Aria Giovanni

  • City: Los Angeles
  • Country: United states
  • Age: 31 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 132 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 26" / 34"

Halloween has always been a source of sexual passion. Getting Aria Giovanni, the world's most famous nude model, was not easy - but we knew that after seeing so many pretty girls dressed up as Vampires and Nurses for Halloween you would be excited by this special Trick Or Treat performance from Virtua Girl HD!

Number of shows: 3

Aria Giovanni's shows

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Vampire killer

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 91
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 275 MB

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User comments (236)

Aria is one of my all time favorite girls. Every clip on every card is marvelous.
A goddess I tell you! A goddess walks among us and her name is Aria!
Aria is the Goddess of VG, iStripper and anything else she graces.
This woman practically invented provocative dancing!
I've just discovered this treasure from the past and I have to say WOW, yummie, yummie. Aria Giovanni "Vampire Killer" is one helluva show. Big, natural curves combined with breathtaking lingerie and completed with this awesome black leather coat. I LOVE that coat!!! Sure, this woman's certainly not a dancer but she knows how to entertain me, that'sfor sure! Beautiful clit and labia and a little bush on top...great! Oh, I almost forgot: A little "shoe note": She never shows bare feet t in this c...
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As one of my oldest of cards, this is the best card i have ever had. I lOVE girls with big butts and she is no exception... No Offense to my wife but if i could i'd ask Aria To marry me on the spot....12/10 hands down.
When will the new show, I want other maps (((???
Great body and very sexy.
Aria is the only reason I came here to VirtuaGirl. I have been a fan of hers since her adult magazine debut in early 2K. She has a perfect smokin' hot body. She knows exactly how to tease and move. I would love to thank the good people at VituaGirl for having her here.
Aria is so close to perfect in my opinion. She has a gorgeous body ( I like voluptuous, curvy women ), to use an old unfashionable word she is buxom! Topped off with a beautiful face and eyes that shout " f**k me". I have seen her on other websites looking just as amazing. To my mind one of the best models around, I now have all her cards and would recommend them to anyone with a similar taste in sexy, curvy girls. Aria is one hot babe, she makes me horny every time!!
Aria Giovanni is by far my favorite! Perfect voluptuous body - big titties, great ass, beautiful pussy lips and love the pussy hair - just wish she had more! I hope she does more - she is my dream!!
Sophia Loren, Gina Lollabrigida, Monica Bellucci and Aria Giovanni. Ave Italia! Aria reminds me of the days when women were accurately described as voluptuous. Magnificent! I hope there will be more from Aria in the future.
Aria's boobs sure make my day! Amazing body!
Ms. Thick Big Body strikes again watch out vampires,
Aria is a Bombshell !!!!!!!
The more I watch Aria, the more infatuated I am with her. She is incredibly sexy, and she really strikes me as a woman who is very comfortable with her body...mind you, I imagine I could be very comfortable snuggling into her body. Aria is really growing on me!!!
Aria is supersexy!!!!!
Aria is outstanding in the Vampire killer, super sexy as always She works them big tits and nipples for a great show to enjoy. With at sweet ass to enjoy and pussy with a little fur to play with it makes for one hot show to enjoy. I do hope Aria will come back soon to do more cards for us. She is always a big 10++++ for all to enjoyThis card is a 10+++++
Una hembra preciosa, voluptuosa y muy recomendable. Gracias.Salu2.
Aria has it all and plenty of it !!!!!
Very Beautiful...Thanks.
Mein kompliment an Aria Giovanni,du bist wundervoll,deine Arbeit finde ich supper.Ich liebe deinen Auftritt auf meinem Desktop.
Unlike the rest of you I had no idea who Aria was when I joined VG. her Hallloween card was my first and the reason I am a VG member so this review comes with a hint of bias because she captivated, mezmorized, and vexed me from the start.Cons: For those looking to get to the good stuff right away, Aria take her time getting there. There are no clips where she is in the coat and nothing else. She is not that explicit (Light rubbing once or twice).Pros: Of all the performers, including Melisa, thi...
how was Aria ever passed up for the part of BloodRayne.That role was meant for her in my eyes .the most lovely seductress in the world .Please make more of these type of cards?
aria, tu es superbe avec tes gros seins naturels, ta chatte poilue juste ce qu'il faut pour caresser
ARIA tu est superbe,je t'adorre ne change rien gros bisous
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
Aria has the whole package, a most have card for all who appreciate beauty.
This has to be one of my all-time favorite cards, for sure. Aria Giovanni is an absolute beauty, and she's proof that you don't need to be a size 0 to be sexy. She's got a gorgeous face, a hot body, and she seems to know (and like) what she's doing. I'm in love.
Aria a juste les plus beaux seins du monde ...
Very, Very Hott
Aria is pure woman and how I envy her gorgeous curves!
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OMG! Perfection has been achieved
Yumm, Voluptuous as a real woman should be...
By far the Loveliest, softest, sweetest and healthiest lady V-Girl has to offer. She is truly a dream girl and exactly the perfect image of the woman I hope to team up with. Good Luck Beautiful. Kisses from Walt
What can we say say about Aria? All has been said and still we talk about her, love her or hate her we can't stop thinking about her. To all who cannot stop for all the wrong reasons, leave now, delete her cards, you are not worthy. For us who can appreciate her for all that she is, rejoice!! She is one of the most facially beautiful girls, no doubt. She has absoluteley stunning raven hair, long and flowing. She has the breasts of a stone goddess, firm and large and forever pointed to heavens fr...
Quelle femme ! Superbe ! Ahouuuuuuuuu !
il n existe pas mieux comme fille superbe corp 10/10
as always aria is as sexy as hell, we should see more cards from her.
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By far her best outfit, (I love all three) Aria is not much of a dancer really but it's Aria so that's ok. Not explicit but she has nothing to prove and it shows. Stunningly beautiful woman with very sexy moves, with a face and body to die for. For those that say she's "fat" they just have no idea. Yes, she's thick, but in all the right ways and all of the right places. She'd probably rate a lot higher if she got a little more down and dirty like some of the other beauties from VG, but she doesn...
She could put a stake through my heart any day.
Absolutly agree, the best woman on VG for interpreting a Vampire Killer is Aria. CAUTION: Show Xtremly hot.
Ein super heißes Girl. Da hat man was zum festhalten. Karamba mir kocht der Blut!
Tolle Rubensfrau, da hat Mann doch auch was zum anfassen. Könnte ich immer wieder bewundern.
If you was wondering what sexy was, you weren't after you saw Aria.
She looks sooooo good now that she put some meat on herself, If you want a sexy thick chick with big tities and a perfect badunkadunk, this ones for you :)She`s very explicit and sexy as always and I like this outfit the best 10 outta 10
Aria is a beautiful, full-figured star. How can one not love her? Love the trench coat.
Another great card by a hot dancer. I love her full soft figure. A real woman!
Das ist ziemlich viel Frau ! Rubens hätte seine Freude.
by far her sexiest card i've seen of her not the sexiest outfit but sexiest on vg
At last my type of woman. Thick, sexy, and drop dead gorgeous. She won me over with them big pretty legs.
Aria tu es super j'adore ton show,tout est naturelle chez toi...magnifique tu es mon style de femme que j'aime.....
love her big ey.. eh breasts.she is amazing
Damn!!! I gotta give my chicana props, very sexy! Beautiful!!!
She is really beatyful, and very sexy great body
great show! wish she would do more shows :)
Grta show sexy woman. she is the type of cuddly tedybear i would love to stip down and sunggle with all night long
A sexy MILF.
Just with her presence she magically fills your desktop. She is so gorgeous that you could smell her intense aphrodisiac sexual scent of luscious female in heat enticing you. She knows all the moves to seduce you. 10*10
I am familiar with her younger photo work - some sitting on the hard drive of another computer somewhere here, collected over a decade ago. Yes, she has changed, but I have too, and I must admit that she looks like the woman I want to return to bed and snuggle up to after a middle of the night trip to the washroom. She has aged into comfortable, snuggly, and still at ease and aware of how she is sexy. I enjoy how she is working her eroticism.
what a hunni x gorgeouse women & when all dressed up she's the best looking gif wrapped present iv had xx
In a media dominated world that promotes unsightly, unhealthy, wafer thin skeletons, I say thank God for real women like Aria. She is perfect from head to toe. PLEASE VGHD, more Aria and more models like her. And, where's Stacy (Katarina Hovorkova)???
I am still waiting for her next show - this one is 10/10. For me is the one of best model with amazing body.
Aria has such amazing tits,I wish that I was sucking on them right now!!!!!
She's Aria Giovanni..enough said!
The prufect looking WOMAN !!!
This is the best aria card, period. Nothing fancy just a gorgous woman in a trench coat with sexy undies underneath. And how she works it!
Extra meat = extra love. Great card.
I don't have many tings to say on Aria Giovanni, she's my favourite, she's simply the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!
To my mind Aria Giovanni is one of the most beautiful women who has ever walked the face of the Earth and is my favourite vghd girl by a considerable margin. Yes her build is a little more mature than it used to be, but it simply serves to make her fantastic curvy body even sexier.Of her three cards this one is my favourite, and as such is my all-time favourite card on vghd.Simply the best of the best. The only way I can see this one being beaten is if Aria returns to do more shows.
Aria Giovanni, is the best angelic face and certainly # 1 figure sexual girl of all I've ever seen ..., she is truly the World most sexual figure and also the most famous nude model. I just love her, how lucky is the man who can be loved by her!!
A very sexy lady with a voluptuos figure and a sensually delightful almost angelic smile. A visual treat each time she struts onto the screen
I really love Aria, she's got sweetest face and smile, and she always manage to turn me on like not many can. I love the coat, but she doesn't have it on often, the rest of the outfit doesn't seem to advantage her much. I'm not disappointed, but maybe I should have went with sex service, perhaps next time as I'm sure I'll eventually want another Aria.I was also reading the last comment of the guy that would give his life for a night with her (understandable lol). Anyway, the other day, at a sex...
I only joined this siteto add Aria to my computer. Her smile is delicious and her body "real" and "sexy". there is no poin in fantasizing about most of the other girls they might as well be characters on Star Trek. Aria gives you the human touch, and that touch is spinningly lovely. They gave her a stuipid outfit, but dont worry as it doesn't stay on very long.
I totally LOVE her! She is amazing!! My favorite Virtua Girl!!!!!
Most women put on weight as they get older. If they all packed it on as well as Aria there would be a lot less divorce in the world. Keep up the good work honey. You are a still just as HOT as ever only now there is more of you to love.
Yihaaaaa....What a woman!!!!!!!!! You make me smile! some more cards for me! I give you a 10 because only a real woman turns me on without acting explicit and that's fun Didn't know she's a famous model....good...have to cath up Give your mother a kiss from me :-)
Thick is thick and Aria has that and a bag o chips.
One of my favorite cards she is the curviest woman on her and she just oozes sexuality those eyes really lock onto you. I can't believe the comments I've seen on her Halloween card never got around to buying that one but they are really mean spirited. I wonder if all this negative feedback about her weight kept her from making anymore cards. All those people who say they want skinny women need to get over themselves cause I'm sure every guy watching these do not have a six pack. Hope she makes m...
DAMN!!! I Think I hurt myself. ARIA, you get a definite 10! You are one hot mama!
I have to say my taste runs different, then most who posted here, as I really like the sticks with boobs type, that is all over VGHD. That said Aria Giovanni is one smoking hot women, who left me wanting more & more. I would love to see more of her, and many like her!
Anyone not turned on by her is gay. (unless of course you're a woman). She's perfect.
ARIA is an all natural MILF she stirs my loins,would love to get hands on.she gets my vote! 10
I love this woman! It's refreshing to see a woman with curves rather than the sticks with boobs that seem to dominate VirtuaGirl. More curvy women, please.
SEX ON LEGS !!!! pure and simple... the horniest woman on here, the curves all men want and all women should aspire to, sticks break curves go on forever...only down side.. only 3 cards!!! I for one want more, Aria you are BEAUTIFUL....
How can anyone not like this woman???? She is most definately not fat, this is what real women look like!!!!!!!!!! I wish there were more like her skinny women are ten a penny on here. Aria if you ever read these comments, please, please, PLEASE do some more videos for VirtuaGirl!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fantastic, Aria is the queen. Great body with amazing breast's
As always, Aria continues to rock my world. Beautiful Italian-American woman, all natural body, sweet moves, great outfit.You simply cannot go wrong with her. Have loved her since her Penthouse debut. Ignore all the whiners, she is not fat, they simply do not know what fat is(they should see the girls I have to be around all the time). Oh well, can't please everyone. She's always great, all her cards and everything else she has done is a must have.
Aria Giovanni was the primary reason I first got VGHD and became a customer! Amazing NATURAL curves, soft and sensual, and a face so beautiful that time stops when you look at her. If Aria does any more shows, I am GUARANTEED to buy them immediately!
Out of all the girls here, she is my favorite. Nicest ass and sexy lingerie. I dont like all the skinny girls in this site. But I love Aria's beautiful ass and legs, her curvy body, her great bossoms, and her gorgous face. Stocking are GREAT! I sometimes have wet dreams of her! I wish she did a private dance for me!
Aria Giovanni has curves, beautiful face and body. The sort of women I want to take home. Unlike the other models that are just a bag of bones.
I really like a full bodied woman and I could make her dance on the end of my tongue. Oral sex is something that brings a woman up to the speed of her man.
Who can't be in love with Aria Giovanni. She is quite simply the most beautiful woman in the world!
One of my favorite. She is a real sex symbol. Gorgeous tits, and awesome ass. :)
she is how a women should look like
Van Helsing step aside, there's a new sheriff in town. Aria will kill you and vampires with her body and routine. She is slightly bigger than most of these girls, but her expressions, outfit, and moves and grooves are her weapons. Aria is definitely a 10+
Aria is the perfect size woman :)) we need more like her here !
Aria is natural beauty at it's best! Her sultry stares and oh so lovely curves. The outfit is also top-notch - stockings and garters augment Aria's body nicely. I can't think of another model that can so successfully embody the sexy Halloween vixen. I have been an Aria fan for a number of years - is it me or does Aria just keep getting sexier?
Wow! Move over Buffy, there's a new slayer in town! This girl is hot! Pleasantly thick and busty! A nice change from some of the waay too skinny girls. Very nice!
This is my absolutly favourite girl,perfect then,The girl of my Dreams;-)
I'm definately in love with her.
I am with Huggies244. I'm in love with this woman. When I downlodad VGHD I promised myself that I wouldn't spend money on any model, but when I saw Aria, I could not help but pull my credit card out. She is just about perfect. In my opinion, anyone who thinks she is fat, is out of their mind.Super HOT
If All woman was built like her.....this planet would be over populated by now!
this show was in every way a boner inducing thrill-ride of epic proportions that left me sweaty and quivering with "appreciation",but always in the back of my mind I was forced to wonder what exactly the show has to do with vampires? I mean she doesn't have so much as a toothpick let alone a wooden stake or even some garlic(which I suppose while yummy and good for keeping the undead at bay would not be very sexy)or even holywater anyway just curious is all. Great show though! very sexy.
wow a 10 plus you are the best. you are my dream chick...WOW!!!
Very sexy 10 all the way
I still get charged up when Aria. Still a 10 to me.
A REAL woman in every sense. Please more cards Aria
Another excellent show card. VGHd should be release a card every week of Aria!!
I have all her cards and this one is excelent very hot and sexy love the outfit
Aria has the best ass on VGHD I would love to see more asses like hers. her ass dose it for me every time i never get tired of seeing it.
Aria is a childhood wet dream!
WOW!! Amazing curves. Totally luscious. 10++++
Aria Giovinai is the prefect woman, she is beautiful, and owns the most awesome body, and the greatest ass.she is my number 1 babe.
Aria is the best. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women she is very smart and such a nice person. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a convention once. Even more beautiful in person.
What a girl sorry lady it's nice to see a WOMAN on this site with a bit of meat on her and natural too boot.So go girl give it large and big up the older WOMEN.10/10
Aria Giovanni has been an XXX star, BDSM and erotic model and is overall one of my favorite women in the adult industry. She was fantastic when she started, and she's fantastic now. Sure, she's got a couple extra pounds on her, but I like looking at women, not skeletons.
This lady is drop dead gorgeous, lovely full figure with great curves. Great that she wears stockings.
Yes yes yes my wish came true, yet another one added to the collection love her in stockings hi heels she's the best keep them comming Aria!!!
Perfect beyond all description. Probably the hottest woman I've ever seen.
she always has a great attitude ..everywhere I've seen photos or videos of her .. she is a true godess..I would walk across a mile of broken glass just to be with her ! LOL
It's my favorite woman. She is perfect.
Aria Giovanni - bouena sera signorita, comes'ta? ;-) An italian girlfriend did ask me to download this card and i'm happy with it! You're a gorgious Lady, how you stroke the pale by doing a TableDance is phenomenal; 10 point's! Ciao bella :-) xoxox
Damn good card Highly Recommend it. She is so hottt!!! YA!
Ah, Aria, the beautiful, the voluptuous, the sexy, the eminently fuckable Queen of the strippers, you are worthy of all worship! The most remarkably stimulating woman - delicious.
she is so sexy! the best girl on vghd! 10/10
The most beautiful girl in the world coupled with the best card out of the three make this a winner for me. Highly recommended.
Let me just say that Aria Giovanni is the reason to stay and or join Virtuagirlhd. I know there are a lot of men out there who may not like a full figured woman, but out of over four hundred cards there are only three cards of this sexy full voluptuous woman who makes sexy full and voluptuous women like me put down the carrots and tofu and enjoy our beautiful bodies. My body may not be quite as perfectly curved and sculpted as hers and that makes it all the more enjoyable and sexy to watch her t...
i love her oufit and shes so hot
Oh my God, Sweet as always. Im big fan of her since I Started to use eMule and now Im here. Shes just perfect. I bow befor you Aria.Kises
woooow!! The Queen Aria Giovanni...I Love this woman, Tks TOTEM 10/10 ;). Please..remake the Vg2 sets. Aria is good reason 4 stay here. RGDS
oh i highly agree with the other guys she is the hotest girl on here byfar bring more of her on please
My girl has done it again..flawless in every way..the pure vision of beauty and sexiness...She's the best VG by far and I can't wait to see more of her..Thank guys for making my day!!!!!
Once again Aria shows us what a woman is suposed to look like beautiful breasts,hips,ass and legs i have all of her cards and i give them all a 10 as long as she puts out cards i will have them all i recomend her to anybody who loves a perfectly full figured woman! Thank You Aria Keep Up The Awesome Work!
The main attraction is the curvy body. Don't expect a very entertaining show, but a hot woman with big breasts and amazing large butt.
Thick and juicy.
From Playmate to Pet, all mags to pornstar. Aria was and still is a very desirable woman. The fuller figure suits her and sets me ablaze. I didn't know what to expect when I 1st got this card. I was going to delete it because it didn't have what I was looking for at the time. I kept it and gave her another chance. Glad I did. After looking at her entire performance, I saw how sensual it really was. There's never a perfect program. That's why I never give 10's. Alot of times it's just something I...
je la kiff grave kiss trop mimi !!!!!!!!!
Yes ARIA has a very nice body. Pretty at the same time. All that I like in a women BIG BOOBS that goes with those legs. 9/10 for me.
I have always loved Aria in movies and pictorials. She has the body of a goddess but I have to say this could have been better performed overall. She gets a 10 for looks but about a 7.5 for overall performance.
For my fellow Aria fans... It seems she has lost a little weight in the two years since she filmed her VG performances. Check her out in a recent issue of Monkey Magazine:
what nice fine thick ass, love the style to she is easily a 10/10
Aria Giovanni, une belle femme plantureuse, nous donne ici un show de qualité. Elle porte une ample veste de cuir noir qui accentue et met en valeur ses dessous rouges. Son adorable visage, qu'un sourire séduisant éclaire, est encadré par une belle et longue chevelure soyeuse. Elle joue avec talents avec seins lourds de promesses, même quand elle les libère de ses soutiens gorges d'un rouge passion. Quand elle quitte sa culotte, d'un même rouge, elle a des mouvements suggestif et évocateurs qui...
This is the definitive Aria Giovanni card. Her full figure is wonderfully accentuated by this outfit, while "Halloween" binds and misshapes it. Having long been in lust with Aria from pictures on old websites, I was deeply impressed to find her here, and disappointed with that show, which made her seem bulky and awkward; this one redeemed her by letting her show off her sultry glories to great effect.
Now this is a REAL woman. Not one of those girls that would snap in two if ou blew on her. Aria is a very very sexy woman. She always has been. I hope to see more from this beauty.
This woman's body is like a playground so many options, luv her!
Not my favourite but for sure 2nd one of her shows. Sex Service is the best one :)
I agree with you bigmacaroni Aria is SUPER fine curves and all I would like to see more of her on this site.
Something different and good. 100 times better than most of the bones I have on my collection
Aria is beautiful, but the card was a little disappointing becuause it was not very explicit. I still enjoyed her performance, but it is the weakest out of my set of 5 cards. You have to be a fan of hers to feel it is worth it. I'd give her a 7 if compared to other girls I have.
... Beautiful....
oh yes, she is so hot and sexy. but as I said in her Halloween show, she is not a dancer, but she is a good porn star. she has the looks, but she also seems to feel she doesn't have to give her performance here her all, as she does in her films. she seems to be relying on her porn rep to carry her here. these moves are identical to her witch routine, and I expected more from her as a fan of her films. I give her a 9 based on body only, but she should learn from Marta and actually come up with a...
This babe has got a nice body...l
OMFG I am so glad I bought this one. Usually I am greedy and will only pay for models that are one ticket, but this one I would have without hesitation have payed two for. I love woman like these, the ones that aren't fat there just big, also she nice and big elseware
This is a beautiful woman with curves, big natural breasts, a nice trimmed pussy, mooning you, almost perfect. Not only these girlish bodies (anyway I don't diss them, I like most of these girls, too;) but a full-bodied woman. Ouch! I agree with *rockyhun*, the comment from *Kuonrad* (and other guys here, how do you define 'fat'? And *Lowjoe*, no burgers needed not to be as skinny as a rake) reminds me of someone who did not see ever real women. Calling Aria fat means offending her gorgeous body...
whereas I still think she is too heavy for my taste, she gives a good performance here, so rated her a 9 for touching.
She has it going on, I'm so glade that she has some hair below,that to me is the way a woman should look like, just wish she had a little more of it or it was a little longer...i would buy more ladies, but there is a lot with no hair,a lot of them looks so very,very,nice but they don't have any hair, however i love the ones that do..
Very nice card. I like that woman, she's hot. Hope to see more of her soon.
J'aime bien Aria! J'aime ce qu'elle fait! Lingerie rouge très très sexy!
Of her short three appearances on VirtuaGirl, this is by far Aria Giovanni's best card. The clips are of generally longer length than her other cards have been and her attitude, appeal, and look are all great here - classic Aria as opposed to her witch card, which was a total flop.She is a little thick for my tastes now, but her physical beauty is still awesome. She's definitely one of the most beautiful women to ever hit the adult entertainment industry.This is a good card and well worth having...
I got this card because It was strongly recommended by others. This girl is exactly my taste and thought she looked amazing. Having said that, I thought her overall performance wasn't fun at all. I don't understand how some people are so critical of other girls but seemed to overlook this one. I guess to each his own.
Aria is beautiful. I've seen her thinner than she is in this card, but she's still very sexy. I'm glad I downloaded it.
J'étais content d'avoir enfin une carte d'elle, elle a effectivement un physique impressionnant et très excitant, le show par contre reste en dessous, costume pas suffisamment exploité notamment, reste une impression d'ensemble satisfaisante mais peut mieux faire.
Fine thighs! The Aria is matchless!
She isn't as good as Adriana M - Red fire but she is still worth the buy.
Fantastic figure and the outfit looks really good on her. Just needs to improve her moves a little, goes from pose to pose like a stills model rather than flowing through a routine. But a well satisfactory 8+.
Very sexy show. Love her curvy body and nice tits. Great show :)
I agree with waspbloke. It all came across as a series of poses, not a dance. I would give her a 6 for performance, but an 8+ for looks. Just needs to lose a little of that bulge over the waist. Overall a high 7
She is still a very beautiful girl and has great tits. But her ass is now huge and not very becoming! I can not believe anyone can say that it is nice? It is terribly fat and ruins such an attractive woman!
I wanted her from the title & sexy outfit, big tits, gorgeous face... wrong body. Bad card pick.
All right , She's Aria Giovanna . So what !! This woman needs to lose weight before flaunting her past charms . She's pathetic . You wanna model , do plus sizes in women's catalogues , not VGHD . My lowest rating a 5 .
Too thick, and coasting because she was in Playboy.
Are those measurements real??I have seen her a while ago and she was slimmer then!She is just fat now!Eating to much burgers! So she get from me a low 6...
Aria have lost her sexapel in the last years
Aria killt nicht nur Vampire sondern auch meine Lust. Schreckliches Make-up und Outfit. Sie sieht mehr wie der Vampir aus als der die Jägerin. Absolut nicht mein Geschmack
Troppa cellulite.... voto 4 non vale un euro!
She is a mamoth! Big bossom big bottom. Acts almost naturaly. Black rainsuit is too sad. Maybe I will grow to that style yet, but for now I would hasitate to go over 8 points.
Hmm .. no .. Pretty face nice jugs, but baby, you gotta lose some weight. I like a "little" more woman but this is a bit to much for me. Your pretty face requires a bit more slender body. Didn't like the show, didn't like the outfit, .. disappointing.
Aria is fucking fine in every way i downt know what its wrong with all the people bithching.. why would u want a girl that looks like she is going to break when u bone her......Thank u god for Aria
Just not my thing.....
A BIG woman who, in my opinion, compares most unfavourably with the East European models of similar age who appear younger and fresher. Only purchase if you like BIG women - otherwise rate below 3.
sorry,dont like fat girls and tyra banks cant make me think i do... just ring the dinnerbell....this girl will come running....
I regret this card. When I selected it from the demo carousel, I mistakenly thought I was getting the one next to it and b the time I realised my error it was too late to do anything but download it. Knowing that the credit expenditure was irreversible, I gave Ms. Giovanni a look . . . this card is the only one I have watched which made me wish the model was putting clothes on, rather than taking them off. This woman has what I have heard described euphemistically as a 'full figure,' she's not u...
I was kind of disappointed with aria, because I've always found her attractive. Her performance here is just boring.
this show is the best I ever seen...she has everything you want...big boobs a very nice ass....i will give her a ten
"That's a Huge Bitch!"
Trick or treat? WTF? This bitch has eaten one too many fucking treats! The trick is how did she plod around the fucking dance pole without sweating like the fat hog she is? My guess is a lot of deodorant and a bunch of takes spliced together to make this shitty fucking joke of a show. Score 0/delete put this bitch back in the barn.
good? great? what? she's fat, i mean she's not big, she is HUGE! omg! i know its too rude to say that but she disgusts me...
what a pity!!! this woman is very old, and shows less than others!!! i desired she could show a nice explicit show, but her her performance is one of the worst i have seen. guys save your tickets !!!!!!!!! tereza come back and make the diference!!!!!!
Fantastic. A real woman, classy and sexy. Woah ! Gimme more !
need more of her
Gorgeous, just gorgeous.
5 star
Elle reste la plus belles
Aria tu es d'une beauté naturel , sexy , pulpeuse , une femme avec de belles formes , humm un vrai délice pour les yeux , pour ma part reste comme tu es . je te note d'un bon 10 . bisou
She is Aria Giovanni, a dream woman. She has a perfect body, charisma and sexapeal. Her movements are hot as hell and she knows how to tease us. Please bring her back, she gets 1000 of 10 Points.
WOW!! HOT HOT HOTWohl das heißeste Girl mit,das es hier gibt. Perfekter Körper,da stimmt einfach alles,von den großen Titten über einen super geilen Arsch, bis zur anrasierten Muschi.So sieht meine Traumfrau aus.Auch ihre Show kann sich sehen lassen. Meine absolute Favoritin bis jetzt.Eine Glatte 10/10
superbe aria d autres shows svp
un cuerpazo de lujo como para tenerlo y estar con ella en isla desierta solo los dos es la mujer de mis sueñños mi fantasia
Sie ist meine Favoritin, richtig geile Brüste, anrasierte Pussy (ich mag keine blank rasierten Muschis) und super geiler Hintern...ja, das ist das richtige, "Aria, dir würd ich auch gern mal die Pussy lecken"..... hier findet Ihr noch mehr nettes von Aria....!
Tus 31 Primaveras han hecho renacer mis 55 Inviernos, eres muy sensual y bonita. Un abrazo.
Un must dans le domaine du streptease
toute ces cartes sont un vrai delice
Fantastique encore une fois 10. Et d'autres carte stp ARIA
c'est encore moi :toujours 20/10
tu es la plus belle aria merçi pour ta presence reste comme tu es
ARIA GIOVANNI - ein Traumweib ! ! ! Die richtigen Maße, vollte tolle Titten, kurvig, ein voller geiler Arsch - ein herrliches Weib ! ! ! Hab mir alle 3 von ihr besorgt. Hat jemand einen Tipp betreffend ihrer Pornos (Titel??)
femme captivante et tres pulpeuse, je lui donne la note de 10.
A mon avis, probablement la plus pulpeuse de toute les fille de vghd ^^. En plus elle bouge de facon tellement sensuel ^^ un pure merveille
Toujours aussi jolie et très sexy I love Aria. Vivement quelle revienne.
Aria Giovanni ist eine sehr heiße Frau, eine wahre Sexbombe und ein hingucker von allen Seiten. Die Clooektion gefällt mir nicht zu letzt deswegen sehr gut weil sie sehr nahe der Taskleise ihr formschönen rundungen bewegt, so ist sie größer zu sehen, stehend ist nicht so ideal meiner Ansicht nach, aber sitzend und liegend.... einfach sensationell. Ich denke wir brauchen mehr von Aria. ;-)
Aria ! Bellissima ! Je ne me lasse pas de voir ses courbes sensuelles et parfaites onduler sur mon écran. C'est LA femme dans toute sa splendeur ! Aria je t'aime. Reviens vite !
sempre bellissima, non delude mai !!! forse il suo migliore show !!
Une pure merveille, pulpeuse comme j'aime, un seul mot, encore !! Merci Aria
Aria Giovanni pulpeuse magnifique superbe un rêve je l'adore j'espere voir arrivé pleins de nouvelles cartes de toi tu es trop top
quelle presence,lascive...mais un peu passive,ses petits va et vient pourraient etre le début d'un allumage en régle...mais reste une flamèche,dommage!
ja sieht echt gut aus. kann man sich echt an tun lecker ^^
WOW - die wohl geilste Frau die es hier gibt, da brennt der Desk aber gewaltig - man einfach die ganze Collection haben und wartet gespannt auf neues Outfit (blau, weiß, Stiefel oder Heels) einfach ein g... Gewinn für die Sammlung !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Une bête de sexe? Sans doute oui. Je passerais bien toute une nuit avec elle.
Esta vampirita es mi mejor opcion cuando se trata de supcionar, de hecho Aria Giovanni es mi favorita pues he seguido toda su trayectoria porno y me satisface en solo verla, me encantaria que viniera a Mexico a cualquier estado de la republica mexicana y yo estaria desde Juarez hasta Yucatan por solo abrazarla, siento que seria muy especial tenerla enfrente, pero en fin hechale ganas y pues aqui te espera un eterno atmirador!
ah! ARIA ,au moins elle fais plus envie que pitié, mais pour une pro l'explicite est pas terrible et depuis que je connais cette fille elle n'a jamais été totalement épillée et je suis sur que plein de gars aimeraient la voir 'shaved'
Als Fan von Aria müßte ich ihr eigentlich 10 Punkte geben. Ich finde die Show aber eher langweilig. Aria kann soviel mehr!!Gerade noch eine 8!!
qu'aria est grossi n'est pas le pire !! elle est toujours aussi sexy , mais qu'une actrice qui ait consommé de la queue par kilomètres n'explore aucun de ses orifices .....on frôle la faute professionnelle !!!!!
Mes chers amis , je suis désolé de ne pas être d'accord avec vous!!! En effet , je suis très déçu et pourquoi ne pas le dire , triste pour Aria. C'est peut être ma peur incontrôlable de vieillir , mais je pense qu'Aria fait , tel un vieux boxeur , un combat de trop. Bien sur , elle reste une grande pro et j'aime son physique dans l'ensemble et je passerai volontiers une nuit déchainée avec elle :) Par exemples ses seins restent superbes , mais la pauvre a grossi et moi qui la suit depuis longtem...
Aria gehört zu den Frauen bei VGHD, bei denen man mal nicht die Rippen sehen kann. Sie hat durchaus mehr Pfunde als die meisten Girls hier, aber hat dennoch einen flachen Bauch. Sie hat sehr weibliche Rundungen, große wohlgeformte (natürliche) Brüste, einen rasierten Busch und ein hübsches Gesicht. Meinen Geschmack trifft sie leider nicht, auch wenn ich die Idee mit einem langen Mantel und nur Dessous darunter sehr schön finde. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkte)
une 36 tonnes sur deux jambes elle te monte dessus elle t eclate
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User comments (256)

I have all her cards and damn! It isn't enough. This is my perfect woman and everyone else is just runner-up.
Aria is the Goddess of VG, iStripper and anything else she graces.
I wish Aria would come back and appear on DB.
DANG some service
I saw this lovely woman in a black outfit, with a cleavage peeking out. I bought the card and WOW!!! I have always said I like my women with big boobs... Aria has perfectly shaped BIG BOOBS, at the maximum for great proportions!!!! If they were any bigger, her boobs would be out of proportion, and a turn-off for me.The rest of Aria's body is superb; long, sexy legs; curvaceous ass; perfect waist for her frame size.I thouroughly enjoyed her explicits, especially the one with the whipped cream. I'...
When will the new show, I want other maps (((???
I love Aria. Her curves compliment her outfit. Her movements are flawless. She is definitely one of the best.
My favorite woman! I think it is one of the world's most beautiful strippers, gorgeous girl!
Idc what others say of this beauty in this tight outfit! I love Aria, common guys!
aria is a very sexy lady i she was my girlfiend for a day i would take her out for a dinner somewhere in the north east durham
OMG what an ASS !!! Aria is my favorite !
Another great collection of Aria showing off her beautiful curves as she lays on her side, her sexy ass as she bends over and spreads her beautiful pussy lips showing her awesome clit and pink hole. Would love to see more of her bending over and spreading her ass - one of her many beautiful features! Her titties and ass are the most perfect I have ever seen! I rate her a 100 out of possible 10!
saw it and choose it as my top favorite within seconds!! 100/10
elle resenble etrengement a marta . une belle femme, un show agréale a regardé
Aria is very, very sexy!!!!!!
Simply bootylicious!
I don't throw this word around often but she is a GODDESS!!! Ms. Thick Big Body.
the most beautiful sexiest women i have ever seen only 2 others compare to her beauty she is #1 for me .
I love her tits and her pussy she is so so hot! Please make a new Card with please please! I love her!
I want to eat her up!!!!
I Love you ARIA . How can I meet you Honey? please call me +994 50 760 52 94 It's my persohal mobile number
Love this girl, shes got a hot body with great shapes and every move she makes is sexy as hell!
Aria has it all and plenty of it !!!!
I love that Big and Beautiful Babe.Thanks.
10/10! Aria is definitely becoming one of my favorite VG models. She looks and moves fantastic on the desktop. I can agree with some posts in the fact that this is probably not one of her best outfits but she makes it work! Great Card to have.
she is so so hot hot
MLady Aria, you are so so sexy hot, Huggs & Kisses :)
I just adore Aria, love her beautiful tits.....
aria tu me fait bander comme un malade!!!
one of the hottest women in the world!
What hasn't been said already about Aria? Not Much. She is a beautiful woman in every since of the word and a great performer. Though she isn't as explicit as most she makes up for it with an over abundance of sensuality. My personal favorite is when she jiggles those huge perfect tits of hers. Which she does more then once. (I think it shoud be a requesite for all the models).The only con I can think of about this card is that it didn't go on for an hour. Please keep in mind I may be biased bec...
thats my dream girl.
Une bombe, une vraie!!!
A perfect 10 out of 10!!!
Really gorgeous woman. Absolutely top
Valuptuous and sexy. I'd eat the cream out her cookie. I like women who are thick and confident looking (IMHO) I'd ride that all night long...
geniale ,voluptueuse , reviendra t'elle ?
Aria is a great addition to your site. Even though she is more of a "profesional" than most of the models, I love to watch her dance. She has a smoking HOT & THICK body and I have enjoyed all her cards. I hope we will see more of her in the future, maybe on Desk Babes.
I would like to see more of Aria Giovanni she's hot. Sgt Woods HOOAH
A Aria je c pa ou y'a un service comme sa mais il a l'air sympa cette hotel
i dont know why there is only 3 cards with her - she is beautiful
This was my first card purchased over a year and a half ago. Aria is second to none of any of the girls here, and there are some beautiful girls here. I realize there are many many opinions for a wide variety of tastes. Aria has out classed them all with her beauty and grace. She is and always will be the Queen Bee.
Créature envoûtante, toute en rondeur, terriblement chaude et excitante, à mourir de plaisir.
Aria still has it. Legs, Breast, Outfit and all. what a Gal!
This is my least favourite of Aria's 3 cards, but only by a tiny margin and only because I'm not quite so keen on this outfit as I am on the others. That said, it is one of those classic costumes that has almost become a trademark of VG.In terms of performance, Aria is as fantastic as always. I think this one features her best pole routine and in one task-bar clip, perhaps the sexiest use of cream I've ever seen on VG. Aria's movement and striptease, as well as her sense of interaction, seductio...
Aria is the best chick here in VirtuaGirl.. If she knew how to drop it like a real stripper......... I would buy her cards two more times!
Einfach eine klasse Frau da stimmt alles. Ihr ganzer Körper eine Augenweide. Ihr schelmisches Lächeln in ihrer Show fantastisch, big Tits a beautyfull Pussy und ihr Ass . Zeig mir eine bessere als Sie
I have been an avid fan of aria for a few years now and she has to have the most beautiful body I have ever seen and now she has put on a few extra pounds I think she looks even better she just oozes sex. I have always loved full and curvy figures with plenty of explicit content and aria has it all I give her 11 out of 10
She's so steaming hot.
Ich liebe ihre Titten sie wackeln so schön wenn sie sie schüttelt, der Arsch ist einfach nur Hammer und vor allem die Fotze ist so geil aber der ganze Körper ist der Absolute Kracher. Und was heißt vollschlank sie ist perfekt wie sie ist an einer Frau muss was dran sein.Top show 10 punkte Pflicht
Shes perfect a full figured sex slave that reminds me of a cross between my ex and her better endowed sister. Thanks for this one
Please, please, MORE OF ARIA, please.Por favor, por favor, MÁS ARIA, por favor.
Love her full curves. OMG I'm jealous of a metal pole. More of Aria please.
her best card on here (now) (more explicit) but vg filmed more of her in earlier vers. they really need to digitize i guess is the word
more more aria super girl
one word:fantastic!!!
Amazing!!! This woman is gorgeous....and OMG the curves.....heavenly! She is built the way women are supposed to be built and I love her for it!
What is so awesome about Aria is her voluptuousness, so incredibly nice to see here. A REAL woman ... curvy in all the right places. Aria gets a 10 out of 10 here from me. So, so nice for all of you who prefer non-skinny, large-breasted women. Nice snatch, too. ;-)
Aria is my all time favorite! A well proportioned woman, great curves!! Hope for more of her soon!!
I could look into Arias eyes all day. Anyone that scores this one less than a 10 is twisted.
Just with her presence she magically fills your desktop. She is so gorgeous that you could smell her intense aphrodisiac sexual scent of luscious female in heat enticing you. She knows all the moves to seduce you. 10*10
I signed up for VG solely because of Aria G. Found a lot of beautiful women since then but she is by far the most perfectly shaped and beautiful woman on the site. Of the three outfits she wears on the site this is my least favorite but it is definately definately an awsome show and worth every bit of getting it.
Aria is awesome! There are MANY good women here but she is absolutely wonderful. I am such a fan of her! Have more Aria Giovanni - PLEASE! She is my kind-a-gal!
I am the type that would be the first to complain if it sucked, but this one is great, 10/10, !!UNLESS!! you are not into slightly thicker, large, real (real looking, I can't say 100% for sure but they are not those ugly fake road cones that most fake tits are when they get this massive and that is all I care about.) In other words she isn't one of the cute skinny chearleader type 110lbs with 32 b's... I do think some of those women are hot, I love nothing more than a woman just like Aria in thi...
My favorite girl of all the times !!!!! The Queen of girls !!! She is never gonna be old, NEVER !!!! She is the best, the top of the top!!!! Anybody can't miss this girl, Just buy her, BUY, BUY, BUY. 10000/10. A special thanks to Aria Giovanni and at Totem Team, I hope that she soon return!!!! Viva forever my sweet Aria Giovanni !!!
she is the best...hope we get more of her soon
very beautiful
I want to see her live show; repeatedly
The Aria as always is fine! My favourite model.Beautiful completeness hangs nothing. In some places would be juicier without shorts! It is charming and desired!!!
Beautifull latin looks. Sexy mover. Body is so sexy.
She is just perfect! Please give us more cards ...
For crying out loud CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MORE of ARIA G!
Aria is supersexy, a real knockout!!! I rate her a perfect 10. I just love those fantastic boobs of hers.
Jiiihaa!! 10 again ....that dress fits your curves very well ... ok I'm in for two possibilities :Please make more cards or just be my just pick the first, because you would miss me to much while traveling :-p
What can one say about Aria? She is just... perfection!!!What about a show in a nice fitting curvy classical long black dress?
If you like 'em thick with nice large 'ol titties and a tight puss, then this is a dandy! We want more like Aria.. dark complexion FULL figured and nasty as hell! When i read "porn star" in the description i expect an arousing show, please don't dissapoint me.
SEX ON LEGS !!!! pure and simple... the horniest woman on here, the curves all men want and all women should aspire to, sticks break curves go on forever...only down side.. only 3 cards!!! I for one want more, Aria you are BEAUTIFUL....
Dude, Aria is a damn fine pornstar, the outfit suited the curvees of her bady and accentuated her breasts quite well. 11/10 for me. :))
This is a real woman to my mind and not a girlie.
Miss Aria Giovanni is a living doll.Her "Striptease" is amazing. She does it all, including playing with herself and rubbing whipped cream on her breasts and her oven where the biscuits go ....Aria's floor dances are exceptional. She uses her whole body to capture your attention and leave you begging for more...she knows what to do, and how to do it.I highly recommend adding "Sex Service" to your collection. It does what the title says.Aria is a "Must Have" in any respectable "Desktop Stripper"...
Need more of Aria and others like her with a voluptous figure and a nice patch of hair. Skin and bones are to fragile for my taste. More of her can only be a good thing.
I.....I....... I'm speechless by Aria. This is the only girl in my collection with 2 10's on her shows.(I only have 2 of her shows) She is absolutely amazing in every way, shape, or form. And God what a shape and form! I would have your babies Aria & I'm a dude. "I'm the dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude"
Once again, another perfect 10! I now have all her cards, do not regret it one bit!! Best gal on this site
She's the hottest girl alive ...
Perfect face, unbelievable soft natural curves. Almost any other woman on the face of the planet (no matter how beautiful) would seem invisible standing next to Aria Giovanni.
Aria Giovanni / Sex service- is an amazing card. She look drop dead gorgeous, her body is like heaven, she is very sexy & bold & i like that about her.She is just perfect.Her Booty is fine, her natural boobs leave me breathless.Her smile is very sexy & i gave her a 10. Although the Halloween uniform showed more booty, she is still fine in this show.
Aria Giovanni has curves, beautiful face and body. The sort of women I want to take home. Unlike the other models that are just a bag of bones.
she is perfect in every way.
she's is soooo sexy, i want to fuck her 24 hours a day her tits and her pussy are perfect and her body type also. i want to fuck her
Who cares if other people wants a skeletor look, Aria is beautiful and looks like a healthy human being unlike those all to skinny girls out there.
To all those jerks out there who think she's fat... go fuck a skeleton! Aria is for all times one of the hottest... I give her a fucking 10!
Hot Hot Hottttt....I generally go for a girl with a harder body, but Aria's attitude more than makes up for that.
Uma delícia!!!! Amazing hot. One great body with meat in the right place. Just like in the movies.....
Great jerk off to her she uses her body so well Huge loads here 10/10
i love her, 10/10
OMG what are you guys talking about she is not fat! Since when did not having bones poking out your rib cage become fat? She is healthy not to much not to little. Man what have we done to ourselfs when we think someone like her is fat?
I;m in love with this woman! She has the sexiest hips I have ever seen. }:-)
Nice to see a full bodied woman here. Have to give here a 10
What's her phone number?
if the rating could go higher than ten I would give this a fifteen!
Aria is an icon. If you know her and love her you will love this card. If you don’t know who she is and like the “skinny” look you will not like the card. For me they don’t get any better than Aria.
Being a longtime Aria Giovanni fan, I was not disappointed. Her performance is fantastic. My only criticism is that Aria seemed to have added on a little too much "extra stuff" onto her luscious frame. I love voluptuous woman and all that, but I wished she had kept her figure toned like when she was in her early to mid 20's. I mean, her competition are almost all women in their early to mid 20's. If Aria tones up her figure bit, I think she would put the majority of the other girls to shame.
Aria's shows are very hot and it would be a real treat to meet her in person... her natural tits and round bottom is just a pleasure to watch
She is really the bomb, the girl off al girls, and really stripping on my desktop right now :)
Got all of her shows now and i just love this lady and i could bang her alday and all night long.This full bodied italian americian beauty has everything,PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE can we havemore of her.10/10
"WHAT A WOMEN WOW" Absoulutly gorgeous, love to take her home.
Gyönyörű nő,csodálatos testi adottságokkal.Kár,hogy nem az én ágyamba fekszik
Still exceptional, smooth polished and great eye contact.
like 2 see more downloads of her like for example felina has about 4 y not more of her ty 4 lisening-looking 4 word of seeing more of her-love 2 see her partnered up with a nother modle
Aria is a true Goddess, A very Beautiful Woman, love the legs, My kind of Girl overall 10 with out a doubt.
From the pics I had seen of this show before I have to say that it disappointed me somehow! You have to wait about 20 minutes until this chick puts off her slip and shows off her hairy pussy... However, her boobs are really great, literally spoken, and therefore I think it would also be a great pleasure to have a boob-job with her. In the end one question remains: Do all American women have such big boobies? If so, I think I need to get the Green Card! ;-) My rating: 9/10.
Aria is a true professional, great tits and an arse that just won't quit and doesn't she know it! I think Water12fall needs to reset his options menu as he clearly isn't getting the full show!
Very simply she is the BEST!!! Yummy!!!
I've been in the adult industry for over 15 years, and I've always loved Aria Giovanni since the first time I saw her. She's done XXX Movies, Modelling and much more. I don't like boney skeletal women. I prefer a full-figured curvy goddess like this any day of the week. Bring it on, Aria!
This babe got tits! Roxx!
Beautiful woman,i like her alot also,but do wish she bent over and showed that ass more.Show could have been a little better but overall not too bad,i enloyed watching her she is wondurful.
Curvy, Sexy, Unbelievable. The absolute sexiest woman in the VG system.
Now that's a real woman,from her well formed breasts all the way down to her nice meaty thighs. this is how women should look. I will take one like her any of the week.
Another great show/card by this stunning girl. Great little show too. A great card to add to your collections I say. Thanks Aria Giovanni X
A woman very very beutifullnd goodess
she is truly a godess! thos guys saying she is fat has never seen a fat women in there life! guys saying that is just gay but they can stick whit ther pencil shapd girls. 10/10!
Aria just took my breath away when I first saw her, what a voluptuous and must-have body so eye-poppingly moving! I have just bought her and she is instantly my all-time favourite.
Sono assolutissimamente d'accordo con te,rasco.
huge fan of Aria's it's nice to see a woman with such a voluptuos body...bean poles just don't work for me. More, More of her please! Amazing!
She is the HOTTEST girl in here. There no part of her I wouldnt kiss lick drink or smell.
OMG! what a body! i have never seen legs, thighs, or an ass like this before. puuuuurfect 10!!!!!! ive watched this card for 2 hours and still cant look away.
aerosol cream!!!! omfg this women is perfect 10+!
Aria has been a favorite of mine for years. I literally have hundreds of her pictures and several videos. She is my all time favorite for obvious reasons, and thanks VGHD for adding her to your list of girls. I find the "Sex Service" card to be the best of the two available because she shows off more of her natural skin beauty. I would highly recommend this card and hope that VGHD will add more of Aria real soon!
Show 2 and of course my 2nd card of her. She put on such a good show the first round I had to see the second. Wouldnt you know it just gets even better. 4 words for you. I AM YOUR SLAVE. Good job agian sweet heart and please keep on VGHD. Another 10/10 from me.
I realy like her bigger measurements. And to kpolo, you don't have to buy her...
Aria is the hottest girl here! Changes aren’t necessary at all... I think she's shaved enough! ;) Please add more sets of her!!
Aria is my all time favourite model having nearly 40,000 pics and videos of her I am biased but please VG more of Aria and HD versions of her Stripsaver galleries and shows would make an old man very happy.
Aria is the best, you made my day. I would love to have more of her...
Words cannot describe how absolutely amazing you are Aria your the most gorgeous woman i think i have ever seen.I think its safe to say WE WANT MORE ARIA!
She is so beautiful
woooow!! The Queen Aria Giovanni...I Love this woman, Tks TOTEM 10/10 ;). Please..remake the Vg2 sets. Aria is good reason 4 stay here. RGDS
Exsqueeze me? Yes please!Spank you very much!Make room on your monitor for this lady.Good show,loved the whipped cream!
So very beautiful. Thank you Aria for gracing us with your beauty. I will get each and every card with this fine lady on. Also thank you virtuagirl for bringing her back.Love the clip with the pole where she cracks up laughing. That is the sexyiest thing a girl can do, smiling and enjoying herself made this a 10/10
I love her ... more. Please, I want more ...
Fantastic woman
Unbelievable, what a body and face..I want more, and can the old virtualgirl2 sets also be re released in HD please?
Very nice! Aria is SMOKIN' hot. I love the fact that we're beginning to see some more normal size models. I mean the size 0 models look good too but sometimes you want to see some beautiful women bigger than a size 0 with curves in all the right places!!! It'd be nice if a category for curve lovers or something like that was created! Wish there was a way to make her take off the hat ... otherwise great show!
Aria has been and will be for quite some time..the most complete women in nude modeling..this set is awesome..without a doubt one of the best on VGHD..I can never get enough of her..serve up some more Aria for her fans!!!
Yummi, nice full figured beautiful woman , who knows how to tease!!!! Variety is truly the spice of life.
ten can't even enuf 4 this girl 15/10 maybe oh my god is she hot
ARIA I think you are sooo prety women. I love your show.and I also have your other cards. keep them coming. 9.5/10 for me.
My first card,and i choose her because i love the way she moves her body,so confident and sexy
Wow! What a voluptuous, curvy woman! I think there's more than enough room on this site for beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, and especially Aria's shape! She just oozes sex appeal in every clip and when she strips bare and shows off her gorgeous "assets", it was amazing! The only drawback to this card is her outfit... she's much sexier than that costume allows her to be!9/10 :)
j'aime cette femme :) Très bon show
In my opinion, her other 2 cards are better, but she still being Aria Giovanni =P
Let's start by saying: use your eyes before you buy. If you don't like full-bodied women, don't buy this card. If you don't like women over 30, then don't buy this card. You definitely shouldn't slam this woman if she doesn't fit your tastes. Now, to those who like full-bodied, older women, Aria is AMAZING! If you like hips, breats, ass, and whipped cream (yes...there's whipped cream), then buy this card now. I'm not a big fan of implants, but Aria's work with her full, hour glass shape. She is...
I love her curvess, outfit in this on is not so good.
Aria Giovanni, une belle femme plantureuse, nous donne ici un show de qualité. Elle porte une tunique qui moule et met en valeur les courbes généreuses de son corps magnifique. Son adorable visage, qu'un sourire séduisant éclaire, est encadré par une belle et longue chevelure soyeuse. Elle joue avec talents avec seins lourds de promesses, même quand elle les libère de ses soutiens gorges d'un rouge passion. Quand elle quitte sa culotte, elle a des mouvements suggestif et évocateurs qui mettent b...
Great Aria Giovanni.
Aria has been a favourite of mine for a long time but only after purchasing this card (my first) do I discover that she's a piss-poor dancer! That's okay, though, she still has the most amazing curves I've ever seen.
I really love the way she move and the way she looks like... Yummy :D
Aria I love ya! bad hat though....
Yum! What a woman, such an amazing body and a pair of boobs to get lost in! That flawless skin, the Mediterranean complexion and those dark eyes...just a great show to sit back and relax to.Aria has a special place in my heart as she was centrefold in the first skin mag I ever bought way back when before the internet made that hassle go away!If she could have been a bit more explicit (and I've seen pictures to prove she can) this would have been a 10. Rated 9
Aria Giovanni is in a class of her own. Definitely not the typical VGHD girl in anyway. This thick Italian beauty has curves that satisfy and sweet sexy expressions that tease you to no-end. Those breasts are a dream and that ass is appreciated by real ass loverz. Truly a unique beauty she is.
Voluptuoes and sexy with a pair of breasts and a rear end to satisfy most men and she knows it if that teasing smile is anything to go by. You will find yourself kind of mesmerised by this generously proportioned woman.
Again I can give Aria only a 9 based on looks and body alone. I had hoped this show would be better than her other 2, but alas it suffers from the same exact flaws! namely, she leans heavily on her porn star rep and simply isn't trying to really perform here. sure, she fills out the outfit nice, and projects the SURFACE image of her porn status. but that's EXACTLY where this and her other 2 shows fall down. even from Aria, it takes more than titty shaking to inspire a boner and sadly she just mi...
Had this card for a long time and enjoy it very much. Aria is one fine lookin hunk of a lady and a nice show,, 9
Wow, What a knockers. Part of the girl in the Booster Pack I got. I didn't expect much, but since she is one of the very few girls from USA(I think there's only couple) I reviewed this card and I was..... Blown away. This card is just amazing. You will not regret getting this card. A 9/10. My third favorite.
Ignore all of the posers that call this woman fat. Sure if you like your women rail thin then this card isn't for you. If you fall into that catagory but, you can still appreciate a great seductive and sexy performance then Aria is for you. In my opinion she is beautiful from head to toe. If she had been just a little more explicit I would have given her a 10.
Magnificently thick american beauty! I love a nice playground that I can hang onto and bring the thunder! We'd make beautifull music together you caramel goddess.
we need more girls like her here! :)))10/10
DAMN HOTT THICK WOMAN! The wife & I have discussed, & agree we'd have a lot of fun with her. I can see my wifes face buried in her box, & she can see me banging her from behind hearing my thighs slapping those beautiful, thick ass cheeks. She got a 9
A lovely, full figured women! I give her 9/10...very sexy indeed!
Now THIS is how you build a woman! Sexy, shapely, full, everything. Yum!
Aria you are a Godness!!! Full fugure and very sexy. Love the eye contact...WOW!!!
I down loaded this card was shorted last twenty mins How do I get my full show
Quit your complaining about her size. I bet all you guys would wish to have a beautiful girl like Aria. I've been a huge fan of her work for years. Keep up the good work:)))
Aria gets totally nude in this card!For those who missed that in her Halloween card! Look up "voluptuous" in the dictionary and you'll find her picture! She is a goddess of the full, the buxom, the earth woman! Russ Meyer's spirit is masturbating wherever it's gone!She is a force, a full figured fuck phenomenon, a babe to lean into and hang on! She struts onto the screen in the tight, short, skirt that keeps riding up to show her lovely huggable & kissable ass.She makes me want to grab her shape...
Wow...amazing you have made a return Aria....and my god you are still as beautifull as are a true aphrodite !! more more please.
I ranked her lower than most of the girls I have ranked because of one simple reason being a porn star you would think that she would be more explicit many of the girls on vg are amateur and are more explicit example Mia Hilton!
She's voluptuous, which I like, and as others remarked she has a thick lower half. That in itself is alright I guess, but what I was disappointed with was that she doesn't really seem into it. No energy, occasionally you get a smile but even then it's really nothing special. Disappointing really; I loved her banner ad and the picture on the card.
I'm not really a fan of Aria. I do consider this her best is the only one of the three in which she gets fully nude. Rating 8.
Here are some of my panty/knicker favourites (this clip included)! Chikita (Miss Bimbo, pink panties she strokes); Chikita (Commando Attack, camouflage boy shorts), Denisa (Bewitched, pink and she spreads them so well; Coconut, floral bikini briefs), Lorena (vacation village, a favourite with white see-thru thong); Lorena (Sangria red lace; Farmers Wife, red V pulled TIGHT); Gwen (Single Malt, black sequined that match her hair); Morgane (Police Patrol, see-thru black sheer); Laura (White Lilly,...
Aria is a Goddess for sure but you think someone would have told her the neck piece was on backwards!!Would love to se more of Aria and maybe ome more models with her build for sure!!!!
only 8 from me.
Big and yammy everywhere..
I purchased this card quite some time ago and reviewed it again today because I was considering buying Aria’s “Halloween” (#480). I’d rated her “Sex Service” card 8/10 because there were more things that I didn’t like than I liked. It is overly obvious that she’s quite proud of her breasts – which I guess she should be considering how impressive they are.Still, during her performance, she spends far too much time pulling down her skirt when it rides up – almost as though she’s reluctant to show...
Aria is really all I cloud wish for. I like brunette, big tits and touch of maturity. Great women! I am very pleased, that I bought this card, although her outfits in the Halloween and the Vampire killer show work better for me.
This girl is amazing. Love her huge tits!!! Don't care for the one with whip cream. I give her an 8. We need more thick girls, especially ones with BOOBS
Maybe she's a little bit fat and slow but very hot and sexy ! My note is 8.25.
She is very hot, sexy and beautiful, but a little bit too slow and big(.
Nice body white a lot of love hendels.
Aria has been one of my all time she needs to lose a bit of weight though...a nice show nonetheless...but expected more.
Very nice card. I like that woman, she's hot. Hope to see more of her soon.
Aria is hot!! Very good set. Only a bit of a shave would make her even hotter.
I admit I used to be a fan of Aria Giovanni. Unfortunately, in these VG shows, she's got way too much "junk in the trunk" for my tastes. I'm sorry, but thunder thighs and bubble butts are very common in my home state of Wisconsin. I don't need to see it here.
This card has more stagecraft and presence than did her Halloween outfit card. She still looks puffy and past her prime on many fronts, but she is still great to look at. She?s not really fat so much as just kind of too-tight for her size. It?s hard to explain, but it?s the difference between being well-rounded (as in Sandra Sanchez and Kayla) and being well-built, but having the appearance of being ?puffed up? so your skin is stretched. It?s probably the core of why I am turned off by Aria Giov...
I like Aria Giovanni but I like her better when she was thinner. Piece of advice Aria: when your butt is bigger than your breasts it is either time to retire from the porn industry or lose weight.
Even a little cellulite is a turn-off. Add to that somewhat dull disinterested performance and you'd see why this card scores much less than the other two.
From the waist up simply gorgeous,a very sexy woman! But way too much junk in the trunk on the way down.
Wow! What happened she did get kinda big. But she is still hot.
She looks like a prison officer, type B-movie. I was expecting more of this card. The only surviving big boobs, and sympathy.
Aria is a nice looking lady. the performance is however lame. she's too inactive and there's not that much happening. too bad.
ARIA is pretty and has big tits but her ass is just to BIG.
Nothing special. No good moves.
Hm... I find it hard to write something about this card, because I used to like Aria... but she didn't show anything good... maybe my expectataions were too high, but this could be much more explicit... even the part with whipped cream sucks... Such a shame, cuz she has wonderful body - like a real woman not like a stick from the brush.I'm sorry Aria... 5/10
She is fat and she is not pretty.
I used to collect still shots from Usenet; I stopped when my collection hit one million (143 CDs). So I've seen nearly every photoset Aria has ever done. I've always admired her beauty and sensuousness. There was a time, when she was slender, that she was hot enough to fry an egg on. But I have to tell ya, the 30 or so extra pounds she's carrying here, really don't improve her looks. As much as I love Aria when she's not fat, I can only give her a 5/10 here. Sorry sweetie, but you've really let...
She is hot and sexy looking but she doesnt move around as if she wants to seduce me. she moves very slowly. she could be a little more active.
She's very pretty, but a little to large for my tastes.
is really old, too old for this kinda thing and has a vag that looks like its been torn apart by a thousand sea serpents DONT BUY!
Not might cup of tea at all. It seems she has quite a fan base here but if you are not into "larger" girls (as I am not), you won't enjoy her either. I do like the outfit though.
the size of those breasts is humangous they would knock anyone over . please dont tell me you are interested in such things
fat ass, fat legs, i dont know why the fuck somebody has to pay to see her naked, she is like the cheap whores of the suburbs
Aria ist meine Nr.1, alles an ihr passt, sie vermittelt das Fraugefühl, am liebsten möchte man sie im Bett haben, dieser Eindruck von Weichheit und Kuschelbedürfnis, ihr liebes Gesicht verrät aber auch den kleinen Teufel in ihr, ich glaube, wenn sie scharf wird, gibts keine Bremse mehr, ihr ganzer Körper ist ein Wunder der Natur, alles an ihr ist sehr gut proportioniert, ihre Brüste, ihr Körper, ihr Po, ihre Beine, ihr Gesicht, kurzum, man möchte sie haben. Kuss für meine Nr.1 Aria.
It would be great if she will be coming back in higher resolution or if she does a new card.
love to see her in the xxx section
Not her best outfit, but, God, what a woman.
She is Aria Giovanni, a dream woman. She has a perfect body, charisma and sexapeal. Her movements are hot as hell and she knows how to tease us. Please bring her back, she gets 1000 of 10 Points.
Aria, you are one of the best. 10 of 10, sadly i cant give more then 10.
es la mas hermosa de todas megustaria que pongan mas cards de aria
Aria c'est un peu la Goulue de Lautrec...une réincarnation, un Mythe!Une Prêtresse du Sexe sans doute mais encore plus: une femme adorable.
des formes superbes, un regard qui perturbe, un magnifique sourire... qualité au rendez-vous... merci Aria
Aria, qu'est ce que je lui en ferait des choses ^^ Une femme bien en chair c'est parfait, son corps est sublime, elle n'est pas connue pour rien. Elle est très expressive (visage), son show est superbe.9/10
elle est magnifiques a quand des nouveaux shows 10/10
Kikou, j'ai vraiment bien aimé de la voir se déhancher, et son show est bien réussi, je la trouve très sensuelle et vraiment très exitante et à mon goût loll. Vivement des nouveaux shows...Bisous Aria Giovanni.
Incontestablement en matière de sexe appeal, voici une femme qui fait le poids! Je plaisante bien sûr, rassurez-vous,tous ses admirateurs; car je suis des votres. Elle a encore de beaux jours devant elle pour nous faire profiter sans limites et avec talent de tous ses charmes. Une cote d'amour inestimable...alors que le spectacle continue!
une vraie femme avec des formes. la numbers one de mon classement. a chaque danse je suis comme un fou
J'aime Aria depuis tellement longtemps, je ne pourrais pas lui mettre moins de 10 de tte manière. Mais il faut quand même avouer qu'elle a pas mal pris. Elle reste ultra sensuelle. Sinon le show est très explicite, comme toujours elle est resplendissante.
moi qui aime les gros sein je doit dire que je suie combler. c'est une fille vraiment super belle
Miss Aria est une perfection charnelle.....quelle femme! Ma favorite number one. Elle vous fait comprendre qu'il fait bon vivre.
Le rêve, Aria est une pure merveille, pour moi la meilleur de toutes ! Je t'adore Aria merci pour tes shows.
Aria Giovanni pulpeuse magnifique superbe un rêve je l'adore
Excellente!!! elle ai superbe j'en redemande Merci Very Beautiful, I love you ARIA.
Merci Aria tu es une vraie belle femme dont la sensualité rejaillit sur nous ! Revient vite avec un nouveau show ! 15/10
One more card shall be so well-comed, awaiting to see more of her soft dancing and sensual attraction, hope too to see her friend Erica Campbell same quality level . I quote Aria to ten and she realy deserves it.
Aria,tu es super comme actrice porno, tu as des formes voluptueuses, des gros seins comme je les aimes, mais je suis déçu de tes jambes, des vrais boudins, certains disent que jenny est grosse, mais Aria n'est pas mieux de ce côté
Aria je te met 15 pour le haut (sourire, poitrine et charme) et 5 pour le bas. Moyenne 10 quand même. Je vais t'emmener faire du jogging avec moi dans les bois comme ça dans 2 mois tu auras 15 partout. Je t'aime quand même.
Merci Totem de nous avoir encore offert Aria, elle est adorable avec ses formes généreuses :-)
Bien que le show téléchargé ne corresponde pas à celui montré ici (un bug sans doute), Aria est la plus pulpeuse et charnelle des filles de VGHD et je suis dingue de ses courbes voluptueuses et parfaites. J'en rêve la nuit et ses shows tournent en boucle sur mon écran. Donnez nous en encore !
sempre bella, favolosa, come a 20 anni !!!le ragazzine di 20 anni guardino ed imparino !!! 30 e lode
Superbe. Le collier un peu con mais...ouah ! quelle femme !
ma première carte de la collection d'Aria et je dois dire que je suis très content. un très beau show.
hmmmmmmm, einfach nur heiß !!!!!!!
Super belle femme, très beaux & jolis seins, fesses dodues & excitantes, une visage superbe.
dommage ses du virtuel qu'elle es belle
Le queda ese vestuario pues decir Aria Giovanni es decir sexo, lujuria y perdicion carnal, esa mujer es enteramente sexual siempre la e atmirado espero poderla ver en persona antes de que pase mas tiempo y pueda perder esas formas muy de ella que tando me encanta, TE DECEO MUCHO MI ARIA GIOVANNI!
Von einer professionellen Pornoqueen wie ARIA GIOVANNI hatte ich ein wenig mehr erwartet.Sie hat einen geilen massiven Körper mit Megatitten und ein versautes Lächeln. Aber ihre Bewegungen an der Stange wirken eher plump und langweilig. Sie sollte lieber in der Horizontalen bleiben. Ihrer "very ex. show" fehlt ein wenig der Pfeffer. Die Muschi dagegen wirkt sehr einladend. Stiftung Warentest " g - u - t"
MAAAAAAGNIFIQQQQUE de la pure bombe !!! Aria On t'aime ! :)
Ho visto per la 1a volta Aria Giovanni quando ho iniziato a navigare in internet anni fa. E subito è diventata una delle mie modelle preferite! ^_^ Quindi non poteva essere che lei la mia 1a card ufficiale! Quale modo migliore per cominciare la mia collezione di gnocche se non con lei? XD Se solo sapessi su quale aereo lavora come hostess prenoterei al volo un posto in 1a classe! ^^ Voto: 9!
Ich mag Aria wegen ihrer Dicken Titten. Mir persöhnlich ist sie etwas, nicht viel, zu mollig. 10 Tickets hätte ich für diese Show im Leben nicht ausgegeben. Dafür kommt sie zu künstlich rüber. Auch ihr Explizit ist sehr ausbaufähig. Wenn die Darbietungen von Aria nicht besser werden schaue ich mir wieder ihre Pornos an, da habe ich mehr davon.Von mir für sie (vorläufig) eine 8 von 10.
C'est la folie : son apparition déclenche une telle adrénaline ! On a envie de palper, de s'enfouir au fond de ses rondeurs. Super sexy, hyper hot !
c'est la seule carte d'aria que j'ai achetée et c'est son meilleur show, uniquement a cause de sa tenue sexy, pour le reste, bôf, elle a beau faire des videos de charme et avoir une certaine renommée, elle a beaucoup a apprendre sur le strip tease et devrais prendre des lecons aupres de certaines filles de VG, après il reste son physique pulpeux, moi la cellulite me dérange pas, elle a de gros seins, de bonnes grosses fesses, et un joli minois, mais elle n'est pas tres captivante, bref, une déce...
ils font la même en version 50% de matière grasse?
ARIA GIOVANNI - ein Traumweib ! ! ! Die richtigen Maße, vollte tolle Titten, kurvig, ein voller geiler Arsch - ein herrliches Weib ! ! ! Hab mir alle 3 von ihr besorgt. Hat jemand einen Tipp betreffend ihrer Pornos (Titel??)
Aria gehört zu den Frauen bei VGHD, bei denen man mal nicht die Rippen sehen kann. Sie hat durchaus mehr Pfunde als die meisten Girls hier, aber hat dennoch einen flachen Bauch. Sie hat sehr weibliche Rundungen, große wohlgeformte (natürliche) Brüste und ein hübsches Gesicht. Meinen Geschmack trifft sie nicht, weder von der Optik, der Kleidung noch der Performance. (Wertung: 3 von 10 Punkte)
boudin trop grosse dommage elle a une tronche sympa
3.9 (3389 votes)


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  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
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User comments (285)

I have a lot of cards, but this one is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! Very sexy with an evil twist.
Aria is the Goddess of VG, iStripper and anything else she graces.
I have all her cards Love every one of them just wished she had more shows
Aria Giovanni, superbe femme naturelle. Elle est chaude et sexy. J'aime beaucoup ses formes !
When will the new show, I want other maps (((???
She drives me craaazzzy.. Love her eyes... Full body and black lingerie !!
Aria Giovanni looks beautiful in anything or nothing at all, but the black lingerie is awesome. Her beautiful light brown eyes, pouting big kissable lips, and sexy, seductive moves will make you tremble! She has beautiful titties, perfect curvacious ass, delectable pussy lips that she spreads and shows her sweet pink hole. To be with her would have to be simply heavenly!!
Witch theme is perfect for Aria. She looks like she walked right out of a Hammer super vixon movie. She just oozes confidence and sexuality."Here it is boy. More than you can ever handle."Doesn't keep one from dreaming....
omg, u dont make me sleep moore ahahahah 10 e lode.
She is so incredibly hot! Nice thick ass and legs...too bad she wont show insertions like in desktop babes.
My birthday is right around the corner so i had to put this back in rotation.
There's only one word to describe Aria and that is WOW! Perfection, great show, great body great face, great outfit and no horrid surgery. In her interview, she gave up her education to do this, well that was her choice, but I dearly hope that she is preparing for her future. But that isn't any of my business. Score? I wish, however 12/10
real big boobs!!
butiful.......... girl
This is a card that you must have for Halloween, Aria play the sexy witch great. With her big outstanding tits and nipples, she makes you want to fall under her spell. Nice sexy ass and pussy top it off, She gives a great show for use all to enjoy all time not just at Halloween. She is super sexy and I feel she need to do more cards for us to enjoy. A big 10+++ for this girl
aria tu est trop,trop belle tu a des seins magnifique,et ta chatte,un bijoux je t'adorre
Fantastic show by a fantastic gal. She is what my dreams are made of. So gorgeous, so hot and sexy. I'm for sure one of her great admirers. Mwah Aria Giovanni, I love you.
OK pour ARIA C'est super
Aria is AWESOME !!!! This is a must have card for everyone who appreciates a woman of pure passion.
aria is stunning in this outfit the naughty witch persona suits her well.Her boobs are natural & big, her ass is the kind that begs to be grabbed . Now the downside 3 cards only not nearly enough to satisfy her millions of fans.
Would love to see more cards of Aria in the future but in those cards please Aria could be more explict and maybe even a few x-rated.Also would love to see you on deskbabes :)
The only reason I'd kick her out of bed is because there's more room on the floor. This lady has all the right sizes in the right places. Damn she's hot. which makes me hot. Time to seduce to my girlfriend. Later.........
She is a GODDESS !!!
That Is The Sexiest Boby I've Ever Seem In All My Life And I Can Never Stop Sterring At The greatest Body Like Yours. I love You.
Total Perfection
This woman rocks! Great curves.
enfin une vrai femme avec des formes et des poils , mare des minous rasés d'ailleurs sans poils c'est même plus un minou c'est juste un trou . de plus son show est excellent , j'aime pas trop son chapeau mais c'est pas grave , je regarde ailleurs .
Aria is very sexy big boobs and her body is amazing I love.
I love her curves!
The excitement is in the curves! I love her body in this outfit.
The perfect outfit for Aria, she got me bewitched and works perfect for her. If you really like "things to touch" I recommend you her Vampire Killer card.
The card that first drew me to VG and long overdue a review. So, at last, here it is.The fantastic Aria Giovanni is your sexy Halloween witch and this card is a real treat. Aria looks as stunning as I've ever seen her in this outfit.Aria is not only utterly gorgeous though, she is also a superb performer. In her task-bar clips her interaction with the viewer is spot on. Seductive and expressive she can turn you on with a single look, and does much more than that here.Although she doesn't do anyt...
ARIA ARIA ARIA, quoi dire sur cette pulpeuse déesse brune ! Elle porte les bas et portes-jarretelle comme aucune autre. C'est la sensualité à l'état pur... J'en suis dingue.
Aria is just a awsome women. I'd like to see much more of her then those three cards. Please VGHD give us more of her!!!!Btw, 10/10!!!!
Aria Giovanni has a fully curved most other women could only dream of. Her big boobs are awesome not to mention that big and beautiful bottom.. She will always remain as one of my fav porn stars.. Hey come on Virtua girl ppl, please give us more of this gorgeous babe..
I hope VG ain't just doin 3 cards of Aria.. She is the sexiest woman on here..
In My opinion, the hottest girl in the hottest outfit!!!
Love the hat. It has attitude thats sexy, but doesn't cover anything I want to see. I also love her full soft figure.
Aria and Melissa are the BEST on this site hands down. That's a duo I would definitely watch. Aria's body is so sexy she barely has to do anything to turn a person on, this is a definite 10/10
ARIA is smokin hot i adore this gorgeus woman!
Finally, a girl with curves!!! Love her! Love the outfit! My new favorite!!!!
Aria is sooooooooooo refulgent with pulchritude, esp. with this lascivious gothic get-up of her's. DARNIT! I dont have any stricture or bitter diatribes 4 this card im just elated with this purchase & so will YOU ... or maybe not;-)
Just with her presence she magically fills your desktop. She is so gorgeous that you could smell her intense aphrodisiac sexual scent of luscious female in heat enticing you. She knows all the moves to seduce you. 10*10
I love Aria G. and she's the reason I'm hooked to VG. And I love this outfit... except the hat. A truely stunning beauty with smooth sexy moves that I can watch over and over again.
I think that is nothing else to say anymore on this girl. She is my number one , she's unique in style, body, tits, ass, pusy, etc. She's simply just perfect, I love her, My vote? 1000/1000 of course,
Aria is just plain perfection. Exotic beauty, even without makeup. I joined VG because she was here. Everything else is just a bonus.
Having only three cards is a freakin crime, meanwhile all these toothpicks on this website get four and five cards. WE NEED MORE ARIA G! Some complain she doesn't move much, this woman is sexy no matter what she does those eyes really pull you into her show. By far the sexiest woman on this website hands down. She needs about four more cards, I want to see her as a french maid and maybe a sexy librarian hair up glasses sexy medium skirt hair up in a bun then let out. Really just a beautiful woma...
I absolutely love all she does...Everything about her drives me wild...I want more
Aria is one of my all time favorite adult models and i was overjoyed when I seen her here! Yes she is a bit heavyier now but when she shows it she shows that she is still 100 percent woman! Her body is perfectly porportioned and dont let the bad outfits steer ya wrong, Aria is still a sex goddess! nuff said.
just the best, a REAL WOMAN
All natural beauty 10+ can we have more of this v. fine woman plz
just the best, a REAL WOMAN
Need more!!
WOW! great body, big round boobs, hot legs, perfect pussy, sexy stockings but my most favourite is the ASS! boy, that is a fine big mouth watering ass! i wish i could eat up both her yummy cheeks! will for sure buy her other cards too and i know i won't regret! 10/10
Aria is stunning. I love her voluptuous pin-up girl physique. Please, more Aria!!!
SEX ON LEGS !!!! pure and simple... the horniest woman on here, the curves all men want and all women should aspire to, sticks break curves go on forever...only down side.. only 3 cards!!! I for one want more, Aria you are BEAUTIFUL....
Aria is so sensual, and like others have said, has great curves, and appears like she enjoys stripping for us...which is cool! I hope that your company enlist her for more shows..what an absolute babe! VIVA Italiana...
I love her, I love her!!! Natural breasts you got to love. Lots of booty here also. The Halloween costume makes it all the more sexy and entertaining. A definite favorite/keeper.
Aria's full NATURAL curves and sensual beauty was the reason I first came to this site. She is one of only two girls I have ever given a perfect 10.
Aria Giovanni has curves, beautiful face and body. The sort of women I want to take home. Unlike the other models that are just a bag of bones.
This was my first card purchase, and I went based on the comments...And I have to say....I am SOOOO happy I did!Aria is beautiful, sensual, and super sexy. What a woman should look like! Everything about her is a 10. This was amazing to watch, and I hope you guys make more cards of her.
aria giovanni is the most sexiest woman ever. what a fantastic body and the most perfect breasts.she looks fantastic in stockings and suspenders.she is every mans dream woman.i get so horny every time i look at those fantastic tits and arse.
Aria, If you are reading this... I would just like to say that I would alter my entire existance to ensure you had all that is needed in yours. You are by far the most beautiful living creature I have seen is quite some time. Thank you for being you.
I still find Aria as adorable as when she first appeared on the modelling scene. She may have filled out a little more, with maturity, but she still has her full, hour-glass figure and her trademark breasts are as gorgeous as ever. Her legs are shapely and she has a rounded, womanly belly, where any man would be happy to lay his head. Her moves are gentle and seductive, without being too obvious and explicit. I first fell in love with Aria's eyes. They are full of tenderness and appeal to one to...
Aria is, was and always will be hot, Hot!, HOT!!
10/10 nothing else to say
10/10 nothing else to say :)
Aria Giovanni - gorgeous voluptieus sexy Lady who i would love to share my life with; Halloween is a good card and you perform great while presenting that show. Only the cap you have on your head is for an european guy difficult to understand ;-) Whatever, you earn 10 points from me :-)
OH my God..... I'm in love
this was so much better than i even imagined!
A voluptuous, sultry woman; Aria is divine in this Card! Buy it for the explicit clips or just to see her generous curves filling that wonderful costume. Just her Card preview sells it! That face, those lips, those TITS! WOW! Bonus: she has a VERY nice, full bodied, neatly hairy pussy and loves to show it. Enjoy!
One of the best...including the interview.
Aria is smokin HOT!!!!!!! I love thick women!!!!!!
She just is streets ahead of the rest ...OMG I just cannot get enough of her X X X X
At last a full bodied WOMAN to have on my laptop,she has all the right stuff and has a body(not these stick thin ones).That ass i could bang alnight long and the tits i would bury my face in.Perfect 10/10 keep her coming as she does to me.
Aria is a full figured women thats worth buying. She is a beautiful women, great breast and butt, the best on the site. You won't be disappointed on her dancing act.Hope to see more from her.
Aria G. Fellas she is a plus size woman. Don't get it wrong though. When I say Plus size I mean that She has more of all the right things. That ass alone is worth the price of admission. By the way another way to say plus size woman is "full figured." Oh Yeah! One thing wrong though. Not very explicit.
Ok...THIS is a WOMAN! No, a GODDESS! The rest of them, as beautiful as they may be, are nothing but little girls compared to Aria!
this is not a woman. this is THE woman
Aria - you are gorgeous.
Mmm Nice Outfit! OMG her ass is huge, my only regret is that I've searched the net for videosof her and I can only find girl on girl action.
What can i say?? Im in love!!!!!!
This verry sexxy girl has the sexiest back side i've seen yet ask me thats worth paying for twice
Sure, she's got a few extra pounds but they are all in the right place. I've been a huge fan of this curvy goddess for years. You don't like her? More for me... hehe
Aria is not chubby ..she is voluptuous.. she is also one of the most beautiful woman in the world ..and she enjoys her work ..she has very " kind eyes "
What fine ass!!! What beautiful woman!!! For a night with it would give all on light!!! It the best!!! It simply charm!!! I want it!!!!!
I love her body! Nice and thick, I can't stop staring at her sexy ass!
mmmm this woman is so hot! i love her femenin figur, this is the onely women on vghd that can make me horny whit just standing still, guys saying shes fat have truly never seen a fat woman in there life, pleas stopp hating its realy childis all women are butiful in ther own way. 10/10!
Aria has got to be one of if not the best lookin lady I have ever seen and you geys who say shes fat needs to just keep to your toothpick ladys
Very well! Aria is worthy of the largest attention! And I very much love her! Super! Aria very beautiful and perfect! All is good and the best! Wow! Thanks!
Hot! I love the outfit, I love her body.It would be cool if she took off the lingerie altogether (except for the stockings, gloves and hat, hehehe).And yes, she could do some more sexual poses, but all in all her moves are sensual & sexy.Overall 9/10! More Aria, please!
I want more of her ;)
!!!! Wow !!!!Stunning lady, sexy and saucy as hell, fantastic body and I get lost in those eyes never mind those yummy boobs.My favorite model off all time, yummy I could eat you up.Taxi !!!!Get me there as quick as possible.Rubitbetter@hotmail.comCraigx
A lot of comments about her size. I just want to say its about time we see a woman with some depth in her. I give a ten baby and I plan on buying more of your shows. Highly recommended to all VG memebers. The show is good but a little more sexual postioning wouldnt hurt. All in all a very beautiful womana and good show.
Some guys like fat and some guys like skinny. I like something in between. Aria is perfect to me. She is hot and one of my top five fav's. I want to see more.
I love watching Aria strip, she does not get fully naked, I enjoy how she still has the lingerie on, I also love the fact she is not skinny.More of this lady is needed!! Please.
Still so beautiful and Wonderful Woman
OMG! what a beautiful girl. Pretty face sexy eyes, kissable lips, awesome natural breasts & nicely proportioned figure. Love that beautiful ASS and those wonderful legs. She'll spend a lot of time on my desktop!
Oh let me be her wand! :-)
OMG! She's Absolutely Amazing!
aria is a sex symbol of the ages. when she bends over and shows me that big round lusciuos ass of hers i just want to pinch and grab it. more aria and women with voluptous bodies please
Beautifull woman. I'm enjoying for next show. 10!
I really hope that there will be many more from this beautiful woman.
beautiful curves! perfect10xxxx
When Aria first appeared on the net, I got so sick of seeing her, it was not funny. Now that she has grown, and been around awhile, when I saw that she was finally on here,I just had to have her, and I am so glad that I did. She is one of the Hottest, full figured women, there is. It has to be the best two tickets I have ever spent, and I can not wait to see her again, I will just put in my standing order now, for all that she does...Yum!
I love her to death I wish she would put some spells on me..I used to really like her .. She has really filled out now compared to what she used to look like. AND IT LOOKS HOT...Those hips make me wish I was her broom stick...A good download. 10
Fantastic. It's about time theres a real woman on here!! She has beautifull full hips, and just a fantastic body.I'd love to see more women here like Aria!
the hottest vghd-girl! please add more sets of her!
Now this, gentlemen, is what a woman should look like ... voluptuous and curvy like a Spanish guitar! Don't listen to the body sculpting freaks who think the delicious Ms Giovanni is fat; the only cellulite deposits here are on their brains. I've seen more fat on a butcher's pencil. If all women fitted their template, what a fucking boring world we'd be living in! Aria is a stunning looking lady with all her curves in all the right places. Her large breasts are amazingly firm. At first, I though...
ARIA GIOVANNI is a very sexy which.
shes the best, thats why shes on top of my list, hope to see more of her shows
I love Aria. I've seen her in other places and she is the hottest and has the best breasts by far. I want more of her.
Alright...down and out...this is the hottest show on virtuagirl!!! It's about time you get a hot, THICK, sensuious, luscious woman on here!! No other woman on here isn't nearly as thick as Aria and we're lapping it all up!! And trust me, we'd love nothing more than to lap up her Aria!! She is absolutely beautiful. No, she's stunning! Sensuous, teasing, sexy...just all out droolworthy!! This show definately got a 10 from us!! Fuckin hot!! Keep her cumming! I get wet and he gets hard just watching...
need more shows from Aria love her, love her, please do some more shows Aria in stockings cannot wait, don't keep me waiting!
Awesome, I love full-figure women and Aria is fantastic. There are other girls on here who are better dancers, but none with Aria's pedigree. More please!
10/10 Hot! Voluptuous, sexy!
Aria is the most sexiest models ever!!!She a gorgeous woman, her voluptuos body got me so hot !! we need more of Aria !! Thank you Totem, I'm happy that she is back!!...and for the criticism crap, well sorry for you guys(skinny girl lover's), that's how a real woman look like !!! Natural...yuuummeeee mmmmmmm!!!!
I love this nice full mature woman! Aria is getting older but she is still super sexy!!WOEHOE!
the most sexy and besutiful woman I have ever seen! Please give us more Aria!
Great, more of Aria please , the best VirtuagirlHD ever and maybe more girls like her.thanks
wow wow wow yum yum yum very sexy. did I say yum? She ranks as one of the top. Hope to see more collections, if your thinking about buying her don't think just do it, no regrets
very very very hot i can't keep my eyes off her
I really like this one my first buy!
Most beautiful woman ever!
I thank Totem for this show. It is very pleasant to see real beautiful woman ARIA GIOVANNI. It is my type of woman.I think many users of TOTEM in a delight from its magnificent figure. Necessarily I will purchase all of its next shows.
I think you guys that complained about Aria must either be completely nuts or gay. She is beautiful and has a beautiful voluptuous body.How can anyone call her fat!!!!!.She has the most beautiful and sexy natural breasts I have ever seen.
god she is reallly hott more of Aria PLEASE
WOW! Aria is my kind of woman! I really like this chick! She's been a big favorite of mine since her earlier work in the DVD titles such as "Girlfriends" and "Aria" by Andrew Blake! She's not into hard core, but she more than makes up for it with her amazing face, lovely lips and shapely figure! Yea, she's put on a little weight over the years, but she's still a TEN for me! I look forward to many more cards from the Busty Babe, Aria!
Oh how I have long awaited the day when Aria would finally grace VGHD. Thank you so much for getting her and I hope she comes back for more. Maybe you could get one with her and Jelena Jensen or Erica Campbell. Those 3 beautiful women have been my favorite since I discovered masturbating.
Finaly!! And when, are the previous strips getting re encoded to HD as well?? Thanks, this is awesome!
In my collection Aria is uno number one. Can't judge a book by it's cover. Got to have more USA gals. OH yes my my.Go to to see fantastic pictorials and video.
Its about damn time they put a woman on with some meat on her bones. I give her figure alone 10/10 and i havent even downloaded the her show yet. Also, I love how they put European under her categories when she is from Los Angeles. Kinda funny.
I'd like her to treat me with a trick!! HEY!! that(gasp) pubic hair?It is!I'd nearly forgotten.It's a good show,but,other than the hat it doesn't have much of a "Halloween" feel to it.
Excellent! At last a virtual girl with the curvy, hourglass figure of a 'real woman'. Hope very much you can get her back again, and maybe more like her e.g. Erica Campbell. The thin blondes with B-cups, narrow hips and matchstick legs get a bit monotonous after a while.
I love her!!! O.K. There`s a little more weight on the hips but he - she is what I call a dreamgirl.Rated her 10 and hoping for other releases ...
I give her a 10, a 10, a 10 !!! I still got wood !!! I want her !!!
Aria Giovanni finally comes to VGHD. The most attractive and sexiest model, in my opinion, makes her debut in High Definition. So happy she's back and can't wait to see more cards from her. This one, contrary to some people feeling disappointed, I really like it. Yes, the show is not that explicit and some animations are fairly short but I love the outfit and after all this is the ultimate Queen of the porn world and VirtuaGirl. I bow down to you, Aria and look forward to more cards from you in...
Now that's what im talking about. at last a slutty American chick. I have a new favorite, she is so fine. She's the kind of chick that goes great on the back of my hog, mmmmmmmm. The outfit is ok, her shoes are ok, I wont snivel about that stuff but she is a 10, I want more
10/10 Finally a girl that is plump and tasty. Will by more cards.
NUMBER ONE !!! 10,10,10,10 !!!! A real woman with a real body...
Oh Aria, what do you have cooking for me?
!!!OMG!!! I'm in Sexy Witch Heaven right now. Aria Giovanni !!!OMG!!!
Very top women. Finally, another special presence on VGHD.
woooow!! The Queen Aria Giovanni...I Love this woman, Tks TOTEM 100/10 ;)
Very exciting to see Aria back again. I've been waiting a long time for this. She is an all-time goddess. She is the perfect girl for a holloween outfit. As soon as my wife goes to work I'll be checking out her show. I rate her a solid 10.
Amature Hot ???? Sexy For Ever!!!!!!!!!
Ever thought that a big girl could be hot enough to give you wood? :-D Ridiculous curves, model quality beauty, and syrup-sweet sex appeal make this card a nice addition for eye-candy lovers. 9 out of 10.
YES you are right MyHotPanties she has a lot of passion. LOVE her body, the way she looks at you when she move.
!Aria espectacularmente sexi y voluptuosa!!!!
le top du top, mais un peu ronde quand méme
Great outfit for Aria. She bares the most important parts, but still keeps the corset on. Great body to match it too.
This woman has one of the best bodies that I have ever seen, curve wise.
For my fellow Aria fans... It seems she has lost a little weight in the two years since she filmed her VG performances. Check her out in a recent issue of Monkey Magazine:
She may have put on a couple of extra pounds but Aria Giovanni remains, in my opinion, the best proportioned girl in the business. Nothing, not even Melissa's vastly superior dancing, can beat Aria's heavenly curves! As for the card, the hat's maybe a little much but her tits look amazing in that corset, so much so, that I get more turned on whilst there IN the thing than when she whips 'em out! 9/10
if she would lose the hat this would b a perfect card but they have to tie into the theme of the card i guess it's better than her having a jack 'o lantern in every scene
She is Relly beautiful. The black lingerie set is also the most sexy of all of her 3 sets. I wish to thank VGHD team for convincing her to take a part in it. Good job. And i wish there were a lot more wemens like her...
The most beautiful 100% feminine
Aria will always have a special place in my pants, being centerfold in the first skin mag I ever bought (thank Christ the internet took off, what a pain that used to be)Yeah she's bigger than the average girl here, but you know what, I wouldn't kick her out of bed, and imagine the fun you could have with those huge, juicy boobs and that wonderful full assIf you only like stick thin girls who look like a strong breeze would floor them, probably not for you, but if you appreciate the beauty of a f...
At the Aria the most juicy back!
all i have to say is i want more aria. make it happen :)
Klasnaya tetka! ^)
What can I say... Aria was a star of my wet dreams, uhm... about 10 years ago. Maybe that is why aged and overweight she still captivates my imagination.
hot, good!
Aria is a porn star, not a dancer by trade and it shows in her lack of pole use and this routine and Vampire Killer have almost identical moves. still, there is no denying that her body is hot and her face beautiful. she's also not afraid to touch herself in all the right places but needs more finger diving, as we would expect that from a porn goddess. she is at her best in these 2 routines when touching herself and wiggling what she has for you. she does seem to have a habit of always adjusting...
What can I say simply the best!! She knows how to tease,and that is what it is all about. Love that coy smile, and that great body. Wish there were more like her! Or even of her.
Aria is one of my all-time favorites. If I look at her pussy, I almost forget her beautiful tits. I wouldn't mind to stick my head between her legs! I like the part of the show where she lays down and gives me the time to have a really good look at her. I like her outfit (accept the head), it gives her the nice gothic look just as in Vampire killer. For me a 9/10. I hope there will be more Aria in the near future.
Mmmmm...Aria can bewitch me anytime! I love the witchy outfit on her! I would love to role play with her in the bedroom.
This fits her perfectly lol.
Pros: Aria's body is my favorite of any girl here. She's soooooo voluptuous and curvy. I wish VG had a few more girls shaped like her. Gotta love her in this outfit. Almost 40 minutes of show! And there's lots of variety. Dancing, Pole Work, Posing, Teasing,'s all here. Lots of hot explicit clips. Aria loves showing her pussy and isnt shy about playing with it. Also, most of these hot explicit clips are closeups!Cons: I couldnt really fine one. I would've liked to see a bit more...
Aria is full figure older woman with great moves, nice smile, and sexual glances that keeps your attention. It is nice to see some experienced dancers like her to teach the young ones what men want to watch. She's well worth the price and a 9.5.
I have Aria in my collection, although her performance here is not the best, she is an awesome voluptuous woman, check out her adult vids, you won't be dissapointed. She will keep you happy.
My only complaint is that she did not get completely nude. Oh well.
A Real "Fat Bottomed Girl""!!!!It is to enjoi !!!
We need more like her..Dont matter what race just give us more..more..
Probably the sexiest girl on the site. Everything sceams out sex!!! Wish there were more like her. Cann't wait for the next show. C'mon VGHD, get the next one up for us!
Its about time she is back on VG! Need more!
sweet i like real women
Yes, Aria's seen thinner days. But I gotta say, now that she's added a few pounds, she makes the perfect Frazetta girl. I would love to see another themed card of her in some barbarian armor, or cave girl outfit. Very sexy stuff.
Wouldn't it be nice if Aria would do a wet t-shirt set and play with cream?
It is good to see Aria Again! She was one of my fav's on the VG2 Now even better that shes on HD. She has put on a few pounds but still shes still a 10 "hot"
OMG! Aria is a gorgeous, voluptuous, buxom, queen of uber babege! SHE IS NOT FAT!She is a prime woman of curve, fullness, and supple-soft beauty. I salute Totem for bringing her here! I'd almost forgotten how seductive and tempting this classic female form could be. Love it when she gives her gravity defying breasts over to gravity to bounce them off the bar in slow moves!She is so perfectly round and sexy. It's almost stunning to see such formidable feminine pulchritude. She offers us fine cook...
About time we got some American girls on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect Body! 11/10
After seeing recent posts on the forums regarding Halloween themed girls it's nice to finally see one, and a "new" girl to boot. It's a great new addition to my collection. I agree with others that would like to see more seasonally themed outfits. Let's see more.And by the way...we don't all need to see explicit fingering to give good ratings. However, variety is the spice of life. A little mix of the sexy, sensual, playful, sweet, and dirty makes it that much more fun.Aria, yum...yum...yummy!.....
She is a goddess.
I think this just made my crotch explode. Perfect girl, but the shoes suck.
nice lady
Very nice body
I remember her younger days when she was one of the hottest women you would ever see. Not going to be one top women on VGHD. Monica Scott gets high marks here why not Aria. Still a beautiful natural large breasted woman worth spending a ticket for a look.
Holy Massive Mammories Batman! She is 31 years old now so I guess all that weight was bound to happen. I like a girl who looks like she could chug a couple of 40's, get wasted by 2 am then go order 2 big mac meal super size combos. Shame no explicit.
Love her outfit, love her body. Nice big beautiful breasts. Wonderful Ass and lovely looking pussy. But, She does not play with her self much at all. As far as being explicit, she just rubs her pussy a little bit. Not sure why she never does anything other than that. In the old Virtual Girl software, they actually played with themselves and used toys. I wish these women did this also, especially Aria. Only reason I am not giving a 10 is because it is not an explicit show at all. Should be rated...
Very nice card. I like that woman, she's hot. Hope to see more of her soon.
I hope Aria returns after Halloween to enhance another holiday.
Beautiful model, lovely fuller figure that is barely contained in the outfit (in the best possible way). The animation is missing the Halloween props, it is just the hat and cape and the red shoes detract from the show rather than adding.
no explicit show.trop léger,c'est une superbe plante,bien dodu comme je l'ai aime ,mais elle montre rien. c'est dommage car la lingerie est au top. on va attendre les prochains shows
I have been a fan of hers for a long time, and I think she has put on wieght because she looks fat in this show.
Overall all this is one hot gal. Big solid body with meat in all the right places. And the tits look like there natural but who knows these days. Her face is just beautiful and i love her long black hair. overall i give her body a 10. But lets get real here. The show is just not that good. She is more into her tits than anything else. I could get more entertainment at a strip club. She needs a little less tit rubbing and a lot more twat rubbing. You don't eat the melons you eat the pussa. How do...
Please, Totem - when you will burn these high platforms! I was thinking to give that goddess a 10, but with these ugly, cheap-porn-movie like high platforms.... I am thinking for 8... or 7 .... you just ruin so much shows with "these"
Well I bought this card , she is sexy and sentual but she was lacking in enthusiasm. Overweight girls that have a sparkle can be amazing in front of the camera. I like this model but I felt as if she was going through the motions and wasn't into the show. It wasnt very belivable for me and she didnt capture the mood , I gave her a 7 out of 10 based on the whole performance. I don't know if I will buy future cards from this one.
The first show that I disabled. Too chubby for my taste, Doesn't show much.
Realy like this women she wakes the beast in me groowl XD. everything about her is HOT !! greetz
Aria is nearly as chesty as Jenny Mcclain (currently the big titty queen) with pretty face and a pleasing patch of fur around her cooch but aside from that I didn't find her show very erotic with her rather lethargic dance moves and an ass the size of an aircraft carrier. I think the girls with the big racks should bounce then around more by using a faster more abrupt dance style like Jenny Mcclain in "New Recruit".
Personally I love voluptuous full figured women and I was ecstatic to see that VG finally featured a girl with Aria Giovanni’s body type. I also like the fact that she is from the US as am I, but she isn’t the best performer and I hate the painted in eyebrows. Aria’s movements can be abrupt and too quick at times as if she’s posing for still pictures rather than moving erotically for a video. She seems to do a much better job at being sensual and erotic when working with the pole. I think she sp...
je suis un peu deçu car elle peut être meilleure
Fabulous woman, curves that blow ya mind. But a shockingly bad novelty outfit. The hat and cloak should be burnt immediately. At least her video shows some excellent cards from Aria on the horizon.
I want to say that I liked the idea of seeing Aria again. But that being said, it looks like I'm one of the few to be unhappy with this show. Most of my dislike for it was from seeing the outfit. It has to be one of the most repulsive things I've seen with exception of Gablina's Orange Soda. After watching as much of the show as I could stand, I watched the bonus video, and some of those there outfits certainly look better than this one does so I look for ward to them.
good outfit but Aria have lost her sexapel in the last years
The most famous nude model in the world? If so, the world needs to see more nude women. 6.
A few clips do feature some nice pussy play, but she is too thick for my taste. Women with tree trunk thighs should not wear stockings. If you're into big boobs, this is the girl for you. Me, I'm giving her a 6, which puts her in the "disabled" category. If the shoes ever came off, that would bump her to a 7 and she would be enabled. They don't, she's not.
sorry did nothing for me deleted from hard drive
I dont know.I thought I'd treat myself for Halloween and I kind of liked it and I kind of didn't. Aria has a beautiful face and hair and I love the tophalf of her body but in hindsight I think I prefer smaller hips and butt. I liked the outfit and unlike some others I didn't mind the shoes as they suited the style and theme. I just found myself a little bored. She's very slow and gives some great looks and eye contact but there wasn't much going on. Maybe it's because it's my first card but I wa...
Aria is a big woman, more so than I had realized from seeing still pictures of her. It's not a complaint, just an observation, although it means she's not really my style - she reminds me of my mom! Tall, broad and thick, built in every sense of the world - undoubtedly dynamite in the sack, and I have nothing to say against anyone who thinks she's the perfect woman. She just isn't as much to my taste.I doubt we can count on seeing her again, though - a big-name porn star like her doesn't come ch...
She's fat, her moves suck, and I have no idea why she's still trying to do this for a living. This woman was hot when she was barely legal. Now? Huge hips, giant ass, and zero dancing talent. Lamest card I've purchased so far and the only one I've deleted.
"Voluptuous? Aria got FAT!" Cavedog, I agree with u on Aria!Lvoe that Vital Stat: "35D"!
Deleted .
Sorry guys but I need to side with the disappointed crowd. I saw the name and did not instantly recognize the face. How fair would it be to not be honest anyway? Please no more fetish girls because this is borderline for big girls fetish IMO!!! She has always been voluptuous and that was awesome but this is almost a different category now. Stop now please no more of this fetish stuff on my calendar! Rated 5 because remnants of Aria are visible in the show.
This full bodied woman could be very hot. but she wont show all her ass-ets. I kept waiting for her to show that gorgeous ass and pussy from the rear.but she never did. I like full bodied women, butt I want to see it from the back as well as the front... "Hot woman.luke warm show".
This card was very disappointing. I bought this card because I really love Aria's body, and never in the show did Aria get naked. Waste of 2pts.
I am extremely disappointed in Halloween, #480: She never removes that corset, so I can not see her whole body, and she never removes those long gloves. She actually touches her vagina while wearing those gloves - Disgusting!At least with her card #479, I might get to see her whole, naked body.If I had known more about the show, I would not have bought it.
i bought the stockings package and all was cool till this large woman here started to roll around and block my entire desk with either her big hat or her big @#$ didnt matter something was always in the way !!!! this chick even looks winded and tired at the end im really upset that you put together a great packageand then u tossed this in??? certainly she is out of place can we exchange cards?????
I'm just glad that I got this as part of a pack and didnt pay full for it. kinda disapointing. I agree with CVSiN below. 2/10
Sorry, I just don't think she's pretty. And I've never cared for goofy costumes. I'm going to have to delete this one.
Aria is a Sexy woman and represents what I like in a woman. My only problem with this site is "somebody" likes skinny cute women with small legs. I am going to sit on my remaining tickets until they recruit more curvy women with better legs.
What happened? I remember when she was hot, granted if she lost maybe 10 pounds she'd look good again but wow she really has changed.
She looked so much better when she was younder. (And alot lighter...aka thinner...aka not as fat.)
Voluptuous? Can we just call it how it is people? Aria got FAT! If you wanna see a smokin hot 30+ babe, check out Diana Doll!
Once I've been really a fan of Aria but her rack has become that... wide so she really lost a lot! Also one could remind her how to use her ladyshaver. Aria was really an awesome hot woman in the past though in the present she has to work very hard to get her former greatness.
I used to be a pretty big Aria fan.. but man shes looking old as hell and shes packing on the pounds.natual boobs or not she used to be alot thinner and not so much cellulite on her ass.she gets a fat "1" Ive never ever awarded these girls lower than a 7 but shes looking rough and no longer belongs here.
Aria is amazing!!!!!
one of my all-time favorites
She is my all time favorit. Wishing she will be coming back!
WOW Finally a woman with a little meat on her bones
5 star
love to see her on the in the xxx section
Great woman, love the show even in 720p
Aria peut bouger de n'importe quelle manière, elle est tellement bandante que tout lui va. A vrai dire, il est vrai que sa cuisse prend du volume, je l'ai vue dans des proportions plus raisonnables. Mais cette paire de seins ... plus beau, ça n'existe pas.
J'aime les rondeurs de ce modéle ,appétissante 10/10 !
superbe fille aux formes genereuse j adore 10/10
Aria Giovanni est la meilleure stripteaseuse de totem en plus son minu est unique
je me mari avec elle quand elle veux
Encore un show terrible ou Aria s'amuse bien ;) Elle est si belle que dire de plus, a part on veut plus de carte d'Aria....
Elle est trop belle ma chere ARIA ainsi vetue, j'aimerai qu'elle me jete un sort....
je lui donne 10/10 ,car c'est une superbe plante pulpeuse & j'adore les belles plantes !!
elle est magnifique,Sensuelle, tenue est très sexy,et ses seins sont magnifique ,ses rondeurs sont appétissantes .sons show n'est pas assez explicite ,mai j'adore, très bonne carte
E' LA MIGLIORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ARIA GIOVANNI - ein Traumweib ! ! ! Die richtigen Maße, vollte tolle Titten, kurvig, ein voller geiler Arsch - ein herrliches Weib ! ! ! Hab mir alle 3 von ihr besorgt. Hat jemand einen Tipp betreffend ihrer Pornos (Titel??)
Hummm ca c'est de la belle italiene avec de tres belles formes n'en plaira a certains , moi j'adopte avec empressement !!! vive Aria!
I love you Aria... You are the best !
Aria Giovanni pulpeuse magnifique superbe un rêve je l'adore je suis d'accord avec toi femmenathalie la rencontrer juste l'avoir en réel devant toi le pure bonheur
elle est vraiment trés bonne j'adore je voudrais la rencontrer
Ola elle a vraiment grossie; surtout du train arrière. Mais bon ça reste une belle femme pulpeuse et attirante même si le show pourrait être plus explicite. je mets 10 quand même. A quand Denise Milani même si personne n'a jamais vu ses seins nus.
Superbe j'aimerai voire plus de filles pulpeuse comme elle I LOVE
Mamamamia Asia est toujours aussi sexy et craquante !!!!! j'adore !!
j'adore aria, c'est ma préférée , et ses rondeurs, mmmmh
un regard de braise,des atouts généreux, une femme magnifique débordant de sensualité! 10/10
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
10/10 rien a dire la meilleure de toutes
Aria, tu es un "top talent" un modele au dessus de tous, je t'aime depuis tres tres longtemps, tu es ce q'un homme recherche en formes n douceur, et beauté. Brava ma Cindy-Renée, brava !!!! love for ever
Herrlich anzusehen! Der Arsch is ne pracht!
aria pulpeuse et magnifique, ses rondeurs sont appétissantes. Ppeut être pas assez explicite... et pas assez ... nue mais, j'attends ses prochains shows avec impatience
new entry da infarto ! voto 11!!! a quando le prossime !!!
Totem, vous avez oublié 2 choses pour Aria : la traduction française de sa bio et ses vidéos :p
Aria ma sorcière bien-aimée. Sensuelle, pulpeuse, des courbes affolantes et ce qu'elle porte ici la rend encore plus excitante. Bravo et merci pour ce show d'anthologie. J'espère que vous en avez pleins d'autres en réserve avec elle.
Silly costume, but she's lovely.
She's a very nice milf. :]
quelle femme!vivement son prochain show,je l'aime!
Quel seins !!! Elle sait bouger en plus, de la joli lingerie, elle ondule bien, on en demande plus
Sublime ! Absolument géniale ! Pulpeuse, sexy, ronde, impudique, on veut la revoir vite !
Super Geil ! = Hier nicht ! (In ihren Pornos schon) Ein Super Arsch ! = Wissen wir, aber der alleine langt halt nicht. Dicke Titten = Ja, aber auch die reissen es nicht raus. Explizit Show = Darunter erwarte ich mehr.Fazit: Auch der Dritte Anlauf geht mir nicht in die Hose. Ich schaue mir weiterhin ihre Pornos an, da habe ich mehr davon. Vielleicht schafft sie es ja doch noch eine gute Show rüberzubringen.Meine Bewertung: ganz knappe (7,7) 8 von 10 Punkten.
Oui c'est Aria mais elle a grossi dommage mais bonne carte quand même.
aria, arrètes les sandwichs aux pâtes et à la pizza stp !!!! sinon, tu ne pourra plus aller à la plage sans que greenpeace débarque pour sauver la baleine échouée !! dommage, une si belle femme !!!
Elle est vraiment trop grosse pour moi !
Hey hinlegen und Beine breit ist einfach zu wenig ! Tabledance und Pornos drehen sind doch 2 verschiedene Sachen. Und selbst da fordern die Leute mehr Action.Sorry aber das Geld ist Sie hier nicht wert. Da kauft man sich lieber ne DVD von ihr !!!
un tres joli visage, un joli déhanchée. elle devait etre une tres bonne stripteaseuse. mais le corps n'y est plus et sa poitrine mon dieu, mais elle devrait faire un procès au médecin qui lui a fais ca .... par respect je met 5/10
Quand j'ai vu cette carte , je n'ai pas hésité et je l'ai acheté car Aria était une très belle hardeuse!!! Mon Dieu , la pauvre...Elle a grossi et elle parait vieillie... Son show est poussif , elle bouge avec maladresse , et ne se rattrape même pas en jouant sur l'explicite.. Je lui ai mit 6/10 par respect pour son passé...
aria giovanni est tres sexy dans ses videos, mais la c'est le ratage complet pour ce show que j'ai eu gratuit, sa tenue est ridicule, et elle fait le strict minimumm, du coup, on se fait chier et au final, même si on apprécie les filles pulpeuses on finit par se dire qu'elle devrait apprendre a bouger sa graisse. désolé pour ses fans.
ca alors c est de la jument de traie

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