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Innocent Flirt

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She has THE perfect ass. Great choice of clothes, eye contact & awareness of the "viewer" and how her positions and movements can hinder the expirence. She does a great job at keeping things going with the viewer in mind. All the models should apsire to Anie's work here, cause she did it "right". This should be the expected standard all girls need to perform at.
Anie ground breaking relaxed xxx show. Beautifully understated & using the incognito pink vibe Excellent attention to hands & camera story telling Great to see a happy clito without hands in front. Thankfully Anie laid down the dildo while she wasn't using it. Very natural & intimate. What a star is our Anie. Extrawow
While very nice eye candy, I wasn't struck by Annie Darling's beauty until this card, Innocent Flirt. Maybe it's the red or maroon lingerie with her pretty black hair, but her good looks, and sensuality really captivated me in this performance. Definitely a 5.0!
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