• City: Ostrava
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 20 y.o.
  • Height: 5.91 ft.
  • Weight: 132 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 25.8" / 34"

Her high heel waving in the air as her sweet shaved pussy is exposed for your eyes only! Alyssia is a vixen daring to let you drink in her intimate beauty as her slender pink vibrator and long masterful fingers flutter across her clit and bring out the best of her beautiful orgasms!

Number of shows: 6

Alyssia's shows

4.3 (456 votes)

Fancy footwork

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 66
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 574 MB

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User comments (20)

She rocks this show! Should bring her back.
She is and always will be one of my favorites. What a beauty? How she moves and makes eye contact? That makes me feel like she is dancing just for me only. That is worth every one of her cards. Check out her desk babe card. she gets so turned on she forgets to look at the camera. No acting there. To bad she didn't make any more cards like that. I would give her a higher rating than a 10 if I could. Love that gap in her teeth. Hope she never gets that fixed. Please bring her back VG!!
I guess she has longest legs of all VG girls? Awesome style awesome look awesome performance .. 10+
Find this young lady extraordinary. What legs she has and slender and impeccable anatomy ! And these eyes... Simply as she is imply my second fav model. This day, Venice Beach and Fancy Footwork get my fav cos of the outfit and I prefer her long beautiful black hair kepts loose but the girl's really a precious trove. 100+/10.
yum yum yum she makes me cum cum cum
Lovely lady, hot body, wonderfull eyes and very sexy. Great show and love the outfit. 10+
I spent with her so much happy time - you are wonderfull Alyssia ;*
Que mujerón! Me encanta su outfit. Súper sexy en la barra y el simple hecho de verla Genial. 10
She is "to die for" as the saying goes. every inch of her is complete beauty
@jkhashi i love feet thanks for the recommendation. lol
if you like feet, i highly reccommend this card
Sin lugar a dudas la más sexy en mi opiñon.
Alyssa could make a fortune winning bikini contests anywhere in the world! As soon as she gets to the bikini level in any of her cards she is iconicly phenomenal!She's exquisitely fine at all levels of clothing too, but something about her perfect body moving so sensually with an almost snake like undulation, being just covered enough to suggest eroticism is truly magical!She's a consumate stripper, doing all the right moves with a natural flow & commitment that makes for a compelling performanc...
One of my new favorites ;-)
A nice outfit for Alyssia in this one. She not only looks very beautiful, but also rather cool in this denim outfit with pink tartan bikini underneath.Her task-bar performance here was one of the most seductive I've seen on VG. Brimming over with her distinctive sultry eroticism, but with some lovely moments of playful fun, viewer interaction and a great deal of charm as well. An absolutely faultless performance, including some excellent explicit clips (L4).Although she didn't really do much wit...
What good card. She is so sexy girl. can`t say much everyone said it all. 9.5/10 I rate this card over all.
Lovely hot body, nice phisique, but not her best outfit foe my opinion
Looks like someone has shamed her. Shame on HIM !!! What was it good for !!? She is the best heart. She's like an Angel. A SEX-Angel. I give it 8, cause i don't like her confused & sad !!!
5 star
Another great show. Beautiful.
3.9 (372 votes)

Feline beauty

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 486 MB

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User comments (8)

For me I like Alyssia, some shows are better than others but I love them all.
This card along with 3 others shows that they are in my collection, yet, they will not download. The trailers do show up in my collection.
I love leggings. Here, they did not work because of screen brightness. I love the long legs. Model: 10. Outfit: 9. Dance/Performance: 8. Hottness: 8. Overall: 9.
I can't say I'm overly keen on this look for Alyssia. She looks great as always and there's nothing really wrong with the outfit, but it's just not one of my favourites.On the task-bar Alyssia gave her usual sultry and seductive performance, with good movement and stripping and some nice interactive moments. She was at her most active, sexy and entertaining in the explicit clips (L4), which were the best of the bunch.Her pole dancing was nothing spectacular, but it was mostly a solid erotic rout...
Avarage outfit, nice girl whith an hot body, she strips fine, but someting strange is in this card, I don't know, but I don't feel it like other cards. I hope to see more of this hot girl in her other cards !!!
I was not too impressed with this one. The girl is really beautiful and the legging were a good idea for her, but the performance was really lacking. I mean, some clips are labeled as explicit, but all she does is put her hand down her pants a bit. In most clips, all she does is dance for one minute and then leave without doing anything interesting. Disappointing considering what I was expecting.
lovely smelly feet!
Stunning woman. Not her best outfit.
3.8 (471 votes)

Game of death

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 443 MB

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User comments (11)

She slayed me! Awesome figure and nice moves.
Magnifique créature, un corps parfait, on admire.
Alyssa is a great performer. I think the outfit adds a snaky flow to her gyrations; smooth and sexy. Her long black hair really turns me on. The rest of her is just amazing. She's one of my favorites..10/10
She is SOOOOOOOOO hot to go!
I keep truely marvelled at Alyssia : she's just the perfect woman. And sooo classy. In this card as always she's absolutely perfect. What keeps me from giving a 10 is the few clips in which she is abit out focuse (making a blurred clip). So bad that with a model this quality people such a thing still happen to people doing the filming ! :( Otherwise card would again have been a 100+/10 !
5'9" and 4' of that is legs- Wow. The out fit could be better especially with those killer blue eyes to work with. Her hair saves it though- adding to the black trim to make her look even slinkier, if that's possible. I love it when she goes into her 'shimmy-sham' move. Adorable. Great card.
I generally don't like outfits with a lot of bright yellow, since I find it rather hard on my eyes, but I do think this outfit, and the whole "female answer to Bruce Lee" theme very much suits Alyssia. Unfortunately though, some of the task-bar footage is out of focus and blurred in this show.On the task-bar Alyssia performed with her usual mix of charm and sultry seduction, with some lovely moments of fun interaction and teasing while she stripped. Her movement was varied enough to keep things...
Not a great outfit here for my tastes, but the body and the performance of this girl is big, very great, lovely her smart smiling face in this card ;)
I felt bad rating a card 7 which features such a beautiful girl, but this outfit is horrid, and we have to suffer through eight full clips where she's fully clothed. The only thing good about this outfit is that it eventually comes off in some of the clips. The costume looked terrible on Deny, and it looks just as bad on Alyssia. This has to be the ugliest, most unflattering costume of all time; Totem, please bury this one.Alyssia fans do have a bit to look forward to though - this girl knows ho...
Good card. Not her best outfit, but it shows off her curves well.
4.3 (557 votes)

Venice beach

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 499 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (14)

I enjoyed the photos and the videos especially the interview.She is sexy and beautiful.Thanks Alyssia for bearing yourself for us and God be Praised.I'll keep you close to my heart and remember you in prayer.Hug and kiss for you!
We all know Alyssia is an incredible beauty .. but I have just seen her impressive taskbar performance .. she spreads legs and we see her from back ... I am still shocked .. RECOMMENDED .. and plz make her at fullHD .. 10+ .. she has a grace that is often unmatched by 1.6cm girls .. she is 1.80 and moves like a cat ... I must admit that she moves better than all tall girls .. and she is the tallest of them all ... Goddess ..
Find this young lady extraordinary. What legs she has and slender and impeccable anatomy ! And these eyes... Simple as she is simply my second fav model. This day, Venice Beach and Fancy Footwork get my fav cos of the outfit and I prefer her long beautiful black hair kepts loose but the girl's really a precious trove ! Find bizarre the way her photoset is retouched to remove her beauty spot that is part of her. Oh Well. 100+/10.
Damn, this girl is so hot & sexy.
Love the little gap in your teeth girl. Don't do any thing to change it. Makes you look ultra sexy with that little smile and such a nice body to go along wiih it. Very nice card.
I totaly love her! She is perfect in every way
A stunning beauty who moves very gracefully for a tall woman . I hope there are more cards to be released in the future.
I can only state my opinion on this forum, and I usually agree with the prime reviewers, but with all due respect, I have to disagree with the only other review this model has received in a few points. This is one of the most lovely women I have ever seen. I don't really care about pole dancing, I just love to watch her- she is fluid in her movements, and true beauty in motion. I love the "Daisy May" jeans cut-offs on her! A wonder to watch, and I'm very delighted to have her in my collection. T...
Nice babe,nice legs!!!!
This little bikini with denim shorts may not be particularly striking in itself, but it allows Alyssia's genuine natural beauty to come to the fore and she looks wonderful here.Her task-bar performance was well paced and full of sultry eroticism with fluid movement and pleasant, but very seductive personality. Alyssia certainly knows how to show off every aspect of her lovely body with an air of intimacy and considerable style.Her pole routine was sexy enough and wasn't too bad for a non-pole da...
Nice show, much better of her other shows, she explain better here, lovely girl, nice body.
Alyssia has a very sexy body, and for some reason the heels seem to enhance her sex-appeal for me.
Alyssia is beautiful with an exotic look that rivals other girls on VirtuaGirl HD. She has a great, natural body, great eyes, and an alluring combination of beauty. She is an amateur and a little coy and shy, but her performance is very good.The outfit in this card is awesome. It's a great pair of cutoff shorty-shorts, a bikini top and knee-high sandal-heels. With her long, raven hair, that's a great combination.Although Alyssia is very hot, she is missing a certain spark of attitude that would...
Alyssia is one of the best looking women on Virtuagirl. Tall, long dark hair, long legs. Close to perfection.
4.2 (529 votes)

Zebra club

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 562 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (16)

Beautiful...It is an honor and a pleasure to have you(Alyssia) on my desktop performing for're one hot,sexy babe.God be Praised and I Love you.Many kisses.
I can stop staring at Alyssia's fabulous, long legs, micro thong panty, sweet, kissable ass, bouncy tits and beautiful face ANYTIME I want to! Well, after a few hundred more times, maybe...
When are we gonna see Alyssia on Deskbabes, now that would be awesome, great show as well, as usual
Alyssia is a near perfect Stripper babe!Her lovely exotic looks & amazing "Bikini perfect" body along with her fully committed Strip dancing ability make her among the top WiggleBabes of VG!Her legs are so sexy alone that I go all HappyPants just to see her strut & wiggle about on my desktop!All her cards (yes even "Game")have her incredible, fluid, sexy, stripper dancing. When she gets naked it's a realm of WomanlyWonder opening up on the desktop!Her most perfect, jiggly wonders of breasts are...
The other guys so far got their evaluations so right that I won't repeat. I'd love to take this one home.
If you look up sexy in a dictionary you'll find Alyssia.The gap between her teeth makes her even more sexy if thats possible
Although the 'pole lovers' probably won't be too fond of Alyssia, I find her intriguing to say the least! Great moves!! What is there not to love! I want more!! I hope this one appears on DeskBabes! 10/10 easily.
SUPER SEXY! Hair, make up, outfit, shoes- all great! Good movement. FANTASTIC body. Sultry expressions. Definite highlight in VG library, and thats not easy!
WOW, what a surprize! Pretty face with excellent make-up framed by long black hair, a tall, shapely body, endless legs, great moves, always smooth and not too erratic, not too slow, and everything topped with constant interaction with the camera changing from a seductive look to a friendly, inviting smile. What else can you ask for?!
What can I add to the comments so far, apart from how I would like to run my hands all over her, performance was a bit lack lustre. Around the pole she appeared a bit lost not knowing what she should do with it. But the strip and her seductive style raised my spirits, nice interactive fun teasing, loved that little black thong, just showed her tiny landing strip off a treat.Again like so many, good but not great, lovely smile, sexy style, she has it all but doesn't really know how to use it that...
I agree wholeheartedly with S***********! What a remarkable, refreshing debut from this incredibly sexy girl! Alyssia has a unique look which I find absolutely irresistible! She is a joy to watch!This card my not be perfect, but it does show boundless potential and the possibility of some wonderful future cards from this lovely lady! :)
Alyssia is a sultry blue-eyed brunette beauty with a real distinctive look. This girl really stands out from the crowd and is 100% my type. She looks good in this stripy top and black skirt, which gives her a kind of "girl next door" vibe in this card.Her debut on the task-bar was quite impressive, with good movement and a very sexy and seductive sense of interaction. There were also a few fun moments and some effective teasing, increasing the entertainment value.Her performance dipped a bit in...
Nice card, Knows how to do her job, Loads of up shots, worth having.
No interest.
Beautiful. I love her long, dark hair.
4.5 (659 votes)


  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 410 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (21)

lovely feet encased in hosiery!
Another incredible solo card. Alyssia gets it done and its a pleasure to watch.
Alyssia is just my type and one of the reasons I became a member. I love the thought of her standing almost 6 feet tall - I love tall women with great bodies. I just can't get enough of her!
Just awesome.
Yes, I like, I like a lot.
Wonderfull body, amazing legs (fishnet stockigs, lovely, and sexy high heeled sandals) and sexy puss... great show!
Ein sehr schönes Mädchen, und was sie alles zeigt, schöne Show!
This girl it the total package when it come to looks.. Natural Hottness all the way!!!! The one long scene where she climaxes with the dildo first and then her fingers, makes the whole show... Add in multiple orgasms, a lil anal and good acting and you have one great show... Cant go wrong with this one...
super hot card!
OMG ! a perfect creation from god ! 10+
Absolutely great. I love her show, she's so hot. Thank you and the Totem crew.
She's a very sexy very naughty girl. Her show are fantastic. Her show are 10 points. I would like more shows with Alysssia. She's very tall and I would seen her with tall girls in DB.
A must have card
She's definitely a ten. Hot girl. Great show.
This girl has become one of my very favorites.Dummy that I am and new to this side of things, I had to read someone's mention of sound before turning it on. Before doing so, I was going to advise her not to overdo the "hurts so good" expressions, but adding the sound, everything fits fine.I wouldn't care if DB uses voiceovers by other girls and improves the tracks where there is too much room rumble; but I prefer to believe this girl's English (and Jana Cova's too) is really that good and that s...
oh god, this girl is just beautiful. 10/10
Love that pretty pussy baby ! yummy
Sexy eyes, sexy legs and a very sexy voice to take me over the top! OMG!!! Alyssia I love you & a very amazing show indeedy! I'll be cumin' back for more of you bay-bay \m/
une merveille que de regarder alyssia se donner du plaisir
Nice average show. Beautiful girl with real dreamy gorgeous eyes.
She really needs more cards! WOW!!!!

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