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I've got a full set of Anna Tatu cards, and without a shadow of a doubt this is the worst of the bunch. Hair and makeup awful - just wrong for Anna imho, and I can take or leave the outfit too. Little sign of that quirky Tatu smile nor those "oops, how did my clothes happen to come off" moments. Anna comes across as a fairly run of the mill (bored?) stripper in this one - rather than her usual sexual-dynamite-on-two-legs. If you're going to get a Tatu card (and you really, really, really should!) then pick one of the others - Body Language, Girl Next Door, Peekaboo Skirt or Prom Night. The last three of those definitely are camera lens melters! Last negative comment, the picture quality is also a bit suspect. The other Tatu cards are very sharp, (although I'd have loved 1080p versions), this one however is a bit on the (lower-res?) fuzzy side.
Take hypnotic facial expression, add some oversensual dance moves, and you get the best girl ever on VG. Yes, Anna Tatu is my all-time favourite. I could never be tired of watching her. She's beyond perfect.
Anna's on a StripperBabe Evolution here.Satisfyingly explicit indeed!She's toned down her silly cutsie act & amped up her Erotic seduction to the point of becoming an effective WEB stripper!Sometimes babes as lovely as she is try to get by on just being cute.She works it here, and builds a fine performance on the foundation her ultra-beauty gives her.Her whole look is SexDoll on the Prowl, sensual undulation & explicit showing abound!Clothed, she could be a tight skirt, high class, hooker here to Tangtertain yer pants off.As soon as she zips off that skirt she's a fine, thong/panty dancer, wigglin' & pumpin' her hot cunny & thong strapped ass with full Eros flow.She'll make you wish you were the pole as she curls and kisses it with her red sheathed pussy.She finally does a "horny spider" spread straight to us that turns into a bend over ass kiss move that happily pushes this card into Plas's- "COMPLETE as Totem's gonna give" realm! She's learnin',I'm burnin',Totem's earnin'! All good!
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