Roll In The Hay

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

User comments (9)

After 3 eager attempts to load this card (without crashing the software) was finally succeeded. And it was well worth it, at least, for what it is. A very gorgeous blonde seductively removing her clothes, which were well chosen, as the striptease portion of the show was raised up a notch, once the black bra and panties were all that was left. And, although there was nothing x-rated in this particular performance, her shapely body was mesmerizing to behold. There is even one specific task bar clip in which she seems to be aroused. I had to do a double take before concluding this was true, but it seemed to be the case, as a closer inspection of her panties was observed. This made the card go from a typical card to one of high value since one does not see that happen often if at all. (on the VG cards) A descent performance in which the bar was raised by the unexpected. A beautiful "California blonde" type of look with that extra little touch, despite the lack of flat out explicitness.
This performance - by the cute gorgeous beautiful Liza - represents the pinnacle of excellence in striptease. She is a 'pocket rocket' stripper who knows how to deliver a superb sensual erotic performance. She puts on a performance that gets the juices flowing. Lisa looks absolutely amazing. What a body! What a great dancer! What a great exhibitionist! A fantastic show!
Lisa is a true beauty & in this card she is dressed(& undressed) for perfect cutie summer seduction!She comes boppin' out on the bar with a Foxy babe, vivaciously energetic, gorgeously fit bod,fun girl strip tease,like she wants to be your girlfriend & is doing an impromptu dance seduction at yer local bar to get your attention! She is soo gorgeous, truly "easy on the eyes"! A totally curvaceous babe, her tits are NOT tiny, they are sweet,plump,perfect honeydolls,delightfully squeezable & nicely bra-filling.In fact she has a perfect body which she wiggles & squirms quite fresh & sexy.She looks so good when prancing with her jeans unbuttoned,when she gets down to that black bra & thong, & is a naked dream of blond, shapely,girlish loveliness. Her movement style is quite enthusiastic amateur, which lends itself to the "local girl" fantasy.While sexy as hell,she misses out on being truly Erotic & the card stays in the Dance & Prance realm of girly tease,quite effectively for what it is.
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