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I have found that XXX shows are either nasty or naughty. I am not a big fan of nasty (overmuch penetration, ATM, etc.), but I DO get a kick put of naughty (tends to be more fun). Estonika is among the naughtiest of the naughty, and,so, is a pretty lovely exception to the XXX rule. I love her personality, the way her body is shaped, and, yes, her wonderfully mobile boobs. You guys scared me a while back when a few cards ago stated that that card was the last, not the latest. Keep up the good work, I am likely to buy every card you release of this lovely blonde.
Beautiful Model!!, But I have to rate "The Card" This is a XXX type of Card, Dancing performances included in XXX Cards kills instantly "3" Stars. I'm really sorry for this, but I have to rate my own experience. Dance Performances Clips + Music conflicts XXX Clips recorded with Sounds for me, this is for me "No way to continue". I have to turn "Off" and "On" repeatable by every single XXX Cards when XXX Clips are about to start. The Model deserves higher score, but the Card Format doesn't. ~ This comment is comming back by each "New XXX Format Card" aslong I experience "Dance Performance in a XXX Card, those two different types of Clips doesn't fit by eachother.
bella da guardare ottima da vedre eccitante nei dettagli.... la sua fica
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