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She's fucking gorgeous. She has the most seductive eyes and lips. This outfit is great. The small ties are really silly and I don't get them, I could do without. God, when she slides the sheer panties and exposes her ass like it ain't no thing... truly professional. Estonika has just the right assets and she knows exactly how to show them off and put on a great show. The fidelity on this one is lacking. I'm starting to notice an issue with 1) pale girls 2) heavy lighting making the resolution appear muddied. I suggest fixing this ASAP Totem, before you ruin anymore amazing cards like this one.
I think the key to Estonika's success is giving the impression that her natural desire is to be fully naked and touching herself. No matter what she is wearing the goddess looks like cannot wait for those touches, and thats really endearing. top work 5+^20
I do love these new XXX format cards, as I can now buy them in confidence that all the girls will now be standing up, as they look at their best when they do, and Estonika here is no exception, as her stunning body looks so good when she's standing up on this card too.
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