• City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.68 ft.
  • Weight: 115 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 26" / 38"

Emerald green has never looked better than it does adorning the natural tits and tight ass of 24 year old Aliz from Budapest Hungary! The bright color puts her in a more energetic mood and her white nylon stockings show off her athletic legs. She has the rhythm and strength of a dancer, but the sexual cravings of a true nymphomaniac!

Number of shows: 4

Aliz's shows

4.5 (925 votes)


  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Bonus photos: 78
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 371 MB

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User comments (57)

She should take a breathe sometimes before the orgasm or she's gonna faint !
Aliz I love you you aree so horny get right down to business. talk dirty, don't waste anytime jacking off, rubbing pussy, sucking pussy when with someone. I have all your cards I love you. Keep up getting me horny as hell 20 out of a 10!!!
von mir gibt es eine 10,1. Aliz ist hier eine der besten Babes hier im Stall. Sie kommt hier sehr natürlich rüber und nicht so gespielt, wie bei vielen anderen Frauens.
LOL I love the look on her face first time she turns that thing on! Great girl, Great Show, Sweet equipment.
men what a show i do not bieve she faks the cum either ,i could just imagine my tongue in her wet pussy and clit , yummie
Best Show on the Desktop. GREAT GIRL!
Creo que un 10/10 queda muy pero que muy corto
She obviously ravenously enjoys sex. I most certainly enjoy her.
One of the most awesome solo performances I have seen on Deskbabes! If Aliz is faking her pleasure, she deserves an Academy Award! Personally, I don't think she's faking any of it. She appears to be enjoying herself so much that she forgets that she is on camera...and that "sex machine" is perfect for a lady like Aliz, who seems to enjoy using it even more than I enjoy watching her. Aliz, herself, is a gorgeous young lady. She gets me hot before she even begins getting right into it with herself...
great show! would be awesome to se more of these toys
Absolutly Perfect use of toys not the best looker but still 10 out of 10
Where did she get that toy? It's like a blow up mechanical dildo. She is and will always be my favorite.
Total arousal caused by this show. Love her with the machine.
Fantastic show, very erotic. One of my favourites.
Aliz i love you ;)
Wonderful!! Extremely erotic and at times hilariously funny. She's a nympho alright and loving every second. As much fun as the toys are the fingers in the wet pussy squelching away was the best clip of all. And those pussy lips....!!!! More solo clips please, she is a one woman show. Thank you Aliz, if I could give you 20 out of 10 I would have!
Aliz is great with her machine. I love it!
Alix, yes indeed, you do know how to play! YOU GO BABY!!!
Sehr schönes Mädchen ... und was sie alles zeigt! Tolle Action!
OMG!!! This is it... She is awesome... Real orgasms, long clips, Great action, and she is really into it and makes you feel your there.. My Fav. By Far!!! Im getting more of her..
crazy good card... need more cards with these kind of toys
Aliz is very hot and sexy girl. Her body is breathtaking and her performance is awesome. I like this show very much.
Need more like this..
Aliz est une des deskbabes les plus chaudes, ici avec sa machine elle s'en donne à coeur joie, grand show.
Un show fantástico, si en alunos shows se notan demasiadas poses fingidas, en este me parece todo tan natural... Que manera de darse caña. El empleo de la "maquinita" me poarece fenomenal, podría emplearse más veces pienso que da mucho juego. Sin ser una modelo espectacular creo que es enormemente atractiva y sensial y con un punto salvaje que me encanta. Gran chica, gran trabajo y que lástima no ser la máquina.
Very very very hot show. Thanks Aliz 10/10
She is pure sex very explosive orgasms love this girl.
endlich mal eine geile show ... das ist für mich eine dildoshow ... weiter so ...
Aliz, you are so hot and real professional. I like your body and your show.
u want 2 c a girl cum? luvs dick wood b a grouse root
Aliz a slim and small but very sensual girl. Her show with the fucking machine are very fantastic, erotic and cool. I would like seen some shows with her (including anal scenes) Points: 10/10.
Just looking at Aliz, I would probably have never downloaded her cards simply because she's almost the opposite of what I prefer in women. Luckily, looks aren't everything.This girl is one of the hottest sexual dynamos to hit DeskBabes ever. She is not just a sexpot, she's a damn nympho all the way. In her card with Abbie Cat, she was aggressive and hot. In this card, she is downright hard core.The card features her and a big machine that literally pummels her pussy and almost appears painful. S...
Freakin' phenomenal. I can't even begin to figure out which clip is my favorite.
First-THANK GAWD FOR ALIZ!Second_Make her StaffBabeSeducer & let her fuck EVERY girl that comes on DB in duo cards!(Unrealistic-but wouldn't it be wonderful.See her duos here!)She is a very sexually responsive woman,easily turned on & loving it TO THE MAX!This is the honest sexual intensity EVERY DB card needs!This card has VERY HOT solo masturbation with fingers, dildo, as well as the RobotRamJam of the machine.Aliz is a cumming Diva & sings her OG's almost continuously.I love & believe her per...
Aliz ist der Hammer! Jedermann wünscht sich er wäre anstelle der Maschiene, Sie legt eine Performance hin die nicht überboten werden kann mithalten kann da nur noch Elise und der Fuckabear, ich sags nochmal Aliz heirate mich! Bitte!!! Ansonsten sind die Geschmäcker ja verschieden aber diese Show ist ein must have für jeden und jede.
She is absolutely amazing. I have never seen anyone so into what they were doing. I LOVE HER!!
This is simply AMAZING!!! Really good show! Please give us more shows like this! Absolutely love the way Aliz performs in this show!
A fantastic card! Aliz isn`t the prettiest girl here but she is really, really dirty and seductive. She is convincing in her play as well.I don`t like her bikini, but all so much better her machine. A brilliant idee - this equipment !
Quite amazing ! Maybe not the most beautifull girls around but certainly one of the most expressive and believeable performances. I certainly would like to take the place of the toy....
best ever need more like this
amazing, just fucking amazing! I'd love to see more shows like this!!!
I wish, there was more of that kind of girl, 15 of 10
I just Love Aliz, you people must get her cards!!
I'm in love
Wonderful show, fantastic Aliz to playing with toys
Hmmm ... Excelent show 10++
Not the hottest woman on this site, but holy god - what she does to herself and the way she uses that fucking machine... that alone is worth a ten. Totem, please give that machine to a better looking model and you'll have your first model who gets a perfect 10 from every viewer!The one disappointing thing was she never rode that machine like she did in her bonus photos. That probably would have made it better for her and for us!
excellent Show...She really likes getting her self off. And the way she rolls her eyes is awesome. A super hot 10 on this one.
ah enfin une carte qui devrait faire fureur ma note 10++
Aliz isn't on my fav-list. She's a bit to skinny for my taste but....What a show!!!! I'll admit she puts on one of the hottest shows on DB.
What needs saying in comments has already been said, but I'll put in my tuppence worth anyway...The photoset included some nice compositions, particularly headshots - good, but still too repetitious overall. The shower video was standard fare, showing the circular tattoo - does anybody know EXACTLY what that zodiac symbol represents?I found the show astonishing and a little shocking, but loved its authenticity and the telling way Aliz dropped the vibrator after an orgasm. Was she a little too no...
hm really an interesting show. And very hot. But the last clip fades out in the middle of the action and the length of the show is really the absolute minimum length. So why cut the show in the middle of the action. yes the shows get more interesting and you try out new stuff but why have the shows to get shorter and shorter with it? yes quality is better than quantity but as the last clip stops in the middle you could have easily made it 2 minutes longer and let the action finish. Aliz probably...
Can somebody show her how to use that thing? Her struggling with it was painful to watch. Deleted...
Didn't like that every show was a close shot. I like dancing not just sitting around.
un retour en haute définition.
5 star
4.6 (757 votes)

Duo with Antonia

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 90
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 472 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (36)

I love this performance. So much energy. So much joy. I hope to see Antonya back again. Now with even bigger breasts :D
Not much left to say for these two. 10+
Antonya, so beautiful, so hot! Performance as Always TOP QUALITY! Love to see her as much as possible! Thank you for your burning fingering!
Oh I Love these two girls together! They are so into each other its amazing.. The orgasms from Antonia are so.. perfect.. They get right into it too! Go Hard or don't at all Aliz seems to be saying when she rams Antonia's fingers deeper inside her several times.. This show is worth the tickets... Get it..
The only person Aliz falls short of is Ariel. You don't have to watch her demos to know her shows will be great!!!
This one is my favorite. Real passionate licking. Aliz is fabulous in all her shows. I just wish she would do anal. I saw her in other stuff and she does anal there... not here though.
Real orgasms and cunnilingus no B.S.
HOT! a must have...
Deskbabes duo done right! Highly recommended, worth two tickets.Suggest you read Plasonic's comments for more!
Cualquier show en el que participe Aliz tiene una torrida sensualidad, cagarda de un deseo vehemente y poco engañoso. Me encanta, es una mujer deseable en extremo.
a great card! stunning!
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
This to my experiance to date the hottest card for Antonia, lots of sucking, and seems they are not playing to the camera so much, I loved it! I your looking for hot action this one to get
Aliz went at Antonia like she was her last meal, loved it.
i hope you are as lesbian as i was told,so impress me,make this real lesbian's panties get wet.
Aliz est incontestablement la plus sensuelle de toutes vos girls , j'aimerai bien la voir avec un mec !
Allz is amazing in all her shows. Her sexual passion and intensity are so appealing. Their kissing is genuine and arousing. Love this show.
Show très très chaud, Antonia est très belle et Aliz est très experte dans l'art de lui donner du plaisir, vraiment un spectacle très excitant.
Really really really hot! These girls aren't faking eating pussy and kissing. I wish they put Aliz with Tina Kay to see what Aliz would make of her.
jammy - die absolute heißeste card - total geile show - hier gehts ab !!
OMG! these two are the hottest duo you will ever see, Aliz is an animal! pussy munching at it's best 10/10
Aliz ans Antonia two young model & porn star from Hungary. They are beautiful sexy and cool. This show the best in the DB I've seen ever. This is real and perfect lesbian show. The girls didn't playing to the camera or cameraman, they only listened to each other. They licking, fingering and dildo playing are sensational. Only lack some anal playing... The show's summit their 69 scenes. If I can do the show 20 points, only might 10. Totem. I hope you will make their a new duo set, but I should be...
Wow !
The energy they share is incredible! I love this card.
I just want to add my comments on this very erotic and wonderful show. I agree that this is the best Duo show on DB. These two goddesses are both gorgeous. They complement each other down to their outfits and the high sexual energy between them. While I'm very fond of several other duo shows, this one comes the closest to giving me the unbridled lust between two women. They don't play for the camera, but each other. The chemistry between them is amazing, and I hope that this kind of show will be...
This is the best show real lesbian love, with real orgasms 20/10
Roll on up to the PRIMO DB SHOW! THIS is the sexual intensity that ALL DB shows should express! Aliz & Antonia are really making lusty love here & they LOVE it! Aliz is a sexual force of Nature, Antonia is willingly seduced into a maelstrom of explosive erotic action by the masterful Aliz & she returns the passion & erotic intensity with a full, honest,passion of her own! Aliz really loves sex with women & LickRips lustily onto Antonia like a hungry Tigress on a kill!Antonia is taken into EXTREM...
Aliz rollt über Antonia wie ein Lustgesteuerter Panzer sie futtert die Pussy wie unser eins nach einer Woche fasten sich auf n Burger stürzt. Aliz ist einfach spitze ein weiteres must have einziger Wermutstropfen sie macht in keiner Show anal vielleicht Privat die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt. Anal hin oder her diese Show gehört in jede sammlung ich hab einige Scheißshows gekauft aber diese gehört nicht dazu, Gott ist Aliz geil Aliz would you be my wife please!!!
I'm giving this show a 10!! Because,for me...the show had a lot of pussy eatin' all the other lesbian duos should have more of that.
I'm going to start out by saying you're going to need some 'alone time' to watch this show.The show starts out with Aliz and Antonia kissing. There's an obvious attraction between the two and they are completely focused on each other. Theres no talking to the audience only whispers to each other.Aliz is the aggressor and wastes little time in going to work on Anatonia and by the second clip Antonia has her first orgasm. This is the basic theme throughout the show each girl taking turns on the ot...
Very nice girls, theirs play with complicity. Aliz eat Antonia's pussy in 69, and other clips, I want to be them with theirs for lick your pussy I looooove this show. 10/10
Antonia is beautiful ! Aliz is not my type, but she's an amazing leader ! Great card.
Nicht mein Spitzen-Duo. Aber beide recht hübsch anzusehen und die Show ist auch gut und explizit.
Aliz dominated this show, which I think contained no anal scenes. She descended upon Antonia like a raging storm of pent up sexual frustration and set to work hungrily with her voracious appetite, using a vibrator, her mouth and hands. This meant that Antonia could lie back and think of Hungary between orgasms.This is not to say that Antonia was passive, she was just dominated by the more experienced, rapacious and skilful sexual dynamo known as Aliz. When it came to pleasuring Aliz, Antonia was...
Aliz und Antonia liefern eine tolle Show ab und sind auch beide gut anzusehen. Sobald die beiden aufgetaut sind geht es gut zur Sache. Leider sind die Clips meiner Ansicht nach wieder zu kurz geraten und hier wurde keine gute Arbeit gemacht. Daher nur 8/10.
Duo de lesbiennes chaud et torride !
4.5 (619 votes)

Duo with Abbie Cat

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 79
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 491 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (30)

Great duo from two lovely ladies.
you just cum and cum , as they cum and cum
Playful and sexy, and their interaction is FANTASTIC!!! Too bad all I can give them is a 10.
My Favorite Card so Far!! 10/10 With Aliz in control at first then Abby Cat licking Aliz's phat pussy, Fisting it while Alize is in total pleasure!! just the dirty talk from Alize at the beginning started to make me wet. So Fucking Sexy I love other girls with their shaved pussies, licking each other, making each other reach orgasm. Speacing of Wheres Aliz's cumming part she was about to blow and I feel like it was cut off kinda shortchanged if you will. Either way I love these 2 would buy more...
Both Aliz and Abbie Cat cum in this one, with Abbie Cat quaking with pleasure to finish the set.The last one does not have them waving goodbye, so I wonder if this set is incomplete, but what else can happen than both of them cumming together? :) The lack of sound on the last one doesn't affect me so much as under MacOS, the sound is on censoring delay.
It is a noticeable disappointment to have the lapse of sound. Yet, since I am returning to VG and DeskBabes from a long hiatus wherein I first viewed ladies on a buddy's account; you got to remember... back in the day, guys and gals, everything was silent!I still dream about how sexy Mai must have sounded in the studio while she fingered herself to climax after all her sexy dancing. That was before there was a DeskBabes! Mai was the exception and rarely did any other dancer even touch herself. N...
This is my most Favorite Card. I am not ahving any issues with it. I can hear the sucking noises as they lick each others clit. These girls go crazy on each others pussy and really lick and suck it not like the half ass attempt of many others.
Very hot interaction. Even if the angles don't show the body language ... and they both have really beautifull bodies ... shows how much they enjoy playing with pussies and clits. And getting off for us. And from a leg lover perspective... yes, they both keep stockings on and Aliz keeps har platform heels on (and lovely stockings with a suspender like detailing) . lovely
Wow if any card deserves more than a 10 this one is it. Aliz is so into it.
One the the best performances I've seen. These to really get into each other. A great performance. Lets see a three way that includes the "Aliz Machine".
Allot of great action! a must have...
Perfect 10 for me!!! Love these two girls!!! solo and together!!! Perfect show, great acting and action... They really get into it and each other... Must Have This !!!! Download now!!!
I love the way Aliz goes down on the girls she is with. Definitely the hottest action for me in all of deskbabes is watching and listening to Aliz eat a beautiful pussy.
What others have posted is spot on! I you're looking for a show where the models just do their own thing and forget the camera is there, you found one! They simply get lost in each other and the moment (or make a really convincing case for it anyway). Too many of these girls are just awkward in front of the camera, but these two? Very nice.
Very sexy show
Un duo grandiose, très très chaud, un bémol malgré tout, deux des clips n'ont pas de son, c'est là qu'on se rend compte à quel point le son est indispensable dans ces spectacles.
Aliz is pussy hungry these 2 ladies certainly know how to please each other i could watch these 2 all night (in fact have a few times). If deskbabes makes dreams come true could i please see Aliz and Jordan that would be my perfect card and i know they would definitely give me and each other hours of pleasure. Hmmmmmmmm just the thought
Oh, yes !
This is one of the hottest lesbian duos on DeskBabes you'll ever see. Abbie Cat is a very hot desktop dancer already and while Aliz may not be what everyone wants out of a stripper, she brings something to the table that many others cannot: extreme sexual magnetism. No other card on the site features the kind of raw, hardcore sex between two girls who obviously can't get enough of each other as this one does.These two performers are enjoying every second of time together. They start out slow and...
Aliz & Abbie perform with EXACTLY the Sexual Intensity that I'd like to see in the majority of DB's cards! They express an extreme Erotic Desire & Hunger for each others Passionate attentions and manipulations!They flow like molten LesboLava through the forests of each others sexual tension & release, exploding in great rushes of Orgasmic Eruptions! Such erotic honesty fills their every connection.They hungrily devour each others pussies, boring through to the center of each others powerful real...
I would love to see more cards with these two together. They are great together. I would buy every card they put out..
hot duo - great show and they enjoy every second 10/10
Clip Notes™ for b0159 - Aliz & Abbie Cat/Duo Black/purple bra, thong, black stockings, heels; Pink bra, panties, black stockings, heels 3. 4:59- Table, XXX; Oral, oral on vibrator, vibrator, multiple orgasms, kissing 4. 2:25- Table, No nudity; Spanking, kissing 5. 2:41- Table, Full nudity; Nipple sucking, kissing, spanking 6. 2:07- Table, XXX; Oral, multiple orgasms, kissing 7. 2:51- Table, XXX; Self-2-fingering, 3-fingering, oral (wrong audio) 8. 2:43- Table, XXX; Vibrator, multiple orgasms, or...
Merveilleux show !!! aliz dans toute sa splendeur...elle adore ce qu'elle fait cela se sent ;) et abbie MAGNIFIQUE
This should have been the best duo card on DB. Aliz and Abby Cat have great chemestry together and I love this card, but the problems in the show is why I only gave it an 8. One of the best and longest clips of the show has no sound and that is a big disapointment. Even with the missing sound this ia still a must have.
They're really not my type, but the performance is just incredible !
Great card, excellent show, but I'm taking 2 points off for the wrong video. The bonus video is Abbie Cat and Candy Alexa, not Aliz.
These girls are HOT and SEXY but the sound doesnt work on this card :( , while there is no sound I would still buy this card , it is worth it!
super !!!
Two of the most hot ladies in the site, performing a mega-hot show.
4.6 (623 votes)

Duo with Candy Alexa

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 493 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (28)

lovely smelly nylon feet!
Excelente, placentero y muy caliente. un 10 sin duda.
Great duo to have. 10+ More of these two please.
Love these girls' outfits and how thy just keep going after each other in the card--fantastic! 10/10
Aliz es una sucia!!! Cualquier dúo que la incluya es un 10! aparte Candy mmmmm...
Beautifull ladies, long legs in black stockings. Heels... action. Yes. Thank you Aliz and Candy for wonderfull show. Hope u enjoyed it as much as we do :)
men i love the way they rip off the tops and get right into pussy liciking whooo yum yum this is the way a duo shold go about it
One of the Hottest duos available! I have hundreds and this one is amazing.
10 + good
Deux jolies brunes très très chaudes, du haut de gamme, 100% action.
I love Stockings - girls, don't take them off !
Wow. Member for a while. First time to comment on a card.I am blown away by the awesome explicitness of these ladies' performance. I love how aggressive they both are. Wonderful acting and entertainment.Bravo!
From the moment this scene began, I was literally in shock! This is not acting, this is full-on girl on girl F**K action! When Aliz pounced on that flaming-hot quim, little did I know it was not even the hottest part! lol When they started riding those dildos, I couldn't help but yell "Yee-Haaaa"! And Candy with a mouth full of vagina is an image I hope never to forget! 10 out of 10, please girls DO IT AGAIN!
was hier noch fehlt wäre mal ein geiler faustfick ... oder mitgurke wäre auch nicht schlecht ... also ich ich liebe es wenn meine freundin mich mit der faust oder gemüse verwöhnt ... würde mich freuen es hier auch mal zu sehen ...
It took Aliz to bring Candy Alexa out of her lesbian shell. In previous duos, Candy has been only marginally good, but giving her to Aliz, the potent sex machine, has created an awesome Desk Babes performance.Aliz is pure sexual energy and her dyanmism really pulls it out of Candy Alexa. This card includes some of the best scenes you'll see on DeskBabes. From the first moment when they begin grabbing one another to the final orgasms, this is 27 minutes of hotness.They start out wearing dueling l...
These two ladies are so hot, which no one can denie. Outstanding! You will like it!
Wow. Just... wow.
Aliz kennt nur eine Geschwindigkeit, Vollgas! Sie zerlegt Candy das zu sehen ist einfach Geil, ich habe viele Shows gekauft die ich am liebsten in die Tonne drücken würde aber jede Show mit Aliz ist ein Jackpot! Da fällt mir nur eins ein Aliz will you mary me PLEASE!!!
This is some GREAT GirlFuckin'! It starts with hot,lusty, sexually intense,Babes in bra & panties kissing, action!Nice intro tease!A whole lotta lust begins building right away!Passionately wrapped around each other they pull each others bras off and hungrily suck breasts.Candy proceeds to deep lick & suck Aliz's cunt & then does an intense, multi finger fucking of her! She licks her clit as she RapidRams her fingers in & out to the screams of pleasure that erupt from Aliz, who intensely fingers...
Wow,lovely card, specially Candy she act great and may be she is a lesbian but if she is not, she act like a lesbian , No regret buying this card
Love this card. I don't know if they really are lesbian or not but they surely make it look so real... HOT!
If you want to see a show with two good looking girls fucking each other like there is no tomorrow with an amazing passion and energy just raw lesbian sex with barely a break(the show consists of 9 clips and they all belong to one scene so with progressive hotness you can see this show as one long video) then this is the show you were looking for. The girls get pretty loud but you don't get the feeling thats fake for a second. I don't see where Aliz was nervous. This show is surely one of the mo...
I love the cards with screaming orgasms and here the screaming orgasms of Candy Alexa are fantastic. :))
Great show but Aliz doesn't look really beautiful to me. Nevertheless, her performance is incredible. Candy Alexa is a nice follower.
(by WyDudeIt took Aliz to bring Candy Alexa outAliz is pure sexual energy and her dyanmism really pulls it out of Candy Alexa.Aliz almost literally pounces on Candy Alexa and from then on, the game is on.)He Took the words right out my mouth... Aliz makes this show... Cand is along for the ride... She knows where to position her and candy for the best shots of them for the viewer... Aliz is awesome... However Candy brings this card down a bit...
Candy Alexa wants to cum, but Aliz won't give her the way that she wants. Candy Alexa is definitely the hotter of the two.
Aliz hamming. I do not recommend this card.
Best CArd Ever

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