Aletta Ocean

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.84 ft.
  • Weight: 126 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 26" / 37"

While the xxx hardcore market is dominated by bimbos from California, rare treasures like Aletta Ocean do find their way to the top from time to time. If you have ever seen her in action, you already know that Aletta never says no and is always willing to go the extra mile for her male costars. It gets even better when she performs for you directly right here on iStripper!

Number of shows: 6

Aletta Ocean's shows

4.2 (993 votes)

Big kitten

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 445 MB

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User comments (45)

This is one sexy babe!
I enjoyed the show but I still feel that the Doctor who did her breast implants gave her a six for a nine.I'll continue to remember ALL of you in prayer.Thanks and God be Praised.
I love Aletta. Great titties, lushes lips.
Too bad about the fake boobs, but she is incredible nonetheless.
lovely smile,perfect body, definite trophy wife!
Wonderful legs enhanced by hoseiry!
I don't care if they are fakes tits, I sayed this in other post too, becouse Aletta Ocean is one of the best girl of VG
ALETTA as always on top. The best.
I don't care if they are fakes tits, I sayed this in other post too, becouse Aletta Ocean is one of the best girl of VG, she is complete, nice hard rocking body, nice moves, she does everiting nice, I like her wild character in this card, very very great and horny. Thanks Totem and thanks Aletta ;-)
Aletta es de mis actrices porno favoritas, de hecho una de las más hermosas, que como podemos ver al paso del tiempo se ha hecho fan de las cirugías...algunos de sus fans en contra otros de acuerdo...en mi parecer creo que natural es mejor pero no podemos negar que en su look operado se ve súper sucia! Un show sexy, cadencioso y muy erotico! 10 para esta súper estrella!!!
I have all the cards from Aletta she is stunning! More of Aletta: D
You can say what you want about Aletta's tits, I think they are beautiful !!!!!!!
great girl to see. more card of her please
I want titties like Aletta's, I just love hers !!!!!
If you can ignore her boobs (I don't find too difficult) then this is her best show by far, sexy seductive and smooth. She doesn't walk awkwardly like her other cards.
very good :Q___ troppo arrapante aletta ocean
Her breasts are the best on the internet if you like pert, huge,high fantastic cleavage and big central areolae and nipples to die for. Perfect for a tit ****
Also wer keine Silikonbrüste mag: WARUM KAUF DER DANN SO EINE KARTE??? Mir gefäll`s!! Jedenfalls besser als diese Hungerhaken!!
Iher dicken hupen sind einfach klasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE MORE!!!
Alitta, your are the hottest ketti !!!!
De lo mejorcito que he visto, aunque son operadas, tiene unas tetas increíbles. Vaya verano que pasaría con esta mujer...
simply hot girl...! sensual moves...not bad to have...thousand kisses aletta.
Very sensual and sexual woman! :)
sexy seduction
i also have a dvd of her! those are some big boobs! (10/10) but as i know thay are fake.. :( but still big :)
Aletta Ocean is a living caricature of a sex bomb. Perfect!
super sexy girl wants more of her
Very sexy and cute. Need more of Aletta
yummi, simple delicious, Aletta is always a 10/10
Alleta Ocean ist eine super geile maus sie hat schöne große titten und eine heiße fotze die ich sehr gerne mal in meinem bett haben möchte
More, Please!
This is what sweet dreams are made of.
Là encore le stéréotype de l'actrice x mais alette à un corps de rêve , des seins à damner un notaire et est très sympa. Seule ombre au tableau ses shows sont très lent et assez passifs mais elle est trop bonne et je vous la recommande malgré tout.
She seems a bit chunkier in this show than in Red Pearl, and for some reason her large lips remind me of a clowns in this show, but in Red Pearl all I could remember about them was being o so sexy. Not sure what the deal is or why the difference is so drastic from this show to that one, but I give her a 9 instead of a 10 because the difference is quite noticeable and not in a good way, also her performance seems to be lacking compared to Red Pearl as well.
Aletta looks very sexy in this skimpy leopard print bikini and stockings, with the added attraction for some of no shoes.On the task-bar her style was slow, but smooth as silk. With great eye contact and exquisite charm, her subtle, but superbly seductive sense of interaction just completely draws you in and everything but her amazing beauty and eroticism is driven from your mind. Not the most entertaining, but wonderfully sexy.Unfortunately her pole performance was a bit dismal. Although she di...
Nice, but just a touch too slutty.
In my opinion, one of the most overrated models on this site. First, the breasts... just too much, too big, too fake. Second, I don't know what happened to her face, but it isn't pretty. Must be very bad plastic surgery. Third, she has a pot belly and her thighs are too big for my tastes, but I guess that's a minor complaint overall. On the plus side, she knows how to act seductive in front of the camera. But physically, she just doesn't do anything for me. Overall, she rates "average" at best.
Aletta Ocean As Big Kitten > Please give all kittens better credits; this peabrain bimbo with her exagerated implants cannot measure with kitttens; what made a woman with a beautiful face like her, went over the edge to have an implants and/or silicone; as someone said "boob jobs are like stage makeup: they look good at a distance. They look better on you from 50 feet than from 10 feet, better from 10 feet than from one foot, better in a photograph or video than in real life, and better with mor...
Tous les gouts sont dans la nature... Je n'aime pas du tout Aletta. Je n'ai eu sa carte que par l'abonnement... Je ne l'aurais certainement pas achetée. Je la trouve moche. Elle a des seins footballistiques, des lèvres siliconées avec le surplus du silicone de ses seins. Elle a un air de pute. Bon ... C'est purement sexuel... Moi, je n'aime pas , mais apparemment ce n'est pas l'avis général. Je décline, mais pour être tout à fait franc, totalement à poil dans les derniers shows, elle m'a fait ba...
I find her implants too unsightly to rate this any higher.
shame Aletta, silicon Valley, u still can see the stiches from the op ... delate ;-((( want my Money back
5 Star
Sexy woman, nice curves. She does have a certain look, but I quite like that about her.
Card deleted; unnormal big breasts.
3.9 (723 votes)

Remand centre

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 443 MB

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User comments (24)

Sexy in everything she does. Love those lips and titties.
Auch wenn so vieles an Aletta nicht echt ist : Sie ist und bleibt momenatn eine der größten Porno Stars auf der Welt und all ihr Können zeigt sie auch hier !!!! 10 Punkte -> MEGA
I love big tits, and I don't care if are fake or natural, and I love the shows of Aletta Ocean, this girl makes me happy, I like the way she dance and the way she strips out of her clothes. Maybe this is not her best outfit, but her stunning body makes the difference and all is fine :) Super girl, just want to have all her cards !!!
I like all her cards I also like to name them when she post them on facebook
I love Aletta and your shows. Your boobs are unique!!
I don't care how fake she looks, she's hot. She can dance and is a great performer as well. The boobs are outrageous but she's still beautiful. I wonder what she looked like before she had her breasts and lips done? If she looks this good after she must have been gorgeous because not too many women could pull this look off.
Ich liebe Ihre dicken Titten, und die Show ist super.
Very hot outfit. She looks good with the hat, with the skirt or top, or without any of the above. I particularly liked the way the panties didn't quite cover here up. Nice.
A new visit from Aletta is like a warm, woman scented, breeze from high up between her lush & luscious Lusty Lady thighs.A most welcome, sensual, intoxication,of Buxotic,Erotic,FemEssance, guaranteed to induce visions of orgasmic pleasure soon to come in my mind.Her silken undulation of curve & swell is not unlike that element of her name choice,the ocean.When she slow kicks those AmazonStrong legs, I long for her sliding flesh to friction burn my ears! I'm an AlettaAdict-can't get enough of her...
This pistol packin' princess certainly knows all the right moves. Aletta is one very sexy lady.
Aletta is not only gorgeous, but very talented! Very beautiful woman. If you are reading this and don't get her card, I just don't know about you!
I agree, always an automatic 10
Glad this card is not VIP. Aletta always gets a 10 in my book.
No excuses need to be made about this VG !!! She has got to be one of the most beautiful girls on this site (exotic eyes, beautiful face and perfect curves on her body that she should a danger warning on her) and easily top 5 material. Another hot performance and outfit by this beauty. MORE PLEASE !!!
Aletta! Sería un 10 perfecto si no hubiera hecho algunos arreglos que al parecer no van tanto ella. Pero la verdad no deja de ser una de las actrices porno más chulas del momento. Buen show.
It is beautiful and has a great big body, but honestly, Aletta was wrong choosing those enormous balls.
Its no secret that I'm not keen on guns, but Aletta certainly looks good in this outfit, and I don't mind the hat in this case. Just a pity about another excuse for some unerotic sharp-shooting acting.On the task-bar Aletta was as beautiful, sexy and seductive as always. Her use of the gun prop was sexier than in most similar shows I've seen, but I do find its presence a turn-off. So the best clips for me were the few where it didn't feature heavily or was absent.What Aletta lacked in dynamism o...
I like her over-blown lips and oversized tits. But then I am a Sendy Silver fan(hint for Totem).
The fake boobs are bad enough , but whatever...The WORST part is those disgusting lips...why the hell do all these moronic women get that done to their lips? why...
Aletta Ocean At Remand Centre >> Yes ! Yes ! She should stay in a Remand Centre, that's to say in a prison environment one. Here we are with a girl with a God's given beautiful face & body who had to stuff it up by a silicone or whatever implants which is out of proportion to the size of her body. Another VGHD pervert tarte that can't think for herself and had followed the trend of other dingbats into carrying out transformations to their body. It is a shame that she chose implants of enormous p...
her boobs are so fake and too big for her body :(
All 5 star
If you like her body(I do, I don't mind a bit of plastic in my fantasy women), you'll love this show.
3.8 (1250 votes)

Black dragon

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 429 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (54)

Very sexy girl.
I am not a fake boob man. I would not like to have a pin in my hand if i was near Aletta. But i have to give her respect for being on IStripper.
I repeat again at this card too... I don't care if she has fake boobs, I simply love this girl, she is very much hard and she knows how to make hard a men. She finger her pussy so much nice. You just want to have all her cards ;-)
I won't dwell on the fake versus natural boob debate here. Aletta is what she is - and that's breathtakingly beautiful. The expert lighting in this shoot shows off every curve and contour of her smooth and sexy body.
I certainly wish that there would be more Aletta Ocean cards.
Aletta ist a very hot woman. Your show is wonderful, I love her big boobs. From me 10 ! :)
Aletta is a beautiful woman, she has an amazing body and beautiful full lips as well as one of the sexiest voices ever, sure her boobs are fake but they aren't the worst fake boobs i've seen. her show on this card is a good and very sexy show with a lot of self touching and sexy poses.
Bis aus Dora schließlich Aletta wurde, wurden die "Cannon Balls" für sie neu erfunden. Heute möchte ich gerne von ihnen "erschossen" werden! Egal, ob von Dora oder Aletta!
A rare treasure indeed! Beautiful blue eyes, full lips, titties that beg to be sucked, and an ass that begs to be licked and spanked! Body parts may be enhanced but I love them! Wish I was a lucky costar with her!! My dick is begging!!
Aletta makes my pussy just cream all over !!!! She is fantastic.
Monstrously adorable on the show that takes place in the barefoot 10+++++
great card nice outfit hot chick
Realmente no entiendo la media obtenida en esta votación, porque realmente este show es excelente. Bravo.Salu2. (:-{)))
Aletta is all woman, fantastic show!!!
Super Show, Ihre dicken Titten würd Ich gern mal zu fassen bekommen und Ihre Fotze ist herlich Feucht. Ihre aufgespritzten Lippen stören das gesamtbild aber von Mir trotz dem 10 punkte.
So fantastic. Whenever her shows come on the screen I nearly fall out of my chair. She is the best model in my opinion. Her and Pussy Kat are amazing. Well worth a paid membership
Makes Me So Hot!!!
Love Aletta Ocean. Hope she returns for more like Mandy Dee did.
Stunning girl & a lovely show to enjoy. ThankU
If you're a fan of Aletta, not to be missed. One of Aletta's best shows.
Stunning, easily one of the best VG !
The 2nd solo card from adult superstar Aletta Ocean and she looks fantastic in this black see-through outfit. The denim skirt seemed a bit superfluous, but added to the striptease.On the task-bar she was again slow and sultry, but active enough to hold the attention. Mesmerisingly beautiful, fantastic body (boob job or not) and her sense of seduction was perfect. Very very sexy and at the limit of explicitness for VG.Aletta's pole performance was a bit variable in this show. In some clips she sh...
TKS for Alleta she is awesome
Aleta is a force of Eros!A smooth Flow of Liquid Sex in motion! I am completely seduced by her luscious StripperBabeNess & fulsome body allure!When she looks at me with that lovely Sex Doll face I am subsumed 'neath her Quantum FuckSome flow of AmperBabe BuxoticBadonkaDonk Beauty! When she prowls, fully clothed, on the bar, just GlidePumpin' while caressing me with her TemptationEyes I'm matchin' her, smooth flow fer smooth flow! Ooooo...yeah...She leans back, kickin' legs of buxom smooth & I'm...
Cette fois-ci je lui donne une meilleure note parce que si elle a des poumons artificiels trop gros, elle a un joli visage :)
They may be artificial, but Aletta is always a delight to watch.
Wish to see more of her at deskbabes. She is not natural, but I love her as she is.
And what´s the matter?, she makes you have no breath at all!! She´s gonna break her suit, she´s lovely...
sooooooooooooo sexy!
I like Aletta Ocean outfit. the one thig I likr to know if those are real BOOBS. She has a nice body and eyes. The show is 8/10 but over all 9/10 for me.
Aletta has a bewitching blue eyes, her lips and boobs are totally artificial, as appreciated before purchasing this card, but it pays to be in possession of some of their cards but all. Sometimes I want to see something unusual.
HOT as hell!!! Way to go Aletta, show us more!!!!!
A little bit disapointed by her new look; her show still is great! ;-)
refaite de partout , pas assez naturelle !!! deux ballons de basket à la place des seins dommage !!!
pretty good vip card. i like being able to edit them now. nice surprise to find an x rated clip, though tame. it bodes well for vg future, and it is better than some of the other vip cards! i hate denim outfits and this one doesnt match the rest of her one-piece, but she removes it fast and often. at least two great clips of her fully nude AND barefoot!!!!, with one having decent assplay!
La primera ves que ví a Aletta en una porno me enamoré, es guapísima (o lo era) lo puedo creer. Por qué si eres una mujer hermosísima harías este cambio tan desfavorable. Lamentablemente llega a 8 con muchas ganas. WTF
Was mich ein wenig stört, sind die unnatürlich großen Brüste und die unnatürlichen Lippen. Meiner Meinung nach wurde ein wenig zu viel nach geholfen. Sie wirkt älter als sie ist und ihre Show kommt ein wenig gekünstelt rüber. Schade. Ansonsten ne' nette Frau. Aber leider nur 8 Punkte von mir.
Pros - Grown woman sexy, thick curvy body, slow sensuous movements, sufficient explicit contentCons - Rock hard fake ta-tas, sometimes repetitive and uninspired clipsA very sexy chick who should have stayed natural. Could still give you wood in real life, for sure. 8 out of 10.
Just a bit too porn star for me
Fake boobs are really a turn-off.
Im not a fan of Fake body parts and injections... Aletta has a nice body, puts on an ok show and looks great in that body suit.. But her looks from the chest up are too fake for me...
Avec Aletta Oceane, on a une jolie fille avec une belle longue chevelure noire. Elle danse en prodiguant à son corps de d'agréables caresses. Ses mains s'attardent, avec style, sur ses fesses et sa généreuse poitrine. Elle danse en un rythme tranquille... et suggestif. Son body transparent met bien en valeur ses deux seins ronds. Par contre, elle a fait un mauvais choix de chaussure, pour ce show. En effet, elles lui ont valu deux trois cafouillage... En tout cas, cela m'a pas donné l'impression...
Aletta Ocean is a porn star of some renown and her look says "professional" all over it. From her big fake breasts to her collagen lips, this woman is the image of today's "sex queen." Sadly, that professionalism also means distance and, to be honest, boredom.This manufactured woman puts on a good show if you're after boilerplate solo stripper moves. If you're looking for a great attitude, a fun show, or someone who appears to be enjoying herself as she performs, then Aletta Ocean won't deliver.
Ahhh hahaha She shakes her boobs but there so huge and fake they dont eve move!!! LOL
False tatas a shame.
Man sieht auf den ersten Blick daß Titten und Lippen unnatürlich sind. Warum tun Frauen sowas? Leider gibts noch keine Gehirnimplantate.
Her lips are way too distracting. Who would do that to themselves? The breasts are also so inflated they don't even shake when she does. She had the potential to be very attractive if she didn't screw it all up with surgery.
strong candidate for the worst boob job on VG or anywhere
Aletta is a nice model so far with a nice body and a nice Show but her lips and titts are to much for my eyes (no comment).
Sexy outfix and nice body. but ugly face!
Only problem with Aletta is ..NO NEW CARDS..LOL I have everything she has done on here..Its time for MORE MORE MO...
Lovely, just lovely.
4.3 (1000 votes)


  • Shows: 17 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 434 MB

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User comments (65)

Dirty girl!
Hi Aletta
Please,Make deskbabes with Aletta Ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is such a lover cause i'am in love with this woman
I fucking love Aletta Ocean!! she is the ultimate pornstar, She has the perfect body for sex and amazing lips for blowjobs, her boobs are so amazing they should be worshipped, I wish she was my girlfriend!!
I love your show, Aletta is fantastic. She has to everything my dream woman have. Perfecter body, huge boobs and a sexy look. rating from me 10 :)
Unlike some others, I really enjoy Aletta's sexy performance on DB. She is voluptuous, and she shows her sexiness in a "no holds barred" sexploitation.
My first comment, even to an old card... Aletta is as natural like a lolipop, but everything on here matches and sounds like "sex". The show is great and fits perfectly to Deskbabes...
can u make some more videos?
Voluptuous in looks, words, and deeds. You will never regret acquiring this card.
I don't care what anybody says about Aletta's tits, I think they are beautiful and very mouth-watering !!!!!
I want to fuck her until the end of time,marvelous,wonderfull,tits,pussy,ass.I want to lick and fuck every inch of her body .
Was für eine geile Frau !!! Also, wenn man sich so riesige Megatitten und wahrscheinlich auch die Lippen machen lässt, dann sagt das doch, wie geil diese Frau drauf sein muss. Und das ist sie auch in jedem Detail. Ein absolutes Busenwunder, eine richtig geile, atemberaubende Frau. Bin ein Riesen Fan von Aletta, mehr davon !!! Sie ist die unumstrittende Nr.1 von Deskbabes !!!
Aletta is amazing. I really would like to see her in a duet with an another impressive girl.
Aletta is one hell of a fabulously fun hon.
great babe and card
Great babe, very nice lingeries and lovely boobs of course. The show itself is only a bit short. Whish there would be more babs with big boobs.
A 10!!!!!!!!!!
Very impressive girl. Thank you
Aletta Ocean is very very sexy she is one on the best deskbabes i ever seen,i like her big boobs!
Why don't you bring more BIG BOOBS and Huge ASS girls like Alexis Texas..please bring huge boobs and big asses
Aletta is actaully my first card! She did not disappoint. Very personal and nawty for you ;) Nice long explicit scenes with GREAT ass play! Any GREAT TITS!!! BEST CLIPS: When she sucks her dildo after it comes str8 out her ass! LOVE ATM!!!
Wow; An den Möppsen würd' Ich gern mal kappern und sie sorichtig kneten. Ihre Show ist super.
This card is unbelievably sexy, best one Ive ever seen and the first Ive written about. a Ten of Ten and VERY HD Quality. I love it
love the anal dildo play!
I would play with the original model the most, what a wonderful girl .... great woman
I wanna wake up to these titties every mornin!
Like the anal play. Some more of that would be cool.
What a beauty and a great surprise to see some anal play !!! This show easily surpasses the 10 point scale.
FINALLY the ASS play that I have been desiring on VG/DB. Only thing is I don't particularly care for fake women, and well... ... think I'll be nice and just stop at that. Oh well Just like real life, I'm still looking for that perfect 10. Think I'd have better luck tracking down a Yeti though. I guess I'll just have to take a swim in this Ocean for a while. Thank You TOTEM I never thought you would do it, Viva La Anal!
Wow !!! Aletta sets a new benchmark. And she really knows how to talk dirty. The 'crazy lady face make-up' was a bit of a shock, but in this show she is the crazy lady you want to be stuck with. You should get this card to see what everyone is talking about. 10/10
Now that's how to perform for the audience. She gives herself a really good going over, wish I could too.
Aletta, I want you!!!!
Supergeile Show !!
Wow!! dildo in ass is wonderful Aletta HOT HOT HOT 10/10
aletta es top en plus elle se gode en anal hummm trop bon!!!!
Was hoping for this day to come. Love Aletta Ocean.
Wow! For me this is the best solo card on Deskbabes. Not only because of the anal play, which is indeed great. But she is also very seductive and lascivious. This card is really hot!!! :)
If this card's not workin' go here for the fix: [16883] Go there follow starry's instructions....and enjoy!!
this is great my first card and its going to take a lot to top it
I know, it's not the most descriptive review. But if you love anal, than buy this card. If not, leave it :)
Overall Aletta is a beautifol woman, but I do not care for the basketballs on her chest.I do not know what her breasts looked liked before the AMPING, but I would definately prefer her to have her with real natural breasts.If, I got the chance, I would love to fuck her, especially in her beautiful ass.I cannot match the dildo in size, but that does not mean that I can't give her a good hard anal pounding.
She would be a beautiful woman, were it not for the excessive augmentation surgeries. Her entire look screams bored stripper. But I still would pay for a lap dance. I also don't believe for a moment that she's twenty-three years old. Maybe thirty-three.On a personal note, I have received a lap dance from a breast augmented stripper before and those chest balls are as hard as they look...tragic. :o(
Absolutely sexy. I love her curves, she's so damn hot. A must have, for sure. Thank you and the Totem crew.
Come into Polish princess. I invite you for coffee and cake:)
Mi aspettavo di più. L'abbigliamento e il trucco non sono il massimo, lei è un gran pezzo di figa e vista la sua posizione mi aspettavo di meglio...però non vuol dire che non vale niente anzi.....le sue labbra vi faranno morire...
Il y en a qui doivent être aveugle quand ils disent que son show est plat vu ses attributs ;-) La seule chose que je pourrais lui reprocher, c'est que certains de ses shows sont trop... longs !!!
i hate her over sized tits. but she gives one hell of a show.
Nice bush, bad boobs.
Long shows, and she loves playing with that dildo, especially anal, an okay card, different then some, but not an amazing card
un show assez plat sauf pour la partie anale
I am not a fan of the lip injections a super fake breast... She would be so much prettier without it... I Like her lower half! The show is good at best... It has its moments like when she is fingering herself deep... She does moan well and her passionate faces are nice.. Just the breast kill it for me..
I honestly love her VG shows much better than DB. This one was so so..
Not my best card, her fake breasts turn me off a bit, and I am not a massive fan of her heavy accent, but my gooodness, she knows how to fuck her arse with that dildo, so makes up for her other shortcomings!
nice tits
Plastic, plastic. I didn't know what would explode first.. those bulbous lips or ridiculous breasts
These are not lips anymore. These are tyres...
what are those ridiculous looking things on her chest were her tits should be
A l'exception des 3 derniers clips (environ la moitié du show), le reste n'a guère d'intérêt. Quand à son aspect physique, il justifie ma note, j'espère que son chirurgien dit "esthétique" est en prison pour longtemps. Le pire dans tout çà c'est qu'elle était surement mignonne avant...
2/10 - I know it's the popular porn star Aletta Ocean...but this should've been so much better. The makeup she has on makes her look like a circus clown in the video and the outfit makes her boobs look way out of proportion, it's almost comical. In short, the visual appeal was done all wrong. As for the action, I was expecting better from an actual porn star, it's not bad, but it's not hot either. Once again the card looks better than the video...
She is totally "fake" but, at te same time, a great pornstar! Great anal scene
Viel zu viel Silikon und nicht nur in den Brüsten
4.1 (1242 votes)

Red pearl

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 464 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (70)

I love everything I've seen this girl in.
Soo Good Beauty 20++++
Alletta is al time perfect
alle aletta ocean clips sind top were cool in1080p und ein paar neue carten weren top
wow love the dancing and big breast
Aletta is a horny wife ;) I love they and your wonderful shows. Her huge boobs are just fantastic. Super your Show, I am impressed, Thanks Aletta! rating from me 10 :)
I wasn't expecting a lot. She is a fantastic and sensual performer. This girl knows how to be sexy. She won me over completely.
Very sexy. great show !!!!!
aletta iwatch you every day u are themost super smoking hot Godess i have the pleasure to enjoy .the one thing most of all i would do anything to be with U for a day sexually. lust for U for life xox
she is very sexy
Aletta ist sehr sexy in dem Outfit!! Dafür eine glatte 10!! Vielleicht solten einige sich vor dem Kauf einer Karte informieren!! Wer nicht auf Silikon steht sollte diese Karte auch nicht kaufen!!
Really hot, she'll be always in my dream... I'll take probably more of her cards.
ihre hammer tüten sind granaten meßig geil. gnau wie ihre show bei ""
PERFECT 10.. god she's so gorgeous and I LOVE her tits, don't care if their fake as hell or not, LOVE them!
I have this girl in a porn movies, now i have on my computer, thats nice
she's so beautiful.. she's a god of strip, mrr... so exciting, Really 10/10! :D
Although she's a little large in the midsection, this one knows how to move. You have to respect and appreciate that.
DAME SHE'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10!!!!!!
She's a real goddess!!! ;)
She is worht every penny to have in your collection!
Awesome, please more !!!
Glad to see Aletta On VG...She is a stunner...FINALLY another girl with nice boobs. Seems so many on VG have the droopy naturals it's nice to be able to add some fresh faces to girls like Felina, Sendy Silver, Carol G and Ashley Robbins.
I do think to catch Aletta Ocean for VG was a good idea. I do like her plenty much, because most of all - all together - she has a very high Erotic Level just only by her presence and appearance. What matters in my opinion the most in Programs like Virtual Girls is the general Erotic Appearance of the Women-Lady and Alettas Erotic Appearance is very high. As I am also no enemy of Silicon Breasts this could also enchance the Erotic of a Women and - so far - until yet this is also the Case with Al...
Now there's a pair of tits that could hypnotise you from behind a thick jersey and trenchcoat even in dim light! Damn the nay sayers of this world, rubber tits Rock! Anyone that says they don't like 'fake' boobs is either jealous they don't have them (chicks) or don't have access to them (dudes), or bitter about the fact that they can't afford them. Granted, these super sized headlamps wouldn't suit every babe's frame, but Aletta sure pulls these babies off... You go girl!
Best tits on the site hands down !! If you don`t like big fake tits, then stay away, but for those of us that like huge fake rockets, this is where its at !!
A beautiful & sexy girl. Would look a little more natural with less implants. Still.....I like her.
Aletta is currently among the biggest adult stars. Her raven hair, hypnotic blue eyes, Cameron Diaz like beauty and slim, but curvy body, for me, make her one of the most beautiful and sexy women on Earth. She possibly looked better before her last surgery, but as boob jobs go this one isn't that bad and she looks as sexy as ever in this red outfit.Her task-bar clips had everything you would expect. Sultry and languid in style, but completely charming with a subtle but excellent sense of interac...
I just adore Aletta's big titties, would love to suck them dry!!!!!! I love yu Aletta
Sultry and very sexy lady who knows how to arouse and excite. Very erotic porn actress and her show here doesn't dissapoint! She shows that to be sexy you don't just have to just look good but that behaving in a sexy way is just as important. Am sure this lady will be one of my favourites!
Lovely lady. A bit exagerated with the size of boobs but all in all must be one of the top five girls on this site.
she in my top 5 hope to see more of her
Aletta went for SuperTitzSultryStripperBabe with her amps & I'm goin' right along with her!She projects an EroticFuckBabe persona that babes like Tina K could learn from.She's here to get us off & she does her dance, with great erotic focus,competence,comittment,& lovely, coolly slutty, charm!!She gives a nice interview, shows her "real person", & that's a delightful balance to the Sex Bomb strutting on our screen!Her X clip has that assured,open spread to us,pussy/ass pump & 5 second Totem toke...
A very very good card and a keeper----THE CARD AND HER ARE a 10
Wow, me likey! Definitely more than a handful. Love those eyes, too. Do yourself a favor, get this card!
sweet , the best card ever , i buy it all , co za suczka zajebista !!!
damn! one of the best cards I have
Gracias Mil por Aletta Ocean!
I am a huge fan of Alleta Ocean, I love everything about her. Any chance to see her finger/dildo her ass on a future card? Please more!!!!
iberous, dude, is there not a girl you "wanna see with tea" I mean damn man. We get it, you like tea
WOW! Is it true? Are you here? I loose myself in the deep ocean of your blue eyes and you give me your special gift: an ocean of infinit pleasure!!! Thank you
Finally a solo card for Aletta Ocean. Cant wait for the next one to come out.
Aletta est vraiment superbe merci !!
Fake boobs or not, she's a HOTTIE!!! Absolutely sultry and seductive moves, she's got all it takes to be the best on VGHD. She's extremely charming and her facial expressions would turn on a corpse too. She's got the moves though she's no pole dancer. Am glad I bought this card. Perfect show length. Awesome variations. Excellent Outfit. HOTTT erotic levels. This is a MUST HAVE for all VGHD members.
gorgeous sexy lady would love to get her in bed or any other place
I don't know why are a bitches,er... customers that complaint so much.
Aletta Ocean is a pretty girl, and I`m a man that like Big Boobs. Even if they are fake They would have look better if they were not so BIG. Here show is alright a very sexy outfit. 8.5/10 for me.
Beautiful girl, great body, obvious Boob job, good value, very nice, shame about the boobs.
a very erotic and sexy woman! she realy knows how to seduc a man! the showing of pussy is very poor and thats a pity... my opinion is that a card like this would have deserved a 10/10 but because of the missing "showing her entirely nude" only a 8/10 sorry but i need this! ;)
I will not purchase another card of hers...too plastic for me.
trop fausse , mais quand meme mieux que sandy silver
Sigh.. another ill-advised and not well-done breast enhancement. It's kinda hilarious watching Aletta shake herself silly just to make those things jiggle slightly. And it's really a shame, because she's such a pretty girl otherwise; great ass and legs, gorgeous eyes..However, there are some nice clips on this card so I'm going to be generous and give it a 7/10. Guess I'm a sucker for red fishnets and a shoe removal ;)
Very pretty, shame about the overly large and poorly done breasts implants.
mouai, bof ... pour une ex pro du monde du X (si j'ai bien compris), rien de transendant.Je ne suis pas trés sensible à ses appendices exagerement siliconés, ni à son style qui n'a rien d'original ni de trés sensuel ...comme on dit : les gouts et les couleurs ...
?????? ?? ??? 100%
Used to think she was gorgeous, then she got the terrible implants and lip job :-(
Awful. This is what happens to beautiful girls sometimes who go for plastic barbie doll porn look. If you can find some of Aletta's younger pics before all the damage, she was gorgeous. Now, she looks frightening. 5/10
Aletta Ocean est une jolie fille mais je ne lui pardonne pas ses lèvres et ses seins outrageseument gonflés !!!
i wanna see her with tea!!!im still waiting for her to do aletta ocean stuff, i guess. kinda disappointing. maybe mandy's solo card will be better...
Not a hater but horrible fake tits. It's not about the girl, just the fake, unnatural and ugly things sticking out from her chest. Fake boobs may look okay under a sweater, but displaying them nude is not attractive.
cariño esa obsesion por el bisturi te esta dejando como un adefesio, con lo preciosa que eras al principio de tu carrera y el asco que das ahora
poorly done breasts implants
shame Aletta, silicon Valley, u still can see the stiches from the op in the expl. show Nr.5 ... delate ;-((( want my Money back
Trout lips and basket balls. Such a winner. It is a shame since she looks like she might of been attractive before the work.
je suis méga fan
buenisima chkt
I like her, fake or not.
4.1 (1247 votes)

Big Snowflakes with Mandy Dee

  • Shows: 31 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 86
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 663 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (56)

Two beautiful women & one cool show.Whoever did the boob job for Aletta did her an injustice.On another note:Kindness costs nothing and is an insult to the ignorant as well as don't save it all for Christmas Day.God be Praised! and Thanks for performing for us.
a lovely set of coconuts on both!
I have no words, just two fantastic body togheter, wooowww this is the max you can have. 10 +++
Esta pareja es la mejor postal de invierno que puede tener uno al lado de la chimenea. Con el calor que desprenden y estando uno en pelotas, viendo esas tetas, esos culos, esas caderas, esas caritas tan bellas; sólo desea uno meterse entre sus piernas.
Well Mandy is an automatic 10 no matter what she's doing. Her scrumptious natural body and sexy attitude are perfect for this settting. I know Aletta's got fakies, but I still can't help but want to bury my face, or my boner, deep into them. Would love to see these two in a DB card doing nasty things to each other!
Fantastic show of two Girl. Yeahhh! I have at last all cards from Mandy :)
Para esos ratos que uno quiere mucho de todo ;)...Chicas con curvas en exceso y que mejor que vengan en par. 9.6
Cometh the moment, cometh the girls. The contrast between Mandy's sweet beauty and Aletta's unbelievably outrageous pneumatic sluttines, (If you are going to do bad taste, what's the point of half-measures, well done girl!!) works a treat. This will do nicely for a Christmas present.
Best card ever!!! If I only owned one... Mandy is perfect. Aletta is the mouth tits and ass I want to jerk off to everyday. This card has solo and duo dancing. It is a bonerfest.
A Fantastic Duo, Aletta is one of Pornstars that I follow has more big tits rocking, feet and legs that make inpazzire love this card it was wonderful addition to his collection
Justice for Hungary!:)
god bless you.Christmas Time is finally here, It only comes but once a year. And it's a time to spread good cheer, To those we love and hold so dear.Christmas Time is a time of glee, A time when peace and love run free. A time for those like you and me, To sit beneath the Christmas Tree.Christmas Time is a time of joy, A time to sit back and enjoy. The smile on each girl and boy, As they play with a Christmas Toy.Christmas Time is a time to share, The passing of another year. Birth of Jesus, a j...
WOW, if these two big-titted ladies don't get you into the Christmas spirit nothing will, they are HOT
Now I know what I want for Christmas...
Sexy and big busted duo.
Ces deux kolies salopes m'on bien fait mouillé, je me suis empréssée de me faire jouir comme il se doit.Envoyez moi vos messages cochon, ne soyez pas timides !
i must say, this card is awesome, mandy dee is very cute, but aletta is godness, want them jump over from this box at the same time xD i mus say, really 10/10, one of the bests duo's cards :)
I love you Mandy Dee !!! =) Please , i want a thousand shows of you Mandy Dee.
Mandy Dee deserve a ten on her own. The rest is just bonus.
As a duo the girls barely touch each other. But they are smokin' hot with bodies built for sex.
I love Aletta's giant silicone tits, simply fantastic, awesome in fact. For all you fake tits haters, just don't buy the card if it offends you THAT much, it's obvious they're not real before you buy it. I know what I like, and I know what I don't like - and I make my purchases accordingly. I just don't get why people buy this card then moan about her being fake. You guys are weird.
I don't understand all the negative comments on Aletta's tits, what does a girl have to do anyway to satisfy some people, r they stupid or what!!!!! I just love her big boobs, would like to get my hands and mouth on them, they r AWESOME!!!! Be proud girl, and to hell what anybody else thinks, they r yours, not theirs.
Hot StripperBabes!Voluptuous BeautyBabes!Their combined effect is BombasticBoobiLiciousBaDonkaDonks! Mandy, especially, is the epitome of a physical type of woman we need desperately at VG/DB!I hope that she was shot for the MAX of cards for both sites! She moves sensu-eroticly, has perfect buxom babe looks,and does explicit X effortlessly and freely.A good poser, she does nice open to us, cookie spread, pump & finger dip action. Both girls do soft wiggle tease & stroke together.Aletta is formid...
what a nice couple, i like this girls, A++++++++++++++++++ i need more ;)))
Aletta is massively hot, totally enhanced, and, for me, not at all a disappointment. If you're into natural tits, look at Mandy. She was not my focus, although she did provide nice contrast. As is often the case, the shaved tag is meaningless. Mandy has a nice landing strip and Aletta has a cute triangle. I, for one, seriously think there should be a trimmed tag, or shaved should just mean fully shaved.
Well I for one would welcome these two Santa "helpers" into my grotto anytime where they could spend as long as they like wrapping (and unwrapping) my present for them!! The hardest decision would be is where to hang the mistletoe!!!Thank you VG for a great Christmas card to us. So a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all!!!!!
Doesn't suffice kissing =(
Smokin HOT. Cant wait for the solo Adventures.
HO HO D'oh! A HOT stocking stuffer for naughty boys & girls. When the blonde takes off Holiday G string & turns genturing Shhh, I just wanted to jump on the screen & stuff my candy cane into her sweetness ; ).. Happy Holidays. Enjoy !
I am not a big fan of Aletta Ocean, but she is a decent performer, I jus don't find her that attractive...but Mandy Dee however.....da da da damnnnn...she is hot...unfortunately being paired with Aletta drags my rating down to 9/10...and it only stays that high because Mandy Dee has so much charisma
I gave this card a 9 for only 1 reason, the interaction between Mandy & Aletta seems to be lacking. Ths card seems to be a solo not a duo. Other than that very enjoyable.
ho ho ho frohe weinachten , Aletta ist fantastisch mit ihren körperpoportionen. Mandy verblast da mit ihren natur busen einbischen.
@jonny How about those who bought the card for Mandy?Anyway, Aletta's tits dont fit her frame, Miss Roxx's are much better.
Holy Twap! Talk about breasts on a platter, those things that Mandy's got look like they're ready to explode out of that top she's wearing! Very nice. Not very impressed with Aletta, though. Definitely a must buy for the all the big breast lovers out there. Mandy kinda reminds me of Marta, in a way, too, which is definitely a good thing. Looking forward to her solo shows.
It's no secret that I don't like duo cards, but I suppose there had to be an exception sometime and this is it.The show features two of the biggest names in the adult industry in suitably festive attire. Beautiful blue-eyed brunette, Aletta Ocean is one of my favourite adult stars (I've been a fan for some time) and looks simply fantastic here. Blond Mandy Dee is slightly less my cup of tea, but still gorgeous and very sexy.The task bar clips all featured solo performances from either Aletta or...
... fake tatas -------------------- no thank you
sexy card too bad she has fake tits
Not a big fan of Aletta Ocean but damn the girl has a stunning body.
This Christmas is hot because there's Mandy Dee (I dream many card with her in future on VG and DeskBabes). I rate: the card : 8/10 Mandy Dee: 100/10 Aletta Ocean: 6/10 because she is professional. :))
I agree with Albionhunter. This is a mismatch. Mandy Dee is totally gorgeous with generous, natural curves and she presents as girl I'd like to know personally. Aletta seems too artificial for my taste. Her balloon-like breasts may be attractive to many, but not to me. I'm not a fan of her enhanced facial appearance either. Score the card 7/10 (which is an average of 10/10 for Mandy and 4/10 for Aletta.
Mandy is perfect Aletta is wonderfull but she is not good here
disappointing really. expected more from aletta.
aletta ocean, one of my favorites in the porn world, now on my desktop whenever i wish! yay! disappointing bonus pics, though. i was expecting far greater from any photographer who had her as a subject! i wanna see her with tea!
This is a Holiday-themed card featuring two Virtua Girls, one very hot and one a tribute to plastic surgery. That about sums it up.
I was real disappointed in this card. I was looking for a fun sexy hot holiday card to go with Nikky Case & Mina. In stead I got a girl with boobs that are like huge unripe melons. To fake no jiggle at all. Real turn off for me. Show was boring. Girls interaction with one and other was horrid. Actually?. There was non. All in all it a 1 credit card if that. I would not have spent the credit it on this card if I had known how the card truly was. Big Red box is nice though :-/
Cette carte de Noël cuvée 2010 est vraiment sympa :) Mandy Dee est très mignone :) Mais Aletta Ocean est trop silliconée et trop c'est trop :(
Aletta Ocean fake tits are hard to watch they look terrible. Mandy Dee has a sexy body. So I give Aletta Ocean a 0,and Mandy Dee a 10 = 5
Bit dissapointment specially Aletta..Seems like "Pump up the volume". A bit too much...The duo is fine.
A completely mismatched pairing for Christmas sees the buxom, sensuous Mandy and the part mountain range, part amphibian Aletta. When the two are on stage together there's such a contrast between the sultry and voluptuous blonde who continually upstages the, frankly, bizarre brunette.Mandy is one of the sexiest women I've ever seen: she works it effortlessly and sooo effectively. In contrast poor Aletta looks like a carny-show by comparison: when she moves everything jiggles except the two rocks...
Ugh. Aletta Ocean is just plain hard to look at. Those balloons on her chest....horrible!! I've deleted all the scenes with Aletta. Whatever Totem paid for her appearance, it was too much!As for Mandy Dee...great girl, but is it asking too much to have some scenes without the boots and hat?
I can't believe how ugly and vulgar is the brunette girl with long hair. I didn't care which one it is. With his huge breasts and horible big mouth, she looks like a cow, like a cheap hooker on the street. And her dance is just as vulgar as the body, all that take you to the idea of a prostitute who is looking for clients. Horrible! I will remove this card.Anyway, the other girl is quite right. Maybe in a single card ....
Got this card as my daily from my subscription and it is the worst I have seen for a while. The blonde girl is actually rather nice and i'd like to see more of her, but the dark haired girl looks like she came from a badly drawn cartoon
That card is totally ruined by that ugly body... one of the worsts fake tits I have ever seen and add the fake lips... and we get here! Totally wrong way! One more ZERO from me.
Good show. Mandy is stunning.
Tres bon show

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