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Sweet lolita

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User comments (20)

Normally I think she is hot as hell. but in this show, it's as if the video is in fast forward. seriously, she needs to slow down a little and play that anime/lolita role to the full potential. I have all her cards, but she seems to be getting sporadic, instead of sensual and too much eye contact with the director in this one is distracting. I gave her other shows high marks, but I'm afraid this one will have to be a bit lower for the reasons stated she rarely appears for even 30 seconds in these clips, and just over all seems to be too hurried. this can only hurt this girls performance and virtuagirl should let her get back more to the fun girl we have seen before. this is little different than her asian school girl show, except faster and without the sensuous charm of that one. please slow down girl, and USE that sexy body.
While I agree that the "sweet lolita" premise of this performance doesn't work very well, at least it is fairly brief. Once Maya Mai loses the outfit, she instantly becomes the performer I have developed a great fondness for. There are very few ladies on VG that can use the pole like Maya can. My "little monkey woman" could climb all over me anytime!
This is really an interesting show. First let me say she doesn't wear that full outfit long and she again is in her element in this show. Her Pole moves once she removed the dress and the bow belong to the best acrobatic pole performances on VG and maybe even are the best of her shows. Throughout the show she combines cute and sexy. While wearing the full outfit she is cute. She doesn't act like a child no she reminds me a lot of an anime character. And she plays that role well. This part has little to no erotic aspects but is suitable to make you smile. Once she removed the dress and the bow she transforms into a still cute but now very sexy woman that will make your heart pound if you like cute asians women. She doesn't remove the socks but the rest of the clothing is removed including one clip with shoe removal and several with no shoes. There are two full nudity pole clips however where she doesn't wear the socks at the beginning of the clip so really full nudity. She does get explicit and shows her nice hairy pussy enough to make the show complete. One clip has her with just the socks and dress and nothing underneath. As she doesn't wear the bow in her hair in it so this one isn't too much Lolita but still satisfies the no panty upskirt fans. This show is certainly her second best if not her best overall. You can see she really knows this kind of stuff, she knows what she has to do, she is comfortable with this role just like it was in her Geisha show. Recommended.
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