Kelly Black

Ebony Princess

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Finalmente mais uma mulher negra e gostosa neste site!!! Mais por favor!!! 10/10
This card is one of the worst that VGHD has put out in recent times. It has many things wrong with it, from the model to the technical bits. Kelly Black is an OK-looking girl with huge fake breasts and a thin build. Her buck toothed look, outrageously fake hair, and marginal talent in desktop dancing and striptease, though, are just the beginning. Add to that the bad lighting, camera focus issues, and the horrendous outfit ensemble and you have one loser of a card. It's too bad because while Kelly isn't the best-looking model to have ever appeared on VG, she has potential and with some better styling could really be hot. Mostly, though, at least in this card, she's a flop. There are maybe two scenes that help keep this card from getting a rock bottom score, but that's about all there is here.
Kelly Black is a very sultry,extremely sexy,fit & seductive Babe with a look of Erotic "come on" that satisfies my PornDawg & Babe Appreciator Gaze quite well & most completely!Gorgeous to the point of "OMG", she prowls the stage flashing her sweet,SexyTwangySlim legs,toned juicy ass, & PornDollSexy amped breasts(really hot "sex bombs")in a performance full of cute & sassy temptation & "show it babe" Eroticism!When she rose up from below I was fully affected by her lovely smokey looks to the point of almost being mesmerized by her sultry beauty, those eyes, those inviting lips, Mmm Yeah! I love the slim leg-full breast look & she makes this work to near perfection with a beautifully set of Amped breasts, so fully PornDoll enticing & her natural sleek legged prance & dance style!She creates the effect of a hot college girl seducing fully with lots of raised skirt & horny tease action.She could be more explicit but her sexiness goes far in balancing that out. Love her beauty look!WOW!DB?
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