Victoria Blaze

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  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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User comments (13)

While Victoria doesn't have the polish or extreme attitude of some favorites, she certainly has a great look and what I like to call "approachable hotness." Her body isn't so perfect that you know you'd never be able to talk with her on the street, but it is definitely all natural and desirable. The outfit in this card is a good one for her look and style. The corset and panties lingerie matches her well and, luckily, comes off easily once she's done with it. The card is not too explicit, though Victoria is certainly capable of that, but is a great showcase of this hot model's body. Definitely worth seeing, this is a good card and welcome addition to Victoria's VirtuaGirl lineup.
Victoria looks incredibly sexy in this white outfit, which perfectly accentuates her gorgeous body shape. Although there were a couple of relatively static clips on the task-bar, she generally was quite animated, with good movement and positioning. She was always very expressive with an excellent sense of seductive interaction, but her usual air of playful charm was rather downplayed in favour of a more sultry demeanour. She really went for all out eroticism and seduction in this set and did so very effectively for the most part. She stripped from the entire outfit, including the shoes and stockings, and certainly wasn't afraid to show all aspects of her body explicitly. Although nothing spectacular, her pole routine was alluring, stylish and fairly dynamic, with pretty good use of the pole for a non-pole dancer. Although she didn't vary her position very much in the standing clips, she moved well, stripped well and again was expressive and very seductive. A very good performance once again from Victoria, but just lacking a spark that would have made it really top-notch.
I thought the show was way worse than i expected it to be.
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