Leyla Black

Spanish Nurse

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

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Leyla is the women you are attracted to who is pretty, but in an average way,fit & sexy, but in an average way,who,upon becoming intimate with you,unleashes her inner WomanSelf in such a deep & powerfully complete way that she floods her being with such wild,strong,& formidable power & she becomes a deep embodiment of Primal Female,an unlimited,fully expressing flow of awesomely seductive & creative power.It flows thru her every action,fully alive & deeply effective.Her dance is exquisitely Erotic,every move flowing & pumping like molten LoveLava.So cute & accessible, yet mysterious & seething with an magnetic pull on my FantaSexImagination!Her sweet,slim, bodyself will take you to places only dreamed of!Her dance is flowing, Stripperbabe perfect & her Sex Action is Juicy & full.When she squats & fingers herself, I'm inner yowlin'-"Go babe,GO! WET THE FLOOR!"She constantly morphs into SexBabeTotal & the promise of merging with her Full Eros is Mind Blowing! She is WAY HOT to Wank to!
Another attractive girl with a good expressive face, nice body and good moves who ends up with a low rating due to her hideous inkwork. Got this one in a booster pack. I'd never have purchased it as a deliberate choice. Gave it a low rating. Don't blame me - you should have thought about it before you had those ugly marks put on your body.
cute girl nothing special.
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