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High Heels
Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

User comments (17)

Isizzu is really perfect Beautiful girl with a beautiful body The outfit poor dancing performance in the average, sometimes she looks outside the field, a bit of indecison i wait for other card of this angel vote 8
Beautiful girl and a great dancer. Anyone else here thinks that she has a slight ressemblance with the girl who played Kate in the earlier seasons of NCIS ? Although Isizzu's nose is a little bite larger.
If you liked her first card, you'll love this one. Everything is better in this card. While I thought the first card was good, this one has improvement in that she smiles more (real smiles- not 'model smiles'), dances better, and seems overall more relaxed. Already I'm anticipating her next one. I"d give her a 9 but have to add points for the dance. So a 10 it is. One thing though... What's with the cage? She's been 'locked up' both times. Is there something we should know?
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