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Dorothy Black


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User comments (14)

I'm surprised by the quality of this duo. I didn't know these girls, and I've found an excellent show here. They're both beautiful, hot and classy. I especially like Maria, for unknown reasons... maybe for her natural beauty and her incredible gaze. She's smily and very charming. There's great chemistry here, enough talking and hot playing. Nevertheless, I'm a bit disappointing by the fact that every clip stops before Maria's orgasm. The show is too short and looks incomplete because of this. That's why I don't give it a 10. Great card though.
Holy Tribbing! For me, this was the best part. Neither of these women did much for me...but when I saw them doing this I nearly fell out of my seat. I remember doing this with a girlfriend of mine. Nothing ever felt so good than two shaved pussies rubbing together. I wish there was more of this!! Please bring MORE TRIBBING!!! ;)
Although i've only seen a few clips, Maria & Dorothy remind me of two horny soccer moms who when their husbanda go to work & their kids are in school get together for some lesbian bonding.grrrr
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