Kitty Cat

Jungle Diva

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  • Duration: 32 min.
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High Heels

User comments (15)

Excellent card for this very sexy girl. A very expressive face and an amazing body!
Superb show. Everything executed by the performer in this specific show is highly and erotically charged. The sultry standing clips are top notch as she gets rather explicit to the point which it's almost like the best of Desk Babes and Virtuagirl merge into a single show. That's the best I can describe it. A solid 10 all around.
A similar theme to one of Kitty's previous cards, but she does look absolutely gorgeous in this bikini. Kitty has improved with every show released so far, and this one is no exception. As in her last show, she got the pace just about right on the task-bar, although still fairly slow and sensual in style. Her performance was intensely erotic as always, with great views of her wonderful, shapely, but firm body, with explicit / x-rated content included. There was with more expressive charm in this set, however, than in any of her previous shows. She treated us to that gorgeous smile of hers often in this one, and it truly is a delight to see. Again her pole dancing was the weakest part of her performance. A very sexy routine though, in which she did enough to avoid letting the clips get boring and included the occasional swing, so closer to her best than her worst. The standing clips were the highlight though. Again quite slow, but with enough variation of movement to keep your eyes riveted to her, and mezmerisingly sexy. Topped by two full striptease clips that were about as good as it gets. A close thing between this one and "Study Partner" I think, but this one just edges it as my favourite from Kitty overall. personal rating 9.61
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