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User comments (30)

OK Card, but there needs to be a way to differentiate between an anal dildo/viabrator card to a butt plug card, each time I get an anal card I hope for the butt plug and am too often let down....
This show isn't as good as her other two XXX shows. There is only 7 XXX clips out of a total of 18 so not quite half. As usual she makes no effort to get herself off. It is Tina so I still enjoyed it and for those of you who like talk this is the show for you. She talks a lot in the 3 clips with sound.
Beautiful Model!!, But I have to rate "The Card" This is a XXX type of Card, Dancing performances included in XXX Cards kills instantly "3" Stars. I'm really sorry for this, but I have to rate my own experience. Dance Performances Clips + Music conflicts XXX Clips recorded with Sounds for me, this is for me "No way to continue". I have to turn "Off" and "On" repeatable by every single XXX Cards when XXX Clips are about to start. The Model deserves higher score, but the Card Format doesn't. ~ This comment is comming back by each "New XXX Format Card" aslong I experience "Dance Performance in a XXX Card, those two different types of Clips doesn't fit by eachother.
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