Fun In The Sun

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Gotta agree with roadking2102; Conny is DEFINITELY eye candy; however, she is also SO much more. I'd like to spend at least six months exploring every nook and cranny of her sexquisite body. It's just totally unfortunate that I'm old enough to be her father AND she's from the Czech Republic. I can't afford the round-trip ticket to visit her.... ;-( With her proportions, the roundness of her tits, the perfectnes of the rest of her body, I'm surprised she doesn't have any cards on DeskBabes. A 10/10 from me; it would be more, but the system only goes up to 10/10....
Looking very much like Morgane's more sedate & buxom sister,Conny dances in a way that could be termed "sensual minimalism". Slow & understated moves have her focusing more on being gently alluring rather than erotic or sexual until she gets naked & into her on-bar explicit scenes.The girl has a definite desire to indulge intensely in Xplicit action!This was nicely accessed in her prior cards with their "X" content along with some nice explicit action too.In this card Totem shorts us by omitting her X offerings & 'tho she plays some nice explicit ecstasy intensity, it is as if the fuller bass notes have been left out, creating an incomplete mix. More X action gives her slow temptation dance more meaning & expressive completeness.Her loveliness, demure playfulness,& awesomely voluptuous body, are almost enough to vault her into Plas Lust Heaven but she definitely needs more (3 -4 clips) of Deep X Ecstatic Indulgence! Totem please add that to her coming cards for a more complete dance!
Morgane was the best body on VG, the torch has been passed to Conny.Conny is the perfect women, great smile & killer body.Conny could be Morgane's long lost sister.IMHO
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