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High Heels

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Wow, so hot! Over 5 stars for Rebecca and her performance, this is a great card. Card is underrated on 5 star scale because it was one of the first 'new' xxx cards, with only 3 sound files and much less penetration than xxx used to have. Should be at least 4.50 or 4.60 average to be honest.
Rebecca Volpetti has beautiful face and body, breasts especially. She deserves higher rating, but the definition of xxx card exists a big gap between Totem and most members. In my opinion, a xxx card should have more than 51% xxx clips. This concept is similar to shareholding ratio as a company owner - - titled by majority.
Beautiful Model!!, But I have to rate "The Card" This is a XXX type of Card, Dancing performances included in XXX Cards kills instantly "3" Stars. I'm really sorry for this, but I have to rate my own experience. Dance Performances Clips + Music conflicts XXX Clips recorded with Sounds for me, this is for me "No way to continue". I have to turn "Off" and "On" repeatable by every single XXX Cards when XXX Clips are about to start. The Model deserves higher score, but the Card Format doesn't. ~ This comment is comming back by each "New XXX Format Card" aslong I experience "Dance Performance in a XXX Card, those two different types of Clips doesn't fit by eachother.
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