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Esonika's regular shows I can pass on, but she really shines in the XXX lineup. This XXX card is structured much better then others of the new format. 2 pole clips for one scene 2 standing for another 3 standing clips 10 12 and 14 would go together nicely but there is a panty continuity between 12 and 14 The real gem, a 5 clip Table scene totalling 14 minutes, 11 with sound. I had some trouble with them playing in order though.
I was a bit dissapointed that all she did was moan & fuck herself.Estonika has a beautiful body but needs to work on her show.I would also request bringing back the interveiw.Thanks & God be Praised! and thanks Estonika for bearing yourself for us.I continue to keep ALL of you close to my Heart in Love & Prayer.
Big thanks to Estonika for hands / toys approaching from beneath the leg (wish more models would do that). Its important ot check out whether a clito is swelling up during proceedings.
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