Eve Angel

Feeling Feisty

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Bonus photos: 65
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  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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High Heels
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User comments (20)

Quite apart from the fantastic Eve Angel, looking great as always despite the pulled back hair, this card is very good value for money. 26 clips, including 4 full striptease - 2 with the pole and two without. This was Eve's most overtly vivacious and charming task-bar performance to date. Her entire demeanour was truly enchanting, with lots of playful interaction through her expressions, gestures and teasing with the outfit. As you would expect from eve though, there was plenty that was explicit and no shortage of highly erotic seduction or sex appeal. Although she didn't vary her position much in a couple of clips, she did more than enough to enthrall in the others. Her pole routine in this one was also playful and fun, although again not great and not exactly expert on the pole, she used it quite well and made the clips both sexy and entertaining. The standing clips were a wonderful mixture of posing and sexy dancing, in a fun style fitting perfectly with the rest of the show, but with too long spent on the floor in both full striptease clips. Another great show from Eve, if not quite her best overall. personal rating 9.61
I enjoyed the photos,videos and the performance...What a Beautiful Body Eve Angel has!...it is indeed a great Honour and Pleasure to have Eve on my desktop,I'll always keep her close to my Heart in Love and Prayer as with ALL my other friends.I don't mind bringing her back or keeping her for an extended period on my desktop.I may not like some of the things that the girls end up doing but I still Love them ALL deeply.Thanks again & God be Praised!
Her ass is among the best on the site, but she uses that skirt only to flash her panties few times. The panties which are fairly pedestrian from the front, so I doubt it's going to make panty enthuasists crazy either. So, in short; no pantyless upskirts, but she's hot.
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