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Isabella Chrystin is a newcomer to VirtuaGirl that embodies that highly exotic and tantalizing North African look that is so rarely seen on stage. Sadly, she fails to capture that promise and carry it forward as her striptease is boring and uninspired. This card has her debuting in a lingerie bikini that is a good, if generic, fit for her luscious body. Isabella, however, shows little real interest in removing it with anything but the barest of hints at the art of striptease. Her moves show promise and give hints at hidden talent, but sadly, that talent never comes to the fore. Too bad as this girl has a lot of potential as a VGHD blockbuster, but seems too bored with the job to pull it off.
I can't believe how hard I got just watching her. She's haunting my thoughts even now, can't get enough of her, hope the rest of her cards are as hot.
There are prior comments from others who recognize a good thing when they see it! Goodness how can some freaks, 'dudes' and other "gothic" icon viewers believe that being critical of obvious beauty and talent is such an entertaining thing? If Isabella stood in front of any of you fools right now as she appears in this video, piercing or not, you would only prove your FOOLISHNESS with continued criticism, or being tongue-tied, or both!! There is nothing generic about her choice in lingerie. The choices of hose and a choker in contrasting shades is not only tasteful; IT's SCORCHING HOT! This is her best dance video yet! Isabella can perform for me anytime, especially dressed like this w/TAN-LINES! Overuse of criticism proves that none of you has ever truly taken any direction from anyone in a creative setting before. IT IS REAL WORK; taking patience, poise and intelligence; mixed w/talent. Isabella is a an exotic woman and an excellent dancer. Enough said fools! w/LOVE ISABELLA XOX
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