Abbie Cat

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.58 ft.
  • Weight: 119 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 24" / 35"

Abbie Cat is a spunky 22 year old brunette from Budapest Hungary. She's openly bisexual in her personal life and told us her favorite fantasy is being part of a group orgy at swingers parties. Here she is in a solo show that captures your attention with her sensual sex appeal and pixie-like personality!

Number of shows: 4

Abbie Cat's shows

4.5 (826 votes)


  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 81
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 399 MB

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User comments (36)

Abbie, you are the most attractive and exciting girl!
beautiful and wet, nobody gets as juicy as abbie cat, if there is i would like to know.
Love Abbie Cat (solo). She puts everything into the performance. Lots of eye contact, very sexy moves. Every clip is nude or explicit. She wastes no time getting to it. She is playful without being silly. Lots of hot dildo work. Shows off her pussy often. She is well lit and rendered. Love it.Slim, fit girl. Beautiful skin. No tattoos. Clitoral piercing. Shaved pussy.
I highly recommend Abbie Cat to those looking for serious action. This girl does NOT waste your time at all!! She gets right to it!! Amazing!!
doesnt she make you masterbate
Just the best girl ever, this show is amazing, progressive and real, juste, "the best" and no dialogue rotten like the other girls, just the Essential
MORE SOLOS!!! Luv this girl.
If you dont buy this your an Idiot!!!! Do not pass on this! It is one of the best I have seen so far! She talks so seductive to you, moans so sexy and takes it to herself so fucking Awesomely!!! If thats a word... I dont care! She is hot!!
You are a very beautiful, sexy & naughty lady who knows how to tease but I love it! Please don?t stop, I want more!!! I love your accent, smile, giggles and gorgeous eyes! You deserve a 12 out of 10!!! I highly recommend you! You are now my favourite! Thank you Abbie, I want to adopt or marry you ;)
THE BREAK DOWN: 7 clips (Solid 24.5 mins)2.08 Intro - talks and teases3.30 breast massage, fondling, spanking, slow peel/tease.3.40 breast massage, finger sucking, shakes ass toward you, on all fours, fingering, tastes her juices, pussy spreads and massages, deep fingering, nice moans and sighs.4.05 seated legs spread toward you fingering, twirls clit to orgasm, on all fours, spanks her ass, fingers from behind.3.05 TAKES HER SLIP OFF, nude except heels, massages breasts, fingers pussy, hard bre...
Great performance. Abbie has a nice body, beautiful breasts and a lovely pussy and knows how to move. 10 points
It's a perfect show. Abbie is sexy and sensational, very talent os (dildo)sucking. The show worth 10 point.
Great card! The best sexy girl here. 10+
Elle est jolie, elle est très chaude et terriblement bandante, un régal.
La più bella card di sempre. Estrema. MMMmmmmm come ti scoperei...
Abbie Cat has become one of my new favorites here at Virtua Girl Review. She is very hot, very sexual, and very, very talented. Her natural body, sexually-charged demeanor, great attitude and connection with the viewer, and obvious enjoyment of her desktop dancing and striptease makes her a top notch VirtuaGirl.This solo performance for DeskBabes is very hot. It is a sequence of clips going from introduction to fully nude and enjoying herself with a dildo. You can clearly see that it's not an ac...
Bought this card after seeing the demo. Normally, I would find it at least 10 mins too short, but Abbie Cat is amazing: A great body packed with lust. Her show is a thoroughly convincing depiction of non-anal, female masturbation.First to the so-called bonuses: The photoset is good, but halving the number of shots would not lose impact because there is too much duplication. The video is lame, of a girl nearly taking a shower.Abbie Cat gives great eye contact, and I don't think there was one fake...
Abbie Cat you are 10+++++,man you are so horny,i have only seen 2 clips and you are very good,you are one beautiful sexy lady,thank you.
Abbey Cat is ferocious!!
THANK YOU ABBY. This was and IS really a GREAT SHOW! More, MORE, please!
Abbie Cat does an exemplary job of erotic performing with a nice balance of action & talk.In fact she does what every performer should do here, talk TO US from within the sex experience. Her sexual entreaties come from her as an enthusiastic lover/sex partner & blended with her bubbly laughter have the total effect of a partner who wants me(viewer)and one who truly enjoys this sexy action!She does what This directness is what I like best in talk.When she is jamming the dildo into her pussy she t...
Wow!!! Abbie ist ein heißes Kätzchen. Die show ist etwas kurz und die Clips mit Kostüm sind nicht wirklich gut... Aber ihr "dirt talk" ist richtungsweisend, ähnlich wie bei katey moore, die zwar körperlich nicht die Schönste ist aber dafür audioerotisch hoch 10. Bei Abbie stimmt das Gesamtpaket. Eine wunderschöne Stimme und ein Körper, den man als Sextempel weihen sollte. Ihr Gesicht ist makellos, mag nur ihr Zungenpiercing nicht. Sie zeigt in ihrer Show alles und hat sichtlich Spaß dabei. Bin a...
Wow...What a Girl, she really goes at it, and give a great show, a definite 10
She really seems to be enjoying this! i love it and she's so sexy and pretty
I agree with Viki. Abbie is sweet as honey with a nice laugh. She teases us very well in the 2 full nudity clips And she is an excellent dirty talker when it comes to the x-rated clips. The show has 7 clips total. 2 scenes with 3 clips each and 1 clip not connected to a scene. So far i have seen the 2 full nudity clip and 1 x-rated clip so i can't tell you what she does in these other 4 x-rated clips. But from what i seen so far i am very impressed.
WOWWW!!! Abbie is fantastic!!! A "Must Have For Every Collection"!!!!!!! :-)
lovely dark haired beauty. sexy action-showsit is obvious that she enjoys the performance
i love the way her pussy smacks when she masturbates. She isn't too bad looking either. This is one of the better DB cards.
Ein hübsches Mädchen mit einer Klasse Show, die einiges sehen lässt. Wenn ich hier keine 10 gebe, dann nur, weil sie nicht ganz mein Typ ist. 9/10
Be warned. I am somewhat Biased. Abbi Cat is the type of European woman that I go crazy for. Jet black hair and a thick accent. YUM!!Pros: She knows where her G-spot is and you get a front row seat to its pleasures. She involves the viewer all the time by teasing you, inviting and enticing you throughout the entire performance. And at the right times. There are two shows where she has mutiple orgasms.(One in particular where she pleasures herself repeatedly and when you think its over she flips...
Strikingly hot girl. Great card, just love looking at her.
Hot. Beautifull. Intensive. Unfortunately - for th fans of heels and stockings, ie a little fetish, she gets off naked. But that's something of importance only for leg lovers. Otherwise just incredibly intensive masturbation session, long clips, and amazing views of the pink toy sliding in and out :P
Passages trop court, tête bizarre pendant l'orgasme, et pieds pas très excitant, quand même du charme faut se le dire mais je la préfère hardeuse, la sodomie lui va bien ;) see you. 7.
4.3 (375 votes)

Duo with Candy Alexa

  • Shows: 7 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 83
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 415 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (11)

Abbie Cat I love how you are so forthcoming love your pussy, Candy Alexa love your big boobs, big areolas, perky nips, and pussy. Love to see these two at it again
I can't decide which of these cuties I like the best. Can I try them both??
Two very hot girls, lots of action!
Une bonne complicité avec deux filles très chaude, mention plus à Abbie qui en plus d'être jolie est particulièrement torride.
Whow...., super süß die zwei. 10 Punkte gibs von mir.
Supersexy! Love them both. They looks wonderful in the stockings. More more more please. I only miss a scene where both girls use the toys at the same time.
Watching how lovingly, Candy A, hammers away with the dildo is very tantalizing. I really, them both in stockings. I give them a 9 for the overall, (and a 10 for looks) If I could I'd show, them both why they don't need each other, if I were in the room with them ;8)
amazing and super sexy hot, damnnnn I'll watch this 1 over and over \m/
DIVINE ABBIE !!! ses postures plus qu'excitante...J'ADOOOOORE
This card is a very hot duo. A combination of Abbie Cat's perfect wet, juicy pussy and Candy Alexa's perfect boobs makes this card a 10/10. When I say wet pussy, I mean Abbie actually gets a wet pussy. In some of her cards you can hear it when she masturbates.
VERY dissapointing show. No hardcore anything, lots of fake moaning and no chemistry between these two. So many demos took half the show the other half was way too short. I rate this a 0.
4.5 (619 votes)

Duo with Aliz

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 79
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 491 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (30)

Great duo from two lovely ladies.
you just cum and cum , as they cum and cum
Playful and sexy, and their interaction is FANTASTIC!!! Too bad all I can give them is a 10.
My Favorite Card so Far!! 10/10 With Aliz in control at first then Abby Cat licking Aliz's phat pussy, Fisting it while Alize is in total pleasure!! just the dirty talk from Alize at the beginning started to make me wet. So Fucking Sexy I love other girls with their shaved pussies, licking each other, making each other reach orgasm. Speacing of Wheres Aliz's cumming part she was about to blow and I feel like it was cut off kinda shortchanged if you will. Either way I love these 2 would buy more...
Both Aliz and Abbie Cat cum in this one, with Abbie Cat quaking with pleasure to finish the set.The last one does not have them waving goodbye, so I wonder if this set is incomplete, but what else can happen than both of them cumming together? :) The lack of sound on the last one doesn't affect me so much as under MacOS, the sound is on censoring delay.
It is a noticeable disappointment to have the lapse of sound. Yet, since I am returning to VG and DeskBabes from a long hiatus wherein I first viewed ladies on a buddy's account; you got to remember... back in the day, guys and gals, everything was silent!I still dream about how sexy Mai must have sounded in the studio while she fingered herself to climax after all her sexy dancing. That was before there was a DeskBabes! Mai was the exception and rarely did any other dancer even touch herself. N...
This is my most Favorite Card. I am not ahving any issues with it. I can hear the sucking noises as they lick each others clit. These girls go crazy on each others pussy and really lick and suck it not like the half ass attempt of many others.
Very hot interaction. Even if the angles don't show the body language ... and they both have really beautifull bodies ... shows how much they enjoy playing with pussies and clits. And getting off for us. And from a leg lover perspective... yes, they both keep stockings on and Aliz keeps har platform heels on (and lovely stockings with a suspender like detailing) . lovely
Wow if any card deserves more than a 10 this one is it. Aliz is so into it.
One the the best performances I've seen. These to really get into each other. A great performance. Lets see a three way that includes the "Aliz Machine".
Allot of great action! a must have...
Perfect 10 for me!!! Love these two girls!!! solo and together!!! Perfect show, great acting and action... They really get into it and each other... Must Have This !!!! Download now!!!
I love the way Aliz goes down on the girls she is with. Definitely the hottest action for me in all of deskbabes is watching and listening to Aliz eat a beautiful pussy.
What others have posted is spot on! I you're looking for a show where the models just do their own thing and forget the camera is there, you found one! They simply get lost in each other and the moment (or make a really convincing case for it anyway). Too many of these girls are just awkward in front of the camera, but these two? Very nice.
Very sexy show
Un duo grandiose, très très chaud, un bémol malgré tout, deux des clips n'ont pas de son, c'est là qu'on se rend compte à quel point le son est indispensable dans ces spectacles.
Aliz is pussy hungry these 2 ladies certainly know how to please each other i could watch these 2 all night (in fact have a few times). If deskbabes makes dreams come true could i please see Aliz and Jordan that would be my perfect card and i know they would definitely give me and each other hours of pleasure. Hmmmmmmmm just the thought
Oh, yes !
This is one of the hottest lesbian duos on DeskBabes you'll ever see. Abbie Cat is a very hot desktop dancer already and while Aliz may not be what everyone wants out of a stripper, she brings something to the table that many others cannot: extreme sexual magnetism. No other card on the site features the kind of raw, hardcore sex between two girls who obviously can't get enough of each other as this one does.These two performers are enjoying every second of time together. They start out slow and...
Aliz & Abbie perform with EXACTLY the Sexual Intensity that I'd like to see in the majority of DB's cards! They express an extreme Erotic Desire & Hunger for each others Passionate attentions and manipulations!They flow like molten LesboLava through the forests of each others sexual tension & release, exploding in great rushes of Orgasmic Eruptions! Such erotic honesty fills their every connection.They hungrily devour each others pussies, boring through to the center of each others powerful real...
I would love to see more cards with these two together. They are great together. I would buy every card they put out..
hot duo - great show and they enjoy every second 10/10
Clip Notes™ for b0159 - Aliz & Abbie Cat/Duo Black/purple bra, thong, black stockings, heels; Pink bra, panties, black stockings, heels 3. 4:59- Table, XXX; Oral, oral on vibrator, vibrator, multiple orgasms, kissing 4. 2:25- Table, No nudity; Spanking, kissing 5. 2:41- Table, Full nudity; Nipple sucking, kissing, spanking 6. 2:07- Table, XXX; Oral, multiple orgasms, kissing 7. 2:51- Table, XXX; Self-2-fingering, 3-fingering, oral (wrong audio) 8. 2:43- Table, XXX; Vibrator, multiple orgasms, or...
Merveilleux show !!! aliz dans toute sa splendeur...elle adore ce qu'elle fait cela se sent ;) et abbie MAGNIFIQUE
This should have been the best duo card on DB. Aliz and Abby Cat have great chemestry together and I love this card, but the problems in the show is why I only gave it an 8. One of the best and longest clips of the show has no sound and that is a big disapointment. Even with the missing sound this ia still a must have.
They're really not my type, but the performance is just incredible !
Great card, excellent show, but I'm taking 2 points off for the wrong video. The bonus video is Abbie Cat and Candy Alexa, not Aliz.
These girls are HOT and SEXY but the sound doesnt work on this card :( , while there is no sound I would still buy this card , it is worth it!
super !!!
Two of the most hot ladies in the site, performing a mega-hot show.
4.5 (563 votes)

Duo with Antonia

  • Shows: 2 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 81
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 520 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (17)

Just a Footnote: Their B( . )( . )BS are Real... 10+ Card
Abbie : HOT!!! Antonia : HOT!!! Together : HOT!!!!!!
Two wonderful girls, really into each other and trying to get each other off... Nothing better than that! They work and play so well together! The show is short so there is no build up. But man... The action blows you Away!... This is a keeper!
what can i say? both rock on each other. 10/10 is less to this show. superb
Hot queens. They know what they want. They know what we need! Much thanks!
excellent show ...abbie s'amuse beaucoup avec la petite antonia
First Comment!Here's the quick rundown: 8 clips (Solid 26 mins) 1.47 Intro 2.37 Ant dildos Abbie 4.04 tops removed/kissing/breast massages/69 through panties 2.50 removes panties/nude 69 Abbie on top of Ant 4.01 Ant eating Abbie/Abbie fingers Ant 4.39 Abbie licks/dildos all fours Ant 4.07 Abbie licks/dildos laying/elbows Ant 2.08 Ant eats AbbieTechnical: Excellent sound in all clips. Perfect color. Sharp focus. Scenes: All close shots/taskbar. No standing shots.Comments: These girls really love...
Deux superbes créatures, particulièrement chaudes, du meilleur.
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
these two are amazing together, so into each other and enjoying themselves, just a wow
Thank's for your best show. Realy a great show !
Abbie & Antonia perform very well as two happy, turned on, lovers & fuck buddies with giggles & hot girly kisses merging together into an erotic flow that is fun to watch and extremely sexy!Starting with a nice intro, they flow into an erotic series of kisses. I like lots of sexy kissy action with my explicit ladies!Their giggles translate to "happy to be making sexy love" together.They proceed to mouth worship each others tits(fantastic plump lovelies) before heading into some juicy 69 action!T...
2 beauties having a great time with each other, sexy models and amazing
I love Antonia and this paring is hot, they both are clearly into it and relaxed enough to make it a really hot card. The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of ten was that it was a lot of side shots, clearly they enjoyed each other and I would enjoyed it more seeing a little more detail! I would love to see another card of these two they are a good combination-the best I have stumbled upon so far.
Zwei hübsche Mädchen mit einer netten Show. Nicht meine Favs aber sicher eine Freude für andere Geschmäcker!
what a waste of money,every clip was side on and you can't see anything.these two girls have beautiful pussies,and you don't see a thing.You see more on TV.Deskbabes you are going backwards.-10
Ces deux brouteuses de minous sont charmantes et à la fois perverses ...

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