Sexual Overdose

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High Heels
Naked Feet

User comments (27)

Isizzu is a phenomenon. Normally I don't like those fantasy fetish style nurse outfits. But this Lady here is giving such an incredible playful, entertaining and seductive performance that not even that stupid sister hood was able to distract me. I started the show and it was over in no time. The little gag reel like clip where she slips while dancong the pole is a very nice plus I do appreciate the fact that it wasn't cut out. I am in fact a lover of stockings, suspenders and high heels and they are looking gorgeous on Isizzu. As far as I can tell there is only one clip in the entire show where she's removing them so this is great for me I love it!. Long story short: When I saw the pictures and the demo I was sure the show would be good. It is Isizzu after all. But I never ever suspected that "sexual overdose" would actually receive a little red heart in my collection. Awesome! Thank you for another wonderful show Isizzu! You're my VG Queen.
Ohh! I am in haven! All card's of Issizu in my collection always! Issizu is a find for VirtualGirl! She is best model i fink! I don't want her in DB, but i buy it! All of her! ALL!!! Please team, can u give more, MORE card's of Issizu in VG? PLEASE!!! Over 10000000.........
It is always very pleasant to see Isizzu. Isizzu is never boring whatever her outfit. She's very playful and I think everyone wishes her at his sickbed. Your illness is over immediately.
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