Amazing Beauty

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High Heels
Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

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I avoided this girl for the longest time. I figured she just wasn't my bodytype and I am not a massive lover of blondes. However, I read a few reviews and she seemed okay, but it was this outfit that finally won me over, and I am so glad it did. She is a beautiful girl who is incredibly sexy too. I have far too many performances by beautiful women that just don't have any sexiness/allure to them. Karissa is full of personality too and she draws you in superbly. Bottom line - I love this show and the girl, who is not my usual type. I shall be buying her other shows. I am glad I downloaded, you will be too!
I second everyone who is praising this show. When she looks into the camera with her beautiful eyes, you feel she is looking straight into your soul, penetrating every barrier. You feel she is enjoying making you on fire. I dream of all the naughty stuff when you dance like this Karissa. Please keep coming back. Wedding gown and barefeet again pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
Beautifully paced tease by Karissa. Immersive fluid movements accentuated by her long tumbling hair tresses. i like that she is glancing at what her hands are doing so marking the progress of her striptease. Well crafted show. 5+^30
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