Tess Lyndon

Weekend Romance

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High Heels
Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

User comments (25)

Tess looks great in these colors. This is my favorite show. She reminds me of my ex. long lost love...lol
An everyday, but stylishly cool look for Tess in this one. It suits her very much and is my favourite of her outfits so far. Tess was great as usual on the task-bar. Very expressive without going over the top, completely charming and exceptionally seductive. She performed with well-paced movement and variation of position and made excellent use of the outfit. Unzipping the jacket to reveal nudity underneath was incredibly erotic and her teasing with those skin-tight pants, before sexily peeling them off, was pretty sensational. And, of course, she wasn't afraid to give plenty of great explicit views of her gorgeous body. The style and confidence of her pole routine was as good as previously, but she used the pole itself markedly better here. Nothing spectacular but enough to maintain 100% viewer attention and to effectively entertain throughout. Her standing routine was more in the posing than dancing style. Good and sexy, if not greatly entertaining all in all and she spent too long on the floor during both full strips. Tess's sexiest and most accomplished show to date overall. personal rating 9.51
Another great outfit. With every outfit she make she gets better and better every time. Tess is off the charts100% on everything she does. More and more!!!!
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