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I like Isabella quite a lot.She tickles my sleazy side with her somewhat "sweetly slutty" vibe & her incredibly fulsome sexy legs, smooth,globular, golden ass, & that smokey, smoldering, beauty of hers.Seeing her elsewhere on the Web & the slutty act she puts on & apparently loves doing,& her sexy DB card, I'm quire surprised Totem put her mostly on the softer VG where they have to edit out the Erotic action she most likely gave.JUST MY SPECULATION!Not a dancer she's a "strut & fuck me" babe & makes no pretense to be other.I'm lovin' her Amped tits.Man, those are some perky torpedoes!I love her no nonsense wiggle & show it action & just wish for some better editing from the Team! Her 2 X rated clips are short & mostly side view (we do get a clear shot of some pussy rubbin' as a Totem tease shot)Still when she sways that ass, pumps her pussy, & bounces her jugs, I'm feelin' her Street Girl Silk all over my imagination!I Love any Isa I can get but wish Totem had let her rip free & hot!
This is by far the best I've seen Isabella look in any of her cards. Red suits her and those stockings really show off her shapely legs. For me this was Isabella's sexiest set of task-bar clips yet, mainly because she looks so good in the outfit. Unfortunately though, the off-putting goldfish mouth expression was still well in evidence. She also didn't move around or change position much in some clips, making them rather tedious to watch. Her performance wasn't bad in those where she was a bit more active though and there is plenty of explicit material on offer here, with one x-rated and three explicit clips out of seven. Once again she performed on the pole with some enthusiasm, if not a great amount of skill. Although somewhat more measured than usual, her pole routine was again enjoyable. In the standing clips, her movement was sometimes slow and static, without much variation, although some clips were considerably better than others, and a couple were the best clips in the show. So Isabella's best look to date for me, but not her best performance overall, although significantly better than her first two shows. personal rating 8.05
Isabella is a little firecracker! with her perky tits and her 'come fuck me' eyes, she's any guys dream girl for a sleazy night of passion, in this card she does her best work without the poll, her lips are beautiful and makes me wonder if she's good at giving head!
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