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High Heels

User comments (16)

Angelica is a whopping dose of female perfection, and this particular card definitely supports my opinion. Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...come and purr for me!!! Nevermind cats in general...this is my kind of Kitten!!!
Angelica Kitten has always been a great performer, but was not my favourite at all. She now not only fills the bra perfectly but also moves absolutely stunning. Perfect eye-contact, smooth movements, matured dancing, in spite of her still young age she now comes across more and more like a little lady. Her best show.
Angelica looks as gorgeous and sexy as I've ever seen her in this pink underwear set. Whereas her performance in "Full Frills" seemed rather self-indulgent and too Deskbabes like in style, this was one of the most well balanced and perfectly paced VG task-bar performances I've seen. Exceptionally erotic, with some moments of captivating charm, enough variation of movement and position to keep you completely engrossed, including a few instances that were quite unusual, plenty of explicit action and a fairly subtle, but highly seductive sense of viewer interaction. She didn't make great use of the pole, but her movement around it was stylish and enticing. In the standing clips she was delightfully sexy, with good variation and some entertaining up-tempo dancing. Unfortunately she sat on the floor during her full striptease and stayed there too long, but it didn't detract too much from a great overall performance. For the most part, Angelica completely nailed it in this show. Easily her best to date.
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