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I have to admit when I first saw the name of the show and the first pics with the topless corset I wasn't sure if I'm going to like this. But, well...the outfit, the boots, the make up job, the pony tail, it all fits together really, really well. Love it, very good choice! Her performance is fantastic in one show she actually looses the pants just to put the boots back to her feet. I almost crashed when I saw that, just LOVE those boots. Isizzu's got those almost perfectly sculptured legs, there had to be at last one show with boots and this finally is it...great! I like those cartwheel actions of her, it took me totally by surprise, wow! Being able to move like that in those boots...that earns my deepest respect, Ms. Isizzu. Great show, thank you!
Oh so sexy the ponytail and OMG THE OUTFIT!!! is my fav color combo! Totally awesome! :D
Erotic Goddess! Rapidly becoming a firm favourite, I have lost count of the wild naughty fantasies that this gorgeous Isizzu has given me! Great girl, also, great costume. She has such a sexy nubile body, a figure like that is as close to feminine perfection as it comes. Looks great wearing that tightly laced corset. Nipping her waist just further accentuates her delicious curves. The kinky boots are perfect with those well turned shapely legs. Isizzu looks absolutely fabulous and her moves and looks are sultry and inviting. Top card..... more please!?!
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