Let's Role Play

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High Heels

User comments (20)

Lynette is great: naturally large breast and pleasing curves; tattoos are not distracting. However, I prefer her other shows to this one. Not full nudity as she wears the stockings in every clip. "Role Play" has very little explicit quality, and the photo set is tame....both worrisome trends in some VG shows.
One of the truly most beautiful women on VG,Lynette performs in ways that make up for the lack of X, & very little explicit action,by being soo tremendously,deeply,formidably, WOMANLY & sensual/sexy that I hardly miss the X! Her body is so buxomly perfect & fits so well with her slow, sensual dance & serious, but oh so lovely, facial expression I feel like I am watching a Classic Burlesque performance from back in the day!Whatever desire I may have to see a babe this buxomly perfect give me a COMPLETE X Sex performance has to fade in the presence of such potent Womanliness & be relegated to the more fervored parts of my imagination!I just revel in the Fit 'n' Fulsomeness of her!When she does smile & spread her legs on bar I'm delighted,but mostly I just bask in the sensual glow of her voluptuously moving her BigBabeBeauty all over my screen. When she pins me with her FoxBright eyes I'm believing in her intelligent sexiness completely!FantaSex-wise, she's an "oh babe so beautiful"!
Super Sexy Show!! Was für eine Frau!!!! EIN TRAUM!!!!!!!!
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