery hot red hair, but carpet doesn't match unfortunately. Great moves, great body, beautiful face, full lips, shows everything, and good eye contact, seems to really focus on viewers and enjoy teasing us, but if she were more explicit, if she played with herself, she could be my favorite, like Marie.
Simply fabulous! A scorching hot red head with a body to die for and moves to match!
I really like this card except she puckers her lips up about 50% of the time. But all in all still sexy
Sexy redhead babe, nice body and sexy ass, she looks good.
Arial has a great body. nice shaved pussy and perfectly round tits. I love her pale skin and soft, flowing red hair.Her moves are real sexy, and she has decent explicit material.The one thing that throws me off in this show is her face. She keeps making this face where she puckers her lips... it totally makes her look like a fish... maybe she thinks she really is a mermaid... i don't know...8
Ariel is very nice to look at and she moves well. I really wish Totem would get some natural redheads on this site, but Ariel is the best substitute you can get for now. I'll give her an 8/10, probably would be 9/10 if she had natural red.
Very , very nice,,,mmmmmm looks tasty
Fake Ginger, but really I don't care. Her body is sick. The show keeps you glued
If this girl is 30/26/33, I'm 20 inches. Great job on the card. realy bad dye job on the red hair, but I will forgive her. Love watching her. Very beautiful lady.
veeery nice redhead !
10/10 my god
mmm love a redhead. Gave her an 8 for being so hot. Gotta leave room at the top for some more explicit action
super hot!!! but whats with her lips i gave it an 8/10
WOW! where do i start! She is Soooo HOTT! i love watching her card. In her little see through panties and sexy red hair. She is one of my favorites, i love her round little ass and big chest. 10/10
Not one of her best shows imo. Like the red hair, didn't she have a birthmark on her leg?
She looks very nice but the lighting is bad for most of the clips and she looks overly pale. I thought it was just my monitor but when I got a new one and re-enabled her the same problem exits. The other cards do not have this. Still a nice card though.
I liked one of her shows so got this one, she was better in last a shame really I know she can do better Outfit was distracting (neckless) and pick is not her color. She also lost the eye contact and explicitness she had in other. Can not give higheer than a 7 and that is a shame
She is not so beautiful to stay in the top of popularity, however her show is very explicit (because of that she is very popular in this site). I loved her pussy, but not her face.
I do not see what others do. Deleting.
I paid for the full show for Ariel/Fiery girl. And she won't take her close off. I like Ariel but why pay for a full show ,and you don't get it. I've had nothing but problems with this program. good by!!!!
Bien jolie rousse aux seins excitants !
Im Gegensatz zu " Red Diamond " hat sie hier langes Haar,was ihr viel besser steht! Das Outfit ist super , die Show sexy , daher gebe ich 10 Punkte!
Ariel c'est toujours très bien, elle est belle, sexy, très enthousiasmante, une des meilleures.
un 10 pour toi Ariel toujour aussi sexy
Super Frau, super Outfit! Ariel ist bis jetzt meine absolute Favoritin. Da passt einfach alles!!! Mehr von ihr! Der Ausdruck ihrer Augen alleine macht mich ziemlich nervös, von dem Rest ganz zu schweigen!!!
Was soll man(n) sagen, sie siht klasse aus und hat's einfach drauf! 10/10
Ariel kanns einfach bei der aussehen. 10 von 10
le 10 est + que merité
Génial !
la tentation pure 10/10
Meine absolute Favoritin!! Sie brauchte keine zwei Sekunden, um von mir zu bekommen, was sie will! Gesicht, Körper, Brüste, Po, die Art, sich selbst zu verwöhnen und das zu genießen, vor allem aber der bezaubernde Gesichtsausdruck, mit dem sie mich an ihrem Glück teilhaben lässt - Wenn irgend eine Karte 10 von 10 Punkten verdient, dann sie!!
Ariel restera ma preferée .. j'ai toutes ses cartes et offerte.. j'adore son petit " ticket de metro " epouuuuuuuuuses moi ariel ^^
Pelirroja delgadita, buen cuerpo. Pechos bonitos aunque algo pequeños para mi gusto (7/10), culo bonito aunque la piel la tiene demasiado blanca (8/10), lo otro xD casi perfecto (9/10). Otra de mis preferidas
Ariel je t'aime j'adore tes shows de plus une rouquine si belle si explicite j'en reve espère que tu sois une véritable j'en suis tout retourné J'adore les femmes rouquines a mon gout il y en n'a pas assez sur cette planète la note 11 n'existe pas sinon je te l'a donnerais
Fille très jolie. Son show est très sexy, sa tenue aussi et son corps également. Elle bouge très bien et n'hésite pas à se caresser. Je lui mets 10/10 car elle est magnifique.
j'arrive plus à trouver mes mots !! totalement ensorcelé par la performance d'Ariel une déesse 100/10 !!!!
Ariel ,je t adore,je t aime !!!!si belle ,si sensuelle ,si coquine,si douée .........................
Sans aucune hésitation, tu es la plus belle , la plus canon et sexy du site ! je t'adore ma gabbie ! kiss
Ariel a vraiment un corps extraordinairement langoureux. quel plaisir de voir ses doigts glisser sur sa peau laiteuse le long de son ventre puis remonter s'humecter à ses lèvres avant de redescendre jusqu'à ses autres lèvres... Comment rester impassible devant un tel érotisme. Bravo Ariel
il n'y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent jamais d'avis, il suffisait de sélectionner "jouer les stripteases" dans les options de virtuagirls pour ne visualiser que les strips qui pour Ariel sont grandioses, donc ne pas tenir compte de mon commentaire précédent qui faisait de moi un pur raleur, et maintenant un inconditionnel d'Ariel
Eine absolut gelungene Show. Es passt alles sehr schön zusammen. Die helle Haut und das rotgefärbte Haar geben einen guten Kontrast. Man(n) bekommt wieder sehr viel von Ariel zu sehen. Die Explizit-Show ist auch als so eine anzusehen.Meine Bewertung: 10 von 10 Punkten
magnifique show, sûrement l'une des plus belle fille du site, je ne me lasse pas de la voir se déhanché, jadore ^^!!
ARIEL tu est superbe un des plus beau n° de strip ouah rien a redire
L'une des plus belle fille du site..... Comme je les aime
Cette fille est adorable et exquise.
Rattenscharfes Girl Heißer Strip Ich gebe 10 von 10 Punkte
Heiss Heisser Ariel !!! Was für eine scharfe Show....und was für ein süsses lächeln..... 15 von 10.... Da freut man sich auf mehr!!!
Ariel est une rouquine avec sa peau très blanche. Cela change un peu des autres femmes. De plus , elle est très sensuelle et elle le montre. De jolis seins bien blancs.
Oulalala chaud !! trés chaud !!! On en redemande !!! Vive Ariel :)
superbe rousse! attention au torticolis si tu continue comme ça. a la prochaine. j aimerai bien en voir plus.
la plus chaude de toutes
Simplement Divine, vite une autre carte!
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
superbe rousse et super show...!!! miam!! à déguster sans modération c'est la carte qu'il faut absolument avoir dans sa collection!
Cette rousse flamboyante est super canon. Une bouche pulpeuse à souhait, de jolis seins bien dessinés, des fesses superbes, un petit minou très désirable et de belles cuisses où il doit faire bon s'y glisser. J'espère que vous avez la suite en réserve. Encore bravo à Ariel pour ce show très "chaud" !
Une déesse rousse, à ne pas manquer. 10
fantastic !! very good show !!!
das Girl ist sooo scharf, was für ein geiles Luder und ihr Strip ist erste Sahne. Ich gebe ihr 10 Points!
ariel est certainement une des plus belles filles de virtualgirl 9/10 car certaines cartes sont encore mieux
great card , kiss nice girl super ariel comme tjr mais c pas ma préféré ,carte a avoir dans sa collect
une petite coquine rouquine qui sais ce qu'elle veux.
Recht hübsches Mädchen, ihr Busen leidet für meinen Geschmack ein bisschen zuviel an Schwerkraft. das kann Ariel aber schön präsentieren. Ihre Show und Ihr rotes Haar sind super!! also 9/10
Trop bien, Ariel est le meilleur model que j'ai vu jusqu'a present. Elle sourie, coquine, superbe visage à faire tomber et le reste aussi. Une carte que vous ne regretterez pas. J'aime aussi la sensualite de Sandra H mais elle est moins explicite que Ariel et Chems qui vient de Corse !!
bien faite la rouquine sexy son chow
Vraiment une très belle femme avec tous les atous pour plaire à un homme. J'aurais aimé qu'elle carresse un peu plus intimement sa petite chate, mais cela n'enlève rien à son charme. L'expression du visage de cette femme vaut vraiment le détour. Carte à acheter sans réserve. Merci pour cette belle carte :-)
Rien à dire de la pure bombe
Tout est parfait : tenue sexy, fille canon et super coquine, corps divin, et un show hot, super sensuel.
je n'aime pas trop sa poitrine et ses fesses mais elle bouge bien , se caresse , beau show . 8/10
beau brin de fille,show exellent j'attend les prochains!
Ariel sieht verboten gut aus! Die roten Haare zu dem recht hellem Körper, eine top Figur mit superschönen (natürlichen) Titten und eine glattrasierte Pussy mit einem kleinen rasierten Strich darüber. G-E-I-L !!! Und die 'very explicit shows' sind der Hammer! Ihr Blick und das Lächeln sind fantastisch. Ihr Outfit finde ich leider nur durchschnittlich, aber diese Frau würde sogar in einem Kartoffelsack erotisch und geil aussehen! Wer auf Rothaarige steht, sollte diese Show definitiv kaufen. (Wertu...

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