Camila Chix

Dance Partner

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User comments (19)

Didn't know they have Angels over there in ol' Russia. Camila's a real natural beauty, a woman quite to my taste. The outfit is colorful and elegant, I like the pantie very much the black harmonizes very good with the yellow of her dress. I'm not so much a fan of that strings so this particular pantie for me is a well made choice. Love the high heels though she sometimes takes them off too often and too soon for my taste. Her poledance skills are not those of a real expert but they're still clear above average. The amount and the intensity of expicit moves in the show for me is a little too much but still acceptable. She's holding a very good "eye contact" to the camera and the look on her flawless face is very seductive. Camila's body to me in fact is perfect. I love her long legs, her well shaped midriff, her perfect ass and those wonderful breasts. Well, long story short: 10/10. Thanks Totem for this great show and please give me more of Camila Chix! :-)
Camila Shix great show like the dress, the color look good on her. A sexy girl, with a nice tattoo.Great and sexy body and legs. A good 9.5/10 over all for me.
WOW CAMILA ist echt super eine schönen zierlichen KÖRPER eine klasse ARSCH und das TATOO was sie am OBERSCHENKEL hat finde ichsehr geil sie zeigt eine super SHOW sie Bewegt sich sehr gut und aufreitzen sie ist echt super HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOOOOOOOOOOOT HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
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