Jenny Appach

Naughty Teacher

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High Heels
Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

User comments (15)

Jenny is one of the most beautiful ladies I have added to my collection...and in this particular card her dancing is totally synchronized to "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow...uncanny, but absolutely adorable!!!
When Jenny went through casting i was not overly impressed,i have since changed my tune.She is a very beautiful woman,if you are looking for great pole dancing you may be disapointed wih Jenny however this card is worth getting into your collection IMO
Quoth the ZZ Boys-"She's got legs & she knows how to use them!"Jenny is a Summer Daydream delight in this flirty print skirt!Totally gorgeous with an absolutely perfect body she is vivacious & FunTeasy energetic in her dancing & seductively fluid in her on bar posing.I especially like it when she sits leaning on one hand & raises her skirt to show legs spread & sweet panty pussy.She is elegantly sensual,sexy,Erotic, & her moves all enhance the perception of her as Classic Female Beauty.Her Explicits are gentle,a bit of rubbing,no inserts, but effective as such so I forgive there not being any X action.(She does a lot of fine PussyBang on DB)What you get is a sense of graceful,indulgently gentle erotic expression of a woman in the full richness of her Femininity. Not as Liquidly Sensual as Baily R but definitely close in the same Cum Park!She's a delight & an invitation to WankWorship of a more intimate & celebrative style.For me, more time being CyberSeduced before Wanking! Like love!
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