What is iStripper ?

iStripper is a unique technology of video incrustation to display videos of sexy girls directly on your taskbar, with no background, just as if they were living inside of your screen.

How much does it costs ?

iStripper can be enjoyed for free with unlimited non nude previews of our girls shows and unlimited free use - The girls full nude shows are to be bought with credits, our virtual money (from $4.99 for 25 credits to $49.99 for 500 credits), shows start at 20 credits.

Can I earn free credits ?

On iStripper, you regularly get free credits, to reward your loyalty for instance.

Is it safe for work ?

iStripper displays sexy girls who dance & strip on your computer desktop. The paid shows contain nudity but our software has several controls to quickly hide it, to display only absolutely no nudity, and even to protect its opening with a password.

Can I choose where to record the software ?

By default, it will install in C:\Users\YOUR PC USERNAME\AppData\Local\vghd (in your Applications folder on Mac OS) but you can change this very simply during the install process.

Do I have to submit personal info ?

No, registration is anonymous and secured

Is iStripper easy to uninstall ?

A few clicks and it's uninstalled !

From your PC, click on Start/Programs/iStripper/Uninstall and you're done.

From your MAC, through it to your bin from the Applications folder. Once uninstalled, we leave no trace on your computer!

Is this software safe for my computer ?

iStripper is guaranteed 100% safe, it contains no virus, no adware, no spyware, it does not bring anything else on your computer than sexy girls.

What will appear on my bank statement if I purchase credits?

Discreet billing guaranteed. Your bank statement will mention "Totem" or "Totem Core" or give a phone number to reach our Customer Service.